Fake Caravans and Decision Time for America

Posted on October 26, 2018 by Robert Ringer


People are often surprised when I tell them I believe in open borders … in theory, that is.  That’s right, the libertarian side of me believes that a person has a natural right to live wherever he pleases.

Stop and think about that for a moment.  Why should a bunch of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats be able to keep you from living in the country of your choosing?  Or make you jump through hoops for the honor of legally settling there?

All good theoretical stuff, but, unfortunately, reality has a way of overwhelming theory, and the dominant reality of our age is that a significant number of the earth’s inhabitants believe they have a right to violate your freedom.  I’m not just talking about political thugs and bureaucrats, but their envy-crazed followers as well.  Thus, the reality of illegal immigration is that it has the potential to destroy a civilized country.

That said, if the United States were to declare undocumented residents ineligible for any form of government assistance, that would be a reality that would change everything.  I’m talking about food stamps, unemployment benefits, and healthcare (yes, including emergency room services) — literally, all forms of public assistance — not to mention free education and myriad other government programs.

Some other actions that would change the reality of the illegal-immigrant landscape include:

  • Immediately terminating the United States’ absurd anchor-baby policy and have it adjudicated by the Supreme Court once and for all. Babies of non-citizens born in the United States are in no way, shape, or form covered by the 14th Amendment, which was adopted in 1868 specifically to protect the children of former slaves.
  • Passing legislation to end the visa lottery and chain migration.
  • Meting out steep financial penalties against employers who hire undocumented workers.

With these policies in place, a border wall would become unnecessary.  If all incentives to enter the United States illegally were removed, there would be no reason for anyone to want to come here.

It’s not that these solutions are difficult for politicians to understand.  The problem is that they do not want to understand, because Democrats are after new voters and Republicans are after cheap labor for their big donors.

As to the “caravan” invasion now making its way to the United States, solving this problem is already covered by Title 8, Chapter 12, of the U.S. Code.  That’s right, the president already has unrestricted emergency powers to require all non-citizens arriving at our border to be turned away, regardless of sex or age and regardless of their reasons for wanting to come here.  (Amnesty requests, of course, should be considered only if they are applied for at an American embassy in another country.)

Now, I can just hear sanctimonious liberals screaming that Robert Ringer is cruel and unfeeling.  Sorry, but I’m not intimidated by hysterical rhetoric intended to shame.  I consider myself to be a very compassionate person, certainly far more compassionate than any liberal.

My compassion, however, goes first to American citizens and legal residents who are suffering.  There’s only so much compassion to go around — because there’s only so much wealth to go around — and common sense dictates that charity begin at home.

Allowing tens of millions of uneducated, unskilled foreigners to enter the United States illegally is the cruelest thing that can be done to poverty-stricken Americans, homeless Americans, mentally ill Americans, and especially veterans who fall into one or more of these categories.

Then there’s the Dirty Dem canard of insisting that the illegal-immigrant problem could be solved if the United States would just use its financial resources to boost the economies of third-world countries.  This, of course, is ridiculous.  We’ve given these countries billions of dollars of aid over the years, yet they are poorer than ever.

Let’s get real here:  Most of the money we send to third-world countries ends up benefitting, directly or indirectly, the ruling classes.  Do we really want to further enrich corrupt politicians and their allies for oppressing their own people?

It’s not that complicated:  Corrupt politicians are the main reason why the people of most Central American countries — and, indeed, most countries throughout the world — have been living in poverty and violence for centuries.  Short of invading their countries and forcing our system of government on them — which we already know doesn’t work — the reality is that there is nothing we can do to improve the lives of their citizens.

Worst of all, liberals would have us believe that we have no right to enjoy freedom and prosperity while others are suffering.  This emotion is called envy — the desire to bring others down to one’s own level of misery.

Envy has been around since the beginning of time, but it was Barack Hussein Obama who popularized it and gave it a much higher profile than it had ever before enjoyed in America.  As a devout Marxist from his earliest years, once in office he immediately set about apologizing to other countries for America’s flaws and putting in place policies that were intended to strip America of its economic and military dominance.

I feel sorry for every person living in a country where poverty is rampant, where human rights are nonexistent, and where there is no due process.  Nevertheless, none of this is the fault of the United States — and certainly not the fault of its individual citizens.  True, most of us are lottery winners by birth, but there is no rational reason to feel guilty about it.

Whether the fake caravan(s) now making its/their way to our southern border ends bloody or peacefully, it’s time to implement the common-sense policies I have outlined in this article.  Additionally — and emergency powers of the president aside — what is needed is unambiguous, non-negotiable legislation that makes the United States policy on illegal immigration crystal clear, to wit:

Any undocumented person arriving at any border of the United States, regardless of age, sex, or country of origin, must immediately be refused entry.  No courts involved.  End of discussion.

Either we take such an unyielding stance or, by default, meekly submit to the dissolution of the United States of America.  History teaches us that empires fall apart when their rulers and their citizens become soft, and Americans have become very soft.  Now, thankfully, we are being forced to make a choice, and for that I must thank the organizers of the fake caravans.  What shall it be?

Am I being too subtle?

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

67 responses to “Fake Caravans and Decision Time for America”

  1. Rock Roach says:

    I am not exactly sure if we have real or fake bomb threats as well,but I do know a few Timothy McVeighs slip out every now and then,but i imagine like the baseball game shooting,the radical lefts lead these fiascos on ratios of 20-1 or so.
    It's just so ironic that events like the caravans start happening about 2 weeks before mid term elections.(George Soros ?) Where are these guys getting their funding and food for a month,while they are parading across counties?
    I am grateful for whoever is responsible for financing the caravan because they are doing a great job in helping the GOP voters show up at the polls to extinguish the blue ripple.
    Of course Dems want these illegals to help their voting rolls.In California,the nations cess pool, I believe illegals are actually voting in some local elections.And all these democrats lied previously(starting with ted Kennedy) about trying to control immigration from Clinton to Feinstein to Obama.One of our biggest problems is our uneducated youth(some of which have Harvard law degrees) who don't know how to pay attention to what is really going on.

    • Rick G. says:

      Ted Kennedy was a scum bucket. Did Diane Feinstein really leak concerning the Kavanaugh/Ford hearings? She surely looked unsure, but I think she did leak.

      • Bill says:

        Feinstein likely leaks a little naturally

      • Jean says:

        When you consider that only three people had access to Ford's letter – Ford, her attorney, Feinstein and Feinstein's staffers, then you have to believe that the leak came from Feinstein's office. Ford was pretty adamant (for good reason) that she wanted to stay anonymous. Her attorney – if she was any good at all – would have advocated for the same. The only person who gained was Feinstein, who actually believed this would make her look like the left's conquering hero, standing up to the "evil conservative" Kavanaugh. Had her ploy worked, then she may have enhanced her resumé.

        • David Abercrombie says:

          She didn't want to stay anonymous that was all part of the plan. To provide cover for keeping it under wraps until after the hearings. The entire thing was pre-planned as executed according to script with full knowledge and cooperation of Di-Fi.

    • larajf says:

      I was listening to Lionel Nation about non-bomb bombs and how it wasn't so much a pipe bomb but a pipe that bombed. He cracks me up.
      Anyway, I'm glad that the Deep State whatevers did this. It's unifying the American base.

  2. Jurgy says:

    I agree with all your points Robert, except I cannot endorse turning away sick or starving kids …

    • patg2 says:

      So who will parent these sick and starving kids? Admit their parents, too, or send them all home together? If the kids don't belong to the adults, separate them, because they are probably abuse victims. Then, what do you do with the children? How can you locate their parents and return the children to them? I don't know. But if there is a sick or starving child, there are also parents, somewhere, in nearly all cases. Otherwise, let a willing American adopt them and provide for them.

    • BlankReg says:

      Yeah, we can. We have sick and starving kids in our own country who are not getting the help they need, as they are getting crowded out by the 11M or so illegals who are already here. There are international agencies whose mission it is to help sick and starving kids in other countries. You might consider donating to one or more of them.

    • Rick G. says:

      Well, you know who will have to take care of them, the U.S. taxpayer will have to. That's who. Besides, most of these migrants are adult males, not "sick and starving" kids.

    • larajf says:

      My concern was turning away people at the emergency rooms. However, our ERs are clogged by nonemergency illegals wanting basic health care. They should be turned away.

    • Johan says:

      You are a compassionate person, however you are not very realistic. There is a song that was made around
      1970. 10 years after called, I love to change the world…. If we tax the rich to feed the poor till there are NO Rich anymore!!!
      If you have a life boat and there are 100 people in the water and the boat holds 80, FACT 20 are going to drown. Liberals and Progressive would overload the boat some that everyone would drown!!!!
      How stupid is that?

      • Charles Parker says:

        When the 20 in the water storm the boat everybody drowns. That's the point of stopping "Caravans"

    • Peter Guske says:

      I am genuinely curious…please tell me what you personally have done to verify and assist these "sick and starving kids…" Sick and starving kids exist now, and have in the past, all over the world, in far greater numbers than that purported in these so called caravans. There is more than plenty of opportunity, for those who are of genuine concern, to truly help them. Until you can show that you are doing something about this issue, that has been around for 1000s of years, then your statement sounds oh so similar to the cheap, insincere virtue signaling which is rampant among those who want "everyone else" to "do something".
      Tell me you aren't one of those (?)

    • brerrabbit77 says:

      Well, then I suppose you are willing to spend your own time and money to feed and take care of them?

    • Jean says:

      If one or more people are paying for the caravan, then those starving or sick kids are their responsibility. Let George Soros or Organizing for Obama pay for their hospitalization, care and feeding. They ginned up the mob to move north, and should rightfully be required to deal with the consequences – one way or another.

      • lee says:

        Since trump doesn't pay taxes.he could send the money he saves to Honduras, Guatemala, el Salvador and all the South American countries the united states has exploited for so many years.to create jobs and set up law and order.so they don't have to come here. They don't want to come here.but they have no choice.

    • MinimalMed says:

      So they can flood our country until our kids are starving, too. Bugger off.

  3. patg2 says:

    Good analysis. I have a couple of other thoughts. Employers should not be deputized police. If you cut off welfare benefits, most will go home anyway. Emergency room: life-threatening conditions will be treated, then after stabilization, send the person home. No other emergency room treatment provided. People who were brought in LEGALLY as children get to stay. Other DREAMers get sent home.

    I just hope the voters who would vote Republican see through the caravan and the fake bombs. And I hope nearly all illegal voting is stopped. It probably isn't realistic to think it all will be.

  4. Rick G. says:

    This caravan of migrants must be stopped AND turned back once they finally reach the U.S. border. We already have enough people pouring in yearly, legally and illegally. They come here knowing little or nothing about who we are, our government, our history, our language, and our customs and way of life. Also, we really don't who all these people really are. The door is swung wide open in inviting potential criminals and terrorists. And most of them will end up on food stamps, government housing, etc., all funded by none other than the good old U.S. taxpayer. We don't need any more! We already have reached flood levels in most parts of the country. Any group of foreigners who approach the U.S. border carrying their own nation's flag amounts to an invasion, pure and simple. The Dirty Dems so far have stayed out of this mess, but secretly they support the migrants, because in part, they are potential new Democratic voters who will increase their voting strength across the country. Just imagine what would happen had Horrible Hillary been elected. The immigration doors would be opened and they would flood in.

  5. kauai_mike says:

    This country (and any other promoting self-reliance & individualism) is already toast. The Deep State won with the world convinced what is ours, is theirs. The more you 'have' the greater target you've become. Staying off radar is the best defense.

  6. Stephan F says:

    Robert’s piece would make a perfect addendum to anyone’s libertarian manifesto. He simply & accurately addresses an important issue that’s been neglected & overlooked for way too long. And for good reason. For most people the issue is just too hot to handle, and for libertarians collectively, a tough nut to crack.

    Just like denying public welfare to poor people, denying public aid to poor immigrants (legal or illegal) will bring down the progressive wrath of god on to the unsuspecting honest debater, followed by the typical labels from lowlife liberals of being a greedy, uncaring soulless person.

    And to those liberals/progressives I say “tough s**t” – nobody invited you into this debate.

    • Stephan F says:

      BTW, would someone mind sending a copy of today’s piece to the good Judge over at Fox news. It seems he’s suffering from temporary insanity. It was bad enough hearing him eulogize Insane McCain a few weeks back, now he’s whining about those poor illegal invaders who’ll be persecuted for merely coming here for their highly coveted govt freebies. Here’s his most recent piece of liberal-like claptrap.


      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        When I interviewed the Judge some years ago, he effusively told me that I was his mentor, through my books, when he was in law school. Listening to his absurd, liberal-slanted comments over the years, however, I'm wondering if he didn't have me mixed up with the odious Wayne Dyer.

        • lee says:

          The judge said natural law teaches that human rights come from our humanity not from the government.and they adhere in everyone not just americans.i remember you saying that in one of your books.iam sure he was talking about you. Not wayne dyer.

    • lee says:

      Hopefully you won't be an immigrant in your next life.

  7. David Dave B says:

    If the liberals and democrats want to help the poor of the world, then why don't they spend the billions they raised to influence the US Elections on helping these poor people in their own countries… as Robert pointed out the US has sent countless billions to these countries over the years and very little has been done to help the poor in those countries. Maybe the liberal dems could show us how it can be done…

    • Jean says:

      I agree. I've often wondered why labor unions – who bemoaned all of those evil corporations sending jobs south of the border after the passage of yet another leftist bit of regulation – didn't have their recruiters move their butts south as well. Let them "teach" the exploited workers of the world how to strike, to sabotage assembly lines and do other leftist tricks in order to raise their wages equal to those of US workers, all the while paying union dues to their "helpers." Every leftist will tell you that without labor unions, the American worker would be a slave. Test that thesis in those countries that are behind the times, and see how well that works for you.

      • lee says:

        The reason corporations send jobs South of the border is because there are trump minded individuals there that control businesses that tell the corporations just give me my cut and you don't have to worry about regulations and unions.

    • lee says:

      Since trump doesn't pay taxes.he could send the money he saves. To those poor countries so those poor people don't have to come here.

  8. larajf says:

    I think even if we removed all incentives, people would still show up. They could be the negative element (gang members, people who mean harm) and we need some way of filtering them out and preventing them to come in. People would show up and squat on land…we've already seen how well they treat the area where they cross…it's covered in litter. I don't think that would stop. Children would still be trafficked for sex and slavery. So, can't agree with you completely.

    • Scott theczech says:

      You are correct when you say that regardless of border enforcement efforts, folks will still come to this country which is a very fertile place for enterprise and industry. Those with a genuine will to advance in life will always seek opportunities for personal growth. However, we musn’t confuse immigration law with routine, domestic law enforcement. When the ne’er do wells and skalawags enter, then our laws when broken by these ______ must be very punitive indeed. I’m in favor of rescinding the Rico statutes and re-introducing terrritorial capital punishment statutes, which in short, say: quick trial, if convicted – two clear Sundays, no appeal…hanging.

  9. TheLookOut says:

    Another great article Robert.
    Follow the money, this fake caravan with its useful idiots is being funded
    by Soros/leftist organizations. The fake caravan, and the fake bombs
    are products of the left, and they arrived right on time just like they were
    scripted in Hollywood -say it isn't so Nancy.

  10. Donal says:

    Government overthrows historically are manned overwhelmingly by young males: who do we have in the U.S. to the tune of 10-20 million? Latin America gets rid of the political threat to the plutocrats, lessens the mestizos friction, and reaps the send-back dinero. Perfecto! The political left advocates policies here that generate the decimation of these foreign cultures and then decry our lack of humane response. That is ethical, economic and moral nonsense of the highest order. When is the last time a liberal commentator was outraged at the murder rate, the rape culture, the cartel/politician crapola in Mexico and Southward?

  11. Bruce says:

    If Honduras is soo bad with crime and gangs, then the 9 million people living there are in peril and must leave. The 5k caravan is less than 1% of the total population living in Honduras. Why are all the others staying put in their homeland and trying to make their country a better place to live ? Those people with no hope are easily swayed and convinced that the "grass is greener on the other side of the fence". Perhaps it is but they are being duped by others with sinister motives against our country.

    • lee says:

      Not all the people can leave.all this people want is a job.the only ones that are being duped. Are the people that listen to trump and his operatives.saying these people are coming to destroy this country. Even the military knows that sending troops to the border before the elections is a costly political scheme. Going by recent history.they have calculated that by the time they reach the border there will only be 1400. Sending 15000 troops to stop 1400.

  12. Avtar Avtar Disange says:

    It is a tough call, on this one, they need food, housing, education, and a lot of help, and i do not think the USA wants to provide it at all. These people have nothing, and many ways are escaping poverty, at an extreme level. It is not there fault, if you were in hell, and wanted to get out, you would take any route you can. It call costs money and time which many people lack, and a lot of patience. You do not have to be a Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, or Helen Keller, to help people, we have to start somewhere.

    We have open borders in the European Union, and it is a fundamental right, and non negotiable, any immigrant, must be assisted, in the first country it enters, usually Italy, and make there application for Asylum, in that country. It has caused problems, for sure, especially when you get muslim fanatics, who use bombs. That is rare, Germany took in one million, Sweden took in a lot, and the UK, we took about 5000, the USA is a big country, it has the space. These people were stuck on boats, in the ocean off Africa, a lot died, so what can you do.

    Nobody wants their Country invaded, by different cultures, however look at it carefully, are we really that much better, than a motivated foreigner, who fought his way to get someone better, or as they mention a better life. The problem is everyone seems to hang around people who are they like them, so anyone different is looked down upon, so having a mix is some times better, for variety.

    These people are guests in their new country, as one French Commentator, said, " To greet, people, from Syria, and refugees, like that, you must be in a good place, and confident. " About all the placards, and joyous crowd greetings, given to the refugees, who walked to Germany. We the UK only took in 5000 people, pitiful.

    I like Robert Ringers work, Looking out for no 1 and Million Dollar Habits, and the others, a fantastic speaker, and i enjoy and understand what he mentions. Your very lucky to have him in the U.S. I really liked the Nightingale Conant programme audio, Living without Limits, brilliant, a six audio, also issued as a single audio as well. They should have a programme the Complete Robert Ringer, all his works, that would be nice. Please Robert can you write another book, i would buy it gladly.

  13. RealitySeeker says:

    I agree 100% with this superbly written article.

    "The problem is that they do not want to understand, because Democrats are after new voters and Republicans are after cheap labor for their big donors".

    Exactly! Furthermore, Walmart and every other box store wants all the welfare money they can get. So the more illegals who shop there the better they like it.

    Harvard just released a study that estimated the number of illegals in America is likely over 20 million. I say it's probably triple that. 60 million new customers is a dream come true for Walmart and dozens of other large franchises, and they don't care where their customers come from. And that's why President Trump is getting so much push back from both parties. Hundreds of billions in sales are at stake. And these big companies don't give a sh*t about how the quality of life and the very culture of America is being totally smoked to ashes by hoards of ignorant foreigners who fouled their own nests with uber Marxism; and now the same Marxism is being imported into America one foreigner at a time.

  14. Christopher Christopher W. says:

    Robert, your common sense recommendation, “Any undocumented person arriving at any border of the US…must immediately be refused entry…” is brilliant. Who can argue with such reasonableness? Your writing is crisp, clear and undeniable. As Milton Friedman pointed out decades ago, open borders can’t be sustained when social welfare programs begin. Anyone who believes otherwise advocates for chaos, and the eventual collapse of the United States. I believe political candidates who focus their campaign messages against mobs and invading caravans will win.

    • lee says:

      Political candidates, that receive the most donations from corporations and other special interest groups.will have a better chance to win.

  15. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Excellent explanation of the situation, and the argument to SAY NO. GO AWAY! And, do not come back some other day!

  16. Jay says:

    "…most of us are lottery winners by birth…"

    "These are the years between,
    These are the years that were hard fought and won" – Midnight Oil: Forgotten Years

  17. MiloMinderbender says:

    If the caravan gets through Trump is finished.

  18. theantignostic says:

    "a person has a natural right to live wherever he pleases."

    There is no such right.

    • lee says:

      A person lives on the place he happened to be born on.another person can come along and take the place he was born on.remember manifest destiny and native americans

  19. Robby Bonfire says:

    Probably missing one or more, here, but I have the Radical Left down for at least six “October Surprise” desperation tactics, as we head into the mid-term elections, as follows…

    1. The fake, Soros-funded Gypsy Caravan Robert is alluding to, above.

    2. The Fed’s recent raising of the prime interest rate, or whatever they call it now, designed to slow the business cycle.

    3. The Mueller Report re Russian “collusion” with DT to manipulate the 2016 presidential election outcome, coming due just before Election Day.

    4. The mail bomb to many Leftist big shots hoax, made to look like a Republican conspiracy.

    5, The Kavanaugh – “Dr. Ford” Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas redux garbage they hit the fan with.

    6. A falling stock market, with a couple daily sucker rallies to make it look lesser obvious. Remember how, the summer of 2008 they got Wall Street to pull the plug on the stock market with a Republican in the White House, preparatory to the presidential election of that fall, which locked down their victory.

    When will we learn that these odious people keep going back to the same old well of deceit and duplicity, time and again. Nancy Pelosi’s demented vision of America this country can not afford to validate, yet again.

  20. henrybowman says:

    "I believe in open borders … in theory… but, unfortunately, reality has a way of overwhelming theory, and the dominant reality of our age is that a significant number of the earth’s inhabitants believe they have a right to violate your freedom. That said, if the United States were to declare undocumented residents ineligible for any form of government assistance, that would be a reality that would change everything."

    That's the most concise summary of my own viewpoint I have so far encountered. In theory, the optimal solution is to end government handouts and relax the border, and if possible, I would back this in a heartbeat. In practice, prohibiting open immigration, as difficult as it is, is still an easier solution to our current state of decayed freedom than repealing socialist government programs.

  21. FedUp says:

    The 3 bullet points: 1. Ending absurd anchor baby policy, 2. Ending visa lottery and chain migration 3. Penalties for hiring undocumented workers…smack of pure common sense. Of course, Congress doesn’t operate based on common sense. It operates to appease special interest benefactors. Follow the money…it’s hard to do. The highlighted paragraph, with sentence: NO COURTS
    INVOLVED. … Reminds me of references in one of Ringer’s classic books re: Lawyers and Law Schools. RR can correct me if I’m wrong…but, I think it basically said layers aren’t taught to solve problems…they are taught how to identify problems and perpetuate them as long as possible ( usually as long as the $$$ is still flowing in legal fees). NO COURTS. Indeed ! What a wonderful concept.
    There are hundreds of Federal Imigration Judges… thousands of Federal immigration lawyers (paid for by taxpayers) and endless court dates stretching to infinity. Do you think the “system” comprised of defense lawyers, prosecution lawyers, judges, politicians (also 90 % lawyers) want to do away with this endless job security ? There seems to be no “problem” or, silly issue that isn’t worthy of litigation untill the funding runs out. Most issues would resolve themselves if common sense was employed. Oh, I almost forgot: common sense is now either “illegal” or severely frowned upon as politically incorrect.
    Since I’m on a rant: what about Muller’s endless “investigation” with 18 Trump hating lawyers scoping every anal fissure of everyone Trump has ever spoken to ? Follow the money. This whole charade has cost multi Millions of “legal fees”.

  22. GrayCat says:

    Saw Robert's very good article on Lew Rockwell's newsletter.

    I would only quibble with two important issues: Robert leaves out the idea of private property, and that no one has a right to violate private property (essentially, that's what national borders are: a "fence" around a particular people's land, property).

    Under private property, there are no "borders" as we understand them now, to negotiate. All property along the national borders would necessarily be privately owned, with responsibility for maintaining them that of the private owners. They must be able to maintain them in any way they deem necessary (I'm thinking the type of fencing that Hungary has so successfully deployed. What is wrong with that, anyway? It works. A violator is making a personal decision if he tries to violate it and gets injured or dead. No one else's fault or responsibility; the violator was a deliberate criminal. That's that).

    And the idea that businesses can't hire whomever they want, for whatever reason, that the government must monitor and punish any who hire "illegal immigrants," is also anti-libertarian, anti-NAP, anti-Private Property.

    Under a libertarian model of Private Property rights, any businessperson/company who wanted to hire "cheap" labor MUST personally invite, transport, house, provide food, medical, education in the language and culture of the employer of the worker (and their family, if there is one, and making it necessary to submit to this education in order to remain with the working family member), necessary clothing and equipment, every single person they want to work for them. THE BUSINESSPERSON/COMPANY must personally take responsibility for the foreign people they want to hire.

    If that employee wants to become part of the community as a result, then the employer must take responsibility for instruction and completion of the hire's legitimate residence status ("citizenship," if you will; legitimate membership in the community), becoming a valued and productive member of the community — assimilating — and for their successful settling in for the first five years at least. Make hiring "cheap labor" so serious that few will do it. Put the onus on the businessperson/company, not the surrounding community or "government," and this issue dries up and blows away.

    And if that new hire or resident commits any crime, the community has the right and responsibility to demand reparations and to deport that offending person.

    Personal responsibility for your thinking and actions solves a lot of otherwise intractable problems. Those entrepreneurs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who built "company towns" had the right idea. They just didn't implement or manage them well. The errors can be learned from, and measures taken to alleviate most of them, if not all. And, there's nothing "non-compassionate" about doing this. It's very compassionate, as well as meeting the needs of various businesses. And removes the threat of destroying the host culture. It's a win-win, if done right.

    Problem is our thoroughly Marxist culture, where everything is collectivist, everyone, whether they would peacefully choose to or not, is forced to support all collectivist practices and programs. That's the real intractable problem we're facing today.

    Get the government out of everything except actually protecting and defending individual rights and national borders. Problem solved. How to get more people to see that, until there is a critical mass that can actually change the status quo to what is really necessary?

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  24. WesleyZebediah says:

    Ford became pretty adamant for true purpose that she desired to stay anonymous. Her legal professional if she turned into any right at all might have endorsed for Best Dissertation Services the equal. She failed to need to live anonymous that become all part of the plan. To provide cover for retaining it beneath wraps till after the hearings.

  25. Moose & Squirrel says:

    Most forget, that "securing the border" to our degenerate and corrupt politicians, does not mean keeping illegal immigrants out, it mean keeping productive taxpayers and their wealth ………."in" ….. i.e. from escaping.

    There really is no escape for personal wealth as long as it is denominated in fiat currency.

  26. Carla Houston says:

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