Little Marco Embarrasses Himself — Again

Posted on January 14, 2017 by Robert Ringer


During the Republican primary, I was perplexed by how many conservatives held Marco Rubio (aka “Little Marco”) in such high esteem. My take on Little Marco from day one was that he was a snake in the grass and that his clumsy attempt to collude with Ted Cruz to derail the Trump Train pretty much confirmed that.

The South Carolina crowd went all out for Rubio in the primary, with Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley all endorsing him. For personal reasons, I won’t comment on Gowdy or Scott, but Haley is the worst of the worst — every bit as phony as Rubio.

It was stunning when she took a swipe at Trump for his stern stances — stances that echoed the sentiments of millions of Americans who voted for him — then almost immediately started to walk back her holier-than-thou comments when the anti-Haley social-media frenzy began.

At the time, I’m sure she was totally confident that Trump had no chance of winning the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency. DT easily could have destroyed her (He won the South Carolina primary despite her efforts to undermine him), but she lucked out because of his shrewd pragmatism.

By shrewd pragmatism, I’m referring to his clever decision to get her off his back throughout his presidency by throwing her a bone and making her U.S. Ambassador to the UN. In addition, from an optics standpoint, it was a twofer — a female and the daughter of Indian immigrants. (That’s Indian as in India, not Indian as in Elizabeth Wacko Warren.)

It also was shrewd because Trump is smart enough to realize that a UN ambassador is pretty much irrelevant, but, again, the optics are impressive. Best of all, you can be certain that Haley, who, like Rubio, is for sale to the highest bidder, is now over the moon with excitement. So everyone has ended up happy.

Except for Little Marco, that is. When Trump got through swatting him like a pesky fly during the Republican primaries — trouncing him even in his home state of Florida — Marco said he was not going to run again for his Senate seat in the sunshine state. Like his opportunistic pal Nikki Haley, however, he quickly realized that to have a chance to achieve his dream of someday becoming president, it would be best for him to stay in the spotlight by being a United States senator.

So he ran, won, and is now back in Washington spreading his snotty little attitude around the Capitol Building. Little Marco is the ultimate politician, a kid who, through sheer self-discipline, has risen to unprecedented heights of insincerity.

Which brings me to his little back-and-forth with uber-impressive Rex Tillerson. Even I was surprised to watch Little Marco come at Tillerson in a style the Dirty Dems must have loved. It was a surreal scene — this 20-year-old-looking kid talking in an admonishing tone to one of the world’s most successful businessmen.

At one point, he asked Tillerson if he believed Vladimir Putin was a “war criminal.” What a dumb-ass question. I kept having the feeling that Tillerson was going to get up, turn Little Marco over his knee, and spank him. Down the road a bit, that’s surely what I suspect Donald Trump will have to do — especially if Rubio gets in the way of his agenda, starting with his cabinet appointees.

In fact, Trump may have to do it sooner rather than later if Little Marco teams up with those vile old buzzards whom Arizonians and South Carolinians keep inexplicably voting back into office — Mush McCain and Gomer Graham. These three guys are desperate to stay relevant, so look for them to give the Dirty Dems the majority they failed to win on their own by voting along with them. These guys will do almost anything to prevent Trump from looking good in the eyes of the voters.

As much as I disliked Little Marco during the primaries, I thought it was inevitable that he eventually would become president because he has so many years ahead of him in which to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. But that was before DT came along and turned the world of politics upside down. With this in mind, if I were his advisor, I’d urge him to tread lightly, find a way to suppress his delusions of grandeur, put a smile on his face, and be respectful to the heavyweights in the game.

What I’m saying, Little Marco, is that the only chance you now have of achieving your dream of becoming president is to play ball with the new sheriff in town. Perhaps you’re just a slow learner, because you should have figured out that it’s unwise to screw with Donald Trump when he nearly ended your political career during the primaries.

In any event, speaking for myself, I sure wouldn’t want to get Rex Tillerson mad at me. The guy is the reincarnation of James Arness. Best you take a deep breath, Little Marco, and calm down. You’re trying too hard to look tough, and you’re embarrassing yourself — again.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

47 responses to “Little Marco Embarrasses Himself — Again”

  1. JREGSR says:

    LITTLE MARKY, WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. albarrs says:

    Yes, and we Floridians would have voted him out of office had we had an electable Republican candidate for the Senate. He is on probation with the people of Florida. If he keeps up his bad behavior he will serve his last term in the Senate representing Florida…

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Therein lies the problem in many places – there is no suitable alternative (with a legitimate chance to win), so incumbents, lousy as they are, continue on, which is why I have always supported term limits. There is no guarantee that clowns like Rubio, McCain or Graham would be replaced by better people, but at least, there is a better chance that a shining light could get through and shake up things, much like Trump has done. Now that Florida is the 3rd-largest state (population) and with an increasing influx of refugees from northern states with a more libtard, Dumbocrat leaning, it will be harder and harder for any freedom-loving conservative (as opposed to the typical neocon "conservative" which is anything BUT!!) to win statewide election. South Florida is already a suburb of NY-NJ, with some New England thrown in, and the Tampa-St. Pete area is relocated Great Lakes refugees, so the trending arrow is NOT in the right direction.

      • Phil says:

        We may end up with the same problem in Texas as well. Dallas is already quite Blue in many parts, Houston is gone, San Antonio is gone. Illegals dropping kids who are immediately citizens (yeah, and they are going to be good conservatives one day), socialists moving here from NY and CA in droves. Once Texas goes, so goes the nation. It is the last solid bulwark when it comes to conservative Electoral College votes. Ann Coulter is correct insofar as she notes that immigration is the Number 1 issue facing us at this time. Probably too late anyway.

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        True, in AZ we have not had a real campaign to un seat McCain. He has a flawless campaign, the other side can not stop steping on their own shoes. And we always wind up with several nutcase canidates, who will not win but they defuse the message. Marco, what possible point was he trying to make? Must have voter I.D. or illegals will elect more utopian red fascists!

    • oits2100 says:

      And as a fellow Floridian, I think we should employ our own term limits program and oust the snake. Unfotunately, we have plenty of time (6 years)!

  3. Figmo says:

    The next time little marco (aka penga pequenito) runs for the senate, we need a worthy conservative to run against him in the primary. Since his district has a high percentage of hispanic voters, common sense dictates that it be someone with a hispanic surname who is highly regarded in the hispanic community. He needs to be replaced!

  4. Allan Vandall says:

    This is sound, wise commentary. Little Marco may learn if he is spanked hard and often!

  5. MM from Georgia says:

    Great column as usual, Robert. All should read it. Little Marco has been a major disappointment. He fooled me at the beginning, but maybe the the thought of Charlie Crist in the Senate distracted me. Marco is "feelin' it" and has been praised by Demoletists Strobe Talbot and Joe Lieberman as an "internationalist," reason enough to reject him. Marco even praised foreign aid as "cost effective." It isn't even constitutional.

  6. Richard Head says:


    I get a little uncomfortable reading your judgments of character; however, as the good Objectivist I suspect you are, you are comfortable passing judgment. Sadly for Senator Rubio, your judgment is sound.

    Regarding President-elect Trump, I wish him well and remain hopeful he is a closet Objectivist getting ready to transform the Republican Party into the American Capitalist Party: If he does so, Donald F.U.C.K.head (having some fun with First Amendment here, similar to you with Winning Through Intimidation) will perhaps be the greatest president the United States of America will have ever had.

    I hope everyone takes a screenshot of the Gross Federal Debt Clock at noon on January 20, 2017: From my perspective, the GFD Clock will be an excellent measure, among others, by which to pass judgment on President Trump's performance.

    Thank you again for sharing your consciousness Robert.


    Richard "D.I.C.K." Head

    • Reality Seeker says:

      I've said from the time of Trump's presidential victory that he'll never balance the budget or pay back one dime of the national debt. So if that's your only criteria to judge DT, then he's going to be a failure.

      My view is that my friends, family, like-minded people and I have already won. Why? Because we get to keep the guns as we watch Washington tear itself apart. Julian Assange is a white swan. Trump is a white swan. Edward Snowden is a white swan. Martin Armstrong is a white swan. The great thing about being alive today is that flocks of white swans have taken off and they are shitting on the establishment from high up in the clouds. Alex Jones, Drudge, and many, many others.

      The Clintons are done. Obama has been defeated. And all of the powerful police-state that the dungy Dems and the Neocon created are about to fall into Trump's hands.

      It going to be a great show. Enjoy the victory.

      • Jose Jackson says:

        It's okay to crap on the elites, although they will bitch about and have a classic temper tantrum, and as expected get things bass ackwards, being the brats they are.

      • Jose Jackson says:

        Carter and Mondale nearly dead now, Dukakis Hollywierd elite, Clinton's a psycho joke, Gore who dissed rock and roll, A BIG FUCK YOU TO YOU AL, take Twisted Sister over you any day of the week, Kerry a ketchup magnate whore, and the Obama who made race relations go back about 50 years. Dems are done.

      • Phil says:

        SO hope you are right.

      • Richard Head says:


        My biggest fear is that the victory, in which you appear to be so confident, will be a pyrrhic one.

        For now, let the show begin. Hopefully it carries onward through reality, based upon reason, and with egoism and capitalism for all.

        Thank you for sharing your consciousness RS.



  7. Harry says:

    Excellent! Highest bidder indeed; constituents be damned.

  8. Heidi McCauley says:

    I guess Obtuse is the best description I can put to Marco. Thanks Mr. Ringer. You are always right on target.

  9. Stephan F says:

    You know, it just kills me when I hear mainstream conservatives & even constitutional supporters saying publicly, “well, don’t be too critical of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments, because after all he isn’t even the president yet. Let’s all just keep calm and give him his first 100 days and see what happens.”

    These people are kidding, right? How can they say this with a straight face when anyone with a brain can see that Trump has refilled the swamp with more swamp creatures. Now it’s true that most of his appointments are not the typical life-long human parasites who’ve made their careers in govt work, but so what. By far, most are traditional neo-cons who make, I suspect, big money supporting wars, killing, and (wait for it), the Military-Industrial Complex, Nikki Haley being an obvious example. I’m actually shocked that senators John McLame & Goober Graham aren’t doing cartwheels on TV. over these picks (cmon guys, what’s holding you back?).

    The key here is to understand that most of these appointees have a vested interest in the system and will continue to support the status quo. This means a continuation of the Obomber & baby-Bush warmongering foreign policy in perpetuity that will almost certainly cause more hatred to be generated against us with the continuing high probability of blowback hanging over our heads… (pleasant dreams).

    But wait, maybe there’s hope. Newsflash, this just in: Trump appointed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head some commission “on vaccine safety”. Hey, now there’s a big constitutional advocate if I’ve ever heard of one…ooops.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      What did you expect? Really? DT is no Ron Paul.

      I've said from the very beginning that DT is an empire builder. The men he chose are confirmation. The women are just window dressing, a sideshow. Trump intends to become the most historical figure since Theodore Roosevelt. And before Trump is done, we might even see a Bull Moose Party.

      The next four years is going to be so great to sit back and enjoy the show.

      Trump is a white swan. Yeah, that's right. Why? Because we get to keep the guns while Washington tears itself in two….

      • Stephan F says:

        What did I expect? Well, truth be known, this is exactly what I expected. The more pertinent question might be, “what did I expect & when did I expect it?”

        That became crystal clear the day nitwit Mitt marched right into DT’s golden tower. Prior to that, I had expected Trump would appoint many more folks from the private sector who actually made much of their wealth legitimately, and not through the fake & immoral crony-capitalist system we have today, which most of these appointees qualify. Yeah, they’re empire builders all right, but not in the classical sense. These clowns couldn’t hold a candle to RJR and what he’s accomplished.

        Btw, let me correct myself: “…most of his appointments are typical life-long human parasites who’ve made their careers in govt work.” So now, what we have here is a balance of crony-capitalists & hardcore politicians that poses as a dream-team cabinet in the eyes of many/most republicans. Grrrrrrrreat. Sorry, but what you see is what we get.

        • Reality Seeker says:

          Empire builders have never been angels. And there never has been free-market capitalism. Political apointees are chosen on the basis of greed and political clout…. Trump is greedy, greedy, greedy for an empire. He's greedy to make a big name for himself. What did you expect? — and when?

          Where is Milton Friedman when we need him to teach the masses basic reality just like he taught Donahue so many years ago….

  10. Steve says:

    Robert, it would be interesting (well, to me anyway) to get your take on Trey Goody. Not being American, I don't get much insight on state politicians but I've always gotten a good impression of him based on YouTube clips.

  11. DICK BARRY says:

    Excellent article! Well thought out! I was appalled when I first heard Marco's "Putin" question. At that point, Marco's relevance reached its nadir…in my mind.

  12. Wil says:

    Why think the political parasites have USA best interest at heart. Name one .

  13. Rock says:

    My question to Little Marco is how long have you been in office, how long was Obummer in office, etc. What have you and all the others done about Russia and Putin???? Russia has spied on U.S. longer than I have been alive, and that's longer than I wish to admit, and we have returned the favor in kind. There's nothing new here except for all the rhetoric from all of the vindictive poor losers trying to disrupt and keep themselves in the spotlight. I certainly hope Little Marco is not reelected!

  14. Jana says:

    For wanting to be POTUS (desperately), he sure has made some stupid moves. He chose the wrong party. Hang it up Marco. I so wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. Three strikes and you are OUT!

    Thanks for your astute (as usual) article.

  15. John Abbott says:

    I was for Donald Trump ALMOST from the beginning. I LOVE the way he talks(our foreign policy advisers are STUPID!) and his STRONG statements. I was almost FOOLED by Cruz and his dad, CLAIMING to be an outsider. HA! I pray that DT WILL continue to surround himself with Godly men and women, and seek to DO the right thing! God bless American and God Bless Donald Trump!

  16. ohengineer says:

    We'll have to wait and see if Trump has made a permanent difference or not. While he moved the Overton window for himself, that may not be permanent. I hope the changes are permanent, but I hoped the same after Reagan,a nd Bush 1 showed they weren't permanent.

  17. Reality Seeker says:

    The GOP insiders are bought and paid for just like thier Democratic counter parts. Trump called Chuck Shummer "a clown". Really, they're all clowns. And Trump is Clown-mander-in-Chief.

    This is going to be a stupendous reality show. The greatest show on earth. I still support Trump for the same reasons I did during the election, e.g., he's going to upset and tip over the apple cart in Washington. All of the old, Washington B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S who have run the political gravy train for years feel threatened by Trump. And that's why Marco Polo, Eddy Munster ( aka Paul Ryan) John Toilet McCain, Lindsey Gramcracker and the rest of the evil clowns will continue to keep their daggers drawn and hope Trump gives them his back….

    As Ed Sullivan used to say, " we are going to have a really big show, tonight"…

    Every night for the next four years ( maybe eight) is going to be a really big show….. It's a great time to be alive for those of us who like to watch history being made.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      How true, Reality Seeker! As an anarcho-libertarian (in the Murray Rothbard mould), I am not expecting DT to be some huge advocate of freedom, but he will stem the rapid decline of Amerika that surely would have accelerated under Hildabeast – an extension of the HORRID "progressive" intrusion & control of our republic that started in full force with Teddy R. in 1901. I agree it is a "Clown Show" in DC, though I often have a positive connotation of clowns, so it is really a Scum Show in the Sewer (my name for the Congress). The anti-Trump crowd is in full force, so it will be a continual opportunity to see their lack of logic, outright stupidity and hypocrisy on full display. I hope he has a competent Secret Service entourage, and a well-fortified limousine, since we all know "progressives" love violence and would not hesitate to try and "off" Trump, much like they did in Justice Scalia. I do enjoy history being made, but I am not sure it will be positive history in the long run, especially with the $20 Trillion debt clock continuing to run full-time. Fasten the seat belts and hold on for an "E" ticket ride!

  18. Barbara Wells says:

    As usual, Robert Ringer sees through all the political & media garbage & states the truth. Some people just can't stand it. I hope AND pray for DT's successful presidency. He should fumigate the WH before he takes up residence!

  19. Marte says:

    Rubio reminds me of an attorney we once had in our small town – just a spoiled, over-indulged Frat Boy pretending to be a grown up.

    • Serge says:

      I saw Rubio him with a Sponge Bob dangling from his backpack, probably his Mommy put it there before she sent him off.

  20. Rocketman says:

    What I see coming is the senate investigation of Hillary Clinton which will lead to more and more democrat corruption being exposed which will lead to even more craziness on the part of the democrat politicians, news media and the hollyweird elite. This is going to cause more and more democrat voters to say to themselves "I've been a democrat voter all my life, but I just can no longer stomach this" and they will be looking for a new party and this is when the Libertarian Party is going to start showing up with higher and higher poll numbers. In another 20 or so years I expect that the LP is going to be one of the two major parties and the democrats will be limited to just the Northeast United States and California.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Definitely possible that the Democratic Party will become extinct. The Dirty Dems are certainly trying to make it happen, aren't they?

  21. Serge says:

    Right on Robert, DT came along and turned the world of politics upside down, and now hopefully he will be a performer in the clean up process.

  22. Jose Jackson says:

    Rubi oh, nothing more than a plant from Cia, Intel, Wall Street and mic. Florida should be ashamed or maybe they are having good times now they sent that loser far far from them, and don't won't such a clown nearby and shattering on them. Good riddance a transfer to the cesspool of Washington.

  23. theczech says:

    Yet another snarky lawyer! The American people are beginning to say "enough" to this ruling class of elitist snobs.

  24. TheLookOut says:

    to all GOP voters, call Rubio's office, and demand that he stop his
    grandstanding Dirty Dem behavior. I did, and gave them an earful,
    made me feel better

  25. mark says:

    little Marco did look very bad!! Its really a shame since hes so young!! If you look at Mcain and Graham they need to retire!

  26. Rock Roach says:

    I hated to vote for little Marco,but the Clinton Machine made it impossible for me to vote for any democrat.I just figured Marco would agree(or be forced to sgree) with any agenda that Trump needs to get voted thru congress to get rid of the crap that has already been forced fed thru the Obam(ination) regime.If he continues to be a dope, it will be next man up in Pensacola.

  27. Lyndon Laird says:

    I agree that the sight of Rubio questioning Tillerson was silly. But why give Rubio the lightweight advice about how to become President?

  28. David Apmann says:

    Excellent post Robert. I'm a big fan of your books and philosophy.

  29. good one, thanks for sharing.