“Obviously,” Trump Can’t Win

Posted on January 4, 2016 by Robert Ringer


I normally don’t like to make predictions, but in 2008 I stuck my neck out — after Hillary was reduced to tears by a community organizer with no experience at anything except orchestrating protests — and predicted that she would never be president of the United States.

You can’t take it to the bank yet, but I still stand by that prediction. The Face of Evil is so flawed that from the outset of her current campaign, her handlers decided that her best strategy would be to stay out of site as much as possible. Bubba is a world class con man, to be sure, but Hilla the Hun is a rank amateur.

In fact, I would have to say that she has less credibility than any politician I can remember — and that’s saying a lot, considering the fact that most politicians hover near zero when it comes to that trait. Surely, Hillary’s handlers must wince every time she opens her mouth — especially when she talks about things like love, kindness, and the “war on women.”

That’s why it’s always puzzled me that so many people seem to believe Hillary is invincible. My take on her is that she is so inherently wicked, so corrupt, so vicious, such an outlandish liar, and such a transparent fraud that anyone short of Ronald McDonald, Mitt Romney, and Mush McCain could KO her with one verbal punch.

Which brings me to the second stringers who filled in for the regular cast of pudding-head pundits on “Fox News Sunday” over the holiday. They were very careful to mimic the first team’s snooze-inducing talking points. It was the same old conventional, inside-the-Beltway balderdash, the kind of stuff that makes the media almost as unpopular as Congress.

Above all else, the second-string panelists locked arms and were quite vociferous in their agreement on one point in particular: Donald Trump cannot win in a general election! End of discussion — kind of like the global-warming fantasy.

And to make it official, none other than Alan Colmes himself said, on another Fox News show the next day, that “Trump obviously can’t win the general election even if he were to win the Republican nomination.” Really, Alan? “Obviously?” I was so awed by Colmes’s dismissive statement that it almost tempted me to call Las Vegas and place a place a bet on Trump’s becoming president.

Of course, these are the same intellectual dwarfs who said Donald Trump wasn’t really going to run … Donald Trump had no chance against establishment Republican candidates … Donald Trump’s lead would evaporate before Labor Day … and Donald Trump would go into a death spiral before the end of the year.

Don’t laugh. Being wrong 100 percent of the time isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but you have to remember that these guys operate in a cloistered little world of their own making and don’t believe that real people exist in flyover places such as Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.

With that kind of oblivious backdrop, Trump haters are placing their hopes on the belief that he’s alienated so many people that it would be impossible for him to get enough electoral votes to win a general election.

I’m not a Trump supporter (I don’t support any politician!), but I must take issue with the foregone conclusion of the Trump-hating crowd. In fact, I’m almost tempted to go so far as to say that the reason Trump might very well win it all is because he alienates so many people.

What media knotheads don’t get is that anti-establishment guys like me would love to see anyone take a wrecking ball to Washington’s Den of Thieves and break up the nonstop party that’s been going on for at least fifty years. That’s why I’m inclined to believe that the more Trump says nasty things, the more likely he is to win over fed-up Republicans, Democrats, and, above all, independents.

Flyover people have finally caught on to the shenanigans of the Washington crime syndicate and now realize that the career politicians and bureaucrats who rule the country lie, steal, and cheat for a living. They also realize that the notion we live in a republic is a myth, because a republic requires a Constitution to defend individual rights.

In this regard, I have to begrudgingly admit that the American people owe a debt of gratitude to the Marxmeister in the White House, because he’s made it crystal clear — through his actions — that the Constitution is irrelevant when it comes to how things operate in Washington’s cauldron of corruption.

So even though I can’t say with certainty that Trump that will win the Republican nomination, I believe the odds are in his favor, because a majority of Republican voters are beyond angry at professional politicians. So angry that they want to hear vicious, nonstop attacks on phony conservatives like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush — guys who have “For Sale” signs hanging around their necks.

And what I can say with even more certainty is that if Trump does manage to win the Republican nomination, the harshest attacks against him won’t be coming from Heinous Hillary. They’ll come from a number of angry, humiliated losers in the Republican field. Remember, unlike the Dirty Dems, Republicans eat their own! (Believe me, Ronald Reagan is not a happy corpse right now.)

Finally, what I feel most certain about is that in a head-to-head matchup, Trump would not just win, he’d annihilate Hillary. The lefties on television who keep insisting that the Democrats are hoping and praying Trump will be the nominee are either so brainwashed that they’re delusional or they’re trying to spook Republican primary voters into backing one of the RINOs they believe Hillary has at least some chance of beating.

I am obliged to add here that I still think there’s a good chance Hillary may not get past the FBI on her email crimes, in which case the Dems could bring in the Delaware Dimwit or some other piece of socialist red meat — other than crazy Uncle Bernie — to run against DT. The final outcome, however, may depend upon whether Obama hates Hillary enough to give the go-ahead signal to his top legal puppet, Loretta Lynch, to prosecute her.

That said, even if Hillary is let off the hook, contrary to the opinions of the never-say-die establishment crowd — stalwarts like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Rich Lowry, et al — Trump would still crush her like a bug.

She is so flawed that anything and everything that would come out of her mouth would be soft pitches for a guy like DT. Early on in the race, he’d have her shrieking like Megyn Kelly and crying like John Boehner.

That’s quite a disgusting combination, but it obviously would be fun to watch, wouldn’t it?

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

65 responses to ““Obviously,” Trump Can’t Win”

  1. Robert says:

    Mr. Ringer,

    Thank you for stating it like it is. I have admired you from your books…..especially , "Restoring the American Dream".

    You are as always……dead on correct.


  2. Ellis Baxter says:

    I democrat pollster showed me his numbers the other day .. Trump could win all 50 states … he shows the democrats voting for Trump 23% ! The public has had enough of this Neo Fascist government of Obama ..

  3. Carol says:

    I totally agree with your article, Robert. Trump came along just when we needed him. He may not be perfect (who is?) but we are all sick of the corrupt politicians. We need fresh air to TRY to clean out of corruption we sleeping Americans have permitted for too many years.

  4. Jim Campbell says:

    Unbelievably good!

  5. John Abbott says:

    Amen to that! I DO agree that OBAMA has FINALLY caused us ALL to see what a JOKE our "two party" system is. John Boehner and the Repubs COULD have stopped so much or ALL of his crap. But they didn't want to. Now all that has come to light and we are TICKED! Go TRUMP! Get rid of ALL the garbage in Washington!

  6. teddyraye says:

    What a great read, and I believe it. Both political parties have proven in the last 28 years how they have ownly looked out for their own party without any regard to the people they are supposed to represent. Finally americans are realizing this fact. I have the clear winner for Trump if he runs against Hillary Clinton. All he has to do is show the three men saying that they were ordered to stand down in Benghazi and Hillary saying it wasn't true. Then have the families of those Hillary allowed to be murdered so gruesomely and saying it was the video that caused it and then have the families saying what they told them at the funerals, and then on tape saying she didn't tell them that. If that don't make all democrats ashamed nothing will.

  7. oscarwildeweenr says:

    of course pyrrhus can win. s/he does, every time. so? how is the question useful? or is it a straw question? ☻maybe *that" suggests a useful, albeit unanswerable, question: which straw will correlate with brokeback camelback mountain. or, when will the "liquidity" run out, down there in the desert oasis mirage?

  8. ◄Dave► says:

    Brilliant analysis, Robert! I wouldn't change a word… well maybe one… "to keep Hillary out of 'sight' as much as possible." 😉 ◄Dave►

  9. Reality Seeker says:

    Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. And I actually enjoy seeing people like Charles Krauthammer squirm at that thought. As an aside, Charles is a figure right out of a 007 movie script. He could fit right in as a SPECTRE apologist. In fact, Fox should provide Chariles with Mr. Bigglesworth as a lap cat to stroke as he excretes GOP ( aka SPECTRE) propaganda. What a f*cking tool he is….. enough said.

    SPECTRE is going to have to kill Trump. That's the only thing that's going to stop Trump from running against Hillary — if , and it's a big IF, she even makes it through this election cycle. Hillary might be exposed, and end up the female version of Richard Nixon — only she might be removed before she ever gets in office.

    2016 is going to be an interesting year. I agree with Ol' Remus who just emailed me his thought that "there are quite a few log jams out there, I suspect when one breaks so shall the others. It may be an interesting year, this 2016……."

    Yes, Remus, I agree with you—an interesting year, indeed, and then some.

    The Cold War is on.

    The Middle East is on the verge of conflagration.

    The black militants are rioting.

    The white militias are mobilizing.

    China is arming itself to the teeth in expectation of conflict with the West.

    And here I thought that Obama was the Nobel Peace Prize President! Silly me…..

    Happy New Year! It should be quite a show this year as the "log jams" break, one right after the other, slamming into each other as the cascading pile of logs thunder down the river smashing everything in the path……..

    • The female counterpart to Dick Nixon is WAY Beyond what Nixon ever intended to be or to do..
      RN was an 'inner man' – more like a philosopher and thinker than anything Hillary Rodham would ever aspire to..Hillary was recently exposed by Carly Fiorina – a serious female who might play a role as Vice-President – .. Her background is business, and her views are INTERNATIONAL – a lot more wide-angle than HRC…
      As far as I know both Clintons, Hill and Bill, are due to appear in court some weeks from today, January 12th, and when they do, Hillary is toast.. as you are wont to declaim a Has-Been..

  10. david says:

    What a crap article.. if you creaky old white guys stop watching Fox News and read something else you'd know why the the GOP is crapping their pants at the thought of Trump winning the nomination because they know he hasn't got a chance against any Dem nominee.. just the sheer numbers, you think any Black, Latino, woman, etc would want to vote for Trump?? And as much as it pains you creaky old white guys to admit, you aren't the majority any more.. too bad one of your votes don't count for ten against any other eh?? Ah wouldn't all you creaky old white guys love that idea.. too bad this is a democracy..

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Really? Well, I'll tell you what I REALLY think: If Trump gets the nomination and Hillary is allowed to run (still questionable at this point), it wouldn't surprise me if he gets the highest percentage of black, Hispanic, and women voters since Ronald Reagan. All these "minorities" are tired of being treated like children-slaves. What they really want is freedom, because with freedom comes opportunity – not government benefits.

    • What says "creaky old white guy" better than Bernie Sanders? Even Hillary reminds me of a creaky old white guy.

    • Gloria says:

      David, I'm a white (but also part native American) woman and I would vote Trump into office, or almost anyone else, before voting for Hillary, so you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. For the record, I'm a Ben Carson fan. Something else you probably wouldn't have thought would happen from someone like me, who considers herself an Independent. As Robert says, so many of us are so fed up with the typical politician, both Democrat and Republican, that we want someone other than a career politician in the office of President of the United States. By the way, how old are you, David, and what nationality are you, Mister Know It All?

    • Rob says:

      You are one of the reasons why our country is in the condition that it is.
      A bunch of morons!

    • Check The Data says:

      Race and ethnicity demographics as of 2010: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the

    • As you should know, David, America is NOT a democracy since elections are not decided by parliamentarism.. The President – not necessarily elected with the most votes – is free to decide whom he wants in his cabinet/administration…

    • Jean says:

      Given Hillary's reception by the Black Lives Matter crowd, it doesn't appear that she's all that popular among the largest minority group that delivers Democrat votes. Trump resonates with hard-core union members, who have espoused his views on illegal immigration for at least 30 years. And what is Trump's issue with women, exactly? I don't recall him ever 1) committing rape, or 2) bullying the victim of rape into silence in order to cover for a close associate. That certainly can't be said of Hillary Clinton. Of course, if your ilk would quit watching MSLSD and out of your leftist circle-jerk society, then YOU might have more of a clue as well.

    • CynthiaLevin says:

      Boy, are you stupid! LOL

  11. Roger Roger says:

    True to WTI, Robert. My How Things really Are bible since the mid-70s.

  12. Diane Young says:

    Robert, I love your take on the current political circus! The Clintons are a matching pair of lying, stealing criminals and should both be indicted for treason against the United States. We have no idea HOW MUCH they have stolen to feather their nest or dastard deeds they've committed and lied about to cover their sordid past and path. I remember when the USS Cole was bombed and ole Billy Boy didn't blink an eye and acted like it didn't happen. White Water was nothing but lies and what about all those mysterious deaths of people close to the Clinton administration? And the dark rumors still surface about the Arkansas State Police pimping for Clinton when he was governor there. I think we've all seen the man clearly can't keep his pants on.
    Americans should slam the door in the Clintons' faces, along with all those mealy-mouthed politicians with the
    "For Sale" signs hanging around their necks. These people have no honor. I'd rather see a rude, brassy businessman who can't be bought run this country instead of another lawyer or a who-knows-what who's tripled our national debt while in office and just talks about strategy but has done so little to protect us and give us the tiniest glimmer of hope for the future.

  13. Blringer says:

    I hope you are wrong, but I suspect that you are, as usual, correct in your analysis. There are few things that would be worse than having a criminal like Mrs. C elected president and having DT elected isn't one of them. All that said, I don't like the notion of The Donald as the leader of our country. He's astute yet insufferably arrogant and I disagree with many of his ideas. I agree that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio come across as shills and frauds and they probably are just that. I like Ben Carson's character, but I think he would be over his head from the first day forward. He's an honest man, I think, but not ready to lead our country. He simply lacks the skills necessary to do the job, political savvy, leadership capability and negotiating ability. Trump has all of those in abundance. I think that one of DT's greatest assets is the fear and loathing he receives from the GOP establishment. That alone endears him to many voters. Both political parties are corrupt to the core and most voters just want to see someone, anyone, bust up at least some of that entrenched rot that is destroying our country.

  14. Reality99r says:

    Extremely perceptive article. The country is crying out for a leader, someone that will actually manage the parasitical mess career politicians, career federal employees, lobbyists, and unionists have created. Anyone with an iota of common sense (and balls) would reduce the size and scope of the federal morass by twenty percent and institute term limits. The promise to "Make America Great" again is our country's life preserver.

  15. Larry Shepherd says:

    At the risk of over-simplifying the complexities of the public’s view of what makes an effective leader, the rise of Donald Trump’s electoral popularity is attributed to a mix of leadership theories. The citizens of the United States (for now, just Republican voters) apparently have assigned his plain speaking characteristic as an individual trait of a strong leader. While his demonstrated leadership trait is justly considered as autocratic in practice, many Republican voters tend to view this leadership behavior (and Donald Trump in particular) as the ‘best practice’ method to change Washington’s organizational operation. In short, Trump’s verbal pronouncements and commanding physical presence are viewed as the qualities of an effective change-agent leader.

  16. Charles Garrett says:

    You are right.This is going to be a wipe out with Trump. I am 85 and we understand Trump. We are fed up with what's been going on in our government for the last 50 to 60 years.

    • Guest says:

      Based on your name and age I think you will enjoy (or know) Garet Garrett, The People's Pottage, available online to read for free.

  17. Ingrid Johansson says:

    If Trump is the best candidate you have in the US I feel very sorry for you and I am afraid the world is laughing at you. At least, this is my perspective from where I live in Europe and Asia.

    • And Europe, Asia and South America almost wet their pants with joy when Obama was elected and see where that got us! So if Europe and Asia are laughing at Trump we are 2/3rds of the way to a good thing.

    • Nancy A says:

      The world is laughing at US because of obama, hillary and the blatant corruption taking place with the current administration. You can stay right where you are ingrid……..we don't want or need your support for Donald Trump. He is what the US needs. Can't fault him for being successful. If he runs the country as he does his businesses, just HOW ON EARTH CAN WE FAIL?? We can't. I'm laughing at you as are others.

    • Tinsley Sammons says:

      Is Germany laughing? That incomparably ugly communist bitch is selling out the German Race.

    • Holly Downs says:

      He is not but we are stuck with him due to a really wretched political system

  18. Marte says:

    Beautifully written. We who work for a living are completely fed up with our "Bought and paid for" politicians who sell us out at every opportunity – and Trump is like a breath of fresh air. We're also fed up with political correctness, and there again Trump brings us fresh air. Our media can try as they will to twist the things he says, but those of us out in the flyover states (mine is Idaho) are listening to him – NOT the pundits.

  19. Realist says:

    I agree with everything you have said. However, what you have said makes "logical" sense. The reality is that you have a lot (vast majority) of Democrats who will vote for the Democratic nominee just to keep the entitlement benefits going. In addition, I know a few Democrats, and incredibly, they don't think the numerous problems we currently have are due to Obama. They are due to the previous administration or the Republican Congress. Also, there are quite a few Democrats and Independents who would like to see a woman in office. Even that one. I hope I am wrong, but I think it is likely that Hillary will be our next president. Yuk, I can't believe I just wrote that.

  20. TheLookOut says:

    Robert, your observations as usual hit the target dead center.
    Hillary can be beaten by Trump, IF the RINOS can be exposed
    for what they are. The shame of the media knows no bounds
    they will continue to shill for the "Hill"ary.

  21. Stephan F says:

    Hillary is not invincible. It’s just that she has a lock on winning the election, not matter who the opponent is.

    My contention since 2008 is that the process of nominating the republican candidate has become a rather large & expensive academic exercise — it simply does not matter. The reason of course is the fact that the democratic party has a larger & much more dedicated army, by far, than any republican candidate could possibly muster. Their bloating base of supporters, BKA: the free sh*t army, has been growing – nigh snowballing – ever since the Johnson administration. These hardcore voters act as if their life depends on it. And for good reason. It does. They will easily swamp the ‘R’ voters and give themselves the biggest landslide since Barry Goldwater. Naturally the press will make hay of that for years to come.

    The only thing that will keep Hillary off the throne will be her health. Considering how obviously corrupt the govt has become, I don’t see how anyone still believes she’ll be prosecuted for any of her numerous crimes (with all due respect to Robert & the Judge of course). If so, I’ve still got that old bridge I’m trying to sell.

  22. Rosemarie Olander says:

    This Robert Ringer is a serious nut job – You call Hillary a liar but you are the biggest one. You said you don't support Trump but you vilify Hilla the Hun (your words) .
    Even your writings are lies as you have no evidence to support anything you say. I happened to open your email just for laughs and to see where you were headed with the tantalizing head line.
    I cannot believe people have so much hate in their hearts for others. You are a older man and should find a more meaningful life than lambasting people. Stop being a Woman Hater and take me off your subscription list immediately.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      "Stop being a Woman Hater"

      lol…….. Rose, you better take a good look at "Hilla the Hun's" husband when you start calling people "woman haters". He's the guy with the cigar, remember? Bill's perverted sexual appetite is second only to Hillary's bisexual habits. And the "lies" those two tell! One will lie, and the other will swear to it. In fact, both Clintons are such habitual "liars" that they're a match made in hell. Bill is actually a lip biter, and he likes to inflict deep bites during sex. And Hilla isn't much different than Billa, so remember that next time you enter the voting booth.

      Rose, you're part of the low-information voters: you are clueless about what goes on in Washington.

    • Rocketman says:

      You call Mr. Ringer a "serious nut job" and "you are the biggest one (liar) then you decry him as a hater. Aren't you doing the same thing? You say that he has no evidence but where is your evidence that he is lying? And I guess in your mind because he doesn't care for one single woman (Hillary) that means that he AUTOMATICALLY hates all women? Where did that come from? Your all over the map lady and need professional help.

    • Nancy A says:

      bye……oops, watch the door and your ass

  23. TheLookOut says:

    Rosemarie, listen to yourself – who is the hater here? Please use your
    gray matter, and read something besides fiction.

  24. James D. Kirk, Jr. says:

    Your analysis of the shituation is quite accurate IMHO. Both branches of the Republocrat Party have long ago outlived their uselessness. The puke politicians in DC (District of Corruption) and elsewhere have deserted the citizens and shredded the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So-called leaders are "only following orders" of Wall Street, City of London and other "Special Relationship" whoremasters. We need widespread recalls, citizen grand juries, RICO prosecutions, Treason Trials, scaffolds and rope. Tea Party ain't gonna cut it. We need Necktie Party U.S.. Jim Kirk, Founder Society for American Integrity/The SAI Group U.S..

  25. Common Sense says:

    I wouldn't say it's impossible for Trump to win, but it's not very likely. RR and a lot of the above commentators are giving too much credit to the intelligence of the voters. If the economy doesn't tank, I predict Hillary will win in November. I will be voting for the GOP candidate for sure though, whomever it will be.

  26. Rocketman says:

    I think that you have managed to read my mind Robert. Even though I expect that Hillary and the RINO's that want Trump gone are going to cheat like crazy I expect to see that Trump ultimately wins at least 45 of the 50 states and that this is going to be similar to what Reagan did during his last election. The reason that all the liberals say that Trump can't win and Hillary can't lose is simple. They absolutely HAVE TO maintain her "invincibility". They can't allow the slightest doubt to enter the mind of her supporters or they might start looking for another candidate (Sanders) to support. Her support in that sense is a mile wide but an inch deep.

  27. JOSEPH says:

    Robert, I agree with what you've written 100%. I think that Trump will Crush Hillary, period!

    I want to bring up a pattern I've seen in Canad and I believe applies to the States too. We had a conservative government for 2 terms and 8 long years. The people were fed and then a few months ago the people voted in a large majority Liberal government. I believe the same thing will happen with the U.S. It has been a democratic government for 8 long years, and because the people are fed up, they will now go and vote for a republican. I think Trump came in at the right time and I think he will win.

    You see in Canada, the polls were saying how it was a close contest. But, in reality people has ALREADY made up their mind that they would vote Liberal this time around. I think people in the U.S have already made up their mind that they will vote republican. Trump will win the republican nominee and then the presidential election.

    This pattern is usually right as far as I know. It makes sense because when you have a certain party in office 8 long years and they don't produce the result you expected, you get fed up and go to the other party. The media can say whatever they want but for whatever reason they don't seem to want to look at the big picture. In this case as I've said, it's the republicans time. That's what I predict.

  28. Phil says:

    "What media knotheads don’t get is that anti-establishment guys like me would love to see anyone take a wrecking ball"

    –Amen a million times over!

  29. Scorned Rubric says:

    Trump has 0% chance to win the nomination. And if the country was run in the manner described in the Constitution Hillary would already be in prison with a thousand year prison term. Trump has as much of a chance to win the nomination as Hillary does doing the life term she should be doing – none.

    The country is gone, it's over, and the evidence will be that Hillary is not indicted for the worst crimes by a politician in US history. We can see how far the country is gone when the AG of the US threatens 322 million people on national TV that she will prosecute every single one for using their free speech rights. And you think America is a viable country? The picture of her and the Pres sitting in the White House today looked like two monkeys trying to decide which banana to eat. (Don't worry, that last sentence was approved by the Democrat party for use, just ask Cruz).

    So you see, we have a Communist for a Pres, a complete idiot of a parrot for an AG, and you all think this is America? This fat sausage of an AG is the dumbest moron to ever breathe air in America. She is so fat I thought she was a hog laying around the White House waiting to be fed. How do these idiot incompetents get so far up the ladder? Simple – hot air rises, and Americans are so stupid they put these morons in power.

    So here is what the AG will be putting me in prison for: Islam is an evil religion so demonic that all the cowardly world bows down to them. Islam has no purpose to be in America except to send America back to the seventh century – and the Democrats are in league with them in destroying America. Muslims come to the West to colonize, not assimilate you fools. They are here to wait us out, then when their population gets to the correct percentage they start the aggression's. Thankfully their pop isn't that large yet here compared to the total, but the Pres will work hard to change that this last year of his term. That's why in America we haven't had many attacks yet, only puny little pin pricks, and yes, 9/11 was a pinprick, you will soon learn what real terror is when we have a 9/11 every day.

    The Muslim illegal aliens penetrating the West now are what are known in the trade as the "Arsonists". These are the killer cells that will begin burning down the West when the time is right. In the meantime they will kill us with a thousand cuts. All with the permission of our Pres as he brings in a quarter million of them next year, all with the intent of creating the chaos he wants in order to bring about his new plan.

    There will be no Trump to stop them, there will be no one to stop them. They have come and are coming to a neighborhood near you, and they hate your guts but will gladly live off our welfare while they wait. They think we are the stupidest people on earth for letting them in, they laugh, and shake their heads in disbelief at our stupidity. How do I know – I have worked in Intel my whole career, and I live in the middle of an Islamist state in America, surrounded by Muslims who work everyday at trying to figure out how to kill you. I have seen them murder my neighbor, and you will all get a taste yourself unless Trump puts a stop to it, but like I said – no chance, you are all doomed to your own stupidity – and no one is coming to save you fools…

    • Scrupled Rubric says:

      "Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinion, his person, his faculties, or his possessions." – James Madison.

      "American citizens are so intimidated by the federal government that they neither speak out or act out to demand their rights or the rights of their fellow citizens." – Lou Dobbs

  30. A thoughtful read to get you thinking.

  31. Bravo Robert! You deserve a standing ovation on this one….

  32. Texas Wolfie says:

    Robert thanks again, the behavior you described by the beltway people I believe is called "Whistling Past the Graveyard".When we were kids and had to walk past a graveyard at night alone, we would always whistle a tune to reassure us we were safe from the Ghouls about at night.. Strange behavior but it made us feel safer. Maybe the beltway people are scared of Mr. Trump

  33. Jim D says:

    If Trump is the Republican nominee, I would LOVE for him to beat Hillary. I would love it even more if Hillary gets knocked out prior to November due to her bad past behavior.

    … unfortunately, there are a number of right-leaning centrist people with whom I have talked, who say they would not vote for Trump…ever.

    that's anecdotal, and I hope is a small and skewed sample size, but …

    … from my point of view, we can't have another 4-8 years of this far-left, "re-making" America stuff… even a Trump Presidency would be better than that

  34. ◄Dave► says:

    Sure, and a few million right of center evangelicals refused to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. I remember those who refused to vote for Reagan because he was an actor. Then, I personally would never vote for Cruz or Rubio …ever… because in my view neither is a Natural Born Citizen.

    The re-making of America happened before we were ever born, Jim, and I am 70-years-old. It was a stealth Revolution called "The New Deal." We are just now waking up to the fact that, as RJR so elegantly articulated, we are no longer a constitutional republic. Our venerable Constitution is a dead letter, which no longer guarantees our individual sovereignty, or constrains anyone in Sodom by the Potomac from doing whatever they damn well please.

    It really doesn't much matter which wing of the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly fields the winning 'lesser of two evils,' the bureaucratic Leviathan always gets reelected, and nothing really changes. The Civil Service system was a serious blunder. We desperately need to return to the 'spoils system,' so that in a 'change' election we can throw ALL the rascals out.

    Until the unelected bureaucracy's power to create virtually unlimited laws, rules, and regulations is somehow reformed, voting for anyone is pretty much a waste of time. The only election results I am ever interested in, is the percentage of eligible voters who voted 'None of the Above,' by the simple expedient of boycotting the election. Don't Vote… it just encourages the bastards! ◄Dave►

  35. Jim D says:

    << Sodom by the Potomac>>


    You're right Dave, this has started long before we both were born (I'm almost as old as you), and before FDR, there was Teddy and Wilson.

    You're also right that we've ceased to be a Constitutional Republic. Some as a result of truly "progressing" since the 18th Century, e.g. we don't enslave people, every adult can vote, not just landed white males, etc.

    Unfortunately, some as a result of not progressing, but moving backwards. How many of our kids coming out of school (even at the college level) know the DIFFERENCE between a republic and "democracy", and why the founding fathers chose a republic … after careful study, thought and discussion.

    But, I can't quite (yet) bring myself to dropping out of the political process, though it is quite stacked against us; the "us" being intelligent, thoughtful, fact-based, reasoned individuals regardless of where on the political spectrum we lie.

    I think it is STILL incumbent upon us to try.

  36. Marie says:

    Trump is a Capitalist and Capitalism is the system that made this Country great .Women are only free in a Capitalist country . That goes for the individual , who is not a part of a favored group, religion or family .Why does everybody wants to come and live here ? Freedom !

  37. Scott theczech says:

    Yes indeed Mr. R., it will be interesting!

  38. Nasdaq7 says:

    The US has for the first time been influenced by really a pro-Marxist that is or was a leading candidate, other countries have dealt with such political parties for decades, some even for a century. But look at Europe, it is almost a clean sweep 95% for either labor or social democrat or democratic socialist. So I hope Donald Trump wins, because I would like to see online poker etc. legalized and the ISIS problems in the Middle East cleared up. Plus I am sure Trump will be good for the world economy – hopefully restore US productivity and efficiency. He has the business experience and skills. But socialism is popular because most people don't have enough knowledge of markets to understand why certain things happen. They can't or won't assign blame where it should be: economic and financial management by governments. They get emotional and can't accept that the individual freedom is very important, that everyone wins if merit is applied to everything in the economy. That the sum parts of that is far more productive than the collective being manipulated and controlled by governments. So it's a matter of education. Emotions often triumphs over reason and the socialists are the world's greatest emotional manipulators. They love to play with people's emotions when it comes to individual income and wealth. And they win the elections.

    • Holly Downs says:

      Economy sucks under Republicans more than it does under Dems Rpubs want to govern your sex acts and no matter which one gets in the working poor always pay ! It is illegal to be homeless and there will be no jobs due to technology ! Wake up ! It will be up to the wealthy to take care of everyone as they caused this by their greed

  39. Trump advocate says:

    I just ran across your post today when doing a search “so much corruption in Washington Trump can't win”
    I pray to God you are right. I’ll make a prediction too; If Hillary becomes president, America as we have known it, will cease to exist before her first term is over.

  40. smartaffiliaxe says:

    trump won alrady lol happy birthday wishes for best friend