The Creation of a “Transgender” Problem

Posted on May 14, 2016 by Robert Ringer


I have a feeling that most people don’t really understand what the transgender bathroom issue is all about. Obviously, it has nothing whatsoever to do with “civil rights.” In reality, it’s nothing more than part of an overall radical-left strategy to create civil unrest. (Yes, the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the welfare system and precipitate a crisis that would lead to a guaranteed national income for everyone is part of the same civil-unrest plan.)

But first, let’s first state the obvious: There is no such thing as a “transgender.” The whole notion that a man can arbitrarily decide he’s a woman and a woman can arbitrarily decide she’s a man is not just perverse, it’s ridiculous.

And guess who’s well aware that it’s ridiculous? The power structure of the radical left, that’s who. In fact, I believe that every time they come up with another crazy, in-your-face idea, they high-five each other and laugh up a storm behind closed doors. (Similar to what they did after they pushed Obamacare down the throats of a public that had made it clear it did not want it, then joked about how they had to lie to get it passed.)

So what’s really behind all this transgender nonsense? The same thing that has motivated the radical left for decades, long before Obama snookered his way into the White House: the desire to create an uprising, preferably a violent uprising. Since day one in office, the Duplicitous Despot has repeatedly poked the average citizen in the eye, with no hint of sympathy for those who believe in a civilized society or American exceptionalism.

Whether it’s forcing people to violate their religious beliefs, forcing them to accept Obamacare, or forcing them to pay generous benefits to those who are illegally in the country, the intent is to inflame passions to the point of fomenting open rebellion.

Once a rebellion is at hand, the government would then “have no choice” but to declare a state of emergency, call out the national guard to put down the “rioters,” and, of course, “postpone” the upcoming elections. After all, the government has to put public safety first, right?

In the early days of the Duplicitous Despot’s reign, I thought the odds of his second term being extended via a phony state of emergency were 50-50. However, I no longer believe that, because I think Obama has overplayed his hand, which in turn has led to a huge split in the Democratic party.

As is evidenced by their support of commie Bernie, young people, in particular, hate the current power structure, which would make implementation of a state-of-emergency scam much more difficult to accomplish than it would have been a couple years ago. Even so, I believe Obama will continue to poke his finger in the eyes of everyday Americans in the hopes of leaving the country in an even greater state of chaos than it now is when he finally gives up the Oval Office.

But since Hillary, regardless of whether or not she will be eased out of the race by Comey and Friends, will NOT win the presidency, it’s going to be difficult for the radical left to prevent a Trump regime in Washington from at least getting the country started on the decades-long task of digging itself out of the eight-year abyss into which the anti-American crowd has pushed it.

That said, look for the most egregious violations of Western culture — things like transgender bathrooms, sanctuary cities, and open borders — to be the first to go by the wayside once Obama is gone.

I should add that even though Trump took a lot of heat for his remarks about the transgender bathroom issue, what he actually said (as opposed to what his enemies would like us to believe he said) was very reasonable. Leaving a matter up to the individual states to decide is almost always a good idea.

In addition, Trump is right when he says that so-called transgenders using whatever bathroom they want has never been a big problem. That being the case, there is little doubt in my mind that Trump will repeal Obama’s toothless decree on the transgender bathroom issue once he’s in office, and the individual states will be able to resolve the matter as they see fit — which will undoubtedly be to the liking of conservatives.

Okay, enough said on this gigantic “problem.” Now, is anyone interested in discussing some lesser important issues — like, say, the national debt, balancing the budget, how to deal with 12 million illegal immigrants, and protecting the homeland from radical Islamic terrorists? Just thought I’d ask.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Paul Anthony says:

    Actually, there is such a thing as "transgender". Some people believe they are the opposite sex from the one they got at birth. Mental illness is real.

    But this was not a problem until some stupid people decided to get the government involved. Nothing good ever comes from relegating our own ability to think over to bureaucrats.

    • Mari says:

      Well said!

    • Johnny Twosheds says:

      But why stop there? Why can't a 20-year-old believe he is a senior and get 10% discount on his coffee? Why can't a 400 lb woman believe she's an anorexic 5-year-old and get to pay the children's price at the all-you can-eat buffet? Why can't someone believe he's unemployed, so he won't have to pay taxes? If I feel like a physician, can I write prescriptions for people? Why not? If someone feels like a a short-haired tabby, can she marry her tom cat? If I feel like Abraham Lincoln, can I collect all of those $5 bills with my likeness on them? If I feel like the President of the United States, do I get to fly around on Air Force one and get secret service protection? If I feel like the owner of my favorite restaurant, can I get a free meal there?

      If anyone is told "no" in any of the above situations by anyone who is for transgendered restrooms, they are not only discriminating bigots, but hypocrites of the highest order.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        Excellent. The radical left is incapable of employing logic. I prefers to relentlessly try to create a world that satisfies its perverse fantasies.

  2. unique says:

    Yes, Obama wants to create chaos, so he can bring in Martial Law.

  3. Absolutely agree with you 100%. The radical left has been trying to destroy the United States for years and this is just another attempt to undermine our culture and norms from within. If someone truly thinks they are the opposite gender, they need some serious mental health counseling. Just because someone is mentally unstable doesn't mean we have to humor them. I bet Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx would be proud of their progressive minions.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      It most definitely is a mental issue, and mental issues deserve the compassion of others. But it is not compassionate to encourage someone's fantasies.

    • Alan says:

      Please, can someone give me the definition of "the radical left"? Just who, or what, is the radical left? Is it a group of people? And if so, how are they funded? Every action requires financing to enforce that action. Who supplies the money for "the radical left". Is the radical left an illicit agenda to undermine the basic tenets of accepted civil society? What is their goal? Is it really to undermine and overthrow the stability of the American culture? Who are these people that would gain from this agenda. Do they have a foreign national loyalty? Could they be called middle eastern by geography? Do they own Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the western media, Hollywood, and virtually all of the U.S. Congress, by bribe and coercion? Who are these people that fund and motivate and direct the actions of "the radical left"? Are they the people that call New York the New Jerusalem? Were they instrumental in starting WW2 through their European banking conglomerates? Just who are these vulgar people, that use "the radical left" as a tool to bring America to its knees so that America can more easily be manipulated for power and hegemony? Please, can someone call them by name?

      • Bill says:


        • Jim Hallett says:

          He is behind much of it, but they are the same folks who brought us the evil Federal Reserve and are part of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, etc. So many unthinking people have been duped/brainwashed for so long by the forced schooling establishment, the lying media and the criminal politicians that they do not see or understand the strategy that Robert is talking about. Part of the fascination with trivial distractions – like "transgender" restrooms is to keep eyes off of the real problems – $20 Trillion in debt, e.g., constant war, etc.

      • Kathy says:

        They are the answer to the radical right….each side has one…a group not in any true power but large enough to be heard as a rumbling which is then run with by the press most closely aligned with their beliefs…We are no longer a nation that does not have major graft and collusion….by both sides and it switches base on who pisses off who in the larger amount in numbers in the right number of congressional districts……

  4. The Liberal Lefties, Commies, Socialists, Radicals, Political Criminals and those who truly wish to harm America are one day going to wake up the moral majority into talking action. Hopefully that action will begin with DT taking office and reversing some of O'bama's dirty deeds. I think we are far from a civil shooting war of left vs. right. But if it ever comes to that my money is on the right. And it will be good riddance…

  5. Robert, stop being brilliant. I'm getting tired of it, after 40 years. ?

  6. Ryan says:

    Republicans were successfully trolled by left-wing activists because they have literally zero principles. The new laws being passed and proposed abrogate the rights of private property owners and the principle of decision-making at the most local levels in favor of sweeping state-wide, if not nationwide (RNC platform), one-size-fits-all government policies. A free people with freedom of association can figure out where they are welcome to go and to use the establishment's facilities however they want. Defending Republican statism as versus Obama administration statism leads one to appear partisan rather than critical. A pox on all their houses.

    • Phil says:

      Republicans are constantly successfully trolled by the Left for the exact reason you state. No courage. Simply corruption. At least among 90% of those in power. Praying Trump can change things but if this is to occur we need a massive movement to follow his election and a savage rejection of socialism – including a revamp of the education system. I suspect the odds are against us. We will see.

    • Kathy says:

      Here Here

  7. Bill says:

    Look you all are missing this opportunity, this is the time where we call all of our selves TRANS GOVERNMENT
    where we do not abide to the corrupt group changing nature or the make believe laws that they say so..
    I just had a conversation with people that asked me where the laws of belief I have and maintain are so
    Well… just as asked from them I ask the same from the rest, who the hell are you to come up with the BS
    to change nature and pervert it? has our lazy education system found a way to justify there perverted thoughts? Be ready to be crucified by your own answers.

    I wait for all your replies (

    • Stephen Alessini says:

      I thought your comment was brilliant until you confused "there" with "their".

  8. Lee says:

    More clear thinking and observations, firmly based in reality by RJR. Live long sir.

  9. Chris says:

    Did Obama put a transgender bathroom in the White House so Michelle feels comfortable using the restroom?

  10. aztex says:

    These "transgender" people need their head worked on and the go vrenment/medical establishment
    needs to stop mutilating their bodies ! They are sick, they need help.

  11. Rick Harmon says:

    In stage magician's terminology, what we are witnessing is 'mis-direction.'

  12. Jurgy says:

    One-holer toilets everywhere will take the air out of the transgender issue

  13. Charles says:

    This transgender problem is far more complicated that people realize.

    We are going to need two additional bathrooms:

    1. Men who think they are women
    2. Women who think they are men

    No that won't work we will need four additional bathrooms

    1. Men who think they are women and want a bathroom design for women
    2. Men who think they are women and want a traditional man's bathroom
    3. Women who think they are men and want a bathroom design for men
    4. Women who think they are men and want a traditional women's bathroom

    No that won't work either, we will need eight additional bathrooms. When you come up with all the permutations and combinations we will need 64 additional bathrooms.

    This will require committee study and will cost billions of dollars. Because you will need different colors for each bathroom, you can't use just pink and blue.

    If all this is too confusing you could just do what Billy Carter (Jimmy's bother) did just find the side of a building.

  14. Marte says:

    And then after we deal with those other lesser important issues, we could get on to even more "minor" issues – like kids going hungry, Illiteracy in a country with "free" education, unemployment that is far, far higher than the government reports, and on and on.

    • Yes, something is screwy these days. My mother taught me to read long before I went to school, and, to "recite". She was an avid reader of books and magazines, she with an 8th Grade education, and my father, 7th Grade. Both were very big on education. My father could recite long excepts from poetry. Because of my background, I became a college professor of English. Education begins, or ought to, long before a kid goes to school. And now? TV for breakfast, etc.?

  15. I remember when the trend began that everyone needed to be understood, and psychological counseling became the norm. Before that trend, plain ol' discipline was employed. I now wonder if less understanding and more discipline might create better order. Much more couild be said, but let that be a start. A seed idea.

  16. John Van Epps says:

    This issue has likely been residing in our history for many years. But it wasn't a 'problem' until recently. Might I ask how many times a 'transgender' or 'homosexual' has actually 'accosted' a 'straight' person and propositioned them?

    How many times has anyone actually been 'threatened' by any of these 'other-sexual' individuals? I'm pushing 60, and I can say 'once', when I was in my late teens. As I matured, I realized there were 'those' people out there – but they didn't affect me or my life.

    Why is this suddenly an issue – worthy of national publication? Gay, lesbian, transgender individuals have been a part of our world for many, many, years. There was never many 'bathroom/locker room' problems before.

    I applaud these folks 'coming out'; their bravery is to be respected. But their demands for 'special treatment' is utter BS. I'm certainly willing to respect who you are, and have no beef with your orientation. But don't ask for 'favoritism' above and beyond normal criteria.

    Life isn't fair – understand that. You can do all the 'right things', and still end up with a crappy deal. There are no 'safe places' in the real world, and you will be offended and 'screwed over'.

    Unhappy with the way your life is going? Fix it! Nobody has the responsibility to do this for you, other than yourself!

  17. Rock Roach says:

    Boy Robert those last 4 lines you wrote have resonated on my mind since all the hoopla began.Even when Chris Matthews tried to trick Trump up on abortion questions(and granted abortion-pro choice pro life is important).I said
    to myself I felt the most important things were economy,Immigration issues,and terrorism,not to mention fines
    being paid by americans(1.5 billiondollars) for not having Obamacare because they can't afford plans that cost
    10 thousand a year that basically paid for nothing..

  18. Faith Hope says:

    very well stated mr. ringer.i could add numerous items to your discussion but will say instead that everything and anything trump has said has been distorted, misrepresented, and eggzagiorated(spelled like this to imply the blatant "unenlightened"intention of ) by his opponents -the progressive political left establishment,for lack of a better description. You would think, if one was a martian looking in on these self absorbed status aggrandizers, that they have created and continue to expand a cancer in the body of a nation foundered on personal liberty and development. Only trump with his genius for building the right team , can operate and cure this disease for good;and that indeed will be great for the only country in the world ,ever, to be the exception to the mad ruling elites

  19. Sean Baltz says:

    This writing only reminds me why I like Mr. Ringer's writings so much. He has so much common sense in a world gone made.

  20. Avery says:

    Robert: I am disappointed you didn't say this is merely a distraction from the really important issues. While very few are looking, Congress is doing what they do best – giving themselves pay raises and stealing from social security. Everyone who discusses this nonsense is playing right into their hands.

  21. John Abbott says:

    How can we actually FIX these and the REAL problems? Hopefully by electing TRUMP and OTHER non Politician/LIARS that are the REAL problem. Just for the record, EVERY congressman and woman is up for RE-ELECTION every TWO years! Vote OUT the BAD ones! Problems SOLVED!

  22. franksgue says:

    This society has too much time and money on its hands. If we all had to do 10 hours per day of stoop labor – market gardening perhaps – we'd be too tired to worry about esoteric problems like this.

    Also I'm confused (quite natural since senility started to creep up on me back when I was 90): exactly what is a transgendered person? Has he, she, or it had "the operation"? What is "the operation" for him, her, or it?

    Someone pls clear me up.

    Frank, Burlington

    • Jean says:

      The legitimate definition of "transgendered" is one who has undergone hormone therapy, psychiatric / psychological counseling and still chose to have "the operation." Unfortunately, the left has bastardized the definition to include people like Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner, who is merely a cross-dresser, or any kook who one day "feels like a woman…." as the song goes.

  23. Sheila says:

    It is a problem when a pedophile "identifies" as being a woman and follows a girl into the bathroom to accost her. It just happened in Chicago, where an 8 year old girl was almost choked to death – probably would have died had her mother not heard her screams from outside the ladies room. The man was not "transgender," he was a pedophile who walked in unchallenged. As long as this new law is in effect these types of attacks on young girls and women will increase because it will be hard to pinpoint who is "transgender" and who is pretending to be. They will have easier access.

    For young girls and teens – and even women – this is a big problem. The other problems you mentioned – the national debt, tightening the borders, fighting Islamic terrorists – obviously they are very critical issues for the president. But the transgender bathroom issue is not a joke. I was approached by a so-called transgender as I was exiting a ladies room stall at a dance club not long ago, and I was very nervous. So please, don't play this down like it's nothing RR. As for Trump, I don't believe he cares a whit about the issue. His opinions change with the breeze, and I don't agree with Trump that it is a state issue, nor do I agree with you that it is a non-issue. I was a victim because of relaxing laws. And I think transgender bathrooms should be illegal.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      No, no … you missed my point: Obama has made a nonissue into an issue by decreeing a perversity. Before, if a man entered a ladies room, you simply called the police. The decree was for the purpose of stirring the public to revolt.

      • Sheila says:

        Gotcha RR. Thanx for clarifying this for me. It was much better left alone like before.

  24. larajf says:

    I do believe there are some people who believe that if they were the other sex, then they would be happy and fulfilled. The sad truth is that they aren't. Interviews show that the people who underwent gender reassignment were more unhappy afterwards then they were before. We need to find a better way of handling unhappiness in our society rather then pander to it and offer crap solutions that make people worse.
    And yes, this is just a slight of hand so we don't see what Obama is signing into law with his pen and his phone.

  25. Zip says:

    Ok, the saying says that it is not a shame to be born stupid it is a shame to die one, so let me save some of you from this fate:
    a. Trangenders are neither new or American phenomenon. This human condition is known to exist since the begining of human history in ALL cultures. Yes, also in non-Christan states, yes, also in Muslim states (Iran for example which is one of the countries where being a transgender is more accepted than being gay). it is not arbitary or ridiculous, ignorance about it – is.
    b. it is not a mental health issue. it is a human condition, not a desease
    c. The reason that so many are suffering is not because of this human condition per se When integrated in society they can be whatever they want- pilots or sceintists, engineers or teachers, activists or writers, therapists or ministers , lawyers ands M.D.s, and it goes on and on you can see some personal stories here
    and here
    d. comobiditty with unhapiness and human suffering is because how society is treating them – bullying, descrinimation, and even murder is all too common because some people are barbarians and think that they have a right to hurt who is different from them, just for being different
    e. NEWSFLASH other people's genitals are non of your business unless you are their MD or their sexual partner.
    f. the issues are not new, the wide r awarness is new.Stalking happened before the anti stalking law, sexual harrasmened happened before the sexual harrasment law etc. Being bullied, raped, murdered for being trangender is not new and unfortunately not that rare (google transgender rememberance day)
    g. having said that – i am against univsex bathrooms instead of seperate ones, as men are still a threat for women. I am OK with unisex bathrooms in addition to regular ones.
    h. Democracy is not just the votes of the majority, but also keeping the rights of the minorities. Trangender people also deserve the right for is a basic human right, not a fancy new one. So it shouldn't matter what you vote, lack of safety and lack of human rights for trangender people need to be fixed. sooner better than latter.
    all the best,

    • Stephen Alessini says:

      I'm sorry but in this day and age we are simply wasting time and money worrying about people who comprise probably one-thousandth of a percent of the population. That's just my opinion but I am sure most people would agree with me.

      • Zip says:

        It is a higher percentage (as far as I know it is up to 3%) but these people deserve rights as well. Hell, there are more Transgender people than Jewish people on this planet. I really hope % of the population is not your only criterion for human rights.

        • Sheila says:

          "Hell, there are more Transgender people than Jewish people on this planet."

          So says Zip. I do believe the country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence grant equal rights and protection (civil and religious) to all. But to compare Jews with Transgenders (many of whom are seeking SPECIAL rights and societal approval) goes way beyond despicable. I can assure you that more Jews were slaughtered in Nazi Germany than transgenders. Hitler and the SS targeted and sought to eliminate every Jew on the planet.

          Zip, since you are so smart and all of us so dumb I would check the history books and photo documentaries of the camps.

          Oh, and by the way…for a self-proclaimed Einstein you have more misspellings, incomplete and run-on sentences, poor punctuation and dangling participles than some 5th graders. Thanx (sic).

          • janedoe says:

            How are transgender people asking for special treatment? Not being fired for being transgender is not special treatment. Being able to use the restroom of the gender they identify with is not special treatment. I do have some concerns about areas where children disrobe and think those areas should be private. That would be simple enough. Societal approval? How about acceptance of someone who may be different from you? I accept that people have different point of views, religions beliefs and opinions. But a trans woman shouldn't have to be worried about being killed (look at the statistics on violence against trans people), raped, incarcerated, becuase of their gender identity. There are militias in this country whose express goal, is to kills transgender people. I think the right to live is pretty basic, and not a special privilege.

      • janedoe says:

        What do you mean by worrying about them? Do you mean live and let live? If so, good for you. If you mean denying them the same rights you enjoy, then not so good.

  26. James Parker says:

    "Leaving a matter up to the individual states to decide" is almost always a bad idea! Leaving up to the people, i.e. individuals — now that's a good idea!

  27. Stephen Alessini says:

    I totally agree. It's similar to gays/lesbians who make up probably 1% of the population and blacks who make up 10% of the population always screaming for special rights, not equal rights.

  28. Dan says:

    You're right Robert. In a nutshell, the radical left wants to upheave everything in America so they can have power for themselves. In America, you are free to believe whatever you want so long as it agrees with what the radical left says.

    Now 33, I can say with a much clearer perspective that all this nonsense gets pounded in to you in America's extremely left-wing colleges. I went to a religious school in gradeschool, and my understanding is this kind of crap happens at a very young age for attendees of our public school system.

    I don't care much for politics, but I feel highly compelled to get in the fray to prevent the downfall of American society and a communist society, like the liberals want. However, they don't call it by that name, of course.

    Trump may be kind of a jackass, but he does know his politics and may be just the shakeup our country needs to get somewhat closer back to sanity.

    I voted for Trump in the Republican primary, and I will vote for him again as President. And hopefully we can cure some of those "minor" problems you mentioned.

  29. Tasine says:

    Article is absolutely on track. I’ve said for over 4 years now that Obama has no intent of leaving the Oval Office. He is like the spoiled child who, when he isn’t instantly rewarded, doubles down on the crime. The more we repel him, the worse he gets. I believe he has for years, now, tried to create a tremendous backlash for which he can be “justified” in declaring martial law. His type of idiots would have done so, but average Americans have not. Eventually he will drive himself totally insane, and with any luck he’ll be locked away for the rest of his rotten life.

    Rest assured: if I have to deal with men in restrooms, I shall be armed. This issue may sprout more gun toting than anything in the past has, compliments of the overthrown American government.

  30. Ellis Baxter says:

    At my age this stuff comes from out of the blue. When I was in the video business I employed a lot of G&L folks. And there were issues far beyond the normal amount with 300 employees. Today, I am sure I would be in a fight with the Feds over how I dealt with those issues. This is the rub today, the government keeps throwing issues at the people to avoid the clear issue that as a country we are electing Self-Legitimation of leaders! Like Napoleon who puts the crown on his own head.. the egos are massive. Creative, Innovative, & Entrepreneurial folks like myself have figures out how to use those gifts to a single office person! When for most of my life I employed up to 300 people at a time! Never again! The folks I know are faced with Automation and massive productive increase in processes. These limit the ability to grow with out large infusions of cash… This Bathroom issue is a distraction because if the folks are not distracted, then someone might ask a policy or probing question and the answer would show the leader to be incompetent! The entire world is headed to a Neo Fascist ideology, there are no Communists but a lot of people who spew Marx but are working out of Mein Kampf! dig deep folks study the 14 Tenants of Fascist ideology [be it radical left or regressive right] no matter you still wind up with No Freedom, No Liberty, No Justice and NO Republic .. A presidential race is going on; name the candidates that have talked about the Constitution [Which they, if elected with take an Oath to protect]. Name the Candidate who has talked about the Republic. If you can not do either of these they you need to question your basic principles. The failure to address these two points leads to the end of that Republic..

  31. Andrew Foss says:

    Robert, I loved 8 years ago when you were the loudest voice referring to The Duplicitous Despot as a Communist (never a Socialist). It has been fun to see him march from Man of the People to the crazy dictator we have today. Fun because it shows all the lies he has told (and his fawning, sycophantic legions of drooling idiots continue to repeat). Keep on saying it!!! Loud and Proud!

  32. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    Good summation: "issues manufactured by progressives."

  33. Sheila says:

    I have three questions for all the posters in this forum on a rather sensitive topic:

    1. Is being transgender genetic, or is this an identity that develops over time?
    2. If this human condition is genetic, can anyone give me examples of countries where transgenders are specifically targeted for extermination as are Jews and Christians have always been?
    3. If being transgender is genetic and can be predetermined, then what happens when a gene is discovered that reveals gender identity pre-birth? Abortion is a choice, yes? What happens when a couple decides they don't want to give birth to a transgender child? Sex-selection abortions are happening with increasing frequency, and not only in China. Bing or Google it. What happens when it is gays or transgenders?

    You see, this is the problem with liberals. They don't like it when the rules apply to them. The late, great rabbi Kahane said: "Liberals are the greatest of frauds. They are liberal until their own particular ox has been gored."

    P.S. – Gender-selection abortion is a much more serious and problematic issue in my view than the bathroom issue.

    • Sheila says:

      Grammatical error. Should be: "as Jews and Christians have always been." I'm a stickler for correct grammar and errors, especially my own!

      • Jim says:

        Sheila, thank you so VERY much. Blatant and easily avoided mistakes in basic English grammar seriously denigrate the force of a message which might otherwise deserve all the possible strength of the point made. These mistakes unavoidably suggest either a poor education or diminished intelligence of the author or even both. How sad that very valid proposals and analyses are often scarred with these problems. Keep the faith, Sheila, and as I try to do, continue to overlook the tawdry trimmings of the rare jewels.

    • Jean says:

      Rush Limbaugh mentioned the exact thing you ask in point 3 many years ago – and stated that if a "gay gene" were discovered, then gays would be the loudest pro-life voices on the planet. I think he hit that nail on the head!

      • Sheila says:


        You may want to watch this You Tube video hosted by Mark Crutcher on LifeTalk TV. At point 7:45 up to about 10:40 on the video he discusses gendercide, and the growing sex-selection abortion industry. It's becoming a cottage industry in California and happens in Canada, too. In most sex-selections abortions, the targets are girls. The entire video is very informative:

        Some of these social issues are very important for a president to address. Regarding abortion – the harvesting and sale of baby body parts, sex-selection abortion – there are boundaries that really should never be crossed. Those are two, IMO. Now that Trump will be the nominee, I really hope he addresses this issue, especially our taxes that continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

  34. JoeyBronx says:

    How can anyone claim there is no such thing as a "transgender?" I mean, does anyone really consider Hillary Clinton a full-blown woman?

  35. Angel Rodriguez says:

    I enjoyed your book "Looking out for Number one" years ago. Now on this topic, we are going to have to agree to disagree. If you are interested, I wrote my reasons why, but I don't want to post links without permission. I think I am quite logical in my approach, although, admittedly I do see all the potential issues that can arise.

  36. Gordon Carlson says:

    The 'potty' issue is only one thing. How about the locker rooms and public changing places?? I WOULD NOT allow my young daughter or granddaughter to be exposed to that!! Heaven help this madness!!

  37. If one considers anything this side of 'death' a high class problem – I would say this is a VERY HIGH CLASS PROBLEM!! Come on people is this a even a tissue let alone an issue!!

  38. dolmontero says:





  39. Jim says:

    Sorry. I didn't intend to make you angry. I have never posted a complaint about butchered English before and will not ever do so again. Your concern about our native language just touched a sensitive button and my intent was to compliment you. I saddened me that I seemed to have failed. Through the consistent efforts of a loving Mom with a master's degree in English and a caring and knowledgeable high school teacher, I ranked on the 94th percentile in English among college graduates in 1958. In that time, . . . Never mind. I've rambled enough. Best wishes to you in your postings. I will not post on or visit this site anymore, but close in giving full credit to the wonderful ladies mentioned above.

  40. janedoe says:

    This article makes the assumption that men and women arbitrarily decide to be the opposite sex. That is completely false. Why would any one decide they just need to be a woman today and act or dress like one if they didn't feel it deeply? A transgender person has probably always felt uncomfortable with the gender they are assigned based on genitalia. Some realize it later than others. Why would a person undergo painful, expensive gender reassignment surgery, hormonal treatment and other treatment unless they felt deeply that they are in the wrong gender? The NC law codifies discrimination. It prevents municipalities from making their own laws respective of gender accommodations. Transgender people just want to be able to live their lives without fear of violence, loss of job, loss of rights. This extremist would have them go back into the closet because is makes him uncomfortable. I'd rather be in a bathroom with a transgender woman than with a bigot. Or Denny Hastert.

  41. Carol Samuelson-Woodson says:

    Just signed up for site updates based on reading the above. You are so right; I've felt "goaded" by govt into armed rebellion (not me, since I'm a senior & woman), but they are definitely, as you say, poking us in the eye & laughing about it in public. However, I don't approve since as you say they would easily win what with the military being unarmed, etc, & their bombs, etc, & there'd be a lot of horrible carnage & that would be the end of it. Don't know what we can do w/the 2 candidates we're apparently left with, but armed rebellion is not good idea. Appreciate your insight, esp since I've been feeling exactly same thing.

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