Plenty of Blame to Go Around?

Posted on August 10, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Democrats seem almost giddy with excitement over the back-to-back massacres in El Paso and Dayton, and with good reason.  First, it diverted the public’s attention from the embarrassing Baltimore-infestation issue.  Second, it gave them a great opportunity to fundraise, while at the same time blaming the tragedies on Donald Trump.

Forget that the Dayton shooter was a Radical Left supporter of Elizabeth Warren.  It doesn’t matter.  Everyone who isn’t a toothless, bible-thumping Walmart shopper realizes that it’s Trump’s divisive rhetoric that caused the shooter to lose his mind.  The rules of the Dirty Dems’ game are simple:  Heads I win, tails you lose.

The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton were horrific, as is every mass shooting — including the many that occurred when Barack Obama was in office — but, at the same time, 200 people have already been murdered in Baltimore this year.  That’s more than six times the number of murders in El Paso and Dayton combined.  Are these 200 deaths less horrific than the 31 deaths that resulted from two mass shootings?

Let’s face it, Baltimore’s murders don’t make headlines because (1) they would make the Democrats who run the city look bad and (2) most of the murders are black on black, which doesn’t fit the Dirty Dems’ narrative.  Apparently, all homicides are equal, but some homicides are more equal than others.

Whether it’s violence or any other issue, one of the biggest mistakes Republicans make is to allow Democrats to get away with the old canard that “there’s plenty of blame to go around.”  Let’s be clear here:  There’s no question that a large number of Republicans are weak-kneed, unprincipled cowards who live in fear that they will be accused of being racists … or white supremacists … or just inhumane guys who were bullies in high school and tie their dogs to the roof of their cars when they go on vacation.

But notwithstanding their cowardice and lack of principle, Republicans, for the most part, are not hate mongers who traffic in race-baiting day in and day out.  On the contrary, they desperately try to demonstrate to the world that they are reasonable, civil human beings.  Put another way, they never tire of dutifully playing the role of useful idiots for Democrats.

By contrast, Democrats are neither reasonable nor civil.  Their specialty is projection, a skill at which they are masters.  Almost without fail, they excel at accusing Republicans of being guilty of whatever evil they themselves are engaging in at the moment.  And why not?  After all, Republicans fall for it every time.  There’s always a Republican toady like Nikki Haley ready to jump at the chance to self-righteously babble something like, “This is so unnecessary.”

As Republicans once again scramble to please Democrats by passing some form of meaningless gun legislation (Wasn’t the Brady Bill supposed to solve the gun-violence problem?), the real problems, as always, will not even be addressed.  The biggest reason for this is that Democrats will continue to divert attention from workable solutions by focusing not only on hate and division, but on meaningless ways to “control” guns.

I’ve been around a long time, and I’ve never heard of a single case where a gun killed someone.  I’ve heard of thousands of cases where a human being used a gun … or a knife … or a pillow … or a rope … or a club to kill someone, but never a case where a gun acted on its own.  Dough-headed liberals simply cannot accept the fact that actual statistics prove that murder rates are highest where gun laws are the most strict.  But, as Joker Joe says, truth is more important than facts.

Which is why I wish pundits and politicians would stop saying “to assure that this kind of tragedy never happens again.”  It will happen again … and again … and again, because real solutions are always ignored.

You don’t need elaborate studies to conclude that the main drivers of mass shootings are mental health problems, bullying in school, fatherlessness, violent video games and movies, and, above all, hateful rhetoric from the Radical Left — e.g., Robert De Niro, Cory Booker, and Joe Biden all babbling about punching out the president of the United States.  Even better, how about the gal who posted on Facebook about Mitch McConnell, “Just stab the mother f*cker in the heart.”

Of course, the real purpose of the white supremacy and racist silliness is to silence all dissent.  Let’s put aside political correctness and tell it like it is:  Radical Leftists are vile, angry, depraved miscreants who will do or say anything to force others to accept their view of the world.  Their hysterical rhetoric about Trump being the cause of last weekend’s mass shootings, coupled with their using those tragedies to fundraise, demonstrates once again that they are totally devoid of morals and compassion.

It’s time for conservatives to stop trying to be politically correct and face up to the fact that there is not “plenty of blame to go around.”  The truth is that the vast majority of hate, anger, and violence comes from Democrats, especially the Radical Left base of today’s Democratic party.

Let’s get real:  Donald Trump has lots of flaws, but being a racist is not one of them.  In fact, he is the first president in my lifetime to show, through his deeds, that he’s serious about helping African-Americans and Hispanics.

The truth that no one dares to talk about is that the best way to decrease violence is to clamp down — hard — on the hateful moral posturing of the left.  Yes, this includes the moral posturing of all Democrats in response to mass shootings.  Their odious, self-righteousness causes more violence than Donald Trump’s clumsiest tweet.

Sorry to have to say it, but I honestly don’t believe the Radical Left can be stopped by peaceful means.  It’s way too late for that.  Which means that sooner or later liberty-loving Americans are going to have to make some difficult decisions if they truly want America to survive.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what those decisions might be.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

21 responses to “Plenty of Blame to Go Around?”

  1. JurassicRick says:

    It must really suck to be a Democrap. To them, it is "Heads I win, tails I win, you lose!"" I honestly and seriously believe that the Democrapic Party is the trash bin for the seriously mentally ill.

  2. Michael J. Larkin says:

    Any attempt by the Radical left to confiscate our weapons will result in the Second Civil War, Blue States vs Red States, we know the first step to tyranny is the confiscation of guns, ala Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and all other leaders of Marxist counties. A majority of patriots would rather die on their feet and not on their knees!

  3. Ivan says:

    Sometimes it seems that the cause and worst offenders of hatred in general stems from the people of stature, actors, comedians, singers, sports figure, wannabe politicians, and of course the media. i still can’t forget comedian Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded bloody figurine head of Trump. The news media just loves to repeat these episodes af horrific gestures and opinions by these people. The weak and the on the fence weak follow these crazy idols. Where are the guidelines, the limitations, and the punishments as to when it becomes unciivil or unlawful?

    • JurassicRick says:

      Kooky Kathy is ate up! That ugly looking weasle is the epitome of the sick, depraved, incurable mentally ill. She whines and cries about it now that she can't find employment anywhere because of that picture. I say that she should have thought about that long before she ever did it. Even her own kind won't hire her or have anything to do with her. Too bad! Serves her right! Cry me a river!

      • Ivan says:

        Even though there was no real punishment, fines or jail time, she has to live with death threats even from folks in other countries. Hopefully, her real punishment, she has to look over her shoulder and live without peace and freedom, that is if she has a conscience.

        • JurassicRick says:

          That is her problem. She's got issues, a whole lot of issues! Too many for anybody to handle. Her problem is she has no conscience, no common sense, and no brains as all Radic-Libs do. She acts brain dead and she looks mentally out of whack. She is typical of Radic-Lib thinking and behavior of the late sixties. They act, then afterwards reflect on those actions, instead of thinking about the potential consequences of those actions before acting. Same ole song and dance, over and over and over. They are all cut from the same cloth, it never ends!

  4. JurassicRick says:

    Has anyone heard about this last-rate movie from Hollywood which debuts September 27 called "The Hunt"? It was to be originally titled "Blue State vs. Red State". Airing of the upcoming movie has been temporarily pulled due to the disturbing violent and controversial nature of this movie. Count on me not to waste my money seeing that garbage. It is about a group of wealthy "people", (I'd rather call them 'inhumans'), who go to this private resort where liberal *ssholes savagely and ruthlessly hunt down and brutally kill conservatives. And these are the same demented maggots who want to take away "your" guns! Yes, I see a New Red Army coming soon to a town near us. They are in Portland, Oregon already as Antifa, but it will spread out and spill over. I say "Bring it on!" Welcome to my Jurassic Park!

    • Ivan says:

      The producer is probably a left-wing political activist corrupting youth and putting gas on the fire. Reminds me of Michael Moore and his way of antagonizing with film. I would rather watch reruns of Hee-Haw.

      • JurassicRick says:

        Oh him. Please! He looks dirty in need of a good bath with a wire brush and lye soap. I bet he stinks. And his wife I bet stinks too. That is disgustingly repulsive. Ugh! I'm surprised he even has a wife. That goes to show all you guys who can't find a woman, if he can find one, you certainly can find one too! No excuses accepted!

  5. MomentofClarity says:

    I fear a new violent civil war of left vs right if some drastic changes are not made (lucky for the right that they will have most of the guns) – what those changes are I am not sure, but it will take a truly heroic leader to make America harmonious again …

  6. patg2 says:

    I see your URLs now include code that tracks people. Isn't that contrary to your philosophy?

  7. patg2 says:

    Good on you for mentioning mental health. Let's take that down to the real cause of most mass shootings: psychotropic drugs. SSRIs in particular make some men homicidal. I have seen plenty of evidence that nearly every mass shooting has been done by some man who is either taking an SSRI or has in the recent past. These drugs need to be BANNED, not guns. Everyone currently taking them needs to be weaned. New prescriptions need to be banned outright. Giving a new prescription should be considered either being an accomplice or an accessory to mass shootings, and should be prosecuted as such.

    Write to Mitch McConnell online. His contact page is readily available. LET'S BURN UP HIS EMAIL ACCOUNT WITH PROTESTS AGAINST THE SELLOUT HE SEEMS TO BE PLANNING. We won't have a country left unless we can stop him and others like him.

    • JF1017 says:

      While I have to agree that the psychotropic drugs don't help the situation, there is also the issue with mentally ill people self-medicating with other than legal substances. The Dayton shooter, for instance, self-medicated with alcohol for sure. But Dayton is "opiod central" – crossroads of I-70 and I-75 makes it an ideal distribution point, and the Dayton police were the first force to carry Narcan due to all of the ODs they encountered. So our shooter probably partook of illegal stuff as well.

      And let's not forget the impact of social media on behavior. Revenge fantasies as well as the desire for popularity and "fame" are often motives for those who have been bullied to take out their aggressions. Combine this with the ability to live stream your actions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to thousands of "adoring fans" and you have a motive. And tho' Big Tech will silence those expressing horror at abortion, they sure don't shut down genuinely violent content until they're called out. Chicago PD, for example, scours Facebook and is able to grab screen shots of gang bangers robbing, raping or assaulting people that the bangers have posted!

      • patg2 says:

        These other things are obviously a problem. But the COMMON THREAD in these mass shootings has been the psychotropic drugs. They SHOULD be banned. Then they would join your list of illegal drugs that are to blame, would they not?

        And places like Facebook need to be cut down to size for several reasons. Either they are common carriers and stop censoring conservatives and people concerned about vaccination harm, or they deal with these real threats. Those are their only two choices.

  8. larajf says:

    And the same weekend, I believe Chicago had 48 shootings with 7 deaths. Not a word. At least the clear hypocrisy is now easily available to all. Except for those with the mental illness of TDS.

  9. montanamel says:

    IF the GOP et al underwrite the trashing of our 2nd amendment rights……even if done properly, via a Constitutional Amendment…….it will be the end of the USA as we know it….

    IF such should occur – we need to be prepared to "clean house" like never before… FIRST STOP will be the County voter's office – grab a master copy of the voting roles….Door to door, any lib's or commie's or whatever they are entered as….along with any K- thru 16 teachers /Prof's or aids….ALL need to be dealt with using extreme measures! Mass grave and burn them…. Home schooling becomes the way of the land for at least 5 years – with co-op agreements allowed. Prayer come's back into school, as does whippings when called for. 3-times and you're out for repeat offenders….out means chain gang until 21.

    Then…all the pol's get rounded up and tried for crimes….

    We need more ammo, eh?

    • JurassicRick says:

      In my world at "The Park", I would throw all the Radic-Libs into the Raptor Pit and let the Velociraptors rip them up and eat them alive. And, oh, by the way, I checked with John Hammond, and he told me he has my back 100%. I would love that!

      The problem all stems from the fact that we live in an "anything goes society". Hmmmm. Where did I hear that before? Let me think. Ohhh yeah, it was a term used in the masterpiece, "How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization" by none other than Yours Truly, Robert J. Ringer. Why is it that all the best books have to go out of print? Anybody know? Anyhooo, we live in an upside down society where everything that is right is now wrong, and everything that was once wrong is now right. It is a punishable crime for a parent to use corporal punishment to discipline his/her own child. It is a punishable crime for a teacher to discipline a misbehaving student, even in private and parochial schools. Prayer is no longer allowed in public schools, not even voluntary prayer. Schools have no dress code. It is come as you are. It is all about doing what you want, expressing your own "individuality". Political correctness is the anthem of the day. "Feelings" and emotions matter, not reason and common sense. There are no losers, everyone is a winner. Years back, "gay" meant "happy". Now it means you are homosexual. Pride is everything, there is no shame in anything. There is no good or bad, everything is "relative". It is no wonder that there are so many people who are mentally out of whack!

  10. MrLucky1966 says:

    Well, Mr. Ringer seems to be correct, our enemies are so full of hatred and contempt, I am afraid we are running our of ways to deal with things peaceably, with the exception of maybe them peaceably seceding from us or vice versa. It's like an old adage, we are watching a car with no rakes rolling down a hill and at he bottom is a big wall. I still pray to God we can deal with this in a peaceful manner but it looks like as time passes, it is becoming less and less possible and safely when it begins, innocents will be hurt. I don't want to see that but we also must stand by the principles we hold dear along with the Constitution, from the American Revolution(maybe even before) to Korea, my ancestors fought for this country and we need to come together to keep her.

  11. Reality_Seeker says:

    The American Diversity Empire continues to internally polarize. And people can't all just get along. America is now the third most populated country in the world. And every day the population swells. And who is populating America? The OtherColors, that's who. America is fast becoming Other Colors INC… Do you know what's going to happen?

    White Western Civilization collapses totally just as soon as White Western Civilization loses the very demographic that built White Western Civilization (i.e., mostly WhiteMen who subscribed to Judeo-Christian values and an Anglo-American- Protestant work ethic) ….. Notice how I give credit to the "White Race" where credit is due? Yeah, and another thing that needs to be said: gene pools are not all created equal. That includes gene pools within gene pool of the white race.

    The dirty — yet very profound —-reality that the ignorant masses refuse to face is this: not all people and culture are created equal… Men and women are not created equal, either; they are profoundly different. And mark my words: as the WhiteRace declines and collapses, so does White Western Civilization….

  12. kevinbeck2015 says:

    I think part of the problem with the whole debate is that the non-Democrats are blaming the shooters in these incidents, but refuse to acknowledge the identity of said shooters. For some absurd reason, they believe that by not identifying those who commit heinous crimes, they will deny them the publicity that they allegedly seek with their actions.

    I call Bernie Sanders (BS) to all that.

    If these shooters were identified as needed in debate, then the proper response would not be, "it's not the gun; it's the (anonymous) shooter." Instead, the response would include the actual identification of the shooter, rather than just blaming the incident on some unknown hooligan.