The Source of RFK Jr.’s Power

Posted on July 26, 2023 by Robert Ringer


A conviction is a firm belief based on the determination of an individual to live his life in accordance with that belief.  It’s also based on a person’s willingness to continually monitor the reasons for his belief to make certain they are sound.  Demonstrating consistency in one’s beliefs is not an easy task for mere mortals, which is why people who demonstrate consistent allegiance to their most deeply held convictions are always in short supply.

During his years as president, I thought of Ronald Reagan as one of those rare people who actually held fast to his beliefs.  He wasn’t perfect, to be sure, but for the most part he was true to his convictions until his cognitive functions started to abandon him.

Before he even became governor of California, the establishment tried to pass him off as a know-nothing B-list actor who would be crushed in the world of politics.  Reagan, however, proved his critics wrong by standing firm on his convictions about such things as smaller government, lower taxes, and, above all, the evils of communism.

Perhaps his most shining moment was when he blew up the Reykjavik Summit with Mikhail Gorbachev, a summit that was on the verge of an agreement aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons, because he refused to give in to Soviet demands that the United States end its Strategic Defense Initiative, a missile defense system intended to make the United States invulnerable to attack.

I thought about Ronald Reagan when watching a recent episode of the PBD Podcast wherein Patrick Bet-David gave an excellent insight into Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  When his panelists brought up the possibility that RFK Jr.’s voice might make it impossible for him to campaign effectively, PBD emphatically disagreed.

In explaining why, he shared a story about the time he attended a Billy Graham evangelical gathering at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with 100,000 people in attendance.  When Graham started to speak, a man stood up and began shouting profanities at him, even calling him the antichrist.  Attendees yelled at the man to shut up and sit down, but he persisted.  Finally, Graham intervened by saying, in a barely audible voice, “Let him speak.”  He then said to the man, “God loves you.”  Suddenly, a deafening silence spread over the stadium.

In a clear analogy to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s voice issues, his point was that Graham was able to captivate 100,000 people even though his words were barely audible.  PBD credited Graham’s ability to accomplish this to a single powerful trait — conviction — which he believes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. possesses in abundance.

He went on to explain that the roots of RFK Jr.’s conviction lie in the belief that the deep state killed both his father and his uncle, President John Kennedy, when he was just 14 years old.  That eventually led to suicidal thoughts and years of drug abuse, which in turn led him to a lifetime search for truth, a search that feeds a raging fire inside him to this day.  In other words, no matter how difficult it may be to listen to him, people will always want to hear what he has to say because they can sense his rock-solid conviction in the powerful aura that surrounds him.

Now, RFK Jr. has crossed another line by calling for a “real investigation” into the Biden crime family.  Whoa!  A Democrat calling for a criminal investigation into a fellow Democrat is less common than a Halley’s Comet viewing.  Just the thought of RFK Jr. pressing for a more rigorous investigation of the Bidens made me fear for his life.  I’m sure there’s no shortage of wannabe Lee Harvey Oswalds and Sirhan Sirhans out there who would love to go down in history as the assassin who took out a third Kennedy.

Will this deter RFK Jr.?  I doubt it.  But he does have to make a very difficult decision about whether or not to run for president as a third-party candidate or just accept his fate as a Democrat candidate whose own party refuses to acknowledge.  Remember, Democrats are Stalinist carnivores who do not hesitate to eat their own.  I believe he would be on much safer ground as the vice-presidential candidate on a GOP ticket than humiliating his fellow Democrats with a third-party run.

Regardless of what RFK Jr. decides to do, the one thing of which you can be certain is that Democrats will continue to vilify him, smear him, and even call in their deep-state enforcement arm to stop him if that’s what it takes.  They did it to Donald Trump, whose resources far exceed RFK Jr.’s, but I have a feeling that the nature of Kennedy’s conviction is something we have not seen before.

Bring it on, Democrats, but I don’t think RFK Jr. is going away.  Study his aura carefully and you might understand why.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

4 responses to “The Source of RFK Jr.’s Power”

  1. Christopher Christopher1776 says:

    Once again, you hit it out of the park, Robert. Excellent, timely analysis of RFK, Jr.

    Are you planning to publish all your essays from They are outstanding pieces of clear, crisp, persuasive writing, and should be preserved for posterity. I would gladly order a copy now for my wife and me, and one for each of our kids.

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Doug5263 says:

    RFK Jr is correct about drugs and vaccines, and it's very unfortunate that Trump didn't hire him to lead us in that area in 2017.

    But in my opinion RFK Jr is incorrect that the CIA murdered his Uncle Jack.

    And, more importantly, RFK Jr is incorrect that being nice to Putin will preserve peace.

    And RFK Jr is very incorrect that higher atmospheric CO2 causes dangerous global warming.

    It's nice that RFK Jr, like Ronald Reagan, is true to his convictions. But then so was Adolf Hitler. It really also matters what those convictions are.

  3. Stephan_Fx says:

    Hmm, RFK Jr. I like much of what he says and I admire him for saying it. But. . .and it's a big BUT, he still clings unabashedly to his democratic roots. And that makes him non grata in my book. Too bad, he would have been admired even more if he just had the sense to completely denounce his party ties many years ago for the obvious reasons. Can you imagine if he had done just that? He would have sent Trump to the showers in the 2016 primaries running as a republican.

    Now, he could help out a lot though if he ran as a third party candidate. Even I would chip in a few bucks if he did as I believe he would pull more votes away from the democrat incumbent than the republican challenger. Go get 'em Bobby.

  4. pokertiger says:

    Ron DeSantis spoke positive about RFK the other day. A VP gig isn't totally out of the question and would guarantee a republican nominee the presidency.If he isn't the VP,I can almost assuredly say he would be in a cabinet position under a republican president.

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