The Arrogance of the Prom King

Posted on May 7, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all in the Republican campaignathon, along comes prom king Paul Ryan displaying an arrogance that makes Donald Trump look like the Dalai Lama by comparison. Millions of American jaws must have dropped in unison when chameleon Ryan casually told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he’s “just not ready” to support Trump.

Really? Where do I even begin to address such a remarkable display of unflinching arrogance? How about just stating the obvious — that the litmus-test conservative crowd still doesn’t get it.

That’s right, hard as it is to believe, after ten months of watching Trump swat every political fly who’s annoyed him, the pathetic “Never Trump” crowd really and truly still does not understand what’s taking place in America.

Specifically, what they don’t get is that this is a genuine revolution. And it’s not a revolution about Trump. It’s a revolution about the corruption and arrogance of the leadership of the Republican Party — and, on a broader scale, the entire Washington political establishment.

That’s right, it’s taken eight long and destructive years, but the Republican Party’s base is now in full revolt against the Ryans, the McConnells, the McCains, the Grahams, et al. You’d have to be blind, deaf, and stupid — or totally delusional — not to have figured that out by now. Nevertheless, the guys who have run things for decades have chosen to stubbornly remain in a state of denial.

They do not understand that the so-called leadership is not the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the Republican voters. Had party leaders been able to do so, they were fully prepared to ignore the will of their rank-and-file members at the Republican National Convention in July and use their crooked, self-serving rules to get their way.

Now, since Trump put Cruz and Kasich on the canvas much earlier than expected, their state of self-righteous panic has quickly intensified and they’re talking about forming a third party. LOL. Would that they would actually do it, because it would be yet another episode of Road Runner Trump versus Wile E. Establishment. And, as with the real Road Runner and real Wile E. Coyote, it’s Wile E. who always end up on the losing end of these clashes.

There are three things about which you can be certain if the panicked Republican ex-leadership actually moves forward with a third party:

  1. It will give Trump yet another big boost in the polls.
  2. They will lose badly to Trump in the general election.
  3. They will forever be persona non grata in the new Republican Party that they once controlled. Talk about poetic justice.

Who in the hell does Paul Ryan or any of the other Never-Trump RINOs think they are to proclaim that Trump will have to prove to them that he’s willing to adopt their platform? Attention all RINO wusses: Trump steamrollered everyone in the field because he refused to go along with your ideas!

Giving in to the establishment’s platform would, in fact, be Trump’s first big mistake. Millions of his supporters, who got on the Trump Train because they agreed with what he was saying, are counting on him to hang tough.

So, what’s at the heart of the inability of establishment guys like Bill Kristol, Rich Lowry, and so many sitting members of the House and Senate to put on their big-boy pants, suck it up, and concede the fact that their own party’s base has resoundingly rejected their phony conservative principles?

They would like us to believe that they’re mad at Trump because he’s not conservative enough, but that’s total B.S. The truth is that they’re mad because Trump has threatened their power and easy access to myriad ways of stealing from taxpayers.

If they want to find out why they are now on the outside looking in, they need only look in the mirror. True, Barack Obama deserves the most credit for bringing about the 2016 revolution against the establishment, but the RINO crowd is a respectable second by virtue of doing what it does best: enable Democrats. And, in the process, they have also enabled Obama in his efforts to destroy what’s left of America.

The establishment crowd loves to rail on about how important it is for a presidential candidate to have “core conservative principles,” but which conservative principles are they talking about? The kind that have turned the Middle East into a living hell for millions of innocent people caught in the crossfire? Or the $500 billion that Ryan personally handed over to Obama — without even a debate in Congress! — thus putting every American citizen deeper in debt? Or the refusal to enforce existing law when it comes to illegal immigration?

What establishment Republicans have discovered, to their disbelief, is that most voters don’t give a damn about their self-serving conservative principles. And the reason for their rejection is that these are the very principles that have helped Obama and his Marxist base destroy America. Yet Paul Ryan now insists that Trump must adopt the very principles that the Republican base has already resoundingly rejected. Give me a break.

In their upcoming meeting, what Trump needs to say gently to Paul Ryan is: “Screw your conservative principles!”

Of course, the Never Trumpers insist that not only is he going to lose badly to Hillary, he will also take many on the “down ticket” along with him. I find is amazing that so many otherwise intelligent people believe that Trump can’t win the general election because today’s polls have him so far behind Hillary the Horrible … behind with women … behind with blacks … behind with Latinos. They can’t seem to grasp the fact that the election is six months away — an eternity even when two normal candidates are running against one another.

But the fact is that Trump and Hillary are not normal candidates. Trump is a problem-solving, job-creating, blue-collar billionaire with a magnetic, in-your-face personality who is capable of destroying anyone who’s stupid enough to try to take him on. (Are you listening Paul?) And Hillary is an incredibly dislikeable serial criminal who’s on life support with the FBI.

As Democratic strategist Dave Saunders said the other day, “Trump will beat Hillary like a baby seal.” Saunders went on to say, “I know a ton of Democrats — male, female, black and white — here [in southern Virginia] who are going to vote for Trump. It’s all because of economic reasons. It’s because of his populist message.”

Allow me to repeat: economic reasons. One of the least-mentioned facts gleaned from the exit polls in Indiana is that 92 percent of voters said that the economy was their number-one concern. That’s horrible news for Hillary the Horrible, because she’s linked herself inextricably to Barack Obama’s bring-down-America’s policies. (Cutting her some slack, she probably had no choice, because Obama undoubtedly has the key to her cozy little prison cell tucked away in his pocket.)

This is why, contrary to what you’re hearing from the media and scared-to-death Dirty Dems, Trump is likely to wipe out Hillary’s lead in the polls early in the race, then increase his own lead rapidly as the public becomes saturated with the criminal deeds and lies of the Face of Evil. Her trademark response to Trump’s devastating attacks are likely to be alternate tears and hysterical shrieking as he slaps her around like … well … like a baby seal.

We are now in a whole new political universe, and those who don’t adapt to it will be left behind. Glenn Beck is mentally ill, so he has a legitimate excuse. But there’s still time for “conservatives” like Bill Kristol, Rich Lowry, and Mitt Romney to save their reputations if they grow up quickly and start acting like responsible adults rather than tantrum-throwing children.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

123 responses to “The Arrogance of the Prom King”

  1. Stutts says:

    Well done, RJR, and Obama's comments about a "reality" show… Versus a badly placed and written – comedy for the last seven years…

  2. Thomas Sleeva says:

    Whoa! That was hitting the nail right on the head, Robert.

  3. Gene says:

    Thank you, thank you. As watch career criminals steal our liberty and our savings!

    • research600 says:

      We need to prosecute those Congressmen/women who vote against the principles and authority of the Constitution. We have not generally held them accountable and they are destroying the country for the elite.

      • patg2 says:

        Actually, you can't prosecute or sue any lawmaker for lawmaking decisions. As bad as that is, I see it as necessary, because SOMEONE will ALWAYS dislike what they do. They would be constantly under fire. That would make them MORE likely to vote against conservative principles, because conservatives tend to be principled people, while liberals will go after anyone that makes them mad. And they get mad real easily. There are other ways to fight bad laws in court. The unfortunate part is that it is expensive, and most people cannot afford it. We need real reform in that area.

        • trutherator says:

          As if the fed courts were sane????
          God is not mocked. America's sins blowing back…

        • BruceKennedy says:

          I'll take your approach, Conservatives are basically and inherently greedy, self centered, and ignorant. While the Liberal may easily get mad, the Conservative seems to believe that they can not win over public opinion without lying and fear mongering. Maybe this is why the Liberal is easily angered. Conservatives are truly the height of arrogance by assuming that their philosophical approach to governing is the only way to govern. (This reply is to "patg2")

  4. Avery says:

    Am I the only one who remembers the first debate where every candidate but Trump agreed NOT to run a third party campaign if they didn't win the primary? Now we have the hypocrisy of the Republican establishment on full display. Why isn't the media blasting those Republicans and shining a light on this? The video of all those Republicans with their hands raised showing they would not run as a third party should be playing round the clock. Why aren't the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and FOX news talking about this? I don't even hear it being mentioned on talk radio. Is there a media "blackout" or have they just forgotten about this?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Great! Yes, this should be hammered home daily by all who care – especially by the Trump ad team.

      • alan says:

        What should be hammered home, RJR, is that we now have verbal confession from the head of the 'not so republican' party, RINO Ryan, that there is not one whit of difference between the 'neo-con' republicans and the 'marxist democrooks'. Obummer and RINO Ryan are two peas in a pod, and Ryan just told us; again!
        Why won't we listen?

    • trutherator says:


    • Rhoda Gelman says:

      Excellent Account on How the Media, including Fox ignores what 'they' decide what they 'deem' for the American People! Traitors To America! Remembering Today the Debate between Obama & Romney: Romney with Definitive Facts took Obama to Task on Benghazi: Our Ambassador Murdered along with 4 Other Brave Men. Obama Jumped Off the Stool and with his Ugly Disgusting Crooked Finger Spoke Out in Arrogance to Romney and Replied: I Will Get The True Facts to the American People – These are My Folks! NOTHING EVER HAPPENED! I have written articles on that Debate, but the American People Still Walk Around with 'Eyes Wide Shut.' What happened in Benghazi is a SHAME ON AMERICA!

      We as We The American People MUST REMOVE OBAMA FROM OFFICE NOW! HE MUST NOT REMAIN IN OFFICE ONE MORE SECOND! Are We United To Remove Him Now? Rhoda Gelman

  5. David says:

    Amen, right on! For the sideshow, we're about to watch Paul Ryan get primaried without breaking a sweat. I hope Trump campaigns against him for added comedic relief.

  6. John Abbott says:

    Right on, Robert! WHO does Paul Ryan think he is? He and Romney were LAME four years ago. It's SAD that it took EIGHT years of Obama, but it may have been WORTH IT to see what a bunch of HYPOCRITES the Rep so called "leaders" are!
    I truly hope most of America can see thru the LIES of the Media and the Dem party, and the corrupt REPUB establishment. I think Donald Trump will be a GREAT President and will help END the corruption! With God's help! God bless America!

  7. larajf says:

    I look forward to taking our nation back from the career politicos who are only focused on power.

  8. Reality Seeker says:

    My God!! This article was a masterpiece!

    I couldn't agree with you more that "this is a genuine revolution. And it’s not a revolution about Trump. It’s a revolution about the corruption and arrogance of the leadership of the Republican Party — and, on a broader scale, the entire Washington political establishment."

    Yes! That's exactly what is happening! Trump is a game changer. All of the political norms have been tossed out the window. Take me, for example, I'm an ultra Libertarian. My philosophy is uber free-market capitalism. I'm a Ron Paul kinda guy. Yet, I jumped on the Trump Train early on. Why? Because I want to send a cruise missile to Washington. And Trump is a cruise missile. Not Rand Paul. Not Ted Cruz.

    To all of you Cruz supporters who are still smarting from your defeat. Discontinue your fast, get off from your knees and stand up for Trump! Now that your Cruz missile turned out to be a dude, why don't you start supporting a deadly cruise missile, namely, Trump? You don't have to like Trump, or believe all of his rhetoric. All you have to do is get it though your head that a vote for Trump is a vote to payback the Washington insiders. And payback is a bitch……

    • Jim Hallett says:

      The same reasons you cite are the ones that have me cheering the Donald's destructo mission on the District of Criminals. I do believe he will win, even if Hildabeast escapes jail, since most Americans, other than the elitists and totally deceived, are fed up with the politics as usual crap. Paul Ryan is just another in a long line of hypocrites and those lusting only for their own power. Yes, Donald's rhetoric makes one shudder at times, but other than Ron Paul, most of the utterances of politicians make me shudder.

    • says:

      This article was great and so is your post

    • Bonnie says:

      RIGHT ON !

  9. Jack says:

    good call

  10. patg2 says:

    OK, you have me confused. I haven't noticed anything in the Republican platform that gives the RINOs permission to side with the Democrats on economic issues. Is it the PLATFORM, or THE WAY THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING IT? Please explain.

  11. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    Neither. It's the fact that Ryan became the first party speaker in history to say that he can't support the party's nominee right now – that the nominee has to convince those in the party whom voters did NOT vote for that he will come around to THEIR way of thinking. It's breathtaking.

    • patg2 says:

      OK, you didn't mean the GOP platform then, but the platform of the RINOs? Maybe that's why I am confused. By the way, I agree Glenn Beck is mentally ill (very, VERY confused, and fell for a lie), but I'd love to hear your reasons.

      • Let me un-confuse you. Half the country is conservative and half the country is liberal. But then when Trump showed up on the scene, the 80% of conservatives realized they weren't so conservative after all. They also like their free ride, they don't mind their kids and their grandkids and the government paying their way. So therefore a Clinton or a Mitt is more to their liking. Because those two won't make them responsible. And who cares what happens after they are dead. They got theirs!.

        • patg2 says:

          You totally missed the point of my confusion! Just to set the record straight, public schools are educational welfare. It's the kind of welfare that hooks conservatives. Anybody who complains about the status quo who sent his kids to public school doesn't have a gripe coming. (We got that message after only 2 months in public school with our oldest. We eventually homeschooled; even the private schools have become corrupted.) Now that I got that out of the way…

          What I am addressing is the question of WHOSE platform Mr. Ringer is talking about when he talks about the platform. Is it the unwritten platform of the RINOs, or the written platform of the GOP? The written platform has a lot of really powerfully good points. It's not perfect, but the Democratic platform is the polar opposite. No choice there. Trump is presumably the GOP nominee. He will run on that platform. I will vote for him.

          Now why did you think your statement would un-confuse me?

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        Reasons: Read my article on Beck –

        • patg2 says:

          Well explained. As far as I am concerned, Beck lost it when he joined the Mormon church. But that's a whole 'nother discussion.

          • patg2 says:

            Well, I'll give you the short explanation. The Mormon church teaches men they are gods. Isn't that Beck's problem? And then he says he's a Christian. Mormons aren't Christians. And he even fooled Rick Perry. And I'll save the rest for another occasion.

          • GYT says:

            Learn the truth. The LDS Church ( or Mormons as you call it) are Christians.

          • patg2 says:

            I have studied the LDS faith extensively. I have studied under 17 missionaries, have read the BoM from cover to cover (most boring book I ever read, by the way), checked out the historical claims in the BoM several different ways, including comparing vocabulary from various native American languages throughout central and south America with Hebrew and Egyptian, studied kinship patterns, art, music, etc. etc. (and by the way, the historical claims are pure fiction, no resemblance between the people of the Americas, their language and culture, and Hebrews or Egyptians), am thoroughly familiar with Mormon doctrine, and the symbolism on some of the early temples, have transcripts of temple ceremonies, have read writings on both sides (Mormon and anti-Mormon) and so forth and so on. No, you are not Christians. There is a CONSENSUS among Christians on fundamental doctrines, to wit:
            1. there is only one God, Who is triune, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
            2. Jesus is God the Son, Who died for our sins, and we must accept His sacrifice as a substitute for our own in order to spend eternity in heaven.
            3. Human beings can never become gods, and aspiring to do so is blasphemy
            4. The Bible is the SOLE source of knowledge about God, and adding anything to that condemns a person to horrible curses

            I could go on.
            In contrast,
            1. Mormons are polytheists
            2. we redeem ourselves by our actions
            3. everyone who lives a righteous life and fulfills certain requirements will someday become a god with a planet of his own
            4. you also accept the Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price as sacred scripture.

            The claim that Mormons are Christians is false, and deceptive. You have a right to define yourselves, but so do we. We have defined Christianity as something very, very different from LDS, and this definition extends down from the time of the Apostles nearly two millennia ago. And that's all I need to say about it.

          • TNRay says:

            Thank you for a well written recap of Mormon beliefs vs. Christian beliefs. All I wish to add is after witnessing the vile hypocrisy of these Mormons: Harry Reid (lying about Romney's supposed failure to pay taxes); Romney:
            (his attacks on Trump in spite of his earlier fawning over Trump when he wanted support for his own lame run for president) and Beck the Insane: Mormonism may be well suited for the corruption of politics, but, appears ill suited to qualify as a religion of truth or goodness. Perhaps it is a religion of evil.

          • patg2 says:

            You're welcome. Defrauding someone of eternal life in heaven through fraud is always evil. Mormons tend to lead decent lives, at least publicly, and to vote for people who will be less destructive of our country. I have had Mormon friends, and it worked out well, but I know people who have been persecuted because they weren't Mormons. As long as you don't live in a Mormon enclave, you will probably be treated well. I was treated very well by motel owners when I traveled in Utah several years ago. The Mormon leadership is another whole ball of wax.

  12. Stephan F says:

    “…Trump is a job-creating billionaire…”

    Now Robert, you know what ole Stephan would say about that. We’ll pretend we didn’t hear it and give you a mulligan since this is, overall, a pretty good piece which contains a few bits of absolute brilliancy.

    I really believe that one of the main reasons why the Never-Trump RINO’s are revolting against D.T. and his voting flock is simple jealously & envy. These sub-humanoids Rino's have cheated, lied, deceived, swindled, connived and worked so hard clawing their way to the top of the political power structure, that it just kills them to think that a new kid on the block could potentially grab success like that, and the potential power that could go with it. They’re not about to let some tin-horn political newbie from the east leapfrog over the pack (a favorite of RJR) to grab the ring of political power without first paying his proper dues. No no no Donald, don’t you realize that you can’t snap your fingers, click your heels together, and just waltz into the presidency. You have to pay you dues like the rest of us. We can’t, and won’t, allow that to happen. What if everyone who wants to be president thought that way? No no no. You must first make that long climb up the ladder of success just like we had to. And that’s what it’s all about, maintaining their hard fought-for power structure these scoundrels have so carefully and skillfully crafted for themselves. They can’t stand the idea of Trump wresting the biggest political prize for himself without also lying, cheating, deceiving & swindling too. Their vanity just can’t take it.

    • patg2 says:

      I think you are DEAD WRONG. I have heard some of the reasons from "never trump" people, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with that at all. Instead, they think that he violates some sacred principle. For example, Trump's businesses often degrade and dehumanize women: he has a lot of women who are being paid for sex (one way or another) working for him, and has fostered that type of business. It's one of the most cogent reasons *I* have heard for not voting for him. If it weren't for the fact that Hellary is unthinkable, I might be among that crowd. I will vote against Hellary or Sanders come the proverbial hot place or high water, but not because I think Trump is particularly respectful of women, because I think he's not. And I have seen other reasons as well. I worry about what Trump will do. But he's all we've got, warts and all. Sometimes we don't get the choices we really want. The ones I really want were precluded by the time the primary in my state rolled along, and that was early on.

      • ◄Dave► says:

        Why is "…being paid for sex (one way or another)" wrong? If true, doesn't it necessarily imply that these women are in fact selling sex? Their lifestyle and/or career choices may very well offend your sensibilities; but how are they any of your business? Then, how can you rationally condemn the buyer, instead of the seller, in these value for value free market exchanges? ◄Dave►

        • patg2 says:

          Here we go again. You have already adequately convinced me you are a misogynist. For a woman to sell her body for sex is like selling a Rolls Royce for a penny. We are of infinite worth, and we deserve better than that. Trump is perfectly willing to profit from our degradation.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Misogynist? LOL, hardly… Like Trump, I worship women; particularly the strong intelligent type he seems to be surrounded with. I just refuse to ignore the reality of sex appeal, and if a woman wishes to enhance her career potential with makeup and an appealing wardrobe, that is fine with me. :) ◄Dave►

          • patg2 says:

            NEITHER of you RESPECTS women. We don't want or need worship. We don't want or need to be used as sex objects. Sex appeal has only one purpose: to bind us to a man who will CHERISH us, not USE us. I don't care if a woman uses makeup (provided manufacturers will stop putting POISONS in the makeup) or an "appealing" wardrobe, and I consider a beautiful dress to be a work of art. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a woman having to sell her most precious physical asset, her body, which is part of an infinitely valuable human being, because she cannot earn a decent enough living to eat any other way. That is a travesty. And apparently that's just fine with you! And equally apparently, you don't respect yourself all that much, either, because if you did, you could find it in you to respect us. As for Trump, he is also a misogynist because he will profit from a woman selling her Rolls Royce for a penny, but he's far less of a misogynist than Hellary, who is perfectly willing to let Bill run all over her, betray her, and who thinks subjecting women to the atrocity we call abortion is a good thing. So I have to choose between two misogynists. I'll choose the lesser of those: Trump.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            We? When were you appointed spokesperson for the female gender? I have known (and employed) a great many intelligent women over the years, who would disagree significantly with your narrow point of view. Self-respecting individualists, they would disavow any busybody claiming to know what they should want out of life, or how they should live them.

            My respect for others must be earned, and is never bestowed freely on demand. Many people have it, and very many do not, regardless of gender or any other category, used to divide humanity into easily exploitable political affinity groups. E.g. I have no respect whatever for Hillary or her infamous bad boy spouse, and it has nothing whatever to do with their genders. The notion that I should respect this evil woman, simply because she is a female, is laughable.

            In any case, I seem to have misunderstood you. I thought you were lamenting how many charming and classy women, were among Trumps family, and executives in his enterprises. It seemed that you were accusing them of using their sex appeal, to attain their lofty positions in his empire.

            I had no idea that he actually owned brothels, where women's bodies were being rented to paying customers. Do you have citations to substantiate this accusation?

            I suppose it is the result of the 'free sex' culture promoted by the feminists since the '60s; but I was shocked to hear that the wholesale value of sex had depreciated to only a penny apiece! Trump must be making a fortune on the margin.

            What is the current retail price, anyway? I am long out of touch with that market. In America, it never cost me more than a dinner and a few drinks; but even back in the mid '60s in South East Asia, the going rate for a 'short time' was $2, or at least a carton of cigarettes from the PX. Surely inflation has increased that by now.

            Finally, I think we have discussed this before; but women are not somehow being 'subjected' "to the atrocity we call abortion." They are freely choosing to have them, as the lesser of undesirable options. They undoubtedly also resent all the busybodies, trying to speak for them and interfere with their own lives. ◄Dave►

          • patg2 says:

            While I wouldn't claim I speak for everyone, I have as much right to defend my exploited sisters as anyone else does. In general, I expect that any human being should receive a certain respect just for being a human being. That much, and no more, certainly diddly-squat additional for Hellary and her exploiter. Beyond basic respect as a human being, you are free to respect (or not) whomever you choose.

            Yes, Trump owns places that exploit women's bodies. I don't know the details; I don't have the documentation to provide you, unfortunately. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground. He also exploits poor people who gamble. In our state, many retired people gamble away their life savings, and become burdens on their children or the government (you and me) or both. These are things I have read about, but I read voraciously, and I have other matters on my mind, so I don't keep track of the minutiae, such as where I found stuff. If it's interesting, I save a copy on my computer.

            You really DO exploit women, if you buy their bodies for a dinner and a few drinks. Shame on you! And it really is shameful, even for you. I don't think you begin to understand the female outlook. You don't know the damage you are doing. Many of these women were sexually abused in the past, or suffered other kinds of abuse, and some are runaways. If children were cherished like women should be, not many would turn to a such a lifestyle. And they also therefore would not suffer the consequences, such as a broken heart, abortion, or loss of self-worth. If you think most women freely choose abortion, I have a bridge to sell you, real cheap. Studies show that 64% of women were coerced, and more than 90% failed to receive adequate counseling or any counseling at all. Abortion has serious medical consequences, and nearly all women have such consequences, whether they know about it immediately or not. Did you know that ten times as many women commit suicide after abortion as after carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term? Why would that be? Did you know that women often suffer eating, sleeping, or emotional disorders, sometimes for decades? Hey, I have experienced the horrible nightmares that some women experience, and I wouldn't wish those off on my worst enemy. They are still vivid in my memory nearly 40 years later. Things like being chased through the dark rainy streets at night by a man with a huge butcher knife. I was very pregnant. Or being gang-raped while trying to climb an interminable white spiral staircase reaching into the sky. I was very pregnant. These are technicolor, wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat nightmares. If you think abortion is such a wonderful thing, you go show us. Have one. Oh, you're not female. Try castration instead. It's about the same thing. ALL WOMEN DESERVE BETTER THAN ABORTION.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Oh my… now I am exploitive for even dating, and permitting myself to be seduced at the end of the evening? I presume you are aware that for at least the past 50 years, it has been socially acceptable for casual extramarital sex to be initiated by either gender. Is this why you recommend I be castrated?

            Sisterhood? Whether I "understand the female outlook" or not, I sure don't grok the attraction of wallowing in victimhood. I have already stated my preference for strong intelligent women; how can you assume that the only dates I could ever get would be with your pathetic victim types? I am a perfectly normal man, who values the companionship of intellectual equals, not a social worker.

            Coerced? Sorry, I continue to disbelieve that women are being hogtied and taken to abortion clinics against their will. You know damn well I never said, or even implied, that I thought abortion was a "wonderful thing." The opposite is true; but my libertarian/objectivist principles place ultimate sovereignty with the individual, and nobody has the right to interfere in any way, with what an individual chooses to do with his or her body. It is absolutely none of their business, and nosy busybodies need to butt out. ◄Dave►

          • patg2 says:

            Women used to have more self respect. Then, as Rush calls them, the feminazis came along and convinced many women to sell themselves out. We bear the brunt, emotional and medical in particular. I am saying that to do an abortion on a woman is like castrating a man.

            Truly strong women don't go to bed with exploiters. I don't know where you get the idea that the women you associated with were strong. Intelligence can be measured many different ways, and I don't know what you mean here.

            No, women may walk there themselves in most case (though not always). There is more than one way to get someone to do something they really do NOT want to do, and one of the major ways is FEAR. Fear that life as they know it is over, and they will not be able to survive, or care for a child. Often, they are abandoned by the person whose help they need most, whether it be the father of the child, or the mother's parents. Libertarians generally stand for the right of the individual to self-ownership. The problem is, the baby isn't part of the mother's body, and the baby is also entitled to self-ownership. I imagine you are not familiar with the writings on the Libertarians for Life web site. You should acquaint yourself. Abortion is contrary to libertarianism. Pure and simple. If you are brave enough to read these, see if you can refute them.

            We women are designed to protect our children. It rips out our very soul to turn on our own children and let some butcher rape us deeply with surgical instruments, a rape far deeper than what we normally call rape. Even if a woman thinks she wants an abortion, she often comes to regret it and it can ruin her life. I have sat with such women numerous times, trying to help them get past it. Many have told me that they didn't expect to react this way, but they have, and they can't pick up the pieces without a lot of love from someone who truly understands. I have spent literally thousands of hours with such women. You would never consider abortion acceptable, if you have seen what I've seen and heard what I've heard. And I am 99% certain one of the women I tried to help committed suicide. I will never forget her. I failed her.

            Some men figure it out. You haven't. I hope Donald Trump does. We need for him to do so.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            FYI: "Rethinking Roe v Wade" ◄Dave►

          • patg2 says:

            Perhaps this article reflects your views, and I appreciate the details. (I am replying as I read; please read everything I wrote)

            Not much of an argument. He admits he is uncomfortable with late-term abortion. Why? Because he recognizes these babies as human beings. When did they become human beings? When is the last time someone did NOT take away people's rights for looking different? He has black skin; he has no rights. She is too tiny, and unable to defend herself from the abortionist's knife. She has no rights. Bring addicted, deformed, unwanted children into the world? I know one such addicted child. His mother was on multiple drugs. She was in prison when he was born, so her foster mother took the baby. He went through hell for several months, recovered COMPLETELY, and last I heard, he had a red belt in martial arts (next to black) and was in general a happy high achiever. His adoptive mother is a 6th degree black belt who is disabled, but still practicing. I don't want you. Shouldn't I be able to abort you retroactively?

            States' rights on the abortion issue? Since when does ANY government have the RIGHT to withdraw protection from violence, from the most vulnerable? Isn't that the very PURPOSE of government, to protect us from aggression?

            Rape? Since when do we use capital punishment on a child for his FATHER'S crime? Life of the mother? Rarely is abortion needed. I FACED that decision, decided against it, and I'm here to tell you that most of the time, it's just an excuse.

            The abortion pill(s)? Deadly dangerous for the MOTHER. I have worked with HUNDREDS of women suffering potentially fatal complications. Worse when you can just buy it and use it, without medical supervision.

            Eliminate the shame? Sorry, it's inherent. Women will just bury it, where it will fester and cause mental illness. Once more, a demonstration of a fundamental lack of understanding of what it means to be a woman. We are DESIGNED to PROTECT our children, and for us to allow them to be destroyed has the SAME type of emotional and spiritual impact as castration would have on a man, only more so.

            He needs to bone up on his science. Cell division goes on long before attachment.

            And what is more important than our basic rights? Of which the right to life is paramount. History repeats itself. Deny rights to one class of people, and NOBODY has rights.

            Nuanced? No. Just a bunch of excuses for not having a clear cut philosophy on the most basic and essential right: life. Libertarianism DEPENDS on this right. Dead people cannot exercise liberty.

            Abortion needs to be legislated with the homicide statutes. Failure to do this in the first place is the source of the problem.

            Thank you for sharing your views (now that I have read to the bottom). But your explanation doesn't cut it, and I DARE you to refute the writings on the Libertarians for Life web site.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            As you finally figured out in the end, I am the author of that five-year-old article on my own blog. I only shared it with you to demonstrate that I have indeed already carefully studied, cogitated on, and expounded on the abortion issue itself, both morally and politically. I long ago concluded that it was entirely outside the purview of the Federal government, and a curse on our political processes. I did visit your link; but found no new arguments requiring my deliberation. I have no interest in debating this always divisive issue any further here. ◄Dave►

          • Dave, you are talking to a wall, a totally set and closed mind. I live, currently, in the PI where Girlie Bars are. Yes, many/most of those girls have unfortunate backgrounds, and many of us expats feeling very sorry for them. But, the way it is and they are IN THE PRESENT, they clamor for "business", for their survival since apparently they don't seek "normal" jobs. Old Fil ladies here often say, "the are the lazy ones" who find it easier, from their point of view. to party for pay. They play sex for pay but I never hear of a John ab-Using them. The deal is done and he goes home, or, the leave together, by choice, for whatever. In America, seems to me, too many women "have a hard on" against men. No way I would choose to be married to one of them. My gf live-in is 32, never a puta, and I am 80. The relationship works for both of us. The American woman of a certain type would find a way to do a rant against that. So, to that kind, that type of angry America woman, live how you wish, but never with men such as I am. I am kind, caring and loving, and my lady responds in kind. Happily with never a mention of the negative form of "Feminism". As I've said, I am one of the original, right kind of Feminist. Equality of opportunity, not knocking me out of the job I won because, and only because, she is a woman, a faggot, or a black, or whatever, anything but a white man, even if he (oh dirty word, he)
            is the one more qualified. When that happened to me, I sed F it! and changed my profession. but remained in the States, successfully and happily, for the next 20 years. But, I have not chosen to live there during my past 20+ years. Most things are too "crazy" now.
            Better in some "more primitive" culture where attitudes and values are generally more REALISTIC. And yes, I could go on and on and on, based on vast, sometimes "half vast" experience.

          • patg2 says:

            Most women with unfortunate backgrounds simply do not have the skills to earn a living some other way. And if they initially choose it, most want to get out of it sooner rather than later, but are trapped. Often, their handlers get them hooked on drugs in addition. If they have been involved in porn, they are subject to blackmail. I will continue to speak up for them. Deal with it.

            There are a lot of women out there who abuse as well, not denying that. It's time ALL the abuse stops. A woman's temperament is toward the commitment in marriage. A man who ignores that harms the woman, even if she acts otherwise, simply because she may not be able to express her deepest need. Women tend to adapt, but they don't reveal what is really going on inside. Been there, done that. We feel vulnerable, we swallow our deepest needs.

            It is sorely tempting to move to Oz, but we can't run. We have to duke it out here.

          • In an Ideal World, maybe Plato's world of Forms, but we are here, "cave dwellers".RE the situation here in the PI: can you imagine, there are desperate parents who SEND AND REQUIRE maybe their "prettiest" one to work a Club and send the money home to support them. Imagine THAT mentality. On a better level, I suppose, parents send their best worker off to support the whole pack of them back home, after requiring them to QUIT SCHOOL!
            My GF was such a one, sent off as a house maid/baby sitter. Because of her conditioning, she doesn't see anything wrong with her people ruining her life. Lot of stories here that differ from life in the USA.

          • trutherator says:

            Prenatal infanticide the "lesser of two evils"???

      • Who cares what he (or anyone else) thinks about women. Since when is that a litmus test for effective leadership?

        • patg2 says:

          The President's duty is to the people. Half the people are women. Having a bad attitude about women is not appropriate or fitting in a President. There are other factors for effective leadership, but anybody who doesn't represent the entire American people doesn't pass the test, in my opinion. Since Hellary is so much MORE of a misogynist than Trump, however, the choice is clear.

      • You "get the government you deserve."

  13. Marte says:

    The fact that they don't "get it" is a real head-shaker. But – maybe they do get it and just don't want to stand for it.

  14. Jim D says:

    … so, I guess that Paul Ryan doesn't get the same right to his own opinion and convictions, as say, … you…

    And I'm chagrined that you could be writing an article about "arrogance" and "Donald Trump", and NOT have the article about Donald Trump's arrogance…

    It's going to be a long general election season and a VERY long 4 years under Hillary…

    • Barbara says:


      • Jim D says:

        I can only suppose that what's "in my dreams" is that Hillary will beat Trump. I can't imagine that what you are saying would be in my dreams would be that Paul Ryan (and anyone else) are entitled to their own opinion and thoughts.

        … although, from the lack of specifics in your comment, I am not quite sure.

        No wonder Trump probably appeals to you.

        I don't doubt your passion and firmly held convictions, and I too would want ANYONE but Hillary for President.

        But to win the Presidency, Trump will need more. He has the highest negatives, even higher than the previous high-holder: Hillary. He has alienated many key voting blocks (women, Hispanics, other Republicans, …). And, other than his one scripted foreign policy speech, he has demonstrated a superficial knowledge of the issues. I would argue that many of his espoused positions would be detrimental to "America first", e.g. trade war, deporting 12 million immigrants, etc., if not impractical.

        So, that's why I say it'll be a long campaign season and a terrible 4 years under Hillary, … if not 8 years…

    • TommyG says:

      You're so right. Talk about arrogance. Describes Trump to a tee. Trump is a charlatan. Trump is a liar. Trump is a con man. Trump is going to lose to Hiilary. I'm as conservative as they come, and I am #NeverTrump. Trump will lose to Hillary. Trump does not have the women vote, the Hispanic vote, nor the true conservative vote. Trumps is going to lose. #NeverTrump

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Jim D: Of course Trump is arrogant – and crude and nasty at times. But they're all bad. Most people just want to find one guy will actually do SOMETHING to stand up to the radical left.

  15. John E. Gabor says:

    Loved it. Keep 'em coming!

  16. Jay says:

    Robert, Your analysis of this is Brilliant! It was a energizing read filled with many indisputable facts. I just hope that DT reads this article and follows your advice. And, I truly hope that this is a wake up call to all intelligent Americans to boot the self-serving corrupt power hungry politicians out of office. You are my favorite author.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Thanks, Jay, for the compliment. I don't know Trump, but if I did I'd volunteer to advise him on his campaign strategy at no charge. With a few nuances I'd encourage him to adopt, he would trot across the finish line with room to spare.

      • Paul says:

        I have had you in my corner since 1979.. I'd still be wandering arround looking for LSD deals without you. Many thanks.

      • patg2 says:

        When it comes to strategy, I think the two of you are too much alike, which boils down to, hey, he wrote The Art of the Deal, so he doesn't need the advice of another dealmaker. Just sayin'.

  17. Andy O'Bryan says:

    You are my new favorite writer.

    • Sam says:

      Robert j.Ringer has been one of MY favorite writers since his first book, Winning Through Intimidation came out. Right on Robert !

  18. franksgue says:

    A note to my American friends – no, cousins, my Dad was an American – I have watched with sympathy and deep concern while Mr. Obama, in my opinion, has nearly emasculated the US.

    But it's not too late.

    Get to The Donald and tell him to tone down his opinions on women and one or two other things that set people's teeth on edge. And to tone up his economic and foreign policy opinions.

    Bless his heart, he's substituting policy for rhetoric, which must be a shock to the systems of The Establishment, Democratic and Republican.

    Many of us in Canada, like me, are bracing ourselves for a President Donald Trump. It could turn out very well.

    Best of luck.

    Frank Gue,
    Burlington, Ontario.

  19. TheLookOut says:

    The stench coming from the RINO camp is overwhelming.
    The GOP base will never forget nor forgive these traitors.
    They have been shucking, and jiving (lying) way too long.

  20. GM S says:

    First, I'll be supporting Mr. Trump in the election next fall.
    Secondly, and seriously, though, which one of Trump's positions do you think will go the farthest to promote "Restoring the American Dream": Using Imminent domain to help private businesses claim private property, tariffs on imports to make them more expensive for us folks or a single payor, universal health care system?

    • patg2 says:

      ALL of these things seriously worry me, but particularly his stand on imminent domain. The right to property is virtually nonexistent at present, and eminent domain is just one example. Property tax is a huge one. As for a universal health care system, I am totally opposed. The current system doesn't begin to meet our needs, and we have to foot the bill for the kind of care (natural) we receive, all by ourselves. That said, I understand Trump does NOT support the likes of Monsanto. That's a mark in his favor.

  21. All the things that you have said about the Republican establishment is probably the very reason why the BEST THING FOR TRUMP is to have them stand AGAINST him. If they were FOR him, most Trump supporters would be inclined to suspect that he had capitulated to the GOP establishment. Rather than bemoan these nevertrumpers you might just embrace their positions as very favorable for a Trump run for the Presidency.

    • patg2 says:

      I'm not sure whether we need their votes, or the people will vote for Trump because they oppose him. Time will tell.

  22. TommyG says:

    Trump is a reality TV RINO charlatan and a pathological liar. Trump is going to lose to Hillary. Trump does not have the women vote, the Hispanic vote, the black vote, the true conservative vote. Trump will not win. Wait until Hillary and the media unload on Trump. He's toast. Trump cannot tell the truth. Trump is not fot to be President. #NeverTrump

    • patg2 says:

      And Hellary IS? If she gets elected, I'll blame you. There's bad, and then there is unthinkable.

  23. Common Sense says:

    I think Hillary will win in November; Trump beats himself by alienating minority voters. Who are the majority in large delegate states like California.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I could be wrong, but I think Trump will get a much bigger share of minority voters than most people believe he will.

      • JOSEPH says:

        It's going to be a landslide for Trump and he will get the majority. As the election goes on from this point, people will lose confidence in Clinton and go with Trump. Just give it time and Trump will start winning with every category.

      • Rock Roach says:

        One reason I think he will get more minority votes is Obamacare.(as I realize that minorities for the most part are the lower wage earners).Say a family that just makes 40 K a year,they may not be able to afford obamacare even with a subsidy.Now they may be forced to pay up to 2,000 dollars in fines for not having insurance.I know that my wife who has waited 24 months after appeals to finally get a disability hearing
        and I making 65k a year can't afford a 10k insurance policy that covers nothing-we just paid a 1275 fine for 2015 going up to 2k for next year-How are people making 40 k a year going to afford it.(United health care just pulled out-probably from non payments of people that barely can afford obamacare that can't pay there co pays.What a horrible system and certainly one that Trump will attack with venom.

      • Rock Roach says:

        In addition,6 percent of tax payers paid 1.5 billion in obama care fines.Now how many of these 6 percent are going to vote for Hillary?And this doesn't include the people that owed the penalty and didn't pay it
        or the people that didn't have insurance and just checked the box saying that they had insurance.These voters s well are not likely to support someone running on Obama's coat tails.

  24. Jay Smith says:

    My forbears fought and died for freedom. Economic freedom was also part of the deal. I'm sick of being screwed down to last bean…

  25. Blank Reg says:

    Robert, congrats on a really great article. I would also highly recommend you check out Scott Adam's [Dilbert] blog – if you haven't already – on his analysis of the Trump phenomenon, with particular attention to his communication skills. There hasn't been a persuader like this since Reagan. He's already talking past the sale. And he's tapping a base that hasn't been this excited since Nixon.

    Our average 55% voter turnout is going to soar this time around, and they'll all be Trump voters. Once Bernie gets the final shaft, his supporters will either vote Trump or stay home.

  26. Reality Seeker says:

    Psssst…..I'll let some who don't seem to understand the real reason why RINO Ryan and the other insider RINOs don't want to "endorse" an outsider RINO like Trump. It has nothing to do with principles, conservatism or platform. That's all bullshit. The real reason(s) why are KStreet bribes, crony capitalism and most of all the loss of POWER! It's all about insider trade deals, Wall Street and Bankster cronyism and MASSIVE wellfare-warfare payoffs. Big oil, big banks, big transnationals, MSM presstitutes and the fu#king career politicians.

    This fight between the old RINOs and the New RINO has nothing to do with any bullshit platform.

    • Oldflyer says:

      Please do not embarrass yourself. Think about what you are saying. You call the so-called GOP establishmet RINOs, when it is clearly you and the rest of the Trumpeters who want to destroy the GOP and hope that something better emerges from the ashes. So, who are the RINOs?

      You should review a little history. Chaos always works to the benefit of the bad guys. They are the ones who are organized to take advantage. Those who rush to barricades, metaphorically, get slaughtered or purged in the aftermath; sometimes literally. Never fails.

      Why can't you folks admit that you are not Republicans. likely never have been. My guess is that most have never contributed time or money to the organization or to support any candidates. If you want something else; organize it. Ha! Ha! But quit whining about the party that you have abandoned.

  27. Rocketman says:

    Once again I think that your comments are dead on, but I think that your underestimating Hell-ary Clinton and her little band of thieves and perverts. This election is going to go down in history if for no other reason than you are going to see more cheating going on than most people even think is humanly possible. Not only that but I think that certain members of the neo-con wing of the republican party will be behind the scenes actually helping her win! The reason is of course that Trump is already a billionaire and can tell the establishment to go and stick it while Hell-ary is bought and paid for even if she is a democrat. Gary Johnson pointed out recently that if the Libertarian Party can't make any headway with this mess going on then it never will and he's currently at 11% in the polls. Personally, I believe that this is the beginning of the end for both the Republican and the Democrat parties as they are losing the support and respect of the average American. About Time!!!!!!

  28. Paul Herring says:

    I read your column regularly, Robert, even though a non-US citizen. It is sad to see the US Presidential elections becoming the farce that they seem to be. Neither main front-runner, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, seem well-liked or well-suited for the job. More heavily disliked and unsuitable it appears.

    Yet these are the persons millions of Americans will be asked to vote for toward the end of this year. From what I've read, even if I was a voter, I couldn't imagine voting for either of these because of their characters. In Australia where I come from voting is compulsory, but understand it isn't so in the US.

    Many times I've commented on government in this forum . Western societies maintain that democracy is the most enlightened and fairest form of government. Compared to some others it may be. However, it falls a long way short of the ideal.

    A few times I've recommended government by God as outlined in the Bible, which most of us have been exposed to in the Lord's Prayer when we pray for 'God's kingdom to come' (Matthew 6:9-13). Commentators here have in the main 'rubbished' me (Australian for deriding me), but I'm undeterred. From my studies of the Bible for over 45 years the remarks posted here have in fact strengthened my faith in God's kingdom as the only hope for mankind.

    It seems even well-meaning politicians who begin with idealistic motives become enmeshed in the political machine and eventually lose their ideals or they lose their 'seat'. So while the US form of democracy or the English Westminster system which we have in Australia may have in its roots better aims, it is still subject to the human imperfection of those who hold power. This is why you're facing the political quandary you are and as we are too in other so-called democratic countries.

    So God's government, God's Kingdom, seems more attractive all the time to those who really want a better world for them and their children. Sadly, you won't hear this message in the mainline "Christian" churches.

    • Whose interpretation of "The Bible", and which translation? Every time I read the emotives of a "Thumper" I immediately shut down on any and everything the speaker sez. Tells me that have a serious inability to think! Good VALUES, yes, SHOULD/OUGHT TO INFORM all educated people, but ramming dogma down an thinking person's "throat" is or should be verboten! Spare, me God, the Thumpers who profane Your Name! I firmly believe in a NON Anthropomorphic God concept, and the Good Spirits who work diligently on the behalf of decent people with Rightr and Good aspirations, and deplore the Dark Force and the Evil it represents and it presents in our world of humans incarnate. Yes, we are in a Dualistic Situation, and working it out is designed for Soul/Essential Self growth! That's the way it is, I believe, on the earth plane where we humans are until physical death. But, as I continue to think and search, I hold my beliefs TENTATIVELY in case a "truer truth" becomes available to me. Avid Christians, and other Religionists, are locked in and locked down, rigidly in a non-evolutionary way. It is the FIXED ONES who are the LOST ONES, I believe.

      • Paul Herring says:

        You and I have had this conversation before, Richard. The likely key difference in our thinking is that I don't believe humans are the centre of the universe, so to speak, whereas you seem to. Incidentally, it doesn't matter which Bible translation a person uses – the core message is the same in all of them.

        On the point of Robert's post here. When I hear presidential candidates labelled as criminals, corrupt, 'snakelike' and even President Obama called disparaging names, it reeks of disrespect. Their very positions call for our respect if not for the person but for the position they hold at least. Even calling me a "Thumper" isn't very respectful, Richard.

        Anyway humans have tried every form of government and none has worked. What makes a person think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President will make the US a better place and by extension the world at large.

        So perhaps you can see why I persist in saying that Biblical promises are real and represent a more stable, more satisfying form of government than what we're experiencing. This is what I'm looking forward to.

        • patg2 says:

          The problem is that a biblical form of government would still be run by human beings. It won't work unless God runs it, and He has chosen not to do so, for now. Applying the parts of the Ten Commandments that apply to earthly living is appropriate, and I think it is necessary (guarantees the right to life to all human beings, for instance), but requiring certain religious beliefs is not God's way. He leaves us free to choose against Him. That is also necessary, because without that, our "love" for Him would be fake. Think "robot".

        • I don't know where you got the idea that I think humans are the center of the universe. When considering all the probably habitable planets "out here" I find it UNLIKELY that we are the only, I hesitate to use the word "intelligent" beings in all of physical reality. BASICALLY, we humans like to say I KNOW. In my opinion, we humans know very little. And then be arrogant about our "beliefs"? And mostly we do have just that/those: beliefs, NOT knowledge. What can we IN FACT KNOW? Thinking people make the distinction between their BELIEFS and what we can actually KNOW.
          Consider, what do or can we actually KNOW? Not much. And, the last thing I would want in our world is a THEOCRACY! I would be happy to have a government of ETHICAL/MORAL people, but we certainly do not, and have not had, ever, according to History. Humans are just NOT evolved enough yet. Maybe never will be if this Plane of Being (earth) is what it is for the level of people who incarnate here. I wish Christians were all like my deceased Uncle Chuck. A devoted Baptist and lover of other humans. A warm kind gentle accepting man with a great sense of humor, and never prosletizing, never goin' around try to convert people. The resident of the town where he lived loved him because he was so accepting of everyone. I wish I could be the "good man" that he was!

        • Ragnar says:

          "Humans have tried every form of government" – well not really, only one form has been tried – rule of the people by force and fraud. You can call your ruler president, king, dictator or anything else but it is all the same. What has not been tried is Freedom, where property is 100% protected and the use of force has disappeared. Where all actions are voluntary and contractual. Where the individual rules himself and no others.

      • patg2 says:

        Not a translation, the original. It is authoritative. This is why the pastors of my church are required to read Hebrew and Greek fluently. I myself refer to them when necessary, and I am prepared to spend hours parsing out the meaning of something if need be. The Holy Spirit is the only source of correct interpretation. Christians have Him; non-Christians do not. This makes things a bit difficult.

        Since you talked about what turns you off, I will mention that New Age talk turns me off. And evolution is bunk. That said, Christians grow in understanding when they study and pray. There are so many layers to the Bible, though the message is so simple even the youngest infant can understand it. What other intellectually challenging book can say the same? None.

        • So the earth is only about 5,000 years old. Yes? There are different ways to understand "Evolution".Why couldn't "the Force" have used that mode as a tool? Many New Agers are fools and worse, but I suppose it was and is a reaction to the BS their people/parents forced on them. What thinking person wouldn't try to rebel out of that? And, if anyone studies the Ancients of India, and China, with an open mind, they will see truth-value there. Christianity is NOT the ONLY WAY, as Christians assume. You wanna consider a False Religion, look at the Koran worshippers! What a blight when America let THEM in!

          • Paul Herring says:

            The Bible doesn't say that the earth is only 5,000 years old incidentally. Neither do I. Clearly, it is a lot older than that. Nor am I a 'New Ager'.

            Yes, there is truth in what other religions say, but much of that appeared first in the Bible anyway. Christendom, so-called Christianity, has left such an incredibly bad record of persecution and forced conversions it's no surprise that people are turned off it today. The churches haven't taught their members the truth from the Bible anyway.

            But just as there are poor examples of government and there are better ones, there is Christendom and true Christianity.

            Government is necessary because we need order and direction. But our Creator (yes, I believe we were created, didn't evolve) had/has a purpose for mankind and the earth. Aligning ourselves with that purpose will deliver a better future for those who do.

        • Here is one of he many Principles I live by: TAKE TRUTH WHEREVER YOU FIND IT. (One of J. Krishnamurti's many great ideas!) He was not a so-called New-Ager. He was simply a thinker-writer-speaker-teacher. He also espoused TENTATIVITY OF BELIEF, holding a belief firmly but tentatively in case he found a more TRUE TRUTH . Makes sense to me!
          I guess the old time religionists called me a FREE-THINKER. To use an old cliche', why did God give me a brain if I'm not allowed to use it? Religionists are always saying "God said", etc. Fact is, they do NOT know what God sez! Such arrogance!

        • Ragnar says:

          Try a little Thomas Paine, you might learn something.

  29. heather426 says:

    Brilliant article as usual. I think Trump will win because I know so many people who say they will be voting for him but are afraid to say so because of all the Trump bashing going on and the fact that they will be lambasted if they declare their support publicly. Just my opinion, but I think the majority is indeed silent right now and the pundits who declare Hellary will beat him are in for a shocking surprise. And I'm not declaring my support or lack of it myself, just observing the phenomenon. But as you say, the election is 6 months away, and a lot could happen.

  30. Jana says:

    Hey PR it's YOUR turn to suck it up and vote for the nominee.

  31. Reality Seeker says:

    LOL…..Sarah Palin is going to work hard to defeat RINO Ryan in the upcoming election. She's going to support Paul Nehlen. Paul Nehlen is going to try to Eric-Cantor RINO Ryan. Boy, Paul Ryan joining Eric Cantor would be nice, wouldn't it?

    Hmmm…. I never really cared that much for Palin, but it's nice to see her doing the right thing by going to war against RINO Ryan. If she keeps this up, I just might change my opinion of her.

    • Stephan F says:

      It’s strange to see the philosophical evolution she’s been going through for the last eight years or so. She almost certainly has many metaphysical conflicts to deal with, as anyone in her position would have under the circumstances (how she can reconcile her acceptance to be Insane McCain’s running mate, and then endorse him again for senator two years later, would be enough to send me to the loony bin). And she seems to have dealt with some of them very well. Hopefully, like Mary Matalin (surprise, surprise), the lightbulb will flash on in her head soon and she’ll really send the neocons & liberals screaming when she announces her conversion to our way of thinking. Here’s hoping.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        I've always given Palin a pass on standing by Mush. It's a tough situation to be in when you owe your fame and fortune to one man's decision – and he's the wrong man.

        • patg2 says:

          Very well put. I have been disappointed in some of the things she has done recently. I also think she is still needed to raise her youngest son. I would like to see her elected to a national position at some point.

  32. Gary Waltrip says:

    There is nothing that I could ever add to this RJR post. It was industrial strength truth. Trump's victory in the primaries has brought out the worst in the go-along to get-along RINO party. The traitors to conservative principles are revealed by their self-destructive, self-defeating vitriol against Trump. I have never seen the "conservative" establishment so boiling angry. — never at Obama or Hillary, but at the nominee of their own party. Some new guy is playing in their sand pile and they just cannot accept it. And yes, Glenn Beck is absolutely nuts.

  33. brackenkaren says:

    Ryan is an Aspen Institute Fellow. So what made anyone EVER think he was a conservative. Conservatives do not attend the Aspen Institute. He was in the same class with class mate Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. So what more do you really need to know about this man?? What we need to do is make sure his opponent (a true conservative….at least for now) beats the pants off Ryan and sends him packing. Ryan MUST not be elected again. So get out the check book and send a contribution to his opponent. Paul Nehlan

  34. Sheila says:

    Trump is a RINO. He LIVES the Establishment. He is a Democrat. He has always supported Democrats. He abhors social conservatives. He is a pathological liar and a bully. And whether he wins or loses is not my concern. I really have a problem with the morons on this thread who tell ME to get over Cruz and vote for Trump.

    MYOB. I'll vote for whomever I damn well please, if I vote at all. If I do it surely won't be Trump. Come to think of it, it's really odd that all these Trumpster Dumpsters are so concerned about everybody else "uniting" and "getting on the bandwagon." Hell freeze over first. I don't unite for any Democrat. If you are so confident about the Windbag winning, it shouldn't matter what REAL conservatives do. You go vote for Trump. I won't.

    I do envy the Democrats this year, however. They now have TWO candidates to choose from while I have zero.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Yeh, lucky Democrats. They can choose between a communist and a career criminal.

      • Sheila says:

        Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. There's Bernie. Sorry my bad.

        So the Democrats are even luckier. They have THREE candidates to choose from:

        1. The criminal (D)
        2. The commie. (D)
        3. The crackpot. (D running as an R)

        Hope that clarifies it a bit.

  35. BarnCat says:

    Hilarious and wonderful! I rarely laugh out loud (and have found little to laugh about since GHWBush admin and the others that followed) but I not only laughed at the first reading but will laugh when I read it again. Thanks for calling it what it is. I just hope Trump doesn't cave to the elites; already worried by his first two…

  36. Sheila says:

    Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. There's Bernie. Sorry my bad.

    So the Democrats are even luckier. They have THREE candidates to choose from:

    1. The criminal (D)
    2. The commie. (D)
    3. The crackpot. (D running as an R)

    Hope that clarifies it a bit.

  37. ◄Dave► says:

    The antidote… This is probably the best campaign ad I have ever seen:

    Sarah Palin has endorsed him and has said she will help ‘Cantor’ Ryan in any way she can. I sure hope Trump’s organization manages to donate a few million bucks to his campaign. Trump should mention the possibility in his meeting with Ryan this week. Imagine how the term ‘Cantor-Ryan Retirement Party’ could modify GOPe behavior in the future! ? ◄Dave►

  38. Scott theczech says:

    The "deep state" is still in control and the cloistered elites manage the store. The question in my mind is whether or not Trump has really repented (i.e. to change one's mind/to reverse course) and is willing to go to battle with some very powerful forces in order to restore the republic to some semblance of its' former self.

  39. Scott theczech says:

    Should read…"in order to help restore…"

  40. Scott theczech says:

    BTW, the massive political action committee fund know as "The Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund" which backed Cruz has decided to devote it's time, talent and treasure to lower level campaigns including congressional, state and county. It'll be interesting to see if that changes the game.

  41. Malcolm Thornton says:

    Ryan needs to be challenged by an all-weather Conservative in the primary. Just becasue he lifts weights and can talk without tripping over his tongue does not make him a saviour to the Republican Party. When you give the Dems and Obozo everything thing they want in the appropriations bill you need to think about polishing up your resume, becasue you need a new job!

  42. SRV says:

    Bernie Bro here (still like to see Trump/Bernie ticket & just “bern” the whole thing down… Break up WS and the biggest corporations, trash the TTP(s), NAFTA, and use tariffs to enable higher wage manufacturing jobs… then drive the establishment nits, at both ends of the political spectrum).

    Hey, if nothing else, the first shot of Hillary after getting the news would be… absolutely priceless!

    Kudos for taking the shot at Choir Boy Ryan (I digress, again, but(t) if you ever get to see the VIPs exiting the Obama Inauguration, keep an eye out for Ryan, who was 3/4s the way up & to the left. Had his eye on Beyonce as they made their way up the steps and practically forced his way in behind her, with dutiful wife in hand… it was very plain to see he couldn’t take him eyes off her butt… Mr “Family Values” strikes again… lol) though.

    His self righteous act is wearing very thin… clearly believes he’s the second coming… “Hubris Squared!”

  43. Everybody has an opinion, and it's usually to badmouth somebody else. All should look at their own behavior.

  44. BruceKennedy says:

    Talk about arrogance. That is absolutely hilarious. The "Tea Party" is the most arrogant entity, in politics. These individuals have proclaimed that "No Compromise" is their creed. Even when they were in the minority in Congress, they demanded complete and utter adherence to their agenda. The fact that they are a minority entity, in the U.S., yet wish to dictate the entire U.S. political agenda is the height of arrogance. What is going on right now with the Republicans and Conservatives? They used to be synonymous, now they're on the verge of being mortal combatants. This less than persuasive blogger, Robert Ringer, is all over the place like a cheap suit. One minute he is espousing the woes of how Republicans have abandon good old Conservative principles, the next minute he is urging "The Donald" to tell Ryan to stick his Conservative principles where the sun don't shine. "The Donald" has to be an enigma for Conservatives, Ringer says "The Donald" is singing the "Populist's song", yet the lyrics contain blatant references to the "Liberal" philosophy. So what is it? Are good old Conservative principles reliable anymore, in this day and age, or is some sort of philosophical hybrid needed to survive politically? And if so, that flies directly in the face of the "Tea Party's" creed of "No compromise".

  45. Oldflyer says:

    This is such tripe. Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House. He is third in line for the Presidency. He is also an ethical person, and an effective Legislator.

    Donald Trump is at this point, a WANNABE.

    You embarrass yourself.

    It is for Trump to make the case to Ryan that he will govern within the Constitution and by conservative principles. So, far I have yet to hear him utter the word Constitution; and as far as principles are concerned, he has not said the same thing two days in a row.

    Ryan is absolutely correct to insist that Trump clarify himself. He would be negligent not to. At this point, Ryan does not owe Trump anything. Neither do I nor anyone else. It is for Trump to earn the support he desires.

    By the way, you throw the word revolution around very loosely. If you are one of those "burn it down and see what happens fanatics" you need to recheck your history. These episodes do not end well. Syria and Libya are two recent examples, others abound. History shows that the bad guys are the best organized to exploit chaos. I challenge you to point to a revolution that produced the results that the instigators anticipated. (I particularly like the French, which spawned an Emperor.) Please do not cite the so-called American Revolution, which was no such thing by accepted definition. That was a separatist movement led by the American Establishment Elites. Got that? The Elites and Establishment led the way for positive change.

    I know I am pissing up a rope (to use an old nautical phrase) because neither you nor your readers want to really think this through rationally.

    • ◄Dave► says:

      Semantics. I am a regular reader here, and am more than happy to think these matters through rationally. Please explain the essential distinctions between such terms as 'civil disobedience'; 'riot'; 'rebellion'; or 'separatist movement.' Once any of them escalates into a shooting war, between contumacious civilians and the armed forces of the state, how could this not be legitimately considered a 'revolution' or 'civil war,' both of which are also synonymous terms, for the same state of affairs?

      That said, RJR was not referring as yet to such a revolution against the state itself. He was speaking of a political revolt against the wishes of the Incumbrepublocrat Duopoly elites, by those sheeple still trapped within the phony two-party paradigm, who continue to participate in the well-choreographed Kabuki dance they call elections. It is more than fair, to call such a revolt a political revolution. ◄Dave►

    • Darren Mark says:

      I hope that warm piss feels good coming back down the rope, because you are all wet! That arrogant douchebag Ryan can take a flying leap! The voters have spoken, and we are sick and tired of the establishment.

  46. Talde says:

    Nice take, old flyer…

    Trump chose the Republican Party for this enterprise, not the other way around. It's a shard leadership situation. Trump may be the captain but Ryan's the dispatcher. This flight stays grounded until they both say go.

  47. Pat says:

    Eating crow with trump – a feast if ever there was one!
    Just words, words, words?

  48. new hindi jokes says:

    Many of us in Canada, like me, are bracing ourselves for a President Donald Trump. It could turn out very well.