Beware the Democrat Firewall

Posted on April 6, 2022 by Howard Roark


The most recent Real Clear Politics poll shows Joe Biden with a disapproval rating of 53.8 percent and only 41 percent approval, which, understandably, has Republicans celebrating.

But before they pop the cork on the champagne, it might be wise to ask the question, who in the world are the 41 percent who say they approve of Biden’s presidency?  No one in their right mind could seriously believe Sleepy is doing a good job, not even a lifelong Democrat.  So, why are millions of people still giving Biden a thumbs up?

There are really only two possibilities.  Either they are low-information morons or they are out of their minds.  Either way, these people harbor such deep hatred for America, democracy, the rule of law, and Republicans that they would vote for Vladimir Putin if he was the only alternative to a GOP candidate.

In real terms, this translates into diehard Democrats providing a permanent firewall for their party, which is why the Dems only need to sway 5-10 percent of voters to win any particular election.  That’s a huge advantage, because Republicans have no such firewall.  Consider that George W. Bush left office with a 22 percent approval rating, while even pitiful Jimmy Carter managed to clock in at 44 percent when he exited the White House.

What all this means is that Republicans have to please those squishy folks in the middle in order to win elections, which in the past meant being on their good behavior, acting like proper ladies and gentlemen, and not attacking Democrats.  But the past is not the present, and if Republicans rely on that strategy to work again, they may manage to pull defeat from the jaws of victory in November.

Why?  Because, thanks to the Radical Left crowd in the Democrat Party, independents have seen and heard enough from the wokesters to make conservatism look like paradise to them.  All Republicans need to do to win is let it be known, loud and clear, that they stand for the exact opposite of virtually everything Democrats have been pushing since they achieved full control of the federal government.

Let’s hope they’re up to that seemingly simple task, but with leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, it might be wise not to bet the farm on it.