Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

Posted on September 25, 2017 by Robert Ringer


Recent events have me wondering who, exactly, is Donald Trump?  Is he a man of conviction who stands on principle in the face of being labeled a bigot, white supremacist, and worse?  Or is he an unprincipled sellout who caves in to the Radical Left in order to curry favor with his enemies?

Many of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters have expressed disappointment — even outrage — over his actions (not to mention lack of actions) during the past several months.  And with good reason.  His staunchest allies in the White House have been banished, he continues to fudge on the wall, and he appears to have become soft on the DACA issue.

All this has brought about the oddest war imaginable — Trump loyalists like Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and other Make America Great believers versus Trump himself.  These are the people who are intent on supporting the agenda that got Trump elected, even if he himself abandons it.

This confirms what I’ve been saying all along — namely, that while there is no question Trump is beloved by his base, his astonishing 2016 election victory was about much more than just him.  It was about a fed-up electorate and the freedom revolution it began in 2009 as the Tea Party.  It was about taking back America from the Washington establishment and its Radical Left allies.  It was about holding elected officials and bureaucrats accountable for their criminal activities.

While the odds against the freedom revolution’s success are great, there is no longer any doubt that it’s a force to be reckoned with.  The only question is how many Trump voters will stick with the revolution even if they throw in the towel on Trump.

Let’s face it, it would take a person with very strong ideological beliefs to have the courage and conviction to stand up to the establishment, ignore the braying of the Radical Left, and act on principle.  And, unfortunately, principle is where Trump falls short.  I believe he has the courage to do the right thing, but not the conviction, because he has no hard and fast ideological beliefs.

That said, and in all fairness, considering his apathy when it comes to ideology, Trump does deserve high marks for at least trying to take on the establishment and the Radical Left.  As we are now seeing, however, his softened approach of late clearly makes it doubtful that he will ever make a serious attempt to drain the swamp.

Realistically, it’s highly doubtful that the swamp can ever be completely drained by anyone, given that so many millions of people are dependent upon the government corruption that provides them with their comfortable lifestyles.  Remember, every one of the millions of overpaid rank and file government employees is beholden to the status quo, and you can be sure they will fight to the death to protect their largesse.

Nevertheless, any inroads the freedom revolution can make when it comes to draining the swamp are better than nothing, and a good start would be to purge swamp creatures like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and John McCain.

Perhaps more than any other member of Congress, McConnell represents the rotten nature of government.  That’s why I believe the people of Kentucky should roll up their sleeves and start working on a serious recall effort to yank him from his comfy perch atop the Senate.  The country simply can’t afford to wait for his current term to expire.

Ditto with Arizona Senator John McNasty, the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill.  I use the word fraud because he pretends to be a Republican while repeatedly siding with Democrats.  The man is totally devoid of morals, which is why I don’t believe the freedom revolution can afford to wait until he dies to vanquish him from the swamp.  He has so much vindictiveness in his heart that he might just find a way to stay alive until his term expires in 2022.

Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, and a number of other Senate and House members can be terminated via primary challengers, which I think could happen in 2018 if members of the freedom revolution take the initiative and not wait for Donald Trump to become involved.

In addition to ridding the Republican Party of its most vile swamp creatures, the freedom revolution should start pushing — hard — for the prosecution of Dirty Dems who have thus far been given a free pass.  This is the most overlooked issue in today’s world of politics, yet Trump seems to have no interest in it.

Nevertheless, the first step toward bringing about equal justice under the law is to put pressure on Trump to stop pussyfooting around and fire Jeff Sessions, the Trojan swamp creature who has been AWOL since his appointment.  His recusal from the fake Russian collusion investigation was a preview of how he would go about doing (and not doing) his job.

Since then, he has totally ignored the long list of Obama acolytes who have been caught red handed engaging in illegal activities.  Some of the more obvious lawbreakers include:

Eric Holder, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Cheryl Mills, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, James Clapper, James Comey, Huma Abedin, Crooked Hillary, and, above all, Barack Obama.  And as the phony Russian-collusion investigation continues to unfold, I may want to include pompous ass Robert Mueller in this list as well.

The fact that Hillary is not in prison underscores just how rotten the justice system in Washington is.  I said some years ago that her prosecution should be a top priority for the Trump administration, because her crimes are a such a glaring symbol of what the freedom revolution is all about.

Nevertheless, as of today, Horrible Hillary continues to roam the countryside without a care in the world, flaunting her crimes on one left-wing show after another, dismissing her 33,000 deleted emails as much to do about nothing, and mouthing off about overturning the 2016 election results and getting rid of the electoral vote to boot.

Which brings us back to Trump.  Ironically, while his supporters are concerned about his abandoning the agenda he ran on, half the country is now up in arms over his outspoken criticism of the NFL.  Which means Trump has the worst of both worlds:  His supporters think he’s become too soft, while his critics believe his attack on the NFL shows once again how extreme he is.

Trump, of course, is right in his views about the NFL, and you can be sure that millions of Americans share those views.  But the pragmatic question is, why would he bother to chime in on such a dumb issue just when his favorability ratings have finally begun to climb?

There’s gold in beating up on Rocketman, repealing Obamacare, and giving Americans a big tax cut — but taking on the NFL, not so much.

So here I am, more than two years later, once again asking:  Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

58 responses to “Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?”

  1. SteveR says:

    Is there a 'real' Donald Trump? Or is he whoever the powers that be want him to be? I am sadly disappointed that he is not following through on his campaign promises. While I am accustomed to politicians not following through, I supported Trump because I thought he WASN'T a politician and would work for the good of the American people. His tweets have lost him a lot of support – particularly on items that would have best been left unaddressed. Instead he shows how childish and egocentric he really is.

    • ivan says:

      His egocentricity and lack of eloquence are one thing, especially on the srmall stuff. What really counts is his making decisions on items that really matter towards the big picture. For instance, immigration, healthcare, and Korea are the real issues . BHO screwed things up pretty good and now Trump has to unravel it all. Frankly, who gives a damn about the Dems overanalyzing his tweets, who most should find as trivial, when Korea is telling us we might be kissing a missile.

    • Brett Mallory says:

      That's because his campaign "promises" were campaign lies. Donald Trump never really want the job of governing this country. Trump wanted just what he got and continues to get: more fame and more money. Period. For Trump, it's all about Trump and has always been about Trump. Donald Trump showed you the type of person he was before he was elected: a lying, conniving, backstabbing, duplicitous, wavering, disloyal, opportunist who will say and do whatever it takes to win. You were warned, even by Trump himself, when he mesmerized you with the story of the snake and the old woman who trusted it–until it showed its true nature and bit her. It's like a person who ignores all the warning signs on the road–until they're nose-diving off a cliff!

  2. thebacksaver says:

    RR: Well put and, of course, truthful.
    Unfortunately, as you have stated, it may well be truly impossible to drain the swamp, if we are indeed past the tipping point. In which case, lets "let Trump be Trump". As a laissez-faire purist, I say with a bit of pain that I have recently "abandoned my search for truth and I am now seeking a suitable fantasy". Trump fills the bill.

    • Brett Mallory says:

      How Trump you "drain the swamp" when he's filled it with his very own swamp creatures, like Tom Price and others flying on private and military jets on taxpayers dime when commercial flights are sufficient. They are accustomed to the "creature" comforts of their lavish lifestyles. Donald Trump and his rich cronies who he's employed to "drain the swamp" are nothing more than elitists in populists clothing.

    • Brett Mallory says:

      This sentiment sums up the feelings and thoughts of all those who boarded the Trump Train thinking they were going to the Promised Land but now realize, too late, that the track is running out and they're all heading into the fiery abyss! Which means it has truly been one HELL of a ride!

  3. jan says:

    Never underestimate Donald Trump, the guy is very smart. He plays a deeper game that not everyone gets.
    He is with us, we should all support him.

    • larajf says:

      That's my hope as well.

    • Scott theczech says:

      I tend to agree with you. He's got the FNM chasing every shiny object he throws while continually working behind the scenes to dismantle the "machine." The last effective list I saw of actual accomplishments toward the "revolution" list were 60! I don't know of anyone else on the national scene that could take the slings and arrows this guy is taking on a daily basis, and yet he stands in the breach.

      Patience I say, patience everyone!

    • Richard Lee Van Der says:

      Yes, I agree with you. AND, President Trump might be just a little busy in regard to what to do and not do in regard to the North Korean situation! The status or condition of the entire world may depend on it. Cut our President some slack! Look at WHAT America FINALLY just got rid of! Thank God Trump is now the president!

  4. greg says:

    Good post Robert. All this political nonsense and distractions just proves again that America has become another shit hole of corruption. I felt this way when I dumped America 30 years ago and moved to Spain although I thought I might come back to live there again one day once things got better. But that was just another pipe dream. Trump is proving fast that he is just another puppet and war-monger. I''m sure now that I'll be a disgusted expat till the day I die.

    • Richard Lee Van Der says:

      Sounds to me like YOU are the one with the problem. NOT President Trump. Maybe you had a bad childhood?

  5. RealitySeeker says:

    "There’s gold in beating up on Rocketman, repealing Obamacare, and giving Americans a big tax cut — but taking on the NFL, not so much."

    Yeah, there's gold ( in the form of publicity) in taking on the dumb-shit NFL players and what the game has devolved into… In fact, Trump has struck a major vain already… Just look at the uproar and all the free publicity.. Trump is the star of the Presidential Reality Show, and the spotlight is on Trump all of the time…

    Trump also happens to be head of an empire, in case that has escaped your notice, and once in a while a Caesar has to make some kind of an issue regarding the games and circus… Trump is one of those Caesars who is taking on the games.

    As far as every other point in the above article I do agree. Excellent post.

    I still support Trump simply because I never really believed he could make America great again. I always knew at best Trump would be so much better than Hillary and he'd delay the collapse …

    The Trump show has been the best political show in my lifetime… And it's only the first year!

  6. Chris says:

    Robert! Thank you for being the voice of reason. I will add only that President Trump might have to look like he is playing ball to get judicial appointments through. That is my hope and prayer. For in the long run, a constitutional conscience judiciary will circumvent the Left's purloining of American.
    What are your thoughts/words of wisdom on the Luther Strange – Judge Roy Moore senate seat race?

  7. Ivan says:

    Trump is a powerful man to influence, he has the 3 components of power. He has fame + money + position influence, power to influence others through position . A top businessman can stay close to power which probably got him where he is and now can put it to use his way.

  8. bfenn says:

    Insistent on provoking even his own base It seems our best chance for the future of this country has once again inserted his #12 clod-hopper in his ever tweeting pie-hole. If ever there were a need for a "monitor" of Presidential
    tweeting our leader should now see the light.
    Please sir, do your job, and leave the minutia to some character who hasn't a need for "showmanship" .

  9. Rick D'Amico says:

    If he just does what he was elected to do and keep his mouth shut!

  10. Jurgy says:

    I have every faith (since I have no evidence) that Trump knows EXACTLY what he is doing, although he lacks a certain "eloquence" that we have come to expect from our leaders … too bad Trump does not have the ability to express his disgust with taking a knee the way Brandon Tatum does … https://youtu.be/jFhborYfWsY

  11. R diamond says:

    Good article but I do see a few things a little differently. With respect to dining with democrats – I wonder if Trump is simply being "practical" as businessmen tend to be – when the republicans are not supporting his agenda he invites democrats to dinner. Just like a businessman would do – if one person won't do business with him on his terms he talks to another person and lets the first person know he is out talking so they know there is competition. As far as NFL he is simply saying what many people are thinking. I don't think it will hurt him other than having MSM yammer on about the issue and bashing Trump about it. I agree it would be great to see prosecutions of Hillary and other law breakers. Does not appear that will happen though. Unfortunate. Thanks for the thought provoking and as always insightful and smart commentary.

  12. Richard Head says:

    President Trump is supposed to be The F.U.C.K.head–with, hopefully, a set of principles. http://www.donaldfuckhead.com.



  13. TN Ray says:

    Politicians by nature are conniving weasels. Especially Senators. Especially Republican Senators. That said, I agree totally that McConnel and McCain are the worst of the worst. But, there are numerous other disingenuous R Senators. That said, I had high hopes for Trump and do wish he would act somewhat "Presidential". Looks like that is out of the question. Trump was not my preferred choice (Ben Carson was). Vs. Hillary, Trump was the ONLY choice. Now regarding The Senate race in Alabama. Trump is backing Strange, as is McConnell. Ben Carson has praised Moore. I hope Moore wins, then I hope we can primary out other RINOs like Bob Corker in Tennessee. To recall turncoats like McCain and McConnell is a wonderful fantasy, but sadly, it will never happen.
    And yes, Trump is right about the NFL spoiled athletes. But, I am boycotting the NFL because the spineless owners are enabling the inappropriate behavior.

    • patg2 says:

      Ben Carson was my first choice, too, but I don't think he would have accomplished as much as Trump has. I'm gonna wait and see what Trump does in the long run.

    • Houston is back ! says:

      Conniving weasels !
      Enjoying every second of President Trump. Best Prez since Reagan . and I'm boycotting NFL too

  14. Rick G. says:

    Great post, Robert. And I might add that I found it really disappointing of him making nice to two of the worst swamp creatures imaginable on the DACA deal, none other than Pelosi
    (The Wicked Witch of the West Coast) and Good Time Charlie Schumer. Of course, too, President Trump got more cooperation from them than from the Republicrats in Congress, sad to say.

    As for Mitch McConnell, I agree wholeheartedly with you that ole Mitch needs to go. But, as I stated in previous posts of other articles, I voted for McConnell here in Kentucky. I had to. It seems like politics and politicians are illusionary. They all look despicable until they are pitted against an opponent who is utterly detestable, which, in his case was Democrap Allison Lundergun Grimes. Then, suddenly, they (he) looks "great". Let me give you a brief rerminder of whom he was up against. Lungergun seemingly had it all going for her in the general election. The polls (Fake Polls) were showing her handily trouncing McConnell in November by a wide margin, yet she ended up receiving a pathetic 42% of the statewide vote. It came out during the campaign that in spite of the fact that she was campaigning for an increase in the state minimum wage, Lundergun was a business attorney for her father's restaurant business which does not pay their employees minimum wage. This caused s big stink during the campaign. All during the campaign, big money was pouring into her campaign from the rich Hollywood liberals, Jerry Seinfeld, Danny DeVito, George Clooney, ad nauseum, who were hell bent.on removing McConnell from office. This did not sit well with Kentuckians who resent out-of-state liberals elitists.who are out-of-touch with conservative Kentucky values interfering with Kentucky politics. Another embarrassing moment was when a newsman was interviewing her on the air and asked her if she.voted for Obama. She was dumbfounded and lost for words, and didn't know what to say. She looked off to the side with a sheepish grin and that was the final deadly blow to her campaign. You see, here in Kentucky, if you run for.politicsl office and it comes out that you voted for Obama, you're finished. You're history. That's it. Obama is widely hated here. So, days later, McConnell was re-elected by.a huge margin. That doesn't mean we love him, because we don't. It was.just a repudiation of Allison Lundergun Grimes. And I was elated. They call it voting for the lesser of two evils.

  15. Jo Anne Helmer says:

    That same event as in Kentucky happened in Az. Arizonans are sick & tired of McLame but he was
    better than his opponent. Isn't that unimaginable ? GOP needs to be grooming some good alternatives
    in many states. Many have been in Congress way to long and that's the problem. They should all
    have a $ behind their names rather than R or D……………they are beholding to the lobbies who write
    the big checks and they work for them, not us constituents.

  16. Jim Hallett says:

    The NFL comments was just more nonsense sideshow garbage to get the sports media talking, and bashing they did of Trump in a big way. His meeting with Nancy the Witch Pelosi and Upchuck Schumer to go along with their agenda is very disappointing, as well as his not moving forward on the Hildabeast prosecution (as well as all the other many traitors). I knew his presidency would be a mixed bag, but of course, he was NOT Hildabeast, so gave us the best opportunity to reverse some of the damage done to America by the "progressive" establishment (in both parties!). He is only 9 months in, and is starting to desert some of the positions that gave him the win last year. I could do without the childish tweets, but if he wants to overthrow some of these power-lords and make a difference, he cannot roll over and get in bed with the devils. It has been a disappointing past couple of weeks, but hopefully, he will forge on with the agenda that got him the White House win in the first place.

    • Rick G. says:

      About Hildabeast: LOCK HER UP!!! Actually, that is really within the realm of the.U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute her. Then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump mentioned about prosecuting her during one of the presidential debates. However, after the election, when asked about him going after her head so to speak, he said he would not because he "didn't want to hurt the Clintons". Can you imagine that? Didn't want to hurt the Clintons! I was disappointed and so were many others. I say if you are really not.going to carry it out, THEN DON'T SAY IT! Right? Right! By golly, she has done all she possibly can to hurt him. And then that destestable pile of rubbish Hildabeast wrote, What Happened. She needs to knock it off, give it up, and get a life. And now she is considering contesting the results of the 2016 election if it can be conclusively proven that the Russians had actually interfered with the election. Is she human? What in hell is the matter with this woman? Grandma needs to forget about it and move on. Even the Radic-Libs are getting sick of hearing about it. I will say this and you can take it to the bank. Hildabeast will never be.prosecuted for any of.her sins. She has literally gotten away with murder. The same for her rapist husband. That's the way the Clintons operate and how this corrupt system works. And one more thing you can take to the bank: Obamacare will always be here. It will never be repealed (and replaced). And if it were to, it would be a close look alike. All of these cockroaches in Washington are in bed with each other. Things will never change.

  17. Rocketman says:

    The fish rots from the head down. Trump MAY have started off intending to keep his promises but he ran into a brick wall, the Washington establishment. Little by little he has had to modify his positions to get anything done. And just what kind of reward did he get for selling his soul? The establishment still wants him gone and the pressure on him has only increased. Some reward.

  18. patg2 says:

    Trump has done far more in 8 short months than I really expected him to do, and Congress stands in his way a lot. Yes, he has made mistakes. He's not experienced. I'm not going to excuse him, but I wish he will stop and think of some other swamps that need draining: Monsanto, Big Pharma, and multi-level marketing (something he himself has been involved in). I wish I could get his attention. I kinda think we'll get the wall and deal with DACA eventually. The illegals here should leave. If a child was brought in LEGALLY and loses her status when she becomes an adult, SHE should be allowed to stay. Somehow this group (which probably isn't all that large) gets overlooked.

    I have no use for either McCain or Flake, and wish they would both go away. I hate what my state has turned into politically with people like that. We used to be solid. I understand there was a lot of voter fraud in Phoenix, which helps elect these people, mostly illegals voting. Phoenix used to be solid conservative, now, not so much. Color me frustrated.

  19. Houston is back ! says:

    I love you more than ever after this GREAT analysis !

  20. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    I believe, Mr. Ringer, President Trump WILL show up in regard to that which is MOST important. That which I believe he keeps secret. Namely, how to deal with the most critical current issue, namely , what to do about the North Korean situation. And THAT is tough!

  21. Angedur says:

    He is the commander of the military, so why not withdraw a fair percentage of troops from Japan, S Korea, Hawaii and Germany, so we can build that wall and stop the drug cartels?

  22. RealitySeeker says:

    As reported by Drudge: [ Dirty] Dems want Trump impeached over his NFL criticism…

    As I said in a previous comment: Trump has struck gold by attacking the NFL dimwitted fools who are multi millionaire whiny pukes… The last time I stayed at the Four Seasons one of the owners was there along with his four bitch hookers… The team had a sex orgy after the game and in general most of them act like horny apes — all dick and no brains… I was talking about the goings-on with one of the doormen and the shit that the hotel has to put up with is unreal… I'm from New York and I've seen it all, so nothing really shocks me. But many, not all, of these so called sports "heros" are actually not much better than dog piss… In fact, I own a dog that is less of an animal then some of those freaks… And their language! If you think my post is riddled with foul language, just spend some time around one of apes who get paid millions to play kids games…

    Trump has struck a nerve just like he did by hammering Jeb Bush… This isn't going to turn out well for the NFL..

    • Thank you for your contribution…effectively, much of professional sports have turned into a plague…you see players acting in ill faith of their sports, mis-playing on purpose, to help Las Vegas betters get the best of it…and as you mention, outside the field, the true nature of these Modern Gladiators don't display anything in terms of social standards. In fact these Gladiators are the reflection of Swampy leadership, as rotten as our leadership. But I can't believe people are still polarized politically in an attempts to find which side is right…none is.
      I have abandoned, progressively, over the decades, being a fan of any professional sports. I tried to find refuge in College Football, look what it has become…same with the Olympics. All a reflection of a spoiled, corrupt, narcissistic civilization…the result of 30 years of cultural revolution, of globalism…of feminism. Did you not notice that the more the integrity of a sport degrades, the bigger the female audience.
      I finally turned to semi-pro or amateur sports…you start listening, like at the World Volleyball Association, and soon enough, as soon as they get enough attention, it falls in the same mould. You finally find pleasure into the Little Leagues of Baseball, but eventually they will corrupt that also.
      The only real Trump is the Feminist

  23. Being forceful is the sign of weakness and incompetence of Leadership. The greatest thing that can happen, is when people, of their own will stand up, proud, at the first notes of the Anthem…when you start to need rules, or laws to force people to stand up…you don't live in a Free country anymore.
    But don't expect unity anytime soon, but if it is synthetically, forcefully manufactured..why? because Trump is a globalist who suffers from delusion…exactly like his predecessors. We don't have a country anymore…they destroyed the concept of Nations. What you have is people trying to believe that if things are going well for them, it must be because they live in a great nation…

  24. Angedur says:

    MAGA is bigger than Trump. The meanness and ungenerous illliberal of liberals ( note the irony, another word for this acoording to oxford dictionary is nig-gard) of usa folks shant be toletated and we just wont put up with rino and marxists dems any more.

  25. dave says:

    i think most miss this point, trump is ripping the mask off the swamp folks.

  26. Sally says:

    I say give him more time. He might grow into the job…..
    In the meantime, do what RR suggests: let us drain the swamp ourselves through elections.
    The recent Alabama election of Roy Moore shows us that we can do it.

  27. Brett Mallory says:

    Why are you acting surprised? Trump is exactly what he's always been–the textbook definition of an opportunist: a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans. This is what reasonable and principled people on the both the right and the left have been trying to tell you all along. But you were so distracted by Trump's promise to build a wall that you ignored the writing that was on it.

    To be fair, Trump is not the only player in the game of opportunism. He just happens to be better at it than most–including most politicians. He'll play on whichever team can get him a win–even changing jerseys and switching teams mid-play. Not that he believes in teams. He just wants to WIN! "Loyalty" to Trump is a catchphrase and a one-sided affair. Everyone owes him loyalty but he doesn't owe loyalty to anyone. Donald Trump, a former Democrat, will occasionally join in the Democrat huddle, he is currently wearing a Republican jersey. But the truth is, he's not really a teammate/player. He OWNS the team!

    And just like the USFL team he owned, he has brought this team down, too. The Republicans have sold their souls to Trump rendering them morally bankrupt. The real Donald Trump has always been standing–while Republicans have been sitting on the bench. They can't stand for what they believe in until they stop falling for what Trump traffics in. If you fall for a lie, it's hard to stand for the truth. The question should be, "Will the real Republicans please stand up?"

  28. Nasdaq7 says:

    President Trump has completely collapsed under the pressure.

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  30. pruebelcher says:

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  31. B Wilds says:

    We continue to see a growing number of articles on the subject of Trumps "flip flops" and his inability to get along with those he chose to bring about his vision. If voters who supported Trump become convinced he is playing them for fools it is likely they will loudly voice their discontent leaving him without a base. While some of this can be explained as a strategy change or that he is evolving it has and should raise concern.

    With Trump detractors eagerly awaiting the day when he fails and receives his comeuppance Trump best remember who his friends are and that in Washington he has very few of them. The article below delves into the ramifications for Trump of alienating his base.


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