Negotiation Is Capitulation

Posted on September 26, 2018 by Robert Ringer


Now that everyone realizes that the Christine Blasey Ford (aka “Stormy II”) allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are a complete sham, let’s say it loud and clear:  Given the lack of evidence in this sideshow — and especially corroborating evidence — the allegations by Stormy II should have been ignored and Brett Kavanaugh should have already been confirmed.

Further, once Stormy II refused to testify on her own behalf on the day the Senate set aside for her, she forfeited her right to be heard — period.  Random accusers who come out of the sewer at the eleventh hour do not have the right to set the time or place of a hearing, dictate who will question her, and negotiate the terms of her testimony.

While neither I nor anyone else knows the facts — nor ever will — here’s the politically incorrect truth:  It doesn’t matter!  That’s right, it doesn’t matter what Kavanaugh did thirty-six years ago at age seventeen.  What does matter is his exemplary record over the past thirty-six years and his brilliantly written judicial opinions.  We’re all in big trouble if we are to be judged by our lowest moral moment, especially if it was when we were in college or, even worse, high school.

Let’s get real here.  We all knew that a fake Dirty Dem “bombshell” was coming.  Vile Democrats traffic in this kind of stuff day in and day out.  Facts are irrelevant to them.  But facts or no facts, you already knew they were going to throw some crap against the wall at the eleventh hour, so none of this should come as a surprise to anyone.

Everyone should also be realistic and understand that even if the Senate votes to confirm Judge Kavanaugh after listening to Stormy II’s allegations, the Dirty Dems will come up with something else … then something else … then something else in an effort to stall the confirmation process again … and again … and again.

Does anyone not understand that the Dirty Dems have their eyes glued on October 1, the starting date for the new Supreme Court session, and November 6, the date of the midterm elections?  This has nothing to do with truth, but everything to do with power — pure, unadulterated power.

In his book 1984, George Orwell, through his character O’Brien, underscored the reality of power when he said, “Power is not a means; it is an end. … The object of power is power.”  Dirty Dems are not interested in women’s rights.  They are not interested in racial equality.  They are not interested in helping “the poor.”  And they certainly are not interested in a Supreme Court nominee’s credentials.  Their only interest is in achieving and holding power.

The fact is that the Dirty Dems have given up on the rule of law, the Constitution, the legislative process, and any kind of serious debate of the issues.  In fact, they have declared war on Constitutional America, and anyone who gets in their way is fair game.

It’s important to understand that the treachery that has been injected into Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings is not unique to him.  Whether he is confirmed or not, you can count on the always predictable Dirty Dems to use the exact same playbook on the Republican’s next nominee … and the next nominee after that … and the next nominee after that.

But give the Dirty Dems credit for one thing:  They are not just corrupt to the core, they are also relentless.  They’ve already made it clear that no matter who Trump nominates, they will oppose him and do whatever it takes to destroy him.  What a noble attitude for elected officials to carry into Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Even so, the violent and insane Radical Left is not the problem, because they are totally predictable.  They just do what they were born to do — lie, steal, cheat, and deceive.  The real problem is the unprincipled, cowardly RINOs, those shameless creatures (Romney, Rubio, Ryan, Collins, Flake, etc.) who tremble in fear that the Dirty Dems won’t like them or that voters will reject them at the polls if they dare to stand up to Democrats.

These vile characters are really just Democrats in Republican costumes.  Romney, you will recall, is the guy who nervously wet his pants because the Dirty Dems said that he once tied his dog to the roof of his car when going on vacation, bullied a classmate thirty years ago in high school, and carried around a notebook full of women’s names to consider for future positions.  Gasp!

Which brings me back to the Brett Kavanaugh circus.  The fact that Grassley & Co. has been “negotiating” with Stormy II’s attorneys means that, to a great extent, Republicans have already lost, because agreeing to negotiate is, of and by itself, capitulation.  If someone has a charge to make against a Supreme Court nominee, let her make it, but it’s absurd to allow her to negotiate the terms of her appearance.

Why?  Because any concessions Republicans agree to with Stormy II, the Dirty Dems will use those concessions as their starting point when they attack the Republicans’ next Supreme Court nominee.  And if you think the Kavanaugh attacks have been savage, just wait until Trump nominates Mike Lee or Amy Coney Barrett to replace Dinosaur Ruth.

There is no way to describe the hysteria that will take hold of the Dirty Dems when they are faced with the possibility of a 6-3 court that favors strict interpretation of the Constitution.  This is Armageddon to them, because it would take away their last hope of maintaining control of the government through judicial activism.

That said, the Dirty Dems aren’t through with their Kavanaugh savagery yet.  Don’t be surprised if there are more phony accusers who crawl out of the sewer today or tomorrow.  Likewise, don’t be surprised if they try to postpone Thursday’s hearing again, which will be a great test for weak-kneed Republicans.

Also, keep in mind that the Dirty Dems have already announced their insurance policy:  If Kavanaugh is confirmed, they will impeach him when they take control of the House.  In other words, they realize they cannot sell their poison to the general public, so their best hope is a radical-left Supreme Court that will bypass the Congress and the Constitution.

And on that warm and fuzzy note, let’s sit back and await tomorrow’s big event.  With or without Stormy II, it promises to be disgusting.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.