The John Miller “Scandal”

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Here I go again giving Donald Trump free advice.

This time it involves Trump’s being accused of acting as his own publicist under the pseudonym “John Miller.” Wow! Stop the presses — this is big. Not as big as Hillary the Horrible using her private slush fund (a.k.a. “the Clinton Foundation”) to sell State Department favors to foreign countries, but still big. Not!

Pretending to be a surrogate for yourself is both common and moral, provided you don’t use it to defraud anyone. In my early years in business, I employed this strategy a number of times in an effort to elevate my posture (or so I thought), and it usually worked out quite well for everyone involved.

The best example of this is when I used the pseudonym “Henry Rearden” (the hero figure in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged) for the purpose of finding a paperback publisher for my first book. I thought it would be more impressive for someone other than Robert Ringer to be hyping his work.

Henry Rearden’s task was to make paperback publishers aware of how well the book was doing by calling their attention to things like the full-page Wall Street Journal ads I was running, copies stacked high in both front windows of Brentano’s flagship bookstore on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and the carloads of letters I had received from enthusiastic readers of the book.

After getting the attention of the owner of Fawcett books, “Henry Rearden” entered into talks with the late Leona Nevler, who at the time was editor-in-chief of the company. There was nothing at all improper about this, because the fact that I posed as a representative of Robert Ringer didn’t make the deal any better or any worse for Fawcett Books.

Being the smart woman she was, I can assure you that Leona agreed to buy my book based solely on what she thought it was worth, and it resulted in her company’s not only being the publisher of a New York Times #1 bestseller, it also led to its publishing two subsequent #1 bestsellers written by me. Thus, the bottom line was that I did Fawcett an unintended favor by making them aware of my book before other publishers discovered it.

Over the years, Leona and I often joked about my using a pseudonym when I first contacted her, and, to say the least, she was happy that I had made her aware of my book. In retrospect, of course, things might have worked out about the same if I had used my real name, but, in any event, no harm, no foul.

Which brings me back to the infamous John Miller. The bottom line is that if that really is Trump’s voice on the telephone posing as “John Miller,” my advice to him is that he should laugh it off and respond with something to the effect of, “Oh, yeh, I did a lot of stuff like that when I was a young man. No big deal.” Next subject. (Of course, an admission is a bit more problematic now that he has denied he posed as John Miller.)

Unless you have a witchlike cackle like Hillary, I find that waving things aside with a chuckle is the best way to handle non-issues like this. It’s at the opposite end of the spectrum from “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

On a broader scale, my advice to DT is to learn to zip the lip. It’s much easier to talk yourself into trouble than out of it. As the Hate Trump crowd continues to perform media colonoscopies on DT, he would do well to learn to make light of their petty discoveries, keep it brief, and move on.

Isn’t it amazing that, by contrast, in more than eight years in office, the media has resisted digging into Barack Obama’s past — a past that is just a tad suspect, to put it mildly — but the Washington Post now finds it so important to find out about every detail of Donald Trump’s past that it has assigned twenty reporters to the task?

As Chris Plante so often says, it’s great to be a Democrat, isn’t it?

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

21 responses to “The John Miller “Scandal””

  1. RealitySeeker says:

    Get ready for a never-ending series of so called "scandals" as the MSM try like they've never tried before to take down and bag the Donald. Hunting season has been open for months, but the guns are about to start firing a hail of bullets. The Donald is the trophy ever reporter is dreaming about.

  2. Robert rdiamondesq says:

    Its an amazing coordinated attack on DT. I hope people see through the coordinated attacks on Trump as just the current press and political corps fighting to keep an outsider "out".The press really hates the Republicans but when I think about what kids who studied journalism were like in college they were not the "best and brightest" they were much dimmer bulbs than that and I think they identify with the Democrats who don't like capitalism because they many of them do not succeed in a competitive environment. Instead they turn to jealousy towards those who do succeed and make excuses about why they don't succeed – unequal pay for women, discrimination and other perceived blockades to their success. And they certainly never studied economics or history – any nitwit can look at the history of socialism and communism and can see all those systems result in is either abject poverty and serfdom for the people (communisms result) or mediocrity with lots of red tape in all areas of your life in socialism. Or sometimes in socialism serfdom for the people depending upon how far it goes towards communism. Thanks for your as always insightful, interesting columns. I really look forward to them

  3. phil says:

    i listen to chris plante everyday i bust a gut at least once a day —- im surprised you have the time to listen —- i always loved your stuff god bless

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Unfortunately, I don't have time to listen very much, but I usually catch him for 5-10 minutes while I'm having breakfast. Chris towers over Rush, Levin, and all the others.

  4. I find it MORE THAN irritating when a man, such as Trump, is faulted for acting AS A MAN in relation to women. How about certain women when they are trying to bag a man, or simply manipulate him? Men and women are different from each other, and not only physically. That "ought to be" acknowledged, if not appreciated. Equality, fairness yes, but in what ways and respects? If I have a decision to make, and IT IS IN SUCH A CASE MINE TO MAKE, I certainly turn to my beloved and ask, "What do you think, Sweetie?" Often she has seen or sensed something I missed. Which is not to say I run everything by her, or that
    I invariable need to. Judgment. IN ANY CASE, I certainly hope that DT can keep a keen edge while in the Daily Pressure Cooker. I cannot imagine that it is easy. Wise thinking on one's feet every minute requires excellent judgment and intelligence, which is NOT "that woman's" forte'. My guess is, come November, Trump will win in a
    landslide. It is only then that he will have to beef up Security to avoid the C Mob.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Yes, he would beat Hillary in a landslide – no question about it. But if he has to run against Biden, it may be close.

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Have you noticed that if you lend money to a woman or any articles, few women return those articles you lent? But women generally love to boast about their integrity.

  5. John Abbott says:

    It amazes me! Donald has come SO FAR because we are SICK of the CRAP from BOTH parties in Washington. WHY is the media so intent on knowing EVERYTHING about Trump, but Obama and now Hillary get a pass?

    The BEST way to COMBAT this is to OVERWHELMINGLY ELECT President Trump!

  6. Rick Harmon says:

    Sorry,, Robert, I'm not buying into the logic. In order to understand honesty one gas to understand dishonesty,
    I define as any thought, word, act, deed or omission with the intent to deceive.
    Was a one hurt? No. Was anyone deceived? Only you can answer since Ms. Nevley has transitioned.

  7. XBW says:

    I'm not sure DT should "zip the lip". Because it will become more apparent what is inside the man. *If* he continues to lie brazenly, even about what things that should be minor… guess what. *Then* he is a liar. Compulsive even.

    Basic logic.

    On either side, there is a paucity of candidates with the combination of integrity, true perspicacity and electability – signals big problems for America.

  8. Tom says:

    The greatest thing about this whole "John Miller" episode is fact that Trump had accused Jeff Bezos of using the Washington Post for political purposes. The next day the WaPo comes out with the "John Miller' story, which is much ado about nothing but proved Trump's point.

    The real joke is that the original interviewer that interviewed "John Miller' all those years ago had lost the tape so she couldn't have leaked the story to the WaPo. Would anyone like to guess who the only other person who had a copy of the tape was? The anonymous source of the leak was………..Donald Trump.

    Bezos got caught using the WaPo for political purposes. Trump wins again Gotta love it.

  9. Ellis Baxter says:

    For months I have proffered about the moral questions and Trump. What started me on that point was a FT full page article [FEB 27, 2016] making the point that Trump retained the services of 200 illegal polish workers to clear the land for the Trump Tower. As an side issue was the fact that Trump got the illegal workers on a waver from the Teamsters through Genovese Crime Family From Vinnie the Chin Gigante the mob boss who tried to kill Frank Castello [the actual Godfather from the movie]. On additional research and help from the NY AGs office it is clear that Trump built his business on the political connections of the Mafia.. S&A Concrete is a mob front org. they supply all of Trumps concrete ! In 1973 Trump and his dad Fred were charged with Civil rights violations for Red Lining they settled, and Folk Icon Woody Guthrie wrote a song abut Fred Trump "Portside" Guthrie lived in one of Trump's apt. I mean not to question this is foolish.. Bonanno, Genovese, Gambino families all are tied to Trump …

    • Jean says:

      If you've ever done business in a major urban area, then you've done business with the mob. I grew up in the Detroit area, and every construction job that required paving for parking lots or concrete pouring was mob-driven. So, all of those lovely "infrastructure dollars" issued by the Obama administration went to mob-owned firms, you do realize that! New York City is worse – every construction job is unionized, and the mobs run the unions. So Trump has to deal with mobsters if he wants anything to get accomplished. But then, so do all of the other NY developers.

      The total lack of understanding on the part of many of the NoTrumpers is amazing to me. First, the whole "Bush Brothers Steak" brouhaha, which was an example of private labelling, a practice done throughout the food industry. Now, the "Trump is affiliated with mobsters" deal, which applies equally to Rahm Emmanuel (Obama's Chief Agitprop Artist), Bloomberg / diBlasio, Nancy Pelosi's husband (who also uses illegals in his vineyards), and most other people whom, the left idolizes. As for "redlining" – this was pretty much a standard practice by banks, real estate agents and others from the 1940s through the 1970s. In Detroit, for example, the once-thriving city had distinct lines across which certain demographics didn't cross. It kept crime out of the better areas, and kept businesses and industries in the city. You may want to rethink your criticisms.

  10. Jurgy says:

    DT has gotta start listening to his coaches – if he has any …

    p.s. – can you tell I'm using a surrogate?

  11. JOSEPH says:

    I know that Trump is running for the presidency and he has to be vetted, but really the media will come out with any story it can tell because the name TRUMP spells ratings. And, that's it.

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