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Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves by Robert Ringer
Title Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves
Subject Robert Ringer's books have created a revolution in the self-development genre and shown millions the way to personal and professional achievement. Filled with humorous and enriching anecdotes Action!, exhorts the reader when you close the book, get up out of your chair and take action now. Action is life, and life is meant to be lived.
Description Ideas are precious commodities, sound preparation is invaluable, and knowledge and wisdom are essential when it comes to achieving greatness. But, says Robert Ringer, ideas, preparation, knowledge, and wisdom are all but useless without action, because action is the starting point of all progress. In Action! the author explains that adversity is never a valid excuse for inaction, because action gives you the power to overcome virtually all obstacles in your path. Adversity is, in fact, the best reason of all for taking action, because it gets your creative juices flowing and brings forth your resourcefulness.
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