Is Trump Trying to Lose?

Posted on April 2, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Now that Ted Cruz has closed the gap between Donald Trump and himself, a lot of Trump supporters are starting to show signs of exasperation. Even Ann Coulter said, “I am a little testy with our man right now.” Regarding Trump’s retweet of Heidi Cruz’s unflattering picture, Coulter added, “This is the worst thing he’s done.” (That was before his comment about punishing women who have abortions.)

Like pretty much everyone else, I find Trump to be a fascinating character — a psychiatrist’s dream if ever there was one. From the time he entered the race and went immediately to the head of the pack, it appeared to me that the Republican nomination was his for the taking. For many months, I had the feeling that any time he decided to put it into high gear, he could trot into the end zone untouched.

But what makes him such a great psychological study is that every time the Trump Train appears to be unstoppable, he doesn’t so much stumble as jump off a cliff. Perhaps the best example of this was when the nude photograph of his wife was made public. What a great advertisement for Trump. It was almost too good to be true. It looked like it was time for him to go ahead and make that trot into the end zone.

All he needed to do was say something like, “I want to thank whoever put that picture of my wife on the Internet. Isn’t she a gorgeous woman? Even better, she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside — and smart as a whip, to boot.”

Game over! How does a Trump hater respond to that? But, unfortunately for DT, that’s not what he said. Instead, he took the bait and jumped into a pot of boiling water, courtesy of Ted Cruz’s masterful portrayal of feigned indignation. Is it possible that Trump is just stupid — or perhaps emotionally unstable? I doubt it. I find it hard to believe that someone can build a multibillion dollar empire with either of those traits weighing him down.

The only answer I can come up with is one that I’ve mentioned on at least a couple of other occasions during this unbearably long campaign: Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president. A year ago, I didn’t think he would actually run, but since he got into the race and leaped to the top spot, a part of me has always wondered if his quick success didn’t take him by surprise.

More to the point, I wondered if he might not be thinking, “Whoa, hold on here. I was just looking to have some fun and get a little publicity in the process, but I don’t want to spend the next eight years of my life getting beat up by the media wing of the Democratic Party when I could be enjoying the sultan-style life I already have in place.” Speaking for myself, I sure wouldn’t trade Trump’s lifestyle for the rat-infested job of the presidency.

If this theory is correct (and it is just a theory), it would explain why Trump seems so self-destructive. Just think about it for a moment. No one has been able to damage him, no matter what they say or do. The only person who has hurt Donald trump is Donald Trump. He may not have seen the enemy as yet, but, clearly, the enemy is him.

In any event, the question now is, can Trump still win if he turns on the charm and acts “presidential?” Maybe, but an awful lot of damage has already been done and it’s getting late in the game. Wisconsin is probably lost, and, if so, getting to 1,237 is going to be even harder.

The sad thing about all this is that, contrary to popular belief, if Trump were to become the Republican nominee, he would absolutely destroy Hillary. The polls that show her beating him are meaningless — a complete joke. The election is more than seven months away, and in politics that’s a lifetime. He hasn’t even thrown a serous punch at her yet.

In fact, any Republican would defeat Hillary in a landslide. She would have difficulty getting through the first debate without having to be taken away and put in a padded cell. It would be like a felony buffet. Her opponent would have the luxury of picking and choosing from a delicious array of scandals, lies, and assorted crimes.

(Having said this, I still have my doubts that Hillary will even be the Democratic nominee. Let’s see what Mr. Comey comes up with in the next couple of months before anointing her. My guess is that Obama will assign Joltin’ Joe the task of securing a third term for himself, but Biden would not be hard to beat either.)

Now to the real bottom line that Trump supporters should keep in mind: The Trump phenomenon is not so much about him as it is a movement to get rid of career politicians. It’s about Mush McCain, Gomer Graham, Mooch McConnell, Santa Ryan, Twit Mitt, and just about everybody in the Dirty Dem wing of the Demopublican Party. Voters want their country back, and they want the thieves and liars in Washington put out to pasture — or, better yet, put in jail.

That said, if it looks like the Trump Train is likely to be derailed as convention time draws near, DT could become a genuine historical hero if he formed a third party. I would guess that anywhere from 50-75 percent of his supporters would jump off the Republican ship, which would surely end the viability of the Party.

However, once the first poll came out showing that the Republican Party was going to lose in a landslide to whomever the Democratic candidate might be, I believe the establishment would come knocking at Trump’s door and offer him the nomination if he would return. Or, even worse for Republicans, Trump’s third party might just move forward and beat the Republicans and the Democrats. In which case the corrupt Republican Party would fulfill its destiny of spending eternity in political hell alongside the long-deceased Whigs.

Actually, there is one other possibility I should mention: The Republican establishment, hysterical over the possible loss of their power and access to money and goodies, might just decide to play scorched earth, lose the election, lose the Supreme Court, lose the Senate, and make Lizardman Carville’s prediction that the Democrats would be in power for forty years come true.

Any way you look at it, it’s pretty ugly — and a very bad time to be an establishment Republican.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Nasdaq7 says:

    It seems some of his teams was not in place, foreign policy for example. As for the rest, perhaps his lack of patience and diplomacy with women is hurting him. But I think personally, he hasn't really taken the time to study foreign policy intensely or found the right combination of people. International relations is built upon trust and how the US treats Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea makes other countries nervous. Everything comes back to trust in my view. You need to take the risks to trust people, even if they are not the best and you need to constantly take risks over a long period, make improvements. One of the areas I love is the Middle East. I wish he had possibly some ideas lined up early. On his website, you can see some finished policy positions. US China-trade, health care reform, veterans administration, tax reforms, second amendment rights, immigration reform.

  2. Ron Walker says:

    Or there's the possibility that Trump knows the general election would very much resemble this current primary. A blood bath. If Reps has no stomach for the fight…why should he bother? Hillary will have no choice but to get very dirty, very fast. She will attack unmercilously. It's her last chance at winning the Presidency. We need Trump to take it to her. We won't win playing nice! This job requires a pit bull. So hire a pit bull.

    • Charles mcAdams says:

      You won't win period, with a misogynist, racist, unprepared blowhard who hasn't really addressed an issue with intelligence and is woefully ignorant of both foreign and domestic policy. He is the only Republican that is being beaten by both Democrats in the polls. The Republican party is in desperate need of change.

  3. Tim says:

    This is a much better article, Robert, articulate, well written and without the repetitive anti-left slogans.
    No crusading, just thoughtful, insightful comment.
    Keep it up !!!

  4. Ric says:

    Donald Trump's personality really isn't that hard to figure out. He was spoiled as a child, and never got that humbling come-uppance that most of us have. He thinks he can say and do anything and get away with it – because he always has. He is the classic example of the spoiled child growing into the spoiled adult. Some silver spoon kids over-indulge in alcohol, drugs, and good times – Trump over-indulged in his own ego. Self-promotion became his addiction long ago.

    The worst manifestation of this has been his refusal to even bone up on issues. I might be able to excuse not knowing what the nuclear triad is… but any Republican should be ready for drunken hacks like Chris Matthews and rapid fire abortion questions meant to promote the Democrat's worn out war-on-women canard. Why didn't Trump see it coming? Because he thinks he's too great and too loved to have to even study up on issues. He comes off as ignorant, arrogant, and worse – he doesn't even care. He appeals to the visceral, never to the thoughtful. He is absolutely devoid of even intellectual curiosity. Those who say it is now time for him to act presidential do not see that that is impossible for the spoiled adult. He could stand to read "Looking Out for #1".

    It is all too bad… because he represents a real turn from the useless, feckless Republican establishment, and because keeping Hillary out of the oval office is priority 1 – priority ONLY.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I believe your analysis of DT is probably pretty accurate. It may be too late for anyone close to him to help him change. We'll know in a couple of weeks. He has to win NY big or it's over.

      • Mark says:

        His candidacy was meant for protest and he wanted second place according to an ex-staffer who wrote an article about it on xojane.

        You should read the series that Scott Adams has been writing on his Dilbert blog.

        And regarding abortion, his position was consistent with his illegal immigration stance – lawbreakers should be punished.

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          They say $11bn has been spent on political advertising, Trump has spent almost nothing! And in New York City, for decades and decades the media has covered Donald Trump, so he might win big in New York City. They say in the history of the world, there has never been someone like Donald Trump, the media helped to create his mass legend… Google New York State (NY) Poll – March 31, 2016 – Clinton, Trump Have Big Leads.

        • patg2 says:

          What many people forget is that most women are deceived and/or coerced into abortion. In law, either of these would prevent conviction of a felony. Knowing what they are carrying is a human being means scienter. Many women lack scienter because everyone lies to them about the unborn, telling women that it's just a blob of tissue. Many women lack mens rea because various really important people (like the people that provide shelter for the woman and her child) coerce them into abortion they do not want. The only person who has both scienter and mens rea is the abortionist. He went to medical school in most cases; he knows good and well what he's doing. And nobody is making him do it. Prosecute a few women, stop a few abortions. Prosecute a few abortionists, stop tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of abortions. The purpose here is to protect innocent women and children (women who are coerced or deceived are innocent in the law), and to protect as many as possible. This means hundreds of thousands. Punishing individual women, or prosecuting them and losing because the accused lacks either mens rea or scienter, is simply not productive, doesn't begin to address the problem, and just adds another wound to an otherwise demolished woman. Most women realize sooner or later what they did, and it's devastating. The punishment is inherent. Some won't admit it, even to themselves, but it gnaws at them. Women need our compassion, concern, and help. They don't need to be punished when they were convinced they had no choice. Abortion is anti-woman. I see Trump's abortion stand as just another example of how little he thinks about the woman's perspective, and how insensitive he is to women in general. Trump worries me because he IS a spoiled brat. We already had one for eight years. We don't need another one. I wish it were not so. My only hope is that somehow Cruz (who repudiated American citizens with his stand in favor of Monsanto keeping us ignorant of the poisons in our "food") will wise up, and get the presidency.

        • Regarding abortion and other issues, Trump, it seems, is a damn you if you don't and damn you if you do position. Regarding abortion, I take an extreme view. If it isn't wanted for any reason, abort if that is the carriers choice! Especially if a poor kid is going to live life as a retarded or severly afflict person. My view, I believe, is more practical and humane, socially and individually.

          • patg2 says:

            You are in no position to predict the future of any unborn child. Some people grow up in poverty and do very well indeed; sometimes it is actually the environment most likely to spur them to success. Take Abraham Lincoln, for instance. Or Ben Carson. There is nothing humane about subjecting either children or women to abortion. If a baby isn't wanted, whose fault is that? The baby's? I don't THINK so. We act despicably when we kill people we choose not to want. So do terrorists who kill people they choose not to want. What's the difference?

          • Richard Lee Van DV says:

            FIRST, distinguish between BELIEF and FACT. No one, NO ONE knows for certain when the body become an identity, a human, or according to some, a soul. AND, if reincarnation is true, maybe, maybe not, the incarnating entity can get back in line for a another host. The above comment is fraught with ILL-LOGIC!

          • TCW says:

            Oh Please….you are talking about the 1% that climb from poverty. I can assure you that someone took an interest in them, or they'd be like the 99%. Abortion is an industry…like many others in the medical profession. Is it warranted…does a woman have the right to terminate the pregnancy? Apparently the Supreme Court thinks so, and so do many other nations. Lets face it, with the rate that technology is progressing, finding work for the 99% in the future, will become more challenging than ever. Or maybe we should build Universities and give away education like Sanders suggest….and everyone can work for the government…as a PROFESSOR.

        • Chandler says:

          And you believe something you read on xojane, whatever that is, written by a PR person, aka a professional liar? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell to you cheap.

          • Mark says:

            Do I believe that someone who worked for Trump wrote an article? Yes. Do I believe that you think you're a deity that can read intentions and facts without any actual information? Yes.

    • JohnT says:

      Even I could come up with a quick retort to that taunt – are you saying, Mr Mathews that making abortion illegal is the policy of this network or the democrat party? Then why are we having this discussion?

  5. Jana says:

    He really needs to listen to good counsel. He must have done it as a businessman.

    Also, it is about time he thought about how he would govern, otherwise we'll have another BO from a different direction. (I don't think he's coming from the right. Maybe space.)

  6. Marie says:

    The fight is between Capitalism and all other " isms" . Trump is the only Capitalist . Women are only free in a Capitalist system , where they can support themselves and not forced to be the property of male relatives . Should do an ad , potting Hill in a burka .

    • Marie says:

      Sorry for typo : " putting ". Should reread next time before sending .

      • jal64 says:

        No, you had it right the first time. She SHOULD be potted, and tamped down with plenty of sh…, er, fertilizer.

  7. Seems to me there is no difference between Repubs and Dems. I don't think THEY really care who gets in the OBVIOUS Agenda is the same bottom line. If not, why would we be in the situation we are in anyway. Trump would have to secure a change to a paper ballot to win, or some type of quatifiable vote count. Elec voting will never win anybody but one of the self-appointed elietists choices. DT seems to be the ONLY person outside of that realm. (maybe) If DT is self destructing the only question is what country to move to where at least I can live out my life with my kids lives before the whole world craters under the socialist platform. Once America goes – everybody else goes like dominoes. And THEY know it. This one IS for the whole can of beans. Unfortunate that Americans have allowed it to get to this point. You do have to be in awe of the socialists ability to dumb down, numb up, tune out and turn off an entire country over the past 70 years though. As much as I like the Donald and his abilities and his attitude – if he is to win and would win it will take EVERY single person who is showing up at his rallies to understand that just putting a new / best guy for our country in the oval office is not going to do jack ___ if we don't ALL get beside him in the fight to get our country back. He is NOT the guy on the white horse coming to save everybody, but finally having a FRIEND in the white house will be a new starting point. Even IF he is in the white house his first line of offense is going to be ALL OF US who know how to think. Personally – I hope he is who he says he is. There CERTAINLY isn't anybody else with their hat in the ring.

  8. Peter Regan says:

    Trump has been running for president for years as a joke. He would announce his candidacy, get some of the publicity and attention that he always craves, and then fade away for another four years.

    This time he was caught by surprise by his sudden success and didn't know what to do so he keeps shooting himself in the foot while blaming others so in the end he'll be able to complain that he was treated badly by others and the presidency was unfairly taken away from him.

    Trump can't be president because deep down he knows he can't fix the problems that he claims he can. He's probably never even given any real thought to how he could even attempt to solve the country's problems because he never expected to be as successful as he has so far.

    Perhaps he is now realizing that a Trump presidency would be a living hell for Donald Trump full of failure, constant criticism and ridicule. That is not the life that he is interested in living. He now looks like a man looking for an exit strategy.

    • patg2 says:

      You REALLY make a LOT of sense with this comment! Trump might like the feather in his cap with the ultimate achievement, but I don't see the general wisdom needed.

    • TCW says:

      Totally agree with you. Consider what it takes to be President; you are constantly followed, everything you do is scrutinized, every decision is cross-checked and you live in a Glass House. Does anyone really think that a personality like Donald Trump could suffer from the claustrophobia? You're absolutely Right. Trump never imagined he would get this far, and i thought myself that if elected as Nominee, he would have the smarts to bow out. I think his candidacy was a hoax. The real powers that be, would NEVER let a guy like Trump live too long anyway…..Look what happened to JFK.

  9. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    The easiest exit strategy is to continue being stupid enough to allow a left-wing lunatic like Chris Matthews to interview him. That's exit by suicide. It takes either incredible arrogance or a desire to get out of the race to do such a thing – and he has done it often.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      I think it is indeed intentional, and why I was always suspicious of DT's serious run for the job in the first place. Why would a successful and control-freak power broker want to descend into the criminal hell of DC and subject himself to silliness, bureaucracy and tons of failure? To save face, he wants to create a scenario where he can blame others (and there are plenty to fill that role), rather than just "lose" – a concept the Donald has no use for, as he ALWAYS wins. Short of Trump, the Republicans are dead in the water, even if the likely candidate is a drafted Biden (with Hildabeast in jail, where she belongs!), since there will be little excitement or support for anyone else – Cruz, Kasich et al.

      • Richard Lee Van DV says:

        It might, could be, however, that Trump IS in fact an IDEALIST whose desire it is to help correct America's MANY ills.

    • Chandler says:

      Exactly right. He has let both Chick Todd and Chris Matthews twist his words now.

  10. Jim D says:

    << The only answer I can come up with is one that I’ve mentioned on at least a couple of other occasions during this unbearably long campaign: Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president >>

    … I think there's a much simpler explanation, and one that I think is much more likely. Donald Trump is an incredibly self-absorbed, narcissistic megalomaniac who is shallow (in the areas of expertise needed for the presidency) and ill-prepared for running a campaign.

    I don't think he's very interesting; most self-absorbed people aren't.

    The fact that he is still in the race, let alone the Repub front runner is a testament to the fact that our political system(s) are broken.

    He is the only political candidate who has higher negatives than Hillary, since these figures have been tracked. … doesn't that give us a wonderful choice in November, eh?

  11. IHeartDagney says:

    I just had a vision of joltin' Joe Biden sitting there laughing his head off at nothing (remember him and Paul Ryan?) while Trump barks at him in a debate. LOL. Both saying nothing, both acting like bullies in a schoolyard.

    I'm not so sure Trump would win against Hillary. Trump hasn't done as well in closed primaries. Meaning that a lot of democrats are crossing over to vote for him in the open republican primaries. These democrats, are they disaffected? Or, are they trying to put the weakest candidate on the ballot? I think it is the latter. Most Trumpster comments on right-leaning websites appear to be bought and paid-for Soros basement dwellers. The lies and vitriol against Ted Cruz is waist deep. These are not regular commenters, they are DEMOCRATS hoping to propagandize the websites, demoralize conservatives, and bring about a result in the election the left desires.

    Does Trump want to win? I think he does. I think what you are seeing is the real Trump finally, not the Trump you wish to see. He IS a carnival barker. He IS rough and crude around the edges. He IS a political neophyte. He IS also establishment having worked with the political elites to gain all his business deals.

    I think he wants to win because he does care about this country. I think he sees the damage being done by the bipartisan hacks in government fiscally and wants to fix that. However, I don't think he understands the political problems in this country in the least.

    • Chandler says:

      I think he understands that the problem in this country IS politics. That is why I still support him.

  12. Bob M. says:

    Mr. Ringer,

    I think you've misjudged Mr. Trump. It sounds like you're expecting a teenager to behave like an adult., something I believe he's incapable of doing.

    Don't know if you saw Anderson Cooper's interview with Mr. Trump, but when the fiasco of the wives was brought up, Mr. Trump's comment was, "Look, I didn't start it." Mr. Cooper responded, "Sir, with all due respect, that’s the argument of a five-year-old." I hate to sound disparaging, but I agree with Mr. Cooper.

    You asked the question, "… can Trump still win if he turns on the charm and acts “presidential?” Unfortunately, that's all it would be with Mr. Trump, an "act." It's certainly not his personality or character to "be" presidential.
    And if the world gets turned completely on its head and Mr. Trump becomes the next President, it's an act I don't think he'd be able to keep up for very long.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      FWIW, though Anderson Cooper is usually pretty fair, I thought his comment was totally out of line. If he were talking to Hillary, I would still think so. This is that Megyn the Malevolent line journalist should not be crossing. When they cross that line, they are injecting themselves into the story.

      Your other points are well taken.

  13. Gene Loarto says:

    Are you are assuming that winning the presidency should be the bottom line goal? I say that it is more important to purge the fascist boss structure that is holding America hostage. Based on that goal, Trump is the right person at the right time.

  14. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    Since I have already agreed with most of the defects other readers have alluded to, you can understand that I also believe, like you, that Trump's job would be to bust up the D.C. Crime Syndicate.

    • Bob M. says:

      I think that's something pretty much all of us would love to see. It's time the D.C. elites start doing their job, i.e., serving the people and not themselves. Or, let's just rid of 'em and find folks who will.

  15. Reality Seeker says:

    " [Trump] took the bait and jumped into a pot of boiling water."

    I agree 100%. And that's a good way of putting it.

    The entire article was very thoughtful. I think Robert Ringer was one of the first to offer good advice when he said that Trump should put down the battle axe and, instead, poor on the charm. Trump can be a very charming guy in person. He's very polite and very, very hospitable in person.

    Americas what a fighter, yes, but they also want somebody who's not fighting ALL OF THE TIME….. Trump needs to let other people throw some spears. There are plenty of loud-mouthed, hysterical spear throwers who are more than happy to draw blood. There's many ranters who'll be glad to do the wet work. It's way past time for Trump to distance himself from guys like Alex Jones and let Jones go to work on hie own…. Trump could learn something from Ron Paul who knew how to let others do some of the punching. Trump doesn't have to lift a finger right now.. Ann Coulter is a magnificent gladiator. So is Michael Savage. I said this before and I'll say it again: Please Mr. Trump, do us all a favor and spend more time kissing babies, visiting VA hospitals, orphanages and fund raisers for better education. And for Christ's sake, get your wife out there and put her in front of you. She's your secret weapon…

    Finally, Newt Gingrich offered the best advice I've heard, yet: "Donald needs to do more speeches like he did for AIPAC . The speeches need to be well written and he needs to use a teleprompter like he did at AIPAC."

    Yes, Newt, great advice! Donald needs to elevate his discourse and demonstrate gravitas.

    Donald! Remember! Bit your F***ing tongue from now on and focus on gravitas, gravitas, gravitas, humor, humor, humor, and charm, charm, charm! — and let the rest of us throw the spears………

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Donald Trump needs to do more speeches similar to the one he did for AIPAC, you can say that again. Can you imagine he wins great support regarding Israel, support away from US Democrats? If he can do that as soon as possible, then he can try and storm the White House, with new headlines every day about various issues. What do you think about that idea?

    • patg2 says:

      That's the word I was looking for: gravitas. Thank you.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Yes, there are millions of people who expect their president to do more than be street fighter. Those millions need to be respected, too, just as much as those of us who are ready to take up the torches and pitchforks. And you respect and appeal to the mild mannered by being a gentleman. Andrew Jackson was a street fighter and a duelist, but he was also a gentleman. Jackson wasn't the scholarly type and he had difficulty spelling and writing grammatically correct essays, but he genuinely loved America. And that's what Trump still needs to prove to millions of people, viz., that he'll do them proud as a leader. That he can be a statesman. That his oratory is worthy of a president.

        • patg2 says:

          Oh dear me!

          I was disappointed you did not respond to my comments about Ayn Rand et al. Oh well.

          In the final pages of the book The Phantom Tollbooth, occurs this line: "Be careful about jumping to Conclusions [island]. It's a long swim back."

          I am female. :)

          That said, I agree with you about the qualities I want in a President. I want someone who understands the issues, is on my side, has a strong will to confront evil, and has dignity. Being President is not a sport, and neither should be a campaign for President. I'm just not picking up on the necessary qualities in Trump, most especially the clear understanding of the issues and the right moral principles to fight for our rights and dignity. You have expressed it well.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I was wondering when someone would finally figure out that Melania is Trump's secret weapon, yet he seems to be oblivious of that fact. Let's stop thinking politically correct and admit that millions of both men and women would vote for Trump just to see his wife on TV all the time. It's called human nature. All Trump needs to do is stay away from the radical-left shows, stop throwing unnecessary verbal punches, and saturate the airwaves with one of the most beautiful women in the world. And his three oldest children should be front and center as well. The Trump family is much more impressive than was JFK's. Is Trump so enamored with himself that he cannot see this?

      • Reality Seeker says:

        I totally agree. Trump should also do some more fund raisers, e.g., start by raising money for the NRA and GOA and include a policy speech to his supporters. Then DT should do a fund raiser for breast and prostate cancer and so on and so forth. Show what wonderful people the Trump family is….yes.

        If Trump was really, really serious about becoming a historical president, he'd call a press conference and have his entire family announce something of the " utmost importance": Melania Trump could announce to America that the Trump family would be using half of the family fortune so it could be set up as part of a philanthropic trust fund which would be part of Trump's last will and testament. Most all of the tycoons of yesteryear have done such grandiose philanthropy with part of their fortunes. The press and DT's enemies would pound on him as somebody who is patronizing. But DT could overcome that with the proper strategy of a grand vision for America which included a new era of charity. DT could own the narrative and completely chance the discussion. All DT needs to do is start giving visionary speeches and let Melania tell everybody about what causes she would champion as First Lady….

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          Both of you understand the possibilities and mistakes Trump so clearly makes repeatedly.. Trump could use you in his team as advisors, but he's totally inflexible in my view. I'm actually just watching how his strategies develop over time. This is the greatest simulator ever. Will he drive his competitors out of business or will they drive him, how will he respond?

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Reply to Nasdaq7:

            Trump already has great advisers. Both his wife and daughter have been giving him excellent advice. Newt and many others have also tried to help. Trump could learn something from Reagan, i.e., listen to your own wife once in a while. The good news is trump is bring new people on board. We could see some positive changes soon.

          • Nasdaq7 says:

            Google Trump: Melania will start campaigning Monday

      • JOSEPH says:

        LOL. Oh my goodness, I agree 100%. That strategy that you just gave out, to have his wife and his children out on the campaign trail with him more often is right on. His wife is quite beautiful and it would soften his image, and his children are all intelligent and articulate and that would help also. Great strategy.

  16. Reality Seeker says:

    "What do you think about that idea?"

    It's basically the same idea Newt suggested, only Newt's idea was a little better. "Donald needs to do four well written speeches before the NY primary".

    I think Donald needs to give a speech like Nixon delivered at the RNC in 1968. That speech was a masterpiece. The issues and substance of that speech is 100% applicable today.

    • patg2 says:

      Very statesmanlike, indeed. I think what happened to him was grossly unfair. Chances are, he really didn't know enough to stop it, and I really think it was a form of political assassination.

  17. my80sblog says:

    No doubt Trump has been told to take a fall or else! He knows the risks of winning. The left will win, appearing as if by election. Trump never had a chance, not because he isn't smart enough. Clearly he's smart enough to discern reality from fiction, unlike anyone running for the left or supporting the left or voting for the left. Trump has to lose!

    • Jim Hallett says:

      It could indeed be true that someone has gotten to him with a reasonable threat (like on his life), as I have always thought his chances of surviving a first term (should he win in the first place) are not very good, given the powerful and devious left-wing forces out there. Don't be surprised if we learn that Judge Antonin Scalia was also "offed" as part of the strategy. The political class criminals stop at nothing to gain their power, and surely another murder would not be out of the picture.

  18. Kevan Rowlee says:

    Sharing to my Facebook wall.

  19. Bill Zimmerly says:

    Or, he could be giving it to Hilary, as many of us thought from the beginning.

  20. Egadd! says:

    Oh, Trump wants to be the President alright. I'm just going to throw this out here for people to think about. Just suppose that someone at the RNC had a private meeting with Trump recently with not even the secret service present. Just suppose that this person told him that he is going to spoil it for all the Republican fat cats and they don't like it one bit. Then he mentions that Trump has a nice looking family and it would be a real shame if something started happening to them. After all planes sometimes crash and so forth. And now Trump decides rather than lose his family he needs to throw the election.

  21. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    Pretty sinister thought – but anything is possible in politics.

  22. Just for starters, I would endorse any president that is SERIOUS about eradicating ISIS and related, and, keeping Muslims, refugees, etc. OUT of America. First things first! America in the past DID NOT SAY "Give us your sabatuers!

  23. Rock Roach says:

    It was nice to see a couple of illegal Mexicans easily climbing the 20 foot fence in Arizona on camera.(I believe it
    was OAN doing the report )- showing how easily it is to get into our country illegally( reportedly only 20 percent
    are caught) – to help validate into pictures whar Trump is actually saying.
    I enjoyed reading your books 25 years ago,and just recently started reading many of your other insights as well-
    especially those keeping up with the election.Maybe if DT had you as a campaign manager,he would have a lot fewer gaffs-lol.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Let me be egotistical just this one time: If he would agree to listen to me, I could show him how to breeze to the presidency untouched. You get that message to him, and I'll do it for free.

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        You are too smart for Trump, he will say something like: "He's not assertive enough or something like that. I sold more business books. My book is the #1 business best seller. But we are good friends. I mean we were."

  24. Pitch says:

    Anyway you look at it Robert, it's pretty ugly—and the worst of times to be a so-called average middle class American. Actually, Trump is like a trapped RAT with cats covering every escape hole. His predicament is a Narcissist ego maniacs worst nightmare come true. He can't stand to lose and needs the love, attention and affection but knows in his heart he is not the least bit qualified to be President of the USA and will die ten million slow deaths as he is slowly unmasked as the fraud he really is should he actually win.
    It is my belief this has all been some type mad, fraudulent fun and games scenario for him with no intention of winning, but now he finds himself trapped with no easy way to save his imaginary "King Donald Syndrome" if he loses…
    Robert, call the pitiful SOB and offer your services for a nominal fee, after all, with your help behind the scenes he is still the best choice we have to avoid the abyss for a few more years.

  25. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    See my comment above.

  26. Thomas McCormack says:

    Every post here solidifies my observation, study, and thoughtful decision from the very beginning on who would best serve Our Country as President at this time in history. My answer from the very beginning has been, and remains so to this day and beyond, Dr Ben Carson.

  27. JOSEPH says:

    Trump is not trying to lose, he really does want to be president. He truly loves his country and wants to make it better.

    I think what we all need to understand about Donald Trump is that he's been a businessman his WHOLE life. He is not a politician at all. To understand both domestic and world issues takes long years of study. He hasn't done that and I think it shows in his mistakes.

    I've been waiting a couple of weeks for him to act presidential but I finally realize that Donald Trump is Donald Trump. As I've already said he's a businessman who understands business well, but not politics, and it is showing.

    Ironically, the major reason why he is winning is that he is not a politician, and so people want an outsider like him, but the question is HOW FAR CAN THAT TAKE HIM? The Republican Primary is at a Vital Point where they are now starting to take a closer look at who they will be voting for. This is a pivotal point for Trump. So, will the rest of the electorate vote for Trump although he doesn't seem to know the issues all that well or will they say to themselves that because of his mistakes they can't vote for him despite wanting an outsider. I think that's the big question.

    Also, one of Trumps weaknesses comes out of his major strength. He knows how to go on the attack and he does it very well, and I would to see him do it to Hillary, but his problem is that he think he ALWAYS has to attack when somebody attacks him. And, that is a mistake. Like Mr. Ringer said, he could have used the fact that a Super-Pac put out a photo of his wife and just said something positive about his wife. No attack was necessary.

    One last thing about Donald Trump. From reading many of his books and seeing him in many,many interviews on T.V. in so many years, I believe he is predominately an intimidator. That's how he wins and gets what he wants. That's fine, I'm not knocking that. But, what I'm saying is that if he has ANY chance at winning the nomination and presidency He Can Only Do It By Attacking His Rivals. He simply cannot win on substance alone. That will not happen. Because, as I've already said, he doesn't seem to understand that political issues on any deep level.

    I want Trump to win. Like Mr. Ringer said, if he gets his wife and kids on the campaign trail more often and stays away from the left wing radio hosts, and I say, if he plays it smart and stops attacking ALL of the time and tries to use another strategy at times, he just might be able to take the nomination and presidency.

    The question now remains, how many more people at this pivotal point will be willing to have an outsider who obviously does not understand the issues on any deep level. I don't know. We'll see.

    • And the only people not voting for him are crappy worker or people on the dole.
      Pretty simple.

    • Phil says:

      You make a great point. Many of his responses to "gotcha" questions are the result of not having years of government and lawyer CYA training. He speaks like humans speak. Not like D.C. politicians speak. Which sadly provides great fodder for the 1984 propaganda machine.

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      I've read that in certain regards, his campaign has similarities to that of Ross Perot. Perot also didn't accept campaign funding. But you are right, Trump was too busy with business and entertainment to really become intertwined with international politics, trade, relations and diplomacy. I'm certain he knows the issues related to the US better than almost any candidate, that is his region he is an expert on. Everyone has their field of expertise, but the big question now is: he believes in hiring the best of the best, will it serve him well in this case? If you can't recognize true quality performance and don't have real insights, then what chance do you have to recognize excellent in other people? He is not young anymore. I wish him well but there's definitely time and knowledge gaps between himself and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that can't be or won't be bridged in the time that is left. He is devastating in attacking his opponents, he just needs the right advisers and knowledge and far more creativity and flexibility in his approach to politics. He's biggest problem in my view, is he cannot recognize knowledge, creativity or quality. And it isn't degrees and publishing achievements that always count, it is common sense and quality of logic. Look at someone like RJR. He nails the issues 10 times better than Trump in any of his books and Trump has published 6 books. Trump will argue he is far richer etc. but that is precisely the issue, there's always someone that is richer, that's better. But does he understand the current real issues, can he adapt right now? Can he overcome unique circumstances and really excel? Can he win the trust of Republicans, Democrats and those that are undecided?

  28. Phil says:

    I have reached the exact same conclusion. He is either having second thoughts, or might, like Beck, have some sort of self destructive dynamic going on. I despise the GOPe with all of my being, but am concerned about the guy's behavior. Seriously. Nobody would have an easy time beating back the onslaught of mainstream propaganda lodged against the guy, but he has seriously lost his cool.

    So, say that he loses Wisconsin, which seems likely. I see no way he makes wins the first round a the convention, which means we are at the mercy of the slugs aka The Republican Leadership. And while they are making love to Cruz right now, we all know how that is going to end.

    So say hello to a RINO candidate. And here is the rub. I have a little girl we adopted from China 6 years ago at age 10. She is a wonderful kid, absolutely amazing with a bright future. But 4 Supreme Court "Justices" down the road will seal this nation's fate. I despise the idea that we rescued her from a socialist nation just to have her live the rest of her life in a rapidly declining fascist country.

    Trump running as 3rd party would kill the GOPe, probably, but might also doom us to a Hillary presidency. I do not see enough people voting for him over the GOPe and the Democratic candidate to get him over the hump.

    A man long ago said, I think, "These are the times that try mens' souls." Looks like we are going to get to experience such a era again, in the rather near future.

    Robert, thanks for many decades ago giving your readers a heads up as to how things might play out. It is certainly rather depressing, but at least not unexpected. And even a bit exciting, to be witness to history playing out before our eyes.

  29. Nasdaq7 says:

    In politics, you have to accept the good will of people to survive. It is a fascinating interaction.

    I don't know if you follow Trump's Twitter Account publications, there's so many interesting jokes.

  30. FRANK FRANK CARMEN, L.r.c. says:

    RINGER'S last paragraph IS correct and IS what is going to occur: "Actually, there is one other possibility I should mention: The Republican establishment, hysterical over the possible loss of their power and access to money and goodies, might just decide to play scorched earth, lose the election, lose the Supreme Court, lose the Senate, and make Lizardman Carville’s prediction that the Democrats would be in power for forty years come true."

    It's Over folks!
    The AMERICA we Loved and knew, even 10 years ago, will never be again! And NO ONE can rescue it!
    The Obama regime stated publicly — on National T.V. on Jan, 17, 2009, that : "We are just three days away from The Fundamental Transformation of America!"
    NAFTA, the WTO, the INSANE new Minimum Wages in American States {forced by Obama}, the Unrelenting, ILLEGAl invasion of Illegal Immigrants WELCOMED into America, the Drastic Effect that Obamacare has had on American Small & Large Businesses, etc. etc., etc. will NEVER be undone by ANY Congress in the Future! The Obama Regime has Infused it into the American System, a.k.a. The Unconstitutional/Illegal & Permanent Powers that The American Bureaucracies have attained from The Obama Regime!

  31. Nasdaq7 says:

    An interesting article:

    Google Trump’s 19th Century Foreign Policy

  32. Jurgy says:

    Whether or not Trump makes it to the nomination, and whether or not he rips hitlery apart in the debates, her thighness will be elected your next prez.. I am firmly convinced that the corrupt machine in the District of Criminals will make sure she's elected. They need to keep their house in order and hitlery is their assurance that the power and the money keep flowing their way. In spite of all her crimes if hitlery were to be indicted it would have happened already. To indict her now would throw the entire nation if not the world into panic, and no one in Washington will allow that to happen and disrupt their reign of terror, which I find more frightening that any jihadist the mideast can throw at us …

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I think you're wrong about this one, Jurgy. I just don't believe Hillary can beat anyone – maybe not even Uncle Bernie. But I also believe she may be forced out of the race by the FBI – indictment or no.

      • JOSEPH says:

        You know what Robert, I agree that Trump will annihilate Hillary, but I do think that Obama will pardon her if she is indicted by the FBI. You say Obama dislikes Hillary, but I believe because she's on the Democratic side Obama will want her to run. That's my opinion anyways. And, you know, it's been such a long investigation, you would think the the FBI, and then with the agreement of Obama, that she would have been indicted by now. I mean really, what is taking so long? I mean the FBI doesn't have enough evidence by now to get have her indicted? Too much time has gone by.

  33. Nasdaq7 says:

    To me a great mystery is Trump's fall in support among women and I have my own theory, it is not the issues that really matter, it is not the tweets and retweets, it's the demeanor of Trump. When dealing with women's issues that is critical. If Trump attacks Hillary like he attacks his opponents he will sink in the favor of women even further. This is my opinion. What do you think? What is going on? Is it really the actions of Trump's campaign manager that is to blame? Retweeting the unflattering picture of Ted Cruz's wife? Misjudging the abortion issue? Or is it the way Trump has attacked some of his opponents? ( which I have loved, but which women, which are generally very sensitive, find too much? ). Perhaps the only solution as Robert J Ringer has mentioned is that Trump has needed to have his wife by his side these past few weeks, every speech and interview or close by. Women have a moderating effect on men. What do you think?

  34. dolmontero says:


  35. Oscar R says:

    Trump is brash and speaks his mind and doesn't back down. Apparently he was like this from youth and the reason his parents sent him off to a military school. He's got a lot of the behavioral patterns of an adolescent male and this is why he and Howard Stern (a supporter of his for Pres.) get along so well. But Trump is also a brilliant business mind and has the respect and support of the top billionaire business guys he's worked with– and sometime fought with– for decades (e.g. Carl Icahn, Andrew Beal, Steve Wynn, Elie Hirschfeld, et al.). As billionaire owner of the New England Patriots said about Trump, "He's a financial genius". Trump has had some missteps recently, but he is working 18-hour days and and has 24/7 media scrutiny, or rather, attacks. This too shall pass. I can't imagine very many, if any, human beings could stand up under the constant slander, libel, calumny, dirty tricks. It is stunning. Even Obama's former campaign manager, David Axelrod, said he's stunned by the level and extent of attacks against Trump. I sincerely hope Trump wins. If not, maybe he can start a new political party. At the very least he has exposed the consummately corrupt political system and especially the Republican Party and establishment. For me it's either Trump or no one.'

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Megyn Kelly basically sunk the entire Republican Party's election effort. She has done great harm, I'm still trying to figure out what Trump's (stunned ) reaction should have been? Should he have said: "I apologize, I said those things as a businessman, as an entertainer, but now as running to become the president, now I will refrain from using such language and I apologize to the women involved."?

  36. Nasdaq7 says:

    Another fascinating article about Trump's campaign.

    He deliberately says something outrageous to get free airtime every time. It is all planned.

    Google Inside the Unorthodox Donald Trump Campaign New York Magazine‎

  37. James says:

    I'm a diehard Trump supporter and have been since the very beginning… but I will say… one thing I always wonder in the back of my mind is if this is some kind of intricate scheme to simply help Hillary get elected. I have a hard time getting passed the photos of Trump, Melania and Bill and Hillary photographed together at their wedding.

    Hopefully we're not all being duped! ha

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      He carefully crafted his image in The Apprentice and now he is throwing it away by not having concrete policies in place. How difficult can it be? Copy Hillary's and improve and move on.

  38. oldschool says:

    I think if one looks to what is really evolving in us politics,a reform gop party, you can't help but be impressed by the man trump. he has created/placed in the forefront a new party >this similar event happened in canadian politics with the amalgamation of the reform(preston manning) and conservative (mulroony) parties in what is now the conservative party of canada, where stephen harper(a reform party) was the pm until the liberals won last year with the old establishment trudeaurites.God help canada but still bless the queen.

  39. Nasdaq7 says:

    Google Kasich: It's 'mathematically impossible' for him, Cruz, or Trump to win delegate majority

  40. Nasdaq7 says:

    The numbers suggest Trump would lead GOP to disaster

  41. zach frm mich says:

    The GOP establishment could be making a huge mistake by trying to steal the nomination from Trump. It seems to me that if they nominate him they have one weak cycle and a chance to rebound against Hillary (or whoever) in 2020.

    If they steal the nomination from Trump this year, they will probably still lose. However in 2020 Trump supporters will be back with a vengeance and take that anger out on the party again.

  42. Dandru says:

    Given that Trump is very clearly going to lose, this entire article is a joke.

  43. Very good article piece. I certainly appreciate this website. Keep it up!