The Day the Trump Bloodbath Began

Posted on May 22, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Since watching Donald Trump’s speech to the NRA, I have concluded that he might beat Hillary the Horrible much worse than I originally predicted. I have long believed that Trump would win about 55-45, but I now think the margin of victory will be much greater than that (assuming she is his opponent).

Not only is Trump creating more excitement than any presidential candidate in my lifetime (far more than John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan), Hillary is on the wrong side of virtually every issue. I would say she’s a masochist, but the reality is that Obama probably has her by her transgender gonads.

Friday, her anti-gun record was highlighted by the response of the overflow crowd to Trump’s pro-Second Amendment remarks. But it’s not just gun control. It’s illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, throwing open the prison doors and setting violent criminals free, transgender bathrooms, the refusal to identify the psychopaths who are murdering innocent men, women, and children worldwide, ever tougher EPA regulations that are making it impossible for industries such as coal mining to survive … the list goes on and on.

I am increasingly convinced that the only voters Hillary can hope to attract are those in the hard-core radical-left camp and those whose information base hovers near zero. Women? Don’t worry about it. When all is said and done, Trump will get at least 50 percent of the female vote, possibly more. And he’ll increase his standing with Hispanics and blacks more than enough to coast to victory. We’re talking about a world-class winner facing off against a world-class feminist putz who is already gasping for air.

So just how big could Trump’s margin of victory be? Perhaps as much as 60-40. What ignorant pundits are not taking into consideration, in addition to Trump’s rapidly increasing popularity and Hillary’s rapidly decreasing popularity, is that millions of Democratic voters are either going to stay home or vote for Trump — especially Uncle Bernie’s supporters.

Of course, if things spin out of control with the FBI and BHO sends Biden in to pinch hit, the race will be much closer, but a lot would depend on when he gets in. As I pointed out in my last post, the longer it takes the FBI to make its case against the Crooked Cackler, the later Biden will get in and the harder it will be for him to garner support.

I believe the bloodbath officially began May 20, 2016, when the NRA endorsed Trump. Enough is enough. It really is time for Muttonhead Mitt and the pompous neocon crowd — Mark Levin, Bill Kristol, George Will, et al — to put away their handkerchiefs, suck it up, and accept the fact that their self-serving brand of “pure conservatism” has been rejected by the voters.

Today’s angry voters have no interest in getting a passing grade on someone else’s conservative purity test. They’re interested in pushing back against the loud, uncivilized, and often insane vermin who are intent on finishing the job of completely destroying America. You might say that today’s voters are naïve enough to actually want to make America great again.

And given that that is a multigenerational task, the sooner it starts, the better.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. TheLookOut says:

    Excellent Robert, I hope, and pray your prediction is correct.

  2. Jana says:

    Thank you for your non vitriolic, common sense take on the election. You are obviously a thoughtful, not reactionary "pundit."

  3. Ric Aragon says:

    I'm with you… I've often called elections based simply by observing the energy – or lack thereof – created by the candidate. Unfortunately, it determined the election of both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. This cycle, Trump clearly has it. Hillary is so off-putting even to Democrats. On a visceral she is a cackling, screeching wicked witch – your worst nightmare of a mother-in-law.

    Beyond that, she is the definition of the establishment corruption. I once had and SI TK and Q to secret clearance. If I had done even what she has ADMITTED to doing, I would have been clapped in irons. I was just a lowly intelligence agent , she was Secretary of F—ing State. Apart from outright espionage, the worst reason for mishandling classified information is for convenience. It is by design inconvenient, there are necessary steps involved to protect our nation's security. I suspect with the dust has cleared, it will have been discovered that she did it for much more than that – influence peddling I suspect. Not only should she be kept away from the oval office – she needs to be prosecuted and jailed.

  4. Eileen says:

    I agree that due to Clinton's comments about guns and gun control, this election is Trump's to lose. That being said, he has to watch his mouth. While his primarily Republican base and blue collar Democrats like his style, minorities may not. Hispanics and African Americans do want jobs and they don't like illegal aliens taking their jobs. However, they, like women, are more easily turned off by his sometimes harsh presentation. I am not suggesting that he become boring, but there is a balance between being boring and energizing. Perhaps, he ought to observe Bernie Sanders, who has fine tuned this art – casting Clinton in a negative light without actually attacking her. Mostly through innuendos. I thought it worked quite well.

  5. Gman says:

    Excellent analysis, especially about Levin, Will and Kristol. They don't get it that times change and they need to also otherwise they will get rolled over as is taking place.

    You don't have to give up your values but you don't have to pout when you do not get EVERYTHING you want. Those days are gone. Ever heard of negotiations guys?

    To back the "establishment" Republicans and their beliefs. See what that has got us, a bunch of wimps that Obama rolls at every opportunity.

    Kudos to Trump. Let the steamrolling begin.

    • John E. Gabor says:

      Ditto for Erick Erickson. I got tired of his 24/7 Trump bashing and unsubscribed from his emails. Spoiled brats who became irrational when they didn't get what they wanted. They got their McCain in 2008 and their Romney in 2012. They're not getting what they want in 2016, so they're throwing a (so far) campaign-long tantrum.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        Isn't it a bit strange that these guys will still be throwing their tantrum AFTER a Republican wins the White House in November? And if Trump starts to turn the country around and and is hailed as a savior by a vast majority of Americans, look for mass suicides in the Rove, Will, Krauthammer, Levin camp. The embarrassment will be so great that they won't be able to shave in the morning.

  6. Frederick Sagel says:

    This is wrong, wrong, wrong . . . as usual!

  7. Barbara Ballentine says:

    How could you say that? It flies in the face of facts and reason!

  8. Frances Smith says:

    Robert you are right on the money! Thanks for such an insightful article.

  9. Political Junkie says:

    I hope author is not overly discounting the still alive Clinton Cash attack machine, George Soros and the minority vote. The one flaw in his argument is popular vote doesn't elect the President, Electoral votes do. Hillary or any D is almost guaranteed 200 by virtue of the fact no Republican has won certain Big Blue States in decades. Regardless of all the predictive talk the election will come down to maybe 5 states at most. To prove my assertion I'll bet anyone a substantial amount of money on the Electoral College Game. You let me go first and pick the 12 States a candidate can win and I'll concede the other 38 to you in popular vote. Add up the Electoral votes and give me the money!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      A guy named Ronald Reagan won 49 states.

      • Political Junkie says:

        Yes Bob he did but Mr. Trump is no Reagan in word, style or deed . No one should discount not only the "Willful Ignorance" of many voters and all Hillary supporters but the "Willful Blatant Corruption" of the Media, the Clinton machine surrogates and all the Hollyweird motels, Gates, Buffett and Soros like puppeteers who influence elections and the Democrat Party.

        Again I will challenge you to put up a Copy of all your books and publications in a friendly wager. I first get to pick 12 States where the Democrats win the popular vote. You get the remaining 38 + the territories, including all the deceased, illegal and felon voters in those areas. My part of the wager is If I lose I buy at full retail all your programs and you can choose a worthwhile Charity to which they can be donated.
        You game?
        p.s. Understand I do hope your prediction comes true not because I am a Trumpster but the Nation just cannot survive another 4-8 years of Hope & (no) Change Alinsky-Obama Progressivism as few Republicans are willing to stand up and say Hell No.

      • Rock Roach says:

        Trump Just got Jack Nicklauses endorsement-called him a great guy who could turn America on it's head.
        (They did business together building golf courses).He said Trump had plenty of time to work on his political speaking.Nicklaus of course is from Ohio.

    • Rock Roach says:

      You can get the Republicans at almost a 400 dollar return for a hundred dollasr(in Pennsylvania) in the offshore books-looks like a pretty good return considering the states make-up( some coal workers and lots of white people).But in swing states like North Carolina,Ohio,and Fla.-you get a nice return on the Trumpster as well.Of course these odds will diminish rather quickly since the polls have them in a virtual even race already.Like to see the look on Donna Brazille and her other cronnie friends on cnn when the rout starts to shapen.AS RJR pointed out- and I told a friend at work the other day-It wouldn't surprise me if Trump won by 10 percentage points

  10. Ingrid says:

    Sad, sad, sad! What happened to America? It was a great country. Now I hope I do not have to go there in the near future. Trump may be better than Hillary but Trump is stlll hateful, ignorant and a person who cannot be trusted according to the citizens of the world.

  11. Dana says:

    Gee, Robert, don't hold back. Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel? 😉

    The conclusion is simple. Trump is ahead and the reason is because his message resonates with a majority. This country is founded on the "majority rules" principle. Looks like the majority is tired of paying for benefits to illegals (no, we're not against immigration in general, just illegal immigration), being the world's police force, wasting taxpayer money on personal agendas and a host of other grievances. Those not in the majority need to deal with it. That's how this works.

  12. Gene R. says:

    One thing for sure, It is almost too late. If the Trump movement cannot halt America's march to global socialism, nothing in the future can.

  13. Johnny Twosheds says:

    I admire everyone's optimism, and I hope against hope that Trump wins hands-down, in dramatic fashion. But remember:25% of American adults are functionally illiterate; 20% by some polls, indicate 20% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth (even as the earth revolves around the Kardashians!). 35% cannot identify the decade the Civil War was fought during; 30% cannot identify their state on a map of the United States, and roughly the same percentage do not know the Capitol of the state in which they reside;and relatively few can name even one of their First Amendment rights. Even students at Princeton university had a difficult time naming the current Vice President! These people are not capable of much, but the DO VOTE! Three guesses for which party.

    There is a good likelihood that the 20%-30% of the above-mentioned half-wits are pretty much the same people (the same people who believe the sun goes around the earth are also the same ones who cannot name their state's Capitol, nor name any First Amendment right).

    As the great American philosopher, George Carlin,once said, "think of how stupid the average American is; now realize that half of them are dumber than that!" Chilling. Absolutelty chilling.

  14. concerned citizen says:

    Great article Mr. Ringer, spot on! Count me as one of those angry voters. Thoroughly dis-appointed and fed up with the Washington establishment Demo-Pulblicans!

  15. Jurgy says:

    we are certainly living in interesting times, and I think we are in for a lot of surprises … this is gonna be fun … in the end though I believe that killery will steal the election – literally steal it …

  16. Political Junkie says:

    Sorry: Hollyweird Mogels.

  17. Rocketman says:

    I think that Trump before he announced his candidacy had investigated just what a lot of "average" people wanted in a leader and said that he was all of those things to just gain support. The real question is he going to keep his word after he is elected to office. It looks increasing like Gary Johnson is going to be the Libertarian Party candidate and will be on the ballot in all 50 states after currently polling nationwide at 10% according to a FOX poll. That means that if he gets into the televised presidential debates with the backing of the Koch brothers and other billionaires he could take a lot of votes from Trump but even more from Hillary who many life long democrats simply cannot support and this would be a game changer.

  18. Reality99r says:

    Trump is the panacea to administer oxygen to our gasping dying country.
    He is the only hope we have to at least attempt to turn around our decaying culture after decades of liberalism.
    The concept of a brilliant, pragmatic, decisive businessman running the country like a profit and loss business is refreshing to say the least and virtually every American with even an iota of common sense will realize it.

  19. LENSOL says:


  20. Jimmy SOnes says:

    All fine and good……… BUT what are the chances of the ELECTION BEING STOLEN by ELECTRONIC VOTING FRAUD ????????
    The more humans are involved in the vote counting process, the less likely the election could be stolen……
    the fewer the people involved in vote counting , and the more it is all electronically counted, and NO PAPER TRAIL or Paper Votes witness, the more likely the election could be stolen…….
    I am wondering what you may think about this…………..

  21. Jean says:

    Sheila – Trump supporters run the gamut in terms of IQ, gender, race, religion and profession. I suppose to YOUR way of thinking, anyone involved in "commerce" is a low-IQ individual, as they are not sophisticated enough to live off government stipends while pontificating about how ill-bred others are. Of course, those who pontificate rarely accomplish anything, and as such depend on those crass, commercial capitalists you love to denounce. Live well in your bankrupt and largely fictional utopia, and let the productive classes elect the person who most closely represents their values. You and Ingrid should be lucky enough to live a few years in Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba or another Marxist paradise where your brand of "love" and "tolerance" are the norm.

    • Ingrid says:

      Yes, you are right. Thank you, I like this, It's funny! I love my supposed bankrupcy that maid it possible for me to live in a couple of continents at the same time. Or was it my competence? I wish you the very best and good luck!

      • Jean says:

        "I have a PhD in Education." That's your problem, Ingrid. You – like others of your ilk – raped the taxpayers of the successive continents in which you lived postulating and pontificating on bankrupt ideologies and ideas. You spread the pestilence of leftist crap all over. And for a Ph D, the word is "made" unless you're speaking of your (probably illegal) domestic help. Nice job – you define "government worker" to a T.

    • Sheila says:

      Jean, there is something very seriously wrong with your mind. Gee, I guess I'm glad I happened upon this thread again…only to have my sensibilities insulted again by yet another diatribe and false assertion that flows forth with ease by dedicated Trump supporters.

      Who said I pontificate about others? What makes you think I live on the dole? I've got news for you Jean, I'm very successful and accomplished in my own business, and am a pianist and music teacher. The sign of true ignorance is demonstrated by people who project what they think they know about others, onto others whom they know nothing about.

      When I was talking about I.Q., I was directly making my statement based upon what a previous poster had written. I'm not a projectionist, like you are. Upon what basis did you invent the claim that I do not appreciate capitalists? That's false, which means of course that you are wrong.

      I supported Ted Cruz. Do you think Cruz supporters are people who disdain capitalists and free market enterprise? Where did I ever "denounce" capitalists? You are crazy lady. Get a shrink.

      • Ingrid says:

        Thank you Sheila! I am not going to write any more comments here. I feel it is a waste of time. Trump supporters have shown that in spite of the fact that they do not know anything about me or you they still pretend to know everything. That explains a lot about them. They simply do not want to know. They are stuck in their need for a strong leader and believe they have found him. It was nice meeting you Sheila. Take care and good luck!

        • Sheila says:

          Same to you. I'm sorry you won't be posting here. We need voices to counteract the reactionaries when they are plainly wrong or stupid. And you are right; it may be a waste of time. Maybe I'll sign off and let the Trumpidians talk to themselves.

  22. Jean says:

    Of course, your ideological icon is Elizabeth Warren, who completely fabricated her aboriginal roots and appropriated their culture in order to benefit materially from Affirmative Action hiring practices at Harvard. Better to lie about being a native instead of making a non-PC joke relating to natives. BTW, how many Native Americans have you met during your intellectually superior life? I've met plenty, having lived in close proximity to two reservations, and found them to have a sense of humor that surpasses yours in spades. You take yourself and your opinions much too seriously. Get with the rest of the world – we're laughing at you, so you'd best learn to laugh at yourself.

    • Sheila says:

      Say Jean, I'm wondering why you skipped my above response and replied in your usual reactionary tone to the latter one. Well, since you missed it, I'll paste it here. It's in response to what you projected regarding my…um…not liking "capitalists." Here it is:

      "Jean, there is something very seriously wrong with your mind. Gee, I guess I'm glad I happened upon this thread again…only to have my sensibilities insulted again by yet another diatribe and false assertion that flows forth with ease by dedicated Trump supporters.

      Who said I pontificate about others? What makes you think I live on the dole? I've got news for you Jean, I'm very successful and accomplished in my own business, and am a pianist and music teacher. The sign of true ignorance is demonstrated by people who project what they think they know about others, onto others whom they know nothing about.

      When I was talking about I.Q., I was directly making my statement based upon what a previous poster had written. I'm not a projectionist, like you are. Upon what basis did you invent the claim that I do not appreciate capitalists? That's false, which means of course that you are wrong.

      I supported Ted Cruz. Do you think Cruz supporters are people who disdain capitalists and free market enterprise? Where did I ever "denounce" capitalists? You are crazy lady. Get a shrink."

      P.S. – Proof you need a shrink: It was the post above mine that insulted Native Americans. I was defending them. I mean, how dumb can one woman get? I do have a sense of humor when I'm around pleasant people. It's just…well…you Trumpidians just aren't all that funny. To wit, I wouldn't vote for Elizabeth Warren for a winning Lotto ticket. I supported Ted Cruz. Is that "capitalist" enough for ya?

  23. Nasdaq7 says:

    Trump gives men especially hope. For years we have been very timid to take charge, afraid we may offend someone or people might feel awkward at situation that would arise if we took charge and tried our best, we have avoided the awkward situation. Too much political correctness has killed the world. Trump is reigniting a flame of boldness when dealing with problems.

  24. Ken C says:

    I recently re-read the chapter "People Taxes and Action" in your 2004 book "Action! – Nothing Happens Until Something Moves". In this chapter you list several "Action-Stifling People Taxes" among them 1) The Dishonesty Tax, 2) The Disjointed Nose Tax, 3) The Nastiness Tax, 4) The Negativism Tax, 5) The Rudeness Tax, 6) The Deal Gabber Tax, 7) The Irrationality/Ignorance Tax and finally 8) The Debate Tax. You state emphatically that these are all negative traits exhibited by people. These are the very traits consistently practiced by Donald Trump! So I can come to only one of two conclusions either 1) you now view these traits as positive behaviors or 2) you are a hypocrite!

  25. Will says:

    Well said my friend. It is a multi generational task and agree…the sooner the better.

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