Have Republicans Learned Anything?

Posted on November 13, 2018 by Robert Ringer


Okay, we made it through the midterms with no blue wave – not even close — but I’m still a bit disappointed by the results.  The House wasn’t a surprise, though I did believe that Republicans could pull out a victory.

As to the Senate, I felt that Republicans had a good chance of picking up five or six seats, which would have been the case had Heller (Nevada) and/or McSally (Arizona) been able to win or had Tester (Montana) and/or Manchin (West Virginia) been defeated.

Regardless, we now have to deal with the results.  As you will recall, I said in my November 5 article, “A Final Word on the 2018 Midterms,” that the midterms would be a referendum on capitalism versus socialism, free speech versus political correctness, freedom of thought versus groupthink, nationalism versus globalism, reinstating America’s national sovereignty versus open borders, strict constructionism versus legislating from the bench, rule of law versus mob rule, and, yes, liberty versus tyranny.

If so, then one could make a good argument that what the House results (and most of the Senate results) mean is that roughly half the country actually favors socialism, political correctness, groupthink, globalism, open borders, legislating from the bench, mob rule, and tyranny.  Viewed in that light, November 6 was a big defeat for those of us who would like to see the Dirty Dems and their crazy, malevolent ideas crushed.  It also means that half the country is either stupid, uninformed, or evil.  There is no other possibility.

Worst of all, it’s a warning sign that if conservatives and populists don’t get serious about standing up to the Radical Left, we’re probably only a few years away from a left-wing totalitarian dictatorship — especially if the door is not slammed completely shut on illegal immigration.

Now, let’s get real:  President Trump and his allies in Congress are in a precarious position, because the reality is that there are no less than five Republican senators who are a legitimate threat to implement McCain-like scorched-earth tactics to defeat any issue that is important to the Republican base — starting with Supreme Court nominees.  The five bad apples include Malevolent Mitt, Li’l Marco, Sanctimonious Sasse, and the Bobbsey Twins, Lisa and Susan.

With Murkowski and Collins, it’s not so much about ego as it is about a focus on how the political winds are blowing at any given time.  With Romney, Marco, and Sasse, however, it is, indeed, about their petty egos coupled with their hatred for Donald Trump.  It would be mentally orgasmic for any of these self-righteous RINOs to be in a position to cast a death vote for some important piece of legislation that Trump favors, just as the master of vengeful pettiness, John McCain, did to kill the repeal of Obamacare.

If Republicans are serious about taking the fight to the Dirty Dems, they should work hard to get rid of these political chameleons when they are up for reelection, while at the same time working to elect additional populist Republicans in 2020.  So long as these Democratic patsies are buried within their ranks, the truth is that Republicans do not have a real majority in the Senate.

At the same time, Republicans need to stop being intimidated by the FNM.  It’s popular for pundits to drool on and on about the need for Republicans and Democrats to stop the hate mongering and “come together,” but history makes it clear that such talk is nothing more than a euphemism for yielding to the Dirty Dems’ demands.

Adam Corolla had a good take on this when he said that Republicans need to stiffen their backbones and say exactly what they believe — without apologizing or backing down.  This includes not using such prefacing qualifiers as, “Look, I have absolutely nothing against transgender people, but …”.  Stop it!  Please, no prefacing remarks, no apologies, no equivocations.

When House Democrats make good on their promises and start revving up their investigative efforts, it should teach Republicans a good lesson, to wit:  When you’re in the majority, go for the jugular!  That’s right, when Republicans controlled all three branches of government, they should have gone after the Dirty Dems with a vengeance.  But, of course, they did not.

Even though Freedom Caucus stalwarts like Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz, Mark Meadows, and Jim Jordan — along with the irrepressible Devin Nunes — have been very impressive on television over the past year and a half, the frustrating fact is that there have been no subpoenas issued, no indictments handed down, and no grand juries empaneled.

Their ongoing excuse has been to say they are powerless to take action.  Really?  Then why bother to investigate in the first place?  My advice to them is that they should closely observe the flurry of subpoenas that Democrats are about to hit Republicans with and try to figure out why they have no problem taking action.

Seeing what the Dirty Dems have done to President Trump in less than two years, and what they are promising to do after they take control of the House in January (85 “subpoena targets”), should make Republicans feel ashamed.  During his eight years in office, Obama’s criminal deeds were completely ignored.  Even now, with the facts clearly indicating that he was behind the spying on the Trump presidential campaign, no Republican has had the courage to suggest that he should be investigated by the DOJ.

Can you imagine the Democrats being so gentle with Donald Trump if he had spied on Hillary’s campaign?  The Dirty Dems are so desperate to take down Trump that they jump on absurdities like Russian collusion, Trump’s payoffs to his paramours, and his tax returns from long before he became president.

Trump’s tax returns, of course, have nothing whatsoever to do with either his presidency or the infamous Russia-collusion investigation.  By contrast, Barack Obama’s birthplace has everything to do with his presidency.  But, of course, no Republican dares to go down that path, because no one wants to be ridiculed as being a (Gasp!) “birther.”  The Dirty Dem strategy is simple:  Never allow yourself to get into a factual debate; instead, just shame the other side into backing down and shutting up.

Perhaps the best example of Republican acquiescence is when they allowed the Dirty Dems to sit in high judgment of Brett Kavanaugh while insisting that the ever-so-fragile Christine Hippocampus Ford be treated with dignity and respect.  Sadly, Republicans never demanded that Kavanaugh be treated with dignity and respect, but they were not about to challenge the woman with the fake, chirpy little voice whose allegations against Kavanaugh were refuted by her own witnesses!

The bottom line is that the lesson Republicans should have taken from the midterms is that whether they like it or not, they are in a war with Democrats and they need to man up and stop letting the Dirty Dems set the rules of engagement.  Further, they must stop accepting the false premise that “there’s plenty of blame to go around on both sides.”  The hate, incivility, and violence comes almost exclusively from the left.

Believing that the Dirty Dems will stop hate mongering and try to work with Republicans is pure fantasy.  None other than the deplorable Horrible Hillary openly stated that Democrats cannot be civil until they regain power.  She explained that “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”

I actually agree with her on that last statement — but in reverse:  It is Republicans who should stop trying to placate the Dirty Dems, because today’s Democrats definitely want to destroy everything freedom-loving people of goodwill stand for and care about.

The good news is that you can count on the Dirty Dems to do their part to further destroy themselves by being delusional about what the 2018 midterms meant and thus overplaying their hand yet again.  But Democrats can’t do it alone.  At some point, Republicans have to stop tiptoeing and start adopting a take-no-prisoners attitude toward the Dirty Dems.  It’s time to man up and take the fight to the enemy!


Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

45 responses to “Have Republicans Learned Anything?”

  1. Mic says:

    Excellent analysis, but probably falling on deaf ears with Republicans. Far too many of them lost their spine decades ago and live in abject fear of the media, political correctness and holding hope if they agree on enough of this garbage the dirty dems will actually like them. False on all counts. I am not hopeful that the GOP will grow a spine anytime soon.

    • Jon says:

      Exactly, Mic. The reason for Trump's election is he WAS willing to stand up to the Dirty Dems. Even after all his successes (despite the never-ending push-back from the swamp), the rank and file Republicans still have not gotten the message. Will they "get it?" I, too, am 'not hopeful'

    • larajf says:

      I'm wondering if there are any Republicans anymore. They all seem to be globalists. Ok, not all…but it's getting more difficult to find true fiscal conservatives who are working towards smaller government.

    • lee says:

      Half the country is not stupid,uninformed or evil.they want to go back to the days.when republicans and democrats would work together.sometimes the republicans would win sometimes the democrats would win.when they see that trump and putin have come together to work on their own agendas.and some republicans helping them.some republicans,independents and libertarians.vote against them.

  2. kauai_mike says:

    yea, good luck with that!

  3. IHeartDagny says:

    Sorry, Robert, I have to disagree with you on most of this. Yes, Republicans are cowards. It's much easier to be a coward in the face if BLATANT EVIL. However, they also LIKE the Dem's gravy train and don't want that part of it to stop. There are a few good ones in there fighting the fight. But, because it's much easier to just let the Dems steamroll, that's what a LOT of them are going to do.

    There ARE grand juries impaneled for FISAGate and, you should keep your eyes open the next couple of months BEFORE the Dems collect their seats in the House. I'm pretty sure indictments are in the pipeline.

    The mid-terms were NOT a barometer of the American people's sentiment BECAUSE the Dems used it as an opportunity to test the FRAUD machine for 2020 ACROSS THE NATION. (By the way, President Trump also WARNED that they would be WATCHED. Look for MANY criminal referrals once the cases are built).

    REPUBLICAN Gov. Ducey in Arizona won by HUNDREDS of thousands of votes, yet the MARXIST Sinema ALSO won by TENS of thousands? How many people do you know spread their votes between "R" and "D" on the SAME BALLOT? IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. MOST "R's" are "R's" ALL THE WAY down ticket. Same with "D's". McSally is a "moderate" Republican which is strange because she supposedly is a "war hero". So, she's not going to stand up and fight. Well, she and Arizona, then get to LOSE…..maybe. But, that's another story.

    No, voting is NO barometer of the mood of this nation. The Dem's are a MINORITY. They only win by LYING and CHEATING. They have the LOUDEST voices, however, and that serves to make them seem so very powerful. THEY ARE NOT. They are LOSING. This is their LAST GASP. They should enjoy their FALSE "benefits" now because the gravy train, for them, is ALMOST OVER.

  4. noah300g says:

    Given that Trump is really more of a populist than a conservative, I can see scenarios where Dirty Dems + Rotten RINOs actually get bad legislation to his desk that he winds up signing to avoid the big, scary, government shutdown.

  5. Scott Theczech says:

    What, pray tell are we afraid of? Policy setting in America is supposed to be “knock-down, drag-out” politics – that’s the way our founders established it. Even before there were political parties (admittedly, that was pretty early on) the fulcrum was set and the balances were placed. It is supposed to avoid all out war, designed to fight it out in the political arena instead of the duelist’s field. It appears to me that the Democrats understand this all too well while the Republicans struggle to find their way. The Democrats have set the rules of engagement to which I say, enguarde!

  6. gere says:

    Have republicans learned anything? No. They expect the independent, by the name of President Donald Trump to carry the load. Afraid to stand up for anything outside of the abortion rights issue. Big whoop-d-do.

  7. Rick G. says:

    I agree with gere above. The Republicans haven't learned anything from the midterms, except how to save their butts. They need to get more emboldened, more assertive, standup for something, and get in the Democrats' faces and tell them it is going to be the Republican/freedom/capitalist/American way or the highway. Not ifs, ands, or buts. But rest well assured it will never be like that. I sincerely believe that more and more so-called "republicans" which Robert named in the article, including Jeff the Flake, are just merely RINOs, who would find a much better home in the Democratic Party where they truly belong. Their liberal, reach across the aisle, wishy-washing beliefs are more in line with blue than red. So what is holding them back? Jeff the Flake, for one, is mulling the idea of challenging President Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020. As I have commented before in Robert Ringer's previous articles, I am not too happy and satisfied with being a member of the Republican Party. I switched about ten years back from Indepent to Republican, because I am so against Obamunism. The only time any Republican looks "good" to me that tends to glitter, sparkle, and shine is when they are put up against a detestable Radic-Lib Democrat. Then the Republican's approval rating shoots skyward like a rocket and suddenly becomes like a rock star. A good example of this was in 1972, President Nixon's approval numbers were in the tank, low thirties. Bring along George McGovern and suddenly Nixon appeared to be like the second coming of Christ, winning by one of the biggest landslides in U.S. history. I'm tired of that. That's why I keep tossing around the idea in a serious way more and more, especially the last couple of years, of joining the Constitution Party, a very small ultra-conservative party, a party of concrete principles, whose followers believe in, PRACTICE AND PREACH, AND STAND FOR SOMETHING. I know they don't have a snowball chance in hell of ever taking off in this country, but what they believe in is actually good and right for our country. And that's alright with me!

    • gere says:

      I joined republican party so I could vote for Trump in the primaries. Maybe I'll follow you over to the Constitution Party. Is it possible for Trump to change his affiliation with the Rep. party while in office? I think Sir Issac Newton predicted the demise of civilization in 2060, dam if it doesn't look like its on track. Hang in there President Trump.

  8. CaliConservative says:

    Didn't take long to switch from a Republican landslide to a threat of extinction for the Republican party. If I were a betting man I wouldn't count on the Republicans making a comeback……we let CNN empty suits like Don Lemon characterize all white male conservatives as terrorists and now Michelle Obama comes out and says all white people look at black people and see "criminals"…..when hate speech like that is tolerated with no pushback then the game is over!

  9. Curtis outlier2016 says:

    The funny thing about the total war mindset ("Dirty Dems", etc.) is that it ignores what would happen if the opposing party gained absolute power. Lord Acton had a few choice words about that.

  10. Jean says:

    "It also means that half the country is either stupid, uninformed, or evil." I don't believe this is an either-or situation; I vote that half the country is all three – evil, stupid and uninformed. The people who voted overwhelmingly for Obamacare were shell shocked when THEY had to buy health insurance (I took inbound calls for MetLife in 2015, and fielded way too many from California residents in March who had just been informed they needed to sign up or face a fine from the IRS.) Now, they're stumping for "Medicare for All," having no concept that people who are on Medicare wish they weren't and often go back to work strictly to get private health benefits. In addition, the bubble wrap generation expects and demands to behave as they will with no consequences. So, they waste time and money on a worthless degree, but feel entitled to an entry level position paying at least $50K a year. When that doesn't happen, they blame racism, sexism or capitalism for their failures. Their greed, envy and sense of entitlement will eventually kill the golden goose that has fed them from the day they were born. And they won't have a clue how or why that happened.

  11. Enigma says:

    We cannot be sure that Republicans are NOT fighting back. As long as the media only reports pro-Democrat and anti-Republican, how can the average citizen, who relies on the media for news, ever know the true situation in the nation?

  12. Jay says:

    "evil, stupid and uninformed".
    Intentionally misinformed, which leads to stupid decisions and actions. Evil deeds by those in high places are then able to flourish. https://youtu.be/qiXnQQzZL1E?t=172

  13. sixxfingers says:

    Robert, you really need to be syndicated in EVERY newspaper in the country. Or get yourself a gig on Fox News.

    Seriously! This is not meant to be hyperbole. People love Trump because his blue collar, old school, tell-it-like-it-is style and manner are those people can relate to. You have that same no nonsense style as President Trump and could easily appeal to them if you had the means to reach them. The only difference between you and Trump is you don' t sometimes embarrass yourself like he does. Well…that and he's the president and you're not. You should also consider running in '24. If you can speak as well as you write you'd crush them in the debates!

    • lee says:

      Both, Robert and the people at fox news know that most people in this country want the republicans and democrats to work together to get things done.but it's more profitable.for Robert and the people at fox news to sell the us versus them stuff.robert sells more books.and the people at fox news get high ratings.

    • lee says:

      Both Robert and the people at fox news.know that most people in this country want the republicans and democrats to work together to get things done.but it's more profitable for robert and fox news to sell the us versus them stuff.robert sells more books.and fox news get high ratings.

  14. Dave Carney says:

    Please watch the clip and think about whether any senator, would have proposed this just 10 years ago, including Bernie. Forget about Republicans vs Dems. That battle has already been lost by the Repubs. You should be concentrating all your efforts on hiding and protecting your money and paying as little or no taxes as possible. https://finance.yahoo.com/video/sen-booker-baby-b

  15. John says:

    Sounds like a move to Mulligan's Valley is in order. With few exceptions, I see no evidence that the current members of the GOP have the back bone for the job. SAD … truly sad. "I swear – by my life and my love of it – that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
    – John Galt, Ayn Rand,
    Atlas Shrugged

  16. Phil says:

    Thanks for mentioning that Obama was given a TOTALLY free pass. As were his lackeys, Hillary etc. Banana Republic, U.S.A.

  17. FedUp says:

    Has there ever been a more malevolent RINO than Sen. Flake ? Thank goodness he’s on his way out. Now, he vows to vote against all Federal Judge nominations untill he leaves office … no matter how qualified … just to spite Trump. What a scumbag !
    Regarding “investigations”… the next 2 years will be revealing. What BS will the Dirty Dems / Media Accomplices manufacture against Trump?
    Let’s hope that Trump will get his own “Wingman” Attorney General (remember Eric Holder refered to himself as Obama’s “wingman”)… and hope that Lindsay Graham is serious and becomes Sen. Judiciary Chairman. He has said he would absolutely support a 2nd Special Council to investigate the actual Russian Collusion… that was initiated by Hillary Clinton and the Dirty Democratic Party and was aided and abetted (illegally and criminally) by high level directors in the DOJ/FBI. The illegal sting and spy operation to undermine Trump’s campaign have been adequately exposed. The Fake Dossier the whole soap opera. The criminal’s responsible have thus far escaped prosecution. Hopefully, a real Attorney General will prosecute the Swamp criminals without mercy. Mueller should also be investigated as he is also likely complicit in the Trump smear conspiracy.

    • lee says:

      Senator flake said.that he will not be casting a vote.on federal judge nominees.until there's a vote on the bill that would protect Mueller from trump firing him.since trump appointed his loyalist Matthew Whittaker.as attorney general to protect him from the Mueller investigation.trump knows that Mueller knows that he and putin are partners.and soon will be exposed.you must be a putin operative to spew so much misinformation.

      • FedUp says:

        Why pray tell does Mueller need “protection” ? Is he guilty of a crime ? I thought non stop money grubbing via endless legal fees and impugning one’s political opponents was acceptable practice in the DC Swamp. Maybe the DOJ/FBI should investigate their own internal election interference and YES their collusion with Russian operatives via the FAKE dossier. Will the Swamp investigate and PROSECUTE themselves ? Not unless we get a real Attorney General. Mueller’s whole investigation is noting but a highly funded Coup attempt, and a cover-up for the real crimes committed by the DOJ/FBI in collusion with the Democratic Party.

  18. Steve Victor says:

    Whatever his faults, Trump is the Republicans’ last hurrah. Barring some sort of miracle, and even if he wins re-election, by 2024 the country will be in worse shape and more people (including those in red states) will be receiving government benefits. A majority of voters will not chance the loss of said benefits. The system will give way, and the DD’s will have permanent control of the government. After that, a death spiral for USA is inevitable.

  19. Raoul says:

    In these insane times, if you have no gold, you are skating on thin ice…….gold is a necessary protection against the tyranny of the looney left…

  20. James says:

    Raoul… If and when tyranny does come, ammunition will be worth much more than gold. Ammunition will become a type of currency. Buy it and store it. You heard it here first!

  21. Raoul says:

    People in Venezuela who own gold are doing just fine…..they are in a position to buy their way through and out of a mess that is impossible to do with the worthless Venezuelan bolivar.

    • lee says:

      Buying yourself through and out of a mess with gold.is one thing.trading food for gold if food is the only thing you have is another.

  22. Raoul says:

    Excepting end-of-the world scenarios, with gold as payment, food finds a way, however mysteriously, of appearing….

  23. Nick says:

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  24. Trump Voter says:

    Gosh, uh, Robert you pull no punches when saying it like it is !!
    May the democ-rats swim in a bowl of sewage chili ! I'm a Trump voter and thrilled that we gained a bigger
    majority in the Senate. I hope we keep Mississippi Tuesday night ! The dem-rats are either stupid,
    uninformed or evil. Or maybe all three. Lets get some more conservative judges appointed already !!!
    Luv ya, Robert!

  25. Charles N. Steele says:

    I agree with Ringer's analysis, but there are a couple of things I don't get about all this, esp. the comments that follow.

    The whole discussion sounds like a bunch of fans observing sports: "What will the coaches and teams do, will they wake up and change strategy, tactics, etc.?" This isn't sports, and we're not observers, we *are* the participants. "What are WE going to do?" is a more appropriate question. Elections are important but only a small part of the overall picture, same for all the shenanigans in DC. I'm not particularly inclined to sit and wait for the "inevitable" death spirals and collapse and tyranny and don't believe in them. We ought to be talking about how to put the left into collapse.

  26. WINDOWS MAC says:

    will they wake up and change strategy, tactics, etc.?" This isn't sports, and we're not observers, we *are* the participants. "What are WE going to do?" is a more appropriate question. Elections are important but only a small part of the overall picture, same for a

  27. jonr says:

    we *are* the participants. "What are WE going to do?" is a more appropriate question. Elections are important

  28. jony129 says:

    we *are* the participants. "What are WE going to do?" is a more appropriate question. Elections are important

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  29. jony129 says:

    we *are* the participants. "What are WE going to do?" is a more appropriate question. Elections are important

  30. Poster Child says:

    The Plain Truth about Donald Trump

    The Plain Truth about Donald Trump

  31. bextol says:

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