The Selective-Condemnation Ruse

Posted on May 19, 2022 by Howard Roark


The Buffalo mass-murder rampage is a tragedy that has become all too familiar to Americans in recent years, and the fact that the shooter declared himself to be a white supremacist made a terrible situation even worse.  Heeding their mantra to never allow a crisis to go to waste, Democrats immediately pounced on this horrific event and used it as yet another opportunity to stir the racial cauldron.

We all know the logic by now:  If a deranged killer declares himself to be a white supremacist, then all Republicans, conservatives, and law-abiding gun owners must also be white supremacists.  The fact that the Buffalo shooter had no political affiliation and harbored an animosity toward conservatives is irrelevant to Democrats.

The inconvenient truth is that the idea of white supremacy is a belief perpetuated by the Democrat Party going all the way back to the dark days of slavery and kept alive through Jim Crow laws, the KKK, segregation of public facilities, and more.  In the sixties, Democrats pulled out all stops in an effort to prevent passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, voting overwhelmingly against it in both the House and Senate.

When they finally saw the writing on the wall, Democrats did an about face and proclaimed themselves to be protectors of African-Americans.  The strategy was simple:  Keep blacks trapped on the Democrat plantation and point to Republicans as racists who are responsible for their misery.  Sadly, this shameless strategy worked quite well for them for decades.

Which brings us back to last weekend’s tragedy in Buffalo.  Not content to wait until grieving relatives had a chance to bury family members after the supermarket massacre, Democrats immediately began using it to score political points.  Predictably, they made the tragedy all about race, hate speech, white supremacy, and gun control, pointing fingers at everyone from Tucker Carlson to Republicans to ultra-MAGA “extremists.”

While it’s true that a majority of Republicans are feckless and unprincipled, there’s one big difference between them and Democrats when tragedies occur:  Republicans never fail to quickly and unanimously condemn the perpetrator of the tragedy, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.  Democrats, on the other hand, not only are slow to condemn, if at all, but are selective about who they condemn.

Thus, they simply ignored the Waukesha Christmas parade murders, because the killer was black and his victims were white.  In the Buffalo murders, the killer was white and most of the victims were black, so Biden’s radical-left handlers wasted no time rushing him and his teleprompter to the scene of the crime in another desperate attempt to make it appear that he actually cares deeply about blacks being murdered.

But, of course, he does not care.  If he did, he would make it a point to visit Chicago at least once a month given the fact that more black people are shot in the windy city every weekend than on a single dark day in Buffalo.  Fake outrage and fake condemnation are ruses that can be carried out only by people who are soulless, and that’s a trait Democrats have on display 365 days a year.