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Million Dollar Habits by Robert Ringer
Title Million Dollar Habits
Subject Inside this get-tough-with-yourself guide, you’ll find the simple but vital habits that can change your outlook and lead to big results—personally, professionally, and financially.
Description In his trademark, entertaining style, Robert Ringer dispenses with pretentious jargon and offers powerful ideas and strategies that really work. And in doing so, he shatters many cherished, time-wasting myths, including the belief that success is dependent upon one’s being blessed with superior intelligence, special skills, an impeccable formal education, or good luck. In Million Dollar Habits, Ringer explains that the most certain path to high achievement is to develop the same, simple habits that all great achievers practice, habits that anyone with average intelligence and determination can master. Best of all, since these habits can never be taken from you, once you’ve acquired them, you’re in a position to quickly overcome any kind of adversity and start moving again in the right direction.
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