Donald Trump’s Valiant Try

Posted on August 9, 2016 by Robert Ringer


The message to Donald Trump over the past couple of weeks has been crystal clear: Welcome to the world of the Washington Crime Syndicate, Mr. Trump. It’s an enterprise that’s a hundred times nastier than the Manhattan real estate business.

In fact, it’s the only business I know where it’s generally accepted that everyone lies, steals, cheats, and deceives on a regular basis, and many will even kill (usually by indirect means) if they believe that’s what it takes to achieve or hang onto power.

I’m not saying that every crook in Washington is on a par with Horrible Hillary, but, make no mistake about it, corruption is an accepted part of The Game. And if you join The Club, then refuse to play The Game, you had better be on your toes, because the establishment won’t think twice about putting a political contract out on you.

Naïve soul that I am, I didn’t believe Trump could be brought to his knees to the point of feeling that he had to officially endorse two of the most unprincipled, cowardly members of his own party, Rat Ryan and Mush McCain, in order to keep from falling so far behind Horrible Hillary that he would have no chance to catch her. Say it ain’t so, Donald!

I have to believe that a lot of passengers on the Trump Train were really bummed out by his obligatory endorsement of 2020 presidential aspirant Ryan, and devastated beyond belief that he would go still further and endorse McCain as well. I mean, for decades Mush has been the poster codger for everything that’s wrong with Washington.

But DT still wasn’t through. For good measure, he inexplicably endorsed no-name Kelly Ayotte. It was a very sad spectacle to see this proud business giant scramble for Republican brownie points.

So the question is, did Trump send a signal that he, too, can be counted on to fall in line and become part of the rigged system he has railed against for more than a year, or is he just using the same stealth strategy that the world’s most famous community organizer employed to sneak into the White House? By stealth strategy, I mean saying whatever it takes to get elected, then, once in office, giving the middle finger to the dupes who voted for you by ignoring your campaign promises and carrying out your real agenda.

It should also be noted that in his speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Trump dutifully stayed glued to his teleprompters and tried to sound “presidential” — so presidential that I heard through the grapevine that it caused George Will to have his first erection since puberty.

So the big question is whether or not acting presidential will help or hurt him. The problem is that, through his own arrogance, stupidity, and loose tongue, Trump has managed to box himself into a corner. The conundrum he has created for himself is that if he “acts presidential” (i.e., acts like an establishment candidate), he risks losing the enthusiastic supporters who were instrumental in his becoming the Republican nominee in the first place.

On the other hand, if he returns to the bombastic, in-your-face Trump that drew millions of voters to him, he risks alienating the Republican Mafia more than he already has, and the result of that could be enough Republicans voting for Horrible Hillary to (gasp!) make her president of the United States.

It reminds me of Harry Browne’s admonishment decades ago that you should always display your true self, because if you try to be something or somebody you are not, those who might be attracted to the real you won’t recognize you when you cross their path.

With that in mind, it’s worth remembering that those who want Trump to become more genteel forget that millions of voters — not to mention heavyweights like Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, Sean Hannity, Ben Carson, General Michael Flynn, Laura Ingraham, Rick Perry, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Giuliani, to name but a few — absolutely loved the unpolished, unscripted version of Donald Trump.

Now, Trump has fallen into the trap of trying to please everyone, which, throughout human history, has proven to be a near impossible task. He’s going to have to walk a fine line not to disappoint his original supporters while at the same time not alienating the vicious, petty, unprincipled members of the Republican establishment.

While some Trump supporters may have buyer’s remorse knowing that most of the other candidates in the Republican primary field easily could have beaten the most flawed and hated Democratic candidate in history, they forget one thing: Had any of those other candidates become president, the criminal enterprise in Washington would have continued unabated, because every politician plays The Game to one extent or another. The only candidate who is entirely unacceptable to the Washington Crime Syndicate is someone who might make a serious attempt to bring The Game to an end.

I therefore feel obliged to say that, based on what we’re now seeing, it’s unlikely that the newly minted Donald Trump would make a serious effort to destroy The Game. I believe his heart is in the right place and that he would make a reasonable attempt to do some of the more obvious things — such as putting the influx of Mideast refugees on hold, building “the wall,” giving the coal-mining industry a green light, strongly supporting both the military and local police, tinkering around the edges of Obamacare, and so on.

But with both factions of Congress against him, any effort on his part to fundamentally transform the United States of America back into its former self would be impossible. Which raises the question: Why, then, has Congress given Barack Obama everything he desires? The answer is pretty obvious: It’s because Obama, like George Bush before him, wants ever-bigger government. Whether its Marxism or capitalism, Congress will support just about anything so long as it doesn’t prevent government from continuing to grow.

Only a fool believes that any government on earth is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Government is — and has always been — of the politicians, by the politicians, and for the politicians. That’s why major changes occur only through violent revolution. Only the barrel of a gun can change the hearts and minds of men.

That said, there can be no doubt in the mind of any sane person of goodwill that Donald Trump would cause less harm to America than a congenital liar and hardened criminal like Horrible Hillary. Less harm was the case when an accident of history like Ronald Reagan somehow stumbled into the presidency. Reagan’s policies were a big improvement overall in that life became a bit more tolerable, but government kept right on growing and freedoms keep right on shrinking.

So long as you think of even the best candidates in this light, you’re likely to be far less stressed and far less disappointed. Only citizen statesmen with no political experience, coupled with term limits, could bring about major change. And with the current criminal system firmly in place in Washington, short of employing the Founders’ solution to tyranny, major change is not possible. Obama didn’t fundamentally transform America, as he would like us to believe. He merely grew government and shrunk freedom much faster than any of his predecessors had done.

Still in all, it was fun watching Donald Trump give it a valiant try for more than a year and scare the hell out of the robber barons who have held the reins of power ever since “The Great Experiment” began to fall apart. And even now, the possibility that he might just make things a bit more tolerable sounds pretty appealing to me.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

77 responses to “Donald Trump’s Valiant Try”

  1. NotPropagandizd says:

    Well, at least Ted Cruz who you hate so much for being principled did not violate his principles. So Trump brings himself down while also taking Cruz down. Pretty obvious that all those Dimocrats who chose Trump to root out DC Cartel and Corruption chose unwisely. There he was, Hispanic Constitutional expert, dedicated to conservative governance, economic and foreign policy and USA wanted blind vengeance and missed out on ugly Cruz who campaigned without celebrity or media saavy that DT worked so hard to acquire and naively expected the CorruptMedia to line up for him. I hoped Trump could pull it off, REALLY DID. Maybe he will. The future for USA is dark, indeed.

    • GW-Montana says:

      Except that Cruz was not eligible. Neither was that sell-out Rubio.

      • RS - MN says:

        Exactly. As well as the current white House usurper – not natural born legally, by way of his father. A vote for Cruz or Rubio is to personally shred the Constitution, and give personal legitimacy to the Usurper's reign of terror…I could never pull the lever for Cruz or Rubio.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        Both Cruz an Rubio were legally qualified. The Court has ruled on this time and time again … you have a misguided opinion but it is not a part of the law …. the Court has ruledHow about judicial precedent? Let's look at the SCOTUS decision in the Rodgers vs Bellei case.

        -The appellee, Aldo Mario Bellei (the plaintiff), was born in Italy on December 22, 1939.

        -The plaintiff's father has always been a citizen of Italy, and never has acquired United States citizenship. The plaintiff's mother, however, was born in Philadelphia in 1915, and thus was a native-born United States citizen. She has retained that citizenship. Moreover, she has fulfilled the requirement of § 301(a)(7) for physical presence.

        Aldo Mario Bellie was declared a citizen of the United States at birth by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1971.

    • RKR says:

      Not a fan of "principled" Cruz. Never was. Reminded me of a slick lawyer (which he was) from the outset. He used people to pursue his goals. I am no fan of Mitch McConnell. Cruz was despicable when he called McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate. A wordsmith like Cruz should have been able to at least say the same thing in a more, shall we say, polite manner. A real man would have marched into McConnell's office and told him to his face. But principled Ted was trying to make points with his base and on television, no less. Another point. For someone who claimed to be a Christian, it would be hard to tell by Ted's giving. According to tax records released by Cruz for the years 2006-2010, he gave $44,000 although his income was over $5,000,000. That's less than 1%. Ted talks religion but doesn't practice it—at least in his giving. Any Christian who puts God first in his (her or its) life usually give a tithe (10%) or more right off the top of his income. Apparently many Evangelicals could see right through Mr. Cruz. He talks but doesn't do. As Hillary said in her DNC acceptance speech, "Follow the money." That phrase not only tells us a lot about Hillary, it equally has told us a lot about Cruz. Oh, Trump is no paragon of virtue either. Far, far from it. At least, he has promised to disrupt the Washington power brokers' apple cart. Fed up with politicians.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        In late October Hillary campaign will release the mountain of evidence that Trump built his real estate business on the political and Union connections of the Mafia… Bloomberg covered this in a report on Monday of this week!

        • Jean says:

          That would apply to anyone who did business in NYC during the late /70s and early '80s. If you know anything of NYC history, the mob ruled the construction business, and had the head of the concrete and foundation pouring union in its grasp. If you built a doghouse, you had to use union – and therefor mob connected – workers. The municipal garbage was also mob controlled, so Mayor Dinkins, Ed Koch, et. al. (all Dems, BTW) also made contracts with the Lucchese family operation. It wasn't until Rudy Giuliani brought down the Luccheses and all those connected that the grip of the mob was released from construction, wholesale food and garment manufacturing and garbage collection. If Hillary thinks her "news" is some kind of blockbuster, she's got another thing coming. Her connections and pay to play with foreign entites who are hostile to US interests is MUCH more noteworthy and newsworthy.

      • Jay says:

        Ted Cruz is just another puppet of Goldman Sachs. His wife works for them and has borrowed over $750,000 against her equity account. Ted has, it is said, borrowed over $1,500,000 from them. While everyone in the campaign except Trump is beholden to Goldman Sachs, Cruz' obligation relative to his net worth and background is one of, if not the, highest.

        • ellis baxter says:

          Puppet ? You are so mislead it is silly. Think, how much he could have gotten with out a loan if you were right … you folks make me sick. No, I was not for Cruz but at some point the defalcations you folks put forth must be answered.

  2. Paul says:

    Maybe, just maybe Gary Johnson can get to 15% in the pols & get to debate Hillary & Donald. Maybe, just maybe, the public would be open to him….sigh.

    • Paul Anthony says:

      And maybe, if enough people here there is an alternative to the Republicrats, he might win in a few states – just enough to prevent Clinton and Trump from reaching the magic number of Electoral votes.
      That would send the election to the House of Representatives where each state gets one vote. The House could only consider candidates that won at least one state, so they would have 3 choices.
      The Republicans control the House and would not dare vote for Hillary. Neither Party wants to vote for Trump. Johnson could become President!

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Unfortunately, Gary Johnson is not a true libertarian (heck, he has a statist, Wm. Weld as his running mate), so it would likely only hurt DT in his attempts to dethrone Hildabeast, the rottenest individual to run for Prez since the equally horrid sociopath, LBJ. Ron Paul is not even endorsing Johnson, and since he is the ONLY principled person to come out of Washington in my lifetime (b. 1950), I am in agreement with RR that a Trump victory will at least decrease the likelihood of perpetual war, keep the immigration flood at bay, and keep absurd libtards from being appointed to the Supreme Court which otherwise would completely dismantle America. The sun is setting on the American Empire, for sure, but if fools select Hildabeast, you can just put the accelerator on that decline.

      • Paul Anthony says:

        There is always debate in the Libertarian community about what constitutes a "true Libertarian".
        Weld was a disappointing choice, but Johnson would be President.
        Social conservatives and fiscal liberals would be disappointed, but the majority of Americans are social moderates and fiscal conservatives (except those on the dole).
        More importantly, Johnson's success in even a few states would signal a trend away from the rigid two-party system.

        • Jim Hallett says:

          I'm all for a trend away from the Demopublican/Republocrat one-party system with two wings (I voted for Ron Paul in '08 and "NO" in 2012 since RP was not on my state ballot), and I do agree that most people are social moderates ("tolerants" is probably more accurate, in that they don't much care about what people do with their own lives, as long as it does not interfere with others' lives) and fiscal conservatives. The real crux of the problem is that government is inherently evil, and a few patchwork changes will not really usher in liberty, particularly with a horrid Federal Reserve system that controls the money supply and benefits only the globalist elites. Libertarian ideas get little exposure (other than what Ron Paul accomplished and he was pretty much shut out by the lamestream media liars), and with all the support for disgusting socialism, as evidenced by the Sanders voters, that is sorely needed. I'm all for Johnson being part of the debates, but just not sold on him as president.

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      One would hope .. if the debate happens then we could have a change … reason vs. Lies, corruption and immoral practice … ! Gary Johnson will mop the floor with these two …

  3. Bobolito says:

    Good one Robert. I hold out the same hope.

  4. Kygirl says:

    Yes, unfortunately, Donald Trump sold us out to the Republican establishment, and the worst part of it is that it will make no difference to them. They are not going to support him, and he risks losing the base of his support that put him where he is. He wil have to run the worst campaign in our history to actually lose to Hillary Clinton, but he is well on his way to doing just that. If I could give him any advice, I would say be yourself, and hire Dick Morris to guide you. He knows how to defeat the Clintons like no one else out there!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Good idea about Dick Morris, Kygirl. I wonder if he's thought about it.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        At Dick (which one can sign up for), there is a daily video that is quite informative. I do hope someone on Trump's team is aware of the strategies, since Morris has seen the "king (& queen) undressed" like no one else. He is privy to most of their evil of murders, lies, cover-ups, bribes, scams, etc.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        What he could have done was to get james baker to run the campaign … and reach out to Cruz, Levin and Kasich …

  5. Bill says:

    Spot on Mr. Ringer … spot on. I lament the turn of events also.

  6. Jay says:

    The Founders solution to tyranny must come about. I hope that a new strong qualified honest leader of the people rises and forms a well regulated militia of many millions of fed up conservatives. That will bring an end to the game…

    • Jim Hallett says:

      HONEST people do not seek to rule others, since the system in place is based completely on theft, coercion and murder, plain and simple. To expect a principled honorable person to seek out what amounts to an organized crime syndicate is a pipedream. We need to get government OUT of our lives, and not just change horses of who is going to maybe steal less, lie less, or murder only occasionally. DT can hold off the forces of evil better and for a longer time, than a Hildabeast who is merely the poster child for such immorality. She is already bought and paid for by all the globalist elites and power brokers.

      • I agree with your assessment. If the good people of America did rise up and revolt against the tyrannical government, how would it start? And who would the initial leaders be? I would like to hear the different scenarios. I cannot understand why the people aren't standing up and shouting about all of the corruption and criminal doings that the politicians seem to be engaged in. Are the people too caught up in their own worlds to care? Or, are they scared of government reprisal? Let's hear everyone's opinions on this…

        • ◄Dave► says:

          Jay, has it ever occurred to you to envy those "too caught up in their own worlds to care?"

          Our founders placed much emphasis on man's natural rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The very purpose of 'Life' is the 'Pursuit of Happiness.' One does not find happiness by focusing on evils beyond one's control. If ignorance really is bliss, then perhaps we all should turn off the news. Then, at least the oligarchs couldn't keep us riled up, and at each other's throats, instead of their own.

          Since 'Liberty' is the antithesis of the state, the best way to achieve personal freedom, is to simply ignore the very existence of governments, as best one can. Doing so as an individual, does not require 'leaders' or any sort of organized 'revolt,' and one's personal success does not require convincing anyone else of anything.

          Bobbing, weaving, and dodging the occasional government agent, is infinitely easier and more effective, than trying to convince enough sheeple to vote for less government. Never assume that all those of us who vote 'None of the Above,' by the simple expedient of boycotting elections, are just apathetic.

          What would happen if they held an election and nobody came? At least they couldn't claim a 'mandate' for their agenda. Practically, the whole sham UniParty government would collapse almost overnight, without firing a shot. Then, the even more provocative question could be pondered: why bother to replace it? What actually useful function does government perform that couldn't be done better and cheaper by private enterprise? ◄Dave►

          • Robert Ringer RJR says:

            Spoken like a Harry Browne disciple.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Of course, Robert. I have been an ardent devotee, since I first read "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World." With apologies for some of your own, which I similarly cherish, that is my all-time favorite book. I have reread it at least once a year since 1979, just to keep myself grounded. ◄Dave►

          • Jim Hallett says:

            Well-spoken, Dave. The acts of nullification of the State are the most powerful for individuals, as it is nearly impossible to initiate a movement, and of course, you just place a target on your back for the Deep State to harass you, steal from you more, or worse, kill you. I do not recognize my state govt. nor the clowns in DC, and keep all my interactions at a bare minimum. Some of the folks that Jay was referring to being caught up in their pursuit of happiness are not really doing so intentionally as much as they have been so dumbed down that they don't even know what's going on. I'm all for leaving others alone, which is exactly why Hildabeast represents the very worst of a bad system. I voted for Ron Paul in '08 and "NO" in 2012 (RP was not on my state's ballot, and I wanted to convey my disgust for the Demopublican monolith that was offering up garbage choices). Finding ways to extract oneself from the evil Federal Reserve system could have the most potent results, since the Deep State depends on this horrid entity to prop up all its activities. As mentioned in earlier emails, the Harry Browne book cited is my absolute favorite of all time, and I appreciate the links you sent to me for his 4 audios after 9/11. "Restoring the American Dream" by RR is another great classic!

          • Jay says:

            Dave and Jim, You are disturbing my pursuit of happiness by making me think about the value of your combined wisdom. I've never thought along those lines. But what you both say, makes sense to me. I just hate the idea of not trying to educate the dumb, motivate the lazy, and correct the corrupt. But in the end, we do have to take care of ourselves. I welcome mor of your wisdom. And I will pick up the book you both mentioned.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            I'm impressed, Jay. It is always refreshing to encounter an open mind. You will enjoy the book. It is now available on Kindle; but I must warn you that it will likely change your life. Jim, Robert, and I will reserve a spot for you in our Harry Browne fan club. ◄Dave►

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Agreed, Jim. "Restoring the American Dream," and its bibliography, initially made a libertarian out of me, before Browne taught me to concentrate on my own Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. ◄Dave►

          • Kaizen says:

            The book you refer to is surprisingly 43 years old but is probably more relevant today than it was when it was published……..and that perhaps is an even bigger surprise. I read it for the first time in 1979. It has been available as a direct download for sometime and I am mindful that by attaching the link here, people can choose whether to make a contribution for it or not. After all what this book teaches us is how to choose! As you say Dave, it is a literary classic and should be a "must read".
            I'm responding to your post (I'm from the UK) because both our nations are are in the grip of propaganda doom merchants – the UK because of our recent BREXIT vote from the EU and the USA, it appears, are destined for a new President where the leading candidates are none-too-attractive for the silent majority. Consequently, Harry Browne's Freedom could really be a boon for those struggling to come to terms with life's tapestry and It may, just may, enable some of the silent majority to recognise their place in it, as it has for you and me too. For those interested, here's the link:

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Welcome to the book club, Kaizen. Thanks for the link. That site is quite a resource. I am sure that Harry would not object to his classic being now available for free, to anyone willing to take the time to read it. Pamela was well taken care of, and I personally bought dozens of copies of it, to give to others I cared about, back when he was still alive. Besides, I am not sure I even agree with the notion of intellectual property being inheritable, by those who had little or nothing to do with its creation. ◄Dave►

          • Ronald West says:

            Thank you so much for the link. I love Harry Browne's books. I have never read this one but I just got thru the Foreward. I first started reading "You Can Profit from the coming Devaluation in 1974, followed by "You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis", "The Complete Guide to Swiss Banks", "New Profits from the Monetary Crisis". All of his books taught me more about economics and reality than many years of university. Thanks again.

  7. Lprice says:

    There is a lot of rumor of Hilary being sick. Maybe we will be lucky and she will have to drop out. Unfortunately there is not much time for that.

    • NotPropagandizd says:

      The important thing for Dimocrats is electing DimPrez so that they keep their corrupt criminal tracks covered. Matters not that Cankles chokes to death. They have bought off Kaine and he permanentizes DimRule. DimVoters are dumber than our voters and there are more of them. Either way, shallow observers of current events who use shallow impressions to determine their vote doom us all.

  8. Rock Roach says:

    I just don't think there are enough smart people to follow in Trump's philosophy by itself to get elected. Even while looking like a complete fraud at the Dnc ( Sanders), the Sanders voters
    for the most part are following in line with HRC.There is too much deviation in the polls at the moment to even believe they are remotefully truthful.
    Trump has to stay on message and quit worrying about Allah
    forcing him into unforced mistakes.But how can the average undecided voter even consider Hillary with the recent leakage of events ?

  9. Andy O'Bryan says:

    90 more days, a lot can happen.

  10. Charles Cohen says:

    Easy on the name calling, please. I think we have lost our minds.
    We cannot drag our brothers and sisters through the mud and come out with clean hands. And if we believe that all politicians lie, why do we still sing praises to the name. At what point do we stop accepting their statements with such hope and admiration. Hate is an ugly disposition.
    I this the side of us we want to instill in our children?

  11. Andrew says:

    Let's still hope that Trump proves your cynicism to be untrue. He's still going to need a lot of help from patriots everywhere. Clean up DC!

  12. Texas Wolfie says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that HRC would eat a hole through her child and grandchild to be the most powerful person in the world. Scary stuff. Donald has to learn to control of his motor mouth.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      You are exactly right. I remember when Don Imus said that Al Gore would give up his wife and children in exchange for being president. These people are criminally sick.

  13. letterman88 says:

    Politics as usual. So, what else is new? Check the wind, change course as necessary. Anything different? Nope, not if you want to be the Prez. Conform or be cast out. It's about winning votes. Where's "Dr. No" when you need him?

  14. David Hill says:

    We, you and I have to wonder how on earth did the Greatest Nation of these past 240 years become so idiotic to permit a bellicose Grandpa vs slick Willy's enabling psychotic Grandmother to act out the charade of "How to get elected President of the U.S." At what point in the journey of the U.S.A. Republic was the Founding Fathers itinerary to self-fulfillment, and prosperity for all, lost to rancor, along with the country's noble moral compass? What ship of fools are we on to believe that to play along with this stupid, stupid charade will end well? The ship of State is taking on water and is sinking.

  15. arnoldsviewblog says:

    You want an alternative? Are you ready for an alternative! If so join me in writing in Benny, my dog, for president.

  16. GW-Montana says:

    We shall see what DT has up his sleeve as we go forward to November…. Remember, What one says now does not mean what ones says later…. Even DT has changed his mind. And if Mush McCain and Raunchy Ryan get trounced by their voters, DT can still come back and say "his" was an obligatory endorsement.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Ryan and McCain will win their races, which is probably one of the reasons why DT decided to capitulate and give them a lukewarm endorsement.

  17. During the 1940s, I went to a one room country school until 7the Grade. Every morning we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag (and for which it stands) and our best teacher was very patriotic and moral. And now my generation is almost gone. My point? Only regret that "after the War", America began to go down. Ir is sad. No wonder those monitors in the UFOs don't land! Maybe they know what would be in store for them if they did.

  18. Allen Hamm says:

    The most surprising thing to me has been how un-strategic Trump is. A strategic mind has a "pause" between stimulus and response, to consider his or her objective, and how best to respond based on that objective. Instead, Trump speaks right off the top of his head. He's gotten away with that in business, because he walks in as the big shot. An election is different, it's a different kind of "sale". He's cost himself this election. He has millions of people who will vote for him, regardless of what he says. He has the same number of millions who won't vote for him, regardless of what he says. That leaves a small percentage of voters (maybe 20%) who will listen to both candidates, and decide, based on their "reasonableness", leadership, thinking skills, etc. (I'm one of those 20%). He's alienated the large percentage of this 20% with comments that "made enemies for free". He gained nothing and lost a lot with his comments. The election will probably be an electorial landslide, even though 40% plus of the general population will vote for him. By not being strategic, he'll lose the majority of the 20% of the population that he needed to attract: those of us who want to see a leader, not someone acting like a second grader. Second graders take criticism personally (because of low or yet undeveloped self esteem) calls others names, based on their size, skin color, ethnicity, religion. The country's in trouble for sure. And it didn't have to be this way. He needed to be strategic. He wasn't.

  19. jbedunah2 says:

    I don't think his fans are going anywhere. Hillary may lead in the "polls" but there is a huge enthusiasm gap and I think a lot of people will stay home rather than be bothered with it… just like they are staying home for her "rallies" yet Trump's are packed.

  20. Smucko says:

    People, PEOPLE!!! Did we move back to Medieval England where all that you could do was hope for a Benevolent King? Is the fact that Obama, Hillary, and Trump are NOT the White Knight that we hoped for mean the country is gone forever? What made this Experiment in Democracy different from anything before? Well, it gave us another remedy besides armed conflict to throw the scoundrels out. It is called voting for Constitutionalist for Congress! You can't keep sending corruptible people to Washington as your representative, and then let them stay up there because they bring home the bacon.

    Did you really think that if we could just get Trump or Cruz in there that they would take a sword to all of the filth that surrounded them? My disappointment with Cruz was that he never explained to the voters that the reason that he was running was to change the rules of The Game, and that he needed us to send him Wingmen (fellow constitutionalist) to replace their corrupt Democrat or Rino. Instead, his ego led him into a losing Pissing Contest with Trump, and he fell apart. Now, Trump has zipped up his pants and gone to the other side.

    So, we're back to Congress. Or, am I the only one who thinks that Congress is the way back? I've never understood how the American voter has for decades given Congress as a whole a dismal 10-30% Approval Rating, give the Fed more and more power, send 97% of the incumbents back to office, and then telegraph to them that we wouldn't consider a 3rd Party, so they are safe. Brother! The next time someone says, "Do they think we are stupid?", answer them with "No, they know you are".
    If you want a Constitutional President, then you have to have a Congress that will impeach him if he pulls an "Obama". If you want a Supreme Court that will reel in a wayward President or Congress, then you have to elect a Congressmen that will confirm only Supreme Court nominees that accept the fact that that is their job.
    So, instead of trying to find one White Knight for President, why don't you look closer at who you are sending up. It will take a generation or two, but it will be worth the effort.

    • America is a Republic Not a Democracy. That is a key issue in all of our troubles today. Dumbed Down, Numbed up, Tuned Out and Turned Off People as to WHAT we are supposed to be and WHY it's important. What MAKES that important.

  21. RKR says:

    Ultimately a Trump presidency mean nothing if the House and Senate are lost. Also, practically nothing will get done if Trump alienates every Republican. Nasty business is politics. The master negotiator is making some compromises in order to achieve a goal. But watching it happen is nauseating. Maybe we all need to throw up so we can feel better.

  22. Although I agree with your statements there is one characteristic that shines through the realm of possibility. Trump in the white house is NOT the end all to the graft and corruption in DC and politics in general. Trump in the white house will require every single believer in a true Constitutional government to step up to the plate. If Congress and the Senate still act as though Americas founding documents are the toilet paper they assume them to be it will be our duty to recall them out of their elitist mindset, immediately, and remind or perhaps I should say ENFORCE the fact that We the People are the boss. We have remedy to corruption and no shot need be fired. A real Republic is governed by Rule of Law and Law is no respecter of persons. EVERYONE is treated equally under the law. It would finally be a great day to have a friend in the oval office and to be able to get the thinking class back in the game, of which there are many. Personally, I'd like to have that friend in the white house.

  23. Reality Seeker says:

    Excellent article, but I think most of us who regularly comment here had no allusions about Trump.

    Trump is no Ron Paul, and even if he was there's no going back to an American Republic. We are all subjects of the American Empire now.

    In my mind, there was never any question about Trump making deals. When he made the deal with fat-mouth RINO Chris Chrisie, that told me all I needed to know. But I didn't even need to know anything knew because I'm a native New Yorker. Donald is been a well known figure for decades.

    Donald's big mistake(s) is continually taking the bait. For example, Khan was the bait. The Great White Shark sunk his teeth in Khan and got harpooned by John McCain and dozens of other RINOs — many of whom said they are voting for Hillary……lol.

    It just goes to show how even sharp guys like Donald can get suckerd.

    In the end, maybe it's better if Hillary gets elected; because it's overdue for the SHTF; and Hillary being President during the socioeconomic collapse would place the blame right where it best belongs.

    The debates are coming up. That's what is going to determine who moves into the White House.

    • Teri says:

      Your thought…maybe it's better if Hillary gets elected. Have thought the same thing.
      She deserves this country in the state it's in.
      She deserves all the beggers that will show up at the White House.
      Her party wanted all to depend on the government and since 60% of us do, I hope they overrun the place.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Yeah, Teri, I agree with the old adage, " the majority get the government they deserve". Yet, I really hate the unfairness of the situation, because, correspondingly, this also means that you, many others and I get the government that we the minority don't deserve.

        The best we can do is resist were and when possible, but, ultimately, our personal survival and happiness all comes down to understanding the cycle of the rise, plateauing and the subsequent and inevitable fall of empires.

        Personally, I cannot say with absolute certainty that the American Empire has plateaued or, perhaps, that the Empire has been descending for some time. Some would say that the Empire has been slowly moving down since the 50s. I say: maybe. What I've found in my very long and extensive research is that great empires rise, plateau and fall not smoothly, but with very great socioeconomic vacillations. For example, the American Civil War was a great vacillation during the rise of the American Empire, yet many people thought at the time it was the end of the Union. It was not.

        A President Hillary may or may not mark the end, it might just mark a significant vacillation to the downside…….

        Personally, I'm gunning up and preparing for the worst, but, at the same time, hoping for the best….

  24. Allen Hamm says:

    jbedunah2: The only way he'll lose a few of his fans is if he keeps running at the mouth with his immature comments. For example, he's about to lose my vote (I may just stay home). But most will stick with him. I'll repeat: He's lost this race because he's made stupid comments that gained him nothing, and cost him millions of votes. That's the difference in who will be our next president. Running against Hillary, this was his race to lose, and he'll lose it. It's his own fault. Probably so arrogant that he thought his skills as a business person were directly transferable to an election. He didn't study the nuances of the "new language".

  25. Mommabe says:

    I have voted republican my entire life. I was loyal and even voted for stupid Mitt Romney when I was not enthused. Romney, Bush, and the others who we loyally supported have been going against Trump. They are also going against the candidate who the people elected because they are so smart and think they know better. If Trump does not win because of the never Trump group I am done with the Republican Party permanently. If we are stuck with Hilliary/Obama as president I will blame them for not supporting the party as we have loyally done.

  26. MB Lennon says:

    What gets me is making Trump pledge to support whoever would win the Republican nomination. They made such a big deal about that, and now look. Talk about recent traitors! I remain totally Trump.

    • Mommabe says:

      Well said and I agree completely. The never Trump republicans have been ridiculous. And they also backed out of the pledge. Why were we loyal to this party? I would have voted for any of the 18 republican candidates if they won even tho I disliked many of them.

  27. Paul Herring says:

    As a non-US citizen I'm finding these debates as to who will win the US Presidency pretty alarming. Neither candidate seems acceptable to those they'll govern over. Not just unacceptable, but disrespected too. Perhaps the two candidates aren't worthy of respect.

    It all seems so gloomy. With politics though, in my experience wherever they are politicians will do whatever it takes to remain in power. This isn't a recent phenomenon – it's been like that for decades, even generations.

    Most of you have read my remarks in Robert's previous postings re these matters. As a keen Bible student for 45 years it's become ever clearer to me that what it says at Jeremiah 10:23, "I know, Lord, that our lives are not our own, that we’re not able to direct our paths." (Common English Bible translation) has proven true.

    So man wasn't created to, as it were, govern himself. He was created with a free will yes, but to be guided and directed by his Maker. The vast majority has chosen not to be so guided and we now are reaping the consequences of that choice.

    So whether Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton wins in November this year is only temporary at best. Ultimately, as the Bible also prophesies, soon any and all human governments will have to make way for God's kingdom to be the sole rulership of a truly united world – one that the UN could never deliver.

  28. Rocketman says:

    Nothing can stop what is about to happen to America but a President Trump would have been able to slow it down and maybe give this country a few more years. A President Clinton will have us in a new war with the Russian government within a year after taking office and we are very likely to lose it because our troops are exhausted and our equipment is worn out. The active military knows this too. That's why the majority of them are supporting Gary Johnson who is running on a non-intervention platform.

  29. Curtis Lyndon Laird says:

    Nowhere does Mr. Ringer mention that many, many people, including 50 prominent GOP national security experts just yesterday, seriously question whether Trump is sane. Yes Hillary is a crook. But Trump looks entirely unhinged. From what I have read, the President has virtually unfettered ability to launch nuclear weapons. And Trump did not know what the nuclear triad is, does not read books, praises Putin, says others can get nukes, disparages veterans, etc., etc.

    • Rock Roach says:

      They are part of the Washington establishment that he is fighting vs anyway.Remember Isis has been a failure,not a victory,and these GOP officials are part of the Bush republcans and a few rinos that have been failures.

  30. Common Sense says:

    I just heard a clip of DT saying "…return to a government that puts people first…" He knows better, that's a lie.

    Citizens were NEVER first, never will be.

  31. Grant says:

    Now comes the frustration of picking a guy whose appeal is so limited that he's got to start groveling for voters and money to keep from being vaporized by a serial felon. Fun for some while it lasted. Too bad no serious candidates were available. Wait….

  32. P Wyse says:

    Wake up Robert, Trump is part of the establishment. If not he would not have access to capital and that is the lifeline of his empire. It has been another circus to decieve and entertain.

  33. david says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA… I said 6 months ago Trump didn't stand a chance since blacks, hispanics and women hate him.. and the GOP was crapping their pants that Trump would cost them the Senate and maybe congress as well… well, it looks like it's all coming true.. and it couldn't look better on them..

  34. Carolyn says:

    All you people are giving up so fast??? Makes me think that you didn't have your heart in changing things in the first place. Instead of complaining, go out there and get people to vote for Trump. It doesn't matter that the Rinos aren't backing him, they need to be replaced. It's time for term limits. Make it happen.

  35. Paul Herring says:

    Thanks for your post, Robert. The political scenario in the US seems to be very divided. We hope you get a government you can respect, but that seems to be further off than ever.

  36. John Sudlow says:

    Just my two cents about Ted Cruz: He looked like a non-repentant child molester.

  37. larajf says:

    I'm naive. I still believe we can get back a government of the people by the people.

  38. Raoul in Colorado says:

    Counting on elected politicians to reverse the corrupt neo-feudalistic system in which we live is asking a bit much. The bottom line is the system is not sustainable and will inevitably crash and thus correct itself despite any political action. Surging national debt, manipulated markets by the Fed, endless money printing coupled with an ineffective education system and corrupt press cannot continue indefinitely. Those prepared for the crash will survive, recover and may even prosper, those who aren’t prepared will not recover and a large portion will not survive. Just like the black plague, which caused untold misery, hastened the end of the middle ages and thus giving birth to the renaissance, so too will the impending economic collapse cause untold misery but will also give birth to a new and sustainable cultural and economic era.

  39. Jurgy says:

    DT is a preferable choice over $hillery, but her thighness will be "elected" by hook or by crook (most likely the latter) your next president …