Does Trump Deserve to Lose Your Vote?

Posted on August 29, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Now that the Trumpster has done an about face on the very issue that brought him to center stage from the outset of his presidential campaign, is it time to write him off as just another well-intentioned guy who got corrupted by the system — before he even got elected no less? Maybe … but before we do, let’s add a bit of perspective to the mix.

Honestly, now, did you ever seriously believe that Trump was going to round up and deport 11 million illegals? Hope? Sure. But belief? C’mon, get real.

The Dirty Dems have been working on their dishonest immigration vote-acquisition scheme for more than fifty years. When sleazy Ted Kennedy pushed through The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, he assured Americans that “In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think.”

He went on to say, “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.” Like Obama with Obamacare, he assured Americans that the very things he knew — and wanted — to happen would never happen.

In finer circles it’s known as lying. Kennedy, like the Horrible Hillary of today, was a congenital liar, whether it involved immigration or plunging a beautiful young campaign worker (Mary Jo Kopechne) to her death and not reporting it to the police for ten hours. And also like Horrible, he got away with it because the Kennedys operated under their own set of rules.

As to Teddy’s assurances about his immigration bill, the truth is now out in the open for all to see. The United States places no limit on the number of family members of illegal aliens that can be admitted into the country. As a result, along with Obama’s Mideast immigration policy, the U.S. attracts 20 percent of all the world’s migrants even though it has only 5 percent of the world’s population.

So, no, even if Trump’s intentions were sincere, it simply wasn’t going to happen. The horse has been out of the barn for far too long. The Dirty Dems use the same strategy over and over again — and it works: Push through a bill or policy that is outrageous, even if the majority of the population is against it and even if it has to be done by subverting the Constitution, then fall back on the same old, tired mantra, “It’s way too late now to undo it.”

This is precisely how the radical left pushed Obamacare through, and how they’re keeping it in place even though it is destroying lives and businesses. It was never intended to be anything other than a first step toward single-payer healthcare and tighter control over the populace.

Which brings us to the question, should voters who were attracted to Donald Trump because of his adamant stance on sending illegals back to their home countries and building a very big wall now vote for the Face of Evil or, in the alternative, stay home on election day (which is tantamount to voting for HRC)? The answer, I believe, is a no brainer: No!

As I wrote forty years ago in Restoring the American Dream, the entire concept of government is, of and by itself, inherently evil, so it’s virtually impossible to get elected to high office if you make it a habit of telling the truth. I’m not implying that every politician is on a par with Horrible Hillary, but all of them do their share of lying and not keeping their promises (which is a close relative of lying).

So, even though the thought of voting for the lesser of two evils is distasteful, that’s what it almost always gets down to. (It goes without saying that, in the real world, voting for a third-party candidate is a complete waste of time and not worth discussing.)

You might believe that it would be nice if Trump deported all illegals and built the Great Wall of America, but if he didn’t do either of those things, he would still make a huge impact on slowing the suicidal path the U.S. is now on just by doing a handful of things (which I think he would do, to one extent or another). These include:

  • Lift all restrictions on oil drilling, fracking, coal mining, and natural gas exploration.
  • Dramatically cut the EPA’s number of employees and take a meat axe to its regulations.
  • Lower taxes significantly on everyone.
  • Prosecute all politicians who have broken the law, starting with the HillBillies.
  • Outwardly support all local police forces and give them whatever equipment they need to safeguard the public, quell riots, and protect themselves.
  • Make work a requirement for receiving any kind of welfare.
  • Indefinitely stop the flow of Middle East refugees into the country. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires the United States to allow anyone to be here.
  • Declare Sharia Law illegal, and deport all those who are caught promoting it.
  • Give open and clear support to our best allies, starting with Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan, and, of course, the UK.
  • Declare the agreement with Iran to be null and void, and impose harsher sanctions on the Mullahs than were previously in place.
  • Give veterans the absolute best medical care available.
  • Refuse to raise the debt ceiling ever again — for any reason.
  • Appoint hard-core conservative judges to the Supreme Court.
  • Expand and strengthen GITMO and start sending all the bad dudes there for intense interrogation.

And much, much more.

Sure, Trump would do a lot of things that I wouldn’t like, but he would not purposely try to destroy America like Obama has been doing, and he wouldn’t be plotting night and day to steal millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers like the Clintons have done throughout their careers.

His egomaniacal ways might even be an asset to America, because his desire to be seen as a great leader is what makes him want to make America great again. On the other hand, giving Obama a third term through a criminally insane, congenital liar would put the finishing touches on America’s final chapter.

Bottom line: Whatever Trump’s faults may be — and they are many — he would not do to America anything close to what Bolshevik Barry and Hillary Rotten Clinton would do. I’m 100 percent against eminent domain, but it’s nothing compared to giving the Iranians billions of dollars to help them promote terrorism and build a nuclear bomb. As I said at the outset of this article, a bit perspective is in order.

To borrow the words of journalist-turned-radical-left-promoter Cokie Roberts, anyone who votes for Obama/Clinton is morally tainted.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

74 responses to “Does Trump Deserve to Lose Your Vote?”

  1. Ric says:

    An excellent list… I would add the promotion of a national sales tax (the only moral way to collect taxes) to replace the federal income tax. Note I said "promotion". Like the wall, it won't get fully implemented in our lifetime, but the earnest discussion needs to get started now.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Agreed – it's all about direction. You may never get there, but it's better to move toward a freedom goal than allow the country to slide in the direction of tyranny

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        RIC & RJR make important points. I would add that little of this will make much difference unless we do have the FAIR TAX + my dual banking plan. I fear all of this will require a Article 5 Convention of states. Well we have had enough signatures pushing 15 years now . but the House will not call for one …, Here is how we get growth which is the core issue.

        Pass the Fair Tax [first year growth is est. to be 11.7% !
        Freeze the federal budget except for defense for 10 years.
        Require a declaration of war to put our people in harms way ! This would be a set of conditions that require more than a minor force !
        Suspend all EPA regulations for 5 years.
        Close the department of education.
        Abolish all Federal Unions.
        Abolish all Political Pacs.
        All political donations must not exceed $5,000 and none are tax deducible!
        Alter the FRB dual mandate. This is the employment which was added under Carter.
        The USA Mortgage Bank I have proposed removes Fannie and Freddie and makes them one entity,

        Every US Citizen is able to purchase a home with a USA Mortgage Banks loan of $175,000. [a Married couple may have a loan = to twice that amount] They must be 18 years old, and have proof of employment. Then you receive the loan. The rate of the Mortgage is 4% for 30 years. This mortgage requires a mortgage insurance loan for life including a death policy all of it built into the mortgage, the loan is not assignable, and is exempt from Bankruptcy laws. Once you have your one loan then you have it and it can not be discharged. You can sell the house and pay it off ..

        The FRB has only this path to expand the money supply. Housing drives the economy.
        The FDIC is spun off for the private banks … no Government backing of bank deposits. The US Postal Bank will except deposits and provide the normal banking services plus pay on deposit the 30 day Treasury. rate. All deposits are fully backed by the Government. Private Banks are not backed by the government. No bailouts of any kind…

        Given that the growth would be huge … the Dollar as sound as it can ever been. The FRB would have a 3 year time line to set in place the tools to limit inflation to .25% in anyone year. No inflation wealth is from earning and saving.

        This is a plan to grow the economy and support the Constitution. As to Mr. Trump his career was built on the political connections with the Mafia. He has done business with the Mafia … So I can not vote for him. Hillary is a corrupt person, a Neo Fascist if you will… I am an Anti Fascist and a student of the subject and it is once again sweeping the world… I will vote for Gary Johnson …

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          Trump is correct that illegal immigration will hopelessly distort US democracy. It's illegal immigration, it's not legal immigration that is controlled. Try and convince them to vote Republican, they will never ever do it because the political party that grants them citizenship is the political party they will vote for, for the rest of their lives and they will encourage their children to vote that way. Who wouldn't – when there's no oppressive laws, just freebies in the Democratic Party, yet the financial weight of what US Democrats want to do, how they want to win future elections and govern the country will bankrupt the US. Look at all the jobs – it's being created in China, eventually China will start manufacturing high technology. Innovation is not enough, the US needs some economic strategy facing global manufacturing competition or it will end up like the UK, without a ship building industry, the UK ruled the entire world for 500 years+ in shipbuilding. Read more: Google The decline of the UK shipbuilding industry was not inevitable. Do you think the Chinese can't make software? Can't program? Can't do the science required to write programs? They can and they have India next to them.

      • Taurus2Go says:

        DITTO! … and regarding "in the real world, voting for a third-party candidate is a complete waste of time and not worth discussing" … ya better get on the right side of this discussion , and fast! Voting for 3rd moron that didn't even recognize where or what "Aleppo" is just means another vote for "Crooked Hillary"

        (cough, cough …)

      • Jean says:

        I'd like to add one more bullet point to your "To do" list – perform random audits of ANY institution that accepts ANY form of federal funding. That means colleges and universities would have to pony up their books to show exactly how the federal largesse they receive is allocated and what is provided in return. Food and beverage establishments would need to be able to justify receiving WIC, SNAP or EBT funds. So-called "nonprofit organizations" that get any federal dollars should have to show ROI – results achieved for every federal dollar of grant money given. If every fly-by-night establishment had the same fear of the IRS that the average taxpayer has, then there would be a lot less waste and fraud. I know of several businesses in "the 'hood" that illegally accept EBT for prepared foods but ring up the sales differently to cover, and there have been a handful of medical practitioners who were caught providing prescription opiods to biker chicks, who would pay using their Medicaid cards (as well as their physical assets) and then sell the pills on the street. Obama hired 16000 additional IRS agents to track down Obamacare violators. Let's use that resource to ferret out genuine fraud and abuse of tax funded programs while getting rid of Obamacare.

  2. Emily says:

    Choices like these are the reason we have third parties. With bureaucrats and other establishment in control of both parties, it time we faced reality and take advantage of this no win election. The Libertarian Party is actually the party an awful lot of Republicans and Democrats ought to be in. Let's work together and force another choice in spite of those who would control our lives. Keep both from getting 50% and let the House of Representatives elect the president this time. Many in both parties don't like the current options.

    • IHeartDagney says:

      Actually, the only people who think both choices are bad are people who rightly dislike the one who will only get votes based on her PLUMBING and are judging Trump on STYLE, not substance. Trump is the closest we've had to an actual AMERICAN and AMERICA-loving candidate in decades. He's crude, he's rude, kind of a Carnival Barker type person. However, a carnival barker is a VERY American character. He will never be perfect, never have "style" (what has STYLE gotten us??? Oh, yeah ObamaDoesn'tCare, Benghazi, Gay "marriage", the Iran Deal, "Transgender" men threatening little girls in bathrooms). However, what he has DONE in the past is a precursor to what his tenure might be like in the White House. He will be early, if not on time, AND under budget. Now THAT is something that is sorely needed in our federal government. Something we haven't seen in many, many years. Another thing he has is APPEAL to ALL AMERICANS. He's not a perfect conservative because he leans a little liberal in areas. He's not a perfect liberal, he leans right on some major issues. WELL. Isn't THAT what America is ALL about????

      Throw your vote away on Gary Johnson. It is certainly your prerogative to be wrong. I predict you're going to be on the wrong side of history and miss out being with the mainstream on a MAJOR landslide.

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      The Libertarian Party wil receive a lot of votes, if they make it to the debate it will be a game changer … !

  3. Nice article but your dismissal of a third party candidacy is troubling. Principles and integrity matter which is why I am voting for Gary Johnson. He will probably not win, but every year we are told we must vote for X candidate or the sky will fall. Fool me once shame on you
    Fool me twice shame on me.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Don't be disappointed. I believe if Trump wins, the stage will be set for the formation of a serious third – and possibly fourth – party. If Obama wins (using HRC as his puppet), a one-party dictatorship is a strong possibility.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        I have proffered for years that it has to be 4 parties … so there will be a thesis, antithesis, and the synthesis. To reach that you must remove the possible buying of votes … with 4 clear ideology you reduce that leaving the democrat party a uber corrupt organization, and the self serving Republicans, to work with the other two to have a government …

        • ◄Dave► says:

          Even two would be a vast improvement over the Incumbrepublocrat UniParty duopoly; but the more the merrier. I like the way European parliamentary systems, generally require politicians to cobble together a tenuous governing coalition, AFTER an election rather than before. This seems infinitely preferable to the machinations ours go through, trying to keep their disparate factions stuck to their base, while trying to woo a few independents for a win.

          Then, if the majority in a European coalition tries to run roughshod over their minority partners, they can force another election right away, by withdrawing from the coalition. Once our sheeple have been tricked into electing a particular bunch of liars, they are then stuck with them until the next scheduled election, no matter how onerous they turn out to be. ◄Dave►

    • IHeartDagney says:

      No, the sky won't fall if you throw your vote away on someone who YOU KNOW will not win. And, Gary Johnson and WELD resemble "principles and integrity" to you? Really?

      So, you would vote your conscience, but your conscience tells you that it's a loser vote? And, THAT is principle and integrity? Huh. Is not the object to DO GOOD for your country? Your conscience SHOULD be telling you to vote for the MOST conservative person who CAN WIN. That, in my book, is the epitome of principle and integrity. Accepting WHAT IS and working withing those limits to do a good thing is also the highest you can get in the principle and integrity department. Yes, when you see you can affect WHAT IS and reach some higher "good" and make changes, that is when you push the envelope. However, this country will probably always be a two-party proposition when it comes to electing presidents. The time to really push for a third party to take over one of the other party positions is like when you see what happened in the 1850's when the Whigs were dying and the Republicans were obviously on the right side of history. It's not even close to like that now, in this point in history. Libertarian/Anarchists just have NO CHANCE of affecting the political process EXCEPT to take enough votes away from the person who can do the most good for our country. Is that how you want to remember your "principles and integrity" and be like the Ross Perot voters who ensured Bill Clinton the serial rapist got into the White House?

    • JRS says:

      Integrity, really? I have seen Gary Johnson's platform and am not in agreement with much of it. Trump's is much better… I saw Gary Johnson and his side kick on CNN with Anderson Cooper. I cannot figure out why some people would vote for him over Trump??

      • Jim Hallett says:

        As an anarcho-libertarian, I am also very Unimpressed with the Johnson-Weld ticket, as it has much of the progressivism mental illness that dominates American politics. Ron Paul was a pure choice to support, but given our current situation, Hildabeast would be a DISASTER, so she must be stopped. Trump will not promote war (esp. with Russia), he will strengthen the immigration sieve that is wreaking havoc on America, and he will not select any progressive libtards for the Supreme Court. For that reason, he gets my support, despite my MANY reservations about other aspects of his agenda. Hildabeast has NO redeeming values, is a sociopath, congenital liar, gross violator of the Constitution, and thinks she (and her serial-rapist hubby, Bubba) are above the law and are the designated King & Queen of the USA. Progressivism is the enemy (has been for 116 years), and if it is not impeded slightly by electing Trump, you can, as Robert said, "kiss Amerika, good-bye!"

        • Reality Seeker says:

          The Libertarian Party is no longer libertarian…. Gary was a good man, ignorant but good, and I liked him as Governor of NM. The problem was Gary knew (knows) a little of nothing about any of the important figures that inspired the movement, e.g., Ayn Rand, Mises, Kayek, Rothbard, Spooner and on and on the list goes add infinitum.

          Gary is a lightweight, and he has no business leading the Party. The Party is dead.

          Trump is a Caesar-type leader. He actually belongs as the figure head of the American Empire. Why? Because the American Republic is as dead as the Libertarian Party.

          • Jim Hallett says:

            You are spot on, RS, about the Libertarian Party. It seems to me that the actual act of creating a political party destroys its fundamentals and turns it into another corrupt entity full of deception. Weld is a statist (barely even a Republican, as if that was a good thing), and Johnson promotes mandatory vaxxing, among other positions that bear NO resemblance to the NON-aggression aspect, which is the MAIN pillar of any true libertarian. I would like to see classical liberalism return, but we have to re-educate the masses, who now associate the word "liberal" with the idiotic, immoral, pro-violence "progressives." Trump, warts and all, is a FAR better choice than Gary Johnson.

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Yeah, Trump is a better choice, but for all of the wrong reasons, if you know what I mean.

            The American Empire needs a leader who'll refrain from nuclear conflict, yet project a strong image while "negotiating" a better deal with foreign powers. Trump would also stack the Supreme Court with judges who won't be as likely to rule against Natural Law. He'll slow the flood of illegals, and perhaps maybe even reduce the number. There's other things he'll do that won't be so bad.

            On the other hand, the economic cycle is due for a wicked down-turn, perhaps leading into a Depression. Who knows what measures Trump will take if it all falls apart on his watch. Really, it might be better if it all falls apart during a Clinton administration…. Now that would be poetic justice. On the other hand, the Clintons just might be the ones to finally start a nuclear Armageddon. Really, just like Rothbard said, that's the greatest danger we all face, I.e., a government that's lead by a nuclear war-monger…. And I could see Hillary going head to head with the Russians. And the Russians are readying themselves for nuclear war like I've never seen. Yet, it's hardly mentioned in the Western media.

            Finally, I know you're old and set in your ways, but I know good man when I read one. So God be with you, Jim. And, if Hillary becomes Commander-in-Chief and the Empire goes to nuclear war with another nuclear power, God is the only hope mankind has….. Really.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        Because Trump built his career on the political connections of the Mafia … and Hillary is the Mafia …

    • Ellis Baxter says:

      The Clintons run a Mafia style corrupt org. Trump has built his entire career on the political connections of the Mafia .. and the Mafia got well paid for same.

  4. richard lee van der says:

    A super-excellent summation of the current American situation! I certainly hope the thinking expressed here will take hold in other sectors as well. I like to believe it has. I live in the Philippines, a so-called American Ex-pat, but my love and allegiance remains with my home country. And if I can live long enough and create extra income, I plan to finish my days on some Hawaiian outer island where the weather is infinitely better! Trump WILL WIN! I have a track record of similar predictions. In any case, we will know before long how effective the Voter Distortion System is. Making yes become no in the voting booth is super-sick! And people who would vote for the semi-woman either has some kind of self-interest in mind, or is flat out stupid. Too many of the latter in Amerca these days! Especially dangerous are he so-called "educated" ones.

  5. Gary says:

    From my perspective using name calling adjectives like "Dirty Dems", "Bolshevik Barry and Hillary Rotten Clinton", "sleazy Ted Kennedy", " Horrible Hillary", etc does nothing to make your points and actually puts you more on their level. [Although your adjectives may go a long way in describing them.]

    I do like your list of things Trump would attempt to do.

    However, as for me, if people continue believing that to vote for a 3rd party is a wasted vote, then we will always be stuck with garbage in the white house and congress..

    • Reality Seeker says:

      I disagree.

      I'd probably stop reading RJR's books and articles if he discontinued using witty adjectives…

      • Charles Cohen says:

        I love witty adjectives….. That being said; can you imagine in a college debate, regarding a serious subject matter, that the winner is the one with the most witty adjectives, or the one who screams the loudest?

        Our youth are watching. What we reinforce, is what is reinforced. Sometimes we act like “political soccer fans.”

        • Reality Seeker says:

          Welcome to Reality America where the winner of the political debate is NEVER an egghead, e.g., Trump….

          RJR's writing is funny, truthful, entertaining and DESIGNED to penetrate on through to the masses. His vocabulary, punctuation, grammatical style is articulated at a college level, but not at a university level. Why? Because he'd lose most of his readers. RJR's genius is his ability to break down complex subjects for the masses.

          You want an Oxford-level article? Then read Ludwig von Mises. On second thought, you better not, because he also uses some extraordinary adjectives.

  6. Reality Seeker says:

    Solving the illegal immigration problem is really a no-brainer: Levey a $50,000 fine on any private individual caught employing an illegal and a $250, 000 fine on any business. The result would be millions would self-deport because nobody would hire them. Second, focus most of the law enforcement and resources on the gangs of young, violent illegals. Third, any state which has sanctuary cities loses its federal funding. Forth, Declare Sharia Law as unconstitutional and a theocratic, political believe-system which undermines and seeks to destroy western freedom and values. Really, it should be labeled a "terrorist religion". Outlaw it just as RJR suggested.

    By the way, Trump is going to give a policy speech on immigration in response to all of the misinformation and lies the MSM is spreading about him flipping. Trump isn't flipping or bait-and-switching. There is ALWAYS going to be negotiable points. Trump has made that clear from the beginning.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I agree with your solutions. Cut off welfare and jobs, and illegals would self-deport.

      • Scott theczech says:

        In reality an "invisible wall" makes eminent sense in that you encourage those who won't honor the law to self-deport. I know it sounds inhumane, but we need to cease all welfare type support of illegal aliens except in extreme emergencies, impose serious fines on the hiring and paying of the same and deport illegals committing other high crimes and felonies.

        • Reality Seeker says:

          "We need to cease all welfare type support of illegal aliens except in extreme emergencies"

          Yes, and that support should be a bus or plane ride back to their own country and they should not be allowed to reenter unless and until they pay a big, fat fine and comply with a strict immigration law.

  7. Rock Roach says:

    I think Trump's original immigration stance was one of "seperating himself from the pack" from his 16 other republican challengers,more than what he actually could do as President.But I do believe that wall gets built,
    and the 2nd benefit of not allowing terrorist to come across as "easy" is important as well.
    If you can get rid of the criminals,eliminate some unwanted drugs and murders,get rid of sanctuary cities,eliminate Obamacare,and improve the tax situation for everyone that is a big improvement.
    The one thing that I think Trump will do before the election(that no other republican candidate would have done) is go into some of these predominant black cities like Pittsburg,Detroit,and Milwaukee and try to show some of the under priveledged( usually minorities) how he can improve their lives through jobs,safety,etc.
    Of course the Ku Klux Dems will try to convince african Americans that Trump was a charter member of them
    through phony ads and Hillary.The Dems are also calling Trump's attempts futile,but if he can even get 10 percent more of Latino and African American support than he suppossedly has- he may be on path to victory.
    A contniuation of Obamas Nero Ostrichian regime would be a complete disaster for Americans.I just hope at least 51 percent or whatever it takes to defeat HRC figure that out.

  8. letterman88 says:

    Sad choice of candidates. We are not the world's police force. Bring the troops home. What the hell are we doing there? Where does the Constitution say that our military is to be used in this way? Bring our military men and women home. Would you want your son or daughter over there? Would THEY be willing to sacrifice their sons or daughters. You gotta be kidding. That should be a hot priority for any candidate.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Promoting wars and conflicts all over the globe is one of the key elements of the Hildabeast campaign, and why the military-industrial complex is fully behind her. I am not sure how many troops Trump will bring home, but he is FAR less likely to send new ones to other places to try and police the world.

  9. john parker says:

    Wonderful commentary. Hopefully enough people will read this and understand why Trump ,with all his problems ,is the best choice for American voters. John Parker

  10. Mr Trump is like a tornado at reverse building everything in his pathway!
    Everything is negotiable for Mr Trump and DO ABLE!

    Democrats last century polices are just wars..

    so the question is ..


    to war or to build a healthy economy on healthy work foundations,
    not as democrats did it from too long based on opium mopney buying political power…

  11. Grant says:

    The very definition of a Trump Apologist. How is it that every other politician BUT TRUMP is held to the most stringent definition of "lying"? Trust me, as the days go by you'll be searching for even greater ways to excuse even more outrageous flip-flops…forget the frequent demonstrations of incompetence. Might we at least beg for a hat tip to constitutional conservatism?

    • IHeartDagney says:

      Ted Cruz was my first choice. He didn't make it this time.

      Trump won and is our nominee against the EVIL party. Time to put on the big boy pants and move on.

      America is a melting pot. Trump is a melting pot of political semi-knowledge. The fact that he is NOT a politician is part of his appeal. He flip-flops? Or, he changes his mind as he learns more? More likely the latter.

      Trump will be our first CITIZEN president in MANY years. What's not to like about that?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Many of the original Republican candidates would have made better presidents than Trump – but that's not the choice we're faced with now. It's Trump or the end of what's left of America – and probably the start of an Obama dictatorship.

      • James Parker says:

        Why, I wonder, would someone prefer the end of what's left of America (and probably the start of a Trump dictatorship) rather than movement back toward freedom under a Johnson administration.

  12. Heidi McCauley says:

    Mr. Ringer, it seems to me that your list is pretty much what's on Trump's list already.

  13. Charles Bryant says:

    I'll list my top three things Trump should do if elected.

    1. Eliminate the welfare state. 79 billion on food stamps in one year. If we continue that for another 52 years, which is how long we have had food stamps, that's over 4 trillion dollars.
    2. Eliminate all laws that are tying the hands of business. Trump being a businessman knows which laws.
    3. The only tax we should have should be a national sales tax.

  14. Marte says:

    Well said, as always. We NEED Donald Trump – and we need him now. Everyone I talk with who plans to vote will vote Trump. I'm working on those who plan not to vote – reminding them that to stay home is to help Hillary. As for the 3rd party – I'm afraid that vote will also help Hillary. Don't do it!

  15. TN Ray says:

    A "wall" could be a virtual wall. Simply built by enforcing existing law. The Donald would, I believe, allow the existing laws to be enforced, and, I believe, find ways to strengthen surveillance and enforcement. As opposed to a lawless dictator like Obama who tries to circumvent the laws and prevent enforcement. So, whether it is a real wall, or a "virtual wall" I believe the Donald will do the right thing, and probably make the "legal immigration system" function so deserving immigrants can enter legally. Also, God help us if H gets elected and stacks the Supreme Court with more liberal sycophants. The Demoncrats would have would have a virtual dictatorship for many many years. America would certainly NOT be great if that happens.

  16. Serge says:

    Does DT really want to be President? Where is his diplomacy and tact especially towards immigration? Sure I believe in him. He just needs to get in office and then let it rip. If he needs a little help on being slick to get in, I'm all for it. And if he wants to be dirty slick who better than OB's coaches.

  17. sixxfingers says:

    This is the first time I've found myself disagreeing with you, Robert. I refuse to believe voting for a third party is a waste of time. If voting is to mean anything at all, then I believe everyone should vote for the candidate they believe best supports the kind of government they want. And for me that's always been the libertarians. Voting for anyone who is the antithesis of what I believe is a wasted vote, imo.

    With that said, I must admit I cannot find fit in my political conscience to vote for the Johnson/Weld ticket. Johnson's a LINO, and Weld could just as easily be hillary's vp choice.

    I still have concerns with Trump, and may stay home this time. I'll make up my mind on the big day.

    • Stephan F says:

      Hmm, my post didnt go thru the 1st time, so let's try again.

      Robert is 100% correct. This is no time for casting some reckless 3rd party vote hoping to send a message to the establishment. They don’t give a damn and it “will not matter” that you made a so called disciplined choice. Think of all the 3rd party votes cast in the last 40 years. Did they make any difference? I think you know the answer.

      Personally, I believe Trump is a heavy underdog. But if he has any chance of winning at all, it will be by the narrowest of margins. He’ll need every vote he can muster. My guess is there are a lot of 3rd party types that intuitively know the situation we face in this pivotal election. I know come Nov 8 that I’ll be able look at myself in the mirror without regret. I hope for their sake that the unsuccessful 3rd party voters who may cause an outcome of a race to turn-out the ‘wrong way’ can say the same.

      Trump 2016 or bust!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Just think of this as an election of Supreme Court justices and the end of Constitutional law as a possible result.

  18. Phil says:

    A million upvotes.

  19. MMg says:

    While several good points are made, I fail to understand resistance to a sensible single payer health system such as the one on Canada. Since Canada spends about 10% of GDP on health care while the US lays out a whopping 17%, there would be substantial savings. Individuals freed from onerous insurance premiums (which are a fat health care tax) would pay a much more reasonable sum through their regular taxes. The ordinary citizen would have more money to spend and be protected from the horrendous debt and bankruptcy so often visited on families through illness. Imagine the peace of mind that would bring. Obama care is a subsidy to the insurance industry. A single payer system would bypass the bloated insurance bureaucracies, saving their cut of the take, and give the money directly to health care providers.
    I know Americans are led to believe that people north of the border are left to expire in hospital parking lots for lack of care but none of that is true. The Canadian universal health care system, while is has its issues, is excellent and a bargain to the nation. It remains a major pillar of economic and social stability. It attracts business and industry because companies do not have to deal with medical coverage. It frees workers to move from job to job without fear of losing a health plan. It saves on future costs because people get treatment early instead of putting off costly care until some disease becomes full blown and chronic. It lets hard earned family assets pass on to boost the next generation instead of draining inheritances into the pockets of medical corporations.
    People are free to chose whatever doctor and care they wish. The system remains private. The only difference is the single payer. Isn’t it better for a caring community bear the costs together rather than abandoning individuals to pay up everything they have when illness strikes them down?

    • Rocketman says:

      MMg- before you move to Canada you might want to see just how long it takes to get treatment there as opposed to America. I've heard horror stories about waiting for months or years to get treatment and rationed care.

  20. Blringer37 says:

    I always enjoy reading Robert Ringers writings even when I disagree with what he espouses. He is intelligent and thoughtful and thought-provoking. I also greatly enjoy the readers comments that are posted in response to RJR's writings. We have lost the art of agreeable disagreement in much of our country. Most people are afraid to discuss politics because the topic engenders such intense emotions. And much of what passes for discourse has deteriorated into name-calling. It pleases me to be able to read well-reasoned responses and see civil discussions of the serious issues we face as a country. I believe that there are good well-intentioned people on both sides of these issues. I have yet to see a candidate with whom I can entirely agree. In order to vote wisely there are always flaws in the candidates that I have to overlook. I would dearly love to see a viable third political party or maybe even a fourth.

  21. Rocketman says:

    I'm planning on voting for Johnson even though my heart isn't in it. Just like Pandora when she opened the box and all of the evils of the world came out but what was left was hope. I'm hoping that when the big crash comes in 2016-2017 that Johnson won't be elected President this time but will be up on the debate stage and get millions of people to see and hear about the Libertarian Party so that in 2020 when the next election comes around that someone like Austin Peterson who is a real Libertarian can be up on the stage and can convince the people that the LP is the only sane option. That's my hope at least.

    • Rock Roach says:

      Johnson doesn't recognize the war on isis and loves the open borders.(as he said in his last interview)-
      even though some of his policies may be libertarian, he hasn't got a clue.Many of the posters on this site have higher iq's than this pothead.

  22. Reality Seeker says:

    Harry Brown and all the rest of that crowd, including Galambos, were part of the 70s movement. Good guys. I haven't read too much of Galambos. He didn't publish very much work.

    As far as the pipe dream of ever having a "rational and moral society without coercion" you can forget about that. The only way that'll ever be possible is when mankind achieves a higher level of technologal advancement. So long as we are confined to planet earth, collectivists will rule simply because they are willing to coerce. And their system of coercion has been perfected for thousands of years. It's a cycle. Right now the cycle is in full swing with the American Empire as the super power with an impressive Orwellian system of coercion. The Libertarian Party is dead. The collectivists won.

    Long live Trump…..

  23. ◄Dave► says:

    I have been cheering Trump on from the day he announced his candidacy. From my perspective, he has already accomplished my goal for him, which was to destroy the elitist's control of the GOP wing, of the Incumbrepublocrat UniParty Duopoly. That he utterly crushed the ambitions of Jeb! and Canadian Born Citizen Cruz et al, was more than enough for me. As an increasingly committed anarchist, I never had any intention of actually voting for an obvious statist like Trump.

    My oft repeated motto has been, "Don't vote; it just encourages the bastards." Yet, you make a compelling argument, Robert, that to now allow Hillary to walk away with it, would be an unmitigated disaster for our posterity. I have to agree that the issues where I disagree with Trump, are of little consequence, when compared with the positives in his agenda and Hillary's negatives. Besides, most any other politician would have most of his negatives too, and fewer of his positives. If I didn't live in the Peoples Democracy of Mexifornia, where Republican and Libertarian votes never matter anyway, I might have to reevaluate my vow to boycott the sham election.

    I completely agree that voting Libertarian this year would accomplish nothing whatsoever, other than help Hillary. I would recommend that anyone living in a swing and/or battleground State, where their votes might actually matter, give your logic here serious consideration, regardless of their personal ideology. It could matter to future generations, if not our own. ◄Dave►

    • Jim Hallett says:

      I used the same logic that you do, Dave, when I lived in the People's Democracy of CA (or Mexifornia, as you call it), other than voting for Harry Browne when he ran as the Libertarian Party nominee for Prez. Voting "NO" is a more powerful statement that the whole charade is rigged. My reason for support of Trump is due to my current status as a resident in the Midwest, where the outcome is not assured (like it is in all 3 West Coast states that I lived in for many, many years), and I believe stopping the immigrant mess, not putting idiot, immoral progressives on the Supreme Court, and not being in love with war all make him acceptable, and of course, Hildabeast is just pure EVIL. As Mark Twain famously said, "If voting were important, they wouldn't let us do it!' and of course, the H.L. Mencken quip that "elections are merely an advance auction on stolen goods" is one of my favorites, and oh so accurate!

      • ◄Dave► says:

        Agreed, Jim. Those are two great quotes. I have been using a version of that quip for years, without realizing that Mencken originated it. It figures. :-) ◄Dave►

        • Reality Seeker says:

          Even if Trump loses, it ain't over. A dramatic climax is just over the horizon. The Empire might actually split apart. I know, I know, people have been saying that for years; but the next depression ( and America is overdue ) will usher in a crisis which Hillary won't be able to manage. By then, tens of millions of Trump supporters will have reached their breaking point. And if the welfare checks fail to arrive or they lose enough purchasing power, look out, because the poor will riot like nobody has ever seen ….. The whole system could collapse….. And split.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            I don't disagree, RS, and reckon that such a scenario is more than likely, no matter who is POTUS at that time. The question is, which would be more likely to respond by declaring martial law, opening the FEMA camps, confiscating arms, and filling mass graves with contumacious "troublemakers?"

            I would welcome such a split. I have almost nothing in common with the Progressive fools living in the Metropolitan rabbit warrens, and fail to see why I should be required to feed them, or suffer under the tyranny of their carelessly chosen nanny state. Outright anarchy among the common country folk in Flyover America, would be far preferable. ◄Dave►

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Yeah, and don't forget the war card. You and I both know that war is always used to divert attention away from domestic turmoil. I believe Hillary is far more likely to take us to war with a nuclear power; however, Trump would also go to war, I believe, with a lessor nation. As I've said from the beginning: Trump is a Ceasar, but one who would run any Empire well. Moreover, Trump would strong-arm those who riot and be less apt to bother what's left of the Middle Class. Still, I think Trump would quickly declare martial law and do whatever necessary to preserve the Union.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            All the more reason to sew the seeds of anarchy. I have no interest in defeating any state, including this one. I am content to allow the ghetto dwellers to arrange their own affairs to their liking in their Metropolises, if they would just leave us the hell alone out here in Flyover Country.

            Anarchy would be infinitely less bloody in the heartland, than revolution or civil war (same thing), which we rednecks would win decisively in any case, if they pushed it. A few strategically placed trucks with 18 flat tires, combined with the traffic jam they caused, could instantly seal off highway access to the cities. When, they could no longer get daily food deliveries, their grocery stores would be empty withing three days. I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near them, when they got hungry. 😉 ◄Dave►

          • Scott theczech says:

            I don't see Trump declaring martial law – he's not that stupid. Anyone who understands the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and as amended in 1981, realizes that, to mobilize federal troops against the states and counties, would be suicidal. There aren't enough federal troops/power to sustain any suppression of the people in this country. The "cure" would kill the host and be far worse than the "disease."

            This is the most lethal, communicative, organized people in the world. The bloodiest conflict ever recorded in the western hemisphere took place in the 19th century in America; the war between the states. America is potentially exponentially more dangerous than that in the 21st century.

  24. Jim Hallett says:

    I took a course from Galambos, offered by the Free Enterprise Institute in LA (for 2 years in the 1970's) that was VERY educational and opened my mind to many great libertarian works. Galambos himself, a Hungarian, was not the actual in-person instructor, but there were many audio and video lessons from him. That education far surpassed anything I was ever taught in HS or at the University of Michigan. Harry Browne continued that education, and I followed as much of his writing/speaking that I could (even met him at a Howard Ruff conference in CA once – he used to live in LA before wising up and heading to gorgeous Vancouver, BC). Mises, while brilliant, can be overly intellectual at times, so I prefer the clearer communication of Murray Rothbard.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      Mises has always been my favorite; he was the complete package. A real man in every way. Rothbard is among the top ten of the modern Libertarians, perhaps number one, but Mises was in a class all by himself.

      • ◄Dave► says:

        I agree with Jim regarding relative writing styles; but it happens that I read Mises' "Theory of Money and Credit," before even reading Ayn Rand, much less Rothbard, Browne, or any other libertarian author besides Robert Ringer. He really opened my eyes as a young entrepreneur, into the true nature of Money, and thus prepared my mind to absorb its research into libertarian thinking soon to follow. ◄Dave►

  25. Marco Marco says:

    Mr. Ringer, being you the bigger influence in my way to see and live life (thru your books and writings), I am sorry to predict that Donald Trump will fail to your expectations (mainly, that he would fix the political system)

    He will drop out before election day or will do the necessary to lose the election and then collect on the deal he will make (or already has made) with the Clintons.

    He "works" the system, "I know it better than anyone" has said; most believe he has done it and, sorry, he is doing it again but Big Time.

  26. Dave says:

    Great article. Some compelling reasons to vote for Trump – main stream media, democrats, establishment republicans, and 'handout' mentality citizens … can't stand him.

    I just got done re-reading "Million Dollar Habits" and then came to this site. I should have found this site a long time ago – great dialog and insights.

  27. No. Trump doesn't deserve to lose my vote. I don't like him and I don't trust him. He is a business man whose prime interest has always been to build his personal wealth and flaunt it. I believe that he has no morals, ethics or scruples. IMO he is a self-serving narcissistic pampas ass.

    But, if you compare Trump accomplishments to Hillary's long list of corrupt and criminal deeds, it becomes a no-brainer to have to vote for him over her.

    Someone on here put forth a thought that the Clintons just might make a last minute deal with Trump to buy him out of the race for a large sum of money. Would Trump consider it? I'm sure he would. I really do not think that Trump would enjoy the riggers of being president. But, he certainly would take Hilldabeasts money and run….

  28. Sheila says:

    Trump deserved to lose my vote a long time ago, and so it goes. I'll stay home, for the first time in decades. I haven't missed a presidential election since 1972 so this will be a sad one. Whether Trump wins or not is no longer of interest to me. There were many qualified GOP candidates on that stage, some of whom I did not like but all more conservative than this clown. Just last week he came out with an excellent 10 point plan which would help the economy. Today he says he'll let "undocumented" people (i.e. "illegals") serve in the military. Please. He changes with the wind. The Brooklyn Bagel Boy, a.k.a. UpChuck Schmuck will lick his chops at all the left wing radical justices Trump will give him. They are pals. And sorry RR, he ain't gonna prosecute the "Hillbillies." NEVER happen. Former Cruz supporter, I remain. Trump voter? I abstain.

  29. Nasdaq7 says:

    It is a matter of alliances and daily I see those that want to destroy the US being hailed as heroes in the US media. US citizens are clueless about the level of hatred and jealousy of US capitalism, US influence and US success. The US media embraces these enemies as friends and continues to degenerate relations with true US allies. This madness continues day after day in the US en EU media! Accept that they don't like the US and never will! No amount of appeasement and praise will ever change that!

  30. Nasdaq7 says:

    Two instances of Pres. Obama''s madness comes to light: 1. Saudi Arabia, Obama travels to Saudi Arabia and he meets the king. Guess how he behaves? He bows down deeply to the king and kisses his hand. It's ridiculous to respond and to behave that way, to give such absolute respect, towards Saudi Arabia, where they will still give you 600 lashes if you write negatively about the Saudi government in online forums.

    Google Saudi blogger Raif Badawi sentenced to 600 lashes

    The wives of these bloggers are treated even worse:

    Google Wife of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi sentenced to 1,000 lashes

    Now guess what?

    Google Obama's chilly reception in Saudi Arabia hints at mutual distrust

    "US president’s low-key arrival and meeting with King Salman underscores tension that has deepened over US policy towards Iran and the war in Syria."

    So Pres. Obama's deep show of respect has helped or changed absolutely nothing!

    2. Turkey.

    At one time Pres. Obama loved Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey. They were best of friends. But after Erdoğan had jailed so many journalists and grabbed so much absolute power in Turkey, even Obama felt compelled to step back from this friendship. Erdoğan is a religious fanatic that once refused to attack ISIS out of religious respect! So now you can see how Obama reasons: foolishness not to fight the evil like ISIS with everything and allies with the Muslim Brotherhood – yes this group hates the US! The Clintons are friends with the Muslim Brotherhood and see them as the solution to Egypt's and the Middle East's problems. This group represents a Sharia form of government, a political organisation functioning on Sharia. Those are the Clinton's friends! They see these groups including the leaders of Iran as "religious reformers!" and future "democrats". They would rather do business with these "popular" guys than support the opposition parties.

  31. Nasdaq7 says:

    So in summary Trump is correct: the US shouldn't moth-coddle certain countries. Take note of that word moth-coddle because it describes precisely what is happening right now. True US allies are being treated as second class world countries while countries that will never support the US are being drawn as friends.

    Google Obama quashes prospect of fast-track Brexit UK-US trade deal
    Google Obama stands by 'back of the queue' Brexit warning

    What's wrong with giving the UK – US trade agreement priority? Why must Britain stands by 'back of the trade agreement queue'? That's Pres. Obama's way of trade agreement reasoning.

  32. androidlay says:

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