Hillary’s Groundbreaking Foreign-Policy Speech

Posted on June 8, 2016 by Robert Ringer



Just when I’m convinced that things can’t get any worse for Hillary the Horrible, she finds a way to out-stupid even Donald Trump and dig a deeper hole for herself. Her highly anticipated speech on foreign policy sent yet another signal to the undecided dupes that she is not only an inherently bad human being, but a very stupid one at that.

As I’m sure you are now aware, Hillary, in her blissful ignorance, decided to bait and switch by turning her “foreign-policy” speech into a “bash Donald Trump” session, so much so that she mentioned him no less than 62 times. As talk-radio host Mike Broomhead put it, her tirade turned out to be an anti-Donald Trump infomercial. It was funny, ridiculous, and pathetic all at the same time.

Not that I’m unsympathetic to the little woman who has managed to escape prison more times than El Chapo. After all, as the former Secretary of State, every decision she made (and failed to make) while in office was disastrous for the United States, so what can she possibly have to say about foreign policy that wouldn’t further expose her as the fraud and pathological liar she is?

As a result of her tirade against Trump, look for the Face of Evil to drop yet again in the polls. While her boneheaded followers continue to fake optimism as they try to convince voters that she’s a lock to become president — refusing to talk about her email crimes, her Clinton Foundation crimes, and such issues as Benghazi, her Wall Street speeches, and the threats she made to Bubba’s sexual victims — the truth is that they’re in a hard-core panic mode.

I still doubt HRC will be the Democratic nominee, but if she is, Trump will drag her tired old carcass around like an ape might do to a three-year-old kid in a zoo. The truth is that only Donald Trump can beat Donald Trump, and, strange as it may seem, he appears to be working really hard at accomplishing that feat.

But no matter how many self-destructive things Trump says, he can beat Hillary with one-arm tied behind his back — and even more easily with his tongue tied behind his back.


Robert Ringer

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