One Side Will Lose

Posted on June 18, 2019 by Robert Ringer


In my recent interview with the ever-prescient David Webb, I asked him if he believed the Democratic Party would ultimately destroy itself with its own hatred, to which he responded, “Either the Radical Left has to lose or America has to lose.”  Simple, profound, and true.  The struggle between anti-American and pro-American forces long ago passed the point of compromise.

There are two reasons why compromise is no longer possible.  First, when the Radical Left talks about compromise, they are not envisioning meeting in the true middle with conservatives.  Their idea of compromising on a system of government is to meet in the middle between communism and socialism.  Kind of like death by shooting or death by hanging.

The other reason compromise is not possible is because you cannot compromise between good and evil.  You cannot compromise between moral and immoral.  You cannot compromise between civil and uncivil.  Thus, to compromise with progressives is to compromise with evil, immoral, uncivilized people.  Not a good idea.

I was saying it decades ago, and I’m more certain about it today than ever before:  Sane, civilized people of goodwill are in a struggle to the death with insane, uncivilized people whose goal is to enslave or destroy those who believe in the principles of liberty and non-aggression.  So, yes, David Webb is correct.  The Radical Left must lose if America is to survive.

Notwithstanding all he has accomplished, even President Trump does not truly understand what is at play here.  Take his latest self-destructive interaction with Dirty Dem mouthpiece George Stephanopoulos.  The question is not whether Trump said anything morally or legally wrong.  Obviously, he did not.

The real question is, why would he agree to be interviewed by a left-wing cheerleader like Stephanopoulos in the first place?  Is it simply because he enjoys sparring with the enemy?  C’mon, Donald, this is not a game.  This is war.  The objective is to destroy the enemy, not give him an opportunity to trick you into looking bad.

The second question is, why in the world was George Stephanopoulos even allowed into the Oval Office?  What was Trump thinking when he bought into such a perversity?  This is not a game.  This is war.  The objective is to destroy the enemy, not give him an opportunity to defecate on Bill Clinton’s playground.

The third question is, when Stephanopoulos asked him the gotcha question, why didn’t Trump immediately shut down the interview?  What was he trying to prove?  This is not a game.  This is war.  The objective is to destroy the enemy, not engage in a verbal jousting match with him.

I’m not trying to be hard on President Trump.  On the contrary, I support most of his efforts to implement his America-first, pro-free-market agenda.  Nevertheless, I am concerned that he still does not grasp the seriousness of the Radical Left’s intention to finish the job of fundamentally transforming America into a soulless, left-wing dictatorship — a dictatorship that is hysterically cheered on by the Jacobin masses at the bottom of society and billionaire overlords at the top.

You cannot reason with this enemy.  We’re dealing with people who lose elections by 55,000 votes, yet shake their fists in defiance and insist that they won.  We’re dealing with people who believe the world will end in 12 years if the United States — not the world’s major polluters like China or India or Russia — does not eliminate air travel (except for that required by the anointed class), meat eating (except for that desired by the anointed class), and fossil-fuel engines (except for those needed by the anointed class).  These people are not just bad, hypocritical human beings, they are illegally insane.

Which is why I agree with the Radical Left that the Constitution has become outdated.  As John Adams explained it, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  Let’s stop the “We must all come together” blather and come to grips with reality, to wit:  At least half the current population of the United States is rotten to the core and, perhaps just as bad, dangerously ignorant.  Abiding by the Constitution does not work when you are dealing with criminally insane, uninformed people.

The unpleasant reality is that the Democratic Party, and certainly everyone on the Radical Left, is a threat to the survival of America.  Lying, stealing, cheating, and deceiving is a way of life for them.  Above all, they believe in and actively promote violence.  They are dangerous to the well-being of all civilized people of goodwill and must therefore be rendered impotent.

Like it or not, Mao’s pragmatic creed still rings true today:  Political power does, indeed, grow from the barrel of a gun.  Most Americans prefer to delude themselves about this reality, but neither naiveté nor self-delusion can make it less true.

Of course, everyone would all like to avoid another violent civil war if at all possible.  But the only way that can happen while still saving America is to destroy the Radical Left by employing every political, legal, and legislative tool and tactic available to our side — a tsunami of executive orders, subpoenas, indictments, accusations, and much, much more.  Anything goes when you are at war — and we most definitely are at war.

I have always believed in the efficacy of learning from one’s enemies.  That said, Republicans should take a cue from perpetually hysterical Democrats and be on the offensive 100 percent of the time.  A defensive posture is a loser, as evidenced by the leftward movement of government over the past 80 years.

As Barry Goldwater, a man who understood the enemy’s goals, said, “Moderation in the protection of liberty is no virtue; extremism in the defense of freedom is no vice.”  Swearing an oath to this creed should be a litmus test for all Republicans running for election or reelection in 2020 and beyond.

Mealy-mouthed RINOs who insist on championing the antiquated idea of “reaching across the aisle,” even as America moves ever more rapidly to the left, are nothing more than spineless, naïve fools — useful idiots, if you will — intent on digging their own graves.  And yours and mine in the process.  It is therefore imperative that people who display Romney-like leanings be ruthlessly primaried starting in 2020.  No exceptions!  Cleaning house is an important first step in defeating the enemy.

The bottom line is that if the Radical Left is not destroyed, it will surely finish the job of destroying what is left of the America most of us remember — the America based on the founding principles ensconced in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Do not expend energy debating anyone who believes this to be an extreme position.  There is no time for debate.  This is not a game.  This is war.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

17 responses to “One Side Will Lose”

  1. larajf says:

    It's difficult to change another person's mind especially when they think they're morally correct. I have friends who love Bernie and Warren, and they're so tied emotionally to their positions. And nothing will change their minds. They cling to their feelings and "moral outrage."
    I wish there were a way to revoke citizenship from some people. It's not that I don't want to listen to different opinions. It's that I don't want to give any traction to destructive opinions.

  2. kauai_mike says:

    Do not look to any declaration of war, political party, group, or philosophy to save you. They won't. Focus where it matters – inward, employing your own options.

  3. JurassicRick says:

    Robert, you are absolutely right! We are at war right now and most Americans don't even know it. The Left has put the pedal to the metal to finish this country off as quickly, painfully, and completely as it can. By "Left" I am referring to the whole crazy quilt of anti-American America haters, namely, the Democrats, liberals, whom I like to refer to by the name former Vice President Agnew gave to them—"Radic-Libs", the media, the entertainment industry, the educational system, different special agenda and interest groups like the feminists, gay activists, baby-killers, environmental whackos, labor groups, welfare freeloaders, etc. I have become more and more aware how strangely different this country has become just in the last ten years, and how that difference is growing and accelerating at breakneck speed. I have been looking at the dismal polls for President Trump which shows Biden now 53 to 40 over Trump if the election were held today. And polls are now showing every Dirty Dem nutjob running will beat Trump in 2020. Why? President Trump is clearly not perfect by a long shot in my book, but he has accomplished way far more good and positive things than Biden and all the rest of the pack could do in a thousand lifetimes. Do Americans really want to go back to higher taxes? Or go back to a sluggish economy and double-digit unemployment? Do Americans really want this tsunami of illegals flooding the country? Do Americans want their Constitution trashed and freedoms taken away? I sometimes sit wondering if the worst of the worst were to happen and the Dirty Dems retake the White House in 2020 and what will happen. If that happens, it will be a done deal. It's over. It will be the final requiem for America. Complete and final. I even envision an all out shooting civil war between the right and left becoming more and more of an inevitable possibility. Yes, Robert, you hit the nail on the head as you always have done. You really tell it like it is. This is why I am and always have been a loyal fan and follower of Robert Ringer all these decades. We ARE at war right now! America needs to wake up and smell the gun smoke. HELLO! But I feel like no one else in America is listening, no one is interested, no one really cares anymore. Everybody is too busy staring at their smartphones, guzzling down their beer and energy drinks, drugging out, and acting as if all of this is not really happening. Nobody even notices it, because of what Robert Ringer has called the process of gradualism. Move it ever so slowly and gradually and no one will ever notice it, and they will come to accept it and expect it, and maybe even demand more of it. And please, do not expect the Republican Party to help you. They have become impotent, worthless, and a bunch of do-nothing, know-nothing, non-caring bunch of bench warmers parasiting off taxpayers' money until retirement. If the worst happens next year, and it is beginning to look more and more that way in 2020, I am exiting the Republican Party forever and re-registering "Independent" or as they like to name it on the ballot here in my home state of Kentucky, "Non-Partisan", or maybe join the Constitution Party. Never more wasting my time with the two-party system.

    • Ivan says:

      Rick, I agree. Let's speed it up 10 times faster than the dirty left. After all it's the fast and and focused that eat the slow. A strong offense with a massive sense of urgency will kick their butts out to oblivion.

  4. JF1017 says:

    “Either the Radical Left has to lose or America has to lose.” I hate to say it, but this isn't an "either-or" – it's "both" if the radical left gains power. First, America loses big time, but ultimately the left destroys itself as the realization hits those not in power that their freedoms have been taken away, their resources have been stolen and their lives circumscribed by the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC. The awakening of the great unwashed is always late; three years after O-care was the law and when the tax penalties were going to kick in, I worked as a customer service rep for a major insurance agency. I fielded hundreds of calls from Californians panicked by the fact that they were now REQUIRED to buy insurance! When I told them that was because of O-care, they were shocked. I anticipate the same reaction when those voting for "Medicare for All" realize that Medicare in its current state will be bankrupt by 2034, so every person who paid into it for 50 years will have coverage cut. It's really no wonder that the most left-leaning states have or will make recreational pot legal. It keeps their voters dumb and complacent. They won't get radical until food rationing kicks in and the local bodegas don't carry any more Twinkies or Doritos.

  5. smbate says:

    I doubt seriously that it is the Democrats who are self destructing. A very high percent of all "Americans" are socialists and communists. It is the Republican Party that is self destructing. They capitulate on everything the Democrats do. They never call for an end to social programs that never work, such as Ponzi schemes like social security. They never call for an end to the military industrial complex, and the constant call for war. They never call for an end to the police state that now exists in the US. They play lip service to the free market, but think tariffs benefit importers. They talk about wanting small government and reducing debt, but clammer for a wall to enslave both us and them. They are too stupid to understand that immigration is always a benefit. However, making other countries uninhabitable with an unwinnable drug war and dropping bombs all over the world, in order to somehow police other nations actually creates terrorism. It perpetuates an unsafe world and makes an expensive wall a talking point for those who want to control us. End welfare for undocumented and documented citizens alike, end the drug war, end the offensive wars worldwide, and seek peace and prosperity like Republicans used to. That is the only way to save America from the evil statists. Republicans have lost the philosophy of Liberty long ago.

  6. Ivan says:

    At this point, to win back America, is to play a strong relentless offense. An offensive strategy that starts with speed and pounces with boldness. A defensive strategy will only hold ground, sort of a wait and see. No time for that. Before an outright violent war, I agree, RR is spot on saying, to employ all other legislative tools and tactics. Too bad Horrible Hillary was let off the hook. It might have shut down cockroach Stephanopoulos from entering the door crack of the oval office. Seems like Trump took the little wise guy outside to finish the interview, with Trump looking as mad as hell enough to stomp on him. Important lesson: Don’t slop with the pigs. In todays politics, campaigning has no time to be a Mr. nice guy. Instead use speed to ATTACK and POUNCE BOLDLY from start to finish each day.

  7. smucko says:

    Ok, so RJR has told us before his war strategy is to first eliminate our own RINOs, and then wipe out the DEMS. Sounds solid to me.
    He tells us today that the way you do that is to 1) send up a constitutional gladiator in the Republican Primary to knock off the RINO, win the general election,and then have that newly elected congressman support Trump and whatever constitutionalist bureaucrats are left in their fight to overthrow the Deep State partisans.
    Three Questions:
    *Where do you find these constitutional candidates?
    * How do you organize them and financially support them?
    *If our cause is so self-evident, why is it that the middle class and wealthy patriots haven't found these good candidates and backed them? After all, they have the most to lose if the Envy Crowd ever takes over.

    During the 2016 election, I thought that Trump's question to the Blacks "What do you have to lose?", should have been directed to all of us, to which the answer was and still is "Your life as you know it".

    I also felt that his slogan was misdirected, and should have been "Make AMERICANS Great Again". The Dirty Dems like to say that America is a conceptual Ideal open to all, but the United States of America was one nation of hundreds of millions of people with a common culture that was dedicated to freedom. Now, we are one nation made up of differing cultures that have more allegiance to their own than to the country that grants them citizenship. Author Mark Steyn stated that "Diversity is where great nations go to die". I think that is what we are seeing playing out before our very eyes.
    The question is now "Can we American Patriots, that have the historical facts on our side, find the moral courage to adopt RJR's strategy to win this battle of survival of our way of life, or do we wait to take up arms to defends ourselves, or the worst, turn over our arms and become enslaved?
    My answer is that we need to bring back the Tea Party slogan of "We want our country back", but this time make sure that 1) our candidates are COMMITTED to the idea of Freedom of the Individual, and 2) that we support those candidates by explaining to our friends the dangers of the slippery slopes of enslavement that we are being led down to. We are going to have to fight to get the Constitution back.

  8. pokertiger says:

    I'm not sure if Romney can get primaried in Utah.The most spineless non thinkers in America live there.(forgive me
    Massachuesetts is still a state to my recollection.)

  9. MrLucky1966 says:

    I'm afraid we are headed to what we call irreconcilable differences. Back in the past with most Democrats like the FDR, JFK and even many Bill Clinton types, we can compromise with them, despite our differences, we can agree that we want what is good for our country and to protect her. Today's Democrats starting from the 1960's and when the election of 2000, they really hit the accelerator to the point where we are 180 degrees out pf phase.

    Being an amateur radio operator and knowing basic electrical theory, if you take A/C currents out of phase onto the grid, you'd end up with blown transformers, burnt out motors with a sick whiff of oil and ozone and a huge mess as the two currents fight each other. We are partly there now. Two side just cannot get along anymore.

    I do have friends who are very liberal, I usually do not debate them, no way they will change their minds. To borrow from your books, most of them are Magoos and Ostriches being controlled be interests who just want to control us and to come after our chips. I still talk to a teacher in high school I had, she thinks Trump is worse than Hitler (I am waiving Godwin's Law this time). I still like her and respect her, but how can you reason with that?

    If this goes on, there will be a time where we might either fight or agree to separate. I prefer the latter, I don't want to see anyone get hurt or worse, maybe give them the Boston to Washington DC corridor up to the Appalachians, they can live there and run things as they want to as we cut them loose. The other alternative, I feel uncomfortable in talking about but as we know in history, a fight will break out. It could come down to one side eventually wrapping the other one in a full Nelson until the loser says "Uncle" but even that will not solve things. Where we are at now, I'd like to call it a "Cold Civil War."

    As to President Trump with George S., like you, I, along with my aunt, are wondering the same thing, why did he go on the air with him?

  10. Reality_Seeker says:

    "Voting out the RINO Romney(s) isn't going to work. Why? Because there isn't enough Ron Paul(s) to replace the RINOs. And even if there were enough, there isn't enough votes. Ron Paul had his chance, twice. The middle class had their chance, but they chose and voted for collectivists.

    People get the government they deserve.

    So how does this end? A thinking man need only to look back in history to see America's future. Empires are run by Caesar(s) and the American Empire is run by Trump — who is as close to a Caesar as you can get without actually abolishing the Senate and House. Trump is really jus a modern-day swamp boss. He's not going to fix anything. Have you seen how the national debt ijust keeps rising? Have you noticed how Trump insists on ever greater expansion of money and credit via the Federal Reserve? I know how this ends, but I just don't know how badly and when.

    Actually, the best chance America has had in many years of fighting a civil war is approaching. Election 2020 or shortly thereafter is going to be the time when most Americans finally realize that the country needs a divorce.

    • smucko says:

      Reality Seeker, I agree with all of your points and timetable, and recognize that the voting out of RINOs is a long-shot, but I believe that it is the only solution available to the voters.
      As you point out, our voters are our problem, and their desire for a Benevolent King to right all of the wrongs of society while they go back to their ballgames, is the very heart of our dilemma. Only constitutional Congressmen can rein in our run amok Executive and Judicial Branches. I don't believe that our Founding Fathers thought that a generation of voters would allow their representatives to just decide to not do their job, but that is what we have. And Term Limits doesn't do a thing if you just replace one scoundrel with another.
      If we American Patriots do start to support only constitutional candidates, then the rallies themselves will get pretty violent, and hopefully awaken our dropped-out voters that the Dirty Dems actually want their life, and that they might as well get into the political struggle instead of hiding under their desk.

      • Reality_Seeker says:

        Did you happen to see the story on the Drudge Report about how for every 1 white person moving into Texas there are 9 Latinos? I currently reside in Houston, and I can report to you that Houston reminds me of Mexico City, now, not the city I remember 40 years ago is totally gone —- gone is the day when downtown was full of White men wearing cowboy hats and white people enjoyed the dominant numbers and culture. I can without a shadow of a doubt tell you it's over. Texas is being totally flooded with Peronists, and America is going to be Latin America a lot sooner than the dimwitted whites realize. Whites are about to feel what the American Indians felt when they got overrun.

        America's high-flying era is over, so prepare for a crash landing. And learn some Spanish, because the civil war has already been lost.

  11. PATRIOT1948 says:

    Excellent article…these people need to be put in their place by whatever means necessary…as TJ once said "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

  12. Mr Domain says:

    It is very hard to change another person's mind (if I don't want to say impossible)

  13. SteveV2000 says:

    I fear that the next time a Democrat is elected Prez, the game will be over. If they control Congress as well, then they'll pass so much totalitarian, leftist legislation that it will be impossible to ever undo it. Illegals will flood our borders, all future loyal Dem voters. The country will become a s***hole in 30-50 years.