Bye, Bye Megyn

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Robert Ringer


I’ve written a number of times about the sad ending of my love affair with Glenn Beck, the most talented person ever to grace a television screen. Today, I find him to be such a turnoff that I’m tempted to mute him when he occasionally appears as a second-rate guest on someone’s show.

Beck’s fall from grace can be traced directly to a dinosaur-sized ego that knows no bounds. No amount of love or admiration can satisfy his insatiable need for adoration. As result, he’s completely incapable of sticking to a single, successful format, because he’s driven to repeatedly come up with something newer and more spectacular to amaze his devoted fan base.

Beck simply can’t control himself. He always has to be promoting some new cause — sending toys, clothing, food, and water to “kids” from Mexico and Central America who crossed the border illegally … giving a mea culpa on how he now wishes he hadn’t been so “divisive” while he was a rock star at Fox … and holding rallies that have no discernable meaning.

His most recent rally was his “All Lives Matter” event in Birmingham on the 52nd anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Only 20,000 people showed up, kind of a sad figure compared to his 2010 “Restoring Honor” event in Washington, D.C. that was attended by at least 500,000 people.

I was present at the 2010 event, so I can attest to the size of the crowd. But to this day, I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of the event was. Nor does my wife or anyone else whom I’ve spoken to who attended the event.

Now along comes Megyn the Mudslinger, the new leader of Fox News’ blonde brigade. She has a pretty (though stone cold) face, a killer instinct, and an arrogance that makes Glenn Beck seem like Mother Teresa by comparison.

Even so, as was the case with Beck, I must admit that I really liked Kelly in her early days on “The Kelly File.” She hammered away at the lies and liars that put Ferguson, Missouri on the map, hammered away at the ignorant mayor and Baltimore State Attorney who turned the Freddie Gray case into a phony race issue, and did a pretty good job of hammering away at America’s number-one felon, Hilla the Hun. But, like Beck, it seems as though Kelly is incapable of handling success.

Now, when she’s not talking about herself, her stay-at-home husband, her kids, her social life, her unhappy first marriage, how she “lived in sin” before that first marriage … and on and on the egomaniacal babble goes … she resorts to junk TV like “focus groups” (Does Fox News really need another Frank Dunce?), painfully dull, multi-hour interviews with the Duggar family (Does anyone seriously care about their travails?), and other assorted time-filler junk fare.

Drunk on the aroma of adulation — and the coddling of legend Brit Hume and Bossman Roger Ailes — Megyn the Mudslinger has now evolved into Megyn the Malevolent and decided to go after bigger game: D. Trump.

It apparently astonished a lot of viewers that she actually thought she could poke Trump in the eye and not get herself humiliated in the process. To make matters worse, notwithstanding her attempts to stir up mudslinging among the other GOP candidates, Roger Ailes made one of his rare mistakes and publicly supported her.

The problem for Ailes is that Fox’s audience has let it be known that it vehemently disagrees with him, and, as a result, Kelly’s ratings are going the way of Glenn Beck’s. That being the case, you would assume she would ease up on the gas pedal and let things cool down a bit. If so, you’d be wrong.

Instead, like the president she so valiantly supports, she’s doubling and tripling down on her nastiness. In fact, the other night she scolded not only Trump (in absentia), but all those in her “focus group” who implied that Barack Obama might not have been born in the United States.

At one point, she cut off one of her focus-group members and shrieked (Yes, shrieked!), “He’s not a Muslim!” When the panelist tried to respond with, “Well, we don’t …,” Kelly again cut her off and hysterically screamed, “We do know!”

I agree with Donald Trump when he says that “her replacement while she was out on vacation was much better!” Many viewers, including yours truly, would love to see beautiful, likeable, super gifted Shannon Bream take over Kelly’s 9:00 pm slot. Roger Ailes has been red-shirting the former Miss Virginia and Miss Florida for far too long, and Megyn the Malevolent would be wise to be looking over her shoulder instead throwing left hooks at Republican candidates.

Barack Obama may very well have been born in this country, and he may very well not be a Muslim. That’s not the point. The question is, how does Megyn the Malevolent know for certain that either of those things are facts? Has she seen the original of his birth certificate? Does he attend her church?

Given that Washington is saturated with criminal activity, the last thing in the world I care about is where Barack Obama was born or what his religion is. But what I do care about is a second-rate journalist taking it upon herself to demand that a third party denounce anyone who states an opinion that is contrary to her beliefs. If someone were to claim that Mike Huckabee was not a Christian, I wonder if she would demand that that person (or some third party!) denounce such a statement.

But maybe I’m taking it all too seriously. After all, both television and politics are nothing more than an ongoing series of bad jokes. I realize that it’s much easier for the media to focus on silly stuff rather than the economy, ISIS, Putin, the Iran nuclear agreement, Benghazi, Hillary’s endless and ongoing criminal activities, skyrocketing black-on-black crime, a bankrupt Social Security system, a national debt that can never be repaid, etc.

Many believe that it’s just a simple matter of ignorance on Kelly’s part, and, if so, I’d be inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt and just write it off to arrogance of the ignorant. In any event, as she continues to make her way toward the exit door at Fox, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps Bill Ayres was right — perhaps Megyn the Malevolent really is a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News.

Purportedly, this is what she looked like right after Roger Ailes threw the switch on that fateful night in the basement of Fox News and brought the Malevolent Megyn cyborg to life — already decked out in her WWE outfit and ready to do battle with the Donald Trumps of the world: Birth of a Cyborg

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Michael Michael Acton says:

    If the picture of Megyn the Cyborg is real (which unfortunately I seriously doubt), she can say whatever she wants to in my book! Otherwise, you're spot on as usual Mr. Ringer. Thank you for the sage advice and the humor, which makes your wisdom even more enjoyable to read.

  2. ClaudeA says:

    Well, this is as close to watching ANY media of any kind, so thanks for affirming my wise choice for lack thereof.

  3. Pat says:

    I pegged Glenn Beck early on. He hasn't been honest with us from the get-go. He's a Mormon, but claims he is a Christian (sorry, but Mormon doctrine is practically the polar opposite from orthodox Christian doctrine). I also reacted viscerally to the arrogance early on. Television is almost totally a waste of time. I think you'd be much happier if you didn't waste yours. Just a gentle suggestion. And by the way, that image of Megyn is beyond tasteless. Who is responsible for that bit of cr@p? Don't stoop to their level!

    • Kimball Romney says:

      Mormon doctrine is practically the polar opposite from orthodox Christian doctrine? Would you please site a few examples, if you truly understand Mormon doctrine or Orthodox Christian Doctrine.

      • ET Benson's Cousin says:

        I am the 3rd cousin to the 13th Prophet of the Mormon Church. Christianity is the polar opposite of Mormonism because of who each of these religions proclaim Jesus Christ to be. To Christians, he is God. To Mormons, he is the son of Elohim, a polygamous god who lives on the planet Kolob with his thousands of goddess wives, who give birth to spirit children that then wait to be born on this earth, which Elohim created. To Mormons, there was a war in this pre-existent Heaven where Jesus and Satan, both spirit brothers of Father Elohim, vied for who would be the Savior of the Earth. Jesus won and Satan was cast down with 1/3 of the angels who followed him – which became the demons on the Earth.

        So you see, either Jesus is God, or he is just the brother of Satan who won a political battle to have the honor of being the savior of a 3rd rock from a sun.

        In Mormonism, Elohim was first born as a physical being on his own "earth" then progressed his way to godhood – just like thousands of other gods before him.

        In Christianity, God is Eternal. He always was, always is and always will be. There was never a time when God was not God. He has no beginning nor end. He has always been omniscient and omnipotent.

  4. CSW says:

    I gave up on Beck when, after begging his audience, his voice tight with emotion, to send him "tips" about government goings-on (because his network was new and his staff small), I sent him a tip about the NDAA, which was a fledgling proposed bill at the time. I used the email address he gave, and even took extra steps to send the link to the bill to not only THAT address, but Beck personall at his radio email address, his email address at his new network, his old FOX email address (in case it might be forwarded to him), Stu, Pat AND the Blaze "tips" email address.

    I emailed four times over the course of 5 or 6 weeks. He never mentioned the NDAA. If he HAD, back then there would have been months to get folks involved contacting Congress. But, nope. Every email was ignored.

    Months later, when the bill passed, along came Glenn Beck, furious and red-faced, spittle spraying from between his teeth as he exclaimed, "Look what they have done behind your back! Under cover of night! No one in the media addressed this! Now it's too late!" It was quite a performance, and it was a lie.

    Had I just mailed him once, or just used one email address, I might excuse it as perhaps having fallen through the cracks. But I emailed him four times, at no less than half a dozen different email addresses each time.

    I also emailed Hannity and O'Reilly multiple times. Not one "journalist," not one "patriot," not one "conservative," not one "constitutionalist" made mention of a bill that stripped citizens of due process making its way through the judicial system. Not one.

    My eyes were opened that day. All the "conservative" talking heads, all the patriots shining the light on government overreach at Fox and on Beck's "network" are all for show—all bread and circuses to keep the public at least semi-calm.

    Wouldn't surprise me if all of Trump's hollering wasn't all part of the same—-as long as SOMEONE is screaming on your behalf, you can go ahead and stay on your couch, pop open another beer and have some more chips. SOMEBODY will take care of all of this for you. SOMEBODY understands your frustration and has your back! Trust us. <cough, sputter, ahem>

    • ellis baxter says:

      I know a lot of people, I have over 400 sources. I offered Beck some real information. He did not use it which is his choice, but what he did use was wrong !!! Fox News was a Trojan Horse; They acted like a conservative station, but then slowly moved to the progressive side. When I caught, as CSW has come to see, O'Reilly in a total lie in his book "Killing Kennedy" no one responded. They make huge errors and never correct them. So, what to do? I switched to NEWSMAX the give the news not fancy but it is the news … and they have some amazing guests … I avoid fox news, I do watch Fox Business news.. during the day .. .As to Megyn Kelly and Beck .. they are not going to be around for very long .. .down to some other station … BECK tried to move to CNN his entire operation … he is out of money …

      • Jim Hallett says:

        FOX News was initially a supposed counter to the "progressive" garbage spewing from all the lamestream and other cable stations. There are a couple of gems there – Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel (imported from ABC), and Neil Cavuto – but most are disingenuous and full of baloney like all the others. Beck had some good ideas at first, but done in by his hubris. Megyn Kelly appears (I don't watch FN at all anymore, so don't know this personally) to be following a similar path. What passes for conservative thought is really just neocon b.s., and neocons formed right out of the "Progressive" movement (Irving Kristol had been a card-carrying liberal). The Statists of the world have continually mucked things up, and they are ALL criminals, so I try and focus on sources who know what is going on. As always, RR, you are one of the bright lights, and there is still some hope that many will finally realize the beauty and morality of the non-aggression principle of libertarianism, and reject all the LIARS, THIEVES, and MURDERERS inhabiting D.C. and other world capitals.

        • 1voluntaryist says:

          I agree, except for your example that I.K. was a liberal, therefore neocons are full of B.S. Many libertarians start out as liberals or conservatives. People are often misled, even indoctrinated after attending the public (govt.) schools. Some survive intellectually, saving themselves by reading/thinking. Their past does not warrant a lifetime label. It is their present state that I judge them by. Stossel has made great progress, and embraces his past mistaken positions as lessons learned.

          That said, how many are libertarian? More every decade since 1970, but what %? Not enough to keep my favorite tv show, Napolitano's remarkable, astounding, paradigm shift "Freedom Watch" on the air. I predicted he would be canceled, along with my second favorite show "Lie to Me" because they both exposed the common illusions that grip and cripple our society. I knew the Judge was being stabbed in the back and from his remarks; he believed the lies given by friends/coworkers for his betrayal. It was sad. If he had seen thru them he could have went out in a blaze of glory, assuming they would have aired it.

        • Guest says:

          Stossel I no longer watch. I consider him another Trojan Horse character.

      • trutherator says:

        Good description. Haven't watched Fox News hardly at all for about several years now. In the earliest days that I watched FNC they had Paula Zahn on and she couldn't have been more of a shill for evil. That was when Bill O'Reilly had people on complaining about the judges ruling for same-sex marriage but posed it as a majority rule issue. Never had ex-gays on NOT ONE EVER.

        Paula Zahn had one show on the issue. had one person remotely from Concerned Women of America (largest women's issue membership organization in the USA, ignored by Gov-Media Complex), and the counterpoint guest was somebody from a "gay activist" group, in the studio. She so fawned over him like catnip to a cat.

  5. SV Moreland says:

    I'll readily admit that I don't watch Megyn Kelly much. I watched her show 2-3 times and found it really boring. I have better things to do with my time. A pretty face only goes so far. But what you highlighted about Kelly is a larger symptom of FOX in general.

    I used to watch a couple of shows on FOX Business, but since they've become TNN, the Trump News Network, I don't bother. Gilligan's Island reruns are better. I gave up on Fox a couple or weeks ago when one of the blondes said (paraphrased) "Well the markets were down triple digits today, so let's go to Xxxxx for more. What do you think about Trump?" They went straight to talking about him instead of the triple-digit decline they had set up. They gave up on "fair and balanced" (notice they don't use that phrase anymore on TV) and now just go to straight sensational or whatever's hot in pop culture. They air Trump rallies live, but you don't hear a peep from them about Cruz, perhaps the most intelligent and straight-shooter of the bunch.
    Kelly satisfies their quest for hoopla over substance.

    • CARA says:


      • Peggy says:

        Louisianians have repeatedly tried to reach Hannity about his flawed belief that Governor Bobby Jindal is a "true" conservative, but no response from him nor does he ever accept calls on that subject on his radio show. Jindal has been a disaster for this state and under his watch, we are deeper in debt than ever. Jindal sounds fantastic to hear him speak, but his actions tell a whole different tale. And Hannity continues to this day to count him as a conservative….

  6. Jim says:

    Surprised that you are slinging mud Robert, I've never seen this side of you. I like the stuff you do that makes me ask questions and think. I have been a fan since I first read "Winning through Intimidation" all those years ago. Keep doing it.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Got to have a little fun sometimes, Jim, to keep your sanity. Lighten up.

    • RealitySeeker says:


      Put the pacifier back in your mouth and keep those sucking muscles in good shape. Guys like you are going to need sucking power in order to meet your loving government's demands that you suck down the Ministry of Truth's (aka Fox News') propaganda. You dimwits are all the same. You call truth, "mud", and truth tellers, "mud slingers".

      I don't agree with half of what RJR writes, but at least RJR occasionally fights back. But don't worry, tho, Jim, he'll still pump out plenty of baby food for thought so the half-wits can feed.

      One day, maybe soon, the brown stuff is going to really start hitting the fan. Then people won't be just mud slingers, they'll be gun slingers.

  7. david pierson says:

    Glenn Beck didn't get the boot because of lousy ratings.. he got the boot for all his loony tune, wacko conspiracy, end of the world, nut job theories that were even too much for the wacko Fox news higher ups.. and no loss for Beck, he made even more money exploiting his nut job followers on the internet.. oh Robert you were so sure that commie, Muslim from Kenya was going to turn into a dictator and the U.S. was going to be a dictatorship within a year or two.. what happened??? Fox news is getting what it deserves by having all those losers run for Prez, and Trump telling them to shove it..

    • cara says:


    • 1voluntaryist says:

      Obummer didn't "turn into a dictator" he was one, vying for the power to prove it. The NDAA came from him, i.e., he gave himself power of life/death over all, and congress rubber stamped it. While you live in the matrix, you may wake up some day if you are a victim, and find the US welfare/warfare/police state is all around you.

    • Jean says:

      David, so how would you define Obama's almost unlimited "executive orders"? Or his going to battle with the state of Arizona over its LEOs arresting and deporting illegals, which was permitted and encouraged under established federal law? Those are clearly the actions of a dictator – I will pick and choose those laws on the books that I think are good, and make up more to accomplish what I set out to do. Obama is a dictator without a doubt. Only leftists support his decisions. But they have every reason to fear the consequences of their inaction when the tide changes and the ideology is against them.

  8. Doug says:

    "After all, both television and politics are nothing more than an ongoing series of bad jokes." So true, Robert! I don't follow any of these blowhards. However, I ask you to reconsider your other statement "the last thing in the world I care about is where Barack Obama was born." This is something every American should care about deeply, and not dismiss so lightly. If he is foreign born, this means we have a usurper in the White House, occupying that position illegally and flagrantly, and that every piece of legislation he has signed is null and void. It means a serious conspiracy took place to put him into that position, and we should be very concerned about the motives of those who went to all that trouble. We have laws in this country, including some that determine eligibility for our highest office. If we're going to let those laws slide, then what other laws should we "not care about?"

  9. Jacques says:

    Why does anyone care about these "news" people? They are all to a one bought, sold and paid for. If their masters told them to say the moon is inhabited by hairy lizards, they'd come on the air all breathless, reporting this latest "scientific" discovery.

    They don't investigate – they regurgitate.

    I take the stance if something leaves their lips, it's mostly baloney.

  10. Phil says:

    Lol! I agree completely with this – used to like Megyn and over the past two years, it is simply disappointing. Kind of scares me that I did not see it coming.

    Also enjoyed the hilarious picture link! For some reason it is good to know that Robert has a regular sense of humor (in addition to the humorous spins he employs in his takes on life, politics, etc.).

  11. Jon says:

    Interesting to hear your take, Robert, as well as the reader's responses thus far. I couldn't believe what I was hearing/seeing come out of Megyn's mouth at the first Debate. Where had I been? What had I missed? Net result has been that I've not watched her since. That's all it takes: "Click" and the channel is changed. Viewership is golden but a lack thereof is instant death to the network.

    • Teri says:

      Yes I thought the same thing. I thought she was for change in this country, get back to when everyone supported their own selves and then she hit Trump with that first question and I am thinking….who's side are you on babe?

  12. Rocketman says:

    When I saw the twin towers fall on September 11, 2011 I knew for certain two things. One, just like Pearl Harbor this country was at war and two this gave every evil person who was working in government at the time the excuse that they needed to restrict our rights and squash any potential dissent.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Which of course is why the "corrupt insiders" staged the whole event. Anyone who believes the govt. version of 9/11 is simply blind to facts. There are massive lies and distortions all over the place. I don't claim to have the full answer, but I DO KNOW the govt. explanation – just like with the JFK, RFK & MLK assassinations, OKC bombing et al. – is a TOTAL LIE! The completely misnamed "Patriot" Act is nothing more than a full-out assault on the 4th Amendment. And furthermore, FDR lied about Pearl Harbor, too, and the lives lost there are ALL on his conscience.

  13. Reachastarr says:

    Robert don't you ever think of returning to New Zealand. I know it's not perfect, but probably a lot better than what the US is turning into. Just curious?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I'd love to live in NZ again, but family circumstances make it impractical. And I must admit that the Christchurch quake was a bit unsettling – especially considering the fact that it totally destroyed both my home and office. Very sad situation there now.

  14. Rip Read says:

    Robert…Thanks, crystal clear and insightful…as always…tell us what you really think about her! Regarding the “news” and any semblance of value to be found there, I believe the great American Poet Laureate, Mr. Don Henley said it best in his epic style, in Dirty Laundry, circa about 1980…”When it’s said and done they haven’t told you a thing.” Keep up the great work!

  15. Scott theczech says:

    Megyn Kelly, a trained lawyer, holds a world-view that is anathema to many in America. If most people knew the truth about Kelly's real feelings about America, the American people and our founding documents, they would turn her off – in fact, as Robert pointed out, they are beginning to do so in increasing numbers.

    You see, we don't need to be lectured, reprimanded or coddled – we are Americans; traditionally independent and free thinking. The elitism which spews from people like Ms. Kelly is spurned by hard-working folks in this country and it is a big turn-off! Watch, as her ratings continue to decline and she remains clueless as to why. I'll bet she even becomes a "victim" in the process and blames the "dull" viewer for her demise.

    As a keen observer of human nature and the world around us, Robert has pegged it once again! Bravo.

  16. Paul Herring says:

    In Australia we don't hear of, or know the people, in your article here, Robert. But every country, it seems, has such individuals. Like pop stars and upcoming movie stars, they begin to believe the hype surrounding them. It appears that humans have real challenges in handling that level of public attention and in some cases adoration.

    All talented people, so-called gifted people, it must be remembered are exactly that – gifted. If you are given a gift you didn't originate it – someone gave it to you. In this case, who gave these talented, gifted, people their talent?. None other than the Creator. He's the one who deserves the accolades, not the human he gifted with their talents.

    • Phil says:

      Paul, how are things in Australia these days? I miss the heck out of Sydney. What is your take on the long-term outlook given the recent change in PMs? Even with the strong socialist political undercurrents, your country seems to balance its budget fairly well and I suspect the AU dollar is going to start climbing against the US dollar in the not too distant future…

  17. Stogie says:

    Funny how some "conservative" heroes can suddenly become liberal when they think it will increase their ratings or expand their audience. Ariana Huffington began her career as a conservative pundit, then totally switched sides. As a former fan of hers, I felt outraged and betrayed. However, this is not rare. Other former conservatives making the switch include Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, Colin Powell, who wrote about the nastiness of conservatives after Obama was elected, and David Frum of National Review Online, Then there was former "conservative" David Brock, who not only switched sides, he wrote a book about it, "Blinded by the Right."

    So Beck and Kelly are really just shallow opportunists rather than people with strong principles. They are fickle and false friends. Good riddance.

    • Scott theczech says:

      It's about the money in almost every case…and when it is not, it's about the ego. Very good observation Stogie.

  18. Tim says:

    I agree Robert, that Megyn's head swelled the night of the first debate. I was personally SHOCKED that Kelly attacked Trump as blatantly as she did. The whole Fox News team was after him. What Megyn failed to mention that night she so stupidly attacked Trump was her time on the Howard Stern show, talking about her husband's penis size, and her breasts, her sex life and other 15 year old school girl stuff. Or how about her fellow hypocritical wimp, Chris Wallace, telling a Fox commentator that he would like to do an interview with a certain woman with her sitting on his lap. Sorry, the name of the woman is on the tip of my tongue, but being 58, sometimes my memory skips a gear at the exact wrong time! lol I remember your book "How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization" while I was living in Taiwan back in the early 1980's. Pretty much everything you said is coming true. I have had 2 blue collar businesses and I can tell you, they are only interested in showing up in Friday to be paid for work they haven't done. We truly do NOT have a work problem: cut ALL welfare and in 3 days, buddy, every person living off of you and I WILL find a job after their empty tum-tum gets hungry! And that means corporate welfare has to go too!

  19. It's good to know that there are people (such as Dr. Mike S. Adams) who began as left-wingers and the more fame and money they achieve, the more conservative they become.

  20. Marte says:

    I used to like Kelly, but after her "all about me" performance in the first Republican debate, I formed a completely different view. Now I wouldn't waste 30 seconds watching her.

    As for Obama being a Christian – how many times do people need to watch the clips in which he himself says "My Muslim faith" before they figure out – he's a Muslim!

    Now even YOU are saying "he may be a Christian." It makes my head hurt.

    Meanwhile… I agree with all who say Fox News is no longer fair and balanced – it's leaning farther and farther to the left each day.

    • At least a Muslim Sympathizer… Once out of Office, perhaps he will make the full return. Maybe his Library will be dome-shaped, or whatever shape mosques come in. (His "security" must be really, really good!)

  21. RealitySeeker says:

    Frankly, I've never trusted Roger Ailes, and with good reason.

    By the way, does anybody really think that Roger didn't know ( and approve) of the attempted character assassination during the first GOP debate? The hit woman, Meg, was part of a well planned assault on Trump designed to take him out. Even the ignorant masses could see that. Rupert and Roger want an insider like Bush, not Trump, to win the primary. That sorry ass, Glenn Beck, did get a few things right, e.g., people lose their soul when they become part of political Washington. Yeah. They do. They also lose it at Fox News, too. Maybe that's why Glenn bailed. Too bad Glenn never had a pair, because he could have done a lot of good by becoming independent.

    Only a damn fool doesn't see Fox for what it is: The Ministry of Fair & Balanced Truth.

  22. JOSEPH says:

    I don't really watch FOX News so I can't say anything about Megyn, except for her stupidity in going after Donald Trump with that ridiculous question. I watch CNN. That's my news but, it's far from perfect and there are guests that do come on and are honest and guests that come on and just outright lie. Geez, you would think that the people that go on T.V. and are interviewed would have more respect for the general public. It's so appalling the people that out right lie regarding politics that is. Respect for the public doesn't matter to these people and then they become confused and dumbfounded as to why the general public has lost A LOT of respect for the news in general. GO FIGURE THAT OUT.

  23. Jim says:

    We live in a nation populated by an uninformed electorate, an entertainment driven culture and a consumer driven economy. What else would one expect during PRIME TIME. Jerry Springer comes to mind.

    Also, she's a lawyer – lawyers go on to higher education and learn how to argue both sides of the coin with impunity. I posited that statement to a customer that happened to be a lawyer and he said " Oh no, Jim, advocacy." I said "Yeah, I know human nature." Then I started singing Follow The Yellow Brick Road.

    We need looser pays in this country.

    Oh, thanks for the pic. Whether it was photo-shopped or not that sizzles!

  24. Joseph says:

    Like many of your readers, I was saddened, but not surprised, at Megyn's Kelly's abhorrent performance at the first debate. She sounded like one of those taboid reporters from TMZ or Entertainment Tonight who was clearly out to get Donald Trump with her moronic questions. I now refuse to watch her and unfortunately, we have little choice but to watch Fox News. There are some good people at Fox News like John Stossel, but most of them are little better than the left wing loons at CNN or MSNBC. How sad.

  25. PitBull says:

    I'd like to add my praises as well for Shannon Bream. Intelligent. Great on-screen presence. Seems to have more of a team-player 'persona' than the 'don't ya just love me' Megyn. Some great comments here to a very perceptive Ringer essay. Thank you.

  26. I find it interesting that Fox contributed $1 Million to the same Clinton Fund that they were trying to nail Trump for contributing to. BTW even NewsMax contributed between $500k – $1 M to the same fund. So what does that say about the supposed Conservative News Media?

  27. Jon says:

    Well the shot is definitely photo-shopped, no brainer. Am I the only one that has noticed Kelly's shins are not that great? Don't know why they keep placing her at a desk where they show, or have her standing in front of a focus group in the studio. They're better legs than Hillary's, but that ain't sayin' much.
    The world is tired of Washington meddling in their affairs. Americans are tired of Washington meddling in their affairs. And no one can figure out why Trump is doing so well? He's saying the same thing Reagan said: "Government is not the solution, it's the problem."

  28. 124andmore says:

    If that's what Cyborgs look like, I want one.

  29. And that's a Ringer! as we used to say in horseshoes… Very well said! And yes, the normal human growth process moves from adolescent Liberalism to mature Conservatism. I can't believe I used to think like I used to think.

  30. A "Ringer" in the game of Horseshoes is a perfect pitch. Consequently, analogically speaking, I was give a Big Compliment to Mr. Ringer's essay.

  31. I wish I knew what O'reilly's lie about JFK is in his book. Just as I wish we knew who was really behind the assassination.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      LBJ, Big Oil, a few corrupt CIA insiders and the Mafia were all behind the JFK assassination. There are some good books out that link the dots. LBJ murdered at least 8 others before having JFK done in, including his own sister, Josefa on Christmas morning. He was a complete sociopath, and one of the "progressive" architects (along with Wilson and FDR) that doomed amerika to 2nd class status and forfeiting its once-grand ideas when the republic was founded.

  32. RealitySeeker says:

    How dare you call LBJ a "sociopath". That just isn't true. LBJ was nothing less than a high-functioning psychopath— one of the best.

    Funny ( in a gallows humor sort of way) how the ingenuous public can understand how some of the Roman caesars were an uber psychopaths, yet they can't see how pathologically sick their own leaders are. Talk about being in denial.

    Take John Boehner, for example, he's certifiable. It should be easy for even a layperson to see him for what he is. And don't you just love the way he cries? It's like the HBO series, House of Cards". Frank Underwood stars as a high-functioning psychopath who can fain emotion beyond belief.. That series should be a wake-up call, but it's not. Why? Because the somnolent, gullible, dimwitted masses just can't handle the truth. Even those with higher IQs remain in denial. Many really "educated" individuals actually believe the lie that "Mr. O" in Fox News tells them: "Obama isn't evil, he's just naive" .

    Yeah. Obama, Bush, Clinton, LBJ, Nixon— all really sweet guys.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Yes, RS, I alternate between labeling LBJerk a psychopath or sociopath. He was pure evil, and went even further than the other 4 clowns you mention at the end of your post. Weepy Boy and his resignation was good theatre for the masses, but then they are used to being thrown a curve by Bread & Circus, Inc. (aka DC). A few years ago, I often watched O'Reilly, as his show came on while I was eating dinner it was the FN version of Comedy Central, but I kept choking on his "fair and balanced" and "the spin stops here" blarney that I had to cease, and now watch a cooking show on Create TV, if I feel inclined to turn on the tube while dining.

  33. Reality99r says:

    Mr. Ringer – this article is 100% right on – expect Beck to soon convert his network to focus on becoming a (send me your money) televangelist format – as for Megyn Kelly you expressed my sentiments spot on – Kelly has affected these self satisfied facial smirks that make me want to puke – can't bear to waste my time watching her anymore.
    Keep telling it like it is Mr. Ringer, your insights are most appreciated!!!!!

  34. 1voluntaryist says:

    R.R., if by "bad joke" you mean a nightmare, then I agree. I saw the "Matrix" and walked out thinking that the movie was an attempt to wake people up, to enlighten them, to get them to look around and see they are in "the matrix" if they believed that the institutionalized violence called government was safe or sane. Belief is self-enslavement. The illusion depends on willful ignorance, self sacrifice, lies, and fear. This is not life enhancing.

    The American Dream is being suffocated by the myth that authority is a necessary evil. It's evil period.