Bye, Bye Megyn

Posted on September 24, 2015 by Robert Ringer


I’ve written a number of times about the sad ending of my love affair with Glenn Beck, the most talented person ever to grace a television screen. Today, I find him to be such a turnoff that I’m tempted to mute him when he occasionally appears as a second-rate guest on someone’s show.

Beck’s fall from grace can be traced directly to a dinosaur-sized ego that knows no bounds. No amount of love or admiration can satisfy his insatiable need for adoration. As result, he’s completely incapable of sticking to a single, successful format, because he’s driven to repeatedly come up with something newer and more spectacular to amaze his devoted fan base.

Beck simply can’t control himself. He always has to be promoting some new cause — sending toys, clothing, food, and water to “kids” from Mexico and Central America who crossed the border illegally … giving a mea culpa on how he now wishes he hadn’t been so “divisive” while he was a rock star at Fox … and holding rallies that have no discernable meaning.

His most recent rally was his “All Lives Matter” event in Birmingham on the 52nd anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Only 20,000 people showed up, kind of a sad figure compared to his 2010 “Restoring Honor” event in Washington, D.C. that was attended by at least 500,000 people.

I was present at the 2010 event, so I can attest to the size of the crowd. But to this day, I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of the event was. Nor does my wife or anyone else whom I’ve spoken to who attended the event.

Now along comes Megyn the Mudslinger, the new leader of Fox News’ blonde brigade. She has a pretty (though stone cold) face, a killer instinct, and an arrogance that makes Glenn Beck seem like Mother Teresa by comparison.

Even so, as was the case with Beck, I must admit that I really liked Kelly in her early days on “The Kelly File.” She hammered away at the lies and liars that put Ferguson, Missouri on the map, hammered away at the ignorant mayor and Baltimore State Attorney who turned the Freddie Gray case into a phony race issue, and did a pretty good job of hammering away at America’s number-one felon, Hilla the Hun. But, like Beck, it seems as though Kelly is incapable of handling success.

Now, when she’s not talking about herself, her stay-at-home husband, her kids, her social life, her unhappy first marriage, how she “lived in sin” before that first marriage … and on and on the egomaniacal babble goes … she resorts to junk TV like “focus groups” (Does Fox News really need another Frank Dunce?), painfully dull, multi-hour interviews with the Duggar family (Does anyone seriously care about their travails?), and other assorted time-filler junk fare.

Drunk on the aroma of adulation — and the coddling of legend Brit Hume and Bossman Roger Ailes — Megyn the Mudslinger has now evolved into Megyn the Malevolent and decided to go after bigger game: D. Trump.

It apparently astonished a lot of viewers that she actually thought she could poke Trump in the eye and not get herself humiliated in the process. To make matters worse, notwithstanding her attempts to stir up mudslinging among the other GOP candidates, Roger Ailes made one of his rare mistakes and publicly supported her.

The problem for Ailes is that Fox’s audience has let it be known that it vehemently disagrees with him, and, as a result, Kelly’s ratings are going the way of Glenn Beck’s. That being the case, you would assume she would ease up on the gas pedal and let things cool down a bit. If so, you’d be wrong.

Instead, like the president she so valiantly supports, she’s doubling and tripling down on her nastiness. In fact, the other night she scolded not only Trump (in absentia), but all those in her “focus group” who implied that Barack Obama might not have been born in the United States.

At one point, she cut off one of her focus-group members and shrieked (Yes, shrieked!), “He’s not a Muslim!” When the panelist tried to respond with, “Well, we don’t …,” Kelly again cut her off and hysterically screamed, “We do know!”

I agree with Donald Trump when he says that “her replacement while she was out on vacation was much better!” Many viewers, including yours truly, would love to see beautiful, likeable, super gifted Shannon Bream take over Kelly’s 9:00 pm slot. Roger Ailes has been red-shirting the former Miss Virginia and Miss Florida for far too long, and Megyn the Malevolent would be wise to be looking over her shoulder instead throwing left hooks at Republican candidates.

Barack Obama may very well have been born in this country, and he may very well not be a Muslim. That’s not the point. The question is, how does Megyn the Malevolent know for certain that either of those things are facts? Has she seen the original of his birth certificate? Does he attend her church?

Given that Washington is saturated with criminal activity, the last thing in the world I care about is where Barack Obama was born or what his religion is. But what I do care about is a second-rate journalist taking it upon herself to demand that a third party denounce anyone who states an opinion that is contrary to her beliefs. If someone were to claim that Mike Huckabee was not a Christian, I wonder if she would demand that that person (or some third party!) denounce such a statement.

But maybe I’m taking it all too seriously. After all, both television and politics are nothing more than an ongoing series of bad jokes. I realize that it’s much easier for the media to focus on silly stuff rather than the economy, ISIS, Putin, the Iran nuclear agreement, Benghazi, Hillary’s endless and ongoing criminal activities, skyrocketing black-on-black crime, a bankrupt Social Security system, a national debt that can never be repaid, etc.

Many believe that it’s just a simple matter of ignorance on Kelly’s part, and, if so, I’d be inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt and just write it off to arrogance of the ignorant. In any event, as she continues to make her way toward the exit door at Fox, the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps Bill Ayres was right — perhaps Megyn the Malevolent really is a cyborg constructed in the basement of Fox News.

Purportedly, this is what she looked like right after Roger Ailes threw the switch on that fateful night in the basement of Fox News and brought the Malevolent Megyn cyborg to life — already decked out in her WWE outfit and ready to do battle with the Donald Trumps of the world: Birth of a Cyborg

Robert Ringer

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