Will Populism Prevail This Time Around?

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Robert Ringer


During a recent interview on MSNB, the ever-nasty Tom Brokaw exclaimed that President Trump and “some people on the right” want “to destroy the prevailing culture in this country.”

I hate to rattle your cage, Tommy, but of course Donald Trump and “some people on the right” want to destroy the prevailing culture in America.  Given that the prevailing culture is the antithesis of the culture the Founding Fathers envisioned — the culture that laid the groundwork for a new nation — why wouldn’t everyday Americans want to destroy it?  The groundwork I’m referring to is set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and it defined the American way of life for nearly 200 years.

Today’s prevailing culture began emerging in the turbulent sixties and was forced upon traditional Americans for eight painful years by the first American-hating president in history.  To make certain there was no doubt in anyone’s mind as to his intentions, he clearly warned us, prior to taking office, that he fully intended to “fundamentally change the United States of America.”

As America’s culture deteriorated into a moral cesspool, to millions of people who longed for a return to the America they grew up in, the nostalgic lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel — Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. — brought back pleasant memories.

Today, however, anti-Americanism is firmly entrenched in our “prevailing culture,” a culture that Radical Leftist like Brokaw want to make us believe is the true culture of America.  It is not.  Traditional values that were once embedded in America’s moral compass are anathema to a new generation that has been taught to hate free speech, Judeo-Christian ethics, the sanctity of life, the right to self-defense, and much more.

Thus, when young people hear about the wholesomeness of the “good old days,” they dismiss it as unenlightened gibberish by old timers whom the death panels should eliminate post haste.  How can someone who can’t even sync up a smartphone to a computer possibly know anything about life?  After all, the very meaning of life is to be proficient with digital gadgets; everything else is just passing time.

Which brings me to Laura Ingraham’s new book, Billionaire at the Barricades.  It’s the first book in years that I’ve been able to read all the way through without getting bored.  In a delightfully simple but profound way, Ingraham explains the Trump phenomenon that has had establishment folks in a state of apoplexy for nearly two and a half years.

The underlying theme of Ingraham’s book is that populism is now the most powerful force in the political narrative in this country.  It began with the inspiring presidential bid of Barry Goldwater in 1964, followed by Richard Nixon’s remarkable political comeback in winning the 1968 presidential election.  While there’s no question that Nixon was an immensely flawed man, his appeal to the “silent majority” was clearly a populist theme.

Unfortunately, Nixon’s Watergate demise opened the door for establishment dunce Gerald Ford, which in turn opened the door for leftwing dunce Jimmy Carter, which in turn threw the door wide open for populist Ronald Reagan.  As Donald Trump would do thirty-six years later, Reagan astonished his establishment critics by riding his populist message all the way to the White House.

Unfortunately, though Reagan’s intellect and rhetoric were conservative, his policies often veered off course (e.g., amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants).  Even so, his tax cuts and pullback on government regulations were enough to explode the economy, proving once again that given the slightest opening, the free market always produces vibrant economic growth and a better life for all those who are willing to work.

Following Reagan, the U.S. muddled its way through George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush before Americans got diverted by the excitement over a half-black presidential candidate with a Marxist-riddled, community-organizing background.  While Barack Obama failed to totally destroy the U.S. economy as he had hoped, he did succeed in entrenching the anti-American culture of the Radical Left.

What Obama never expected, however, was a counter-revolutionary populist movement led by, of all people, a blue-collar billionaire.  Just as Jimmy Carter’s breathtaking incompetence and hardline socialist views opened the door for populist Ronald Reagan, so, too, did Barack Obama’s attempt to bring down America open the door for populist Donald Trump.

Now, here we are in 2017, and Obama, Hillary, and their hate-fueled Radical Left supporters have never recovered from the 2016 election.  The good news is that, through sheer stubbornness and stupidity, they are doing more to irrevocably harm the Democratic Party than Trump is.  They really and truly have no clue.

Unfortunately, establishment Republicans hate Trump even more than the Radical Left, chiefly because he is not wedded to an ideology.  They simply cannot accept the fact that he’s a populist who is driven by common sense rather than a set of ideological principles.  The establishment finds this to be a terrifying situation, because if Trump is successful, it could put the business-as-usual good life in Washington on hold for decades to come.

The strength of the populist movement will be clear for all to see after the Republicans’ landslide victories in 2018, but it’s critical that rank-and-file populists remain vigilant and not fall asleep at the wheel after each triumph.  The rise, then silence, of the Tea Party movement is the most recent example of this danger, and it almost led to the death knell for America, first with the election of Barack Obama, then with the candidacy of Horrible Hillary.

When you think about the destruction Hillary would have brought about had she been elected, it’s pretty scary.  Can there be any doubt she would have made the vile new culture that Tom Brokaw so warmly embraces an irreversible fact of life for Americans through laws banning everything from gun ownership to free speech for conservatives?  She is living proof of why populists cannot afford to take naps.

Whatever complaints you may have about Trump’s egomaniacal ways, verbal clumsiness, and lack of ideological principles, he likely is America’s last, best hope for destroying, at least for decades, the cancerous policies of the Radical Left and the resistance of the Republican establishment.

As Trump famously said during his campaign, “What have you got to lose?”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

27 responses to “Will Populism Prevail This Time Around?”

  1. Roger Roger says:

    Sigh!! And the saddest part for mine, Robert is that my grandkids and theirs may never know what you're talking about, IF the system stays afloat long enough for them to have grandkids. We are seeing the results of almost 70 years of dedicated, unrelenting efforts of those determined to bring the country down. Genghis said that men have the ears of donkeys and words are weak reeds in battle. Only the sword asks no questions and answers none and all men understand the sword. I hope wiser people than I see another workable solution.

  2. thebacksaver says:

    I detect a bit of sadness in this blog. Its as if RR is "settling" for the realization that the culture of the once great USA has changed irretrievably. Given this as the reality, then DT is our best hope.
    As for me: I can't help but like DT, both the man and his policies. If for no other reason than he has a genuine quality that I greatly admire; courage.

  3. Richard Lee Van Der says:


  4. IHeartDagney says:

    If the Hildebeast had won, I think we would be within months of a second Civil War unless she pivoted like her husband and became more sly. I don't think there's a subtle bone in her body or brain (such as it is), however. I also don't think Middle America would take her edicts just lying down. As it is, if the crazy violence of the left (are they hiding the fact that Paddock was a left-winger out to destroy Trump voters? They certainly seem to be hiding something!) is not tamped down by the Justice Department very soon, Civil War 2 may still be a year or two out.

    I'm seeing signs of hope with Trump stopping the illegal payments for Obamacare and telling Congress to get busy, or they're going to lose their "subsidies". Bannon's declaration of political war on the Republican Establishment seems to have also lit a fire. So, maybe things will finally get interesting in a GOOD way for once.

  5. Jana says:

    Love it.

  6. Ellis Baxter says:

    The NWO on the way to the big win were hit first with Brexit then Trump! This has put them on their heels. Now they have enlisted the propaganda machine and the Sub Rosa government to slow the change down. They have spent 75 years to get to the point where the right crisis could bring in Some form of Socalist world government! They had this plan since November 9,1942 and 74 years -1 day it hits the fan. IF the people can continue to defeat the democrat party and then try to clean out the republican party. Then the shills like McCain mount up and spew their tautological case. But the people will not be fooled. And the Red Fascist Left will be vanquested.

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks for the glimmer of hope. We need it.

  8. Marte says:

    All I can say is "Thank God we had enough sense to elect Trump."

  9. Rick G. says:

    Excellent article, Robert, with excellent points made. It is astonishing to me how far this country has come since the nineteen fifties. All of what is happening now was overwhelmingly repudiated by the landslide defeat of Democratic nominee of Sen. George McGovern back in 1972. Back then, it looked as if the Silent Majority had destroyed and permanently buried the New Left once and for all. How times have changed! Now, that whole radical left platform he ran on for President is now considered mainstream and has been fully accepted and implemented in this country. It is here, now. I never thought it would have happened. The New Left has become fully entrenched into our country and way of life. They now run the country from top down. As I look at this whole country as to what is going on now and its political, social, and moral mindset, I have come to the realization that it has literally lost its mind and I do not want to be a part of this madness. I applaud President Trump and what he is doing. But it appears as if he is in a place and time where the country feels he should not be. Hence, all this hatred and negativity toward him and his administration. As I had mentioned in previous articles here, I voted for Donald Trump and I continue to support him in his efforts to Make America Great Again. I have a few points here and there where I am in disagreement or I think he needs to go a lot farther on, but he is a good first step in the right direction for sure. He has my full support and I intend to vote for his re-election in 2020.

  10. larajf says:

    Indeed. We want our culture back!

  11. Lana says:

    You are correct…..he is the best hope for this beautiful nation. Since Rockefeller, I have felt that in order to lead this nation you needed to be independently wealth and beholding to no one. The corruption that permeates Washington, D.C. is palpable. Only someone who has no obligation to any of them will succeed in what needs to be done to turn this country around. Thank God for his courage to take on this thankless task.

  12. greg b. says:

    Left, right, don't get uptight! Both political parties are just 2 wings of the same bird of prey. Trump has slowly been reading the riot act by the powers-that-be since he became president. He must know by now that it is the shadow government who runs America and if he pushes too hard to change the status quo there will be consequences for him and his family. This is true today for any politician placed in high places in America. I give the man a lot of points for any courage he has to go against the grain but I do think he is slowly being humbled as he goes against some extremely dangerous psychopaths. America needs a good president for a change but what America really needs more is a conscious revolution. That starts with folks realising that the divide and conquer strategy only works when you take a political side. Trump should run as an Independent next election if they let him live that long.

  13. Scott Theczech says:

    Nearly every indicator reveals a divided nation, in almost every way; culturally, economically, spiritually, politically…I fear for the United States.

  14. Jay says:

    Praise the Turtle and pass the ammunition!

  15. Rocketman says:

    I think if Hillary had won then we already would be in a war with Russia and China (and losing!). But Trump has only bought America some time. No one, not even the President, is going to be able to pull America out of what the socialists over decades have gotten us into.
    The smart thing I think is to recognize this and plan to be somewhere else when the economy collapses, the banks and ATM's are closed and there are riots in the streets. I've decided on Encarnacion Paraguay and am leaving as soon as my mom passes on.

  16. TheLookOut says:

    Thanks Robert, another Great article. Hope springs eternal.
    But only the vigilant populist voters can offer any hope to save this
    beautiful country from the "Deep State"

  17. Scott theczech says:

    The President needs our support now more than ever. I thought I knew how nasty the "swamp" was before this last 8 months, but I had no idea! He is getting attacked from every known adversary and from so many unknown. Consider that he has been, and continues to be attacked by ex-presidents, ex-candidates, party officials, the opposition party, many in the intelligence community, some in the military, the propaganda machine, the EU, certain Federal Reserve Governors, etc, etc. When has this ever happened in this county? When, I ask?

  18. Angedur says:

    Time to end the fed income tax, and go with fed sales tax and increase FICA. Get D.C. out of our lives as much as possible and only involved in limited ways.

    Not a big fan of joining orgs, but recently joined NRA and a moderate fan of R Ringer and Tom Leykis and you will get no bull from either. And if any silly but happens to be a dem dim or bamm,( bolveshek, antifa maoist marxist) you may want to get some Benadryl for the predictable weals and hives if fully understanding R Ringer and Tom Leykis.

  19. TN Ray says:

    As I read the headlines daily I see nothing but hate from the MSM. Headlines designed to fan flames of division, while simultaneously blaming Trump. John Kelley gave the finest heartfelt defense of the "last sacred" rite in America, the honoring of a fallen soldier. The decency in "not" politicizing the ritual condolences. Yet, today, the MSM and D-Congresswoman spew continued hate and bile directed at Trump aided and abetted by a vile MSM. More to be feared than our enemies like N Korea and ISIS are the enemies within: the MSM, and political hacks. These are the true "deplorables". Not the hard working Americans who were primarily middle class supporters of Trump.

  20. B Wilds says:

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  21. Robby Bonfire says:

    In paragraph 11, I initially misread "community-organizing background" to read: "communist-organizing background." Hmm.

  22. James Louis says:

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  23. It's kind of ironic that the modern definition of Populism is a synonym for Bubble Finance, Bubble finance which is mostly blamed for destroying the middle class. I have a funny feeling inside me when people who perceive themselves as educated and overly intelligent don't understand the words they use, their significance and their evolution…hasn't populism also become a synonym for feminism…Ronald Reagan populism lead to the 1987 crash…Bill Clinton's one to the demise of the internet bubble…George Bush to the end of the fallacy of everybody will and should own a home…which resulted in the collapse of real estate prices…Obama's bubble has not burst yet…it's been prolonged by Populism 301 by Trump corporation!…but don't worry, when its time…its going to be worst than the worst of thermonuclear wars…
    Populism is now equal to feminism which is equal to bubble finance which is equal to crap and PC, the elimination of fundamental rights and the end of civilization…in 3 words: the Prison society.
    I think the next time around, and for the first time in my life, I will vote for an elitist..it can't be wors tehan the fakeness, complacency, narcissism and corruption of populism…

    • B Wilds says:

      WOW, tell us what you really think!
      By the way, you made some really interesting points. Thanks

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