Discovering You’re Sane

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Over the years, I can’t tell you how many emails and letters I’ve received from readers who have said things like, “I thought maybe I was crazy until I read your book.” They always seem to be genuinely relieved to discover that someone else has similar thoughts to theirs.

This is really what the Trump revolution is all about. DT is a symbol of sanity, so much so that even people who don’t like him are going to vote for him. In fact, when you dissect it more closely, the Trump revolution really isn’t even about Trump. It’s about things like truth … and courage … and straight talk. It’s about people getting confirmation that they really aren’t insane.

Anyone with a lot of money and a high profile could have elicited the same response that DT has been getting from millions of angry Americans, but no other billionaire chose to do what he’s doing. So Trump is the one who gets — and deserves — the credit for starting a revolution. The revolution may or may not succeed against the statist government structure that has been entrenched for decades, but, make no mistake about it, it is a revolution.

People have grown weary of having to deal with the nonstop B.S., lies, and political correctness that come at them from every direction day in and day out. An it’s not just Tea Party Republicans who are angry. A recent poll by Mercury Analytics, a research company with clients that include MSNBC and Fox News, shows that 20 percent of likely Democratic voters would vote for Trump in a general election. Repeat — 20 percent of Democratic voters.

It isn’t really all that surprising, considering the fact that the president of the United States, with a straight face, looked into the camera in his final State of the Union address and assured viewers that America is in great shape. This kind of intelligence-insulting spin doesn’t go down real well with a guy who’s unemployed … or who’s lost his medical coverage … or who’s worried about someone in his family being gunned down or blown up by a homicidal maniac … or who’s concerned about the government confiscating his guns.

In my last article, I wrote about the strong desire in most people to conform. But in many people, the desire to confirm is even stronger. Confirm what? One’s own sanity! As the world continues to spin merrily out of control, sane people want reassurance that the bootlicking media is wrong and that they aren’t imagining things.

I hate to admit it, but the need to be assured that I’m not crazy still happens to me on occasion. Fortunately, it’s usually short-lived, as it was with Nikki Haley’s so-called rebuttal speech following Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

I don’t know much about Haley, except that she was once a Tea Party favorite. But last Thursday she was establishment through and through when she went out of her way to undermine not just a Republican presidential candidate, but the leading Republican presidential candidate!

I immediately started wondering if it was just me who thought Haley’s comments were highly offensive to millions of people? Was I insane?

Fortunately, my old pal Charles Krauthammer came to the rescue. Krauthammer was quick to call Haley’s speech “the best written and best delivered answer to the State of the Union I have ever heard.” Not the worst, but the best. And I guess I’d have to agree with him if it were a Democrat who had given the speech. In fact, most Democrats praised Haley for her words.

I should add that Krauthammer can be excused for his upside-down view of the world. He deserves a lot of credit for what he’s been able to accomplish in spite of his major physical handicap. But, along with his buddy George Will and other statist Republicans, he is totally disconnected from the universe that exists outside the Beltway. That’s why his eyebrow-raising comment made me feel comfortable that I had been right all along in my assessment of Haley’s speech.

As a side note, I was once on a panel with Krauthammer and two other establishment Republicans, and at one point I made a comment about Barack Obama, grouping him together with some of the less admirable characters of the 20th century. The audience roared with laughter, but Krauthammer, as a kind of kneejerk reflex, yelled out, “I wasn’t the one who said that!” He seemed to be genuinely concerned that someone might think it was he who had spoken in irreverent terms about Obama.

It’s not that these establishment types are stupid. They most definitely are not. It’s just that their belief systems are so ingrained with inside-the Beltway talking points and arrogance that they are incapable of understanding what a majority of Americans are thinking — no matter how clearly and loudly those Americans speak their minds.

As to Haley, being the slick politician she is, she quickly walked back some of the most outrageous comments in her non-rebuttal rebuttal speech when the predictable backlash hit the airwaves and the Internet. Two of the best retorts came from Laura Ingraham, who Tweeted, “The country is lit up with a populist fever and the GOP responds by digging in, criticizing the GOP candidates dominating polls! NOT SMART.”

In another tweet, Ingraham said, “Too bad @NikkiHaley missed her opportunity to stand with working people who want borders enforced, American workers put first, government shrunk.”

I couldn’t have said it better. God bless Lauri Ingraham for declaring me legally sane.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

48 responses to “Discovering You’re Sane”

  1. Jon says:

    Thank you for that confirmation that I'm not insane, Robert. If not actually insane, I've certainly thought of myself as being totally alone and against the world. Today's America is certainly not the country into which I was born and raised.

    • Johnny M says:

      Jon, remember the words of George Carlin: "Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are dumber that that!" Along with stupidity the terms "insane," "corrupt," "delusional" also apply. Politicians, as bad as most of them are, are put in office and kept in office by ignoramuses driven by envy, fear and stupidity. To say that that voters who keep voting for scumbags are "dumber than rocks" is an insult to rocks everywhere.

  2. coachg says:

    No other billionaire has the skill, charisma, and name recognition of Mr. D. Trump…

    • Trump surely has charisma and name recognition in spades, but skills??
      The late R Reagan managed to accomplish as much as he did due to a COMBINATION of these..
      Where is the proof that Trump has seen inside himself and found a bully…?
      Furthermore, how, specifically, does he go about changing new-fangled tyranny a la Obama??
      Cusswords and 'hate language' will only go so far when standing in the ring and you start pummeling the 'other guy'—

  3. Johnny M says:

    We truly live in bizarre times when honesty, sanity, logic, reason, decency and even simple common sense are seen as "counter-culture." I am a freedom-loving, patriotic disabled veteran who believes in things my parents told me as a child, such as "don't take things that don't belong to you" and "if you want something, you go and work for it." How quaint! I would have never thought that insisting that politicians keep at least SOME of their promises, that they refrain from spending money we don't have, and that they actually put Americans interests above those of foreign governments would make me a renegade.

    When insanity, stupidity, willful ignorance, and corruption become the norm, those of us who are the exact opposite – sane, intelligent, curious and honest are, regretfully, the outsiders, the "different" – the "New Bohemians," so to speak.

  4. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    I'm surprised at your negative comments about Charles Krauthammer. I thought I listend closely to him whenecver he speaks, and consider him super-intelligent and highly articulate. Maybe I missed something. I don't recall ever hearing him praise O'hole who I despise with a purple passion! I guess I'd better listen more closely when The Charles Speaks Next! I've thought of him as my intellectual hero. He agrees with O'hole? Oh how I fear for the year we have now entered. What will O'hole try to pull off duirng his last days, since his goal is to devastate America. And get as many barbarian Muslims in as he can. And Latinos. And he wants an expensive library? FOR WHAT?! I am happy that I am OLD and won't have to hear about such CRAP for many more years! I am a true child of the 1950s: high school, Army, College. Life wasn't easy being born to a factory worker father, but, better then than now! My parents thought that goin' on Welfare was about the lowest thing a person could do! Work was the name of the game. Work, and talent, won the day, the good life, for me! Work, not Shirk! Work yer way up, was the most common phrase!

    • Reality Seeker says:

      "I ……………..consider him super-intelligent and highly articulate."

      Krauthammer is both intelligent and articulate, not unlike many statists, but he is still 100% Neocon. And the term Neocon is, at this point, just merely a euphemism for Nazi. In fact, that's what I call Charles, "a Neocon Nazi". Only, unlike Charles, the Nazi leaders were, for the most part, and according to my research, "super-intelligent and highly articulate". Charles doesn't quite rise to the level ( not even close, actually) of the best and brightest Nazis; and he certainly is not an evil genius, not yet, anyway. Moreover, Charles lacks the charisma, charm, and sex appeal that many in the Nazi movement had circa 1933-43.

      Charles is just a slightly above average talking head. He represents one side of the two-headed, statist coin, i.e., the two-party, collectivist system. You can watch Charles and James Carville debate debate Doug Casy ( Anarcho Capitalist). Notice how well the collectivists, Charles and James, team up against a real free-market capitalist, Doug.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Let me make myself clear here: As I said in my article, I have great admiration for what CK has accomplished in spite of his horrific handicap, and I also believe he is highly intelligent. I agree with him on most points, but many things he says are based on his establishment roots. And, of course, he never tires of saying that BHO is an ideologue (which is correct), but, like his bud O'Reilly, believe his motives are pure and that he is simply "clueless."

  5. jurgy says:

    thank you RJR for reminding me to not buy in to what BHO says …

    I believe Trump would be even more popular and electable if he'd give more forethought to his words and class up his delivery a bit … but no matter how popular any candidate is, hitlery is the shoo-in for the WH .. the fix has been in for 7 years …

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I believe you're dead wrong. I'll stick with my seven-year-old prediction that Hillary will never be president. She will die a frustrated, angry old woman who hates Obama, hates her philandering husband, and believes she has always been a victim. She may also end up in prison, but that's strictly Obama's call. In any event, either Trump or Cruz would beat her in a huge landslide if she actually got the Democratic nod (which at this point in time is somewhat doubtful).

      • Iheartdagney says:

        I agree. Hillary has never really been liked. She's feared, yes, because, by all accounts, she's a raving B*TCH. However, she's highly compromised and, I believe even the leftists who hate this country know that they would not be able to control what she will do if pressed with blackmail by any number of sources. These leftists could just as easily be caught up in her perfidy as the rest of the country and that cannot happen.

      • Teru says:

        I would like to believe Hillary will never be prez but you have to look at our population now. Most want something for nothing and she's ready to provide that. Heck, all of them running these days want to help the lazy prosperate. And the lazy are all for that.

        • Jean says:

          I agree with your perspective – almost 50% of the country believes it is "entitled" to loan forgiveness, food, utilities and housing subsidies, etc. However, Hillary has failed to position herself as the "great benefactress of humanity." Bernie S, the unabashed socialist has her beaten in this arena. Hillary failed to follow the Evita Peron approach to life – Ms. Peron was the face of the "giveaway programs" that characterize communism (she made a big splash giving away soccer balls to starving children in a horrific slum). Hillary never availed herself of the opportunities that arose when she was First Lady (I use the term 'lady' under advisement). As a result, she didn't cement herself firmly as the face of the all-giving government. Sanders, by contrast, is a big-government, high taxation and wealth redistribution scheme champion.

      • Scuffy Rubric says:

        Oh please God, let Robert be right! You could be as Obama may see a chance to dump her. I so hate seeing the Bonnie & Clyde of politics getting away with crimes against the nation without repercussion, like Obama does. I am such a cynic that I said she will skate like they always do – I have never hoped to be more wrong…

    • Stephan F says:

      Jurgy says, “…hitlery is the shoo-in for the WH .. the fix has been in for 7 years …”

      I concur. With all due respect to RJR’s offspring, I fully expect The Hun to be the next two-term Liar in Chief by easily defeating the Repub nominee, Donnie Trump notwithstanding. Those who doubt this believe: (1) She’ll be prosecuted by those little FBI insects hovering around her case file, and
      (2) Because of Trump’s popularity, and/or her lack thereof, she can be defeated.

      With her & Bill’s connections combined with the current state of contemporary govt corruption, how can a reasonable person believe she’ll be led to justice? She won’t. She will easily swat away those pesky little critters with a few simple phone calls. Bam…problem(s) solved. With the multitude of sins during Billyboy’s eight years in office, what makes anyone think they’ll get her now? And the topper of course is that Barry will not allow it. He will not preside over the destruction of his beloved party as a result of Hillary’s prosecution.

      And lastly don’t be fooled by her supposed “unpopularity”. Her army of democrats will show up at the voting booth in force even if Hillary was caught beating Mary’s little lamb with a ball-peen hammer. And with Trump seemingly alienating every one of his republican non-supporters, you just might want to prepare for the second eight-year Obama term that she’ll be giving us…good & hard.

  6. Iheartdagney says:

    I have never once had a doubt about my views on things. I think I was born this way. Some opinions have changed, over the years, as I learn new facts. However, I know and have always known what is right and wrong. I know why the left (of both the democrat and republican stripe) does what it does. It's all about POWER and to HELL with this country and anyone who gets in their way. It's easy when you understand that there is only right and wrong, good and bad, right and left. There is no gray area, only degrees of each opposite.

    The only time I become unsure is when confronted with a historical incident perpetrated by someone. Many people use these red herrings to show you that you have to be wrong because this person DID THAT sometime in the past and so your views on whatever subject at hand has to be WRONG.

    This is when I have to remind myself and the idiot placing the red herring before me that NO HUMAN BEING IS PERFECT. And, no human being will do everything right, every time.

    So, chin up, have confidence in your sense of right and wrong and RECOGNIZE it when people do the right thing and when they do the wrong thing. If they correct their course, then you can see their CHARACTER. If they don't, or they back-pedal and they apologize for possibly offending someone, then you know they have no courage, no character, and are probably in it for power, prestige amongst the elites, and/or other surface material reasons.

  7. Sean Baltz says:

    Mr. Ringer is a rational voice in a irrational world.

  8. Scuffy Rubric says:

    I last said that Trump had zero chance at the nomination, well of course everyone has Some chance – but I am looking at the result, and I see Trump coming up just short. And what a tragedy that will be if true. I would crawl two miles on my knees just to vote for him. This is a chance of a lifetime, and I would hate to see it wasted on a damn neocon or establishment piece of garbage getting the nomination. If neither Trump or Cruz get the nod, I will never vote again. What a relief that will be. Freedom, and the country can go to hell without me.

    I despise the Est. Republicans so much for submitting to Obama and his budget that I will never vote for a neocon again, ever. And P Ryan can go to hell for submitting. If he can't stand up to Obama, how can he stand up to the Islamic threat – he can't, he won't because he is a coward, and already needs to be replaced with a man.

    I always knew I was sane, but lonely as I am usually the only one in this new country of "Grubers". Prof Gruber tells his supporters they are stupid for supporting his Obamacare, and that they believed his lies because they are so stupid, and what do they do – they cheer!? And they support him! This is what we are dealing with – THERE IS NO HOPE!

    So as I am listening to Haley and thinking this is the stupidest, most boring and backstabbing speech I have ever heard, and the Kraut comes on and says it is the best he has ever heard! WHAT!? Can I be that wrong, do I need to listen to it again? Is it just me?

    Then I find out Rush and Robert are with me – Whew! Close one, I AM SANE!

  9. Emily says:

    If we looking for another Dictator in Chief, Donald Trump would be perfect. However, we do need to get back to being a Republic based on the Constitution. Trump will be advised on legal and bureaucratic issues by the same folks who have brought us to the current sad state of affairs. We will have great entertainment until we are sick of the effects. None of us knows what to expect from him because he is on both sides of every issue. He praises Hillary Clinton. Maybe he would want her to be VP? Anything to get a great deal! But my concern is, just who will benefit? I do not think it will be this country.

  10. Will M says:

    There are two basic types of politicians…The "we have to compromise crowd" (90%) and the ones that will always stand up for what they believe (and promised) (2 %)..the rest don't have a clue. It's absolutely true that you could have a progressive liberal candidate on video murdering grannies and you would have a high percentage voting for them ( their giveaway programs actually). Haley gave herself away as one of the 90% group with the flag controversy a few months back…just cave to any loud vocal group when the most favorable wind currently blows that way. Many people are finally beginning to see where this kind of thing leads….. with the police are pigs crowd..etc. We need order in the schoolyard…and we need it now and we need it bad. They are starting to understand politicians are squabbling over power and money…and will always make deals with each other to get it….the compromise is for "the good of the country"…and the "only way"…is always the fall back excuse. People are hoping Trump will be different . Maybe he will…maybe not…who knows. A piece of driftwood is not a boat…but a drowning man will reach for it…We knew who Reagan was and that he would stand up for basic American values when the time came. It all comes down to whether you believe the principles this country was built on..The Constitution…hard work …small being right. If you do then anything else is by definition wrong…end of story. Politicians can not have it both ways and still continue the America our fathers loved and built.

    • Emily says:

      In this election we have the opportunity to elect a man who has stood up for the values of our country when both Republicans and Democrats were against him. Just getting any deal, any agreement, is not enough if you have to give up on principles. The last two elections were for a candidate based on HOPE. Shouldn't that failure suggest to us that a candidate who claims to be great, to be able to accomplish anything and offers HOPE may not be the best choice? Go to and see the proven record. There are videos of Trump praising Cruz and those of Trump ranting and raving, making awful allegations about Cruz That is typical Trump, not the leader we need. Let's elect a leader who believes in individual rights and personal responsibility. Let's make this country great again.

      • ◄Dave► says:

        Sorry, Emily, Canadian born Cruz is not a natural-born citizen, and no amount of lawyerly obfuscation is ever going to convince me otherwise. I learned the meaning of that term in junior high school back in the '50s, and it hasn't changed. I could never vote for him.

        It is beginning to look like Trump could actually become POTUS, and inherit all the unconstitutional executive power that has been amassed by his predecessors. I have seen nothing in his public persona that would suggest that he wouldn’t use every tool available to him, and probably usurp a few more, to achieve his personal agendas. For those still clinging to hope for a return to limited Constitutional government, that could foster a sense of intense foreboding.

        Personally, since I no longer harbor any such hope, I would get a kick out of watching the bull stomp through the DC china shop, especially if some quality time was spent rummaging through the decidedly Progressive bureaucracies. The meme of this situation being a subtle revolution, is rather pleasing to me. Perhaps it is time to start amusing ourselves with discussions about what might follow the election of President Trump. Who knows, it just might lessen the foreboding. :) ◄Dave►

        • Emily says:

          I'm impressed with your confidence in what you learned in Junior High. I learned that the child of a United States citizen was indeed a citizen at birth needing no act of the state to make it so. Back in the 50s when I was in High School no one would have questioned where the child was downloaded.

          My greatest concern is that, like you, Trump is so impressed with what he knows, he will choose to be like Obama. That is the antithesis of our Constitution. I have observed nothing about Trump that leads me to believe he appreciates or respects the Constitution as the law of this land. Without it none of us have any rights.

          I support Cruz because I see him as the only hope for saving our form of government. There is nothing amusing about living under a dictatorship. Passive people may consider a benign dictatorship an acceptable form of government especially if you are in the good graces of the ruler but nothing lasts forever.

          The fact that Trump supporters have no hope for a return to government under our Constitution is the greatest horror of all. There is nothing subtle about revolution. Under a dictatorship it may become impossible to be an armchair quarterback safe in your own home critiquing what elected officials do or don't do. Liberty is a rare commodity that is most appreciated when it has been lost.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Emily, like most, you are erroneously equating citizenship, or birthright citizenship, with natural-born citizenship (NBC). The reason I recall my early lesson so well, is that my history teacher carefully explained why my own sister, born in Germany during the occupation after WWII, couldn't become President. I went home and discussed my surprise with my NBC parents, who assured me that although that was true, it was most unlikely that she would ever wish to run for that office, and that in every other respect, her citizenship was the equal of mine.

            From the moment Hillary's PUMA supporters started the 'birther' movement, I understood that Obama was not a NBC, and have spent untold hours researching the subject, and debating it online with Obot lawyers. I know what I am talking about. Neither Obama, Cruz, Rubio, or Jindal are NBCs, simply because their fathers were not Americans when they were born. Cruz has the distinction of further being disqualified, because he wasn't born in America. Their lawyers, as is their wont, try to raise all manner of obfuscating procedural issues, regarding legislative acts, case law, legal precedent, etc.; but a legal opinion is insufficient. It would take a Constitutional Amendment to change the original intent, regarding the meaning of NBC as used by our Founders.

            Emily, the Constitutionally limited Republic form of government you think needs saving, ended over 100 years ago; and those of us Patriots who have been mightily trying to save it, have been fooling ourselves ever since. More than likely, one day you too will awaken to this inescapable conclusion. It really matters not which wing of the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly fields the lesser of two evil candidates, the oppressive unelected bureaucrats, who cannot be fired, always win every election. Remember when Reagan promised to eliminate the Department of Education? Did it happen?

            Benign dictatorship? No less a thinker than Voltaire himself, considered the best form of government to be a benevolent dictatorship – tempered by an occasional assignation. I would certainly agree that this would be better than what we now have. I have always preferred our Founder's vision of a Republican government, limited by a Constitution and the active consent of the governed. The Progressives effectively changed it into a mob rule democracy, so I have withdrawn my consent. Electing Ted Cruz or anyone else, is not going to change the rot in DC.

            It will require no less than another revolution or civil war (same thing) and a new start, to accomplish what you desire. I am not a Trump supporter. I have vowed not to vote for any Incumbrepublocrat this year, because it is high time we stop legitimizing the oligarchs kabuki theater, which keeps us at each others' throats, instead of their own, by voting in their sham elections. Nevertheless, I do find myself now rooting for him, because as Robert suggests, he just might pull off the revolution we so desperately need.

            Then, the question would be how to reboot the USA? The more I ponder that, the more I am starting to think we shouldn't. Anarchy is looking better and better all the time to me, because government of any sort, is the antithesis of Liberty; but that is an entirely different subject… Thanks for the stimulating discussion, Emily. :) ◄Dave►

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Reply to Emily & Dave:

            You both delivered well written argument, commentary and opinion.

            I'm voting for Trump (despite the fact that I dislike him) because the American Empire needs a caesar. And Trump shall make a far better caesar than Cruz. Although, I must admit, that Cruz's Goldman, Citi and other inside connections qualifies Cruz as the type of ruthless hypocrite necessary to be caesar; however, he still falls short of the task of running an empire juxtaposed to DT. By the way, the term president has become a euphemism for caesar— FYI— so try and get used to that fact, will ya?

            In American history the Rubicon was crossed long ago ( Lincoln did that when he refused to allow state's rights) and did they teach you that in public school? We're not going back to an American republic anymore than Rome went back to being a Roman republic — FDR made sure of that. Americans would kill Jesus, again, before they gave up their welfare-warfare empire. So, at this point, in the cycle of empire, the question is not who can return America to a constitutional republic, but, rather, who can better maintain the AM ( American Empire) and keep us from FALLING into what I call The Great Dark Age. Just to be clear: anybody who believes we can actually return the AM to a republic (or even a country of classical liberalism) is living in a dream world. DREAMER! That's who you are! FYI—there will be no Ron Paul as president or anybody like him— ever. There will be no Thomas Jefferson as president, again— ever. There will be no George Washington — ever. From now on it's, drum roll and trumpets please, caesar………. Sorry, but that just the way the rise and fall of empires happens…..shit happens.

            So pick your caesar, wisely.

            I believe that Trump will be a better caesar, because he'll tax foreign countries more and the domestic population less. DT said that's what he intends to do, and I actually believe him. That's just one reason he gets my vote. Trump understands how to make an empire great again. He said he's going to make the empire great again, and I actually believe him. Ted Cruz —- along with his lovely wife who is in bed with Goldman— shall make Goldman great again— that much I'm sure— but Ted won't be nearly as good of a caesar as Trump. Trump, trumps them all! He's going to push — like any good caesar would— for more tribute from the outsiders.

            Trump 2016! …. because Trump, trumps them all!

          • Emily says:

            Now I've got it. You fellows will vote for Hillary when Cruz is the Republican candidate. She has no respect for the Constitution either and has proved that she will do anything for a deal. It is time we stop have the same lobbyists controlling both parties.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            You disappoint me, Emily. I had thought better of you than to expect such a petulant non sequitur for a reply. What in our remarks would indicate that we would ever feel compelled to vote for Hillary, under any circumstances? I specifically stated that I refuse to vote for any Incumbrepublocrat candidate this year. In other words, I am voting 'none of the above,' by the simple expedient of boycotting the election.

            Perhaps you misunderstood the term 'Incumbrepublocrat':

            Incumbrepublocrats: n. The sham duopoly of incumbent ruling elites, tricking complaisant sheeple into believing they need frequent sheering for the welfare of the herd, and have a choice of shepherds; promising, yet never quite providing, eternally green pastures in wolf-free zones.

            In other words, the lobbyists are not controlling "both parties," because it is effectively a single party kabuki dance. These days, an election is little more than an early auction, of soon to be stolen goods. "Vote for me, and I promise to soak the rich and mortgage your grandchildren's futures, to provide you with ever more 'free' benefits!"

            What would happen if we the people refused to legitimize the thieves, by boycotting their auction? At least they could no longer claim a mandate for their agenda, when most of the sheeple voting for the winner, only did so because the other candidate was even worse.

            Whether you can see it or not, voting for Ted Cruz will solve nothing meaningful, and could only perpetuate the problem. Of course, from my perspective, the same could be said of a vote for Trump. Reality Seeker somewhat disagrees. Looking through the lens of history, he perceives a lengthy period of empire on the horizon, and pragmatically seeks a properly qualified emperor to run it.

            I, on the other hand, while finding no error in his logic, would prefer to accelerate the inevitable fall of the American Empire, for a chance to return individual sovereignty and Liberty to we the people, most likely in a state of enlightened anarchy. Of course, this is only a mental exercise. At my advanced age, I won't be here to see how it all turns out, and have frankly given up caring a whit one way or another. ◄Dave►

          • Emily says:

            I will will do everything in my power to allow Ted Cruz and a new Congress an opportunity to save this great experiment in liberty. This form of government we inherited is rare throughout history. Only a small percentage of people have ever actively supported it. Most have been willing to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the benefits. If we lose this opportunity for individual liberty, neither our children nor our children's children will live to enjoy this freedom again. It is sad that those of our generation are willing to give up so easily that which will require blood and sacrifice to gain again.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Emily, I doubt that you have any more power to change the inevitable course of history than I do. I would submit that your influence is probably infinitely less than that of Sara Palin, who just endorsed Trump over Cruz.

            I spent three years proudly wearing the uniform of our country, back during the Vietnam war, and were you to peruse my blog, you could not conclude that I have spent my lifetime sitting on the sidelines, enjoying the benefits of my good fortune to have been born in America.

            Please do not confuse patriotism and love of our country, with the tyrannical government that currently occupies DC, or the political party structure that supports it. I love my country; but I despise its government and the oligarchy that controls it.

            In any case, I remain hopelessly enamored with Sara Palin, so this settles the question once and for all. If this conservative goddess has chosen Trump over Cruz, who are we mere mortals to question her wisdom. 😉 ◄Dave►

          • Emily says:

            God help us all!

          • Reality Seeker says:

            "I, on the other hand, ……………….would prefer to accelerate the inevitable fall of the American Empire, for a chance to return individual sovereignty and Liberty to we the people, most likely in a state of enlightened anarchy."

            Yes, and so would I; that is, if I thought a fall of a super empire would lead to a "return to individual liberty" and " a state of enlightened anarchy". But I don't. The Great Fall of the AM won't lead to a Great Enlightenment immediately thereafter. No! Falls lead to a Dark Ages. Sorry, but that's not my opinion. It's an historical fact. No super empire in history has fallen into a "state of enlightened anarchy". You name the super empire ( e.g., Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Achaemenid Empire, Babylon, Greece, Rome) and then tell me what happened after it fell? Rome had a Wall Street, a Temple Street, a Financial Street and an amazing complex socioeconomic system — including a futures market and derivatives. What happened when it all finally went to shit during the third century? Answer: a period wherein civilization regressed into a living hell on earth. So this isn't just my opinion, but it's a fact based on an historical pattern, when I state that when the America Super Empire falls, completely, like Rome, a Dark Age naturally follows. What kind of a Dark Age?

            Worst case scenario of a Dark Age: a nuclear war between Russia, China and the West. I'm sure that I don't have to spell out the ramifications and what a hell on earth that event would create. And don't think for a minute that the sociopaths in power won't end the Cold War by a nuclear exchange when the time comes. They can. And under the right conditions, they most certainly shall. 99.999% of the dimwitted public never thought it possible that the Cold War could be restarted under Obama. But it did. No surprise to me. And it shall be no surprise to me if an all-out nuclear exchange occurs during the Great Fall of the America Empire. Both the Russians and Chinese are building massive weapon systems designed to fight WW3. So the capability is there. All that's needed is the will.

            The best case scenario when history finally repeats and a neo-Dark Age is: the breakup of the EU, Russia, China, America and other nations into smaller dictatorships with starvation, despair and acute violence the result. Grid power may go down. The just-in-time system we all take for granted probably fails. And the SCADA systems that keep modern life buzzing along shutdown. The AM finally becomes the third-world shithole and the cycle is complete.

            Unfortunately, The best case Dark Age is unlikely.

            That's why I'm voting for Trump. Because I know what it means when the American Empire falls. I believe Trump understands what is at stake. I believe that he'll rebuild the nuclear arsenal back to the level of MAD. And MAD is the only real deterrent. The Russians and Chinese must understand that nuclear war with the West means NO WINNERS.

            I believe Trump can accomplish MAD without launching MAD. That's why he's got my vote.

          • Emily says:

            And don't trust Trump to use restraint, therefore, I support Cruz whom I would trust to protect us without destroying the country and our form of government.

          • Reality Seeker says:

            "And don't trust Trump to use restraint".

            This is true. Don't trust anybody 100%. And I don't. I can only call'up as I see'um.

            Cruz, even with his faults (i.e., Goldman connections) isn't a bad choice. And, if he beats Trump in the primary, then he's got my vote because anybody who beats Trump will have earned it.

            If Hillary ultimately wins the presidency, then it'll be nice to see the collapse take place as she gets the blame. But I don't relish being an amerikan subject living under a despotic, duplicitous "Hilla the Hun".

            All the best to you. You sound like a very sincere patriot. So does Dave.


          • Emily says:

            You give me hope. Goodnight.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Well said; and thanks. ◄Dave►

          • Scuffy Rubric says:

            I agree with all of you in this discussion, if that is possible. WWIII is just a few short years away, most likely months away, and yes, a return to the dark ages after. Russia is amassing 150,000 troops in Syria in order to invade Israel after he goes down the valley and takes Egypt. This of course leads us into a massive exchange, leading to the end of nation states, and the installation of the new world government which has already been established in Nov 2009.

            This is why we need someone steady and with guts at the helm who is not afraid to pull the trigger to save us. Any Democrat would hesitate and the end of America would be assured.

            Hold on to your hats, and don't let the bastards grind you down…

          • ◄Dave► says:

            You mean WWV. WWIII was the Cold War, which the West supposedly won. WWIV is the ongoing War on Terror, or more precisely the War with Jihadists, which the West is decidedly losing. In the imminent WWV that you speak of, their will not be any winners.

            The suggestion that the aftermath could be unification of all sheeple under a One World Government, I find risible. Blue helmets are targets, not badges of authority. 😉 ◄Dave►

          • oscarwildeweenr says:

            you mean world war ∞. all that varies is "temperature." hot, cold. or, stupor bowls are numbered to add stupor, confusion, in the guise of facted & figured / stat'd "understanding." minutia. for the militia. for the minutemen. for the minute ricebowl eaters. for the fans. for armchair sales. "winners" is pretense "grounded" in illusion. jimi's sandcastles. joni's clouds. to the rescue. to "save us." this is the un-trumpable dynamic. encased in ambergris. The fix-is-in fixative in the perfume that intoxicates. That “gives us meaning” (a chris hedges title). But the ahabs & the pequoddities, lost in space as much as Bowie ever was, or is, never learn, cannot learn. Here comes moby. sperm counts irrelevant. sow the sea, reap the bottom. Rinse. Repeat. wash cycle. It’s a chopper, baby. Zed’s dead. Just what he always wanted to be. So long as he doesn’t have to be it all by himself. Cue eric Carmen. “all by myself.” chorus borrowed from “let’s pretend.” Raspberries…how to spell that onomatopoeia sound? THBBPTHBPT!? Calvin(ism) & Hobbes (Thomas) to “the rescue.” ☻

          • ◄Dave► says:

            I enjoy solving an occasional riddle as much as the next guy. Yet, I seldom muster the interest and time required to unwind an ungrammatical, stream-of-conscience, musing riddled with them. I cannot speak for others; but if that was meant to actually communicate something to me, it failed. If instead, it was merely cerebral masturbation for your own amusement, contemptuously intended to confound, not convey – then, nicely done… I suppose. 😉 ◄Dave►

          • oscarwildeweenr says:

            Ah, so maybe if it had been “grammatical” communication would have occurred? ☺ The intention, as always, is to enjoy myself. not to seek someone’s comprehension (tho, surely, you got some of it, riddling rattled recognizable something, right? lol) – even tho that’s fun, too, when it occurs. Yes, you’re right, it was nicely done. How’s this for supposition: you can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometime…you just might find…you get what you need? Is that a riddle, too? contemptuous? My suggestion: Rorschach it, dave. Get what you need. I do. (so does everybody else.) ☻

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Fair enough. If communication is not your goal, in the future I may read your comments once, to see if anything useful I might need to know falls out of them; but I'll waste no more time trying to decipher them. Thanks for the clarification. ◄Dave►

          • oscarwildeweenr says:

            Useful is subjective – & I’m all for subjectivity. clarity – I’m for that too: deciphering, if possible, may or may not, subjectively, be a waste of someone’s time. but one objectively sure thing: that subjectivity cannot be known until after the deciphered, or undecipherable, fact (& maybe not even then). Sometimes, benefit does not materialize until long after the fact – & may be decoupled from memory to boot. Further: communication’s burden is always borne by comprehension, contrary what flesch-kincaid algos-for-selling-&-pitching “indicate.” (I’ve nothing against pitching & selling per se. have done it. but it is boring. So I stopped doing it, a long time ago.) I tried to read “EIMI”, for example. gave it the old valiant college try. Couldn’t finish it. (maybe further on down the line, another try, result will be different. but which is still not to say I didn’t get something out of the effort.) burden’s on me, not e.e. cummings. As is the burden on you, not me. can’t carry? Put it down. Or ask for help. ee wrote for ee. EIMI definitely is communication (as is my post…as is free jazz…as, etc, yadda) My experience of reading EIMI definitely was (a lot of) incomprehension – but also recognition, again, of the moral of the story, or one of them: trying to understand things that are not immediately understandable is good exercise – & it’s all just exercise. it’s possible to be multi-lingual in a single language, & the benefits are prolly similar, maybe even exactly the same, as those attributed in the conventional sense. Miles davis coulda’ played you chopsticks, then chopped into it rendering it “indecipherable” – but not to him, first, listeners second. Couch potatoes (couched in potaytoe, couched in potahtoe, couched in my couch is better than your couch) will defer, of course. Attack of the couch potatoes? That’s an interesting different story.

          • Will M says:

            Children children….don't forget we are all on the same side here…My earlier comment was not an endorsement of a particular candidate…..just an opinion on WHY Trump has gained such amazing support so quickly (in spite of his sometimes personality shortfalls. The truth is ..if we are open minded enough to consider it…is nobody "knows" what he will do. All we "know" is our best guess …looking at him and his history. This always colored by our leanings toward other candidates. What the dems are hoping is that we will get get into bitter personal fights…(as they are encouraging the candidates themselves to do) …and not vote in the general …because our favorite lost . Make no mistake…the general election will not be a shoo in no matter how bad Hillary stinks. This dem/progreessive masses are voting for a socialist america…not a candidate. If Hillary actually would be charged and convicted they would quickly replace her with some big name dem….(who would really not matter)….not Bernie (strawman) of course. By all means vote for our personal choice republican….but lets not get personal and angry enough to not go out and vote for the winner. We will need every vote to beat the socialists. The Romney debacle should have taught us that lesson forevermore. We might not be happy if our choice is not the candidate…..but imagine what another four/eight years under a socialist "change america" would look like. The enemy's leaders are smart and there many millions (and growing year by year percentage wise)…of their zombie voters. We have to stay hold it together ….as long as we can …for ourselves and our
            children. Reagan delayed what was happening for awhile…maybe things will change…something unforeseen may save america in coming years. Lets band together and hold the fort as long as we can.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Again, your logic is persuasive, sir – and sobering. After watching Sara Palin's endorsement speech tonight, between the two of you, I may need to reevaluate my vow not to vote this year. If I thought my single vote here in California could possibly make a difference, I probably would.

            BTW, for what it is worth, nine years ago I wrote an essay entitled, "Dark Ages II." The premise was that the Marxists' Malthusian ZPG ploy back in the '70s, had lowered our birth rate to the point that our culture was in a demographic death spiral, and that Islam would ultimately win in the end. In it, I said:

            "Like it or not, our future generations will all be down on their knees bowing toward Mecca during the looming new “Dark Ages,” long before any climatic catastrophe, whether by ice or by fire, ever has an appreciable effect on civilization; regardless of whether man had much to do with causing it, or could have done anything to prevent it if we tried.

            "We are fortunate to have lived in the best of times, and there is little left to do but to enjoy the time we have left…"

            Alas, I'm afraid that gloomy conclusion is at least as valid today, as it was nine years ago. Thanks for your participation in this discussion. :) ◄Dave►

  11. Great insight and parallels my thoughts exactly. Although I'm not a Trump supporter, it is fun to watch him speak. Having grown up in New York City, I love his attitude, confidence and bravado. In addition, I think it is delicious to watch as the RINO's reel in horror, realizing that Trump might actually get the nomination and win the presidency. Just watch Trump speak and then watch an establishment candidate speak. You immediately see the difference and can understand why Trump has such a large amount of support. As for Nikki Haley, she had gone over to the dark side and is now firmly ensconced in the establishment camp. Too bad. She might have made a great Vice President or President some day.

    • Perhaps Suzana Martinez of New Mexico would make a solid VP.
      Nicky Haley?..NO!
      Question: Why – judging from her home state's bad reputation of segregation and Deeds of Color – did she have to land in the opposite ditch and behave more Republican than most 'Republicans'??

  12. JOSEPH says:

    Your statement about sanity is so true. We see that the government has gone way to the left and the media has become so dishonest that it makes us wonder what is going on and we the tend to feel alone, and that makes us think maybe we're crazy, for a moment in time, until someone else has the same views as ourselves. This article just confirms to me that it takes a very strong person to be confident in their values and not go along with the crowd. But, sometimes it is tough because we have so much corruption on part of the government that it has become the NORM-and THAT, is the problem, really, when you think about it. Here in Canada, the taxation is crazy and the government we have here is just as corrupt as many governments in the world and it makes me feel very alone in naming this corruption and not have too many people that really understand what I'm saying. So, it is the ALONENESS plus the CORRUPTION being the Norm that gives us sane people this problem.

    I'm in Canada and I'm a fan of Donald Trump because I love his books and how honest he is in his writing and I instantly liked him because he is very straightfoward and also extremely intelligent, and tough. I love the fact that he is running for the presidency because I knew he would be very straight about things. It's a breath of fresh air to hear someone talk honestly about politics for a change and that makes you think that after all you are sane and someone see's the same things that you see. Good for Donald Trump. I do hope he will do a good job if he is elected president.

  13. Robby Bonfire says:

    President Trump! Looks good in print, it does.