Learn from your enemies, Mr. President.

Posted on February 5, 2019 by Robert Ringer


President Trump has a huge opportunity tonight to score big against the Dirty Dems in his State of the Union address.  But to do so, he must be bold — much bolder than he has been to date.  Not braggadocious, mind you, but bold.

As that paragon of goodwill, Saul Alinsky, once put it:  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  This dirty little Alinsky tactic has been practiced religiously by the Radical Left for decades, and it has been incredibly successful in motivating Radical Left Lilliputians to do everything in their power to tie the president up in knots.

That said, it is imperative that Trump stop trying to make nice to the reprobates who attack him on a daily basis.  How many times does it have to be said:  The Radical Left does not respond in kind when you try to be civil to them.  On the contrary, they laugh at you behind your back, then attack you twice as hard as before you handed them an olive branch.

When Donald Trump, in response to being told that Stacey Abrams would give the Dirty Dems’ rebuttal to his State of the Union address, blurted out, “I hope that she does a good job … I respect her.”  For crying out loud, DT, stop it!  Do you really want to join the ranks of John McCain and Mitt Romney, who referred to Barack Obama as “a decent family man” and “a nice guy,” respectively?

Even the great Laura Ingraham, in a rare moment of weakness, said of the perpetually scowling Michelle Obama, “For all her beauty, her glamour, her obvious accomplishments, the former first lady just can’t get past race.”  Trust me, Laura does not for a second believe that Michelle the Malevolent is beautiful, glamorous, or accomplished.  Her remarks are a result of what I like to refer to as nervous self-intimidation, a condition that afflicts most conservatives.

So, Mr. President, my advice to you is to skip the gratuitous comments about uber-nasty Stacy Abrams (who will be scorching you in her rebuttal remarks) and other loathsome Democrats who not only want to see you impeached, but imprisoned and financially destroyed.  Learn from your enemies and “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

I would also like to suggest that your prime targets tonight be Chuck, Nancy, and, of course, Stacey Abrams.  Since they’re going to attack you regardless of what you say, you may as well give them a good reason to do so.  Who knows, it might even keep Ann Coulter calm for an evening.

Robert Ringer

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29 responses to “Learn from your enemies, Mr. President.”

  1. Fernando Gomez says:

    Let them have it! Mr President. I second Robert's motion. With the commiecrats you have to follow Obama's precept: "if they bring a knife… you'll bring a gun" or something like that.

  2. Gail says:

    How I hope President Trump follows Alinsky style tactics. We Trump supporters are waiting for it.

  3. DC46 says:

    Dinesh D'Sousa's speech of Dec 6th 18 at the America First event on You Tube fleshes out Robert's insight to a important degree. Find it, for a terrific experience.

  4. Paul says:

    Amen. Nailed it again, Robert.

  5. Rick G says:

    Hey, whose side is our president really on? He needs to knock it off,get real, and act right! Why does President Trump behave like this? Now you can plainly and clearly see why I have times when I lose my mojo about President Trump. Now, do you see why? He needs to knock off the be-nice caca del toro and let them all have it big time. It's this be nice to them and maybe they will finally come around to you and be nice back, which I find irritatingly annoying at times. That is so "Republicanesque". He has also done this regarding Nasty Nancy, The Wicked Witch of the West Coast, and Cryin' Chuckie, to name a few. And in the end they will turn around and hate him even more. His rallying song should be Alice Cooper's famous song, "No More Mr. Nice Guy". This is WAR! He needs to go after all of these nasty lowlife Radic-Lib vermin with a vengeance and let them all have it big time. And take no prisoners!

    • Wayne F. says:

      RIGHT ON, Rick!!!

    • lee says:

      President trump said.that he hoped Stacy Abrams would do a good job.Giving the democratic rebuttal.At the state of the union address.Because he respected her.She did a great job.Telling him she did not want him to fail.Just stop lying.and start uniting all of the people of the United states of America.I hope he respects her enough.To listen to her.And stop listening to his base.Talk of hate.And realize that he needs to unify and represent all of the people.Of the United states of America.

  6. Ivan says:

    No one has President Trumps back. Reality is what it is fact and truth. Why then should he be desired to be deceived.

    • Serge says:

      Trump is one indispensable man known to rid and fire those who are dispensable. A man that will not have any desire to be deceived by dispensable greedy selfish pigs who take far more than they give or produce.

  7. John W Abbott says:

    He is the TOUGHEST President we have had for a LONG time. WHY are we critical of him? He comes on STRONG and we criticize. He tones it down and we ALSO criticize him! Give the man a BREAK. Hey let's PRAY for him!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I am not criticizing him. I am encouraging him to skip the niceties and go for the jugular. You're right, he is the toughest president yet. But, sadly, we are at war and he needs to be even tougher. The Dirty Dems are a relentless enemy.

      • Rick G says:

        100% in agreement.

      • Christopher Christopher W. says:

        Robert, Trump hit the mark in his second SOTU, I thought, probably because he read your posts. He gave a little to the dems on preexisting conditions to focus on unity, no more. In my opinion, he did hit the out of the park with, “We will never become a socialist nation.” Even Chuck Schumer was forced to stand up after that, or be labeled an AOC resistance-socialist.

    • Rick G says:

      Coming on strong and being strong are two different things. I say like the US soldiers would say on the battlefield during World War II. "Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!"

    • lee says:

      I have been praying for him.And i shall continue praying for him.

    • lee says:

      i agree with you.John W.Abbott.Give the man a break.Let him think for himself.Between all of you and putin.Your going to drive him crazier.

  8. kauai_mike says:

    The bigger issue is the 'National Emergency' announcement – tonight or Feb. 15th?

  9. Jerry says:

    Great piece Robert. Right on target. Trump needs to continue to act, stand and be STRONG. That is why the voter's elected him. He needs to be firm and decisive with his remarks and continue to move forward with his plans to keep America safe with "the Wall."

  10. Jay S. says:

    Robert, do you have access to DT? Do you know if he reads your articles?

    I see that Bill O'Reilly flew to Florida with DT this past weekend. Hopefully, Bill O' will have relayed the same type of advise to DT to be strong! But, I heard that the message will be of a conciliatory tone…

    • lee says:

      Bill o' Reilly went to see.donald trump.to tell him.To tell putin that he apologize to putin.for calling him a murderer.when he interviewed donald trump.When trump was campaigning for President.that's the reason he was fired from fox.So he can get he's job back at fox.

  11. Mic says:


    I would be interested in a follow up article tomorrow on your post mortem of his speech and telling us how you think he actually did do once it is over. I hope you will consider doing that.

  12. larajf says:

    Amen. The best defense is a good offense…and they're not worth being kind to. Polite, maybe, but nothing more.

  13. WILLARD says:


  14. TheLastConservative says:

    Words mean nothing. His speech was tremendous, one for the records. No one should respect Stacy Abrams. His words show his complete lack of concern for her and her useless words. He will now get back to work on keeping America great.

    • lee says:

      As you say words mean nothing.But i hope he respects Stacy Abrams enough.To listen to her and start doing.stop lying.And start uniting and representing.All of the people of the United states of America.

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