Che, Alexandria, and the Radical Left

Posted on June 16, 2017 by Robert Ringer


It’s only fitting that June 14, the day of the Alexandria shooting rampage by a Radical Left extremist, was the 89th birthday of mass murderer Che Guevera. Che has long been a hero to the Radical Left, especially those lost souls who occupy — literally — our college campuses. To them, the American flag represents evil, while a Che T-shirt is cool.

As I have long pointed out, the Radical Left, going all the way back to Karl Marx, has advocated the use of force to achieve what it cannot get through the ballot box. Its members unapologetically refer to this as “by any means necessary.”

The Radical Left has steadily increased its violent tactics over the years, beginning with the George Bush era. Its members saw Bush as a threat to derail their march toward totalitarianism and a shutdown of free speech. Sadly, Bush, a RINO to the core, alleviated their concerns by repeatedly capitulating to their fascist demands.

That led to the country’s first openly Radical Left president, Barack Obama, who not only gave his tribe free reign to commit acts of violence, but repeatedly encouraged such violence (as in, “We’re gonna punish our enemies.”).

The New Black Panthers’ voter intimidation outside a voting station in Philadelphia, a clear violation of law for which no one was ever prosecuted, was an early example of this. Ditto with Obama’s inviting Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House, along with the mothers of criminals such as Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.

Then, just when most normal Americans had come to believe that no politician would ever have the courage or principle to stand up to the purveyors of violence and intimidation, along came Donald Trump. This completely changed the political landscape, because Trump threatened to put an end the entrenched system of criminality in D.C.

This, in turn, caused the Radical Left to become hysterical and shed any subtlety about its belief in the use of violence to achieve its political ends. Whether it’s Kathy Griffin holding the severed, bloody head of Donald Trump or the violent assassination of Donald Trump in the Central Park version of Julius Caesar, it’s clear that the Radical Left now believes it’s time to pull out all stops and ratchet up its violence in an all-out effort to stop Trump and the tens of millions of Americans who voted him into office.

When Bernie Sanders came out quickly on Wednesday to denounce the Alexandria shooter, it was an all-too-obvious case of CYA, because Sanders has been preaching violence for decades. When you whip crowds into a frenzy by calling for “free” healthcare, “free” college education for all, and a guaranteed minimum wage for everyone, you are implicitly calling for violence.

Why? Because the fulfillment of such communist goals necessitates the use of force. Let’s get real here: No one is going to voluntarily support his neighbor’s lifestyle, pay for his neighbor’s children to go to college, or fund his neighbor’s healthcare. The Radical Left knows this, which is why, in frustration, it employs fascist tactics to force people to accept its ideas.

Radical Leftists are like spoiled children throwing a perpetual tantrum, because they cannot fathom not getting their way. Thanks to the shameful, unprincipled ranks of Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and, above all, leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the Radical Left has always been able to get Republicans to go along with its nefarious schemes. Few people realize that the “go along to get along” band of Republicans is actually the Radical Left’s secret weapon.

For decades, the Dems have been able to count on their “colleagues across the aisle” to help them implement their fascist agenda — an agenda that includes a multitude of coercive and unconstitutional programs and actions. The focal point of their platform, of course, is open borders, voter fraud, and, above all, redistribution-of-wealth programs, all aimed at capturing votes to assure their hold on power.

This is why the voter rebellion in 2016 caught them by complete surprise. Donald Trump as president is still unthinkable to them. He must be removed from office by any means necessary, because he will not capitulate to their intimidation.

In reality, of course, Trump’s presidency is not so much about Donald Trump, the individual, as it is about everyday folks who are fed up with the criminal activity of the ruling class in Washington. This is unacceptable to the Radical Left, thus it’s not surprising that its members demonize freedom fighters at every turn. The message is simple: Either agree with us or we will label you “evil.”

This is one of the fundamental tactics used by Saul Alinsky, and when someone like Jeff Sessions gets out of line (by supporting the Radical Left’s ultimate symbol of evil, Donald Trump), they quickly lock arms, isolate him, and aim hateful epithets in his direction, just as they did in the Senate Intelligence hearings.

The entire affair was a bad joke. The Dirty Dems had no interest whatsoever in getting to the truth. On the contrary, their sole objective was to impugn Sessions’ character. Fortunately, he did what most of us expected he would do — make them look like the hateful mob they are.

And in doing so, Sessions also made Robert Mueller’s assigned task — finding collusion between the Trump administration and the Russians (which is now a virtual impossibility) and/or finding obstruction of justice on the part of Donald Trump (an absurdity, given the facts, but still a possibility) — much tougher.

While it may be true that Mueller was once listed as a registered Republican (no one can confirm that he still is), Newt Gingrich was, as usual, on target when he said, “Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair.” He also noted that at least several of the lawyers whom Mueller selected for his team have contributed to Democrats in the past. Translation: The fix is in.

As to the Alexandria shootings, the Dirty Dems are already calling for more gun controls and blaming the shooter’s derangement on Donald Trump’s rhetoric. But what if the shooter had been a Republican and his victims had been Democrats? No problem. The solution would still be stricter gun-control laws and the impeachment of Donald Trump. The Dirty Dems’ motto is: Heads, I win; tails, you lose.

Finally, we have the kumbaya snapshot in time that has come out of all this. Over and over again, we heard politicians and “news” commentators mouth platitudes like, “This is our time to all come together as one.” But much like Uncle Bernie’s remarks, their words didn’t ring true.

To the Radical Left, “We have to all come together” is a euphemism for “We all have to forget what we believe in and join with the Democrats in pursuing their agenda. (And, of course, help them remove Donald Trump from office.) “Coming together” sounds warm and fuzzy at a time like this, but it’s wishful thinking so long as Radical Leftists are free to stir their cauldron of hate.

The day after the shooting, perhaps you watched the pastor who gave a prayer before Congress in which he called for “kindness, goodwill, and compassion.” Again, nice words, but the truth is that there is zero kindness, zero goodwill, and zero compassion on the Radical Left. On the contrary, its members traffic in hatred and violence.

To those of you who are serious about wanting the D.C. swamp drained, let me assure you that nothing will change until and unless Republicans go on the attack against the very people who preach violence and are now in charge of all the phony investigations. Unfortunately, the McCain-Ryan-McConnell axis will never do that, so it will be up to Trump and his close allies, or those who follow in their footsteps, to do the job.

I also don’t believe that draining the swamp is possible unless Trump or some other strong freedom fighter is willing to crack down — and I mean really crack down — on political violence. I realize that this will shock and disappoint many of my readers, but given that a violent, left-wing dictatorship is now on the horizon, I no longer favor unfettered “free speech.”

We are now in a state of emergency, and I believe that those who preach hatred and violence should be prosecuted and, if found guilty, imprisoned. I’m not just talking about crazies like Pocahontas, Maxine Waters, and Granny Pelosi, but media people as well. And, of course, those who put on productions like “Julius Caesar,” the sole purpose of which is to inspire people to commit acts of violence. This is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater, which is not protected free speech.

I will end as I do in so many of my articles by emphasizing again that people really do get the government they deserve. Republicans need to clean house in order to show they are serious about draining the swamp. So long as voters keep reelecting unprincipled, cowardly hacks like Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, nothing will change.

These lapdogs for the Radical Left make it impossible for Republicans to ever have enough votes in Congress to effect meaningful change. If voters don’t have enough sense to throw out of office the rotten eggs in the Republican Party, they deserve to live in a country where violence rules the day.

As Lou Dobbs, the number-one voice on television when it comes to cutting to the chase of the problem, would say, “What the hell is the matter with the Republican leadership?” Answer: Lou, it’s really quite simple. They are hopelessly unprincipled and corrupt — and perhaps even a bit stupid and masochistic.


Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

56 responses to “Che, Alexandria, and the Radical Left”

  1. Sharon says:

    Good for you!!! I agree with your assessment of the current political climate in our nation and am fed up with the lefts whining and tantrums. I pray that Americans wake up and fight back against this tyranny.

    • Barbara Wells says:

      You are soo right. We do need to fight back before it is too late. People need to realize that we are in a war to protect this great country.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        With respect and by your leave, it is at present a COLD CIVIL WAR. While it is getting warmer it is not hot yet albeit the attack this past week is a start … Mueller is a first choice of the corrupt when he defended Nazi Swiss Banks against the families of Holocaust victims or of the living who were in the forced labor camps by some of Germany's most vaulted Nazi companies. His family and personal ties to the establishment figures involved in the JFK murder is amazing. So do research you get that this guy is not clean as the driven snow… he is establishment. We elected Donald John Trump to attack the swamp .. and a swamp it is .. and it is fighting back for its very life… we have to keep up our work to rid the Republic of Rinos and all democrats … both are a Satanic Pagan Cult of those who live off the tax payer … Primary all Republicans who voted for the budget bill with the planned parent hood funding in it… But it will shut down the government but for the NECESSARY JOBS, holy Batman I was not aware we could afford unnecessary jobs.. .!

  2. Jon says:

    Totally spot-on, Robert! Isn't it interesting that virtually every "gun incident" outraging the lefties were committed by lefties? Maybe a new gun law should be implemented preventing Dirty Dems from owning guns?

  3. John W Abbott says:

    Robert, I could NOT have said it better! I have NOTHING to add! Good job!

  4. Rick G says:

    WOW!!! Couldn't have said it better myself! Robert Ringer hit the nail right on the head!

    The Radic-Libs, as former Vice President Spiro Agnew used to call them, are nothing but Bolsheviks, Communist revolutionaries. Their goal is a country whereby if you step out of line, the goon squads will come and get you, drag you out of your house, and have you taken away and executed for being the "enemy" of the people. Don't laugh at this. It is coming down the road very quickly. It will soon be a shockingly sad reality. And it will be too late when these thugs take total control. To quote Spiro Agnew, he refered to the fact that the Radic-Libs should be "cut off and separated from society, and discarded like rotten apples from a barrel". Amen, Spiro! And amen, Robert Ringer! Congratulations to you, Robert Ringer, for such an excellent and perceptive article! I can always count on you to tell it like it is, the only way it should be told!

    And Comrad Bernie kills me by his phony verbal outrage against the Alexandria shooting! These are HIS "people", the very bitter red core of the Radical Left, just like he is. Let's csll a spade a spade! He advocates the exact same Marxist-Leninist rhetoric that they do! No difference! He is just trying to disavow his association and ties with them because of his future presidential aspirations that might be undermined.

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      There are no communists. They are RED FASCISTS. While they may spew Marx they are working from Mein Kampf… with respects and by your leave… Ellis Baxter for the Republic!

      • Jean says:

        Remember Ellis, the acronym NAZI is short for "National Socialist." The Nazi party WAS all about government control of the means of production, property confiscation, wealth redistribution and other goals Bernie Sanders and his hoard advocate.

      • Hungarian says:

        Fascist and Communist is the same system with different names when you translate National Socialist as the real name of that movement !

  5. TheLookOut says:

    Good stuff RJR, my thoughts exactly.

  6. David says:

    If anything sounds fascist, this is one. Donald Trump is destroying whatever international goodwill and reverence, which made America the reference point of greatness. What do we have now? Hate speeches, call to isolation, backtracking to obselete, carbon emmission practises that are destroying our environment, with catastrophic results. Many of us foreigners who use to look up to America for World leadership, are amazed at how DT is making it easy for the Chinese to assume that role. Its a great pity when people can be blinded by fear, demonize those with different ideas, while calling for intolerance in free speech, the very hall mark of a civilized and free society, and openly advocating for violence, same which they condemn in others. Well, as the saying goes, whatever goes around, comes around.

    • Chuck says:

      Gosh, David, did you get to choose the flavor of your Kool-Aid or did you just guzzle down what was handed to you by the chief LibTard?

    • Steve says:

      How have you managed to sleep for the entire last 8 years? Now that things have changed you might want to educate yourself a bit on what is REALLY going on.

    • sam239 says:

      LMAO @ he's making it easy for the Chinese to assume World leadership. You obviously don't have much experience with China if you respect them as world leaders.

    • Marlena Bennett says:

      I can't understand how you can point the finger at people who are against the very group you are a part of and how do you not understand that all the horrific things that are being said and done are being said and done by YOU!!

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      I may have enough colored pencils to help you .. but then you already know it all .. Man Made Climate Change is a hoax .. .if you were able to do the math you would quickly understand that it is all a lie. LIE. They have no proof that could be admitted in a court of law.. none. The climate changes but it is the Sun that controls it .. Jimmy Carter said it was Global Cooling as Carbon cools the climate … now for the last few insipid years we have warming … we are 19 years in the current 206 year solar cycle. From here it gets cooler later warmer .. but none of us will be here for that … my suggestion David is to read some books on the subject from people who are not paid by the Satanic Pagan Cult of the democrat party . and as to Fascists there number one philosophy is to honor the soil… you've been had and just can not see it ..

    • Jean says:

      "Its a great pity when people can be blinded by fear, demonize those with different ideas,…" Oh, you must be talking about the democrats and the leftists, aren't you? I mean, your people are the ones who 1) shut down and harass invited speakers with whom you disagree, 2) practice violence (Antifa, anyone) against people peacefully demonstrating, and 3) call for the imposition of speech regulation such as the "Fairness" doctrine. As for "openly advocating violence," back up, bubba. We openly advocate vigorous self-defense. If violence is perpetrated on us, guess what? The perp is met with equal or greater force. That is called "consequences," clearly something that the left has taught its sheeple do not exist.

      As for "advocating isolation," specify what you mean. If you are referring to stanching the flow of illegals across our borders, that is far from isolationism. That is common sense. You might want to look at what is going on in the UK, Germany and France.

      The only hate speech I've heard is from your leftist minions. At least you are now completely transparent about what you are – uncivilized thugs, incapable of living under the rule of law. As you say, what goes around WILL come around – and the body count will include many on your side. Remember, WE"RE the "bitter clingers," and we know how to shoot straight.

    • Stefani Woodams says:

      Thanks for having the moxie to join the debate David. Most Leftists have tantrums or refuse to actually talk about the issues. With more interaction comes better understanding. Be comforted in knowing that no one wants the environment destroyed. Be at peace. Donald Trump is not going to hand anything to China. They have been maneuvering for decades to assume a more powerful role and at least DT is aware of that. Barack O was pretty clueless internationally. I have many lefty family members who have savagely called me every name in the book because I do not agree with their leftist agenda. They do not recognize themselves as being hate filled toward me. They don't even know they are lefty liberal. They just think they are being sensible and caring. Again, thank you for your courage.

    • bosco says:

      Deny a rational discussion with leftist David may sound as intolerance, but there is a clear line between being tolerant and like to waste time. David thinks that even being socialism an experience that goes wrong every time it should be repeated again and again until it works.

    • You profess to be a foreigner. Please remain one, and stay out of our affairs.

  7. John Fallon says:

    What about the radical right? Converting the banking system to a casino where win lose or draw the people pay and their pockets get lined. Industry pollutes for profit and people pay with health. Infrastructure owned by foreigners so we the people will pay them.
    Face it our leaders put $$$s for themselves and party before what is right for the country. They all must GO!

    PS While shooting "innocents" is reprehensible an act like that would bankrupt you or I even with insurance.

  8. Gary Waltrio says:

    Spot on, Robert. I agree that we are in an emergency situation and unusual steps are called for. Those who advocate political violence must be arrested and prosecuted — we need to make examples of some of the perpetrators. Also, we need to take control of the college campuses by legislative force, not persuasion. The campuses have been poisoning the minds of our youth for years, turning them into radicals who hate their own country and capitalism. The far left's monopoly on thought and speech on the college campus must end, as well as the ban on hiring conservative professors. The college campus today is nothing less than a citadel for subversion.

    • Rick G says:

      Arrested and prosecuted? No way! They should be rounded up and put brfore firing squads!

      • R.J. Chiavetta says:

        Absolutely and positively!! A host of radical changes must be made NOW! It has to start with getting rid of the Democratic Party-completely, in toto! Far better to have a one-party state where that part is completely dedicated to conservative-libertarian principles. Long-overdue controls,guidelines and censorship must be imposed on the liberal press and news media, and especially the Education and Entertainment cabals. This whole sick, corrupt, and dysfunctional government-political system must be tossed into the trash can right now and replaced with a strict, conservative-libertarian system with broad, sweeping powers to make the broad sweeping changes that are so desperately needed. On the political spectrum they need to lie somewhere between Genghis Khan and Vlad II, aka The Impaler! They need to conduct a broad, sweeping jihad that will completely cleanse this country of every last vestige of liberalism, democratic socialism, secular humanism, environmentalist wacko-ism, progressivism, and political correctness.

  9. larajf says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the majority of people will wake up & push back against this insanity.

  10. Reality Seeker says:

    The Democratic Progs are so used to winning the information war that they don't yet fully grasp that the info battlefield has dramatically changed since the TwitterFacebookYoutube monster ate up the old-school broadcast and paper MSM.

    Gorilla warriors, like Alex Jones, Mark Dice and Matt Drudge, are kicking ass and taking names. Furthermore, the block chain technology is opening up a whole new internet dimension. A nascent, exciting, cyber, wild west is just coming into existence whereupon a new manner in which information, currency and much socioeconomic interplay shall be built in ways the old generation fails to understand…. It will be a cyber world filled with booms and busts, but with more free markets and less government.

    Yes! Cyber rebels are afoot. A rebel army is being built organically to creatively destroy the obsolete. And in my opinion that's a good thing…. And the only catastrophe that stops this trend is a lights-out doomsday event that pushes mankind into a literal Dark Age…

    Bye, bye MSM! You don't control the narrative anymore. You bobble heads have been taught by the clerisy that "perception is reality". No. It's not. Reality can't be manufactured. And the more you ignore it, the bigger the consequences shall be when the moment of truth arrives….

  11. Mike says:

    I am so grateful for your pull no punches clarity. Frankly, when I think of the future my kids and grandkids face, it's scary. Yet we desperately need that to hear the unvarnished truth. It is our only hope. Thank you.

  12. Rick G says:

    The real America, the Silent Majority, needs to wake up from their somnambulance, smell the coffee, and take aggressive action against these Trotskyites. These loud mouthed noise makers are a vocal minority but the MSM wants you to believe otherwise. They need to be crushed like a bunch of pesty insects.

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      Again, they may spew Marx but they are working from Mein Kampf …

    • Jean says:

      I think they are doing just that. During Obama's reign, gun sales went up dramatically. It's not unusual at all for women to carry nowadays as well. In addition, the left hasn't quite figured out that the majority today isn't like it was in the 1960s. Then, we were all fed the pablum of "we must understand the complaints of the other side." Well, we did, we capitulated and as expected, the issues got worse instead of better because leftist ideology doesn't solve problems. This time around, we're ready to go to war and win. We know from history and experience that our ideas and values ARE better. And we do believe in self-defense, self-preservation and protection of life and property as God-given rights. And you're right, our goal MUST be to DESTROY the left in this country and set an example for the rest of the world.

  13. Chuck says:

    I used to wonder if the country could be pushed into a civil war by the radical left. I now wonder when it will start. Won't the loony left be surprised when they notice how well armed and pissed off their opposition is.

  14. Jana says:

    Well said, as usual.
    I believe there are already laws against this kind of "speech", but they are not enforced against leftists.

  15. Sean says:

    Sorry Mr. Ringer, we have to hold to our principles at all costs. The radical left want's us to violate the principle of "Free Speech" so when they do it for real they will just point to where we abandoned it. I want to see the violent speech on full display so we can see for ourselves who are the actual civilized people. They are purposely pushing us to abandon our principles because when we do, they win.

    • Chuck says:

      I appreciate your sentiment and I too am a staunch supporter of the 1st Amendment but there are limitations. I suggest you use the search engine of your choice and look up [18 US CODE 2101 — Riots, aiding abetting and inciting]. There is a mechanism in place to prosecute those that incite or participate in violence accompanying political demonstrations that devolve into riots. i.e. Berkeley.

  16. Angelo says:

    I see that “David” (whoever he may be) above is upset by your article. He calls it “fascist”. He misses the point [Trump’s presidency is not so much about Donald Trump, the individual, as it is about everyday folks who are fed up with the criminal activity of the ruling class in Washington.]and launches an all-out attack on Donald Trump, who is allegedly “destroying” what this country is all about. But then he cites “hate speeches”, a specialty of the communist-socialist-fascist LEFT, and concerns for the EPA, one of the most wasteful agencies of the federal government, and their regulations, as “factors” contributing to that “destruction”. He goes on about “DT”, confirming that he has completely missed the point, before complaining about the demonization of “free speech”, demonstrating that he has AGAIN missed the point [This is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater, which is not protected free speech.]. “David” then proceeds to equate the real violence perpetrated by the criminal communist-socialist-fascist LEFT to a call for a control of that violence and return to the rule of law […willing to crack down — and I mean really crack down — on political violence.]… which essentially means that “David” JUSTIFIES the criminal violence of the communist-socialist-fascist LEFT.

    Does anyone else see a pattern here? This is OBVIOUSLY a typical disinformation piece. It seeks to distort, deny and re-frame the original message. It uses cheap argumentation and plays on words to create a false impression of what was said. It’s fundamental message is “Everything Ringer says about the communist-socialist-fascist LEFT is WRONG! HE is the fascist! HE is the proponent of violence! HE is no better than the people he wrongly accuses!” In other words, “David’s” comment is a “plant”. It is just another attempt to dilute the truthful and appropriate warning message that Robert Ringer provides by attempting to sow doubt regarding what was said by misstating and distorting the original message.

    It is important to identify these people for what they are.

    They are despicable, pathetic hypocrites who justify the death and destruction preached by the communist-socialist-fascist LEFT, as now personified by the Democratic Party that they control, while attempting “by all available means” (which includes, but is not limited to, lying, distorting, threatening and physically attacking) to completely silence ANY deviation from their “agenda” or “party line”. They represent… no they ARE… America’s NAZIs on the march. Some of them are communists, some of them are socialists, ALL of them are fascists and ALL of them preach violence and destruction as a legitimate method to achieve their means. “David” is calling for the protection of the “right” to scream “Fire!” in a crowded theater. This – for those of you who were not aware of it before – is the face of evil… and the face of those who would destroy what America once represented.

  17. The current demorats remind me of the nazis using violence to disrupt opposition speakers and rallies and the Southern demorat law "enforecement" officers using the KKK to intimidate, coerce and kill blacks. Why isn't the MSM bringing these facts up? It must be because they are in bed together. If true Republicans would stand up and run natiuonal tv ads showing 1960s clips of Southern blacks being firehosed and having attack dogs bite them while peacefully trying to register to vote, then morphing into today's violence against conservatives, the masses would be outraged and demand that the violence be stopped, voting demorats out enmass. In the 1960s after seeing those news stories on tv, the public demanded and got the civil rights acts passed quickly.

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      True, but the KKK was vanquished by making fun of them … we may need to try this to avoid the hot civil war that has been cold but went hot this past week…

  18. RagTagrebel says:

    "given that a violent, left-wing dictatorship is now on the horizon"

    While I have no love for private violence to achieve political goals, and yes I personally wouldn't outlaw any kind of free speech even in emergencies (after all, the state hardly ever relieves its power after an emergency), I still think we're not quiet close to a violent, left-wing dictatorship yet. Each of these incidents seems to leave more and more a bad taste in more voters' mouths, so it's probably going to work against leftists as voters see how vicious the left is becoming. The left has the propaganda machine of the MSM, but it's not enough to stop the internet and the visual violence exposing the left, at least not for now.

  19. Mic says:

    Excellent Post! I love the logic you layout and your points are right on.

    I saw someone post a meme which I thought was interesting. I am generally not a bumper sticker guy, but this made a lot of sense in a short phrase. "Radical Leftist Shoot Conservatives and then Propose to Take Guns Away from Conservatives to Fix the Problem"

  20. Stephan F says:

    The socioeconomic* path we’re on is inescapable, immutable, relentless and unalterable. In other words, for those of you in California, it’s set in concrete. There’s no hope and no going back…we’re absolutely locked in. The economy is on course toward a nuclear detonation (NUDET) whose gamma radiation is going to Irradiate & contaminate everyone. Unfortunately radioactive waste lasts a very long time and we’ll just have to make the best of it while we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. The only question now is how will the rebuilding process proceed? Will it be utter totalitarianism? Laissez Faire capitalism? Or, perhaps something in between when we push the reset button which inexorably leads to a repeat of the same mistakes all over again. I dunno know, you tell me.

    Robert makes many good points here but there’s one salient facet that seems to be left out of the conversation, and it’s this. It’s true the donkeys have played the elephants like the fools they are, but when it comes right down to it the big picture real problem is not just the fools, idiots & zealots who push the buttons & pull the levers of govt power, the real problem is those who put them there. The greedy, immoral, and incredibly ignorant people who comprise the majority of voters are the real & direct cause of our problems. And if that’s is true, shouldn’t we dust off our political correctness and start saying so?

    *Socioeconomics (adj.) the social science that studies how economic activity affects and is shaped by social processes. In general it analyzes how societies progress, stagnate, or regress because of their local or regional economy, or the global economy.

  21. Bkemsta says:

    It is all very, very sick and apalling!!The USA politics has been the number one mass murderer all around the world for many a decade.

    • Jon says:

      USA politics mass murder? How about the 95 million killed by Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et. al.?

  22. Phil says:

    I hope Robert is eating well. His posts always offer silver nuggets of wisdom regarding the sea of excrement that goes by the name of "D.C."

  23. Rocketman says:

    If you want to see where all of this is going to end up then look at what happened in Indianapolis Indiana yesterday. A trucker was driving down I-465 near Emerson Avenue when a white Chevy sedan pulled up next to him and the black male pulled out a pistol and started shooting at the truck driver. Why? Well it might have just been that he took offense at what what flag the truck was flying. A flag that said "Make America Great Again."

  24. Rock Roach says:

    I also think we need a "new" breed of Republicans.I guess the majority of voters don't think a freshman legislator
    (like the one in Wisconsin-with Trump ideals who lost to Ryan) could defeat their democratic oppponents in later runoffs,so they keep voting Rino's in.

  25. Les says:

    Check out Jesse James (Monster Garage et. al.) on Twitter. He's becoming quite the folk hero against the left nonsense.
    (Note: Also, Che wasn't very smart — got suckered by Castro to start "revolution" in Bolivia where he was killed. Castro gave him shortwave radios that didn't work, etc.)

  26. 2bits ♡haircut says:

    If leftist dumbocrats spent a fraction of their time cooperating much more would be accomplished than this tempest in a teapot silly sally behavior

    That and it appears they dont believe in free and fair elections. Sad.

    Quite a bit if silent rebellion last year causing the we know whats best for you loud mouth idiot punk folks, to be acting rather ape shit. No surprise there.

  27. UnderGod says:

    Has anyone started a "We stand with our President" support group? I hear alot about the resistance, the deep state, and the lying liberal media who seem to be organized and viable. Isn't it about time we true Americans organized in growing voice to rise against the swampians? Isn't it time for a chorus of "Enough is Enough!" ???
    NOW is our opportunity, maybe the last for America.

  28. Ivan says:

    It is time for all the vulgar actors, singers, and sick comedians out their who think it's cool to show beheadings, stabbings and blowing up of Trump get there heads examined.

  29. Movin'OnUp says:

    Robert you are STILL the sexiest man alive and this rant proves you still got it!

  30. George says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong Robert, but when I was in school we were taught that far left was communist and far right was fascist. Why do people keep referring to the radical left as fascist? Should they not be called communist? Didn't the fascists appear as a counter force to the communists, hence the great hatred between the two extremes?

  31. ragnar says:

    The right wing and the left wing are wings on the same bird – state coercion. There is really no difference, both sides want to control your life and property. Freedom is not attainable using political action as all politics involve force from the right or the left.

  32. California Attorney says:

    If we start prosecuting people for putting on Shakespearean plays and reporting news that some arbiter thinks is "hateful," then we are no longer America. Are we going to prosecute the thought-crime of supporting Bernie Sanders next?