Lessons from an Attempted Lynching

Posted on October 9, 2018 by Robert Ringer


At the risk of being politically incorrect, I have to take issue with the views that most people had of two women in the attempted lynching of Brett Kavanaugh.  Not because they’re women, but because they played such key roles in how things turned out.

First is Susan Collins, whom many, including Sean Hannity, labeled nothing less than a hero.  He and many Republican senators were effusive in their praise of Collins, with Hannity going so far as to say that her speech was the best he had ever heard on the senate floor.

While her delivery left a lot to be desired, there’s no question that Collins did an excellent job in laying out the case for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Much to the Dirty Dems’ dismay, she methodically spelled out precisely what had taken place in the senate’s lynch-mob atmosphere, and for that she deserves credit.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing Collins said that you and I — or anyone else who followed the confirmation proceedings even casually — didn’t already know.  It’s not like she uncovered new, exculpatory evidence.

Which raised the question in my mind, why would Collins take it upon herself to pontificate on the well-known facts of the case at a time when everyone just wanted to know how she was going to vote?  The cynical side of me says that it was a matter of ego and a morally superior mind-set that is all too common in the nation’s capital.

I say ego, because Collins apparently believed her vote was so important that she felt compelled to give a one-hour speech when everyone in the country just wanted to get to the bottom line.  I would have been far more impressed had she gone on record a couple weeks earlier and stated that she intended to vote for Kavanaugh — just like 48 other Republican senators did.

So, no, Susan Collins should not be deified for lagging behind her Republican colleagues.  If Republicans believe her vote on Kavanaugh is a harbinger of how she will vote in the future, they are setting themselves up for a big disappointment.  Why?  Because Collins is a progressive — radically and emotionally attached to Roe v Wade — who cannot be counted on to support the Trump/Republican agenda.

The other woman whom I believe has been treated far too kindly by Republicans is none other than Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  I admit that immediately following her testimony, I was swept up by the prevailing wisdom that Ford was “amazingly credible.”

That, of course, was before any of the facts were known.  But once the discrepancies began pouring in, and all of her witnesses contradicted her account of the alleged Kavanaugh assault, I allowed my own feelings to surface.

Without even getting into the massive discrepancies in Ford’s story, three things hit me in her testimony right off the bat.  First was the caricature she portrayed — her stuttering, squeaky voice, her snickering answers, and her mousy facial expressions.  All seemed intended to make her appear to be a frightened, helpless woman.

Second was her affected overuse of the word hippocampus, a part of the brain that few people know much, if anything, about.  She sprinkled her testimony with several other words exclusive to the professions of medicine and psychology, so much so that I found myself mentally rolling my eyes — as in, “spare me.”

On the one hand she was playing the role of a vulnerable, frightened victim, while at the same time trying hard to talk above the average person’s head.  Speaking for myself, I’ve always mistrusted affectation and pretense.

Finally — and this one is sure to get me a lot of negative feedback — was the fact that she and her husband have been involved in “group marital therapy sessions.”  I realize that many people — probably some who are reading this article — have engaged in marital therapy sessions, but group marital therapy sessions?

I can’t grasp why anyone would want to share her marital problems with a group of strangers?  It smacks of someone who is, for lack of a more gentle way of putting it, a bit screwed up.  The Kavanaugh case aside, attending group marital therapy sessions is, at a minimum, a sign of some deep-rooted emotional problems.

But it got worse.  As things unfolded, I became more and more convinced that Christine Ford was just another left-wing activist.  “Amazingly credible?”  Based on the refutations of all of her so-called witnesses, I would say that she has no credibility at all.  The evidence is now clear that Ford repeatedly lied to the Judiciary Committee, and if the Dirty Dems succeed in getting the FBI report released, they may just regret it.

It will forever annoy me that the Judiciary Committee treated Ford as though she were a piece of fine China, while Kavanaugh was treated like … well … a rapist!  Unfortunately, he fell right into the Dirty Dems trap and lost his cool.  “Aha, gotcha!  He lacks the temperament to be a Supreme Court justice.”

In this regard, Kavanaugh made a huge mistake when he appeared to grovel in his Wall Street Journal editorial.  Saul Alinsky taught his left-wing radical students to never apologize, never show weakness, never back down — and always stay on offense.  Rather than celebrating, Republicans need to focus on remaining aggressive and never engaging in the hopeless and naïve task of trying to appease the enemy.

Now that this shameful episode in American jurisprudence history is over — at least for the moment, that is — my concern is that, based on his Wall Street Journal editorial, Justice  Kavanaugh may at times make the age-old Republican mistake of trying too hard to convince Dirty Dems that he is “fair minded.”

In this regard, I winced when he told Susan Collins that Roe v Wade is “settled law.”  News flash:  There is no such thing as settled law!  Just because a liberal activist court made a ruling years ago that is unconstitutional doesn’t mean that new Supreme Court justices are obliged to let it stand.  If precedent automatically rules the day, why bother to appoint new justices?

One final thought:  Schumer and his Dirty Dem partners in crime, now more hysterical than ever as they see their judicial legislative power slipping away, have been babbling a lot about the need for a “balanced court.”  Woe unto Republicans if they buy into this canard.

The Supreme Court was never intended to be “balanced.”  A Supreme Court justice has only one job:  Defend and uphold the original intent of the Constitution — period.  If politicians really cared about the Constitution, every Supreme Court justice would be a strict constitutionalist.

Republicans had better keep this in mind as the Dirty Dems become ever more desperate to mold the court into a legislative body that caters to its every demand.  There is an endless supply of Kagans, Sotomayors, and Ginsburgs waiting to be tapped, and the job of voters November 6 and beyond is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

77 responses to “Lessons from an Attempted Lynching”

  1. Kerry says:

    No worries about Trump trusting Collins or anyone else. We’ve learned after two years he makes friends with enemies and complements them routinely. I suppose he trusts Kim Jong-un or Xi Jinping?

    Also, Kavanaugh is only human, and although he would never admit it, he will always have a more sympathetic slant to the right after enduring the tactics the Dems have used against him. Now the Dems have abused two members of the court, as Clarence Thomas will also never forget the Dems lack of fairness. Is it wise to humiliate a man and his entire family, knowing the odds are high he will pass judgement on your party for years to come?

    • IHeartDagny says:

      Trump is making deals with all other countries, even our enemies, to our advantage and allows them to save "face". A small part of his genius.

      I agree that, while Kavanaugh will be as judicious as he is able, his life was changed by the Democrats. That HAS TO color his opinions in the future. Not necessarily a bad thing. The Democrats ARE radicalized and evil. There's no getting around it.

  2. Jim D says:

    An excellent article!

    I think that what Collins was trying to do in her "consent" speech was two-fold:
    1. To model for all, but esp. the Dems & anti-Trumpers what was the Advise & Consent role of the senate. President has "broad latitude in choosing a nominee" and senate has A&C role based upon the nominee's QUALIFICATIONS. Not their political ideology; not the court's "balance", etc. Collins then expounded on Kavanaugh's extensive judicial quals.

    2. To explain that while sexual assault is a serious crime, and accusers need to be heard, we STILL live in a country of laws, with Due Process and innocent until proven guilty.

    I think in both regards, she scored a grand slam!

  3. TheLookOut says:

    Thanks RJR for another insightful article. If the Republicans don't adhere
    to common knowledge: that the lefties/Dems will Never give up their
    communistic goal(s) no matter how much appeasement they serve up,
    then they truly are the party of stupid.

  4. Jim D says:

    (just to add)

    Of course the Ctl+Left lost no time in labeling Collins a "Rape Apologist". Which just shows that

    1. They didn't listen to Collins' speech. And why would they; they already "knew" the right answer
    2. They CONTINUE to double (triple) down on character assignation shouting down ANYONE who might have a slightly differing perspective – so much for diversity
    3. This is how they will "rule" if given power

    Vote accordingly in November

    • lee says:

      The collapse of the American empire is near. That is why trump and his republican oligarchs are hurrying to get as much as they can before the complete collapse.just like our physical death is inevitable and we can do nothing about it. So is the collapse of empires.mr.ringer knows about this collapse he has been writing about it since the 1970s. Tha reason i sat vote democratic is that that will delay the collapse for a while.

  5. sixxfingers says:

    My problem with brett kavanaugh has nothing to do with his high school and college escapades. I don't believe he did any of the things he was accused of. It has everything to do with his involvement in the Vince Foster murder.

    kavanaugh was convinced from the very beginning that Foster committed suicide and approached the investigation to prove that theory rather than to find out what really happened. Couple that with the fact that the first people to see his body, one of whom was an EMT, all said the gunshot wound was nearer the back of his neck and NOT in his mouth as (conveniently) reported, and now you've got a credibility issue.

    But kavanaugh was the bureaucrat who prematurely signed off on the suicide scenario which leads me to believe that he is either 1) a clinton ally, 2) a victim of clinton intimidation, or 3) an idiot, irregardless of his education and experience.

    As a libertarian for nearly five decades I'm naturally distrusting of anyone who isn't, even conservatives. I hope I'm wrong but I suspect kavanaugh is just another Deep Stater whose first loyalty is to government control rather than citizen freedom. Remember, we thought john roberts was conservative but he proved his government allegiance when he single handedly saved that travesty known as obamacare.

    • Ivan says:

      The problem with sex accusations is that it distracts us from looking at the rest of a person’s record whether good or bad.

  6. Rip Read says:

    For over 40 years I have appreciated the clarity of thought…coupled with direct hard hitting perspective that Robert Ringer has shared with me… and the world. Enough said! If you speak with Mr. Ringer…please tell him.

  7. IHeartDagny says:

    Robert, you and I, I believe, are of an age where Civics was still HONESTLY taught in school from elementary through high school. Susan Collins' speech, while I don't agree with many of her personal viewpoints, was SORELY needed. The Democrats and their Union cronies have had control of our NATIONAL education system for DECADES and knowledge of how our government works and what EVERY PERSON'S rights ARE and are NOT, were WAY down the list of priorities under grievance ideology and America HATE. Every time someone on the national stage EDUCATES the poor slobs who were run through the Democrat "education" mill, is a VERY good thing.

    As a woman, I saw right through Ford's baby talk affectations and KNEW she was a liar. I would dearly love to see one of Ford's students post a video online of one of her lectures. You can bet her manner of speaking will be NORMAL and as ADULT-like as any leftist can manage. However, with the thinness of her accusations AND the USUAL timing from the Democrats, I also KNEW that there was NO REASON to give any credence to the allegations FROM THE BEGINNING.

    As POTUS says, "The Democrat Party is the Party of Crime". Long known, now FINALLY being Acknowledged. Just waiting for the hammer to drop at last.

  8. Stephan F says:

    I’d like to know just one thing. Do you suppose any secret deals or high-end perks were promised to Susan Margaret Collins and Joseph Manchin III by the GOP hierarchy for their “pro” votes?

    One absolute thing you can take away from this disgusting & lurid affair is that there had to be some serious payoffs made behind the scenes. It’s not often that a politician finds himself in the position of casting the deciding vote, and certainly no modern day politician worth his salt would ever make that vote based solely on moral values and what’s best for the country. No, you can be sure there were deals cut, promises made and god knows what else.

    No doubt Manchin’s upcoming reelection bid had something to do with his decision since he’s a blue dog democrat running in a ruby red state. But surely it couldn’t hurt him to ask, “hey, what can you guys on the other side do to sweeten the pot for my vote?”

    In Collins’ case, she’s not up for reelection until 2020 so voting against her hard-core feminist constituency will soon be forgotten in two years. She therefore was in a safe position to ask the GOP for the same deal as Manchin. Gee, aren’t these political games interesting?

    But perhaps the most disgusting, mind-numbing, and outrageous single event that occurred during this whole seedy affair was watching the ceremony of Lindsey Graham being knighted into sainthood. The only time I’ve ever agreed with this lowlife’s comments made on the senate floor, and it turns him into a bigger hero than John Glenn. Please, pass me the Pepto-Bismol.

    • patg2 says:

      Lots of allegations, no substance. I don't believe your scenario for one instant. Any more than I believed Ford from the moment she showed up on the scene.

      • patg2 says:

        Here is what I want you to do. Stop harassing us with a gazillion inane comments BEFORE Robert Ringer feels a need to start approving comments to keep you from harassing us with a gazillion inane comments.

        • lee says:

          Iam sorry you feel iam harassing you.i would never do that. That is not my intention.i sincerely apologize. I promise i will never comment on your comments again. Please accept my apology. thank you.

          • patg2 says:

            Apology accepted. You're welcome. I don't mind comments of substance, even if we disagree. It's just this constant barrage of mindless nonsense that gets to me.

  9. Lon Parsons says:

    I agree with Sixxfingers comments, I too believe Vince Foster's death was a Murder..! Well covered up by the Clinton's.. and if Kavanaugh signed off.. while nI have high hope for ANY sign of conservatism on the court to "balance" against the like of the old fossil ginsberg & Sotmayer, etc.. He is very probably as sixxfingers described merely a government lackey.. who wil folow the crowd..
    And so much for John Wayne toughness.. I'm sure a lot of other menh cringed when they saw him break down and cry even with frustration when on the stand.. Not like my grandfather or my dad… Somebody coached him wrong on being "Sensitive."..

    • lee says:

      Iam sure trump cringed when he saw that.because he hates cry babies and drunks.but he needed kavanaugh on the supreme court so that he would vote for him.when his cases come before the supreme court.

  10. Bill says:

    When Dr. Ford was asked by one Democrat what her most horrible memory was of the incident she said, "the laughter, the laughter, they both laughed at my expense". When asker the identical question by another Democrat she put her hand over her mouth and said, "He covered my mouth. I thought he was going to rape me." Two different answers to the same question indicates a flawed memory.

    • Jean says:

      And it wasn't just the "flawed memory" here. What wasn't widely reported was that there is no statute of limitations for rape, attempted rape or sexual assault in the state of Maryland, where this allegedly occurred. The local police offered Ford the opportunity to file a complaint; they would follow up with an investigation, including interviewing those witnesses Ford named as well as any parents of the witnesses, classmates, teachers who may still be around, etc. Ford did not take them up on the request.

      In addition, a very friendly media outlet (The Washington Post) called her father to get his opinion / response / reaction. Most parents who believe their kid would have been somewhat dismayed by the whole circus and would state categorically that they believed their daughter, etc. Ford' father gave a very lame answer "I think that the Blasey family would support Christine, and her record speaks for itself." He then went on to cite the fact that she graduated college, has a Ph D and is a professor, as though that was reason enough to believe her story. But he did NOT say that he believed her, he did NOT say that he supported what she was doing and he did NOT say that he or any other family member had ANY suspicion that this ever happened. He did add as an afterthought, "What father doesn't love his daughter?" Not a declarative sentence, i.e. "I love my daughter.." but a question. Perhaps he wanted the WaPo reporter to answer that and then write it into the story as a fact.

      • lee says:

        Dr.ford and her family did not want to file a complaint.because she and her family had received death treaths.they know it is very dangerous to oppose trump and his friends putin and the prince of saudi Arabia.

    • lee says:

      Dr.ford said kavanaugh tried to take her clothes off.but she had a full bathing suit under her clothes and he was so drunk that he could not take her clothes off.that he placed his hand over her mouth.and that kavanaugh and judge laughed at her.

  11. larajf says:

    I'm glad the Leftists pushed this too far. It once again shows their true colors of win at all costs. And parents of sons should be scared. I have a daughter and always was concerned for her, but I also raised her to be honest.
    Myself? I want to make some t'shirts with
    I Believed Paula and Juanita
    I Stand With Atticus
    on them. Never let facts get in the way of a good tizzy.

    • Jean says:

      I work with a lot of individuals who are having relationship difficulties, and Ford's testimony and stories reminded me way too much of what my clients call "the batsh*t crazy ex who just wants to make my husband/boyfriend miserable any way she can." These are the women who game the system and file restraining orders based on BS, or go to the police with a story about abuse that is eventually dismissed as BS after an investigation, or the worst one, accuse boyfriend OR new girlfriend / wife of sexually abusing the first wife's child while the kid is on a weekend visit. This, of course, jams the new household up with CPS, involves investigation by both police and social services and puts the husband or wife on the radar as a sex offender.

      When she was Attorney General for Florida. Janet Reno spearheaded the "guilty until proven innocent" method with regard to sexual abuse allegations. Over 300 families were ripped apart based on this process, and several men convicted of child sexual abuse based on an ex-wife's report and circumstantial evidence. The majority of these convictions were reversed on appeal once the videotapes of witness interviews were obtained, because the appeals court found the social workers and DAs coerced testimony from minor children and literally planted ideas in their heads. The state of Florida paid out millions for wrongful arrest and wrongful convictions, but as one of the victims of Reno's witch-hunt stated, "How much will it cost me to get my reputation back?"

  12. Jean says:

    So Lee, did Obama know that Trump would be elected? And is he part of the "Vast Russian Collusion Conspiracy" too? Because Kavanaugh's name was up for consideration in 2012. Your timeline – and thought processes – are more than a little wack.

    • lee says:

      Obama knew that putin was helping trump.when the campaign was going on . and he said nothing .knowing that the republicans would say he was lying.and bring more chaos to the campaign.

  13. DICKBARRY says:

    Robert …I agree with all your comments except one…“group marital therapy sessions.” Please check out Retrouvaille. This program has saved many marriages. https://www.helpourmarriage.org/

  14. Rick G. says:

    Thanks for another great, insightful article.

    With that said, I want to say that, in all likehood, Judge Kavanaugh is innocent. I believe Judge Kavanaugh and not his accusers. His accusers are proven liars and mentally confused. First of all, Ford is an anti-Trump Radic-Lib who was part of a last minute effort to derail the coming confirmation. Before her testimony she had all of her anti-Trump rants on the internet wiped clean beforehand. Have you noticed there were no conservative, pro-Trump women who have yet to come forward with any sexual allegations? If there were any, show me, please. "Strange" isn't it? The Dirty Dems would and will derail any and all who were to be nominated by Trump. They were against Kavanaugh way before he was ever considered for the nomination.The Democratic Party has, no doubt, become completely unhinged, sad but true. Ford had the hallmark of a liar, changing her story and the details over and over, as liars normally do. And I cringed at the put-on baby voice she put during her testimony. Ugh! Besides, looking at her, she is definitely nothing to look at, I can assure you she has no fears or worries of ever being "raped". In her dreams, maybe, but that's it. She looks like a man with a woman's wig! Really! The best she can ever get is only in her fantasies. I found one interesting thing on YouTube about Ford. As a psychology professor, she had done a research paper, in 2006 I think it was, on what is described as Self-hypnosis, Artificial Situation Creation. In other words, one can make up a story, hypnotize oneself, and become 100% certain that it really happened. The other woman who came forward had a truth-telling problem. No aurprise. Among her veracity issues she was caught lying about her credentials on a job application. So much for her. I am surprised more liars hadn't stepped forward to derail this nomination. I was on the edge of my seat during the vote waiting for someone to burst in and put forth some totally outlandish accusation that would completely ruin it for Kavanaugh. Because I remember Jeff Flake saying he would vote yes to confirm Kavanaugh, unless something unexpected were to come up. But wait! It's not over! The Radic-Libs will be putting Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh under the electron microscope in hopes of finding out if he had perjured himself. And expect more Radic-Libs to come forward with their prefabricated lies and testimonies. The Dirty Dems are hoping to impeach Kavanaugh, which they will attempt to do if they take control of Congress in the midterm election. That's why all decent Americans need to get out and vote in November.This thing is not over yet. It has only just begun.

    • FedUp says:

      Ford’s whole story did not ring true, and her testimony seemed phony and childish. You make good points about her Artiificial Situation Creation expertise, and prior anti-Trump rants. While I hate to criticize her appearance, but, the first thing I thought when she appeared on TV was “ she looks at least 20 years older than Kavanaugh”. Probably as a result of long term substance abuse, I would guess.

      • lee says:

        You would look 20 years older also if you had been stressed out by kavanaugh.

        • patg2 says:

          Just go away. I don't want to read your inane comments.

          • patg2 says:

            Nope. Not the problem. I love a good debate with people who disagree with me. The problem is, he's boring, says nothing of substance, he hounds everyone, and dominates the board.

    • lee says:

      I would refrain from saying all decent americans need to get out and vote in November.they may vote democratic.

    • lee says:

      I would refrain from saying all decent americans need to get out and vote in November.if they are decent americans they will vote democratic.

  15. edda says:

    'Affected use of the word hippocampus…' Thanks, Mr. Ringer!!!! I, too, found that just a bit over-the-top. Having unglued myself from this travesty, I join with you and many of your readers: "This thing is not over yet…" Only the beginning!

  16. whodat says:

    Ford and the rest of her ilk are one hippocampus short of a full cranium.

    • lee says:

      You would be one hippocampus short of a full cranium if you had been sexually assaulted by the likes of kavanaugh,judge,trump or other sexual predators also.

  17. Mic says:

    Excellent article! I understand your concern that Kavanaugh may "try and be fair and balanced" to show the dirty dems they were wrong about him, BUT it could also go the other way. He may decide now that he has a lifetime appointment he has some scores to settle. Ultimately we won't know until rulings start coming in from him.

    However, all that said I have some concerns over him and the 4th Amendment. From earlier rulings that doesn't appear to be his favorite Amendment and he has sh*t on it like many other conservative judges that favor "strong law enforcement" over civil liberties. I hope I am wrong, but as a libertarian, I am concerned that he doesn't have enough respect for civil liberties and is too quick to give the government the benefit of the doubt on issues of surveillance and 4th Amendment issues.

  18. Vornan19 says:

    I found both Ford and Cavanaugh about 70% believable. She seemed a bit ditzy with a somewhat dubious memory. He stayed hostile and was evasive during questioning. The tiebreaker was that this happened when they were (by definition, dumb) teenagers, and largely irrelevant 30-odd years later.

  19. RealitySeeker says:

    Ginsburg is next on the list. She has survived pancreatic and colon cancer and heart problems, but the Grim Reaper is now standing right behind her casting a foreboding shadow. Ginsburg looked absolutely like decaying shit last Monday night at the White House as she sat in the front row of the official swearing in ceremony of Kavanaugh.

    On the other hand, President DT looked younger, stronger and more vigorous than when he first took office. And it looks as if DT is going to be Grim's right hand man. And it also looks as if the GOP leadership who attended the White House ceremony has gotten a good taste of Democrats' blood, and they seem to like it. I give the professional knife twisting artist, Donald Trump, a big, fat 10 for his remarks at the White House. Great job! DT! The GOP finally has a knife fighter as its Commander-in-Chief. Finally. It's about time.

    Ginsburg looked just like I wanted her to look — like I want all haters of the Bill of Rights to look … The Grim Reaper can't harvest you Marxists soon enough. And I hope Grim twists the dagger and swings his scythe the sooner the better. So, please say hi to John McCain for me….

    • Rick G. says:

      Ginsburg looks like death warmed over.

    • lee says:

      Trump thrives on criminality that's what keeps him young.he is definitely looking out for number one.he will swing his scythe on anyone that gets on his way.whether you're a republican a democrat any one that gets in his way. Even you.

    • lee says:

      Donald trump thrives on criminality.that's what keeps him young.he will swing his scythe at any one that gets in his way.whether you're a republican, democrat, Marxist, even you.

  20. Rick G. says:

    This is America. A man is innocent until proven guilty. You must be a Republicrat..

    • Rick G. says:

      Isn't it interesting? We conservatives, unlike the Dirty Dems, never try to ban or obstruct free speech. We give the opposition the freedom to shout any obsurdity or lie they want.

      • lee says:

        Not according to Robert ringer.trump,putin and saudi Prince Mohammad bin salman. Bye bye free speech.

  21. FedUp says:

    I also fear Kavanaugh may lean left from time to time to try appeasing the left wing mob. It would not work. These people are totally consumed with hate. Why, I don’t know. It seems apparent they hate America, the Constitution, our form of government, and especially capitalism. I suspect the root cause is envy and a general sense of failure. They are forever looking for some demon to blame for their status as a “victim” of this or that perceived injustice. Therefore, their lack of success is someone else’s fault. Therefore, they have no responsibility. If liberals aren’t wallowing in some pity party, they are plotting their next lynch mob. Why an entire political party exists to feed this mindset, and the mainstream media is obsessed with promoting it is hard to fathom.

    • Kaizen says:

      You are obviously an illiterate Russian troll, inserted here to attempt some sort of interference. Just like all the other recent debacles you trolls have been involved with, this one won't hack it either!

    • Richard Lee Van Der says:

      When reading a brain-free illiterate such as you are I suddenly believe in (fill in the blank).

    • lee says:

      What's really hard to fathom is why a small group of people.would support a person like trump and his oligarchs.that say we are the true victims here.we are literally being attacked by right wing mobs.evil people that hate us the constitution this country.please have pity on us and vote for us.

  22. Rocketman says:

    I for one would like to know why no one in the U.S. senate even brought up the fact that Kavanaugh was the co-author of the "Patriot Act"? The Libertarian Party candidate for the U.S. senate here in Indiana brought up that fact during the televised debate the night before last. Personally, I don't believe Dr. Ford and think that the Democrats were just attempting to smear him so much that he would simply withdraw his name. That's despicable conduct. Kavanaugh should have been defeated, not because of a lie from 37 years ago, but because he trashed the 4th and 5th amendment to the Constitution.

    • Steve V. says:

      Yes, Kavanaugh wasn't the best choice. This is one of Trump's big failings — appointing Insider / Wall Street / Deep State types. It's why he only rates a D- from me.

    • lee says:

      That's correct. If we look a little deeper you will be surprised at what we'll find.

  23. patg2 says:

    Bravo! Thanks for your comments on Roe v. Wade, one of the most unjust decisions ever, Dred Scot Part 2. (And women deserve legal protection from abortionists, and now they have none; I speak from personal experience of being denied this protection.) As for Collins, I think the speech may have been necessary, because it assured that Kavanaugh would be confirmed. Without the speech, it might not have happened, and she might have known it.

  24. Jonathan R Mayer says:

    "…so he can pardon him when his case comes before the Supreme Court…?" What case?
    The Supreme Court doesn't pardon anyone, it interprets the law, period.
    How did you get in here lee? I thought RR made sure everyone here was somewhat educated.

    • lee says:

      There are several cases.but the main one is of putin helping trump get elected.kavanaugh wrote that a sitting president should not be charged with a crime while he is still president.that is why trump wanted him on the court.he will vote for trump.when his cases come before the court.

    • lee says:

      You are very educated. I only said pardon to get your attention.

  25. Ivan says:

    Another egotistical dem Hillary raised her ugly head today and spoke about how civility would come back to America, if the dems were to gain the senate or house. How ironic. Who is practically suggesting civil war but former wannabe, egotistical attention hoes who don't like America.

    • Aundrea1 says:

      Yes, they are uncivil, but if you vote them in they will change and be civil and kind. Roflmao!!
      Not much of a great character trait.
      Reminds me of drunks and drug addicts, they will change if only this happens. SMH!!!

    • lee says:

      Right now we have mr. Civility himself donald trump.

  26. Jon says:

    Yeah, right……………

  27. Jon says:

    Dig up an mp3 of "Gimme Shelter" by the Stones and play it. It's the best background music for the times
    we live in. Especially the first few bars.

  28. Serge says:

    I don't believe that Kavanough lost his cool and temperament during the trial, to me it was more like a shock to him. After all he was personally being attacked that he was a rapist on national television in front of his family. It's emotionally disturbing to anybody to receive that kind of accusation.

  29. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    The opinion/view of many of us is that, people who even major in psychology are screwed up people hoping to figure their own situation out. Having one bad childhood hangup myself, I was attracted to study psychology, but Michigan State at that time, maybe even now, was all Behaviorism, Rat n Worm psychology, not analytical in the tradition of Freud, let alone Jung! Fortunately I majored in Philosophy, and found a good psych analyst on campus who led me to unearth all that I had repressed, so I could then deal with it.

  30. Rick G. says:

    Gee whiz! What a breathless rant this has been!

  31. Aundrea1 says:

    See the left has brought the troll team. Focus on this needs to be no witness and no evidence, and no relevance to Kavs judicial career. This was no Bill Cosby/Harvey Weinstein case, as much as the Dems wanted it to be. Roe vs Wade is not going anywhere, and now the world see dirty and despicable they are. Not much of a good selling point.

  32. lee says:

    Mr. Robert ringer. My favorite book. Of the several books that you wrote.is looking out for number one.the one you released in 1978.

  33. Aitch says:

    "I can’t grasp why anyone would want to share her marital problems with a group of strangers?" — Isn't that precisely the California mentality?

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