Tucker Tells the Trump Truth

Posted on December 13, 2018 by Robert Ringer


In an interview with a German newspaper, Tucker Carlson undoubtedly caused a lot of Trump supporters to flinch when he spoke frankly about what he sees as the president’s shortcomings.  Right out of the starting gate, he stated that he intensely dislikes Trump’s self-aggrandizement and boasting.

Tucker is not alone on this one.  Those of us who support Trump’s proposed agenda (repeat, proposed) feel pretty much the same way.  It’s very sad that President Trump has such an insatiable need to bluster about his achievements — even when the facts don’t back up his words — because it’s probably cost him a record approval rating.

One of the most basic rules of good human relations is to be aware that people hate arrogance and love humility.  Puffery is a self-destructive trait, and one that is totally unnecessary for someone of Donald Trump’s stature.

Tucker went on to say that he doesn’t believe Trump is “capable of sustained focus” and that “I don’t think he understands the system.”  Perhaps, but if he understood the swamp system too well, he probably would not be as good as he is at thinking outside the box.

When asked whether President Trump has kept his promises, Tucker answered unequivocally, “No.”  Which probably is not totally fair, because Trump has, in fact, kept many of his promises.  But Tucker is right when he points to the three biggest promises of his campaign as being unfulfilled:

  1. Build the wall.
  2. Defund Planned Parenthood.
  3. Repeal Obamacare.

I would cut Trump some slack on the failure to repeal Obamacare, because he did put a lot of effort into it.  Unfortunately, the childishly vindictive John McCain was still around then, and he took sadistic pleasure in killing the repeal bill.  With liberals Murkowski and Collins always standing guard to protect just about any Democratic legislation, Trump missed getting the job done by one vote.

Defunding Planned Parenthood, unfortunately, turned out to be a low priority on Trump’s list, so it never got any real attention.  Too bad, because he could have been a hero to tens of millions of voting Americans who do not appreciate being forced to subsidize a company that exterminates babies.

But the wall, of course, is Trump’s signature promise, and what’s so frustrating about it is that it could have been built by now had he been willing to stick his political neck out.  I like tough talk, but only when it’s backed up by action.  Trump is a tough talker, and he often does take action, but there have been far too many times where he has not backed up his words with action.

As I said in my September 26 article, when it comes to dealing with the Dirty Dems, negotiation is capitulation.  The admirable thing about the Democrats is that when they have the power, they don’t negotiate.  In fact, they are so committed to their causes that they usually don’t negotiate even when they don’t have the power to call the shots.

Republicans are just the opposite.  They are the fair-minded party of Rubio, Romney, Flake, Corker, Sasse, Gowdy … ad nauseum … always anxious to have a friendly chat with Democrats on any issue.  Please understand that they don’t do it because they’re bad people.  They do it because they’re naive.

Boy Scout Republicans live in a dream world wherein they seriously believe that their fair-mindedness will be rewarded with reasonableness from their Democratic “colleagues.”  Of course, it never happens — and it never will.  Nevertheless, they continue to persist in such naïve, time-wasting behavior.

The main focus of my article “Negotiation Is Capitulation” was on how the Dirty Dems rewarded the Republicans’ willingness to negotiate and debate in the Kavanaugh hearings with never-ending, vile attacks on Brett Kavanaugh.  It only ended when Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell finally showed some backbone and said “Enough!” — then finally forced a vote.  And, of course, the Dirty Dems continued to scream bloody murder that a mere six FBI investigations were not enough.

This is why in my article “Combatting the Swamp Injustice System” I made it clear that Trump “should give the Dirty Dems the middle finger and immediately nominate Matthew Whitaker as the permanent attorney general.  No debate; just do it.”  Sadly, it didn’t happen.  Instead, Trump ran away from Whitaker and chose William Barr for the AG post.

My fingers are crossed on Barr, but the fact that he was George H.W. Bush’s attorney general makes me uneasy, to say the least.  Whitaker seemed like a better bet to get to the bottom of the Russia-collusion hoax and pursue Dirty Dem criminals ranging from Horrible Hillary to Barack Obama to the upper echelons of the DOJ and FBI.  We shall soon see if he is serious about pursuing equal justice under the law.

Having said all this, while I admit I have long believed Trump would easily win reelection in 2020, I am now starting to wonder about that.  If he does not build the wall — not a $5 billion portion of the wall, but the whole wall — there’s a good chance the Dirty Dems will take the White House in 2020 and, for all practical purposes, the final fundamental transformation of America will be assured.

The truth be known, Democrats did not stop Trump; he stopped himself.  He could have brought the Dirty Dems to their knees by shutting down the government a long time ago.  He also could have taken money for the wall from the military budget.  Or come up with an endless number of other creative ways to get the wall built.  (Including forcing Mexico to pay for it by simply threatening to cut off all trade with them.)

Let’s be clear:  Trump is a far more effective president than any of the other Republican candidates would have been, but Tucker is right when he says that he doesn’t seem to be capable of sustained focus.  He needs to zero in on an issue and see it through to completion.  From this point on, it has to be an intense focus on the endgame of every important agenda item and a relentless determination to move in for the kill as quickly as possible.

With all the phony legal issues dogging him (none of which are likely to bear any fruit), Donald Trump, as great a dealmaker as he may be, needs to be even greater.  By being candid about his shortcomings, Tucker proved to be a better friend to him than Hannity.  Instead of cheerleading, he’s trying to help him.  Hopefully, Trump will take Tucker’s  words in the spirit in which they were intended.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

83 responses to “Tucker Tells the Trump Truth”

  1. Barb Barbara Johnson says:

    Thank you for this good article. One sentence though I wonder about. You wrote “people hate arrogance and love humility”. The most arrogant example I propose is Obama. He has never shown any humility and people still adore him. Just wondering.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      True, but half of America hates him. The brain-dead left simply ignores his obnoxiousness.

    • Jean says:

      I don't know that people actually adore Obama. Too many are terrified to be out of the leftist fold, so chose not to say anything bad. Many leftists have a form of Stockholm Syndrome, and they begin to praise and heap adulation on the people who have contributed in creating the problems they look to government to fix.

    • Robby Bonfire says:

      It’s called beating the Sordid Left at its own game.

      • lee says:

        Like ringer says.one of the most basic rules of good human relations is to be aware that people hate arrogance and love humility.puffery is a self destructive trait.

  2. Bill Thomas says:

    Yes, another great article and I agree that unless Trump gets the wall up by 2020, it is unlikely that he will win reelection in 2020.. Regardless of whether he wins in 2020, the demographics alone indicate that the transformation of the country will be a done deal within another election cycle or two.

  3. kauai_mike says:

    I don't think anyone foresaw how vast & murky the swamp really was. How even a man of Trump's stature could get mired in it's muck. Big picture, nothing is changing.

  4. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    Good summation of the situation.

  5. norm shearey says:

    "… they don’t do it because they’re bad people. They do it because they’re naive."_Come on Robert. Naïve? A politician is naïve! These are snakes: counterfeit conservatives. Gowdy is the champ. He is all flap no throttle as the pilots say. How about questioning Comey WITHOUT putting him under oath! Was that naïve? I am not a legal professional, just a taw-payer but his ass should have been placed under oath. Disgusting.

  6. smucko says:

    OK, so we have tried the Benevolent Dictator to straighten out our mess while we return to our ballgames. Trump did buy us some time, but now we find ourselves at half-time with an incapable President. Now what?
    The Tea Party sold out, and we are too naive and lazy to fight for the company that we inherited. How do we galvanize the troops? What happens after Trump is gone?
    I think that the answer that us average Americans have at our disposal is removing the RINOs from public office, and that means finding strong constitutionalists to run for Congress.
    RJR tried to start a re-education drive with his Restoring the American Dream years ago, but it didn't seem to get traction. We need that goal now more than ever, and I think that a new group http://www.actforamerica.org may just be the ticket. They are lead by author Brigitte Gabriel, and her book RISE, is getting a lot of support by the likes of Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and Dinesh D'Souza. We need a re-awakening and a working strategy to repel the threat before us, and this group may be a start. Check them out.

    • lee says:

      The American dream is a myth.that has always been used by con artists.to distract the people from their criminal activities.

  7. Scott theczech says:

    Sometimes you've got toot your own horn, especially when all others are silent!

  8. Rick G. says:

    This article are my words exactly. Republicans, in my opinion, are complete boring wastes of time…..aka worthless to put it less euphemistically……they will get on issues and talk endlessly until they are blue in the face and our ears are ringing, then, when they take power, they do a complete turnabout. What are they good for? Nothing! As I have commented in previous articles, it is looking more and more like I will bolt the GOP and join the principled Constitution Party. And no wonder why!

    President Trump is walking an ever fine line between re-election and defeat in 2020. Again, as I have said repeatedly before, it will depend primarily on the economy which is on shaky ground right now and/or who runs against him then.

    I sincerely believe President Trump tends to distort and blow issues out of proportion in order to make things seem better than they really are. I have noticed this over and over from time to time. Case in point: the food stamp issue. He says millions have been moved off food stamps and only the truly needy, or rather "needy" are now getting them. Oh really? Well, not quite! I see more and more getting them, and more and more seem less "needy". I don't know if it is a tendency to bullshit a lot, or he just feeds off his own "caca del toro". In any event, I am getting to believe less and less the truth in what he says.

    • Anthony J Lauria says:

      Good reply but I'd say that getting reelected will depend on what happens when the Dems seek to impeach (and you KNOW they will) and Trump's response, namely declassifying those docs. When that hsit hits the fan, we'll all as a nation learn a helluva lot!

    • Bill Thomas says:

      Trump does indeed "toot his own horn" and is no doubt prone to braggadocio but even his obvious personality traits that rub people the wrong way, he is the first Republican to stand up to the Dirty Dems and that in itself is a plus. Concerning the economy, the problem is that the Federal Reserve the monster that they are, can for all intents and purposes dictate where the economy will be in 2020 and I foresee them crashing the stock market around that time to insure a Democratic victory.

    • Rick G. says:

      Hey, I like chocolate cake, particularly the big cakes with white swirl icing you can buy whole at KFC. You should try it. It is awesome!

    • lee says:

      Congratulations! Its about time.caca del toro is trumps main dish.

  9. Mr Ecks says:

    You are a bunch of ingrates. He has done more than anyone else to fulfil his promises in the face of every rat's arse on both sides trying to stop him. Obamacare repeal was blocked by his own supposed side –and so on. If he hasn't achieved perfection in a couple of years you want him gone and replaced by what? The po-faced sell outs that make up the GOP? If Carlson is so clever –let's see him get to be President. Or YOU for that matter Robert Ringer. Trump blows his own trumpet. Oh Dear–how uncouth. Lets see any of you doing better before you come laying down the law.

    • lee says:

      If carlson or robert ringer.can make a deal with putin.then they too can be President.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I have clearly and repeatedly stated that Trump has done a far better job than any of the other Republican aspirants could have done. I would just like to see him take things all the way to the end zone. I'm rooting for him, because I'm rooting for freedom.

      • Rick G. says:

        I do agree overall with that. These other Republicans end up being bench warmers. They will babble endlessly about getting things done, but when the rubber meets the road, constructive action is just not there.

        President Trump has been short stopped many times by these liberal federal judges that prevent him from taking it to the end zone. I've never seen this ever happen before. I think he is finding it hard to stay focused, because there is so much out these that is demanding his attention, plus having to deal all the.political bullies on the left and the media who will not leave him alone.

        • Rick G. says:

          And now if all that isn't enough, the Dirty Dems are gaggling about impeachment. Impeachment? For what? Why? They really can't give you a rational, objective, legally justifiable reason. Because their Horrible Hillary lost her "rightful" victory in '16? Their aim is to create as much havoc, distraction, and disruption as possible to derail Trump's presidency, so nothing will ever get done.

          • lee says:

            Impeachment? What for? Why? Because trump paid two women to keep quiet about their extramarital affairs they had with him while he was campaigning for President. So they would not influence the election.that's a felony.because trump got help from putin to get elected.in return he would lift the sanctions against Russia the the usa had impose on Russia.trump received 108 million dollars.in donations from Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.in return for favors he would do for them while he was President.he received the donations during his inauguration

        • lee says:

          If only he could concentrate to take it to the end zone legally.instead of looking for illegal ways to enrich himself.

      • lee says:

        Robert ringer.you say you are rooting for freedom.define freedom.what does freedom mean to you?

      • lee says:

        Robert ringer.you still have not defined freedom.

      • lee says:

        Robert ringer.you say you are rooting for trump.because you are rooting for freedom.what does freedom mean to you? Define freedom.

  10. CaliConservative says:

    I agree Trump is alone in his fight to MAGA. If I were in his shoes I would be worried more about what his party members are plotting rather than Pelosi/Schumer are cooking up. We all know McConnell and company would love to get rid of Trump…I expect some of these "patriots" to vote for impeachment of Trump, using some excuse like " it is for the good for the country". That said, the tweets coming from POTUS serve no real value. However, the POTUS may see these as necessary not because of a desire to communicate with the US public as is claimed but because there is a high level of personal insecurity ….I think it is often better to ignore the crap coming from Lemon, Cuomo, O'Donnell, etc……don't give them credibility by even acknowledging them when they say something

  11. Wayner says:

    If one views Trump as a skilled business man and a Chess player then you may come to the understanding that almost everyone acts and talks about him as a politician. New eyes are needed. Plus, I think Tucker was just trolling.

  12. Scott Theczech says:

    President Trump and team are up against a leviathan, a hydra of power, corruption and deceit. This President is playing hardball and it’s for keeps. If anyone thinks that this country of ours is not at a historical crossroads, well then, they’re just not paying attention. This is a power struggle of epic proportions! Meanwhile the Chinese, Russians and others are the “picadores” in this bull fight – somebody’s gonna get hurt. Don’t fall for the false narrative of Republican vs Democrat; this is deep state vs the American people. History is repleat with such examples as this battle – this is nothing new…there is nothing new under the sun as Solomon once wrote. This isn’t about keeping the republic; we lost the republic a long time ago. This is about restoring the republic!

    • Scott theczech says:

      If you're keeping score at home of the Trump presidency so far, I would suggest the following:
      GDP. +1
      Debt & Deficit. -2
      Education. 0
      HHS. 0
      Energy. +1
      International Affairs/Relations. +1
      Homeland Security. +2
      Federal Court +1
      Transportation. 0
      Interior. +1
      Net score: +5

      Not bad…any thoughts?

      • lee says:

        Trump said he was going to balance the deficit.he has increased it by two and a half trillion dollars.now he says he does not care.he is not going to be around when it blows up

        • Rick G. says:

          They all say that when they are on the outside looking in. Then, once they are in, the spending orgy begins.

    • lee says:

      By putin placing trump in the white house.the republic is lost forever.

  13. Rocketman says:

    Considering the opposition that Trump got even from before day one, I think that Trump has held up well. The democrat's plan appears to be throw so much at him at once and then keep piling it on would have crushed another politician not of his temperament. The election of 2020 is coming up in less than two years now and they are going to double down now and try to break him, you will see the most fraudulent election this side of a third world dictatorship and if Trump "loses" you can expect the likes of Kamala Harris running the country right down to hell. Keep your passports handy folks, you might suddenly feel the need to leave Amerika for a few years.

  14. R. Thorn says:

    It seems like things are about to break in the right direction for Trump. All the dems really have is a bunch of BS to work with.

    • lee says:

      Things are sbout to break in the wrong way for trump.the democrats have a bunch of illegal caca del toro from trump to work with.

  15. Jurgy says:

    Trump – ignore the circus, focus on the policy and the results …

  16. RealitySeeker says:

    Whether or not Trump gets a second term all depends on the economy. Period.

    And, frankly, the economic numbers all point to a global slowdown. Of course DT will blame the Dirty Dems for anything that derails "making America great, again" or "winning, winning, winning", but it won't be enough to blame the Dirty Dems for failure to turn around the American economy and keep America out of a global recession.

    • lee says:

      Donald trump will blame the democrats for anything.even make things up to blame them for.as long as they keep pointing out his criminal activities.

  17. Ivan says:

    As far as creative ideas to get the wall up, I've heard there are more than enough dedicated America contractors willing to donate x amount of time to do it for Free and plenty others willing to donate materials, time and money. Just say When President Trump.

  18. Jack says:

    What Tucker said was so unfair. His accomplishments are mind-boggling compared to past presidents who never keep any promises or very few. He is up against unprecedented corruption and opposition. If he wasn't as boisterous as he is, he would never have been elected and would be a pansy like both Bushes, McCain, Romney, Dole, etc. Finally, someone who fights back against left wing Marxist propaganda. These people are evil and are anti-constitutional. Why would anyone want to be like Europe…a failing state. Republicans need to fight back in kind, but they don't. The media just overwhelms most people as does the deep state. What is so unbelievable is that the Dimwits can actually elect politicians who are so unqualified and anti-American, but win on character assassination. The leadership capabilities needed for the Presidency are ignored by most people. Liberals are willing to elect anyone with no credentials, experience or character. Unbelievable!

    • Jack says:

      You dims are selling out the country for your utopia.

    • Rick G. says:

      Totally agree, Jack. And the prize for the biggest Dimwit of all goes to none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This goofus says that the unemployment rate is low because people are working two jobs. This dizzy nutcase whackjob is even dumber than Mad Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi-the Wicked Witch of the West Coast, Horrible Hillary, and Pocahontas combined.

    • lee says:

      Trump supporters are willing to elect a guy that will put up the usa presidency for sale.

  19. larajf says:

    I think he's still thinking three moves ahead and he's going to trap them. People are working and paying less in taxes. That's what they'll care about when we vote next year. Plus, who will they have run against him? Beto?

    • Rick G. says:

      Good point. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • lee says:

        That's what you should be protesting about.all this crying and nagging about how horrible the democrats are and the republicans are.you should scream to ringer and anyone else that will hear you.if trump doesn't pay taxes i should not have to pay either!

    • lee says:

      Trump does not pay taxes.instead of crying and nagging about how horrible the democrats and the republicans are.trump supporters should be protesting.that if trump does not pay taxes.they should not have to pay taxes either.

  20. TheLookOut says:

    If I was Trump I would not want nor seek another term. The treachery of the
    Left, and the Rinos is nothing short of treason, plus 50% of the voters think
    they want socialism. No one could succeed with 24/7 non-stop badgering
    from a corrupt/biased media. No President in modern history has been
    derided more – for less than Donald J.Trump.

  21. NZ Steve says:

    An excellent, relevant article by Canadian author and publisher, Conrad Black: https://www.newsmax.com/conradblack/dna-humphrey-

  22. Eric Scott says:

    Would you call a 30 foot tall reinforced steel bollard fence a wall? I would. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 required DHS to build 700 miles of it along the southern border and to gain operational control of that border. Republicans and Democrats voted for it. There’s over 300 miles installed. DHS submitted a 2019 budget request for 1.6 billion to construct 65 miles of it in the Rio Grand Valley Sector, a high priority Sector for DHS. The House Appropriations Committee voted to give them 5 billion dollars, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to give DHS the 1.6 billion they asked for. Trump thinks he needs 5 billion. He doesn’t. DHS didn’t ask for that. Chuck stood on the Senate Floor last week and offered to give DHS the 1.6 billion for “fencing”, but no “Trump Wall”. The “fencing” is not chicken wire, it’s the reinforced steel bollard fencing mentioned above. It’s all political theater. Trump promised a wall when the Secure Fence Act of 2006 already required DHS to build one. this is why Trump keeps saying construction has already started. Someone told him we already started a wall. There’s so much more I could write to explain the game being played, but have taken up too much space already.

  23. Eric Scott says:

    Democrats will appropriate money for a barrier, just as they did in 2006 and multiple budget cycles thereafter. The problem is Trump ran on building a “wall”, and now those same Democrats won’t appropriate money for a “wall”, because that gives Trump a perceived victory. Call that same barrier a “fence”, and Democrats will vote for it. They can then say Trump never got his “wall”. Chuck’s offer is in the Congressional Record. I’ll give 1.6 billion for a “fence”, but no “wall”. He knows it’s the same thing but the public doesn’t know.

  24. Eric Scott says:

    The Secure Fence Act of 2006 didn’t require DHS to build a barrier along the entire 1900 mile length of the border. DHS doesn’t want to do that either, as it isn’t necessary. Illegals don’t like entering the country in rural areas, because they are easily spotted. Illegals prefer to enter near population centers, because that allows them to quickly blend in. DHS knows where these areas are and has prioritized them. As I wrote, the Rio Grand Valley Sector is the highest priority. San Diego Sector is next, but DHS hasn’t finished the planning for that, so they didn’t ask for the money to build that section in the 2019 budget. DHS will never ask for all the money in one fiscal year budget request to build “wall”. There’s just too much planning, design and engineering involved. Heck, DHS hasn’t spent the 1.34 billion that Democrats, yes, Democrats voted to give DHS for the “fence” in the Consolidated Budget Act of 2018! If it were me, I’d give them nothing for 2019 until they finished the work associated with the 1.34 billion. If DHS had asked for 1.34 billion in FY 2018 to build a “Trump Wall”, they’d have gotten nothing, even though it would have been the same “wall” they’ve been building since 2005. Pure politics.

  25. Rick G. says:

    They hate him.

  26. Eric Scott says:

    One last thing: Anybody who thinks DHS will be appropriated money to build a solid concrete wall along the 1900 mile Southern Border needs to get rid of their bong, because that is a total pipe dream. It will never, ever happen. I don't care who the President is, who controls Congress or who the Homeland Security Secretary is. Reinforced steel fencing, updated with features informed by evaluation of the "wall" prototypes that were built, along with the use of technology (cameras, sensors, etc.) is what we're going to get. Period. Get used to it. Trump knows this.

  27. Lyndon Laird says:

    There's a simple explanation for Trump's lack of focus, as well as his sleeplessness. According to several sources, it's decades-long A-D-D-E-R-A-L-L dependency. Why do you think Trump's people removed all his medical records from his doctor's office days after the election?

  28. Poster Child says:

    It is important to get your news from a reputable news source, such as President Trump's Twitter tweets. Here is a 3 minute and 23 second video of the sort of FUNNY FAKE NEWS you could have wasted your life watching and listening to if you turned on the television to just anything:

    • Rick G. says:

      These sore losers need to get over it. All of you on CNN, MSNBC, and all the other Radic-Lib cry babies, we are all sick and tired of hearing your whining and crying. It's getting old really fast. Your Horrible Hillary lost the election. Lost means lost. That means she didn't win. She couldn't cut the mustard. She's been sent on her merry way! Serves her right. Justice has been done. John Lennon once said that instant karma's gonna get you! It did! Get packin'! Get movin'! We don't want her. We don't need her. We don't even like her. Good riddence. So, there!!!

      • Rick G. says:

        Maybe, for once, it is now time to turn the page and look at all of Clintons' criminal activities, a list too long to enumerate……, Why have these reprobates been allowed to go around free and not be criminally charged? Why are they not in prison by now? Lock both of them up!

      • lee says:

        You and trump should stop whining and crying that cnn and msnbc and others are reporting on trumps criminal activities.

  29. Bob says:

    Ronald Grump ran on being politically incorrect, the economy, immigration and the Mideast wars.
    He embodies the first, no problem there,
    Before he won he called the economy a Federal Reserve bubble; now he claims it for his own. That could come back to bite him bad.
    Many things could have been done on immigration and some have, but there has been a lot of grandstanding.
    We're still in Afghanistan and Syria, but nor N. Korea.

    Talk is cheap and D's given the deep state/establishment what they wanted with the military and everything else budget, so Tucker isn't that far off. Half the time on Dimwitter he's right on, the other half he shoots himself in the foot in his mouth. Neither can you just can't blow over the swamp like your creditors or subcontractors.

    As for Sham Hammity, other than backing Assange, he has been pretty much a jingoistic airhead sucking up to the neocon Repug program so if he's cheerleading for Don now, it's no surprise.

    But hey, make America free,
    Build a wall around Washington DC.

    • lee says:

      Putin ordered trump to get the U.S. troops out of syria.at the request of the Turkish President.putin also ordered trump to get the U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.the kurds have been helping the U.S. troops fight isis.but the President of turkey wants to destroy them

  30. Eric Scott says:

    Did you all see Trumps latest tweet? He’s now saying “The Wall” is not going to be solid concrete! Trump is now saying it’s going to be “artistically designed steel slats”! LMAO!!! Yeah, Trump, it’s the same damn fencing that DHS has been building since 2005! It’s the same damn fencing that Chuck offered last week to give DHS 1.6 billion so that they can build that 65 mile section In the Rio Grand Valley Sector in Texas. It’s the same damn fencing that Democrats have voted to appropriate money for since 2006. As I told you all above, the whole thing is nothing but political theater. A total joke. You’ve been played big time.

    Take Chucks offer and stop wasting our time Trump.

  31. James says:

    I totally missed the news on the Obamacare thing. I thought we did repeal it! It's still around?

    • Rick G. says:

      Well, let me update you, James. Sure the heck is. It's like a bad cold that keeps hanging on and on. They will never get rid of it as long as you have a lot of do-nothing Republicrats who don't do the job they were elected to do!

  32. anne says:

    the history of our country. Bill Clinton had an affair with a young woman openly, ruined her life and his stupid wife
    blamed the young woman.-