When You Wish Upon A Star

Posted on July 12, 2018 by Robert Ringer


The nonstop jibber-jabber coming from liberals and their media allies has become downright comical.  So much so that, as I predicted would be the case, it’s splitting the Democratic Party apart.

In fact, some Democrats are actually choosing to walk away from their own party.  Yep, we now have the Walkaway Movement — Democrats who are no longer willing to be associated with the self-destructive, hateful rhetoric spewed out by their far-left brethren.

Which raises the question, why can’t the Dirty Dems control their nasty rhetoric when they must surely know they are destroying their own party?  Many believe it’s simply a result of low-information, and, to be sure, it’s pretty obvious that most Radical Left hysteriacs are fact-challenged.  But, even so, it would be a mistake to believe that all lefties are nothing more than low-information hollow vessels.

As difficult as it may be to believe, I think most of the resist-and-obstruct crowd are probably pretty well informed but irreversibly blinded by their hate.  It is hate that motivates them to make fools of themselves no matter how ridiculous their hysterical claims, accusations, and name-calling make them look.

All of which would be bad enough, but what makes these hate mongers totally devoid of credibility is their failure to use discretion in their attacks.  To them, no matter how big or how small an issue may be, they insist on referring to it as world-ending — as in, “Civilization as we know it today is at risk in this election” or “If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter … are standing at the border, like Nazis” or “Trump is using inhumane policies to gin up his base” … etc.

The problem is that if everything is world-ending, nothing is world-ending.  If everyone is a Nazi, no one is a Nazi.  If everything is inhumane, nothing is inhumane.  More generally, if everything is evil, nothing is evil.

But to the Radical Left, none of this matters.  All hysteria, all name-calling, and all lies are equally justified because the moral end (i.e., their end) justifies the means.  After all, if you’re morally superior, the opinions and actions of those who disagree with you are world-ending, inhumane, and/or evil — no debate necessary.

In my view, the phenomenon of nonstop insane allegations and lies by the Radical Left has its roots in a psychological problem.  The psychological problem I am referring to is that when liberals make ludicrous claims, it’s as though they believe that by simply stating something as though it were a fact, no matter how absurd it may be, it will somehow come true — as in …

When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

This sums up the Radical Left in a nutshell.  They are so desperate to regain power that they seem to believe that by simply saying something is true it will become a reality.  Even communism is now a good thing according to a supposed Democratic Socialist of America chapter co-chair by the name of Olivia Katbi Smith, who Tweeted, “I just wanna set the record straight for a minute: communism is good.”

That’s right, just say communism is a good thing and it will make it so, notwithstanding the fact that communist regimes have killed at least 100 million of their own people over the past century.  Nevertheless, professional agitator Cornell West recently explained to Tucker Carlson that the only reason socialism and communism have failed everywhere is because “the right people” were not in charge.  Too, too funny.

Personally speaking, my two favorite When-You-Wish-Upon-A-Star doozies came from that infamous Royal Flimflam Duo, Michelle the Malevolent and the Prince of Puffery.

From Michelle we got the jaw-dropping words, “When they go low, we go high.”  Scary to think that there are those on the Radical Left who actually believe this 180-degree reversal of the truth.  But, hey, just say it and it will become true, right?

Of course, it would have been more accurate if the Malevolent One had said, “When they go high, we go low.  And when they go low, we go lower.”  Or, even more accurately, “Regardless of whether they go high or low, we always go low!”  The real truth is that Democrats never go high.  Going low is part of their DNA.

But the best When-You-Wish-Upon-A-Star statement of all is when DNC Chairman Tom Perez recently introduced the Prince of Puffery as “the real president of the United States.”  Oh, my, how good that must have felt to the loony left, even if it had a grade-school ring to it.

For one brief, shining moment, looney leftists could pretend that their shiftless community organizing leader was still president.  There’s nothing more warm and fuzzy than a delicious delusion, and, make no mistake about it, everything that is generally believed to be true about Barack Obama is a delusion.

Finally, this brings us to President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats were all worked up about “a potential criminal” being allowed to pick a Supreme Court Justice, and now that it has become a reality, they’re apoplectic.  After all, Trump picked a fascist who “will threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades” and is Trump’s “get-out-of-jail card.”

But not to worry, because the Dirty Dems have made it clear that they intend to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed.  And even if he is confirmed, that paragon of goodwill, Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, has pointed out that he and his comrades could theoretically impeach Kavanaugh — and, for that matter, all other Republican nominees for the Supreme Court.

So here we are again.  Just as Never Trumpers relentlessly insisted they could stop Trump from getting the Republican nomination at the party’s nominating convention, so, too, the Dirty Dems are talking like they have the power to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  It goes without saying that they do not have any such power, but it feels so good just to say it.

The takeaway is this:  If you worry every time a Radical Leftist makes an outrageous statement that is obviously false, my message to you is simple:  Learn to ignore it!  If wishing upon a star titillates some people, that’s their problem, not yours.  I would suggest that it’s much healthier for your brain if you forget wishes and stick to reality.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

42 responses to “When You Wish Upon A Star”

  1. Robby Bonfire says:

    The party which invented the crime of “hate speech” daily gives us hate radio NPR. Anger as a life style – how sad.

  2. Angel Dejesus says:

    Always a great read thanks. Also thanks for winning with intimidation.

  3. Peter says:

    I'm sure RR would at least partially agree, but I am no longer in the camp of "just ignore them".
    At a minimum, they need to be challenged with questions that they can not answer and statements that are difficult for them to refute. (Usually not difficult to do. Although it requires some self-education.)
    "Just ignore them" scares me just a wee bit. Who was it that said "Repeat anything long enough and it becomes the accepted truth" (Mussolini?)

    • Bill says:

      Peter … I understand the frustration. In my experience however, I've discovered that no matter what facts or arguments are presented, people are NOT going to change their beliefs, or opinions. Remember … You can't challenge or argue with swine. They enjoy it, and you get muddy and shit on! My apologies to pigs! I have found RR's "just ignore them" response very effective. Very Zen in fact. I encourage you to reconsider.

      • Peter says:

        Thank you so much for your response. I know what you mean. I have the scares (or the poo poo stains to prove it :).
        I do not hope to change them. I continue to challenge them (and encourage others to do the same), not as something for them, but rather I do it for me.
        I've never really been into Zen…bliss is not my goal. I'm going down swinging… :)

        • Stefani Woodams says:

          I do the same thing! For the same reason! Leftists have gone unchallenged for far too long. I don't expect to convert any of them, but I do let them know that I find their world view to be twisted, and why.

        • Bob says:

          I can see your point. Perhaps “challenge” is a bit strong. Great ships have their course altered by little tugboats nudging them. They took years getting where they are, we’ve got time to nudge some of them into a more reasoned posture/::

    • Scott theczech says:

      The Socratic method of inquiry, if properly applied, will work effectively with many, though not all. Before I even get there with someone there are a few qualifying questions I use now and then to determine whether a discussion with an individual or small group is worth my time. "Do you believe that being open minded is generally a good quality or bad (open minded is promising)?" "Please tell me briefly about your world view (individuals will either be able to do this well or not at all; not at all…don't waste your time.)" "If you had to choose one of these which one would best describe you; how you feel about something, or what you think about something (we need both qualities, but thinking i.e. reasoning is what we need for meaningful dialogue.)"

      • Stefani Woodams says:

        I like this. I will try it next time.

      • patg2 says:

        Most people wouldn't know what a "world view" is, so that question is probably useless. But the one about thinking versus feeling, that's a good one!

        • Scott Theczech says:

          You’re right, but being able to at least speak about a world view indicates that the person has done some thinking. By the way, I needn’t agree with their world view, just the fac they have one they can convey is very promising.

          • patg2 says:

            I would maintain that the majority of leftists are not even capable of speaking of a world view. I don't think most of them DO think at all! Unless they wise up, I see nothing promising about it. Sorry to disappoint. I would hardly call the idea, that those who work hard are an endless source of money available for government plunder, a "world view".

  4. kauai_mike says:

    I recall our revolution of the 60's – screaming & scheming how we'd change the world!

    Then … career, family, a home, and responsibilities came along. Revolution over.

    Today's 'revolutionaries' are no different and await the same fate.

    • Ivan says:

      Hopefully it will pass and revolution over. Or the dem party will vanish soon. If none of the above, psychologists will be dealing with a new sickness treating the dems.

  5. Muthuswamy Narayana says:

    if you replace the left with Congress party in India your narrative is 100% accurate in India too. But Congress can pick up and they will from your article which they have missed out for their own self immolation!

  6. Jon says:

    Classic, Robert. It reminded me of Dr. Edward J. Goodwin who, back in 1897, tried to get his State Representative Taylor I. Record to pass Bill 246 in the Indiana State Legislature making the Greek letter "Pi" equal to 3.0 instead of the never-ending series 3.1415926….. as any reasonable student of geometry knows. That probably works in politics but if your objective is to reach the Moon, you miss the Moon by a million miles. Never let facts get in the way of politics – Charge!

  7. kerry says:

    Trump is the first republican I’m aware of, that doesn’t roll over and accept the left-wing attacks. Even Reagan carefully weighed his responses. Trump simply does to them what they have always done to republicans. It reminds me of primary school when an unchallenged bully was finally confronted; They could dish it out, but they can’t take it.

  8. Heidi McCauley says:

    Thank you Thank you for this wonderful column. I shall always have it with me to comfort and reassure me during the many times I run into and have to hear those pathetic, useful idiots on the streets of NY. What a waste of their youth. It's more satisfying to me to respond because they never expect it….and I have at times yelled back at them to just forget the script and go to the beach.

  9. Richard Van Der says:

    Wow! This writing is wonderfully TRUE and ENTERTAINING! What a kick reading it!

  10. Rick G. says:

    The Radic-Libs, as the late Vice President Spiro Agnew called them, have gone completely unhinged and off the rails. Maybe, "Radic-Comms" would be a better and more fitting term. Everything about them and what they espouse and preach are absolute hysterical lies. The Left is an outright flat out Lie. Here where I live in Kentucky, the Radic-Comms are a very small minority. Most people here, like me, are Trumpsters. In the last presdiential election, Horrible Hillary's vote total was in the low 30's percentage-wise, carrying only two counties. She did worse than even Nobama did, if that were possible. I personally refuse to deal with and acknowledge them (The Radic-Comms) and I ignore them unless they make the fatal regretable mistake of opening their big yap. And when they go low, they go; I send them on their merry way. They know their place with me, and if they don't, they will soon learn FAST!

  11. wjk says:

    This week, I told an old business partner that the Ult-left is going to turn on the media for making them look silly. It will be in full swing when they lose the mid-terms. He thinks I'm crazy, but I see it coming. They'll say they were misquoted or their message was told correctly. But, they are already starting to pivot that way. They have to blame someone. Blaming Trump and the conservatives isn't working very well for them right now. They are losing steam in the polls, and face as the Walk Away movement becomes more visible.

  12. Rick G. says:

    Eat this article. Mad Maxine! It might even raise that low IQ of yours!

  13. Jim Hallett says:

    The Leftist dialogue (or rants, really) have become so insistent, illogical and insane ever since Trump came to office, so obviously, it is a sign of desperation. I can't fathom that intelligent people would be even minimally swayed by this b.s. Calling communism good, wanting rampant immigration to overtake the country, wanting every white person relegated to the sidelines, and all sorts of other stupid stuff would only accelerate the total collapse of the country. It is tiring, dealing with this every day, so I just turn it off whenever I am confronted with something online or via some kind of media. It just makes a farce of most of the political realm, the media, and what passes for higher education, since a lot of the radical sickness is espoused by professors or administrators at colleges/universities.

  14. Rick G. says:

    The Radic-Comms talk about how communism will "work" if only the "right people" were in charge. Who are these "right people"? Well, they are those diabolic, despicable low-life inhumans who will commit any horrific, despicable, evil act to cause the most deaths, torture, and misery possible to force such a hideous ideology down mankind's throat to promote the "common good". That has to be the only way it can ever be implemented and operated, by force, because mankind just doesn't want it. In Robert Ringer's Restoring the American Dream, Robert Ringer states that the only way communism can work is through the implementation of force, because communism violates human nature and takes away freedom and man has a constant desire to be free and unrestrained. So, force is the only answer, because basically people don't want it. And ruthless force results in death and human misery.

    • patg2 says:

      A laborer is worthy of his hire. If the laborer's wages are taken and given to the one who will not work, that is theft, no matter who does it. He who does not work shall not eat. When you implement communism, you take the wages the laborer deserves and give them to someone who doesn't deserve them. The result is that nobody wants to work. And then everyone starves. That is why violence is needed to enforce communism. Let communism be voluntary. The Farm in Tennessee has voluntary communism. They have a charismatic leader, and a religion. And it works for them. But don't force anyone into the mold. It doesn't fit. We were meant to work. We are material beings. We require material things to live. Stop government plunder. A really good book is The Law by Bastiat. But most liberals can't read, so recommending it is probably a waste of time.

  15. John R says:

    They see power as an entitlement. This is not government by the people or of the people, it’s government of corrupt Leftist oligarchs. They were/are shocked…SHOCKED that We The Great Unwashed rose up in the last election, said, ‘Enough is enough with this corruption’ and dared claim our rightful power to install the government we wanted. How DARE we. And since they don’t have a better idea (and never have) they are throwing a national temper tantrum, just as they did from 2000-2008. Only now, we can be pelted with it 24/7 by their media water carriers, both traditional and social. They are children and they will continue to act like children until they get attention.

    I’ve always believed (and is in fact borne out by observation) that if you want to know what the Left is all about, watch what they accuse the right of. Violent fascism? Check. Discriminatory, racist actions. Check. Freedom eradicating speech Gestapo? In spades. Were it not for double standards, they’d have none at all.

  16. larajf says:

    I used to try to bring up the obvious but got tired of being shouted down. So yes, I'm starting to see people waking up.
    The extremists are like a 4 year old who learned a new word and uses it constantly. Eventually you ignore it so the behavior dissipates.
    I was so pleased to see the walkaway movement, and more black people realizing they've been stuck on the plantation.

  17. patg2 says:

    We put up with Obama. They owe us to put up with Trump. Our turn.

  18. Joseph C. says:

    I'm Canadian and I'm watching what is going on between the left and the right. I think I finally have had enough of the left's hatred of the right. I'm on the Republican's side if you want to know in most of the issues, but I believe the major reason why the Left has gone Stir Crazy (what other word is there?) is because the Feel POWERLESS! And, when you feel powerless, you can either acknowledge it and do the best you can in the current situation OR you can act like a spoiled brat child and complain that you're not getting what you want. Well, the Left has chosen the latter. Most of them are acting like children

    I really need to take a break. How much hatred can one watch? Robert's advice is right on. Ignore what the left say's. They are the ones that have the problem.

  19. RealitySeeker says:

    Thus far DT has exceeded my expectations by whipping the Marxist Party ( aka The Democrat Party) into a frenzy.

    It's a real pleasure to watch DT work.

    DT is currently very busy repeatedly kicking his enemies in Euroland right between the legs —- something that has needed doing for decades. With friends like NATO, who needs enemies?

    I'd like to know when does DT ever sleep? He adroitly trolls the FBI on Twitter in the middle of the night; by morning he does an interview with Fox&Friends and sticks it to Chuck, Nancy, Maxine and Pocahontas; by midday DT is imposing another 200 billion tariff on his enemies in China; and then he takes a shot at John McCain or some other piece of excrement in the GOP. It just seems like DT never sleeps. And I think he actually likes to continually fight, fight, fight. He doesn't look a day older. In fact, DT actually looks better now than when he took office.

    Trump is turning out to be the best president in my lifetime and even before I was born. The shit throwing show Trump is winning was/is certainly worth the price of a vote.

  20. gopcongress says:

    If the best political response to Trump, so far, has been a radical socialist from Queens who grew up as the daughter of a rich architect in Westchester County, the same county as Hillary and Bill, then the wave will certainly be red. While the dems have a 12 million voter advantage in registration this time around, what the rest of the story doesn't tell you is that these increases are in blue states in blue districts for the most part, while districts in competetive districts remain virtually the same. But with optics like Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez heading the list of the Democrat Power Team, I suspect Christmas will be a very happy time for the GOP, particularly the conservative / libertarian, or the "Ringer-wing" of the Republican Party.

  21. lee says:

    I think president donald trump. Read robert ringers book looking out for number one. And is living that philosophy.and he skipped the part that says not to forcibly interfere with the rights of others.he is looking out for number one.putin.

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