Trump Catches Dirty Dems off Guard

Posted on February 7, 2019 by Robert Ringer


As you know, in Tuesday’s article I urged President Trump to be bold in his State of the Union address, and, in a different way than I imagined, he definitely was that.  What I had in mind was a sledgehammer, but I think his stiletto approach was more effective — at least for this particular occasion.

Nevertheless, the Democratic side of the House chamber looked like the body-strewn battlefield at the conclusion of the Battle of Gettysburg.  The Dirty Dems were angry, confused, and in a state of hateful shock.  They couldn’t believe that a Republican president had the temerity to openly and forcefully state that he was against late-term abortion, against open borders, and (Gasp!) against socialism.

The highlight of Trump’s speech was when he stated, boldly and unequivocally, that “the United States will never be a socialist country.”  Alexandria Moronio-Cortez and Uncle Bernie looked like they were about to cry.  How dare he strike at the heart of their morally superior, free-stuff platform.

Trump’s anti-socialism declaration brought back memories of Ronald Reagan boldly referring to the Soviet Union as “the evil empire.”  Establishment Republicans were frantic when he blurted it out, just as I’m sure they were Tuesday night when Trump declared war on socialism.

Which brings me to jovial Chuckie Schumer, who was quick to say that Trump’s words were “divisive.”  Why so?  Because Democrats want late-term abortion, want open borders, and want socialism.

Divisive is nothing more than Dirty Dem doublespeak for “See things our way, or else.”  Remember, it was none other than Horrible Hillary who said that Democrats can’t be civil unless they win back the House.  Hard to believe she was dumb enough to openly say such a thing, but, as Forrest Gump’s mama once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

(As a side note, the Democrats did win back the House in the midterms, but — surprise, surprise — they immediately became more uncivil rather than less.  That’s because until the Dirty Dems also take back the Senate and the presidency, they are prevented from having things 100 percent their way.  And, like spoiled children, anything less than full control of the reins of power causes them to retreat into their infamous tantrum mode.)

Finally, speaking of stupid, how about the Dirty Dems’ choice of “rising star” Stacey Abrams to deliver the rebuttal to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address?  Though her performance was a boring buffet of lies, she did manage to give the funniest line of the evening when she said, “So even as I am very disappointed by the president’s approach to our problems, I still don’t want him to fail.”  It was about as believable as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s belated claim that he doesn’t know who the two people are on his yearbook page.

Other than that one laughable comment, Abrams stayed pretty much on script and did what I said she would do in my Tuesday article — paint Donald Trump and Republicans as morally inferior racists.  Like all Democrats, she has a great deal of hate in her heart and is likely to do a lot of damage to Republicans in the years ahead.

With that in mind, it’s time for Donald Trump to put down the stiletto and pick up the sledgehammer.  By emphasizing conciliation, he caught the Dirty Dems with their hate-pants down and brought out the worst in them.  No question about it, it was superb.

But now that he’s clearly in the driver’s seat, it’s time to eviscerate Chuckie, Nancy, and other Dirty Dem cretins who will be doing everything in their power to destroy him between now and 2020.  Remember, Mr. President, the Dirty Dems will never stop attacking you, so I once again suggest that you give them plenty of good reasons for doing so.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

92 responses to “Trump Catches Dirty Dems off Guard”

  1. Paul Long says:

    Surprisingly, I completely agree with today's article. I'm not sure if you're improving your critical thinking skills or just lucky. (As an aside, you forgot the close parentheses in paragraph 7)

    • Rick G says:

      Uh………neither, buddy. His "critical thinking skills" are tops and always have been. Just read all of his books and all his previous articles he has written over the decades and you will clearly see how true that really is. Robert Ringer doesn't need "luck". "Luck" is for desperate people who don't have it all together. Robert Ringer is not one of them. He is a natural one-of-a-kind success story and big winner in my book!

      I got so absorbed into the content of the article, I didn't notice, or even care for that matter, about any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. Getting the idea across to the reader is what matters most.Try reading some of my article posts on here sometimes and you will be inundated with all kinds of unintentional errors. I post from a spell-check smartphone. Besides, you don't have to be so nasty about it.

      • lee says:

        President trump said.That he hoped Stacy Abrams would do a good job.Giving the democratic rebuttal.Because he respected her.And she did a great job.Telling the President That she did not want him to fail.Just stop lying.And start uniting and representing all of the people of the United states.I hope he respects her enough To listen to her.And does what she asks.stops listening to his base.Hate talk.And i agree with Mr.Abbott.When he says that all of you should give President trump a break.Let him think for himself.Between all of you and putin.Your going to drive him crazier.

        • Rick G says:

          That was DT just being polite and gracious and showing that he has respect for a woman. None of the Dirty Dem Radic-Libocrats have enough grace and finesse to put forth except to their own kind. Sad, but true.

        • Rick G says:

          Yeah, just tell that to the sorry excuse for a governor in Virginia to stop lying. At first, he said he was in the photograph, then said he was neither one in the photo. Now, wait a minute. Which is it going to be? Take your time and think before choosing your lie. What I thought was gut- bustingly hilarious was when he said he did a blackface impression of Michael Jackson and even wanting to do a performance demonstration of Jackson's Moonwalk to the press. I would have loved to see that moron do that and really make the ass out of himself that he really is.

  2. Rod Gagnon says:

    Ah…the back-handed compliment. That never gets old.

    And yes, the missed close parentheses bothered me also. Weird how small things like that can bother someone.

  3. Scott theczech says:

    The system seems to be working splendidly, much as the founders of this great country intended. As long as politicians are at each other's throats the more likely is it that they'll leave us alone. Gridlock, in so many ways is a good thing. I say let's keep them out of mischief! Good job Mr. President – keep them distracted, off balance and flustered. You are wonderfully unpredictable – just be careful to be faithful to the Constitution!

  4. d29c12l62 says:

    I think President Trump did an excellent job with his speech. As for the Dem Queens in their white shirts, I am sure they don't know squat about suffrage. All they want is FREE handouts for everyone. Wonder who they think is going to pay for all of that. Little do they know people with money are way ahead of them and can go live elsewhere if hey choose. So these Dem's need to get a grip.

    • Rick G says:

      Also, those witches want to lay around, fornicate, and have unlimited abortions, including slaughtering infants after birth.

  5. kauai_mike says:

    Entertaining for sure. Loved Pelosi's theatrics and Dems sitting on their hands. Agree gridlock is good.

    • Richard Lee Van Der says:

      I wonder if the President, THE President, could hear her rattling her damned papers behind him. What a brain-damaged b/witch! Oh how she envied that a THINKING MAN is President, and not her!

  6. TheLookOut says:

    Great article Robert. President Trump should pickup the sledge, tell
    Chuckie, and Nancy what he is going to do – then do it without another
    tweet about it. The communist manifesto is very clear, they will never
    relent, or give up their sick misguided goal to destroy this country..

  7. larajf says:

    I almost wanted to contact Pelosi and say she's coming across not as strong but weak and petty putting non citizens needs ahead of the homeless and working poor. But then I thought that it's best to let her continue painting herself in the corner. I sincerely hope people see her and the rest of the DD's as they truly are. It's time to turn this ship around and put the adults in charge again.

  8. Bill Thomas says:

    Yea, no doubt the Dirty Dems will never give up on their idea of a Socialist Utopia and for too long the Repukes in the Republican Party have willingly gone along to get along. Like him or not, Trump is the first Republican to actively engage the Democrats about their fiendish plans for the country, and I for one don't give a whit about the fact that at many times he is not "Presidential". At this point in out country's history, I believe he is the one person that can turn back, or at least slow down the slide towards Socialism that has been going on for many decades. Yes, use a sledgehammer, as I would imagine that Trump realizes that the Dems will never concede on the border or any other issues that are part of their Progressive agenda.

  9. Rick G says:

    President Trump did a splendid job with the SOTU. He clearly won that one. Boo hoo hoo on the Dirty Dems! The Radic-Libs just sat there like sticks in the mud doing what they do best, scowling, long-faced, bored, sullen, unhappy, mad at the world as they always are. They would have done better by just staying home and watching reruns of The Three Stooges. Bernie Sanders, you know, the jerk with three exquisite homes, including one with a beach front and the other a lake front, and who was called out for wearing a 700 dollar winter jacket last year, sat there ominously taking notes. And all the while Cryin' Chuckie sat there, hunched over with a Satanic grin on his withered face. What a motley crew of political misfits. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without AOC, who is like a bad cold that never goes away and keeps hanging on and on, and the ugly smirking-face of Kamala Harris. Where would be without them? It wouldn't have been a SOTU without these lowlifes.

  10. Gary says:

    Gridlock isn’t so great when we are so badly in need of a wall on the Southern border. I hope President Trump can figure out a way to build one.

  11. Charles says:

    I continue to become ever more bold in calling out and mockng the Dems I am unfortunate to encounter in my daily life. It’s all I have to fight with other than the small $ contributions I make. The great gift to freedom and human decency we received from the murderous Gov of Virginia is such a layup in declaring Democrats unfit to represent us I am almost embarrassed to hit them with it.

  12. John John says:

    Great commentary! What concerns me the most, is the continuing drama with the FBI investigation that is patently illegal at its inception! Further, the truly Gestapo style raids (and this is not an exaggeration!) that have been used against Manafort and Roger Stone, as well as the entrapment of others for "lying" to the FBI, need to be addressed and attacked with a bulldozer, not a sledge hammer!

  13. Rick G says:

    Replying to "lee".
    Radic-Libocrat Stacy Adam's doesn't know which end is up. I commend President Trump for renouncing socialism. We don't need socialism, tyranny, and enslavement. We need more capitalism and freedom. This is what has given us the highest standard of living, more than anywhere else in the world. No other Republican had the courage to renounce socialism, except for Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy. It is the party of Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels. I really have no "problem" with these America-hating Radic-Libs. Just take it to another country please, let me have my freedom, and see how terrible it will be, and they will be back, hat in hand, begging to be let back in. I guarantee it. Lee, you can keep your socialism. I would rather not be fighting in the streets for toilet paper, as they do in Venezuela.

  14. Rick G says:

    Reply to "lee":
    Stacy Abrams doesn't have a clue as to what is going on. She doesn't know which end is up. She's just like all the other Radic-Libocrats who want to turn this country into another Venezuela or North Korea. Believe me. That is their goal. If they want that, I have no "problem", just take it elsewhere. I have a better idea. Why don't they move to these other countries and live out these terrible nightmares of tyranny and leave me have my freedom. I'd rather not have to take to the streets and fight for toilet paper everyday as they do in Venezuela. If ywant that, fine. And I guarantee you that they will come back, hat in hand, begging to be let back into the country.

    • lee says:

      President trump.Has the opportunity to do what President Roosevelt did.During the depression.1930's. When the people needed jobs.and many movements were developing.putting pressure on him to do something.President Roosevelt told his oligarchs.We have to give the people something. If not they are going to take it all.That's when he introduced bills to help the and fix the security .And create jobs.He wrote his brother.That his greatest achievement.was that he saved capitalism.

      • Rick G says:

        This is NOT the Great Depression, FYI. This is not the 1930's. I think you got entangled in a time warp. The year is 2019. Gee whiz! Sounds like an episode out of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.

      • Jean says:

        And thank God, he did NOT do what Roosevelt did! Anyone with a remote understanding of economics knows that the New Deal exacerbated the depression. It was the increased productivity and decrease in the labor force that WWII brought about that ended it. And those "make work" jobs that Roosevelt put into place were just that – make work, not actual jobs that had staying power. By the way, Lee, you do know that when any – ANY – work requirements are put into place so that welfare recipients have to give back to the taxpayers some of what they are stealing, your democrat cronies all start screaming "RAAAAAAACIST." So, Roosevelt must also have been a racist with the his WPA programs, wasn't he?

        Roosevelt was one of the first to start chipping away at capitalism and programming Americans to believe the gub-mint was there to "help" them. Social security was Roosevelt's Ponzi scheme, foisted on a gullible public and now broke as hell because you and yours don't contribute enough to keep it afloat.

        The best thing Trump can do is move AWAY from all of the gimmedat welfare programs on the books. Shut them down. Close redundant agencies. Let well run charitable endeavors take care of the truly poor and needy – they do a better job of it, and most offer a holistic approach to problem solving so the recipient can become self sufficient over time.

        • lee says:

          welcome back Jean.I Missed you.The jobs Roosevelt created were to help the private sector.Get back on their feet.When world war ll.started the government came up with the manufacture armaments for the war.the reason social security is broke.Is that certain departments of the government.started borrowing from social security.And never paid it back.I hope your not saying a well run charitable organization.Like trump's charitable organization.That is right now being investigated for fraud.The accusation is that all the money.He was collecting was going towards him and his family.Instead of the people it was meant for.

          • Jay S. says:

            Lee – I think you are mistaking Trump for Horrible Hillary and her fake foundation that enriched herself and her family members to the tune of a few hundred million dollars… Yeah she sprinkled a few crumbs around to charities for appearance… And hey, if you don't believe me, just ask Chelsea.

        • lee says:

          thank you jean.For letting me know.That Alexandria ocasio cortez.Is being supported by people with deep pockets.As Glenn Beck said.She knocked on doors.And did the hard work.And now wealthy people are helping her.Now you and Rick G.Really do have something to be terrified about.

  15. Rick G says:

    I commend the President for renouncing socialism. No other Republican has the guts to do that except Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. The rest just sit around as if they are in a stupor. Right on, President Trump!

  16. James says:

    Alexandria Moronio-Cortez. That's funny!

  17. Andrew Foss says:

    Glad to hear another accurate assessment of the 2019 SOTU message – as compared against all the BS spewed on lamestream news. I am still so disturbed that the only clips you see/hear of the “the United States will never be a socialist country” statement and the rousing cheers and applause, they do not pan the crowd to show that not a single Democrat is among the people clapping. The Left-Party has become so deeply partisan, that they cannot see beyond the noses on their faces. They are blinded by FREE FREE FREE stuff for everyone – and the RICH MUST PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE. Sorry to say this to the idiot left, but the Rich do pay their fair share. And its not you business to thingk that the government is entitled to more.

  18. Rick G says:

    Just saw on Fox News that AOC wants to abolish all air travel and provide help to those "unwilling to work"..Unbelieveable!

    • JoeBronx says:

      What is your country of origin, Lee?

    • Rick G says:

      OH YES IT IS. YES IT IS. YES IT IS!!! I hate to bust your bubble, but it is true. Truer than blue!!! Just read the outline of that monstrosity of the Green New Deal. READ IT!!! All air travel will be banned and aid will be given to all those UNWILLING to work. Let's wake up! No offense to you, but are you on drugs? Are you for real? Who are you? You are right on the last sentence though. With AOC, I will never ever be free! By the way, CNN and MSNBC have the same news about her lunatic Green New Deal. I trust Fox anyday.

      • FedUp says:

        Yes. READ it. Furthermore, they want to eliminate all fossil fuels within 10 yrs. ( America is now # 1 exporter ). Destroy that industry is their GOAL ! And, they are “not certain” they can end all cow emissions (farts) but will try. What noble ambitions ! In their spare time (when not promoting infanticide) they can focus on cow farts. Eliminate air travel. Run bullet trains on solar or wind power ! Yes, destroy entire industries and reward those “ unwilling to work “. Only the finest Dem(wits) could envision this Utopia. The New Green Deal !

        • Rick G says:

          You got that right. There you go, lee! Know your facts!

        • Rick G says:

          Let's feed the cows shovel loads of Beano!

        • Rick G says:

          There's a campaign issue for the far-left, cow farts!

        • Rick G says:

          FedUp: The Radic-Libocrats' goal is to destroy the United States and everyone in it, permanently destroy the US economy by sending it into a deep economic and irreversible depression, and sending us back to the Stone Age. Once the American people wake up to what is going on, President Trump will be re-elected in a huge landslide. Mark my word.

          • FedUp says:

            Perhaps the Radic-Libocrats are colluding with Russia ? Their agenda, if implemented would certainly destroy America and the Demwits could then celebrate with their fellow communists, and other America hate groups, like CNN. Keep the insane rhetoric going AOC ! Educate the semi-sane Dems on just how radical and stupid your party platform is. Might convert a few Demwits.

          • Rick G says:

            AOC is an airhead nitwit that has no clue about anything. And oh yes, she wants all automobiles, trucks, trains, and jets banned. Let's see how well that flies, no pun intended.

          • lee says:

            Recently.putin has been somewhat disappointed by trump.As all of you have.for not sticking with the shutdown.But perhaps he will help him again in 2020.

      • Richard Lee Van Der says:

        Why does that MORON get to speak so often! As if she can THINK! One such as her EVER President? Never! Great numbers of Americans appear to be relatively brain-dead, but I doubt they'll ever sink THAT low!

        Yes, even the NEW FOX. More women, and More Blacks.

        • Rick G says:

          If people and the media would ignore her, she would go away and vanish forever. But, no-oooooo, she keeps running her big yap while all the brain-dead Radic-Libs keep eweing and ahhing over her BS sophomoric remarks which make absolutely no sense.

      • lee says:

        Calm down Relax.You probably read a fake outline.Put out by fox news.Go to the source.And read the entire green deal plan.the plan is to transition over time.From fossil fuels.To electric and other types of offer security to people that are unable or unwilling to work.Look at all the homeless people around you.I said that if you don't stop from being terrified of Alexandria ocasio cortezYou will never be free.She is trying to help you and our fellow americans.I am not on drugs.I am for real.

        • Jean says:

          You're for real, all right. You're also a prime example of the low information, low functioning voter who really believes you're entitled to all of that free sh*t Sandy Kotex is promising.

          And you really believe she "bootstrapped" her way into the political arena. Well, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus have flown the coop, so we may as well educate you (if possible) on that point as well:

          AOC is just another useful idiot who is arrogant enough to imagine she belongs in a power position. Her puppet masters recognized her mindlessness as well as her ego, and are using it to the max.

          • Rick G says:

            Hi Jean. Great to see you here again. Trying to convince lee that AOC is a complete airhead and imbecile that she is seems a hopeless task. I have the facts and he refuses to acknowledge them.Take heart though, she will never make it to the White House much less get out of the starting gate for a presidential run. Mainstream America will never go for her ideas. She is so far to the left, she will fall of the edge of the earth. Her future political ambitions are Quixotic to say the least.

    • Jean says:

      Lee, Fox News (and by extension, Rick G) quoted verbatim from the FAQs that Occasionally Conscious wrote on her webpage. She has since taken down her explanation of her Green New Deal; I guess the laughter got to be a bit too much for her. Maybe YOU should do a little more research on what your favorite congressbimbo is saying. And yes, she said that those who were "unwilling to work" would get help. The Soviet Union helped those kind of people too – they were sent to reeducation camps in Siberia and not released until their minds were right or they died.

      She's a total idiot, and the more she opens her mouth, the more obvious it becomes – at least to those who have an IQ that is larger than their shoe size. Cortez is a blathering ignoramus and has no concept of, say, what it would require to drive an electric car through a typical Montana snowstorm to get to the nearest grocery store. Or how many coal-fired electric plants will be needed to power all of those charging stations she wants to build across the country so people can plug in their vehicles. Or that if you eliminate gas powered equipment, then construction, agriculture and mining come to a halt. Her stupidity is astounding in its breadth and scope! Forrest Gump looks like a MENSA candidate next to her.

      She is, however, the best reason for every trophy wife to consider having her tubes tied! Cortez clearly inherited her father's looks and her mother's intellect.

      • Rick G says:

        Lols! Well said, Jean!

      • Richard Lee Van Der says:

        Yes, excellent commentary! How different these days from the 6 O'Clock News I grew up with! As we gathered around the RADIO! (I still remember all those wonderful Radio Dramas that required the use of our imagination!) Yes, THINGS CHANGE! Sometimes for the better, and too often not. BUT CHANGE IS THE ONE CONSTANT.

    • Rick G says:

      Maybe I should qualify that. All air travel except air travel for the Radic-Lib rulers such as Bernie Sanders. Last year, this hypocrite baffoon racked up $300,000 in air travel. $297,865.50 to be exact. Shame, shame, shame!!!

  19. JoeBronx says:

    After looking at those obnoxious bimbos in white, I can't help but think of what pornograpgher Larry Flynt said about women's libbers; "Where else can so many ugly broads get that much attention?"

  20. hinspect says:

    Stacy Abrams is obviously too stupid to write a speech by herself. I am sure the only way she graduated from college is by lowered test standards due to "racial inequality" grade curves!

    • Rick G says:

      I would not doubt that one bit.

    • help says:

      Forgot original name .please help to reset .

    • Richard Lee Van Der says:

      I taught college for 15 years, BEFORE the UNequal Rights Amendment. After that anyone could be hired, except a superior or competent white man! Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After that, campus life declined. Once off campus, I made myself A BETTER professional life! I am of the Old School that believes in the saying, "Let the BEST MAN (or person) win!"

  21. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Excellent commentary once again, Mr. Ringer! Thank you!

  22. Rick G says:

    Robert, I have an idea. How about an article on the Green New Deal?

  23. Rick G says:


    Now a word to all Republicans: This is a front-row ticket to President Trump's re-election. So don't blow it! The Dirty Dems don't know it, but I think it is beginning to look like they are all boarding a ride on a political Titanic!

    • Rick G says:

      But please, don't take my McRib away. I love these to death! And with a large fries and a large drink, you can't beat it. It is scrumpdiddliumptous!

      • Richard Lee Van Der says:

        Rick, yesterday,we had a quick lunch at McDonalds (here in the Philippines) and the drinks were served with NO STRAWS! I wondered if that was an California influence. California! Now THAT/THERE is a subject for discussion!

      • lee says:

        between those McRibs,Large fries and large drink.And being terrified of Alexandria ocasio cortez.It looks like your headed for a heart attack.

        • Rick G says:

          Lee, you Radic-Commies don't need to be telling people what and what not to eat. AOC is a Commie on steroids. But I want her out there talking loud and clear all the time, because she will put President Trump right back in, AND YOU WILL HAVE FOUR MORE YEARS OF.HIM!

    • lee says:

      They already blew it.In the midterm elections.And the democrats are coming for the 2020 election.Be terrified be very terrified.

      • Rick G says:

        The GOP held, unlike Obama who lost both chambers of Congress,, held onto the Senate.

        You should be terrified. Mainstream America will total reject this Green New Deal in 2020,. I predict DT will win re-election easily. It is beginning to look like this is 1972, Nixon vs. McGovern all over again. Americans don't want their automobiles and trucks taken away. They don't want their homes renovated, their steaks taken away, their income taxes away from them, no air travel…….. They don't want to be told how much food they can eat, what to eat, where to buy it, when to buy it. Believe me, you are in for a rude awakening.

        I'm not being rude, but wouldn't it be easier for you to move to Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea and see firsthand the misery people have to endure? And if you like it and want to stay there, more power to you. Why do you want to ram all this down my throat against my will? I don't want this and the vast majority of people don't want it. Let me have my freedom and American way of life.
        Trump 2020.

        • Rick G says:

          This is nothing but a Red nightmare that is threatening our country. It will be soundly repudiated next year. Just wait and see.
          Trump 2020

        • lee says:

          fifty% of republicans support some parts of the green new deal.No one is going to take your stuff away.The citizens of Sweden and Norway.Still have all of their stuff.The green new deal.Is going to be part of the American way of life.

      • Rick G says:

        Bring 'em on. Can't wait to see the Commicratic Party get demolished.

        Trump 2020

  24. Rick G says:

    Yes sir, the People's Republic of California surely is to say the least.

    • Rick G says:

      I surely wish the Calexit movement had been successful. Been waiting for it to break off and slide into the Pacific. Justice served.

  25. Rick G says:

    All this Green New Deal talk thrills me. I love it!
    Trump 2020

    • Rick G says:

      Listen lee. I will eat, drive, wear what I want, live where I want, travel when, when, and how I want, be who I am, associate and talk to whomever I want. This is America. A free country., not a Commie country.. This is not North Korea, China, Russia, Vietnam, Cuba, or Venezuela. This is the U-S-A! Dig it?

      Trump 2020.

      • lee says:

        I am not a raddic-commie.Iam just concerned for your health.I love it.That you love the green new deal.In two years we will have Expanded Medicare.Or single payer insurance.To help you with your health.This country has always been free.And soon it will be more free.It's just that your not free.

  26. George Macy says:

    I don't regularly access this site, but the one thing that I find striking is that the commenter who calls himself/herself "Lee" is nearly illiterate. Can't even structure sentences!

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