Morning Again in America?

Posted on October 9, 2023 by Robert Ringer


Predictably, media pundits from both the left and right have been relentlessly babbling about the “chaos” and negative fallout resulting from the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House.  I guess it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, but I see it as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for real conservatives to take firm control of the Republican Party and have a serious shot at halting the United States’ inexorable slide into a totalitarian hellhole.

The most important thing that has come out of this first-ever event is that it laid bare the huge divide that exists between Republican officeholders who don’t give a damn about the desires of their voters and those who believe their number-one duty is to fight for what their voters sent them to Washington to do.  For me, there is no compromise between these two positions.

Giving in to Democrats is such a contagious disease that it can even affect people who have the best of intentions and are dedicated to carrying out the wishes of Republican voters.  In the case of the McCarthy ouster, it prompted two usually reliable America first conservatives, Mark Levin and Newt Gingrich, to viciously attack Matt Gaetz, arguably the most principled conservative in Congress.

Levin went over the top, calling Gaetz a “POS demagogue” and a liar, even accusing him of working with Marxists who hate America.  Pretty harsh words from a Fox anchor who has gushed over someone like Tom Cotton, the Arkansas choir boy who voted for the Democrats’ $1.7 trillion omnibus monstrosity.

There is no denying that Levin and Gingrich are good men who have done a lot for the cause of freedom, but I’m afraid that in this case their emotions have gotten the best of them.  Whatever you may think of Matt Gaetz as a person, and whatever you may think of his actions regarding Kevin McCarthy, he is fearlessly conservative, fearlessly America first, fearlessly anti-Democrat, and, above all, fearlessly honest.

Putting aside the angry attacks, what many conservative Republicans did not immediately see is the opportunity that has been gifted to them as a result of Kevin McCarthy’s removal.  While I never underestimate the ability of Republicans to screw things up, this moment in history has the potential to be, as Ronald Reagan put it, morning again in America.

To the annoyance of many readers, I have been saying for years that Republicans are the real cause of America’s decline.  While it’s true that Democrats hate the Constitution, hate the law, and hate America, if you look at voting patterns over the past 30 years, it becomes clear that Democrats would not have been able to bring the United States to its knees without the aid of Republicans.

Kevin McCarthy is not the face of evil.  He’s just the latest in a long string of Republican leaders who have failed to carry out the wishes of Republican voters, starting with his predecessors, Paul Ryan and John Boehner.  Republicans simply do not know what they stand for and have no interest in what their voters want.  The fact is that Matt Gaetz was speaking for millions of frustrated Republican voters who agree with his position that “enough is enough!”

The lessons Republicans should have gotten from Matt Gaetz is that you have to be willing to be unpopular, even if it means shutting down the government.  Republican voters want their representatives to stop nibbling around the edges and make meaningful changes.  Again, Ronald Reagan said it best when he urged Republicans to put aside the pale pastels and paint with bold colors.

That said, if Jim Jordan wins the speaker’s job, I must admit I will be a bit apprehensive.  Jordan is a brilliant talker and a relentless investigator, but he seems to lack the killer instinct.  When Maria Bartiromo recently asked James Comer, Jason Smith, and Jordan, “Do you believe Joe Biden is guilty of bribery,” Comer quickly answered with a firm “yes” and Jason Smith gave a firm “absolutely.”  Jim Jordan, however, responded with a timid, “It certainly looks that way.”  If Jordan gets the nod, I’ll be rooting for him, but based on his years of not following through and bringing down the hammer, I’m skeptical.

The new Republican speaker would be wise to follow Stephen Miller’s lead and focus, first and foremost, on ending the border invasion and deporting all people who are here illegally.  Second, put an end to the weaponization of the justice department.  I would add a third issue to Miller’s top two priorities — find a way to prevent massive election fraud.  Republicans need to wake up and realize that if they don’t put an end to the cheating, it’s only a matter of time until Democrats achieve permanent power, in which case everything else would become irrelevant.

I know it’s popular to say that the economy is the most important thing, but, as I have often pointed out, the economy does not require a lot of time to be repaired.  All that is needed is to dramatically cut taxes, take a chainsaw to regulations, then get government out of the way and let the marketplace work its wonders.

It’s time for Republicans to face up to the reality that the Democrat Party is not a real political party.  It’s a group of anarchists in a continual state of insurrection whose objective is to install a Marxist-Fascist totalitarian regime that outlaws elections.  If Republicans cannot understand that, things will not end well for America no matter how many speakers they throw out of office.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.