Twilight in America?

Posted on February 20, 2023 by Robert Ringer


As daily life in America continues to become unhinged, historians are increasingly questioning whether the once shining city upon a hill is on the verge of going the way of all great empires throughout history.  Today, even rank-and-file folks talk openly about the demise of America.  Common sense tells them that a country that allows the politicization of law enforcement, does more to protect people in faraway nations than it does to protect its own citizens, and takes a torch to its own certitudes is a country hellbent on suicide.

In a letter to John Taylor in 1814, John Adams wrote, “Democracy has never been and never can be so durable as Aristocracy or Monarchy.  But while it lasts it is more bloody than either.”  How can a democracy be more bloody than an aristocracy or monarchy?  The short answer is that democracy destroys itself through an excess of democracy.

Robespierre claimed to believe in the principles of democracy, yet his French Revolution was arguably the bloodiest revolution in human history.  Likewise, a democratic government made it possible for Adolf Hitler to come to power.  And even Mao saw himself as a “democratic dictator.”  Let’s face it, in the eyes of tyrants, democracy is whatever they say it is on any given day.

The newest artificial version of democracy is “woke democracy,” which touches every aspect of our lives.  It includes such atrocities as glorification of abortion, legalization of crime, the disarming of law-abiding citizens, preferential treatment for non-citizens, blatantly fraudulent elections, promotion of sexual perversion, and persecution of parents who demand that their children to be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic in school rather than “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

All these are affronts to the wellbeing and intelligence of the proletariat and have resulted in moral and political backlash that threatens the ruling class.  Tucker Carlson has for years warned that such abuses could ultimately lead to revolution, and I agree with his assessment.  But I also believe revolution is precisely what members of the ruling class want, because it would give them an excuse to use the power of the state to clamp down on the people they so fear.  In that regard, January 6 was but a test run to see just how much ruling-class oppression the servant class is willing to accept.

From the Ming Dynasty to the Third Reich, from the Roman Empire to Tsarist Russia, empires have always plundered the working class, and the United States is no exception.  Through centuries of experience, totalitarian plunder has become increasingly sophisticated and is now carried out by an incestuous cabal that includes elected officials, bureaucrats, multinational corporations, academia, and the media, to name just a handful of the most powerful participants.

In addition, athletes and entertainers are always elevated to elite status by the ruling class in exchange for providing bread and circus to the masses to divert attention from their loss of wealth and freedom.  The NFL, for example, serves pretty much the same purpose as the gruesome Colosseum events did in Rome for hundreds of years.

Just a few of the myriad schemes the ruling class now uses to extract wealth from its subjects include endless war, reparations for “oppressed” groups, devaluation of the currency via deficit spending and money creation, open borders to change the makeup of the electorate, cancellation of student debt, and the mother of all wealth-transfer schemes, climate-change legislation whose real purpose is to enrich the well connected.

John Adams was prescient, because he recognized that the Achilles heel of democracy was that once a system for exploiting the common man is in place, the exploiters cannot resist the temptation to continually increase the amount of their exploitation.  Elite organizations like the WTO, IMF, World Bank, WEF, and G8 have been set up for the express purpose of facilitating this end.

While the United States is often compared to ancient Rome, it is even more vulnerable to collapse than Rome was in the fifth century.  The reason for this is that the barbarians who destroyed Rome were Germanic tribes who invaded from without, while the barbarians invading the United States are doing so from within.  The new barbarians have infiltrated almost every aspect of American life and are accelerating the collapse of their own country.

The sixty-four-dollar question is, is America’s current decline just a temporary correction or is a total collapse near at hand?  My normalcy bias wants to believe that wokism is nothing more than a fad, the 21st century version of the hippies’ countercultural movement of the sixties and seventies.  But the one big difference between the two eras is that hippies rejected “the man,” while today’s wokesters embrace him, which has resulted in an all-powerful political alliance.

Thus, when all is said and done, the greatest obstacle to avoiding a total collapse of the American Empire is the lockstep self-discipline of the domestic barbarian crowd.  Though they are clearly mentally unstable, they nevertheless are much more determined to get their way than are Republicans.  That’s a big problem because, like it or not (and I don’t), Republicans are the only realistic option for those who believe America is worth saving.

We shouldn’t be surprise by our current dilemma, given that none other than Winston Churchill told us, in a speech before the U.S. Congress some 80 years ago, that “democracy is the worst form of government — except for all the others that have been tried.”  In other words, democracy is great in theory, but because of the avarice and malevolence of those who are determined to rule the lives of others, it doesn’t work very well in actual practice.

That said, we should never forget that Churchill also advised us, “Never give in.  Never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty — never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

8 responses to “Twilight in America?”

  1. daleops77 says:

    4 years of Trump did so much damage and hastened the inevitable end of US hegemony

    • TX_Citizen says:

      The wheels have been coming off for much longer than the damage of a one term president.

    • hharry12800 says:

      Trump did not cause the damage, but exposed the rot. We can see it even more clearly now. I do hope we can restore some degree of competency going forward. Trump was rolled by too many who appealed to his ego, but many policy improvements were possible. He was/is a terrible judge of character. I do hope we can find better.

  2. JurassicRick says:

    The country seems to be going downward Red Baron style. And it's been going downward in flames faster ever since President Donald Trump left office. Yet, this is not something that has happened overnight. Through a process of "gradualism", this decline has been going on now for decades. The self-compounding problems and dilemmas this country is facing are seemingly getting worse and worse and worse. You are absolutely correct, Robert, in saying that the Republicans are the only ones that we have left, I hate to say, but yet, they are not perfect. If only they would always have the courage and display the conservative convictions needed to stand up and say that this is enough, this must stop now! Until this country wakes up and comes to its senses, I would say that the answer to your article's question, "Twilight in America?" is sadly, "yes".

  3. larajf says:

    It's always darkest before the dawn. I'm sure we suspected it was twilight in 1812 and 1978. There are enough of us that can help pull it back. And I believe the younger generation hasn't gotten black pilled yet. We just need to get rid of the old guard politicians and take back the schools. One good thing about Covid was it got parents more involved again with what their children are learning. There's hope.

    • TX_Citizen says:

      Your optimism may be misplaced. The world was a lot different in 1812 and 1978. Our country's foundation has been subverted by self-serving politicians and a selfish young generation who has no clue what true sacrifice will come if they succeed in their demands.

  4. TX_Citizen says:

    You see what happens when we try to make changes politically. All sorts of vitriol is stirred up. There are way too many career politicians that are infested by corporate interests. The infestation runs so deep, how will it ever be corrected. It will take decades if change ever truly comes. Hopefully, our country will not devolve into civil war. It appears that WWIII is on the horizon. I'm no ardent student of history, although it does feel like the beginnings of WWI and the conflict is happening in the general vicinity of that Great War. If China announces an alliance with Russia and moves on Taiwan, how will the West stop it short of a nuclear exchange? Then end of America is indeed near and all should make plans according to their means.

  5. ringer123 says:

    This is going to be a sad comment but nonetheless it needs to be stated. If you look at the course of history most of the masses of humanity have been willfully ignorant willfully stupid lazy and careless just to name a few. We're a catastrophic event to occur and extinguish the masses would that be so horrific? For as long as we know humanity has been a scourge to this planet. We take and give back nothing. It would seem that at the present time the Dead are better off than the living. Survival becomes a question of what's the point? It is apparent that at every level there is controversy. Our sciences have become deceptions and used for destructive purposes. Our medical Care is a joke and controlled by the major corporations. Our food water and air are all contaminated by those same corporations that thrive on profit and suffering. And once again the masses remain ignorant stupid and uncaring. What is the point of having the masses in this manner? And since we are approaching 8 billion people all with varying levels of stupidity and ignorance the question then remains as to what is the point? Don't get me wrong in this comment I am one of the scourge on this planet. The very fact that I am alive that anyone is alive takes from this environment on a continual basis and puts nothing back. Religions have duped us into false beliefs. It's best we look at where we truly have come from and what image and likeness we are made from. I highly doubt the texts of Genesis in that book are accurate. If indeed we are made in the image and likeness of the god of Genesis that entity is severely flawed and we can do nothing better than reflect what we are made out of. Think about that one and then look around you and see what conditions we are in. There is a duality within us and we do not have to gravitate to the ignorant stupid and violent side. We have the capability of making a true and living environment for all of us that is peaceful and harmless. If you wish to continue living in the LIE then you will perish in this lie and rightfully so.