Negotiation Is Capitulation

Posted on September 26, 2018 by Robert Ringer


Now that everyone realizes that the Christine Blasey Ford (aka “Stormy II”) allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are a complete sham, let’s say it loud and clear:  Given the lack of evidence in this sideshow — and especially corroborating evidence — the allegations by Stormy II should have been ignored and Brett Kavanaugh should have already been confirmed.

Further, once Stormy II refused to testify on her own behalf on the day the Senate set aside for her, she forfeited her right to be heard — period.  Random accusers who come out of the sewer at the eleventh hour do not have the right to set the time or place of a hearing, dictate who will question her, and negotiate the terms of her testimony.

While neither I nor anyone else knows the facts — nor ever will — here’s the politically incorrect truth:  It doesn’t matter!  That’s right, it doesn’t matter what Kavanaugh did thirty-six years ago at age seventeen.  What does matter is his exemplary record over the past thirty-six years and his brilliantly written judicial opinions.  We’re all in big trouble if we are to be judged by our lowest moral moment, especially if it was when we were in college or, even worse, high school.

Let’s get real here.  We all knew that a fake Dirty Dem “bombshell” was coming.  Vile Democrats traffic in this kind of stuff day in and day out.  Facts are irrelevant to them.  But facts or no facts, you already knew they were going to throw some crap against the wall at the eleventh hour, so none of this should come as a surprise to anyone.

Everyone should also be realistic and understand that even if the Senate votes to confirm Judge Kavanaugh after listening to Stormy II’s allegations, the Dirty Dems will come up with something else … then something else … then something else in an effort to stall the confirmation process again … and again … and again.

Does anyone not understand that the Dirty Dems have their eyes glued on October 1, the starting date for the new Supreme Court session, and November 6, the date of the midterm elections?  This has nothing to do with truth, but everything to do with power — pure, unadulterated power.

In his book 1984, George Orwell, through his character O’Brien, underscored the reality of power when he said, “Power is not a means; it is an end. … The object of power is power.”  Dirty Dems are not interested in women’s rights.  They are not interested in racial equality.  They are not interested in helping “the poor.”  And they certainly are not interested in a Supreme Court nominee’s credentials.  Their only interest is in achieving and holding power.

The fact is that the Dirty Dems have given up on the rule of law, the Constitution, the legislative process, and any kind of serious debate of the issues.  In fact, they have declared war on Constitutional America, and anyone who gets in their way is fair game.

It’s important to understand that the treachery that has been injected into Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings is not unique to him.  Whether he is confirmed or not, you can count on the always predictable Dirty Dems to use the exact same playbook on the Republican’s next nominee … and the next nominee after that … and the next nominee after that.

But give the Dirty Dems credit for one thing:  They are not just corrupt to the core, they are also relentless.  They’ve already made it clear that no matter who Trump nominates, they will oppose him and do whatever it takes to destroy him.  What a noble attitude for elected officials to carry into Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Even so, the violent and insane Radical Left is not the problem, because they are totally predictable.  They just do what they were born to do — lie, steal, cheat, and deceive.  The real problem is the unprincipled, cowardly RINOs, those shameless creatures (Romney, Rubio, Ryan, Collins, Flake, etc.) who tremble in fear that the Dirty Dems won’t like them or that voters will reject them at the polls if they dare to stand up to Democrats.

These vile characters are really just Democrats in Republican costumes.  Romney, you will recall, is the guy who nervously wet his pants because the Dirty Dems said that he once tied his dog to the roof of his car when going on vacation, bullied a classmate thirty years ago in high school, and carried around a notebook full of women’s names to consider for future positions.  Gasp!

Which brings me back to the Brett Kavanaugh circus.  The fact that Grassley & Co. has been “negotiating” with Stormy II’s attorneys means that, to a great extent, Republicans have already lost, because agreeing to negotiate is, of and by itself, capitulation.  If someone has a charge to make against a Supreme Court nominee, let her make it, but it’s absurd to allow her to negotiate the terms of her appearance.

Why?  Because any concessions Republicans agree to with Stormy II, the Dirty Dems will use those concessions as their starting point when they attack the Republicans’ next Supreme Court nominee.  And if you think the Kavanaugh attacks have been savage, just wait until Trump nominates Mike Lee or Amy Coney Barrett to replace Dinosaur Ruth.

There is no way to describe the hysteria that will take hold of the Dirty Dems when they are faced with the possibility of a 6-3 court that favors strict interpretation of the Constitution.  This is Armageddon to them, because it would take away their last hope of maintaining control of the government through judicial activism.

That said, the Dirty Dems aren’t through with their Kavanaugh savagery yet.  Don’t be surprised if there are more phony accusers who crawl out of the sewer today or tomorrow.  Likewise, don’t be surprised if they try to postpone Thursday’s hearing again, which will be a great test for weak-kneed Republicans.

Also, keep in mind that the Dirty Dems have already announced their insurance policy:  If Kavanaugh is confirmed, they will impeach him when they take control of the House.  In other words, they realize they cannot sell their poison to the general public, so their best hope is a radical-left Supreme Court that will bypass the Congress and the Constitution.

And on that warm and fuzzy note, let’s sit back and await tomorrow’s big event.  With or without Stormy II, it promises to be disgusting.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

55 responses to “Negotiation Is Capitulation”

  1. Van says:

    Keep giving 'em hell, this farce is nothing less than mental illness paraded as virtue. Sanity where art thou?

  2. Kimball Romney says:

    I believe it's time to pass a low that states that if one of these accusers cannot or will not follow through and prove the action of the accused then there is a mandatory fine and/or jail time.

    • Phil says:

      Indeed, slander is considered criminal in some nations in some circumstances…may be true here as well, but if do, rarely prosecuted. It should be with facts like these.

  3. Amort says:

    I call it the "Resistance Cult." No problem pushing a cult member forward to lie.

  4. CaliConservative says:

    The more I see these Republicans cater to this Liberal BS stall tactics the more I am convinced booth parties are the same. Everyone is concerned about these unsubstantiated allegations with no concern for Kavanaugh but when a Democratic toadie like Rosenstein is rumored to have stated that he was going to illegally spy on the President this immediately gets dismissed – where is the call for a real investigation of this? Let's face it, our President has no friends on either side of the aisle and both groups will fight against his agenda, including his SCOTUS picks

  5. TheLookOut says:

    RJR Another great article. Your point is so well stated:
    "if you debate a lie the truth has already be compromised".
    The Dems & RINOs a.k.a. "The Deep State" will stop
    at nothing to achieve their end – abolishing individual
    freedom, and the constitution.

  6. Bill York says:

    I would like to be the attorney assigned to question the accuser: Why were you there? Had you been to similar functions? Were you a virgin? You commented in an interview that you were on the floor. Had you been drinking?
    When you saw conduct you did not approve of, why did you stay? Why have some of your accusations been contradictory? Have you been paid to testify? etc, etc,etc ad infinitum..

  7. Pat says:

    Great article. So true. I have never seen a group of people so bent on destroying our country and it’s principles.

  8. Jana D says:

    I won't be watching. If I wanted to see a circus, I would go to one or to Las Vegas. I hope any of these circus clowns who are running for reelection will be soundly defeated.

  9. Gregory T Jones says:

    Note to fence sitting senators: 1. In the United States the accused is innocent until proven guilty. 2. Some Democrat senators want to change this longstanding principle to suit their political goals. 3. Don’t buy there fascist state premise. The burden is on Professor Ford to make her case, not Judge Kavanaugh. 4. Demanding further delay for “FBI investigation” is a stall tactic. There is nothing the FBI or any law enforcement agency can do with this alleged 36 year old accusation, never mind the statute of limitations has expired. The FBI has already declined. 5. Ford can’t remember anything except conveniently that it was Kavanaugh, not even what year it happened or where. She claims it is from the “trauma” of not being raped, or neither person even having their clothes off. 6. Dr Ford offered 4 witnesses to collaborate her story. Instead, they have all refuted her claims, and none of them recall such a party or incident taking place. 7. Dr. Ford never reported this incident to anyone, much less the proper authorities, for 36 years. No one can collaborate her story.
    8. The second alleged assault involving Ramirez is so full of holes that even she is on record questioning her own memory. Conveniently, her incident was a cold case too with no evidence. It has rapidly collapsed under its own weight of lies. 9. Judge Kavanaugh has firmly denied all accusations under oath in depositions and can’t wait to testify and clear his name. 10. Dr. Ford has dodged going on record (under the risk of perjury) repeatedly and may not show tomorrow. 11. Judge Kavanaugh and his spouse submitted to a difficult TV interview with Martha; you could see the pain on their faces from being smeared in such an ugly way. It has devastated them. He was holding back tears. He didn’t sign up for this. His denials were quite credible. 12. Judge Kavanaugh has lived an incredible life of decency, compassion and integrity. Over 200 women from all periods of his life have confirmed his high character. How many of you could get a legion of women from your past to do this? None of these old and ugly accusations fit his character. 13. Judge Kavanaugh has had 6 FBI background investigations. As a former Coast Guard officer who held a Top Secret clearance, I can tell you these are thorough. The FBI talks to neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc. looking for any hint of bad character. He cleared all of them easily. 14. Politics! None of this surfaced until late in the game when the Senate was ready to vote. Senator Feinstein was so concerned about the seriousness of Ford’s accusations that she sat on it for 2 months! She cunningly sprung it on the committee, not during the hearings, but when it was time to vote. This smells! Use your common sense. 15. The pro-abortion activists, of which Ford and Feinstein are by their own admission, told us they would do anything to stop this nomination, anything!

    Using the reasonable person standard, when you carefully weigh all of the above, to conclude that Judge Kavanaugh did these ugly things back in high school requires “the willing suspension of disbelief”, to quote another famous abortion-on-demand activist. This is all about the left preserving their sacrament of abortion. They “believe” Kavanaugh would put limits on abortion or even help overturn Roe v. Wade, even though no one knows what he would do with such a case. They told us they would do anything to stop him, and they are!

    Do not let the extremist Democrats get away with this vile smear campaign. The stakes are larger than Kavanaugh who has earned being confirmed. Doing so would set an ugly precedent that good and decent men need not apply for government service.

    Vote to confirm him.

    • Ivan says:

      i agree, we need to keep the good and decent men in government and continue fighting those who do not like America.

    • FedUp says:

      “Decent men need not apply” … well said. It is a major objective of the Dirty Dems. If they can eliminate the good one’s, that will leave only the lowest of the low (swamp scum Democrats). Character assasination is vile and evil. To those with no conscience it is merely sport, and a means to an end. I think Dr. Ben Carson summarized it best when he recently said the Democrat end game plan is to control 1. Education 2. Media 3. The Courts. They already have the first two in their pocket, and were salivating when Judge Scalia passed away. Power they can’t win at the ballot box they will gladly steal with the help of FAKE NEWS and their Holier than Thou minions in the media. If they can get the last piece of the puzzle, the court system, they can destroy the Constitution, eliminate personal liberties and property rights, and use whatever commerce they permit as their personal piggy bank.
      Notice the final question to Judge Kavanaugh, by a Republican Senator was “Do you believe in God ? , and swear to God you did not do this”. I noticed the Democrats have no such conscience or need to ask such a question.

  10. larajf says:

    It saddens me to see so many people saying Kavanaugh shouldn't be confirmed because they don't like him or that someone like him shouldn't have power over women's bodies. My only comment back is that I hope they are never in the position of being guilty until proven innocent. But there's a massive disconnect in the brains of the leftists. (those that aren't power mad but rather controlled by the power mad)

  11. Ivan says:

    Wow, 17 years old and drunk. Should she be arrested today after 37 years, for drinking under age and under the influence. I don't think so. After all, we all make a few blunders at that age it's called maturing. If we were to make allegations of men or women out there 30 to 50 years later in their life, 3/4 of them would be in jail or not be able to work certain jobs and businesses that made this country great. Experts say the brain doesn't develop until about 25 years of age. There are some exceptions in my opinion, ask the dirty dems to look in the mirror.

  12. Bruce says:

    Thanks Robert for being direct to the point. Are these accusers so crazy and brainwashed to think the judge is going to destroy women`s rights. Lets face it, Roe/Wade is the law. Any attempt to overturn it would cause total civil unrest in the country. It is too hot for the court to handle. Any new Supreme Court justice will no have any effect on RvW since it will never surface. It is just too explosive in this day and age. Hopefully, better heads will prevail and this insanity will blow over and these accusers will have their "15 minutes of fame" and exit to the dust bin of history.

  13. Jay says:

    Robert, You need a mainstream outlet to get your valid and timely messages out!
    Besides the choir here, the rest of America needs to see and read your articles!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Thank you, Jay. Very kind of you.

      • Rick G. says:

        I agree wholeheartedly with Jay. You should seriously consider that. America needs a true voice of sanity, reason, and truth. And you are just that!

      • Rock Roach says:

        He gets a litlle bit of help from Mark Levin, and Graham Ledger isn't too bad either.I do appreciate RJR's style and ways of presenting the facts.
        I believe the Dirty Dems have become a bunch of comedians,and the scary part is how many idiots believe their agenda.

      • lee says:

        Robert you know that you have to stick to the choir. The rest of america can't be coned as easily. What happened? That money really got yo you.

  14. Rick G. says:

    There is nothing in this world worse than being falsely accused. I certainly have had my share in my life. So I know firsthand what he is going through. I really feel sorry for this guy having to go all through this. He is being put through a literal Hell on earth. It's terrible and extremely stressful. He said he didn't do and it never happened. So considering how the Radic-Libs are, let's take him at his word. He has said he is in it to the finish and I commend him for that. Hang in there! This guy is being subjected to a desparate, last minute smear to prevent him from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. I knew it was coming. And there will be a lot more false accusers who will come out with more lies to destroy a good man. It's terrible! All these women are nothing but Radic-Lib Trump-hating trouble makers who will stop at nothing to ruin someone's life. I agree wholeheartedly with Robert Ringer's views on this issue as he has hit the nail dead center on the head. Excellent article! And, as RJR says, and I agree 100%, whatever had or had not happened that long ago should not matter now. I have found that there are a lot of women just mean enough out there to ruin a good guy to get their way.

    I say VOTE YES to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and ignore all these demands to postpone it!!!

  15. Robby Bonfire says:

    Maybe a law should be passed that if no report of a crime having been committed is filed with the police, after a reasonable amount of time that option expires. For the media to give credence to first time charges surfacing 34 years after the fact, makes a mockery of our justice system.

  16. Carl R says:

    Ah, the predictable Dirty Dem dung slinging. My prediction is that they next accuse Judge Kavanaugh of being a serial killer (with three of his victims providing testimony via the Avenati pipeline) and when that fails, they will accuse the judge of being an alien. Beam me up Scotty, there are no intelligent Democrats down here.

  17. patg2 says:

    You hit the ball out of the park and won the internet with this column. Ten stars.

  18. RealitySeeker says:

    "This is Armageddon to them"

    Yeah, the "[Filthy] Dirty Dems" are seething with so much hate that they can barely hold themselves together. As I said before, President Trump is doing a great job at causing them to come totally unhinged. We should do anything we can do to help President Trump provoke those filthy sewer rats to come out and show themselves. The world needs to see the swamp rats, sewer rats and the crazy shit-house rats in full daylight. President Trump is doing a good job smoking them out. It's our job to help any way we can — even if it's just something as simple as buying a bright red MAGA hat and waving it at the all of the Trump haters.

    Personally, I want to see the Democrat party implode, and the Trump haters go totally bat-shit crazy to the point that they suffer Trump Conniption Fits. This civil war has been a long time coming. And I'd like to see my enemies ( including the Fake Stream News) suffer complete and total mental breakdowns. And the sooner the better…..

    I fully understand and appreciate how good, forgiving and compassionate most Conservative people are in their dealings with Democrats. But at this point in history I simply feel showing kindness and extending forgiveness to the Leftys is like casting pearls before swine….

    I've always said that it'll be the Marxist Leftys who fire the first real bullet…. not us.

    Prepare accordingly.

    • lee says:

      Remember don't fire a real bullet at yourself. You might reincarnate as marxist lefty. Or worst yet as a robert ringer.

  19. Roberto says:

    Anyone recommended and endorsed by Tramp should be already suspicious, what have americans done to deserve a wanker like Tramp as president? Sad…

  20. J Louis Frey says:

    Spot on about everything Robert…again

  21. KwasiKing says:

    The nutty professor will fail in her agenda. More important, I find it hard to believe that RJR is the ONLY media person who correctly points out that her accusations are from 35+ years in the past, when in her (and Kavanaugh's) youth — completely irrelevant. Get real: teenagers and 20-somethings have little else BUT liquor and sex on their minds.

  22. Kaizen says:

    RJR, we need you in UK politics more than the US does currently. "Negotiation is Capitulation" is exactly, yes exactly, the horrendous position we find ourselves in over BREXIT because of the weakness of the UK government and the opposition Labour party is a communist party in drag. We have an incredibly weak prime minister that has dallied for over two years whilst the BREXIT saga continues to unravel and unravel and unravel. So RJR, whilst your "choir" (excellent terminology Jay) is needy, the UK urgently needs your wisdom and exceptional communication skills. We need you in Brussels to inform the EU "negotiating/bullying" team that the UK's position is simple…………….there is NOTHING to negotiate. These are our terms of departure.
    As I think we all agree, Brett Kavanaugh should NEVER have been placed in this predicament by something that crawled out of the woodwork, over an alleged"incident" that possibly happened over 35 years ago. It is utterly preposterous. So now that is resolved, RJR kindly tell the UK government to STOP trying to negotiate and start telling the EU how it is going to be!! Thank you in anticipation!

  23. KwasiKing says:

    Watching her testimony now. She's a sympathetic witness and certainly believes her version of events. But a) will it be corroborated and b) will Cavanaugh be seen as more believable?…. or c) perhaps Trump will withdraw the nomination to "pull the nation together….

  24. KwasiKing says:

    Hmm…. Ford stated she was concerned about Kavanaugh's possible ascension to SCOTUS before he was even nominated. If so, why didn't she tell the REPUBLICANS first? Wouldn't her self-proclaimed civic duty have sent her there instead of to the Dirty Dems?

  25. taejonwill says:

    The current meme is the Supreme Court appointment of Brett Kavanaugh. It's ugly and really when Bill Clinton was thrown to the mat over his adulterous nature, it shouldn't have been a political matter, but it was and we're reaping the whirlwind from that error in judgment. The reason for the bad blood was that to get the dirt on Clinton, Richard Mellon Scaife used private investigators to get the proof and then everything went downhill in terms of forcing Clinton to lie under oath. Next up, the election of 2000 and the Supreme Court deciding that Bush W won the election (Jan 2000) before the votes in Florida had been recounted (Mar 2000) and at that point, we stopped being a democracy. To be honest, we care more about winning and losing than right and wrong. Sure, Kavanaugh is lying too, but do two wrongs make a right? In fact, I've lied in the past and will lie in the future too. But we've created this pressure cooker political system that makes us have to behave like scribes and Pharisees in order to get to a technical definition of truth telling and strain at a gnat and swallow the camel.

  26. alric4720 says:

    Do you people actually read your own and other similar sycophant comments? Not to mention the content of the article on which all of these comments emanate. All of this is such a load of crap being thrown into the fan to see how much of your vile and putrid beliefs can slime others instead of yourselves. If you want to look for those who seek and hold on to power at all costs just look at the right and especially the alt-right. The common mantra is that the right wing Senate withheld from Obama a Supreme Court nominee, but rarely is it mentioned that they also failed to confirm the vast majority of any federal judge positions. Which is why the current Senate is near silly and giddy appointing federal and appeal judges around the country. If the weak and mealy-mouthed left was truly trying to stymie the flood of right wing ideology into our public square they would be advancing the type of charges as witnessed in the Kavanaugh debacle against the flood of nominees elsewhere in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Admit the truth that the Kavanaugh hearings are being rushed and rammed through because the right wing fears they will lose their absolute control to place right wing ideologues into permanent lifelong positions to force their liberty loathing views on the next generation or two of Americans. Admit that the current debacle of a 35 year old charge has nothing whatsoever to do with trying to convict Brett of being a bad boy, but rather as to his honesty and demeanor today. If Brett cannot look the senators and his adversaries in the eye and simply state that he was not an angel as a teen, as virtually none of us were, than what does that say about his temperament to be a associate justice today. If Brett simply said I was rude and uncouth as a teen, I drank in excess and do not always remember what happened at those time and I may have acted improperly it would fully disarm his accusers today. A simple statement that would disarm any and all accusations of childhood activities. But no, Brett and all of his ardent supporters on the right insist that he was a choir boy that never did any wrong or even thought of doing any wrong. His yearbooks and contemporary acquaintances seem to fully contradict that view of this miscreant teen. It is not what he did 35 years ago it was he said under oath, in front of the Senate, in his attempt to gain the ultimate position of his chosen profession that counts. He never drank in excess. He was a virgin well past his teens. I don't buy it. What say you if and when the FBI comes back to say he was not truthful under oath. Should he still be confirmed if he can perjure himself before Congress. Or is it more important to insure that an individual like Kavanaugh is "owed" the appointment. A man that believes in the absolute authority of the executive branch. A man that believes that the individuals are subservient to the state. A man that believes when his team asked direct and embarrassing questions of Clinton was appropriate, but now does not believe that he or any right wing ideologue should be treated the same. I for one do not. It is not the Dirty Dems with an eye on the mid-terms, it is Authoritarian Right that is shaking in their boots about the loss of power from their greedy hands. Wake up you MAGA-rats. You are following the Piped Piper to your own doom.

  27. Spt says:

    Robert- How did evil infiltrate your blog. Lee and his buddy’s should leave.

    • Serge says:

      In my opinion, possibly Lee will see the light by reading some of our common sense comments and be reformed.

    • lee says:

      Robert ringer wrote in his book looking out for number one. That lawyers say keep the hostilities going boys so that they may profit from them.that is what he is doing here.he knows that what he is telling you are all lies.he does not believe in any kind of government. It's all a con job so that he may profit from you.

  28. EER says:

    I agree that the accusation and all of its attendant baggage doesn't matter. I disagree that Kavanaugh is some brilliant legal mind. Kavanaugh doesn't matter. His legal opinions are nothing special and his political will, since this is supposed to be the main point of his desirability, is suspect.

    Kavanaugh participated in a large way in Ken Starr's campaign as Independent Counsel, by working to manipulate the coroner's findings in the Vince Foster murder and to see to it that it was ruled a suicide. This was an act of corruption which the democrats didn't bring up because it was done in the service of the Clintons.

    That one item in his history should have disqualified him from a position as a federal judge, and is also a disqualification for the Supreme Court.

    • ensomulv123 says:

      Agreed. He's been a political hack his whole working life, a faceless mediocrity. On a side note, I don't understand the sycophancy towards this cosseted frat boy on Ringer's site. Kavanaugh was born with a silver spoon in his mouth — prep school, Yale, Yale Law School, then an obedient Republican hack. At least Ringer achieved his own success. Kavanaugh symbolizes everything wrong with the ossified US class system.

      • lee says:

        Ringer continues being successful by coning the trumpers.ringer wants kavanaugh on the supreme court so that he, trump and his republican oligarchs.can continue their criminal activities.

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