Ringer and Judge Jeanine Against Trump

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Robert Ringer


The Democrats are actually right about one thing: Donald Trump should have called Jim Comey into his office, had a civil discussion with him, and given him the usual “I respect you for the many things you’ve accomplished, but I’ve decided to go in another direction” speech.

“I’ve decided to go in another direction” is one of the great B.S. lines used day in and day out in the corporate world when you want to part ways with someone on a civil basis. For his own sake, I feel that using this approach would have served Trump much better than the way he handled Comey’s dismissal. My one caveat would be that he may have had a specific tactical or legal reason for doing it the way he did, but that’s something we can never know for certain.

Now, however, he should SHUT UP about it and get back to talking about the economy, tax reform, job-creation numbers, plans to stop Iran from building the bomb, his intentions to put North Korea’s Jumbo Jong in a straightjacket, improving the nation’s trade deals, speeding up the downtrend in illegal immigration, and more.

Tweeting Rosie almost tempted me to become a Never Trumper. C’mon, Donald, you’re president of the United States and you’re still fighting with someone you once called a pig? Even if her oinks are annoying, do you really want to dignify them? You’re married to one of most beautiful women in the world and you’re getting your kicks tweeting Rosie? How about putting a bit more effort into showing some outward affection to your wife?

Which brings me to the fact-free, Russian-collusion hysteria. First of all, I wonder how many people who are shouting collusion from the rooftops have any idea what the word even means. Technically, it’s a secret agreement between two parties to do something illegal.

In the case of Hillary, just from what we already know to be factual should be enough to put her in the slammer for 900 years, so a serious investigation is certainly warranted. But you don’t hire a special prosecutor every time someone comes up with an accusation with no facts whatsoever to back it up.

If I accuse you of beating your wife, but have no facts to back up my accusation, why should authorities investigate you? On the other hand, if I say that I’ve heard your wife screaming for help in the middle of the night, that deserves at least an initial inquiry by authorities.

Remember when slimy Harry Reid suddenly blurted out, with absolutely no facts to back it up, that the word is out that he [Romney] has not paid any taxes for 10 years”? I’m a Never Romney person, but even I thought it was a shameless thing for Dingy Harry to say. Unfortunately, because Romney is such a wimp, he stuttered and stammered like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar and just let the accusation dangle out there indefinitely.

Had it been true, of course, Romney already would have been in prison, so the whole thing was nothing more than silliness. (BTW, years later Reid admitted he had lied about Romney’s not paying taxes, but steadfastly maintained that he wasn’t sorry he did it because the bottom line was that Romney lost the election.) Of course, if it were today, Democrats would have been calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Romney.

Now, back to the Trump-Russian collusion claim. Democrats, including their PR arm, the MSM, are running wild with their assertion that Trump “colluded” with the Russians in the last election, even though no one has been able to come up with a single fact to back up such a claim. Nevertheless, they continue to clamor for a special prosecutor to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

So does that mean every time a Democrat — or anyone, for that matter — makes a fact-free accusation about someone that a special prosecutor should be brought in to investigate? Was a special prosecutor called in to investigate the Benghazi cover-up, where there were indisputable facts known to the general public?

Or Fast and Furious, again where substantiated facts were made public?

Or Hillary, where the whole world heard FBI Director James Comey openly state that she had committed multiple felonies?

And what about Susan Rice’s unmasking of names in leaked emails? Hmm … I wonder who could have possibly given her orders to do that.

For all I know, Donald Trump may be guilty of a thousand crimes. And perhaps if someone presents one or two creditable facts that point to criminal activity, he will be found guilty and may even have to serve time. But right now — today — there are no facts that would give a serious person reason to believe he has done anything illegal.

Most important is something I touched on in a previous article — the fact that even if Trump or any of his surrogates did talk to high-ranking Russian officials during the campaign, what kind of collusion could he or they possibly have engaged in that would have changed the outcome of the election? What magic powers would any Russian have to change even a single American vote?

Regardless, it should be pointed out that Trump is a master of optics — bad optics. He should not have fired Comey in the manner he did. He should not have said that Comey told him three times that he was not under investigation. He should not have hinted that he recorded their conversations. None of these things are wrong, per se, just dumb — very dumb.

Now, you might be thinking, “If Trump is dumb, how did he become a billionaire?” I can speak from firsthand experience on that subject, because I’ve known several very wealthy people who, though they had a remarkable knack for making money, were really dumb about life in general. Making money and being dumb are not mutually exclusive propositions. Making money is an art form, and some people who are good at it sometimes remind me of idiot savants.

In Trump’s case (and this is all speculation), I think what manifests itself as dumb is largely a mixture of egomania, a desire to be loved, and a lack of self-control. If he had the discipline to talk only about his agenda and not allow the Dirty Dems and corrupt media to divert his attention to conspiracy theories, “collusion,” and how many scoops of ice cream he eats at dinner, I believe he could accomplish great things.

In a recent interview with Trump, I knew things were getting bad when Judge Jeanine, one of his three or four biggest supporters, seemed exasperated by his inability, or perhaps unwillingness, to explain why he can’t seem to ignore the shiny, attention-diverting objects the Dirty Dems keep shining in his face. She echoed my sentiments exactly.

Don’t get me wrong. We haven’t turned against Trump as far as wanting him to succeed and believing he has the ability to succeed. What we’ve turned against is his childish behavior and the fact that he seems incapable of focusing on the major things he has accomplished and that Americans actually care about.

No matter how skeptical many of us have been from the outset, we want to believe that Trump will be the first Republican president who has the courage to steamroller the Dirty Dems. But in order to do that, he has to (as Judge Jeanine would say) put on his big boy pants and get serious.

Some years back, Laura Ingraham came up with one of the all-time great book titles, Shut Up & Sing. She obviously was referring to Barbra Streisand, but Donald Trump would do well to think about a good paraphrase to that title, something like Shut Up and Carry Out Your Agenda. Because if things don’t change very soon, a lot more people are going to be joining the ranks of those 22 hi-profile “Against Trump” politicos listed on the cover of National Review magazine last January.

And what a shame that would be.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

73 responses to “Ringer and Judge Jeanine Against Trump”

  1. texas wolfie says:

    Trump has made the MSM very nervous. They are going crazy trying to pin anything on him that will derail his agenda. I agree he should start ignoring the insults and accusations and focus on the BIG AGENDA.

  2. John John says:

    Could not agree with you more. The question is, how do you get to Trump to make him see what damage he is doing to himself and his chance to turn this country around if he does not reign in his comments and refocus all of his energy on the issues?

  3. Well this childish behavior ought not come as a surprise. He acted like this way throughout his campaign. But We don't really know why he fired Comey. I can only assume something was said or done beyond the norm that we are as of yet not privy to.

    • Frank M. says:

      What he should have said was actually simple. By definition the role of the FBI is to "Investigate possible violations of Federal Law." The system is set up to complete the investigation and turn over all the information to (in the case) the Justice Department. He didn't do that.
      What he did was hold a Press Conference and lay out all the things that the FBI could prove that Hillary and staff did illegally and then HE concluded "no reasonable prosecutor" would file charges. That's BS as many Federal Prosecutors have since stated.
      So Comey for reasons only known to him became "politicized" by wearing the hats of the head of the investigation AND the prosecutor. Wrong! That is a violation of the rules.
      Now you say "Well he knew Obama's puppet Loretta Lynch" would have sat on the evidence and done nothing. While that is certainly what would have happened it still wasn't his job to exonerate Hillary in the July press conference. For that alone he should have been fired.

      Then when he saw she might win he holds another press conference and states they have found top secret information on Anthony Weiner's laptop (who had no security clearance) and logically came from wife Huma's computer via Hillary. Another probable violation of the federal law. Thus he inserted himself into election politics again. He continued to wear both hats, investigator and prosecutor.

      In our regular lives the police investigate a possible crime, maybe make an arrest maybe not, and then submit the evidence to the District Attorney for a determination as to whether the person should be charged with a crime and prosecuted. Tha is the system. Comey violated that basic principle and should have been fired for that alone.

      Of course Obama would not have done it because he knew the AG wouldn't jeopardize Hillary's campaign with an indictment. They figured she would win and for re Comey and the whole mess would be ignored.

      Then Trump wins. So the Democrats were against Comey before they were for him (now). Recognize that famous John Kerry flip flop. Dems are only for him now because it is, in partnership with all their Media supporters, more bases for their political attacks on the Trump Administration.

      Their goal is to create in the collective minds of the public and Congress an accumulation of reasons why Trump has to be impeached. As Robert states if he keeps falling into their traps and wasting his valuable time on all the noise and distractions he'll not have the time or energy to concentrate on his platform.

      That is OUR and his greatest risk.

  4. ssz says:

    If you sent your suggestion to Trump, he'd likely take to Twitter immediately to 'defend' himself by slandering you. You can hope he'll sooner than later Shut Up and Carry Out His Agenda, but don't hold your breath. Unfortunately, his inability to do so may be why his presidency never realizes all that potential you suggest he has.

  5. IHeartDagney says:

    You gotta let Trump be Trump. He may say something that you consider to be stupid……remember "wire-tapped"? But, it usually ends up being true. I think he's a savant when it comes to dealing with people and situations. It'll turn all right for him in the end. The only thing that bothers me about him is that he does not seem to understand the evil in the democrats. Some of the republicans have it, too, but it is a more self-serving evil rather than ideological. The dems are lock-step, off the rails communist/Marxist/AmericaHATING with a passion evil and, I don't think Trump gets that yet. THAT, to me, is the bigger problem than his seemingly idiotic (but, with a purpose) messaging.

    • POCAHONTAS says:

      Yes, I agree with what you say.! I don't think he realizes the evil he is up against. I hope he catches on ASAP.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Part of that lack of understanding of the basic evil of Dumbocrats is because he WAS one for many years, and is still surrounded by them (Ivanka & Jared, e.g.). I am more than willing to "Let Trump be Trump", but in a world where the average attention span is like a gnat, it becomes very hard to accomplish anything worthwhile when so much time is spent on trivia, distractions, and fake news & media lies/provocations. Comey is basically irrelevant to the lives of most Americans, and Trump had every right to remove him – his overstepping is position in exonerating Hildabeast and the lack of morale within the FBI that has occurred, for starters. Lying is de rigueur in politics, so he needs to ignore them, and for sure not pay any attention to buffoons like Rosie O'Donnell. I do LOVE that book title from Laura Ingraham, and Trump does need to keep his focus on HIS agenda, and not that of the lying whore MSM.

  6. Jurgy says:

    The dems will continue to goad Trump with false (fake news) accusations in hopes that he'll say or do something that will be actionable for them to push him out of office – he needs to develop a very very thick Teflon skin …

  7. Reality Seeker says:

    I think some people's expectations are too high. As I've said from the very beginning: there's no way in hell that President Trump can stop and turn around the decline of America. Over the years how many times have I made reference to the movie, "Idiocracy"? A dozen? Trump is actually playing the role quite well.

    America has become an Idiocracy. So don't worry about Trump's mistakes. The next president will be The Rock or Oprah or President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. And he or she shall really make America great. Yes. Really.

    • larajf says:

      Or good old Mark Zuckerberg who is soooo in touch with reality and the common people.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      You are SO RIGHT about Amerika being an Idiocracy!! I think MY expectations of Trump are realistic – he is merely there to be a stop-gap in the rapid decline of what was once a republic – but he can accomplish more by staying on track and not diverting to all the b.s. that comes from media, Dumbocrats, etc. Opposition is normal for anyone in politics and he will have to circumvent that as skillfully as possible, but most of this other drivel is just CRAP, which he is best to IGNORE.

    • Since getting burned by the UNequal Rights Amendment loong ago, I've called America the Great Mediocracy. America LOVES the mediocre, the superior not so much, no matter how much "they" pay lip service to it. What IS fair is LET THE BEST PERSON WIN!

      • Jim Hallett says:

        Well-said, Richard, regardless of how depressing it is! It is one thing to root for the underdog (and I like to see that as much as anyone), but I cannot understand the constant efforts to tear down the successful. Why not try and emulate them and become them, instead of making your mediocrity seem more tolerable by criticizing them? It is a psychology that has baffled me for years. We are NOT EQUAL, but we all have worth and significant role to play in the universe, so best to focus on what that role can be, and stop demanding that everything be "fair" and that the world owes anyone anything.

  8. SteveM says:

    You're starting to get what critics like me have been saying all along. At least in my case, it has nothing to do with Hillary or Democrat vs. Republican. I was excited when Trump first announced his candidacy. And I have no problem with the job he's doing today WHEN HE STAYS ON TASK. It's not perfect; no President is. It's all of the other nonsense that's infuriating.

    I started to have my doubts about his chances when he insulted John McCain, then moved on to insulting ethnic groups, then the handicapped reporter, and topped it all off with the Billy Bush interview. To my amazement, the media that supported him downplayed just about everything and people came out in droves to vote for him.

    The only answer I could come up with was that we were so desperate as a country to not have politics-as-usual that we were willing to overlook all of his bad behavior that would have caused any other politician to be bounced out of the race from just one of those infractions. It was kind of amusing to watch the Republicans running around with their hair on fire to do everything they could to get Trump out of the race. Even though today there is some Republican push-back on different subjects, they're all eating crow and poor Paul Ryan probably cries himself to sleep every night.

    Like everyone else, I thought that once the election was over he would stay off of Twitter, keep his mouth shut and stay focused. But he can't help himself. And I don't think there's anyone in his circle who knows how to reign him in.

    • Steve says:

      Absolutely correct!

    • Barbara Wells says:

      He was right to out John McCain. He is a phony and Trump knows about his background.

      • SteveM says:

        So you agree with Trump that McCain isn't a war hero because he allowed himself to be captured? It seems to me that it's a slap in the face to all POWs.

        • Dave says:

          McCain is a traitor and a liar. He attacked POW's to cover up his lies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzVxbUOn4EI

          • SteveM says:

            Politically I'm not a McCain fan, but A) the video has nothing to do with the Trump statement above. B) You have a handful of McCain critics that are complaining about how records are handled. So what? There's even more critics today complaining how Trump handled the release of records to the Russians in last week's meeting. We don't know for sure if any of that is cause for concern.

            Now I can't speak to whether McCain is right or wrong in his motivations. But all these years later, if his behavior were illegal or cause for a charge of treason, his career would have been over long ago.

        • RD Lankes says:

          No – the issue is how he behaved after he was captured. He is not a war hero in any regard.

    • Dan Fitzgerald says:

      The problem with Donald Trump._That is the first thing out of your ignorant face. _you are a fool.

  9. Bob says:

    Wow, Robert! It's unbelievable that you could ever write anything critical about your bosom friend, Donald Trump. This article is so different to your norm of hailing Trump as the saviour of America and the world.

    It's nice to see that the reality of Trump's warped presidency is finally dawning on you too. But wait. There'll be more. Can't you see that Trump will never change?

    He called Hilary horrible names (just like you do), accused her of being sloppy with classified information, etc. Then last week, he gave classified information to the Russians in the White House, thereby putting American lives at risk. This man has undermined the office of the president and turned America into a laughing stock all over the world.

    Controversy, poor choices, lack of experience, arrogance and vindictiveness have defined Donald Trump right from the first day he started running for the Presidency. Now that he’s in office, bad judgement hangs over his administration like dark clouds. His administration resembles a circus on a runaway rollercoaster ride, tumbling from one disaster to another almost on a weekly basis since he took office on January 20, 2017.

    No wonder someone commented on CNN last week that Trump's White House is on a downward spiral. Yes, this man will take America down into the abyss if he's not kicked out.

    • Barbara Wells says:

      You wish! Trump will prevail and you can watch it happen, He has belief in God and has shown he has the best of intentions for America by honoring the right people.

      • SteveM says:

        Wow. Here's a guy who proclaimed on camera that he can grab a woman by the genitals any time he wants. Yeah, that's some belief in God.

    • Frank M says:

      Do you work for Obama, the DNC or a major media organization?
      Are you relying on Media Matters for your "facts?"
      Them stating something doesn't make it so.
      There is not one shrewd or iota of real evidence that Trump gave any nation Classified information.

      Sounds Willfully Ignorant to me.

  10. Grant says:

    Character is one of those things that can't be faked for long much less consistently. It is, instead, a lot like DNA….inseparable from who you are. As such, once someone's true character is known, it can be used rather confidently to predict what that person's actions, motivations, reactions, etc. will be in any given situation. Since at least the time of Bill Clinton's presidency, the notion that character is something that can be switched on or off has been "normalized". Mostly, it gives politicians license to do whatever they please so long as pet agenda items continue to be moved forward.

    Such is the case of Trump….and it was predictable from the moment he announced his candidacy for President. Separate President Trump from the hopes he'll discover a coherent agenda and what's left is an undisciplined playboy of modest intellect and endless character deficiencies. A loose canon. Those that believed he would surround himself with highly competent advisors and "grow into the job" under their guidance were mistaken….some might say delusional: nothing in Trump's history even hints at selflessness.

    The really sad fact is that a number of competing GOP candidates would have "grown into the job" with elements of grace and dignity….given the chance….but once all were dispatched leaving Hillary as the final contender, what else could be done but elect Trump. Now….it is what it is…and those that railed over Trump's "qualities" pretty much have to live with what they brought.

    There's a lesson in all of this but people are more likely to run from it than embrace it. In fact, I suspect the next President will be no better. Certainly more disciplined…perhaps another "rock star" of personality with great hair and a hot wife….but no better. Meanwhile, one does wonder who will be the last standing Trump apologist. I'm betting on Hannity.

  11. Jose Jackson says:

    Trump getting hamstrung by all the mosquito bites like a constant drip of water. I agree needs to stick with the program that got him elected. End the federal income tax, double the fed minimum wage and make stand your ground, castle doctorine, federal law. This would cause massive budget cuts across the board, and if folks want to put their hands on you or show up in the middle of the night without warning and up to no good, that person will get a quick trip to the next dimension and about 50 less other crimes would be prevented and countless hundreds of other people would be spared of the interactions of such a boorish brutal person.

  12. Harley says:

    F*** paulie ryan!

  13. Rick H says:

    The recent Comey firing bought no political capital, only a consensus of puzzled population. Of course, we may never know the real story or logic behind the method of discharge which the President may do at will.

    If the Trump supporters were considered as a "market" it would seen as a static, mature market that is not growing. I'm not sure the President understands that his voter base is largely annoyed and unserved by the distractions of the he-said, she-said personality based news.

    Is this political theater masking another, more nefarious story, as when the Lewinski story, while painful for Bill Clinton, masked the real story of what was happening on the world stage? Only time will tell.

    • Dan Fitzgerald says:

      you think to much.
      your brain cat keep up with you zippers.
      When I first started reading your comment I thought you were a girl, now I know you are Rick.

      • Texas Wolfie says:

        What the hell is wrong with you? Learn to spell, then grammar, then maybe post a semi-lucent comment. Or maybe you are just a little no-body typing in his momma's basement on a plastic keyboard.

  14. Vladymir Rogov says:

    Oh boy, how trivial can this get!

  15. Mike Sherzan says:

    2004 Buy a Florida Mansion for 41 Million sell it 7 years later for 95 Million to a Russian associate with Putin. No there is no collusion. You are an idiot.

    • Ivan says:

      7 years later, its common in that price range for real estate to go up that much, besides Trump might have put in millions on the fix up. It was on the open market, can't help it if a Russian bought it. It could have easily been anyone from anywhere. Anyways, nice home run on that flip for Trump.

    • Texas Wolfie says:

      Why did you not buy it? Free country, you could had the same success story, the question begs, why didn't you????

  16. Steve Bate says:

    Sounds like you've bought in to the neo-cons interventionist foreign policy with the nonsense about Iran and North Korea. The US cannot control world events any longer. We are broke! And we will be more broke after Trump has spent the money he intends to spend on his favorite statist projects. Please, lets Restore the American Dream at home and stop creating ill will with our bombs abroad. Government doesn't ever create jobs, help the economy, or improve trade deals. So, obviously Trump will never do any of that.

    • Stephan F says:

      "Please, lets Restore the American Dream at home and stop creating ill will with our bombs abroad."

      Hear, hear! Too bad I can only give you one up-vote.

    • Reality Seeker says:


      I understand your point; however, America ain't broke until the printing presses are totally broke. And nobody knows precisely when that moment shall occur.

      Finance and money are complex subjects; subjects I've spent a lifetime understanding; but what is a simple fact that anybody can understand is this: there are billions of people who accept and transact in "money created out of thin air". This thin-air money has no material backing whatsoever. Today's money is not like yesterday's gold and silver backed money.

      Look at Bitcoin: one Bitcoin is worth more than an ounce of gold. What does that tell you? It tells me that people can assign value to whatever the majority wishes. I've made more American dollar "money" speculating on the block-chain money than on gold, silver, stocks, bonds or anything else that can be bought and sold. I've spoken about the block-chain on this blog years ago. I've even argued with very intelligent people who just didn't get it.

      This new form of money is here to stay. And it's always going to be plentiful until the entire system collapses. What we are witnessing is comparable to Tulip mania during the Dutch Golden Age.

      People are going to make and lose fortunes on digital tulips .

      Buy gold, buy silver, buy food, water and medications. But don't forget how much can be made on digital tulips.

    • Dan Fitzgerald says:

      how do you suggest we restore the American dream?
      Let Isis take over.
      And we finally have someone there that can control it

      I am a supporter of President Trump, and if you aint, your anti- American. and should leave this country, the Mexicans don't like you either

  17. Marlena Bennett says:

    Being a certified Christian, when Trump won the election against ALL odds, I felt – no, I was sure that God had put him in. Now – not to ever try to out-think God, I am wondering if He may have another plan – for Mike Pence??

  18. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    to rjr
    I have been a follower/listener of yours for a time.
    I must say that your rant this time has gone too far.
    You don't hold a candle to President Trump. No one does or can.
    You should shut up and watch what's going to happen next.
    Your another one that thinks everything should happen with the snap of your fingers.
    Get over that and back to reality. Things will happen, but not at anybody's speed but President Trumps.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I think you need to go back and reread my article. I want Trump to succeed – and I believe he can succeed. But I also believe he would increase his chances of doing so if he set aside the silly stuff and focused AND TALKED ABOUT his agenda.

      • Rick G says:

        I agree with you 100% percent, Robert. President Trump is letting himself get sidetracked by all the distractors in all directions who are aiming to derail his presidency and agenda. He needs to put sideblinders on and ignore all the flack that is coming at him. Because as long as he is President it's not going to stop. It's going to get worse. The Radic-Lib agenda right now is for President Trump to fail and to get him impeached and removed from office, plain and simple!

      • Jim Hallett says:

        AMEN! That is it in a nutshell.

      • Dan Fitzgerald says:

        o k
        I scanned your article as you suggested. I didn't get past the first paragraph.
        You appear to be jealous of President Trump.
        The fact still remains the same.
        You dislike President Trump for reasons only you know.
        If you want to do the things you suggest that he does, then run for president.
        He did, he won and his plan is the one I will listen to. Not yours or Hannitys. Only President Trumps.
        I still will listen to your input as far as life in general is concerned.
        You are insightfull to the max.
        But when you have a suggestion on how President Trump wants to run this nation, please don't send that crap to me.

    • Dan Fitzgerald says:

      Mr Ringer.
      You cant back someone up if you complain about them.
      You give me the impression that President Trump should be doing what you want him to do.
      To be fair to you. I am a deplorable high school drop out, retired and living outside the beltway from So Cal.
      I just have the idea that President Trump should be able to run the show that the populace elected him to do.
      I don't have to reread your article. The basic fact is still the same.
      You and all the others think President Trump should do what you all think you want him to do.

  19. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    sit back and watch what happens.
    president trump is creating the most exciting future for the whole world to see.
    safe and friendly.
    and to the ones that don't want that,
    watch out.

  20. Rick G says:

    I believe that President Trump was just being President Trump when he canned Comey. I think he did it in the way he did because he has been frustrated and irritated with him a very long time. President Trump is draining the swamp as he promised he would do and tossing out the Radic-Libs wherever he can. And Trump doesn't need to apologize or explain himself as to what he did or why he did it the way he did. I believe too that dealing with all the constant nonstop anti-aircraft artillary 24/7 he has to put up with doesn't make Trump's life any more pleasant. Had Horrible Hillary weasled her way into the White House (illegally, of course) last November and canned Comey the way Trump did, no one would have given it a second thought I'm sure. To me, Comey is a plain old RadicLib appointed by Radic-Lib Nobama made in the image and likeness of Hussein Nobama who needed to be kicked out the door a long time ago onto the pavement the way Trump did. Just like Nobama's other appointees, Comey was incompetent and unfocused just like Nobama. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Little Jimmy Comey back together again! So out the door you go now!

  21. Rocketman says:

    Robert, what you said was right of course but to be fair I have the impression that if the Donald was driving a truck load of food to a homeless shelter free of charge, saw a bank robbery in progress and stopped the truck got out and held the criminal until the police got there, then gets back into the truck and sees an old lady trying to cross a busy street, stops the truck again and gets out and helped her across the street, then gets back into the truck and finished driving to the homeless shelter that some Democrat would be on the television tomorrow complaining that there was now three additional reasons to impeach him.

    • John E. Gabor says:

      I thought you were going to end it with: the democrats would be on T.V. saying Trump was delaying food for the homeless.

  22. Lana says:

    Where are President Trump's people? The support? I would like to think there are people around him who actually have his back. If some of this peripheral BS could be delegated, he would have time to tackle the major issues facing the USA. He's done an incredible job in the first months of his presidency. Imagine what he could accomplish without these distractions. Obviously the Dems have found his Achilles heel and are using it to undermine him. I'm hoping he has an agenda that is obvious to them.

  23. John Van Epps says:

    Thus has been my issue with Trump from day one – focusing on tiny insults instead of addressing the real concerns of the average American, as he promised during the campaign. ALL Presidents get flack from the general public – look no further than the past twenty years or so. To me, the smart thing (high road?) is to ignore the negative publicity and concentrate on the overall results. I'm not so certain it matters how he gets there, but results are the general standard of measure for success/failure. Absolutely was in my sales career.

    Yes, his 'twits' helped him get elected – no doubt. But he won the job; now it's time to produce. Forget the BS 'trolls' who will always be negative, and get on with it!

  24. Ivan says:

    I think a self made billionaire like Trump had to have tremendous focus and ignore a lot of distractions along the way. A lot of the American people were against him back in the day when he was building his empire in New York, probably jealousy. His response to Rosie was probably some kind of recreational therapy at the time. He has set some tremendous goals for the country and has gotten pretty serious about them. I'm sure he has visualized and reviewed the goals that he has promised us and will have to adjust deadlines when you consider the state we are in, along with the crazy opposition he encounters.

  25. JOSEPH says:

    The problem with Donald Trump is that he is an an EXTREMELY SENSITIVE person. It serves him well when he is negotiating because he has great intuition with people because of that sensitivity, but when it comes to other things, at times he seems to not have control over his feelings. But, I agree that he has to keep FOCUSED on his job and ignore everything else, but he seems he is just too sensitive. And, that is the problem. It's too bad because I think he is very smart and he can do a good job as president, but again, his feelings get the best of him.

  26. K epwfk says:

    Stringer comma Donald J Trump is anything but one of those idiot Savants you speak of. And I know of what you speak. They are all over the place. He is a breed apart. Here is the gig. His tweeting his manner his tone encourages they MSM and all the truly disloyal and unpatriotic numbskulls to bubble to the surface and make themselves so’s obvious to the point they can be pinpointed and nailed to the wall and no longer serve as jello that no one can pin down. He knows what he’s doing. Just as I do. They cannot help themselves coming forward and revealing the idiots they truly are. And they will not be able to help themselves When Donald J Trump decides to give them that extra push right over the edge and they all commit mass suicide thinking they are going to Nirvana.

  27. There is kind of hokey sp? column, very pro Trump, like me, called ANGRY PATRIOT. An' he sez Comey has very bad "do bad things for big money" reputation that is hard to respect and maybe illegal. If Trump knows that, it would be difficult for him to respect him, Comey, and talk nice to him, maybe. If true, Comey is no nice guy worthy of respect.

  28. Dan Fitzgerald says:

    Mr Ringer
    I will vote for you
    Just don't run against President Trump.

  29. Evan Barrington says:

    I'm an Australian living in Australia. its extremely concerning that Trump doesn't seem to have the capability to function as a president. I'm not particularly for his agenda but I'm also not against it. The very troubling thing from my perspective is having someone incapable in the office and thats certainly how it seems to be panning out. The most telling sign of his incompetence is the incessant blame he ascribes to everyone else. Trump doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes, he's infantile. Replace him fast America.

    • Texas Wolfie says:

      Not likely. Tend to your own knitting.

      • Evan Barrington says:

        We are actually. As a loyal ally we always back USA on all decisions and political stances including right now. Yup, even right now.

  30. Ray Martelli says:

    Now apply all just said to Nancy Pelosi. Don`t let her get away with being a like person to D.T.

  31. moses says:

    aw! DJT what a disappointment but any one who thought he would mature into the job was deluded, I was backing him only as far stopping same, same but different as the Thai people would say.Folks dream the DON does not understand swampology he is going down not through impeachment but something more sinister its in the water or worse still in the air

  32. wilson says:

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