Avoiding Big Mistakes

Posted on January 25, 2024 by Robert Ringer


In an ongoing, desperate attempt to convince voters that Donald Trump is “a threat to democracy,” Democrats have been pushing the narrative that once in office, he would spend all his waking hours seeking retribution against those who have tried to destroy him.  In addition to wanting to scare away would-be Trump voters, it’s also a good reverse-psychology ploy, and early indications are that it’s working.  That was obvious when, at a town hall in Iowa, Trump said, “We’re going to make this country so successful again, I’m not going to have time for retribution.”

His comment should be filed under that most dreaded of all categories: “Trump Big Mistakes.”  It’s right up there with his breathtaking post on X that “The FBI headquarters should not be moved to a faraway location, but should stay right where it is in a new and spectacular building.”

People are very much like Pavlov’s dogs in that when they do something bad and get punished for it, they tend to avoid duplicating the bad behavior.  On the other hand, when they are not punished, the odds are overwhelming they will repeat it.  All the empirical evidence — not to mention common sense — supports this maxim.  So, no, the FBI should not be rewarded for its criminal behavior.

Which brings us to today’s deplorable Democrats, those vicious miscreants who engage in serial criminality without fear, because they know there will be no consequences to their actions.  This is one of the main reasons the American Empire is on life support, because the hard truth is that a civil society is not possible without retribution.  Contrary to what leftists would like you to believe, the main reason for putting criminals behind bars is not to rehabilitate them.  The main reason to imprison criminals is societal retribution.

There must be retribution for all the sham indictments against Donald Trump, starting with Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, Fanni Willis, and Jack Smith.  There must be retribution for putting Trump supporters like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Peter Navarro in shackles.  There must be retribution for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.  There must be retribution for Joe Biden brazenly conducting an influence-peddling and bribery operation while serving as a United States senator, vice president, and president.

Likewise, every person who signed the infamous “Russian disinformation” laptop letter should be indicted.  Alejandro Mayorkas should be indicted (not just impeached) for aiding and abetting millions of foreigners to enter the country illegally.  Michael Byrd, the capitol policeman who shot and killed unarmed Ashli Babbitt, should be indicted.  Nancy Pelosi and every member of the January 6 committee should be indicted on multiple counts, including conspiracy to defraud American taxpayers.

The list goes on and on — the myriad Anthony Fauci lies … big tech’s censorship of news and opinions not acceptable to Democrats … James Clapper and John Brennan lying to Congress under oath … Hillary Clinton deleting 33,000 emails that were under subpoena … etc., etc., etc.

The first step toward accomplishing all this is for Donald Trump to hire a ferocious attorney general immediately after being sworn into office, someone who has the killer instinct to take swift action to start prosecuting crooked politicians, bureaucrats, and their surrogates.  Another Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr mistake would be fatal to his presidency.

What Trump needs is an attorney general like Kash Patel, who has already vowed to target journalists and government officials whom he refers to as “conspirators.”  In an appearance on the War Room podcast, Patel left no doubt where he stands when he said, “We will go out and find the conspirators, not just in government, but in the media.”  This is the kind of attorney general Trump needs, not a prim and proper establishment guy who is focused on showing Democrats how fair-minded he is.

Speaking of big mistakes, Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo offered Donald Trump some unsolicited advice this week in the form of a list of things he should avoid at all costs, as follows:

  • America First staff only.
  • Accept no budget that doesn’t cut spending.
  • Rid government of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies.
  • Accountability for Democrats.
  • Don’t engage with leftwing media.

I could add a number of other items to this list, but due to space constraints, I’ll limit my contributions to just one for now:  Shut down the border immediately without conferring with Congress.  In an effort to justify letting millions of people enter the country illegally and receive free housing, medical care, food, and more, Mitch McConnell’s soon-to-be successor, Democrat-loving John Thune, said it all with this doozy:

“One of the things I keep reminding my members is if we had a 100-percent Republican government — president, House, Senate — we would probably not get a single Democratic vote for border security reform.  This is a unique opportunity to accomplish something in a divided government.”

Balderdash!  Joe Biden brought about an invasion of the southern border without Congressional approval, so a new Republican president can end it all by himself.  He doesn’t need new laws and he doesn’t need to consult Congress.  What he needs is to make Stephen Miller border czar, then ignore the screams of Democrats and get out of the way.  To do otherwise would be another one of those big mistakes.

If you love Trump, show it by emailing his campaign headquarters and letting him know that you’re interested in retribution, not compromise.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.