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Twilight in America?

Posted on February 20, 2023 by Robert Ringer


As daily life in America continues to become unhinged, historians are increasingly questioning whether the once shining city upon a hill is on the verge of going the way of all great empires throughout history.  Today, even rank-and-file folks talk openly about the demise of America.  Common sense tells them that a country that allows […]

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The White Supremacy Bogeyman

Posted on February 6, 2023 by Robert Ringer


After the Michael Brown and Freddie Gray sagas, one has to be careful about jumping to conclusions whenever a young black man gets killed by police.  As you will recall, the race hustlers in those cases looked absolutely ridiculous when the facts came out.  The Michael Brown fairy tale about his being a “gentle giant” […]

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Remembering Sanity and Certitudes

Posted on January 30, 2023 by Robert Ringer


Contrary to what many people believe, the American Empire is still alive, but not well.  Sex-change mutilation of children, an unchallenged invasion of its southern border, smash-and-grab theft rings running wild, taxpayer-funded drug-injection sites, violent criminals back on the streets the same day as being arrested, politicization of the law, crackdowns on free speech, drag […]

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The WEF and Climate-Change Nonsense

Posted on January 23, 2023 by Robert Ringer


The much-hyped World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in the lavish resort town of Davos, Switzerland mercifully ended last Friday, with the usual self-congratulatory schmoozing and boozing.  Attendees climbed into their carbon-spewing private jets and headed back to their respective homes, leaving their high-priced hookers behind. I think it’s safe to say that most people don’t […]

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Joe’s Pink Slip?

Posted on January 17, 2023 by Robert Ringer

President Joe Biden poses for his official portrait Wednesday, March 3, 2021, in the Library of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

From the time Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, I said he was not a serious candidate, and continued to say it even after he “won” the presidency.  Continuing his decades of good luck, he was handed the Democrat nomination (as opposed to winning it) in order to assure that the […]

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Paul Ryan Light Takes the Gavel

Posted on January 11, 2023 by Robert Ringer


I couldn’t bring myself to watch very much of last week’s D.C. theatrical production, but the little bit I did watch was enough to make me roll my eyes.  Even though the Foxcasters tried their best to make the Republican speakership brawl sound like a life-or-death nail-biter, it’s safe to say that most viewers knew […]

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Another Chance for Timid Republicans

Posted on January 3, 2023 by Robert Ringer


Republicans felt they were cheated out of a red wave in November just because they forgot to explain to voters why they should vote for them.  Today, however, is a bright new beginning filled with eternal hope as Republicans settle in with their narrow House majority. Now the big question is, does the GOP have […]

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Freedom or Slavery, Pick One

Posted on December 28, 2022 by Robert Ringer


The latest NFL hubbub in a long series of hubbubs is over Troy Vincent’s eye-opening remark comparing the league’s draft combine to slavery.  Vincent is Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL, but he obviously doesn’t know much about slavery. The well-deserved blowback against Vincent’s comment was fast and furious.  Obviously, men who […]

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The Major Impediment to Democracy

Posted on December 20, 2022 by Robert Ringer


The Democrats’ favorite new word is democracy, which they use as a euphemism for (1) getting their way on everything and (2) more and bigger government.  Anything that goes against their beliefs is not only dangerous, but “a threat to democracy.”  Challenging the results of an election is a threat to democracy.  Not allowing censorship […]

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The Best Argument Against Democracy

Posted on December 13, 2022 by Robert Ringer


Now that Republicans are set to take over the House, the worn-out phrase “People need to be held accountable” is being bandied about endlessly.  Pretty scary words, but what they translate into in real life is “No one is actually going to be punished for their crimes.” In an extreme case, someone might be “sanctioned,” […]

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