If Kavanaugh Goes Down, Then What?

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Robert Ringer


Surprise, surprise — another successful Democratic stall in the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation process, made possible by yet another Republican el foldo.  Is there anyone with an IQ over 50 who did not know that the Dirty Dems would find a way to once again delay Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and that the usual spineless Republicans would go along with them?

Now, the big question is, what will be the next excuse for a delay?  It could be just about anything, but here’s my best guess at the two most likely excuses:

  1. The FBI will say it needs more time to complete its investigation, in which case we’re right back to Flake, Collins, and Murkowski deciding whether to allow this shameful sham to continue.

or …

  1. No matter what the FBI report says, the Dirty Dems will insist that it has “issues” in it that need further investigation. It might be nothing more than a sentence … or a phrase … or even a word that they can contort to mean something nefarious.  Whatever the excuse, there is zero chance the Dirty Dems will accept the FBI report at face value and move on.

Then, once the Dirty Dems get another delay, they will get everyone’s attention focused on another phony allegation and demand more time for a further investigation.  It’s outrageous, to be sure, but as Harry Reid would say, it works.

But let’s put aside the Christine Ford sideshow for now and focus on the bigger issue, namely, the stark difference between the mindsets of Republicans and Democrats.  It’s a difference that can be summed up simply:  Republicans are always willing to “compromise” (meaning, in practical terms, give in), while Democrats never compromise or give in.

Can you imagine Democrats going along with a postponement of the confirmation of one of their Supreme Court nominees?  They would shame Republicans into complete submission and have Jeff Flake on his knees begging for forgiveness.

The Dirty Dems are evil personified.  There are no rules of engagement for them.  They have no qualms about resorting to criminal behavior — including violence — to get their way.  Republicans are incapable of grasping this reality, which is why they show up on game days wearing lace collars and knickers.  They do not understand that the only way to combat evil is to destroy it.

What I’m getting at here is that no matter how vile you may believe the Dirty Dems to be, their treachery would not be possible without the complicity of RINO Republicans.  To be sure, RINOs manage to come up with a variety of excuses, but, in the end, the result is the same:  The Dirty Dems get their way!

The FBI’s seventh investigation of Brett Kavanaugh is nothing more than a distraction.  The more important issue is why this meaningless investigation is even being conducted?  Answer:  Republican acquiescence.  Plain and simple, there would not be a seventh investigation — and, more important, a further delay in Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation — if Republicans had had the guts to move his confirmation to a vote immediately after his hearings were completed.  Repeat:  immediately.

Had they done so, Kavanaugh’s confirmation would already have been a fait accompli and the Dirty Dems would now be focused on laying the groundwork for his impeachment.  Of course, had Republicans had the courage and principle to get a quick confirmation, the Dirty Dems would have screamed, threatened, and probably even engaged in violence.  Which means they would have acted pretty much the same as they act every day.  That being the case, what’s the point in once again giving them their way?

What Republicans need to do is clean house.  It’s absurd that a pathetic figure like Jeff Flake, who has been overwhelmingly rejected by his own constituents (25 percent approval rating), is in a position to stall (and possibly prevent) a Republican president’s Supreme Court confirmation.

Thankfully, Flake will soon be gone, and the worst of the worst, John McCain, has finally been laid to rest.  But that still leaves RINOs like Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski to aid and abet the Dirty Dems.

Republicans should mount massive campaigns to primary the traitors in their ranks when they run for reelection.  You cannot cavalierly vote people like Flake, Sasse, Murkowski, and Collins into positions of power just because they seem like nice folks.  Nice or not, they do not have conservative values and will always be prepared to side with the enemy when the going gets tough.

If the GOP can’t muster the courage to get rid of the liberals in their own party, then perhaps what is needed is a new national conservative party with a motto of “Take no prisoners” or “Whatever it takes.”  Unlike the Dirty Dems, the current Republican Party does not speak with one voice, and nothing will change until that is corrected.

That being said, allow me to offer a small ray of hope for the future.  Even if the liberals in the Republican Party succeed in defeating Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, and even if the GOP loses the House in November, Republicans can still get a strict constitutionalist judge confirmed if they win the Senate.  Remember, it’s up to the Senate — and the Senate alone — to confirm or reject a Supreme Court nominee.

For example, Trump could nominate Mike Lee or Amy Coney Barrett after the midterms, in which case the Dirty Dems would look back fondly at the good old days when all they had to do was smear a gang-rape leader with a privileged background.  Call me naïve, but I don’t believe the outrageous kind of attacks the Dirty Dems aimed at Brett Kavanaugh would work nearly as well with Lee or Barrett.

The problem the Dirty Dems would have with Mike Lee is that he’s one of them.  That’s right, they are Lee’s “colleagues” in the Senate.  It would be exceedingly uncomfortable for the Radical Left hate mongers to drum up false accusations against one of their own.  Don’t get me wrong.  They would try — they always do — but it would be a much more difficult task for them.

Amy Barrett would be an even bigger problem, for one obvious reason:  She’s a woman!  Just imagine the Dirty Dems attacking a woman judge.  The hypocrisy would be delicious to watch.

Once one of these two potential nominees were in place, the Dirty Dems problems would dramatically increase.  Why?  Because if Trump is overwhelmingly reelected in 2020 (which I believe he will be), he is likely to carry with him a majority in both the House and Senate.

The next blow to the Dirty Dems would then be Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement.  The idea of a 6-3 conservative court would have Democratic jackals howling at the moon.  That’s when they would heed the words of that great American interloper, Butthead Barry, who proudly told his followers, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

That said, in response to the Radical Left’s declaration of violence, my message to Republicans would be:  Evil people cannot be reasoned with and cannot be reformed.  As I said earlier, the only way to combat evil is to destroy it.

How, exactly, would that work?  I don’t know all the details, but a good start toward that end would be to rid the Republican Party of RINOs, win all three branches of government, then, as Germany did with the Nazi Party, start working on legislation to outlaw the Democratic Party.

Sound extreme?  I don’t think so.  After all, why should a political party whose platform is based on hatred and violence be allowed to operate in the United States of America?  Think about it.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

64 responses to “If Kavanaugh Goes Down, Then What?”

  1. Dale says:

    So how do you classify Harry Reid's actions when President Obama's administration had the opportunity to install a Supreme Court Justice?

  2. smucko says:

    Sounds like our casting call is to find courageous, committed Tea Party candidates to run on the Republican ballot who will hold in check a benevolent Dictator.

  3. sixxfingers says:

    The thought of the democrat party being illegal is indeed a nice thought, but if such legislation was enacted, or even considered, it's not likely democrats, especially the most rabid among them, would let it happen without a fight. It would almost certainly cause another civil war.

    It seems to me another civil war IS on the horizon, but it would be far better to let the troublemakers start it.

    • Sherrie says:

      I'm afraid whoever starts "it", the dems will claim it was not them – even if it was. I think that is what Mr. Ringer is saying… you can't fight fair when you are fighting evil, ie. liars. They will twist and turn everything to suit them and a large group of the people will believe them. Honestly, I think the dems want war and they will eventually get it (sad/sigh). They will force a war by forcing everyone else into a corner. When that happens there are only 2 options: flee or fight but you can't stay in that corner constantly trying to defend yourself with reason. I don't want to see it happen. The very thought sickens me. Repubs think they can talk their way out of confrontation and that reasoning works. Trouble is you can't reason with someone intent on fighting and who behaves ignorantly refusing to use no common sense at all. I think you are right. I wish we were both wrong.

    • Tony Lauria says:

      Not "on the horizon" but here already amongst us.

  4. noah300g says:

    Amy is already being accused of belonging to a 'cult' (Catholic Church) who aids and comforts pedofiles.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, you mean like Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polanski??? Oh wait, they were big Clinton donors.

      Other than your own ill informed bigotry, on what do you base your allegation?

      • lee says:

        Donald trump admitted to sexually assaulting women.Brett kavanaugh accused by a woman of trying to rape her. Roy s.moore accused of making sexual overtures to teenagers etc.etc. etc.

  5. Jurgy says:

    Amy Barrett? – how about an uber conservative black woman with a slightly-less-than-girl-scout past? …

  6. ensomulv123 says:

    Have to agree with Ted Rall:

    "My case, like many others, is complicated. It has a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot of case law to consider. As I watched him the other day, I did not see a disciplined logical mind. He jumped around from one concept to another, repeated himself constantly, failed to make points that might’ve helped him and said things that hurt him.

    "I wouldn’t trust him to judge my case. Not because he’s a conservative. I know plenty of conservatives who are logical, fair, and very intelligent. I wouldn’t trust him because I don’t think he’s any of those things, and I think ultimately the U.S. Senate should vote against him for that reason."

    Kavanaugh is a spoiled frat boy who got to where he's at because he belongs to the upper echelons of society.

    • Steven Lidkea says:

      Ted Rall is a leftist. You really think a leftist would say anything at all good about a right-leaning judge? Why do you not be honest and just come right out and say you have Trump Derangement Syndrome?

      • ensomulv123 says:

        I voted for Trump, and if he runs again in 2020, I'll vote for him again. But what you're engaging in is a BS ad hominem attack. Kavanaugh is garbage. Better conservative candidates can be found. This spoiled frat boy deserves a kick in the balls (figuratively speaking) and then oblivion. I doubt Trump has any particular attachment to him either — it's the Repub establishment that is pushing him.

      • lee says:

        A judge should be neutral that left or right leaning.

    • Craig Franklin says:

      Let me expand on the idea of Mike Lee for Supreme Court Justice. As you say, his colleagues know him and enough would vote to confirm. He’s written an excellent book, “Our List Constitution “, which shows how sound he is, he’s a true textual originalist.

      But wait, there’s more! After he’s confirmed, the Republican Governor Of Utah can elevate Representative Mia Love to the Senate, and then fill her House seat with a solid conservative. It’s a triple win! And now one face of the Republican Senate is a sound black woman!

      Chew on that, Democrats!

    • Jean says:

      Kavanaugh may have had a few more advantages than the rest of us, but his record shows that he is a skilled jurist. As a district court judge, many of his opinions SHAPED the decisions of the Supremes. That was why he was selected for the court – they are already using his ideas.

      • lee says:

        Trump want's kavanaugh on the supreme court. Because he wrote that a sitting president should not be charged with a crime while he is president.trump wants him there so that he can pardon him when his case comes before the supreme court. As for kavanaugh sitting on the supreme court.a former republican supreme justice sat kavanaugh is not fit to sit on the court because he's to partisan.others say he liks beer so much and he's very emotional and out of control.as mr. Robert ringer says if your out of control your a danger to yourself and others.concerning bill clinton and Jeffrey Epstein as being friends.so is bill clinton and donald trump friends.it was bill clinton who told donald trump to run one week before he announced he was running.thinking that he would bring chaos to Republican party and allowing Hillary clinton to win.but putin interfered .concerning my achievements and failures they are irrelevant.if we truly want to be free we must know truth and reality.

        • Jean says:

          The justice who stated that was John Paul Stevens, who was an abortion advocate from the get go. And make no mistake, that's really what this is all about.

          Your failures are totally relevant to your POV. The class envy just oozes out of you, and you really seem to believe that the left gives a hoot about your welfare.

          That's correct – Trump did associate with the Clintons. Hillary was a New York congressperson and Trump did business in the state of New York. Like Don Corleone said in The Godfather, "It's business." As to Trump hanging with Jeffrey Epstein, "may" is very different than "does." He kicked Epstein out of Mara Lago country club specifically because he was bringing what looked like underaged girls around. That's not the mark of a pedo. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, flew the Lolita Express to one of Epstein's hangouts that was beyond the reach of US law enforcement. Hand – meet cookie jar.

          I would match a 30 year record on the court with anything offered by a leftist at any time. What of Ford's "achievements"? Let's dig into her background, if you want to know "truth". I'd love to audit her financials and do some research into her work relationships. I can bet that in the coming weeks, we'll find out a lot more about her character and her veracity. It's very telling that her parents wanted NOTHING to do with this mess that she created and did not support her at all. Even Jeffrey Dahmer's father showed up in court every day when he was arrested as a serial killer. Her parents know the truth about her and her allegations. Their behavior spoke louder than any politician's stump speech here.

          Truth and reality can only be processed correctly when you have insight into your own bigotry and limitations. You might want to look really hard in the mirror. Or call your favorite psychic. Either way, you'll be better educated than you are right now.

          • lee says:

            What this is all about is that trump wants kavanaugh on the supreme court so that he can pardon him when his case comes before the supreme court.the left nor the right give a hoot about anybody's welfare.the are looking out for number one. Themselves.trump did associate with the clintons.as as you say trump like don corleone the mafia godfather did business. With them.one week before trump announced he was running for president he and bill clinton met.when Obama made fun at him.trump decided to run. They made an agreement. Bill told him to say the election was rigged so that when he lost he would still have his supporters with him.that is why trump says it was an election that the democrats should have won.but putin had a better deal.he would help him win.in return he would forgive his loans. If trump with lift the senctions against him.and do other things he wanted.the reason Ford's parents did not want anything to do with the mess.was that they knew that trump a.k.a. don corleone and his henchmen would come after them.

          • Jean says:

            That's quite a piece of fiction you've put together, Lee. I have to say, you might have a career in fiction writing, except there are still too many loose ends in what passes for thinking on your part. Even fiction has a basis in fact. Your delusions have gotten the best of you, as is evidenced in the diminishing coherence of any of your posts.

            First, what "case" are you referring to? Mueller still hasn't found any evidence that Trump and Putin "colluded" to throw the election, nor that there was any interference that altered the outcome of the election. So far, Mueller has been spending more time in the DC bars drowning his sorrows than he has "investigating" anything. So, no evidence, no case.

            Second, if Putin was relying on Trump to lift sanctions and help Russia out financially, he's been pretty disappointed, hasn't he? The current energy policy has reduced Russia's cash flow from it's oil sales to China significantly. The tariffs on Chinese goods is further reducing China's need for exported oil. Oooops…… big miscalulation on that point, eh? So, evidence (facts…..data……reality) doesn't support your premise at all.

            Third, wasn't it the mainstream press and all of the gurus who predicted with certitude that Hillary had a lock on the election? When Trump talked about a rigged system, he was talking about the incestuous relationships in Washington. You clearly don't get the whole "swamp" idea.

            Fourth, if Ford's parents were so worried about Trump's "henchmen" coming after them, what about the other folks who were front and center supporting her? They don't seem to believe PDJT has "henchmen" at all. And what evidence do you have to support this idea? None whatsoever. There is, however, evidence that Ford's parents didn't support her because they knew for a fact Holton Arms was a party school for the elites. This is why Ford's yearbooks were scrubbed from the 'net as well; what was in them was a snapshot of teen girls doing a lot of drinking and proudly being promiscuous. So they know exactly what she was and still is. In fact, this is a quote from her father to a friendly (WaPo) media outlet: "Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey Jr., offered a brief endorsement of his daughter. “I think all of the Blasey family would support her. " Very cold and terse, not a ringing endorsement at all, and certainly not the words of a father concerned that his daughter is being wronged in any way.

            So Lee, continue to partake in your hallucinogenic drugs. They'll keep you sedated and under control until after the November midterms, when you'll need to amplify your dosage. Or make plans to move to Mexico or Venezuela.

  7. larajf says:

    I disagree that the Leftists would have difficulties with Barrett because she's a woman. Look how they tore into Sarah Palin with no hesitation.

    That was a funny time with my Leftists female friends. I asked them why they weren't supporting the male candidate over the female one. Usual bluster. And then I said "So you don't support ALL women succeeding." Heads exploded.

    • Jean says:

      I know that you support all women in their success. That's why Kamala "Cha-Ching" Harris is in office. She's one of the only politicians that also lives up to the saying that politicians are nothing more than prostitutes. She got her promotions due to her bedroom skills and affiliation with the criminal thug of California, Willie Brown.

      I'm sure you support her success! And you probably wish that she would share a little of her wealth with you, eh? Sorry – you don't pay enough for those favors.

      • lee says:

        You maker her sound like a skillfull woman.maybe i can get a loan from robert ringer.out of his 90 million dollars piggy bank.at least i like women.not like donald trump that's in love with a korean dictator. But sarah palin!

  8. Frank C says:

    Robert, The GLARING double-standards and hypocrisy of the Dems are never-ending. With their control of the media, and the people behind the curtains that pull the "strings of true power" the real question is "can the swamp be drained? Three factors from history: 1) The American Dream (and the economy) was sold out in by President Wilson in 1912 with The Federal Reserve Act. 2) A big lie is a propaganda technique. Adolf Hitler coined the expression, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously". The media bias is so far to the left they are choking on their own lies. YET, many people, not just young ones, truly believe Democrats and socialism are good. I have pointed out under Mr. Obama, the Federal Debt doubled, money printing increased radically. Health Care cost went way up. Student loans dramatically increased with little hope of ever getting paid back. Labor Force Participation dropped radically. Workers share of the economy sank to new lows in our lifetime. Median family income dropped, as did home ownership. I just use facts and figures. (I have all of them if you care to see them.) One more, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has complained about a “tsunami” of new taxes and regulations under Obama since 2010. By April 15, 2014, Obama had proposed 442 TAX HIKES since taking office. I hope to live long enough to see this insanity turned around. Robert, thank you for your wonderful insights, essays, and commentary, and your great books.

  9. Robert Diamond says:

    I am not in agreement on outlawing the democrats – it would create as many problems as that would solve. They can be effectively "outlawed" at the ballot box. How? Point out their terrible behavior, hypocrisy and cruelty. Put conservative ideas out into the conversation and point out how much better those ideas have performed in history and insisting that "compromise" be a give and take on BOTH sides.

    Part of this has to be forcing Silicon Valley powerhouses to treat conservative and liberal ideas neutrally. Their platforms are too big and powerful to allow them to discriminate. And think about breaking them up as they become too powerful and too influential through virtual monopolies.

    Democrats biggest weakness is their hypocrisy shown by their double standards and behaving exactly as they accuse others of being. For example being intolerant of ideas and people who are not democrats and labelling non-democrats in the most vile ways possible.

    • Tony Lauria says:

      Robert, you can "Point out their terrible behavior, hypocrisy and cruelty" all you want but by doing so you would be rational and against emotion reason is impotent. The emotional actor won't even listen to what you're reasons are. It is a waste of time. Ringer is right. Somethings just have to be destroyed.

    • lee says:

      What's your definition of conservative ideas? Robert ringer wrote in looking out for number one.don't join any group or movement.because you will be wasting your time.they all have different ideas of what it is they want to accomplish.

  10. notpropagandized says:

    Outlawing communism socialism is overdue. Dimocrats wide-eyed, salivating embrace of it is erotically abusing, figuratively speaking, socialism communism revealed by their uncontrolled sexual religious appetite therefor.

  11. Rocketman says:

    I think that the Dems have overplayed their hand. When the accusations of Kavanaugh lining up girls so that his buddies could gang rape them was made public that was just so far over the top, no one in their right mind would believe it. I think in early November after the vote the Democrat party is going to look a lot like a donkey that stayed on the railroad tracks and a locomotive hit it. They're going to get absolutely creamed and rightfully so.

  12. Femma says:

    I hope you get raped. How dare you actually think that this is a political ploy. It’s bad enough that there’s a foul mouth president with 2 ex wives and various allegations of infidelity and sexual misconduct on his record. I’m not surprised this has happened. But to have The women in America put up with such shame and degradation and an educated woman take the stand to fight for what she believes in and you put it across as just a polical ploy. The whole world is watching your shame and you will pay for your gender inequality sooner than you think. Shame on you. May you burn in hell!

    • Jean says:

      So Femma, you don't believe this has anything to do with politics? Then why, if Feinstein actually believed Ford's story in July, did she not turn that information over to the FBI and steer their investigation then? It's obvious that she knew this was BS. In addition, Ford has changed her story six times, changing the year of this alleged incident, the number of people involved and the names of those who were supposed to be present. Her testimony was not very compelling. Finally, if you actually believe Ford was a victim, then you should be doubly angry at Feinstein for leaking her identity AND her letter to the Washington Post. Ford had asked for confidentiality, and she attests that only she, Feinstein and her attorney had access to her letter. The only person who benefited from leaking that letter was Feinstein. Gee, with advocates like that in Congress, who needs enemies??

      You are pretty typical of the shrieking, hysterical female who is an embarrassment to the rest of us!! Get a clue, honey, and if you are a "victim" of "gender inequality", you might want to look at what value you have to offer. It's probably marginal, and you are getting exactly what you're worth.

      Anyone who hires a person like you HAS been raped – by affirmative action quotas that demand that the least competent among you are hired, or by a welfare system that rewards those women who should never breed to keep popping out kids who ultimately are wards of society. Useful idiot is the perfect description for you, so embrace it.

      • Jean says:

        I have more discretion and better sense than to be alone with any male. Yes, I take full responsibility for my actions and behavior – and I don't run around with "four boys" when I'm drunk.

        You also realize that Ford's initial story (she's changed it several times since this) was that Mark Judge was her conquering hero – he "jumped in" and wrestled Kavanaugh off her. Of those involved, he would have zero reason to refute her story, yet he did. Amazing, isn't it, that now the focus is on the fact that Kavanaugh drank beer in high school.

        And lee, I would strongly suggest that YOU never – ever – be alone in any venue with anyone, male or female. It will come back to bite you one way or another.

        • Jean says:

          I didn't say it – Ford said it in the first iteration of her story. She stuck with it too, until Judge stated that the incident never happened. Then, Ford changed her story. As she's done 6 times. But, you can believe her. Just like you do your girlfriend when she tells you that those text messages she's getting don't amount to anything, and that he's just a friend.

          • lee says:

            I saw her testimony.and a former republican justice of the supreme court believes her.as well as several republican senators believe her.even Donald trump said she seemed like a very fine credible woman.and he's an expert on this matters.

          • Jean says:

            So, you saw her testimony. Big effin' deal – your judgment (based on your other comments) isn't something that I would put 100% of my faith in. I'm betting that the results of many of your judgement calls has been less than spectacular – that's why you have such an issue with achievers. You can't handle what you see in the mirror, so you have to blame everyone else for your failures.

            I saw – and analyzed – her testimony. It stunk, and very little of it passed the smell test for truthfulness. I guess you didn't catch the question about her ever coaching someone on how to pass a polygraph, did you? Ford's answer was "Never" – the facts (evidence) shows otherwise. Not only was how to game a polygraph test the topic of one of her research papers, but she did in fact coach one of her "beach friends" – also an FBI agent – on this very matter. So, Ford committed de facto perjury on the stand, at least one time.

            In addition, after 6 FBI investigations prior to entering the Senate inquisition process, the FBI conducted their 7th investigation specifically regarding these allegations and any other evidence that Kavanaugh is 1) a falling down out of control drunk, like Teddy Bare and the other Kennedy brothers, and 2) that he is an out of control sex maniac, like Teddy and the other Kennedy brothers. There was no – zero – nada – evidence to back up either of these. So nothing corroborated any of the dirt thrown at Kavanaugh. This in itself is telling, as any serial rapist or sexual harasser tends to be a repeat offender whose behavior escalates over time. Just look at the way Bill Clinton has evolved – he started out watching his mother sleep with anything, modeled that behavior in his own life, and now is the best friend and travel companion of known pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

            So, you must believe that the FBI is totally incompetent if you still believe the allegations must be true, because Christine Ford said they were. In which case, then you also must believe that Comey's conclusion that those deleted 30,000 e-mails of Hillary Clinton's SHOULD be turned over to a special prosecutor, because in Comey's conclusion (FBI incompetent, remember) "No reasonable prosecutor would take this case." Why trust the word of the head of an incompetent bureau on anything??

            Most people watching Ford's performance accept that she is damaged goods. What most thinking people don't agree with is that Brett Kavanaugh had anything to do with it. The evidence – or in this case, lack thereof – tends to support that conclusion. All of your magical thinking won't change that.

          • lee says:

            You do know that bill clinton and donald trump are friends.and they may travel together with jeffrey epstein it was bill clinton that told donald trump to run one week before trump announced he was running.thinking that he would bring chaos to the Republican party and that would allow hillary clinton to win.as to kavanaugh the reason a former republican supreme court justice says he is not fit to serve is that he is very partisan. Others say that he likes beer so much and is very emotional and out of control.and as mr. Robert ringer would say if your out of contro your a danger to yourself and others.

          • lee says:

            Dear jean.and mr.robert ringer.my achievements and failures are irrelevant.if we truly want to be free we must know truth and reality.

          • lee says:

            A former republican supreme court justice believes her several republican senators believe her.Evan donald trump said she seemed a very fine credible woman.and he's an expert on this matters.

    • lee says:

      Forgive them for they know not what they say.

  13. John Van Epps says:

    I think many are missing the point entirely – in most states, if one has a juvenile record, it's expunged at the age of majority. According to the 'victim', this happened when both she and Kavanaugh were underage – and If we were to go back to nearly anyone's youth, I'm sure we could find some evidence of bad behavior; perhaps even criminal activity. But 'youth' does not define 'adulthood' – people (well some, at least) mature and change. If the Dems want to make these allegations, perhaps it's time we go back to the childhoods of all Senators and Representatives, to see who among them is truly virtuous. Any who don't pass that test should be summarily fired. My bet is a lot of Kavanaugh's accusers would be out of work. It works both ways, folks. I think Ayn Rand said it well – judge, and be prepared to be judged. Let's do it…

  14. Rick G. says:

    All the Dirty Dems are is a bunch of psychotic, maniacal gang of bullies who have lost their minds. No matter what the outcome is from all of this, they will not be satisified until the results of the 2016 presidential election are nullied and overturned, and President Trump is impeached and removed from office. They are already talking impeachment of Kavanaugh if he is confirmed. Right now their goal is to delay the confirmation process indefinitely until after the November midterms when, they believe, the Dirty Dems take control of the Senate whereby any Trump appointee will have zero chance of ever being confirmed.

    As I have stated on here months earlier, the difference between the two major parties is Tweedledee and Tweedledum. RJR has referred to them in the past in Restoring the American Dream as Demopublicans. I call them Republicrats. Same thing! There is not a dime's worth of difference between them. Sounds too like the late Governor George Wallace of Alabama, doesn't it? So be it! Which is why once Trump is out of office, I am seriously (very seriously) looking at ditching the Republican party and joining the Constitution Party.

    • ensomulv123 says:

      Agreed and Governor Wallace was bang on target. Calling the Dems "left wing" has the rest of the world wetting itself laughing. I object to Kavanaugh (I think he's mediocre and incompetent) but note that the Dems are making no such objection — they're trying to crucify him for a youthful indiscretion. I rather like the analysis presented by wsws.org:

    • lee says:

      The Democratic party Republican party and constitution party are all the same.they are all being supported by big corporations to do their bidding.

  15. RealitySeeker says:

    Excellent article. But I'd like to add a thing or two.

    Never in my lifetime have I seen such a one-man wrecking crew as Trump. Just look at some of his recent news conferences and see a man who loves to crack skulls. He actually LOVES doing it! He draws energy from conflict. Trump even looks younger than when he first took office. He's super high energy. When does Trump ever sleep? Never have I seen a man so suited for being president at a time like this as DT.

    Moreover, never have I seen my people (white people) so willing to actually get up off of their fat asses and participate. Just take a look the video of all the people lined up to get into last night's MAGA rally. I never thought I'd live to see the day! President Trump actually has the chance to change lead millions of Republicans to change the course of history. One man: Trump.

    My number one suggestion to anybody who cares about America is to get up off of your ass and DO SOMETHING!

    RJR said it best: " nothing gets done without action". So take action and support a once in a lifetime President. You'll never get another Donald Trump. And this may be the last chance to prevent a total and complete collapse of Western Civilization.

    Just look at all of these people waiting in line to get into last night's MAGA rally! Amazing!

    • lee says:

      Western civilization will collapse. But don't worry trump and his republican oligarchs will survive with all the money they have stolen from us.

  16. DOL says:


    • lee says:

      If trump is serious about building the wall.and sense he doesn't pay taxes.with the savings he should come up with the money to build the wall.and help achieve the American dream for many undocumented immigrants.

  17. whodat says:

    What comes after a failed nomination?

    Some folks say that a civil war is possible. There won't be a civil war unless people are willing to do something besides talk.

    First you vote the bums out. If that doesn't work, then you can talk about war, and maybe somebody will take you seriously. Unless you are willing to vote, you cannot be serious about toting a weapon.

    All of this is for show. Nobody is serious about anything in this country.

    So what happens? Probably not a doggone thing.

    • lee says:

      As long as putin,trump and the corporations control everything.their is not a doggone thing we can do.

  18. Scott theczech says:

    War is a terrible thing! Wars are fought in many ways: economically and socially well before war becomes a "shooting" thing. The War Between the States began with lawsuits between the states and the federal government, some of which made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. It was after several rulings, formal secession and physical altercations in the Congress that the first shots were fired. I'd say we're now somewhere between lawsuits and petitions to secede.

  19. Ivan says:

    If he gets confirmed, will he get impeached. With midterm elections around the corner, who knows who controls the congress and if they'll have grounds to impeach. He seems to be in a catch 22 situation.

  20. lee says:

    Sad but true.the great american empire is on its way to complete collapse.just like the empires that existed before it.

  21. lee says:

    Mr.robert ringer thank you for the books you have written.they have been of immense help to me through out the years. Thanks again.

  22. Charles N. Steele says:

    Now that we have Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (that's a pleasure to write!) the Dems are in real trouble. They can only ratchet up the hate, which *won't* win them elections, I don't think. It will drive away more people than it attracts.

    If I'm mistaken and they do win, they'll be emboldened, and they've gone so crazy they'll sek vengeance and force the rest of us into self-defense. I don't see them faring well in that.

    They have lost their composure, equanimity, and with it their reason. I don't think that's a formula for being successful, and I think they are on the road to failure. A much more important determinant of the future is whether their opponents — normal people who just want to live our lives in freedom — remain sane.

  23. JOE C says:

    I'm from Canada. I've NEVER seen such evil by a party to smear a good man's name. The Democrats are nothing but PURE EVIL! I agree 100% with what you said, "the only way to combat evil is to destroy it." Yes, that's the only way to do it!

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  25. lee says:

    Come on ringer i thought you were for reality and truth.okay okay i know your looking out for number one and you do what you do. I hope you don't go bankrupt never again.