Thank You, Gentleman Jim

Posted on June 12, 2017 by Robert Ringer


The most overarching picture of last week’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearings is that Gentleman Jim Comey — the former FBI chief — came across as just another disgruntled ex-employee seeking revenge.

He need not worry, however, because he’s a shoo-in for a multimillion dollar book deal and many high-paid speeches for years to come — especially now that the money guys in downtown Manhattan know he can be bought. So, if he can manage to stay out of prison (which, given that he’s an admitted leaker, may not be such an easy task), he’s likely to come out of this sordid affair with some big bucks in his pocket.

Honesty compels me to admit that I don’t believe Comey is an inherently bad person in the Hillary Clinton sense of the term. It’s just that he’s a very flawed man, his worst flaw being his insatiable thirst for publicity.

You don’t have to be a professional therapist to conclude that Gentleman Jim simply loves being in front of the camera. He would probably make it in Hollywood but for the fact there isn’t a great deal of demand for six-foot-eight leading men.

Movie star potential aside, however, the only “bombshell” that came out of the farcical Senate Intelligence Committee hearings was not anything Comey said about Donald Trump. It was his statement that Tarmac Queen Loretta Lynch emphatically told him to stop referring to the Clinton probe as an investigation and instead call it a “matter.” Hmm … now why in the world would she do a thing like that?

For millions of Americans, her curt instruction to Comey simply underscored what they already assumed — that Barack Obama was seeking a third term by helping his hand-picked puppet, Horrible Hillary, get elected. Even though it was common knowledge that he hated the Clintons, he undoubtedly had so much dirt on Hillary that he knew she would have to obey his orders and carry out his agenda once she took office.

Thus, Obama did everything he could to make that happen, even going so far as to say (as always, with a straight face) that “there has never been a man or a woman — not me, not Bill, nobody — more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.” Given that Obama loathed the HillBillies, his over-the-top statement made it clear just how badly he wanted a third term that would allow him to finish the job of fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

Notwithstanding his help, however, Horrible Hillary still couldn’t pull it off, which surely must have elevated Obama’s contempt for the Clintons many times over. Being the delusional, arrogant soul that he is, I doubt he ever thought it was possible for Hillary to lose if she had his full support.

By full support, I’m including his ordering Lackey Lynch to tell Comey to refer to the Clinton investigation as a “matter” rather than an investigation. Only a CNN or MSNBC viewer could seriously believe that Loretta Lynch acted on her own.

That’s why a full investigation of Lynch should begin immediately. If she were put under oath, she would have no choice but to deny that she ever told Comey to refer to the Clinton investigation as a “matter.” And that would create a real firestorm between the two.

More important, any serious prosecutor would have to call private citizen Barack Obama as a witness, which, in turn, would force him to lie as well by saying that he did not tell Loretta Lynch to order Comey to call the investigation a “matter.” Which, in turn, might create some tension between the two — as in, which one of us is willing to go to prison for the cause?

One would hope that the fallout from all this lying would lead to an uncovering of at least some of the multitude of crimes that were committed by Obama and his surrogates during his eight years in office. And that would be the “bigger than Watergate” story that the Radical Left has so desperately yearned for over the past year and a half.

As to Trump, the hearings reaffirmed yet again what I have long believed, namely that he has a brilliant business mind and an unmatched relentlessness to get things done. In a perfect world, he might very well have become one of the most successful presidents in U.S. history (and still might), but, unfortunately for both him and America, it is not a perfect world.

For one thing, the Democrats will never — ever — stop trying to obstruct him from doing his job, because his success could literally mean the end of the Democratic Party. Far worse, however, is Trump’s egomaniacal personality, his brashness, and his inability to express himself in a reasonably intelligent, adult manner.

That said, all these investigations into “collusion with Russia” are a waste of time and taxpayer money. But unless Trump can get the key items of his agenda in place (particularly healthcare and tax cuts) in a reasonable period of time and bring a “happy days are here again” mood to the country, the Republicans could lose control of both houses of Congress in 2018 and the presidency in 2020. And that, without question, would be the end of America’s last chance to turn things around.

Which brings me to Mike Pence. As I have said many times, the worst thing that could happen to Democrats — and the best thing that could happen to Republicans — is for Mike Pence to end up in the Oval Office. While it’s true that Trump is amazing when it comes to making things happen and getting his base fired up, Pence has important and admirable qualities that Trump simply does not possess, qualities that make him creditable to an extreme.

Nevertheless, Pence was smitten with Trump during the primaries, so much so that when he appeared on national television to endorse Ted Cruz for president, he began by first thanking Donald Trump for shaking up the system and connecting with everyday Americans. In fact, many felt that his words were more an endorsement of Trump than Cruz.

Pence’s selection as vice president was a stroke of luck for both Pence and the country, because it allowed him to learn things from Trump that professional politicians know nothing about. So, even though I’d like to see Trump succeed, the ideal situation for Republicans would be for Pence, one way or another, to end up in the Oval Office.

It goes without saying that the Dirty Dems would immediately start making false allegations about Pence, but he’s such a Boy Scout that it would strip them of whatever credibility they have left. Actually, they already have no credibility left, but it would be fun to see them continue their apoplectic attacks.

Either way, let’s hope the Dirty Dems keep up the insanity and viciousness, because, as Thomas Sowell put it, Democrats are the best reason to vote for Republicans. If Trump can overcome the onslaught of negativism against him — as well as his own self-destructiveness — more power to him. If not, the Dirty Dems can start welcoming in the Mike Pence era, but they won’t believe what they’ll be up against.

Regardless of what happens, I again want to thank Gentleman Jim Comey for making it possible for the average American to clearly see just how corrupt the Deep State really is. I haven’t talked to Ron Paul in a while, but I’m sure he’s smiling right now and thinking, “I told you so.”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

33 responses to “Thank You, Gentleman Jim”

  1. TheLookOut says:

    Another great insightful article RJR, Thanks.
    I think a lot of fence sitters will be convinced that Comey is a "Dirty Cop".

  2. JoeyBronx says:

    "Fderal Bureau of MATTERS?"

  3. larajf says:

    Comey reminds me of the days of the OJ trial.

    I don't think we have to worry about losing control of Congress in 2018. However, I do hope the "Republicans" who are also helping to stonewall will wake up and start helping instead of continuing to hurt our nation.

  4. John Fallon says:

    You must have mixed up your meds while watching the hearing. While Pence as president might destroy the Dems it would ruin the country. He appears to be in the pocket of every lobbyist out there. Both heads of the snake must go in order for this country to thrive.

  5. Jon says:

    I have to disagree that Comey is "Gentleman Jim." He came across as a total wimp with his "upset stomach" and "feelings" and inability to confront something that he claims to believe was improper. Is that what passes for a staunch defender/protector Top Cop behavior? Is that the behavior of a FBI Director? I think NOT!

  6. Christopher Christopher Walsh says:

    Brilliantly stated. By winning the Presidency in 2016, Trump will always be viewed as a hero for our Constitutional form of government. He would do the Trump brand a favor and save the conservative cause by turning the reigns over to Pence. Let Pence deal with the deep state. Once Trump leaves power and returns to manage the family business, he may be viewed as a modern-day George Washington. History would remember Trump as one of the greatest defenders of our nation.

  7. Joe says:

    After his first dinner meeting where he felt "uncomfortable" with the President instead of opening his laptop to type up meeting notes for his Pearl Harbor file in the back of his chauffeured armored Chevy Tahoe, he should have told the driver, "hey. Turn back to the White House. I left my balls there."

    Then he should have advised and consented the President as any person who had a spine would have. Where havr all the spineless paramecium gone? Apparently Washington DC.

  8. Marte says:

    Well said, Mr. Ringer.

  9. Rick G says:

    The Comey escapade and the Russian probe are the Radic-Libs' only hope left……..for now, anyway……….of derailing the Trump presidency and his agenda. They want him impeached and removed from office. And they will stop at nothing to get this done. If all this falls through, then the Radic-Libs will move onto the next opportunity to destroy Trump's agenda. It all boils down to their goal of getting Trump out now, ASAP. They see him as a major roadblock toward their goal of creating a Marxist dictatorship in this country.

  10. Bob says:

    You've used enough derogatory names and far-fetched ideas in this piece. Why not try a bit of fiction writing for a change?

  11. Gil Favor says:

    How many high school civics classes say it like it is regarding these issues infecting our nation? The cause of these problems is the braindeadedness of the American public as a whole. I'm here and I'm on duty, let's rock 'em and put our tattoos on their butts.

  12. Ivan says:

    The draining of the swamp is happening and Comey needs to bellyache in a quiet room alone to four walls and preserve tax payer money. President Trump can become a top rated President but there is so much he can do if mainstream citizens are not supporting the values of America. May he continue to fire and hire the right people on the clean up.

  13. Mike Combe says:

    To clean a swamp you need someone willing to jump in to that sh@t hole and mix things up. A bull in the China shop. A butterfly won't work. Trump, if nothing else, is perfect for the job. Who else could possibly do it? Trump's brashness and inability to articulate is just perfect. An added bonus: he drives Dems & liberals nuts. I love it. Tweet more!

  14. Jerry says:

    Good Piece! Right on Target! It is very discouraging that the Demo's can break all types of laws by lying and nothing happens. No special prosecutors, no prison time, NOTHING!! If the parties you speak of were Republicans it would have been all over the news from day one. They would have been removed from office, special prosecutors appointed, and put in prison. Washington… both sides are totally corrupt which is why "term limits" are desperately needed in congress. We need people in office that care about doing the right thing every time for this country and not being concerned of their personal pocket book.

  15. Rocketman says:

    Robert, there is a used book that you need to read. It's titled "The Second Civil War" and the author is Thomas Chittum. Although the book was written something like 30 years ago it explains all of what is going on right now with the "new" racism and how the communists in the Democratic Party are trying to recreate the conditions for the 1917 Russian Revolution here today. Chittum didn't get everything right, he expected it to be more along racist lines then communist vs. non-communist lines what he did get right however is staggering when you consider that most of what he predicted is coming true today. What he expected was that the continental U.S.A. would be broken up into at least 4 parts.

  16. Rocketman says:

    Made a mistake in my previous post. The title is actually "Civil War Two." and the author is Thomas W. Chittum. There are used copies available on Amazon for $13.58

  17. JOSEPH says:

    All I know is that this Russia investigation is such a fraud, it's hard to believe that the FBI took it seriously. It really is a joke. And, you wonder, these are grown ups in such serious positions but, there is a word for these grown ups-CORRUPT.

  18. SteveR says:

    You seem to miss there are a large number of people in this country that still think Mr. Obama was our greatest president and the President Trump is the worst. They believe that Hillary was railroaded and cheated of the presidency. How we can have grown so many morons is beyond my comprehension, but I see way too many of them to think it is a rarity.

  19. Reality Seeker says:

    The very fact that a task force has not been formed to investigate Hillary, Bill and the Obama administration is proof that a very large and powerful contingent inside the GOP hates President Trump.

    Why has a legal and political counter attack not been launched by the GOP against the collectivist Democrat Party? Why has Fox News not used its publicity muscles to pound the living shit out of the defeated and weakened and discredited Democrat Cabal? —–. Why? It is because of their deep hatred of Donald Trump and their desire to put the system of things back to the way it was before Trump came along and ruined all the fun.

    Again I say, Trump's worse enemies are not members of the Democrat Party but belong to his own Party and are even right inside his administration….

  20. Ashly says:

    I personally think it is sad that we as Americans can continue to bash each other OVER AND OVER AND OVER over political opinions. Lets face it…D.C is CORRUPT. Politicians are CORRUPT. Obama had issues, the Clintons had issues and Mr. Trump also has issues. The fact that we will continue to call each other names and blast other Americans over their opinions is insane to me. Did I love everything Obama did? No, but we make the best of it and move on. Do I love Trump? No, but once again we make the best of it and move on. The fact that we choose to say which person is worse based on party instead of using a moral compass is shameful. Political tirades are continuing to tear our country apart and it is sad. All of the "hate" between Democrats and Republicans is ridiculous. It is not moving our country forward. Negativity breeds negativity…and it is sadly not getting any better in this country.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      Your entire comment could be distilled down to "can't we all just get along?"

      Sorry Ashly, no, we can't. Never gonna happen.

      Reading and hearing "the people's" thoughts I have concluded that most don't have the dimmest idea of what is going on. Western Civilization is caught in a vortex, whirling round and round in a counterclockwise dizzy, and is about to be transferred from the piss-stained porcelain receptacle to the sewer pipe that empties into the swamp.

      The clerisy actually nauseate me as I watch how they provide intellectual cover to socioeconomic policies that immiserates the ingenuous American public. What are these policies? Too many to list, actually, but we could start with the valorizing of illegals who have flooded across our borders for at least the past forty years. What kind of policy is it that seeds America with foreigners who have an average IQ of 83? What happened to America is it was transmorgraphied into amerika (sic)….

      Seeds of doom these people are to an already beleaguered and declining superpower. And there's no getting along with them…… Not now, not ever.

  21. IHeartDagney says:

    Oh, Comey's a bad man all right. "Lordy"…..but, he actually creeps the bejesus out of me! The worst thing he admitted to was not the cowardly complying with Lynch's demand he refer to the Hillary email investigation as a "matter". It was his admitted LEAKING of government documents (HIS notes on his conversations with Trump) to a "friend" who then LEAKED it to the media in order to FORCE a special counsel who ends up JUST HAPPENING to be a "close" friend of Comey's! By the way, if anyone thinks that's the first time Comey LEAKED, I have some beautiful swamp land for sale right in the heart of DC…..CHEAP!

  22. Andrew P. Baker says:

    First, this can't be the "bigger than Watergate" story the left is looking for and second, their was a short piece from Dr. Jerry Pournelle on the Vox Popoli blog about Comey's history with the Clintons.

  23. Rock Roach says:

    As you have said for awhile ,The Dems probably wouldn't want what they wished for.And it wouldn't surprise me if nothing happened to Trump during his 4 year term,he might just hand the torch to Pence anyway.That would probably guarantee 12 years of Non Democratic control.The once proud blue wall that turned Red in 2016,
    would turn more Red than the Red in the Movie "Crimson Peak" with Hoosier Mike Pence.
    And speaking of Walls,How are the Dems going to argue with the new proposed solar panel wall that will pay for itself and prevent illegal immigration ?(I am sure Maxine will come up with something)

  24. writinghelponlineblog says:

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  25. GaMbaJd says:

    If I remember correctly, Comey has already signed a $10,000,000 book deal.
    Not a bad golden parachute for a civil servant.