The Charlottesville Big Lie

Posted on August 18, 2017 by Robert Ringer


To my surprise, on Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” the usually thoughtful Kennedy said about President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville violence, “If he had said the right words, we wouldn’t be talking about this.”  Sorry, Kennedy, but you’re wrong.  No matter what Trump would have said, the left, as well as the FNM and establishment sewer rats in the Republican Party, would have found fault with it.

That said, what most people have missed in this ugly story is that while hysteriacs in the FNM scream relentlessly that “there is only one side to this” (i.e., that white supremacists were the only ones resorting to violence in Charlottesville), the actual facts tell a much different story.

Let’s get this out on the table once and for all without fear of ugly backlash:  White supremacists are hateful and potentially dangerous, to be sure, but, fortunately, they are relatively few in number.  Consider that out of a population of 330 million, the white supremacists in Charlottesville attracted only about 500 like-minded people.

The other major fact that the FNM is totally ignoring is that it’s the Radical Left, not the right, that resorts to violence on a regular basis, as seen in Ferguson, Baltimore, Berkeley, and elsewhere throughout the United States.  It’s not surprising then that they were more than happy to engage in battle the right-wing protesters in Charlottesville.

Numerous pundits have pounced on the FNM talking point that putting the Radical Left on the same moral plane as white supremacists is outrageous.  In the words of fearless truth-teller David Webb, such a contention is intellectual cowardice at its worst.

The whole thing is an attempt to do what the Radical Left does best — intimidate those people with opposing views into silence.  Of course the Radical Left is just as bad as white supremacists.  Why are so many people afraid to admit something that is so clearly supported by the raw facts?  Doing so doesn’t mean that you support white supremacists, only that you are being honest.

As I have repeatedly stated, violence is the most prominent trademark of the Radical Left, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.  The one thing that makes these angry folks worse than white supremacists, if that’s possible, is that they put their hatred on display 365 days a year.

By contrast, white supremacists, despicable as they may be, are so pathetic and so small in numbers that, as much as the FNM would like us to believe otherwise, right-wing violence is, thankfully, exceedingly rare in America.

So I guess you could say that the one good thing that came out of the Charlottesville melee is that it reminded thinking people — repeat, thinking peoplethat white supremacists are not a serious threat to Americans.  If they were, this single event would not have received such over-the-top coverage.  It’s precisely because we don’t hear much from this loathsome group of losers that the Charlottesville brawl was such big news.

The truth be known, the Radical Left has been hoping for a showdown like Charlottesville for a long time.  The tragic Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building more than two decades ago, as horrific as it was, has grown stale, and the Radical Left has desperately needed a violent event instigated by right-wing extremists.

I should point out here the obvious fact that white supremacist groups do not represent conservative values.  True conservatives stand unequivocally against violence, regardless of who perpetrates it, and believe in free speech for everyone.  By contrast, the Radical Left openly advocates violence and actively tries to shut down speakers with whom it disagrees.

As to Donald Trump, he’s been in the public spotlight for more than four decades, and during that time there has never been a hint of bigotry attributed to him — i.e., not until he did the unthinkable and became a president intent on draining the swamp in Washington.  For committing such an unforgivable sin, he is now compared to Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-un.

All this is once again a reminder of the overarching problem when it comes to racism —identity politics, which is a cowardly tool the Radical Left never tires of using.  It’s also important to understand that the key to the success of the Radical Left when it comes to identity politics is the support it receives from Republican toadies like Marco Rubio, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan.  If Republicans had the moral courage to hang together like the Democrats do, identity politics would be overwhelmed and buried under the facts.

Disgusting is the only way I can describe the total disregard for the facts surrounding Charlottesville by the FNM, toady Republicans, and, of course, all liberals.  The FNM has reached yet another new low in its false portrayal of the Charlottesville rioting and Donald Trump’s response to it, and it is yet another example of The Big Lie that Joseph Goebbels so openly spoke about:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Goebbels would have loved the big lie that is being perpetuated about Charlottesville.  David Webb had it right when he used the term “intellectual cowardice,” because it perfectly describes the immoral folks who are pushing a false narrative about the violence in Charlottesville — the same folks who gave us that never-to-be-forgotten whopper, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Noah says:

    Help me out here The USA did not invent slavery. We are famous for having abolished it over 150 years ago. There are still many countries in the world where slavery is practiced TODAY, and about 46 Million people are currently enslaved. How will yelling at Trump or tearing down statues help those people in India, China, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nigeria, Congo, Indonesia, etc. to get out of slavery?

    • Blank Reg says:

      Yes, "white man's civilization" began the process of ending human chattel slavery 185 years ago. We're the only race I am aware of that consciously did that. We succeeded. But today, we get all the blame for all of slavery throughout all human history, but none of the gratitude for having ended it.

    • Scott theczech says:

      Involuntary servitude is also slavery. There are about 100 million wage earners in the U.S. Nearly all of them pay a so-called "income tax" on those wages involuntarily. So, if the tax on wages averages say a net 10% overall, then those folks are 10% slaves. To any government that probably looks a lot better mathematically than 10% of the population enslaved 100%. For a country that says it doesn't believe in slavery that sound pretty hypocritical to me.

      • Scott theczech says:


        If the Confederacy had thought of a wage tax prior to the Civil War, why heck, the whole thing might have been averted! They could have freed all slaves, then enslaved all to pay for it!

    • Rick G says:

      There has always been slavery. The ancient Romans had slaves. The Egyptians had slaves who built the pyramids. Just to name a few.

    • Ian says:

      The USA is not particularly famous for abolishing slavery even though it eventually did. The UK was notably ahead in that respect. The British Parliament passed the Slave Trade Act in !807, making it illegal to carry enslaved people in British ships. While this did not abolish slavery per se the British Parliament's Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 did outlaw slavery. Slavery in the USA was not abolished until the 13th Amendment was ratified by the House on January 31st 1865.

    • Neel says:

      There are no slaves in India. Get your facts right.

  2. Rocketman says:

    Great comment Noah. But that is not their real objective which is the complete demoralization of the average person in this country. They want the situation to get so bad that people are willing to accept a proto communist government in order to just simply stop the madness.

  3. Daniel says:

    I get your point(s). What I don't get is why you, I, others with similar points of view keep flinging ourselves against the wall of hypocrisy in an effort to put across rational points to persons and factions who/which have absolutely no interest in being rational? They dismissively scoff and/or chuckle at us and do as they please, anyway. Goebbels understood the game – control – and was in the perfect place and circumstance in which to exercise it. Unless we're willing to forcefully inject ourselves(personally and collectively) into a position of controlling the narrative, as the left does so skillfully, we're trying to extinguish a raging inferno by pissing into the wind.

    • Stephan F says:

      Excellent comments Daniel. This is why I tell friends not to waste their breath on these lost souls. And it’s not because those souls don’t understand, but because whether they do or not, it is irrelevant. They simply don’t give a damn. These are morally bankrupt people who could care less about truth or honesty or integrity – you know, those old fashioned & outdated traits that practically no one gives reverence to anymore.

      So whenever people trot out that tired old cliche’, “We just need to educate most people, and then, finally, they’ll see things our way”, I just want to ask them politely to just sit down and shut-up, because the time has come to sit back, relax, and forget any notion about trying to help enlighten those in the majority who have no intention of listening.

      “Woe to him who tries to teach men and women who are adamant about not wanting to learn.” – our favorite author, why RJR himself.

      • Daniel says:

        Thank you, Stephan F. Your comment, and quote from RJR, remind me of something I read in a 7th grade English class primer, the original source of which I know not: "He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; shun him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child; teach him. He who knows and knows not that he knows is a blind man; lead him. He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man; follow him." My recollection may be off a bit, but that's as I remember it. RJR is a wise man; worthy of leading those of us who strive to know.

  4. edwards19189 says:

    It wont. Way for the babies of the far left to control the narrative and try to destroy the culture in this country. If it works then the nation is gone and we go to a tribal culture.

    • Butterface says:

      True, this is exactly what the identity politics is all about, the rainbow coalition and the feminazis that have the same common enemy, the white man. Redonk.

  5. IHeartDagney says:

    Okay, I guess the BIG LIE has hit mainstream and has become TRUTH. I have been repeating this until I am BLUE in my fingers! The White Supremacists, an off-shoot of the KKK, ARE LEFTISTS. NAZI's ARE LEFTISTS!!!!! Why is EVERY PUNDIT on the right accepting the White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi mantle?????

    • Jim Hallett says:

      YES INDEED!! I got sick and tired of trying to make that point to brain-dead Libtards all the time!

      • IHeartDagney says:

        What's making me fearful is many on the right, like Robert here, is accepting the left's premise!

  6. Joe says:

    There has been one thing missing in the defense of Trump's comments. It was understandable that he waited until Monday to make a definitive statement, as when he made his statement on Saturday, the driver of the car was unidentified, and the leftist activists present have a record of violence. On Monday he roundly condemned the white supremacists and neo-Nazis as he should have. Where he went wrong was to mention on the next day the "fine people" on both sides of the confrontation. In fact, the original group that applied for the permit encouraged their supporters not to attend when it became evident that the event would be used by the so-called "alt-right" hate groups as a platform for their despicable views. There were no "fine people" among those who gathered to spew hate. On the other side, I cannot judge the mindset of all who gathered, but those at the forefront of the violence were the Antifa, Black Lives Matter type creatures who have popped up whenever they know that they can get away with their anarchy. Had Trump left off commenting on Monday, I would agree with defending him, although I would have preferred that he condemn those he condemned on Monday at an earlier stage. His referring to any of those who showed up in the "alt-right" protest as "fine people" is flat-out wrong. If he was not aware of who they were, he did not do his homework. If he said what he said knowing the truth, he should be condemned by any right-thinking person.

    All of the comments you make about media bias, the sad fools who are the GOP leadership, and the despicable character of much of the leftist crowd is true, but that does not make Trump right in say in what he said on Tuesday. He is often his own worst enemy, saying things that divert attention from the real accomplishments that he has achieved. It is a sad situation for us to have as President a man who cannot think through the big picture, and understand that he is the one who often undermines his own agenda. There is not doubt that many forces are lined up against him who do not want him to succeed, but that is all the more reason for him to think before he speaks or Tweets.

    I have come to conclude that he is incapable of controlling his rampant ego, and has shown that he cannot be an effective leader for this nation in crisis. His resignation would be welcomed by me, and any others who truly are concerned about the need to restore respect for the Constitution and the ideals that guided the founders of our nation. We suffered through eight years of a megalomaniac who was intent on destroying the very foundations of our nation. Now we are faced with a megalomaniac who does not recognize the damage that he is doing to his own supposed agenda, and the country aa well.

  7. Rick G says:

    There you go folks! Another masterpiece from Robert Ringer! He hit the nail right smack on the head, AGAIN! This is suitable for framing! You can always count on him to tell it like it is, and the way it should be told.

    Well, here is my two cents worth and, naturslly, it will p-o a lot of people. As usual! But, hey tough! About the girl who was killed there. The Radic-Lib FNM here has painted her up to be this sweet, little innocent girl who could never do wrong and how such a bad thing should never have happened to such a nice good girl. Blah, blah, blah! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Wrong as wrong could ever be. Firdt of all, what in the world was she doing there hanging around with all those bad leftist elements? There is an old saying, "Tell me who you go with and I'll tell you what you are!" She was one of those Radic-Lib leftist trouble making agitators. Yet, the FNM portrayed her to be this fallen angel who would never do wrong! A real tear jerker to say the least. Then her father gave a real tear jerking eulogy at the funeral which nearly made me upchuck. While I believe her death was a bad thing and should not have happened, she shouldn't have been hsnging around with all the Radic-Lib riff-raff. She probably got bad parrnting in her younger years and no proper moral guidance growing up, which seems to be the trend nowadays. And her father is probably just like her.

    Listen, no matter what President Trump would say on this issue, the Radic-Libs and FNM are always preprogrammed to be on Scream Mode. He is right! Both sides are at fault. Had he said only the white supremists were at fault and the lefts totally innocent, they still would have screamed bloody murder! Because, that is the way they are! And they will NEVER change!

  8. Jim Hallett says:

    The BIGGEST LIE of the BIG LIE of Charlottesville is that the guy who drove the car into the crowd and killed the woman was an Obama supporter who also was a "leader" in the Occupy Wall Street fiasco, and he was a hired hand of the despicable pig, George Soros, who does nothing but incite chaos. People who have nothing better to do than protest are generally losers, anyway, regardless of what they believe in. You are right, Robert, the real problem is that the Radical Left is a huge promoter of violence – ALWAYS has been. Where was the media outrage when one of Bernie's loons shot the Republicans practicing softball in Alexandria, VA??? They barely covered it. The fakestream media LIARS are so full of hate and deceptions, but they sure have a lot of NON-thinking boobs who swallow all their manure. I suspect that DT realized this was another false flag event meant to discredit and demonize him and his supporters, and regardless of what he said, it would be twisted, exaggerated, taken out of context, and used as yet another arrow in his back.

    • Rick G says:

      Yes sir, Jim! Total agreemen! The guy who did this is from Florence Kentucky which is adjacent to my hometown, Elsmere Kentucky.

  9. Marte says:

    Trump was right when he said there was bigotry and hatred on both sides.

    The original group of demonstrators were right when they wanted the statue left in place. That is part of history – and whether we like our history or not, it is what it is. We shouldn't try to re-write it to satisfy anyone. And remember – they had a permit to be there.

    The jackasses who came to attack had no permit and no permission. They were only there to cause trouble.

    • Lamar Kimball says:

      Why is the City of Charlottesville off the hook in this situation. Why were these haters given a permit in the first place. Why did the City Police not control the situation instead of letting it get out of hand. It seems everyone involved here has some blame in the problem.

      • Jean says:

        That is an excellent question. It was evident from many who were there that the police had stand-down orders. It was reported that as long as the so-called "white supremacist" protesters were on hand, there was ample police presence. The minute that Antifa and Black Lives Matter came into the picture, LEO disappeared. I believe that the violence was orchestrated AND condoned by the mayor of Charlottesville in a blatant effort to smear all Trump supporters and those of us who respect and value history. I normally don't promote litigation, but I would LOVE to see a class action suit against the mayor AND Terry McAuliffe (the governor) for the injuries and death that occurred.

  10. Sandpiper says:

    One needs to remember that in 1917 there we a few hundred Russian communist that resulted in the over throw of the Czarist government. It only takes a few to stir the masses. Most of the communist leadership ( about 292 ) had taken refuge in the United States until the government fell. When Hitler joined the Nationalist Socialist Party he was it's 29th member.

    America Wake up!

  11. RealitySeeker says:

    "Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life. Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.” – Abraham Lincoln

    The above quote is just one of many. The question is: were the Founders and other great men ( like Lincoln) correct or incorrect about the different racial traits of men?…. I have no short answer other than there are obvious differences between races. Asians, for example, tend to have higher IQs… and, by the way, Asians have different physical attributes than other races. Blacks are different, too. For one thing, there black. Right? It's sad that I have to point out there are self-evident differences, but that's the dimwitted world we live in.

    I actually knew a real highly decorated SS Nazi, unlike some of these wanna-be clowns who are clueless about the history of mankind. I didn't know it at the time he was a Nazi. Nobody in New York did until after he died from natural causes and his safe was opened… I don't even think his American born son knew the truth..

    The Nazi and I were both were avid coin collectors, and we met a few times a year to trade and discuss our collections. He was an absolutely brilliant and superbly educated man who rarely discussed politics with me or anybody. One exception I distinctly remember was his comments during one of our meetings about Muhammad Ali and how Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay; and that really was indicative of what hidden and deep seated hatred that most blacks had against whites. He saw what Ali did as a millstone on a road that would one day lead to the blacks actually attacking white civilization like "the barbarians attacking Rome"…

    The Nazi said, " white people are going to have to learn that the other lessor races are actually more racist and tribal than the Supreme Race, and that lesson will come too late just like it happened with the Roman Empire".

    Fast forward over four decades after the Nazi spoke those words: I honestly look around at how tens of millions of mostly black Muslims actually hate white people and the American Empire, and I would have to say that at the very least the Nazi had a point about the blacks turning on the whites and ripping apart the civilization white people built and replacing it with a Dark Age…

    • PeterMeb says:

      Please, let`s be very clear on this one thing, viz:
      “In reality, in plain, actual fact, there`s only ONE race. It`s called the race of HUMAN BEINGS“. In your experience, if you are able to identify one human being that has “two heads“, four eyes, two noses, four hears, four hands, four legs inside one body, then you`d have discovered another RACE altogether. By the way, I`d also be interested in knowing such a person. Simply forget about that NAZI fellow you knew in experience. He, himself, was simply misguided and deceived into believing lies that was handed off and over to him, which he had received in his ignorance. Yes, amongst the various human population groups, you will always find key and distinct differences. Yet, it`s a sure guarantee that, amongst every distinct human population groups, you will surely and certainly find the good, the bad and the outright ugly within their midst. They still will all be human beings belonging to that same, one single RACE. Nonetheless, do refrain from putting such “distinct people, distinct human population subgroup of fellow human beings, inside a box“, painting them all with the same brush in your mind, as it were. It`s totally wrong, incorrect, inaccurate and it`s surely not good at all.

      In real fact for instance, I`ve personally never even seen a truly BLACK person or a truly WHITE person, in my walk. At best, such human beings being described, will best approximate the “brown“ or the “pink“ colour. The essential character and worth of a person, a fellow human being, cannot and will never be accurately captured or fully and firmly described by the mere colour of their skin. With all due respect to you, doing such will be tantamount to insulting The One that made and created them, The Creator of ALL. Over to you. Stay blessed, always.

      • RealitySeeker says:

        All dogs are part of the canidae. Right? But are they really all alike?

        I think we better start to face the fact that gene pools play a significant role in both physical looks and ability and the mental attributes of all species. But that's my personal opinion. Call me what you will.

        If God created a ruddy colored man and woman, how and why did the "human race" change into so many different shades of color? And is color the only thing that changed? Over time did IQ also rise or lower? Do certain races tend to be more tribal than others? Or is all human nature exactly the same degree in every race and only the color is different? Are the only differences in horses and zebras the strips? And is it the same with the human species?

        As I said above, there's no short, politically correct answers to any of the above questions… If God allowed different races to develop, did he also favor one over the other? We're the Jews God's chosen people, or not? These are open questions with no simple answer.

        But one thing I know for sure is the white man built institutions like Oxford during a time that many of the other races were still literally eating each other…. Many of the other races were savage compared to the whites. The other fact I can plainly see happening now is the growing hatred of white people and the fault finding by other races.

        I would suggest that the other races stop looking back 150 years ago and blaming the white man for their current problems — you people of other colors who have personal problems should be looking in the mirror, instead.

        • Charles N. Steele says:

          Unlike most things, our racial categories really are "social constructs." For example, "black" and "white" are defined differently in West Africa, where I lived for a time, than they are in Russia, where I also lived, or than in the U.S. The locals in each place imagine the categories they've developed are obvious and common sense, but they are not. "Race" is not a scientific concept. And an individual's values and philosophies are not caused by "race," nor by genetics – values and philosophies are learned.

          Economist Ludwig von Mises refutes racial polylogism (idea that different races think differently) in Chapter III of "Human Action." The chapter deserves some study. Ideas and values, not race, govern human behavior, and these are learned. That's why there are black, Asian, and white libertarians; black, Asian and white socialists; productive self-responsible citizens who are black, Asian, and white; criminals and parasites who are black, Asian and white, etc.

          Your SS acquaintance was repeating standard racialist dogma he had learned as. Nazi. He's neither profound nor prophetic.

  12. sam239 says:

    I happened by one of the "counter-protests" the nasty lefties put on at the state house here, I walked right up to them and told them it was hypocritical of them to do what they were doing – their philosophy could never produce a peaceful, majestic, and serene state house like we have in South Carolina. Of course they have the right to, and I didn't do anything to stop their message, but explained the hypocrisy.

    Their leader, "Santa Claus," came towards me, obviously angry, and physically imposing, and told the nearby state police that I was "harassing" them, and the cops (professionally, respectfully) asked me to continue on my way.

    I did so, taking Robert Ringer's advice to focus on the one thing that can move me forward the most at this point in time, but was amazed by how quickly these lefties turn aggressive and try to shut down criticism. Just like David Horowitz said, many liberals have a little tyrant inside awaiting an opportunity to be unleashed.

  13. Alan Friedman says:

    "As to Donald Trump, he’s been in the public spotlight for more than four decades, and during that time there has never been a hint of bigotry attributed to him" Were you in some alternate universe during the campaign? He repeatedly insulted whole classes of people: Mexicans, Arabs and Muslims, people with disabilities, and of course, women. Do you not consider that bigotry? As for draining the swamp…I have NEVER seen such a corrupt, lying, backtracking administration, appointing quite a number of "swampy" characters, wallowing in nepotism, demanding but never giving absolute personal loyalty, and then throwing those appointees under the bus.

    • RealitySeeker says:

      "Draining The Swamp"…

      As if…

      Swamps and swamp creatures have been around since the first tribe was formed ..

      In Greek mythology the rives Styx, Phlegethon, Acheron and Cocytus all convergence into an undrainable swamp. The modern corollary and latest version of the ancient, underworld marsh is Washington, i.e., the Super Swamp…

      DT is the ultimate Swamp Dweller, and that's why I supported him; because he's thrashing the other swamp creatures unlike Mitt Romney who licks their asses. And, incidentally, there is a small chance that DT just might do the impossible by defying the swamp gods and actually drain the Washington Swamp. Of course, actions have consequences and the ensuing flood of swamp water would have to go somewhere. Because the only way to drain the Washington Swamp is to actually end the political racketeering, phony banking, fake Wall Street markets, endlessly growing welfare system, entitlements, outdated education system, policing the world and the smelly, muddy and very huge bureaucracy..

      So, to actually end the Swamp means to end the Empire…. DT won't do that, but it looks like the welfare loving blacks will be right there tearing down the dam… right alongside all the other braindead collectivists…

      Be careful what you wish for…. because you just might get it really hard …

      • sam239 says:

        I'd never considered the mythological meaning of the Swamp. Fascinating, thanks for pointing that out

  14. Scott theczech says:

    Another way to counter the big lie is to make a clear distinction between race and culture. Most of us are culture[ists], not racists. There are certain cultures I think are destructive, inane, dangerous and unproductive. Some others on the other hand are more creative, industrious, philanthropic and relatively safe. I think it's OK to point that out to folks.

  15. Jon says:

    If you are as old as I, you'll recall the NAZI attempt to march in Skokie, Illinois decades ago (I believe the early 1970s). At that time, Skokie had a sizable population of Holocaust Survivors. They were not very happy with the prospect of being forced to re-live their horror. To everyone's credit, the situation was resolved without violence. Today, I guess that must be too civilized a procedure for the rabble to entertain as an option.

  16. Bob says:

    Mr Ringer,
    I’ve always considered you a wise man and a lot smarter than your hapless friend, Donald Trump. However, just like Trump, you're blaming the violence at Charlottesville on those opposing racism and bigotry. At least, Trump blamed the violence on ‘both sides’. You’ve gone a step further by blaming it all on the ‘radical left’.

    Why? Let’s be real here.

    The problem of racism and bigotry in America isn’t just confined to Charlottesville in 2017. It goes deeper and further back in history and pervades every corner and institution in America. In fact, it’s as old as the United States itself. Sadly, it still exists today, even though slavery was abolished over 150 years ago.

    You've conveniently omitted the very obvious military style dressing of the white supremacists, the anti-riot gear, and swastikas they carried, plus all the assault weapons they took with them to Charlottesville.
    What was all that for? Peace keeping or peaceful demonstration? No, they went there prepared for violence.

    Unfortunately, the only language white supremacists, KKK and their ilk understand is that of violence. Remember they used to lynch black people. You cannot reason with these retards. It’s always a potentially explosive situation whenever and wherever these two opposing worlds collide; violence is inevitable.

    It was an Alt-right retard who drove a car at speed into the crowd and killed poor Heather Heyer. I noticed you had nothing to say about that. If that was done by a member of the radical left, I'm sure the deadly act would have featured well in your article.

    You also said of your dear friend, Trump, that ‘he’s been in the public spotlight for more than four decades, and during that time there has never been a hint of bigotry attributed to him’ Oh really? Where were you when he was campaigning for election? Why not Google his name and see how much bigotry you can dredge up?

    The real conversation America should be having is why repulsive racist bigotry still exists and allowed to flourish today in hate groups such as the KKK and others, and not blaming those who oppose it, not just in America but all over the world.

    I’m rather surprised and disappointed; Mr Ringer that your sharp analytical mind could not see that one group of people maintaining supremacy over others is the root cause of the violence and goes way back before Charlottesville. They had to be opposed and stopped by right thinking people.

    White racists claiming superiority over non-whites are just like paedophiles claiming the right to have sex with children. Would you allow that? Of course not. One is just as wrong and repulsive as the other and both must be stopped by human society.

    It’s time for America to ban all these racist groups, then you will no longer have a radical left opposing them.

    • sam239 says:

      "one group of people maintaining supremacy over others is the root cause of the violence" – that's exactly right but it's not the group you're claiming it is. One clear example of this is the BLM group completely ignoring widespread gun violence, only protesting against police shootings. That shows clearly there is an agenda behind that group, it's not founded in humanitarian concerns but out of a nefarious striving for power.

      Also, a quick Google search reveals Hillary Clinton lives in a town that's 99%+ white, as does Joe Biden. Do you think that makes them racist? If so, what should be done about it?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Suggest you go back and reread my article – more carefully this time.

  17. Don Searles says:

    Don Searles
    Never underestimate the degree of difficulty in changing what people believe with facts.

  18. Edward says:

    So what’s next . All American flags. Really sad how these hate filled radicals can do anything they want and not pay any consequences for their actions. It’s actually frightening to not know what’s next.

  19. Terry says:

    Don't get me wrong, I am a loyal reader of Robert's and agree with this article as well. I think that the civil war was more about state's rights than slavery per se, and don't like the idea of getting rid of the statues. They represent history, and I do NOT think that anyone can point to a statue and say that it's the reason that they aren't getting the life they want.

    Having said that, I did read a paragraph that brought a different perspective than what I had heard:

    "When you are say a person of color, and you have to explain civics to your child. You explain that you take control of your situation by getting a job and paying taxes. Your taxes go for the cleaning and maintenance of this statue that represents people that wanted to keep you in chains, beat and rape you at will and sell you as their property as they like. A reasonable person could understand having issues with that. Then you say just use the process and vote change. But then you explain that your district has been gerrymandered so that your vote will never matter. I guess you just apply the declaration of independence and decide the time is now for all good people to rise up against tyrants. Always seems funny how those that preach acceptance always seem to be those who dont face discrimination. Just a random thought"

    I obviously don't agree with everything he said, but still . . . I don't want abortion paid for with my tax dollars. I can understand a black person not wanting to pay for the upkeep of those statues. Is it a lot of money? I seriously doubt it, but that isn't the point.


    • sam239 says:

      That's something I hadn't thought of before but think it is built on a false narrative, that the southern people were cruel tyrants and any statues/flags are a reflection of that. One fact, that there were around 400 Afro-American slave owners in Charleston, SC, according to the 1830 US Census, casts doubt on that line of reasoning. Another is that the majority of the Confederate army were non slave owners.

      It strikes me that if cruelty/inhumanity was the true driving factor behind this then the Dems/lefties would be far more enraged about current day slavery, in places like the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

  20. Rock Roach says:

    I just hope that half the electorate plus one have the same views as RJR in 2018 and 2020. Btw on tearing down statues,a poll of nearly two-thirds of Americans say leave them alone. Maybe that tells you how America really feels about these left wing nuts.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Let's ask our congressman to make a bill we can vote on…is this a Democratic society or what?

  21. Paul Herring says:

    Politics the world over, of all persuasions have very little to recommend them and an enormous amount to discredit them. So I don't propose to get into politics here.

    Humans are imperfect and as such we can't expect perfect government, since it's the collective body of imperfect humans which make up a political party or a government.

    It's clear to most of us now that systems of rulership tried throughout the centuries hasn't worked. And now we see that the chickens have come home to roost. We humans have had long enough to work it out, but we simply can't. So what's the alternative, if there is one?

    Quite a few times in this forum I've mentioned that the Bible provides the answer to all of this mess. When God ruled the Israelite nation through its kings from Jerusalem their form of government was far superior to that of any other nations. Even though they too were imperfect, their governmental system worked because it operated on the highest principles.

    But now, America, Australia, Britain and most other nations no longer operate under true Christian principles. Both politicians and the common people have all but forgotten the God of the Bible. This doesn't mean God has been deposed, which some people advocate. He simply has a time frame in which to act and what he does isn't directed by nor does he act on demands made by humans.

    It's surely become clear by now that our man-made systems have run their race. Something has to give. Soon, the Bible makes clear the world will face Armageddon and only those who are prepared to do things God's way will survive it. Big call I know, but that's what the Bible says and you can find it, especially in the 37th Psalm.

    I could go on, but out of respect for RJR and his post will leave it at that. One final word – all of the crassness, the lack of understanding and the downright wickedness we see today have been identified as occurring in what 1 Timothy 3:1-5 describes as the "last days". It's worth a second look.

  22. TN Ray says:

    There was precious little racism, bigotry, etc. on display before Obama came along to fan the flames of "victimization" and "injustice" to remind his constituents of their need to rise up and fight back. It only took 8 years for Obama to undo 150 yrs of racial progress in America. Peaceful progress does not help get Democrats elected. They were unable to stir up sufficient grievance prior to the 2016 election to excite (incite) their base, so they have redoubled their efforts. The FNM seems to relish the conflict that they and the liberal groups can manufacture. It must help to sell newspapers and advertising.

  23. johntoka says:

    Robert, you are so right about Mitchell, McCain, Rubio, and Ryan emboldening the radicals. If this goes over the edge, the blood will be on their hands.

  24. Nasdaq7 says:

    https://www . youtube . com/watch?v=rSqvCeNVzH8

  25. Sean Baltz says:

    This is why I closely follow Mr. Ringer's writings. He rarely says anything I disagree with. I totally concur with what he said here—-BULLS EYE

  26. Phil says:

    Thank you Robert Ringer for saying what I have been thinking the past week, and so clearly. This dynamic is driving me nuts. It is the GOP that disgusts me the most. Their utter corruption and cowardice…not seeing much hope lately for positive change.

  27. Great article Robert. It's interesting that both this article, and the one earlier this summer: The Individual versus the State", coincide with in theme 2 academic papers I recently re-read. I encourage you to have a look at them, they help set a new perspective on understanding the current crisis we are living as a Nation and a Civilization. The first is: Intellectual Authority vs Institutional Authority by Charles W. Collier (1992) Open Access through the Florida University Law repository. The other is "The Anastasoff Case and the Judicial Power to "Unpublished" Opinions" by Thomas Rex Lee and Lance S. Lehnhof (2001) Vol 77:1 Notre Dame Law Review, also Open Access. This is the same Thomas Rex Lee on the short list of Supreme Court candidates. Now, when you cite Webb with the creation of the expression "Intellectual Cowardice" and apply it to BLM (and other similar groups), I wonder if in fact these activists are not rather tools of abuse of Institutional Authority (political in this case, and cultural also). As you probably experience on a daily basis, any passionate scientific intellectual venture which aims at Intellectual Authority is more often a road travelled alone, while Institutional Authority (be it bias or not) is the expression of "some" consensus of the (or some) community. In this sense, in the current socio-political modern rectitude and group think settings, Intellectual Authority has become increasingly vulnerable and its space of expression increasingly constrained. It may be presumptuous for me to propose these readings, but I would be surprised you won't find interest in them.

  28. Pitch says:

    I recall a rather astute observer of human nature once made the following comment: "Reality is synonymous with truth, and truth is unyielding. One can choose to ignore it, scorn it, or even curse it, but all to no avail; in the end, truth impassively stands its ground in the face of the most overpowering attack."
    Hey, I remember now, it was that guy by the name of Robert Ringer…
    Robert proves once again that most people say they want the truth, but that very few are willing to swallow the pill when it's in their hand.

  29. T. Scott says:

    Everyone needs to remember one thing: Our 1st Civil War had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. You had better study your history & stop being brainwashed by our federal government & school system!

  30. Raoul in Colorado says:

    The switching from “the Russians hacked the election hysteria”, which was fizzling out due to lack of any evidence…….., to “Charlottesville is proof that Trump and all his supporters are racist” hysteria. These are insane, crazy ideas embraced by insane, crazy people. This type of insanity is dangerous and is rampant. In this dangerous environment job number one is to calmly and deliberately protect your sanity as well as your physical and economic wellbeing. ….the situation is unlikely to change in the near future…. Railing against insanity is a waste of time.

  31. Butterface says:

    After reading the newspaper on this and viewing youtube of this incident, my conclusion this was the idea of democrats for Charlottesville protesting to make Trump look bad, and no regard for human life. University kids are overwhelmingly democrat, and most of these folks were from such a place. And no question some of these antifa folks not all that sweet and innocent.

  32. Butterface says:

    FNM? Is that Fox News Media? Not sure.

  33. Janet Kithcart says:

    I am burning my Ringer books as soon as I can.

  34. Thomas Paine says:

    I also am burning my RJR books. I had no idea he is such a racist. I cannot believe he claims Trump has never been shown to be a bigot. Trump refused to rent properties to blacks. Trump hates Mexicans so much he wants to waste billions of dollars on a useless wall. He hates Muslims so much that he has tried to keep Muslims from enterring America. And Trump feels he has a right to grab women by their genitals. These are blatant signs of bigotry. Is Ringer just another one of Trump's stooges? It certainly appears so.

    The statements about Obama in the comments above are absurd. He was an excellent president. The person in office now has no clue as to what he is doing. He is basically ignorant of American and world history. He is systemically destroying this country and making his family richer by doing so. Why has Congress allowed him to thumb his nose at presidential tradition? Why are the Kuschners allowed to work in the White House?

    And to those who don't get it about removing the statues of men who wanted to destroy the Union of the United States of America, you people are not patriots. You are condoning the overthrow of our government, so don't go claiming you love the Constitution because you clearly do not. And every time I read some comment about George Soros being the puppet master, I know it comes from yet another Glenn Beck zombie.

    • Scott says:

      Thomas – It is a good idea that you should burn your RJR books – if you ever really had them – which you more than likely did not.

      Trump never refused to rent to blacks just because they were black. When a property manager refuses to rent to a black person for some legitimate reason like bad credit, or bad references from a previous landlord or they fail to meet the minimum income requirement – the person who was turned down in many cases screams that they have been denied solely as a result of their race – which is rarely the case and if it was and can be proven then HUD steps in with severe penalties. It has never been proven that the Trump organization refused to rent to a black just because they were black. Also – there is no proof that Trump hates Mexicans as you claim. America is not the only country that has immigration issues with people coming here illegally. IF you would take the time to study history you would see that almost since the dawn of time – right up to today – walls have been built to help reduce the number of people entering a country illegally. Also – your ignorance shines through with regard to Muslims. Trump never tried to keep all Muslims from entering the country. He only wanted extra vetting for certain people coming here from certain countries so that we do not have the problems that are currently going on in several countries in Western Europe right now with terrorists from those countries.

      The statements about Obama are all factual. List one that isn't with proof that it was not correct. You can't. Obama was our worst President ever and he should be tried for treason. He swore an oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution and from his very first day in office he broke that oath time and time and time again. You are the one that is ignorant of American and world history. Obama did a lot to destroy this great country and Trump is bringing it back to a position of greatness.

      You are a pathetic, ignorant LOSER. Please crawl back under the rock that you came from.

      • Thomas Paine says:

        Well, well, Scotty boy who thinks he knows it all. Your claims are all false. My guess is I have been around a lot longer than you. I bought Looking Out For #1 when it came out in 1977. I liked it so much I reread it a year later, and then bought Winning Through Intimidation. In 1979, I started my own business inside the corporation I had worked for nearly 7 years. I showed them by paying rent and giving them 10% of my net earnings, how I could bring in more money for them. That arrangement lasted 20 years until I bought my own building and took all my employees with me and made more money for all of them and myself. I then sold the business at age 53 and have been happily retired ever since, living nicely off my investments. I just checked my library and yes I still have 3 Ringer books. I don't need them, so I will indeed burn them this winter in the fireplace and have a good laugh at your expense. Not sure why you would consider me a pathetic ignorant loser since none of those words fit me.

        You, however, have shown your ignorance of history. Trump was indeed sued in 1973 by the Justice Department for racial discrimination for not renting apartments to blacks. After a lengthy battle both parties settled out of court and Trump never admitted guilt BUT his company had to agree to stipulations meant to prevent future discrimination at his rental properties. There was plenty of evidence that the Trump company had violated the 1968 Civil Rights Act. You can find this on and elsewhere and it is not fake news.

        Trump showed his hatred of Mexicans in his tirade in which he claimed the ones coming here, many of them, were rapists and drug dealers and murderers. Sorry but the man hates Mexicans. He hates just about everyone except his little circle of friends. Do you actually think he likes toadies like you? As for the wall, it is senseless, as proven by El Chapo and others. A stick of dynamite can also blast a nice hole through a wall. The cost of the wall could pay for every child's college education. Oh I forgot, Trump said he would make Mexico pay for it. Whoops, another Trump lie. It is the only thing the man is good at – lying.

        Muslims? You don't think he hates Muslims? Then explain his behavior toward the Muslim Gold Star parents. And, sorry, you are wrong. He indeed tried to stop all Muslims from immigrating to our country. Then he settled for stopping Muslims from about a dozen countries where radical Islamic terrorism was occurring. The people who wanted to come here were heavily vetted, sometimes over a two year period. No, the extra vetting was not good enough for him. Of course, he must not hate all Muslims because he was happy to do that little curtsy to the King of Saudi Arabia. What a fool.

        Obama will go down in history as one of the ten best presidents. If he did all the bad things you claim, explain why the Republican Congress never even considered impeachment. You, sir, are a liar. Most Americans would love to have Obama back as our president. True, the racists don't. He pulled us out of the depths of the most severe recession since the Great Depression. He genuinely cared for people. He cared for the environment. Trump could care less and that is why he made Pruitt head of EPA. I suppose you supported Trump's birther lies about Obama. After five years, Trump finally admitted Obama was born in the US.

        Your comments only show you know very little.

  35. Charles Charles Ez 33:4 says:

    Regardless of how you feel about any of this just know that an end to all this madness is soon coming. I personally feel that 97% of people are total idiots, and only 3% truly understand what is happening and where all of this is leading. I'm not concerned with reaching that 97%. They are where they are because they have chosen to be there. I am only interested in reaching the 3%.

  36. Kelly says:

    This is also missing the BIGGEST point of all – the original application for a rally was completed by a conservative group, not white supremacists. Not neo Nazis. Just constitutionalist conservatives. They were REJECTED by the liberal mayor but justly overruled by the ACLU. In the meantime, the mayor GRANTED BLM a rally on the same day (how did they know??). Gee, why in HELL would he do that, fully knowing his embellishments and untruths against the conservative group and that granting BLM the right to a rally on the SAME day would cause serious tension. Antifa, neo Nazis, and white supremacists were NOT invited. Several ads in surrounding cities offered to pay protesters and ship them to the rally.