Ted Cruz’s Political Suicide

Posted on July 21, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Finally, Charles Krauthammer and I agree on something — that Ted Cruz’s speech was the longest suicide note in U.S. political history. His address Wednesday night, and, worse, his double-down TV appearance Thursday morning, comprised one of the most shocking and bizarre developments I’ve witnessed in all my years of following politics.

Steve Hayes, who, like all so many Fox News neocons, still doesn’t get what the Trump phenomenon is all about, mildly defended Cruz by conjecturing that he was simply gambling that Trump will lose big in November, after which he can say “I told you so” to Republicans, then offer himself up as the man who can win for them in 2020. But for Cruz to have such a scenario in mind would mean that he not only suffers from extreme delusions of grandeur, he’s also a scarily diabolical character.

Attention Ted: The primaries ended long ago in Indiana. You lost — and Trump set a record for the number of delegates won. When DT graciously invited you to speak in a prime-time slot at his convention, it was an impressive display of graciousness on his part — so gracious that he didn’t even ask to see your speech notes in advance. After all, you’re a man of great character, right?

I had a slightly different take on Cruz’s self-destructive performance Wednesday night than most people. The term endorsement means different things to different folks, but I never expected Cruz to come out and say anything like, “I fully endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States.”

However, being the naïve soul that I am, I did expect him to congratulate Trump on winning the nomination (which he did), give a great speech (which he did for about for about ten minutes), then end by saying something like, “I urge everyone here to cast their vote for Donald Trump on November 8 and defeat Hillary Clinton.” Nothing strong, just a statement urging people to vote for Trump over the country’s most famous criminal. I would not have necessarily taken that to be an endorsement.

What I witnessed instead is something that no one else seems to be talking about it. Cruz was humming along with a great speech and leading to a whiz-bang finish for his allotted ten-minute time slot. But just when people were getting ready to applaud, it was as though he decided to start a second speech.

That’s the point at which his speech started to sound eerily like he was still campaigning (rolling on to a full twenty-three minutes), and the point at which the crowd started to become restless. Soon, the restlessness turned to boos, and things got very ugly very fast.

The climax, of course, was when Cruz urged people to “vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the Constitution,” which was a clear euphemism to not vote for Donald Trump. It was at that moment that I turned to my wife and said, “Ted Cruz’s political career just ended.”

On CNN, Cruz lapdog Amanda Carpenter, trying desperately to defend her old boss’s indefensible actions, insisted that he showed he was a man of principle for refusing to fall into line and instead sticking to his principles. Which sounds very noble, except for the fact that it hasn’t been that long ago that Cruz made it unequivocally clear that he would support Trump if he were the Republican nominee, emphasizing that he would do so because he was a man of his word.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: At the worst possible time, Ted Cruz made it clear that he is not a man of his word. Sorry, Ted, but this will not be forgotten by Republicans in 2020 … or 2024 … or even 2036.

After his indefensible speech, Cruz childishly brought up Trump’s retweet of his wife and his ill-advised comments about the National Enquirer that suggested Cruz’s father was seen with Lee Harvey Oswald before he assassinated JFK. Not as bad as some of the things Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or even Ted Cruz himself said and did during the primaries, but ill-advised on Trump’s part, to be sure. Serious candidates understand that it’s part of the messy process of primaries.

I’m pretty hard to shock, but Cruz’s remarks surprised even me. The man was actually rehashing the long-settled primary battles at the Republican National Convention! Psst — Ted, the primaries ended long ago. Wake up — and grow up. Take a cue from Ronald Reagan, the man you’re so fond of quoting, who, after a bitter battle for the Republican presidential nomination with Gerald Ford in 1976, graciously endorsed him at the Republican National Convention.

What Cruz’s belligerent stance did accomplish was to belie his claim that his surprise remarks were made on behalf of Americans. It was beyond obvious that they were strictly personal and that he was venting his anger over things Trump had said and done that hurt his feelings.

Which is okay. You can have hurt feelings, the same as Jeb Bush and John Kasich. But as childish as those two have acted, they at last had the good sense and maturity to stay away from the Trump celebration.

Instead, by his own choice, Cruz was nothing more than a party crasher who tried to sabotage the celebration. It reminded people like me, who for several years believed Cruz might be the guy I’ve been looking for since Ronald Reagan left office, that he is, in fact, dishonest, sleazy, and, yes, unprincipled. It was, indeed, a very long suicide.

Since the media will never understand the revolution that is taking place in this country, I’ll say again what I always say after these seemingly negative events involving Donald Trump: You can count on DT getting yet another bump in the polls from this. Now if he can just deliver big Thursday night, he will scare the Dirty Dems even more than they already are.

May Hillary’s god, Lucifer, be with her in her upcoming debates with Donald Trump, because she’ll need all the help she can get. It will be like an amateur boxer going up against a world heavyweight champion, and the outcome will be ugly. And while watching the bloodbath, eat your heart out, Ted, because you easily could have been the number-two man on the ticket — which in turn could have led to the presidency for you down the road.

I am reminded of that famous line from Scarface, when Frank said to Tony, “A haza is a pig that don’t fly straight.” In the future, Ted, you might want to keep that in mind.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Leedees111@hotmail.com Lee says:

    I also believe Trump is already turning this Cruz fiasco into a positive for himself.

    • NotPropagandizd says:

      … yes, Trump is good at that. I'm tickled about this. Just crave Cruz, but he got beat bad by disgusting slimy Trump and I WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP. Oh, I do wish and hope he beats Hillary. CorruptMedia will have a hey day with a Trump Administration. I'm going to get a popcorn subscription from Amazon.
      Yes, also think beloved Cruz presidential future is in the crapper. Principles are gone from America and that means that its Character and Civilization will melt away even more over the next generation or two or three. Everyone living as an adult in America has already seen its best. IT. IS. OVER.

      • David says:

        The typical age of an empire is about 240 years. The American Empire started in 1776. Add 240 years and guess where we are!

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        The media and the democrats have held their breath pending Trump's nomination. He is the only one of the top 10 republicans that Hillary can beat. So they held their powder until now, soon the massive Trump dirty laundry will pour out! I tried to warn about this, but those on the regressive right did not listen! It will put Trump away fast! Listening to the Trump rant about the Enquirer (until 2years owned by longtime Trump mentor & lawyer Roy Cohn, with Frank Costello, the actual Godfather! ) I wonder how all of you will feel when you understand what type of person you chose! I was not a Cruze supporter, my candidate was out so I looked into Trump. From my first research forward there is no question from slow pay, lies, and his red lining, to the fact that his career was built on the policial connections of the Mafia! That the Mafia has supplied the concrete ($50 million) for his NYC buildings, to his use of 250 Illegals for demise of ground at Trump tower ( arranged by Vinnie the Chin, head of Genovese crime family) I understand that people are angry, but over the wrong issues. Their choice will alloe the democrats to flip the Senate, Which sits the 2nd of January, Obama appionts lets say Eric Holder, and the Bill of Rights is gone! Those are the facts, what will you do then?

  2. Paul says:

    I actually thought Ted was a good guy, if only because McCain & Lindsey Graham hated him. Now he is just a crybaby. Worse than Kasich & Jeb. I'm hoping Donald can keep from shooting himself in the foot, making Hillary the next president.

    • Bobolito says:

      I donated to Ted and I now regret it. He surprised me with his bringing up things from the primary–he showed me he is a small man after-all. He should have the good of the country in his mind right now.

  3. Rocketman says:

    I heard at various times liberal senators like McCain say that Cruz was a total jerk but really didn't believe them until last night. Now I do. Cruz has gutted his political career and likely will be gone the next time that he's up for reelection. He has become the Charlie Sheen of the U.S. senate and will pay a heavy political price for last night.

  4. Scott theczech says:

    Politics is a dirty business, heck some used to duel to the death over such things! Now we just insult each other and families, take pledges and oaths we have no intention of honoring and lie to each other, the American people and worse of all – ourselves. Let's see; lying, cheating, stealing…sounds like American politics to me.

  5. Lee says:

    Paul, I too had hopes for Cruz. Very disappointing. The only goal now is to defeat H Clinton. I would vote for Howdy Doody if he was my choice over Clinton.

  6. Thank you Mr. Ringer. A very factual and succinct narrative. My feelings exactly!

  7. Scott theczech says:

    I wonder if Donald Trump ever apologized to Ted and Heidi Cruz? It may be that both Trump and Cruz are incapable of humility and contrition. This clash of egos is certainly good theater, but in whole scheme of things, probably a blip on the political radar. We really do have bigger fish to fry and I hope we don't get distracted by the machine that has an interest in keeping our eye off the ball.

  8. Cruz should have just stayed home instead of whizzing on Trump's parade. Classless and indefensible.

  9. Scott theczech says:

    Ted Cruz is a lawyer, he demurred. What's the big deal?

    • ◄Dave► says:

      Canadian Born Citizen Cruz is indeed a lawyer, with a wife who is a globalist banker and a member of the CFR. Aren't those enough strikes against him, without him also constantly reminding us, how much he is a thoroughly disagreeable, oleaginous, ambitious, arrogant ass, who is constantly feigning piety? He makes my skin crawl. ◄Dave►

      • Scott theczech says:

        I appreciate your amplification of my comment.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        Roger Stone refers to Cruz as Fat Dracula, and I think that is pretty accurate. When someone is gracious enough to let you speak at his coronation, the least Ted could have done is to politely acknowledge that and ask the attendees to support ALL Republicans on the ticket. If Trump's comments about him & Heidi offended him, then he should have just turned down the invite. Win or lose in November, Cruz'z ship has now sailed out of port forever!!

      • Ellis Baxter says:

        I did the research on this you are wrong on the cidzen bit acc/scous and Mrs. Cruz is an employe of a Wall St. firm but has never been a member of the CFR acc/CFR. It would be better to do some home work prior to posting, as you will wish soon you had done on Trump!

        • ◄Dave► says:

          If you think you did adequate research to determine that Cruz was not a Canadian Born Citizen, you are mistaken. His Canadian birth certificate is readily available online. He was several years old, before he immigrated from Canada to the U.S. of A.

          I watched Cruz himself try to explain on camera how his wife's association with the CFR was innocuous. CFR documents with her name on them, are also readily available online.

          I am not the one needing more homework, am not a Trump supporter, and will not be a Trump voter. I am an anarchist, who considers voting for anyone an unforgivable act of aggression. I am just thoroughly enjoying the job he is doing vanquishing the GOPe. ◄Dave►

  10. Excellent commentary! I never did like the tone of Cruz when he spoke, an irritating temperament. And I heard that other senators were often at odds with him also. I hope his decline continues and he is replaced by a truly idealistic senator. Pence was, in my opinion, an excellent choice for VP! And he sounds like perfect presidential material.

  11. Valerian says:

    Ted just goofed big time!

  12. Judith Davies says:

    It was sad to me that Ted Cruz who claims to be so honest left out the real issue regarding his wife and her friends original hateful remarks about Melania Trump. On FOX news on the Neil Cavuto show a couple of months ago the Cruz representative commented about Melania posing as a model many years ago in ways this woman did not approve of and that Donald had been married several times, neither of which has anything to do with Donald Trump's ability to be an effective president of the United States. Ted Cruz knew of this and of course there was a retaliation. Ted's wife and her friends started the problem themselves. She was not innocent. Ted never mentioned this!!

    • Scott theczech says:

      Who actually attacked whom first is conjecture, however I do believe that Trump demonstrated that he is a "counter-puncher" during the primaries and in his early jousts with the Clintons.

  13. Jay says:

    To parody a phrase from the movie PulpFiction – "Ted is Dead" :)

  14. Grant says:

    These screeds make me wonder: are you trying to convince others or yourself? The protestations are simply too long and too loud. I think it's a statement of deep doubt….or hope. This "phenomenon" seems wildly desperate and totally is placed. We shall see in the long term…or maybe the short term. Meanwhile, there are a lot of authentic constitutional conservatives that have rejected the cult of personality in favor of constitutional fidelity. Cruz may not be the person to lead that movement, but its an earnest movement and finds Trump utterly unqualified.

    • John says:

      If people really wanted Constitutional fidelity, they'd be Libertarians.

      • patg2 says:

        Oh, the group of people who ignore the fact that property tax demolishes property rights, and is unconstitutional, but who support the "right" of someone to destroy himself with drugs, and then mooch off the taxpayer to stay alive. Right.

        • Teri says:

          You have one part right. Libertarians believe you have the right to destroy yourself with drugs.
          But you have the second part wrong. They would never ask you to pay for their problems.
          They believe if you aren't responsible for yourself, no one will pick up the tab.
          Unlike the two major parties.

          • patg2 says:

            On the contrary. Libertarians espouse letting people destroy themselves NOW, while the present system is in place. The taxpayer picking up the tab is INEVITABLE. They put the cart before the horse, and they're perfectly OK with that. They're fighting for the "right" of people to destroy themselves, KNOWING that we will be forced to pick up the tab. Get rid of the plunder of the taxpayers FIRST and THEN talk about letting people destroy themselves. And better pay attention to their victims. The mere fact libertarians don't recognize their OTHER victims (like family members, especially children) doesn't mean they don't exist. Good luck with countering the "compassionate" heart of the vast majority of people who will still insist on plundering the taxpayer and are perfectly OK with abandoning people to self-destruction.

          • James Parker says:

            I don't know of a single Libertarian who would espouse taxpayers being forced to foot the bill for those who "destroy themselves" after the fact, any more than they would before or during. Libertarians would also disagree that others paying is most certainly not inevitable; all it takes is a sufficient number of individuals willing to stand up and say "no".

            As for these "other victims", first note that in many cases they have no claim on the goods and labor of others (that is, no contract and no tort engaged), and that many individuals (including most Libertarians) would be willing to help legitimate victims without being forced. The difference is that they oppose force being used.

          • patg2 says:

            OK, so here's the problem. Right now, the taxpayer WILL be plundered and WILL be forced, but most libertarians say they want people to be free to destroy themselves NOW. One of the problems with the libertarian movement is that it's not realistic. As for saying "no", someone has to go first. That someone will probably be thrown in jail. Nobody is willing to go first. Right now, for all practical purposes, it IS inevitable. Until libertarians deal with the underlying problem, they are acquiescing to people being plundered so other people can destroy themselves. If that's the kind of world you want, no thanks.

          • Jim Hallett says:

            As long as you have government, you will have theft and coercion – it is simply ALL that govt. does. I do not know any TRUE libertarian (I am talking the ideology, and NOT the National Libertarian Party) that endorse property taxes, period! The govt. has no business regulating anyone's personal lives, which includes drug use, smoking, abortion, and all the other stuff that so much time and money is wasted on. NON-AGGRESSION is the important principle, and when that is violated, all else goes out the window. Other than Ron Paul when he was there, I am not aware of ANY individual in the District of Criminals that supports fidelity to the Constitution. The federal govt. violates it EVERY single day!!

          • patg2 says:

            I am not even saying the National Libertarian Party endorses property tax. They IGNORE the issue. That is unforgivable. I agree non-aggression is an important principle, but abortion is AGGRESSION against the smallest, most helpless human beings. As long as you support abortion, you support aggression. And even though most people do not realize it, abortion is also aggression against women. It is rare for a woman to choose it freely. The vast majority of women are either coerced or forced. And 62% are even aware of it and have said so. As long as you acquiesce to 62% of women being coerced or forced, you do not support the non-aggression principle. Washington is full of scofflaws who flout the Constitution. That doesn't mean that it is impossible to have a government that doesn't do these things. The LP thinks so. And no, Ron Paul didn't support the Constitution either. He had his own interpretation that he supported. And isn't that what's wrong with most of the Supreme Court? They support their own interpretation. Anarchy won't work. The biggest bully will take over.

          • ◄Dave► says:

            Word salad. Declining to empower the state to use their guns to prevent a rape victim from taking a 'morning after' pill, is not the same as "supporting" abortion. It is entirely rational and legitimate, to personally find the concept of abortion immoral and abhorrent, without wanting the state involved in such private matters either way.

            How could a bully possibly "take over," in the absence of a police force to protect him from the wrath of his well-armed victims? The biggest bully is the state itself. The state demands half my income for their shoddy protection. Given my choice, I would hire the Mafia instead. They will do an infinitely better job for only 10%. ◄Dave►

          • patg2 says:

            They always treated any rape victim who came in for treatment, with measures that would tend to prevent pregnancy or implantation. Abortion is not a private matter. Abortion kills a human being. It is as much the government's responsibility to protect the unborn from axe murder as it is to protect anyone else. It is NOT A PRIVATE MATTER when someone KILLS. For the sake of an ordered society where you can live in peace and safety, we must punish killers, take them off the streets.

            The biggest bully comes with a gang. He has protection. I agree with you about the state taking half your income. It is wrong. It is being used to finance people who refuse to take care of themselves and their families. Charity is not the government's business. But no, I don't want the Mafia instead. That's a Hobson's choice.

    • Damon says:

      Unfortunately we get just two choices in this election.
      A candidate who promises to uphold the constitution (and might be lying) or a candidate who openly promises to run roughshod over the constitution. I know who my choice is!

      • James Parker says:

        Note that Gary Johnson/William Weld are a viable alternative, who will be on the ballot with full slates of electors in all 50 states. Johnson/Weld is currently polling at 10-13% (15% is a magic number, since it will force the Presidential debates to include them), and that share could easily grow, post-debates, to generate a plurality of votes in sufficient states to be elected. Voting for Clinton or Clinton Lite (Trump) is simply a wasted vote.

        • Jim Hallett says:

          While I am an anarcho-libertarian in the Rothbard mold, I am not that wild about Gary Johnson, and I think that votes cast for the Libertarian Party are primarily votes of protest, and that segment is one that would otherwise go to Trump (or a Sanders, if he was in this election), so this will just help the HORRID Hildabeast get elected. I have many reservations about Trump, to be sure, but he is significantly better than PURE EVIL HILDABEAST, who does not possess 1 moral bone in her body. If she prevails in November, you can officially play the requiem for the American republic.

          • James Parker says:

            In the past, I would agree; however, this cycle we have two candidates who are not only totally abysmal but also recognized by the electorate as such. Unlike in the past, mainstream media is taking the Johnson/Weld ticket at least somewhat seriously.

            Make no mistake, Trump is just as bad as Clinton, and their views are quite similar — until very recently, Trump was a vocal supporter of Clinton! Voting for one or the other of these two is simply a wasted vote!

            Johnson is drawing votes from both Trump and Clinton fairly equally (most polls seem to indicate that he is drawing slightly more from Clinton, but the ratio is likely to change somewhat as the election gets closer). He needs to get to 15% in the polls to qualify for the presidential debates (where he will easily outshine Trump and Clinton) and then achieve a plurality of the vote (something just over 1/3) in sufficient states to get a majority of the electoral college votes. This is not nearly as infeasible as some (primarily either Trump or Clinton supporters) are suggesting.

  15. Joe M says:

    Ted Cruz's actions demonstrate why Americans are fed up with politicians. Ted is whiny and reminds me of that guy in school who knew it all and let you know it. Trump while not perfect was magnanimous letting Cruz to go on up and speak and perhaps Trump out smarted the brat

  16. Damon says:

    Nice post. It's good to see one of the best success writers on the Trump Train. Great minds think alike. It's time for the entire Republican establishment, along with the conservative voters, to set their differences aside and unify behind the nominee. For crying out loud, all this inaccurate language being used to describe Trump must stop!

    One of the best concepts I learned from your writing is the concept of Accurate Thinking. This election season has revealed how many Americans suffer from inaccurate thinking. Not because they don't agree with my views, but because they are unable to adapt to changing scenarios and new information.

    That's one of the things I admire about Trump. He admits that some of his views have changed dramatically over time, because his wisdom has matured and he's gained access to new information.

  17. Peter Sutton says:

    I don't believe you are naive

  18. Blank Reg says:

    The last "authentic constitutional conservative that rejected the cult of personality in favor of constitutional fidelity" was Ron Paul.

    You saw what happened to him.

    • patg2 says:

      Oh yeah, the guy who forgot that the federal government's primary constitutional mandate is to defend ourselves from our enemies, and that sometimes the best way to do that is to attack the mad dogs and pin them down on their own territory. The ones who totally lack reason and are worse than animals. Right.

  19. NotPropagandizd says:

    I'm new here and came reluctantly, but was starting to warm up to Trump. There is nothing I admire about Donald Trump, but I'm still looking and interested in all the warm and fuzzy endorsements from the convention. If one has to act like Trump to win a nomination, then America is flat down the tubes. So at this point I'll say good bye to the good times and adjust attitude for what's coming. Won't be pretty. But I wish Trump and all his supporters the best. I'll vote for him and hope for the best. CorruptMedia vs Trump. This is gonna be good.
    Question: If an American citizen disagrees with Trump and his followers, will they be cast out, minimized, denigrated, what? 2nd Class? IRS audited? Should Americans now be blind to political leaders speaking vulgarities in public?
    All the nice things convention speakers are saying about Trump have not manifested in his behavior at all in the last year. Why should anyone believe he's so wonderful. The guy is weird. But I do not have to like a person to vote for him/her to lead. Just lead and get it done. If he does that, then I'm a total convert. If his kids continue looking good, then I'm a convert. If he deports illegals I'm a convert. Build the wall, I'm a convert. Repeal Obamacare, I'm a convert. Unleash the military from social engineering, I'm a convert. Fix VetAdmin, I'm a convert. Balance the budget, I'm a convert. Stop wasting the Middle Class' taxes, I'm a convert.

    • Jean says:

      Like you, I wasnt' initially interested by Trump, nor did I support him. I was under the impression that this presidential run was merely a publicity stunt and he would soon move on to other things. However, the more I listened to him – especially during his interviews with Michael Savage and Larry Kudlow – the more I liked him. During the debates, all of the candidates were asked a big, broad, general question about a pressing issue. The rest of the candidates gave big, broad, generic answers; Trump immediately broke the issue down into smaller, manageable problems and developed actionable steps to deal with each one. That kind of split-second analytical thinking is why the man is a billionaire. I've also heard and read unsolicited testimony from tenants of his properties about how well managed they are. Frankly, I've never heard of any other landlord who garners that level of respect, and that shows me that he attends to details and actually listens to the customers (something that the current crop of professional politicians haven't done.) Trump has a temper, no doubt, but to assume that he will single-handedly evict, marginalize or otherwise harass citizens who don't agree with him assumes that there is no such animal as Congress. If you haven't noticed, the Senate is still controlled by the Demoncraps, so there is instant opposition to anything Trump proposes right there, and immediate protection of all of the special interests (gays, abortion-rights activists, Hispanics, etc.) I hope for all of us that Pence will be effective in leading the Senate and Trump will be able to exercise his problem-solving skills to the betterment of the country.

  20. sfhickey says:

    Robert, You're a salesman and you live by the salesman's creed that says "Find what your customer wants and help him get it." This is what Trump has masterfully set out to do. Cruz and his establishment sidekicks can't read the writing on the wall — and it's written in large letters — we don't want what you are selling!

    And I love how Donald handed Ted the rope last night that he then foolishly grabbed and went out and hanged himself.

  21. Rock Roach says:

    Exactly my thoughts RJR.Heck I'm even wondering if Cruz is actually pulling for Hillary, so he can be the "savior" in 2020.

  22. patg2 says:

    I was going to support Cruz in the primary, until I learned that he had sold out to Monsanto, siding against the right of the American people to know what is in their food. Plainly put, he sided on the side of FRAUD. Monsanto wants us to think genetically modified organisms are healthy, when the evidence shows they are deadly, and they tampered with the evidence, and now they don't want us to know when they are feeding us frankenfood. If GMOs were so good for you, they'd WANT them clearly labeled. Shows Monsanto really KNOWS that they're bad and we don't want them. And Cruz is willing to be bought for campaign money.

    With this speech, Cruz just multiplied my thankfulness I didn't vote for him, by a factor of 100. He's not the principled conservative he pretends to be. He's a crony capitalist in the worst sense, and although we may agree on some issues and he's willing to fight for those issues, what good is it when the very food we eat is harmful, and he helped to hide that from us? I agree wholeheartedly. Cruz committed political suicide. I don't know if even his own state will re-elect him. Will be interesting to see. But elephants have good memories.

  23. Jim white says:

    Cruz is a Patriot

  24. Reality Seeker says:

    I enjoyed it when the crowd mocked Ted's wife by yelling "Goldman's wife! Goldman Sachs!" as she was escorted out. I don't think it's something her or her puke of a husband will ever forget.

    Ted is headed down the same road as Glenn Beck. But this ain't over, yet. As I said before the pure hatred of Trump runs so deep that Ted and Glenn will be back just as soon as Trump fails to deliver a win against Hillary and a complete turn around of the American economy.

    Looking forward, which is what I like to do, I see a Fox News channel go to hell, an American economy gone there, too, lots more war ( maybe a world war) riots and civil unrest galore, a banking crisis followed by a currency crisis and, Finally, the collapse that everybody thought was going to happen in 2008…….

    Trump isn't going to save America, but he might make a difference by not ending the Second Amendment. And that's why I'm voting for him.

    The Washington Doomsday Machine cannot be shutdown. Trump might make a difference by prolonging the American Empire, but the Empire is going to fall. And it's more likely that some Brutus stabs Trump in the back.

    Ted is just one in a very, very long line of backstabbers who have their daggers drawn.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you Reality Seeker! Robert Ringer is the greatest. I also look forward to your insightful responses!
      May you both continue your thoughtful writing, live long and prosper! I did not like your take on the future but the world in black and white, or the truth, is many times sad. May GOD take mercy on the original well meaning sole of these United States.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Well, thank you. The good news is there is a chance, albeit a slim one, that Trump could make the American Empire could actually improve. After all, America can produce massive amounts of food to provide bead for the Empire; we have enough oil, gas, coal and alternatives to run an energy independent empire; there is in fact no shortage of the resources necessary to build a Great Empire.

        That's why I'm voting for Trump, because it's better to support an empire builder like Trump than sit by as Hillary takes the Empire permanently down into a Dark Age. Empires can actually go though many collapses before completely come to an end with a total, complete collapse which ends an era.

        To be completely clear: I don't think the American Era is ending. I believe a major upheaval, not unlike the Great Depression, is what we are facing. The biggest threat ( a threat I've been warning about before ANY other mainstream or alternative media) is the threat of all -out nuclear war. What is amazing to me is how Putin and his cronies are so openly talking about how the think nuclear war is looming. And what most people don't realize is that the Russians, unlike NATO, believe that there should not be a series of escalations when war breaks out. The Russians plan to use everything they have just as soon as war has started….

        It could all happen so fast that in one hour the world ended.

        That's why Americans better shake off their false since of security and start an honest dialog with the Russians. This is the main reason I'm voting for Trump. Because Trump wants to negotiate a deal, and so does Putin. I really believe in my heart and my head and my gut that these two men could come to a reasonable resolution.

        • Jim Hallett says:

          I agree that Trump's willingness to really talk with and negotiate with the Russians is a very good thing (All Hildabeast did was sell them plutonium once they gave $1M to her Clinton Foundation fraud, and I am sure Putin does not trust her at all – why should he or anyone else?). The Empire is on its last wobbly legs, and Trump is the only one that can at least rid it of some of the garbage. He is a very accomplished person in the private sector, but he will soon find that the government organized crime syndicate is very different. He will be attacked, blocked, threatened et al. repeatedly, and he had better hope he has some allies in the Sewer (aka Congress) if he wants to implement some of his ideas. Hildabeast has long sold out to the Globalists, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs & other Big Banking interests, and a whole host of others, since her ONLY goal is personal enrichment, no matter how it is gained, and since she is a congenital liar, she will say anything to deceive in order to gain the power.

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Jim, I couldn't agree more. This next four years is going to be REALLY something. Trump has the entire deck stacked against him —- way, way more than Reagan. Reagan was a polite guy, with a totally different style. Against the odds, Reagan walked the country back from the edge and turned it ground. The turnaround was fueled by debt. Reaganomics started a massive credit and debt expansion. Thirty-five years later the question is how long before a total debt crackup takes down America?

            If Trump can keep the credit expansion going on a massive scale, the AM ( American Empire) can continue. In my estimation it will take at least five trillion more debt to keep things floating for four more years. Plus, another three trillion to pay for Trump's grand vision of the AM.

            Can Trump spend that much withou causing a currency crisis? Not likely. I hope he can, but I'm prepping for the worst.

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Really, this is the most crazy-ass funny election year. I never had so many laughs. Everybody is off their rocker funny. I hope the Big Crash is as entertaining. Here's Gerald Celente and Max Kaiser doing a number in one of my old stopming ground, Kingston, NY.

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          But do you think the US made a mistake by stripping itself – voluntary – of its manufacturing dominance and handing it to China?

  25. mike Saxon says:

    Well said, Robert!

  26. John Abbott says:

    I WANTED to believe in Cruz, But my GUT would not LET me. Now I see why. I also LOVE Trump! Follow your

  27. Nasdaq7 says:

    Battle fiercely but unite at the right moment.

  28. Rock Roach says:

    A lot of people(media) will underestimate the importance of the added Trump kids to being part of DT's election.
    They were absolutely marvelous.I would certainly like to see Chelsea Clinton try to top whatever they accomplished in the RNC.
    One of the things that made the convention great was the appearance of family and normal people(non-politicians). Ted cruz's rhetoric was boring compared tothe emotion shown by a majority of the other speakers.
    In fact DT just blew Cruz off with little emotion,and He and Ivanka blew the rooftops off of the Quicken Loans center. Just Maybe that Cleveland Cavaliers comeback this year(never done before in the nba) was a sign of things to come.

  29. I wonder about the "goody goodies" who object to and look down on Trump. Is it those bad ol' "swear words" he sometimes uses? Those that goody goodies' mamas said a GOOD BOY should never say? Or, that some of us are bound to hell sinners if we correct a mis-marriage by way of divorce? Or maybe they think guys like Trump should only "speak when spoken to" like a "good boy". Or, envious of a Successful Man with Balls? I wonder. Trump is my kinda guy, so I guess that makes me a "bad boy" also. Trump knows how to operate (Pragmatism in the best sense) in a corrupt world, or, many of us like to hope. Obviously, relatively, he is a Model of Morality by contrast to Hillary RODENT Clinton.

  30. Stuart Rogers says:

    As far as the wife issue goes, it doesn't seem to be remembered that Trump was responding to a Cruz-supporting PAC that published a half-naked pic of Trump's wife. Cruz, while (it seems) directly involved, should have denounced it–but didn't. Just like he didn't denounce those who blamed Trump for violence against Trump rally attendees; preferring instead to blame Trump (!).

  31. fygmo says:

    Now we get a clearer picture of why nobody in the Senate likes Ted and why no one in the Senate backed him in the primary. Now that his supporters in Texas got to see his petty grudges it might be a good time for a republican to run against him for the Senate. Ted, when you entered into the conspiracy with Rubio to viciously attack Trump on a personal level in a lame effort to block his path to the nomination, you should have realized you were tangling with a no holds barred street fighter. As Truman once said "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen".

  32. TN Ray says:

    My first choice was Dr. Carson. I also liked Ted Cruz, but worried that with his pious, condescending persona he would be unelectable. But, I didn't doubt his integrity. When Cruz's people claimed Dr. Carson had dropped out and gone home to Florida, I gave Ted the benefit of the doubt that he was not complicit in the deception. Now I know. Ted broke his "pledge". His word is worth nothing. Trump was right. He's Lyin Ted.

    • Mommabe says:

      Dr Carson is truly devoted to his religion while Ted Cruz is pretending to be a religious man in order to gain votes. None of Cruz's shady schemes worked. Even John Kasich rode the wrong horse when he teamed up with Cruz. If Cruz says "Heidi and I" one more time with his fake indignation I am going to scream. We know that he's the one who was responsible for the photos of Melaina Trump being leaked. Ted is always scheming. What he did at the convention was like going to the party and insulting the host. Trump kindly and naively gave Cruz the best time slot at 9:00pm. Cruz is a pig and only cares about himself not the party. I voted for stupid Mitt Romney even tho I was lukewarm regarding him. But my only other option at the time was Barack Obama. I bet Cruz, Heidi, and dad are voting Hilliary. Anything to harm Trump and the party. I wish I was a fly in the voting booths.

  33. John Jpsix says:

    Superb commentary! I also thought that Ted Cruz ended his political career in an extremely foolish way. The bottom line is that Trump is who the republican party electorate handed the nomination to by the largest party vote in U.S. history! Secondly, I find the statement "vote your conscience" quite inane! It is a self righteous, out of touch, reality denying comment that is void of any rational basis. There are only two choices here! Either you vote for Hillary or you vote for Trump!!! Where does "vote your conscience" factor into this? It doesn't. Hello Trump, goodbye Ted!

  34. zach from mich says:

    Cruz, Kasich maybe Rubio et al clearly want Trump to lose, and the bigger the better so they can pick up the banner in 2020.

  35. Edda R says:

    There's always a good Machiavelli quote for times like these. "Politics have no relation to morals." I can't believe Ted Cruz didn't pick that up somewhere along the way.

  36. Nasdaq7 says:

    To me the greatest pleasure will be to see Donald Trump win the election. You must see the hate some people have for him and his ideas. It's pure jealousy because he is white, he's a male, he's a capitalist and not a liberal socialist that promotes welfare and equality.

  37. Joe M says:

    After a day of reflecting. I would revise my previous post. I believe Donald Trump trusted Ted to do right. He, Donald, placed his trust in the cosmos or God or universe, knowing that everything would come out alright. That if Ted sought the low road, that road would come up to meet him. And I believe, frankly, it has. If you cast a rose the fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that cast it. The same goes for cow dung. Donald is a wise man. He knows.

  38. ellis baxter says:

    If Hillary wins, there will be no path to defeat the democrats and their Neo Fascist party, they will import voters and the working folks will be taxed to pay the voters they import! Trump will loose in a massive lanslide once you good folks know the truth half of you will not vote for him!

  39. Sheila says:

    Ok, so I have read all the diatribes and it's like a rerun of the same bad sci-fi movie that everyone loves to hate. Is this Plan 9 from Outer Space or what?

    Robert Ringer, I admire you when you write about anything other than Donald Trump. But this paragraph is, well…"ill-advised":

    "After his indefensible speech, Cruz childishly brought up Trump’s retweet of his wife and his ill-advised comments about the National Enquirer that suggested Cruz’s father was seen with Lee Harvey Oswald before he assassinated JFK. Not as bad as some of the things Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or even Ted Cruz himself said and did during the primaries, but ill-advised on Trump’s part, to be sure. Serious candidates understand that it’s part of the messy process of primaries."

    I do not think it is "childish" to bring up the despicable things Trump has done to embarrass Cruz. If they were true, there may be some merit to Trump's Tweets (is that a great moniker for the man?) Anyhow, I don't think Trump's comments about Rafael Cruz/JFK assassination connection are "ill-advised" – they are disgusting. Not only that, as you know Trump doubled-down on those comments again, and just won't quit. There is nothing those other candidates you've mentioned – Cruz included – have done that is as reprehensible as suggesting someone is involved in an assassination – based on a photo.

    Now, as for Sen. Cruz showing up at the Convention, I believe that was "ill-advised." Even though Trump approached Cruz, and Cruz made it clear to Trump he is not planning to endorse, the fact is Trump is an impulsive, loose cannon and will say and do anything to humiliate anybody who disputes him. Cruz should have known any kind of Convention disruption would result in a pushback. Cruz should have been smart enough to realize what would happen if he showed up without the endorsement.

    But be that as it may, I find it very sad that someone as intelligent and articulate as Reality Seeker – a regular poster on this page – would pen this: "I enjoyed it when the crowd mocked Ted's wife by yelling "Goldman's wife! Goldman Sachs!" as she was escorted out. I don't think it's something her or her puke of a husband will ever forget." Come now, Reality, that's not up to your usual standards. I mean, suppose it REALLY got out of control and someone punched Heidi Cruz, or worse? Suppose she got hurt and ended up in the hospital? I suppose that would have left you positively gleeful.

    In the end, I'm not voting so I really don't care who wins. What I find ironic are acquaintances of mine – and a few close friends – who are strong Trump supporters and are voting for the Crackpot Clown. They are pressuring me every day to change my mind because I plan to stay home on Election Day. As I told all of them – and as I will tell you now – if you REALLY love your candidate so much and he's the presidential god of your dreams, then go after your pals who are voting for Hillary. Win them over. The fact that you take issue with non-voters is quite odd, since there are millions of Hillary voters out there whom you can work over and convert to Trump.

    Don't try to compel people who are making a CHOICE to violate their conscience. Sorry, but a non-vote is not a vote for Hillary – it is simply a non-vote. Nobody is obliged to vote. Voting is a privilege AND a choice. And I do not feel privileged to vote for either a criminal or a crackpot. Case closed.

    • ◄Dave► says:

      Sheila, I usually find you to be intelligent and articulate too. I do applaud you for refusing to vote for the lessor of two evils. Voting against a politician one dislikes, gives the other one the false impression that he has a mandate for his agenda. While I certainly consider Trump to be the lessor evil, and do cheer the dismay and consternation he is causing the GOPe, he is still a statist, who wants to be a ruler, and I too will boycott the duopoly's sham election in November.

      That said, how is it that you do not recognize that your disparaging remarks about the "Crackpot Clown," are every bit as distasteful ad hominem, as those of us here disparaging Cruz, et al? This is certainly nothing new in American history… it is called politics.

      I am somewhat surprised that you have fallen for the media meme, that Trump was accusing the elder Cruz of being involved in the JFK assassination. He said no such thing, and as he tried to clarify again the other day, he implied no such thing. My own initial reaction to that photo, which I saw well before Trump mentioned it, was, "Whoa, I thought this guy supposedly 'escaped the Castro regime,' and came to America as a refugee. How does that square with him handing out Castro propaganda alongside a known Castro agent/sympathizer?"

      All Trump said is precisely what I thought – What's up with that, and why isn't anyone in the media even mentioning it? One can certainly notice evidence of an incongruency in the Cruz family narrative, as I did, without jumping to the conclusion that his association with Oswald, somehow extended to involvement in the JFK assassination. You are intelligent enough to see that, Sheila. Think about it. ◄Dave►

  40. Sheila says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply, and your compliments on my posts. You are right about the fact that I resorted to an ad hominem attack against Trump, and that I should refrain from making disparaging remarks. It doesn't help my position or opposing points if I do what I tell others not to do – makes me a hypocrite! Sometimes, anger comes out in inappropriate ways on both sides of the presidential debate.

    I don't know if you have read any of the follow-up reports on the photo in the National Enquirer, or the following three links below. The Washington Post and USA Today are hardly conservative news outlets. But you can read them if you want expert opinions on the photo. It has not been determined proof positive that the man is Rafael Cruz, only that the resemblance is "more similar than dissimilar." The remainder of the discussion is in the articles, and they say it a whole lot better than I can.

    As for Donald Trump, I stand by what I said. He is implying a connection by referencing the National Enquirer story, which also implies a connection. Trump did this again last week. I watched his comments, and I also was watching Mike Pence's face. Pence attempted to smile and laugh up to a point, and then looked like he really wanted to crawl under a rug.

    Here is what Mr. Trump said in a Fox interview:

    “His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being, you know, shot!” Trump said. “I mean, the whole thing is ridiculous. What — what is this right, prior to his being shot. And nobody even brings it up. I mean, they don’t even talk about that, that was reported and nobody talks about it. But I think it’s horrible, I think it’s absolutely horrible, that a man can go and do that, what he’s saying there.” Trump later added, “I mean what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald, shortly before the death — before the shooting? It’s horrible.”

    This is implying guilt by association – you don't have to say it outright, it is understood. Even if the photo is Rafael Cruz (which is may or may not be) there is still no evidence to indicate a tie to Oswald and then to the assassination.

    It is also important to note that it was during Batista's regime that Rafael Cruz was tortured and eventually fled, and I believe he was an early strong supporter of Castro. Here is a piece from another article:

    "Suffering torture at the hands of Batista’s men, Rafael Cruz decided to join forces with Fidel Castro’s guerrilla group. Rafael’s main desire was to see the overthrow of Batista, and like so many people, it blinded him to Castro’s Communist politics. However, by the age of 18, Rafael realized his future was not going to end well in Cuba. So, his family bribed a Batista official to get him out of the country. Sadly, Ted Cruz’s aunt, Rafael’s younger sister, joined the counter-revolution and for this was tortured by Fidel Castro when he became Dictator of Cuba. By 1960, on a trip back to Cuba, Rafael Cruz realized how mistaken he had been about Fidel Castro. Earlier, the young revolutionary Rafael Cruz had gone around his new home of Austin, Texas and raised money to send to Castro for his revolution."

    To sum this up Dave, as I said in a long-ago post, the National Enquirer appears to be on a "seek out and destroy" mission. Yes, they may have been right about Edwards and O.J. Simpson. But I remember one story from many years back that sticks in my craw until this day. I idolized Annette Funicello when I was a young teenager. I was too young for the Mickey Mouse club but I did watch all the beach movies with Frankie Avalon – they were fun. And when the Enquirer came out and published a story back in the '80s that she was seen drunk and stumbling all over the place…that was a disgrace. Annette was stricken with M.S. and I was heartbroken for her. And that story by the National Enquirer made her look like a bum. She was a beloved star in the 1960's.

    A story like that illustrates what kind of rag the National Enquirer is. And yes, I have to call it a rag. What kind of legitimate journalism would diminish a wonderful woman like Annette Funicello, who was stricken with a neurological disease?

    Here are links to the aforementioned posts, and hopefully they work:

    • ◄Dave► says:

      Thanks for the links, Sheila. I read them all, and now know more about the subject than I ever had any interest in knowing. I had seen the photo in some obscure blog post about it, and had never seen the Enquirer story, or their cover headline for that issue.

      To be somewhat charitable, I will note that if they believed the photo to actually be Cruz, then the headline "Ted Cruz Father Linked to JFK Assassination!" would be technically accurate, without necessarily implying that he was actually involved in it. E.g., the same headline could have as easily been employed, on a story revealing a photo of Cruz having a drink with Jack Ruby in his night club.

      That said, the casual reader in the grocery check-out line, would undoubtedly have made the leap, and I withdraw my condemnation of those media mental midgets, who did the same. I also find myself more critical of Trump for even opening that can of worms, and withdraw my defense of his position on the whole subject. As always, if he saw that headline, he needs to acquire a bit of discipline, and learn to be more circumspect.

      More importantly, however, was your tale about Annette Funicello. I have never had much use for the tabloid; but that story canceled any residual respect I might have allowed them, over the several scoops they have achieved in the political arena, the past several years. Annette was only a couple of years older than me, and I developed a crush on her on the Mickey Mouse Club. In fact, I still recall my prepubescent interest in watching her develop boobs!

      I was still learning to surf at Central California beaches, when her "Beach Party" movie was made, and was definitely jealous of Frankie Avalon! Thanks for the pleasant little trip down memory lane for an old man, Sheila. Take care… ◄Dave►

      • Sheila says:

        Thank you Dave! I'm happy to find another Annette fan here! When I was a young teen, I had a spinal operation in the summer of 1967 and was in a cast for almost a year. During that time, I discovered the beach movies on TV (the good old days) and they were shown from time to time. Watching them made me laugh and helped my mood as I recovered. I made a date to go to visit California as soon as I was old enough (back in 1975) and loved the drive down Route 1 along the coast, and Malibu. Annette inspires so many people – everyone. Men & women adored her. Thanx for writing back! :)

        • ◄Dave► says:

          Cool, Sheila. I have a few years on you. By the summer of '67 I had finished my U.S. Army duty, and was living like a king on a spectacular beach in the Seychelles Islands. In '75, I was living in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Even though I have lived all over the world, I kept returning to the Central Coast, because the year-round mild weather is unbeatable. Currently, I live two blocks from Route 1, within easy walking distance of Pismo Beach. :) ◄Dave►