Thank God and Greyhound You’re Gone

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Robert Ringer


Now I have yet another reason to dislike Megyn Kelly. Just as I was putting together some notes for an article in which I was going to predict she would leave Fox News for an exalted slot at one of the major networks, she broke the news to viewers that her last show with Fox would be January 6.

She proudly went on to say that she would be jumping into the Radical Left snake pit at NBC — a perfect choice for her. It’s only fitting that Kelly should go to the Dirty Dems’ leading PR firm, where she will be free to come out of the closet as a true-believing lefty.

Except for a rare segment here and there, I long ago stopped watching the angry, narcissistic, megalomaniac who’s cup runneth over with self-love. However, when I heard that January 6 would be her last show on Fox, I yielded to curiosity and tuned in. When the show mercifully ended, I had the same thought that I’m sure I’ll have on January 20th — a line right out of Roy Clark’s classic song, “Thank God and Greyhound You’re gone.”

But perhaps Kelly won’t completely abandon her ideological closet when she goes to work at NBC, because it might just be that one of the ways in which NBC hopes to recoup its huge investment in her is that it believes she can periodically lure Donald Trump into appearing on her show. And even if he’s smart enough to resist that temptation, she very possibly could taunt him into a Twitter war that would get her tons of publicity.

After all, Kelly, who would do anything to get ahead (heads up to her current stay-at-home husband), cleverly and successfully used Donald Trump, the world’s biggest news draw by light years, to further her own career. And she did it by employing her stock in trade — making herself part of the story rather than just reporting the news.

So it’s possible that she’ll try to use Trump’s Achilles Heel — his vulnerability to sycophantism — to lure him into coming on her new show, then brawling with him on a regular basis on Twitter. Kelly is a master at riding the coattails of important people, and Trump has the longest coattails in the world right now.

Advice to DT: Be prepared for Kelly’s attempts to get you to acknowledge her — and don’t take the bait. Ignore her requests for interviews and don’t lower yourself to even mention her name.

After Kelly’s announcement that she would be leaving Fox, the big question became, who will her replacement be? I had my own list prepared, but in a surprising and brilliant move, the Murdochs immediately shifted Tucker Carlson into the 9:00 pm slot.

Tucker’s ratings have been through the roof, so the likelihood is that he will be the permanent host at 9:00 pm. He thrives on having Radical Left guys on as guests, then annihilating them with his unmatched debating skills. His knowledge and verbal prowess are nothing short of amazing. I would not want to get him mad at me.

That said, since I had already started the article on Kelly’s replacement, I’ll use the material to pass along to you who my top female picks were for her job:

At the top of the list, based on brains, humor, a willingness to call out the bad guys, and unparalleled talent in making sarcastic and sardonic comments, is the legendary Laura Ingraham. Based on her history with Fox News to date, however, I doubted she would be the choice. Fox gave her the five o’clock hour some years ago, only to quickly replace her with Glenn Beck, who was a phenomenon for about a year before suddenly losing his mind.

After Laura Ingraham, my first choice would have been the incomparable Judge Jeanine Pirro, the sexiest 65-year-old woman ever to appear on television. She’s brilliant, fearless when it comes to using politically incorrect language (especially when it comes to referring to Obama and other high-profile radical leftists), and effusively entertaining.

However, I doubt Fox would have put a 65-year-old woman in its prime slot for fear she would grow old on them — despite the fact that right now she looks better than most women half her age. I love Judge Jeanine.

Third on my Female Fox Talent list would be Trish Regan — good looking, smart as a whip, a willingness to go after everyone from Obama on down, and hardcore pro-liberty. She has it all.

I would put Andrea Tantaros right up there with Regan, but since she had a falling out with Fox, it’s unlikely they would consider her for employment again. I hope I’m wrong about that.

Then there’s Lisa Boothe, who, like Barack Obama, seems to have appeared out of nowhere — though I doubt she’s from Kenya. Seriously, there is hardly any information about her business or personal life on the Internet. Nevertheless, she is super great.

Boothe just popped up one day on Fox News and immediately became a regular contributor on its biggest shows. She is extremely smart, knows the facts cold, and gets an A+ when it comes to expressing herself — and, of course, her good looks don’t hurt her.

Next is Shannon Bream, whom I adore. She’s the antithesis of Kelly — very likeable and always focused on the news rather than herself. Though she was a state beauty queen in both Florida and Virginia, she comes across as the girl next door — very sweet, very pleasant. In my opinion, she’s a very underutilized talent.

Sandra Smith would be my next pick. She substituted for Kelly many times, and was like a breath of fresh air when she did. She also co-hosts the terrific Fox News show, Outnumbered, at noon. Like Shannon Bream, Smith is not only smart and talented, but very likeable.

Kennedy (full name Lisa Kennedy Montgomery) is all-around great. She is both smart and humorous — and a libertarian to boot. She hosts her own show on Fox Business and is a frequent co-host of Outnumbered. I’d be happy to see her in any time slot.

Harris Faulkner is classy, smart, and strong, but probably a bit dull for a prime-time solo hosting job. She is, however, a sleeper, because I’ve watched her dramatically improve her skills over the past several years.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, also beautiful, smart, and the possessor of great verbal skills, has improved a lot since she lost her first show some years ago, but there’s something about her voice that’s a bit irritating. She’s been an excellent utility infielder, but stardom is likely beyond her reach at this point.

Two sleepers are Ainsley Earhardt, who is very likeable, and firebrand Tomi Lahren, the 24-year-old Glenn Beck discovery. Earhardt may be too likeable for a tough news show, and Lahren, though she’s making a huge splash, is probably a few years away from being ready for prime time.

There are a number of others at Fox who are very good, including Katie Pavlich, Eboni Williams, and Melissa Francis, to name a few, but right now I’ll stand by my list above. And, of course, it goes without saying that any of the women I’ve mentioned in this article tower over Megyn the Malevolent.

On the negative side, now that the greatest accident in TV history, Greta, has gone back to her ultra-liberal roots by signing with MSNBC, Dana Perino is deserving of her title as Most Unwatchable. Perino is Republican establishment to the core and has an air about her that suggests she envisions herself as the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. She is one of two reasons (the other being moron Juan Williams) that I don’t watch The Five.

In any event, if Tucker Carlson keeps moving up in the ratings, he’s likely to still be in the 9:00 pm time slot when O’Reilly is in a nursing home. Good luck to you, Tucker. You’ve always been brilliant and bold, and you deserve all the success you can garner.

In the meantime, MK, we really do thank God and Greyhound you’re gone.

Robert Ringer

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