Has Draining the Swamp Already Won?

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Robert Ringer


I’m back again after a month of reflection, and, not surprisingly, nothing much has changed in the world of politics. I feel as though someone left the projector running while I took a break, and when I returned, the same movie was still playing. Which was not surprising, because many years ago I shut politics out of my life for fifteen years and had the exact same experience when I decided to step back into the arena and see what was going on in the Washington world of sleaze.

My conclusion was, and still is, that government is an inherently evil enterprise, used as a mechanism for a small group of people to gain ever more power over, and steal from, the general populace. So how do you fix evil? Unfortunately, you can’t. The primary purpose of government is to control people, while the primary objective of classical liberalism is liberty. It is therefore self-evident that the two cannot coexist.

While classical liberalism used to put up a pretty good fight against tyranny, it became clear more than a hundred years ago that it could not stand up to the avariciousness of human beings with bad intentions. Or even human beings who are not inherently bad but simply cannot resist the temptation of money and power.

Today, we are no longer a nation of laws, because the government ignores the law with impunity. And while government has been tyrannizing everyday citizens at an accelerating rate since its inception, Barack Obama must be given credit for having the chutzpah to take things beyond the tyranny tipping point. In fact, looked at from the perspective of accomplishing his chief goal — the fundamental change of America — he is arguably the most successful president in U.S. history.

Now, along comes the Face of Evil, the first woman ever to run for president on a major-party ticket. Hillary is a real-life version of Rhoda, the pig-tailed little girl doted on by her parents in the classic 1956 film The Bad Seed. In other words, she can’t help herself; she came into the world as a bad seed.

So for her, it goes beyond money and power. Larceny is deeply ingrained in her gray matter. Hillary is one of those rare people who, given a choice between accomplishing her goals honestly or dishonestly, will always choose the latter. It’s in her DNA.

Further, I believe that Schadenfreude, taking delight in the misfortune of others, is ensconced in her rotted neurons. As her many hot-mic comments suggest, the self-proclaimed champion of “It takes a village” does not discriminate. She genuinely hates all people.

So why am I bringing all this up now, given that these things are already known to a majority of Americans? Simply to make the point that the real problem with elections is that a majority of people take the candidates seriously and thus legitimize those elections. People (including so-called conservative media commentators) who clearly recognize that Hillary’s criminal acts are deserving of a thousand years in prison insist on talking about her as though she were a legitimate candidate.

That’s precisely what has bothered me about Barack Obama from the time he first appeared on the scene back in 2007 as the mysterious candidate from afar with no discernable accomplishments and no provable past. But he had one thing going for him that none of his competitors had: He was black (sort of), and he was (and is) a master at using that fact to prey upon America’s collective case of white guilt. And, of course, he possessed the all-important ability to lie with a straight face.

That he is still taken seriously after spending eight years lying to the American people and taking blatant anti-American actions day in and day out, is hard for a rational mind to fathom. He, like Hillary, should be in prison for life, but the Congress refuses to even attempt to impeach him let alone try to get him indicted for his crimes.

Which leads me to my prediction that Hillary Clinton would never be president of the United States. In a sane world, it would have been a perfectly reasonable prediction. My thinking was that even if she got the Democratic nomination, the FBI would take her down and Obama would happily put Joe Biden in to carry out his third term.

But, as embarrassing as it is to admit, it never occurred to me that FBI Director James Comey would sell out. Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova put it bluntly when he said, on The Laura Ingraham Show, that “Comey’s a dirty cop.”

Even so, I felt that once people heard Comey read the list of crimes the Face of Evil had committed, only the radical left (probably about 30-35 percent of the population) would vote for her. I was wrong, because I was thinking rationally, which is a dangerous habit in an irrational world. That’s why, even though most voters realize that Hillary is a hard-core criminal, they are so used to the entrenched system of corruption that they accept her as a legitimate candidate.

And that, dear reader, gets to the very heart of the issue. Taking any candidate, and the government in general, seriously is the underlying cause of America’s demise. It’s always a mistake to legitimize criminal behavior, as such liberty giants of the past like Lysander Spooner and Frederic Bastiat warned us.

As to the election, though the odds are against him, it’s still possible for Trump to win. But even if he did, what then? Even if he has good intentions, do you really believe he could bring about liberty-inducing legislation with a criminal Congress that hates him? Both houses of Congress, with Never Trump Republicans leading the way, would try to stifle every aspect of his agenda.

In fact, if Trump were to actually beat the Face of Evil, I’d look for an early attempt to impeach him. So, regardless of who wins on November 8, every American should be prepared for the worst.

One final thought: Ironically, liberty probably has a better chance of being resurrected if Hillary wins rather than Trump. Why? Because Trump has done something quite different from any other candidate in my lifetime: He’s started a genuine movement. Not a movement based on his own ideas, but, rather, based on the frustration and anger of the average informed voter toward the entire system. Most Trump supporters don’t want to see change within the system; they want to put an end to the system itself.

That’s why, if the Face of Evil were to take the White House on behalf of her master, Barack Hussein Obama, millions of people might soon be literally up in arms. Which, in turn, is why total gun control would be a top priority in a third Obama term.

I don’t believe that the radical left or establishment Republicans realize what the Trump phenomenon is all about. I don’t think even Trump understood it at first, but somewhere along the line he started to get it. The movement is not about him; it’s about draining the swamp, as he now puts it.

Like Obama’s success in pushing the ball inches from the tyranny goal line, Trump has given hope to those who want to dismantle the entire system. He has emboldened liberty minded folks in a way that Ronald Reagan never dreamed of. Truly, this election is about draining the swamp — which scares the hell out of everyone who benefits from the Washington Crime Syndicate’s activities.

So if Hillary wins, it may be too late for Obama to stop liberty-minded folks from continuing to revolt, something the Tea Party did not do after a couple of years of semi-effective noise-making. From the point of view of those who are intelligent enough to think philosophically about the ultimate destiny of Western civilization, if the Face of Evil wins, it’s going to be quite interesting to see if the public forcefully continues to insist that the swamp be drained.

If so, then the genie is out of the bottle and draining the swamp has already won the election.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. kerry says:

    You did a complete about face. You stated emphatically for a long time, Hillary could not beat anyone. You also said, Trump would beat her soundly in the debates. Anyone you said, "could beat Hillary in the debates." You're a smart man Mr. Ringer, but you can't predict politics any better than you can the "upcoming financial collapse."

    • Bill Thomas says:

      Mr. Ringer stated in the article that he made the mistake of "thinking rationally" in an criminally irrational country, and I can understand because having been brought up in America in the fifties and early sixties it was ingrained into most of us that there was, and is, right and wrong, and that justice will eventually prevail. Even with the obvious decline in morality and culture in America, there is still a flickering spark in me that wants to believe that good will prevail over evil, but as Mr. Ringer points out, that is purely illusion and irrational thought in present day America. What Mr. Comey revealed to us all is that the corruption in government permeates every department including the F.B.I. the Justice Department, The State Department, the White House, and so on. When there is nobody to "Watch the Watchers" what is the solution?

    • George Hendley says:

      You're right Kerry! RR has given himself an "out" of the quietest demeanor and now is recognizing that he very well may have been wrong. I saw the exact same thing. I was hoping against hope he would be right. Now, it's a VERY touch and go situation and what happens at this point is up to God and the voters of the USA. God help us all!

    • Sheila says:

      I am happily vacationing in Charleston and Savannah and spared the election drama going on. But I agree with Kerry that RR was wrong in predicting a slam dunk win against Hillary. And I still believe a Constitutional conservative is what this country needs. Trump still has a chance (however small) but it is really looking like Hillary will win. Trump is a narcissist and got into this for self promotion. He never hit Hillary as hard in the debates as he did with all the republicans during the primaries. Why not? Could it be he wanted to trounce Cruz Rubio Rand Paul and the rest so he could go soft on Hillary once he became the republican nominee? I thought Trump was phony all along. I believe he wants Hillary to win because of all the missed opportunities to expose her criminal and felonious actions over the past six months. Trump was always a democrat and he and the clintons were always best buds. The always Trumpers end his "movement" quickly forget. Trump waited a long time to attack HIllary. And he was too defensive when the media pressed allegations of sexual misconduct. Bad judgment on his part. Any strong conservative candidate could have mopped the floor with HIllary. Trumps movement may be strong. But Trump is a weak candidate.

  2. lonny sterling says:

    I don't think Hillary hates everyone. She just knows the majority are dumb. The Politician who panders to the dumb majority always wins!

    • Jean says:

      On the contrary, I do believe Hillary hates everyone. She reminds me of Karen Homolka, the woman who drugged (and murdered) her sister so that her then boyfriend could rape the unconscious girl for both of their entertainment. Hillary is a user, pure and simple. The most narcissistic people assume everyone else is stupid; Hillary has that attitude about her supporters, and they happily reinforce it by remaining supporters. But reading the leaked e-mails shows that she genuinely despises people in general.

      • Steve says:

        Karla Homolka.

      • Tasine says:

        Of COURSE HIllary hates everyone except herself. She has no capacity for love or even tolerance of others unless they are going all out for HER. If there is a devil on earth, it is Hillary.

  3. larajf says:

    The only way Hillary will win is by cheating. And sadly, it looks like that's happening. There's no way she could win in a fair race. And there was no way she could get the nomination if people were trained to think and have ethics and morals. But indeed, it's time that the silent majority wakes up and stops letting this Nation be run by the whiny manipulative minority. And sadly, I live near one of the ground zeros of stupidity in silicon valley. It's heartbreaking how pathetic it's become over the decades. I wish I could take my hometown back. But maybe we can build a wall and let them tax one another to death while complaining that they're not rich and that they meant the real rich people.

  4. larajf says:

    P.S. You've been missed.

  5. Eric says:

    RJR, after all of your life experience you still fall for thinking rationally in an irrational world? Remember the words of Voltaire: "We shall leave this world as wicked and foolish as we found it upon our arrival." Or that of Goethe: "There must be such queer birds." These men were smart. They accepted the world as it is. They never hoped that reason would reign in this world.

    • IHeartDagney says:

      That Voltaire quote is interesting and gives me hope. I found my world here in the United States on my arrival in 1958 to be very moral and happy. No, not perfect, as that is an unattainable pipe dream. The 60's saw the infancy of the radicalism we are seeing today as those infants are now in high office and infesting our bureaucracies. Those same infants were spouting "live and let live" and giving out flowers to inspire smiles before they decided that they needed to impose their navel-gazing dreams upon others. In the 1950's and 1960's, those "queer birds", the establishment's and president's immoral habits, were very thankfully securely hidden and our freedoms to innovate and secure our own happiness were still in our hands.

      My conclusion upon your quote? It is as I thought, the pendulum will swing as it always does. And, reflecting on RJR's optimism regarding Trump, as he mentioned above, Trump has grown. He learns fast and he has an excellent chance of winning the day. The pendulum is swinging into the right column and "the people" are fed up with the media lies. If nothing else, November 8th is going to be a banner day. It is likely going to be quite devastating to the navel gazers, chin scratchers, and fascists who insist on ordering our lives. History repeats and while Trump is no genteel Reagan, he, in his great boorishness, is likely what is needed to keep the pendulum on our side for a while.

      • Eric says:

        Pendulums always swing upon a center point. In the world of mankind, the center is and always will be wickedness and foolishness. In fact, this is why governments exist, something that seems to escape RJR. I leave you with a quote from Schopenhauer: "In uncivilized society, men eat one another. In civilized society, men lie to one another." Fact of life. Another smart man.

        • IHeartDagney says:

          You are obviously of pessimistic bent of mind. I, on the other hand, prefer to be more optimistic. Makes life much more pleasant. There are many pendulums tracking many aspects of life. I was referring to the political pendulum tracking society's desire for a moral government vs. an immoral one.

          As to your new quote, my analysis: We have a civilized society…..possibly on the verge of reverting. The lies are normal, part of human nature. However, most of the time, they do not cause the permanent damage as literally "men eating one another" would. Such is the obvious difference between civilized and uncivilized societies.

  6. Helen Roberts says:

    Ya got THAT right!!

  7. Joseph Palladini says:


  8. Naphtaly says:

    I am not an American citizen but is reading your thoughts always. You have stated previously that you will be happy if FBI could not apprehend Clinton so that she could be beaten by Trump in elections. One thing is for sure all politicians have hidden agendas you only realized it when they are in power. This is the dirtiest election campaign of USA that i have seen. May the dirtiest candidate win.

    • James Parker says:

      Ironically, Clinton is one of the few to admit having a hidden agenda (or as she put it, a "private position"), although she only did so to a closed audience (at Goldman Sachs).

  9. John says:

    I think it would be fair to say that a few of your earlier columns did in fact predict an easy Trump win over HTH. But that was before the Clinton media machine trotted out the smear campaign, which, unfortunately has been very effective and which Trump was ill prepared to face, let alone come up with an effective response.
    Now you are predicting that the movement for change will continue even if Trump loses and sadly I cannot agree. With the media firmly in control, HTH will become the first fascist dictator ever seen in America, supported by the 'people', much like Mussolini or Hitler was during their time.
    All we can hope for, in the event of a Trump loss, is that the judicial system will be able to stand up against the tyranny of endless taxation, rejection of the constitution and bill of rights as well as double/triple/quadruple double standards for criminal behaviour.
    It is not too late to avoid the abyss, get out and vote, make sure everybody you know does also.

    • Michael says:

      How can you presume to even hope for help from the judicial system. The SCOTUS has already been fully bastardized (see Roberts rulings on ACA twice), and the only judge that would perhaps tell the the country destroyers to pound sand, suddenly died. If Hildebeast wins, the SCOTUS will become the Freeway to Fascism. Unfortunately, so many have had it so good for so long in the US, that we are about to learn the lesson of real patriotism and sacrifice to turn this country back around. Or Not.

      • John says:

        Interesting thing about the judiciary is that one judge alone can make any ruling they want and that becomes the law until it is over turned. So if enough local, state and federal judges make these rulings, the power of SCOTUS will be diminished considerably, the judiciary is the last stop before, as you say, real patriotism takes over. Let's pray it doesn't get that far.

        • Michael says:

          I'm with you John. My concern is that every major DC agency, congress, SCOTUS, executive branch are all fully corrupt. Brave and patriotic would be any judges that take a stand against this evil behemoth. Surely they will risk losing all. I truly don't know many Americans that brave anymore. We've become quite a nation of candy asses, sadly. And of course it's not just SCOTUS appointments the president makes, but federal judges many.

          But truly, like you, I hope it doesn't go that far.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        I am not predicting that the movement for change will continue no matter who is elected. What I actually said was that "IF Hillary wins, it MAY be too late for Obama to stop liberty-minded folks from continuing to revolt." All we can both do is hope.

  10. June says:

    Mr. Ringer, I believe all you wrote this segment. I have hoped you were right in the past, but felt the American people have been and still are under some sort of Barack Obama spell. Evil prevails and only divine intervention can put Trump in and keep him from being impeached by the evil people in our Money/Power -Controlled Congress. I think we have pushed God out and unless invited back I by we, the people, He will not return. The Face of Evil (HRC) will be America's demise. Trump cannot interfere with the inevitable. So it has been written – so it shall be done. Read your Bible, folks. (I will still vote – I could be as wrong as Ringer has been.) But knowing the stupidity that reigns (have you watched Waters World?), and the lack of "I'm proud to be an American" pride, I seriously doubt it. To my sorrow.

    • Paul Herring says:

      June, you've encouraged us to 'read our Bibles'. I do read it and while it isn't a political book, it comments on the subject of governments. For example, it calls world governments – collectively- the "wild beast" (Revelation 13:1-3). It encourages Bible readers to be 'no part of the political system' (John 17:16).

      As for having "pushed God out", well, if we believe that God is the Creator of heaven and earth and all things in them, it's presumptuous to suggest that we mere humans have done that. The Bible is clear in that it speaks of universal sovereignty as the key issue for all who read it. God – Jehovah is his personal name in the scriptures – has purposed from the beginning that the earth will be a paradise. Had Adam and Eve remained obedient it would be by now. However they didn't, and we're reaping the consequences of that disobedience. The Devil seduced Adam and Eve into disobedience. But that hasn't thwarted God's purpose. If it had it would call into question who really is Almighty, Jehovah or the Devil? Jehovah knew about being a lateral thinker long before Edward de Bono did.

      So the earth, which figures prominently in Bible prophecy, will be a paradise. Those who live on it will be prepared to do things God's way. It's the best way anyway, since God knows our makeup better than any politician. After all, he created us.

      All of these posts have left God out of the picture. But this reflects how little people understand or study the Bible. It's all in there and whether we like it or not, what God wants – his Will – is going to take place. The present man-made system will be removed. It doesn't work anyway – the posts in this forum have surely reflected that. A quick summary then: it's better for us to be on the side of a tsunami than to be in its way.

  11. Bob C. says:

    "Draining the swamp" and a return to liberty and constitutional government will not occur without coup or revolution, so let's get to it now!

  12. theczech says:

    History teaches that this does not end well.

    • James Parker says:

      My thoughts exactly; when I read Mr. Ringer's point about an anger-filled movement, I immediately thought of the the results of the French Revolution and the original cycle of Greek tyrants.

      • theczech says:

        There is a time for "the tree of liberty to be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike" [sic] (T.Jefferson), but now is not that time. There is still time to come to our senses and right the ship of state – not much mind you, but some. I still say that individual liberty gets restored in this country from the ground up. We begin with school boards, city councils, county supervisors, state representatives, etc. History shows that tyrants only last so long, then the people make a change, usually against the tyrant's resistance…not pretty.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        The thought of Hillary's head rolling down the street is quite exhilarating.

  13. Richard Van Der Voort says:

    “Bad Seed!” Exactly. I still go with my prediction from the beginning: Trump is DESTINED to win. My thought also about the Corrupt Congress that may tie his hands. Yes, it IS a drama of Good Against Evil, AND, the cycles must do a return, as in the current Evil, eventually, to the beginnings of Good again. But, unfortunately, the second part of my prediction is that late in Trump’s first term, he will end in one of murdering Hillbitch’s body bags. This was (I believe) all agreed to before DT incarnated. Is DTs election the return of Ayn Rand’s whatizname? I hope so, even tho at my age I am not likely to be alive to see the results, BUT, I will be watching nonetheless! Seems like the reps of evil are under special protection of the Dark Force, ones such as the Bad Seed Woman. Ones like her pop back up when a normal person would be laid low. RE the end of Trump, it will NOT be a lone assassin in his case. It will be a Group Attack that is overwhelming! I HOPE AND PRAY THAT THAT PREDICTION is totally wrong. RR’s essay here is, in my opinion, a masterpiece! I too wondered if he would resurface BEFORE the election, and he has! Big time!

  14. Barbara says:

    If the "Face of Evil" wins the election, then we indeed need a revolution of the people. Remember, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any longer?"

  15. The Resolute Voice says:

    Hillary has the arrogant stupid gene, and that in the long run will defeat her, hopefully as soon as Nov 8th. What is it? It's believing that you are better than everyone else and can con any and all and don't have to answer to the powers that be because of your extraordinary 'gift'. Then you are stupid enough to document it all, make wrong assumptions and get caught. Hillary's arrogance is believing her criminal behavior and dirty tricks guarantee her a victory on Nov 8th. Her stupidity is believing it and not watching her back and just continuing to be arrogant and believing she can 'best' any and all, including Trump. She should watch out for the American voters who still believe in America and quietly make their voice heard only in the ballot box..

    • Jean says:

      You're certainly correct about Hillary having the arrogant gene. She is absolutely tone deaf with regard to human interactions. That being said, if she is elected, I hope there is a coup of sorts within her own ranks. It's pretty much known that most of the people in her circle can't stand her, the exception being Huma Abedin, who seems to be her slave. I actually see a Brutus coming into the picture, leading the charge to stab (literally or figuratively is yet to unfold) Ms. Hilz in the back.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      You have zeroed into a very important point here. It's eve more true of BHO, as evidenced by the fact that he lies and jokes about his crimes almost daily. He is clever, not doubt. But to paraphrase something Thomas Sowell said years ago about the Clintons: The problem with clever people is that they can't stop and thus continue to try to be clever long past the point where what they have to lose is far greater than what they have to gain. If Sowell is correct, then both the Face of Evil and the media-fabricated president are on shaky ground.

  16. Richard Van Der says:

    "White guilt" is stupid! Current Blacks are not the ones enslaved, and Whites alive now are not the ones who did the harm, the evil back then! That OUGHT TO BE soooo obvious! And as one intelligent black man said on TV the other day, Blacks in America now are lucky they didn't get born in Africa. My paraphrase of what he said. As I often say, being a geezer, I don't go by race, I judge by level (of one's personal evolution). There are rotten people in every race! And the converse. All people are NOT equal.

  17. david says:

    What this election has shown what a bunch of dumb, racist, sexist morons that the GOP has become.. I loved it when that Trump tape came out, shows what a pig he is and made me think how to treat women better.. that's what I love.. and oh you really called it great didn't you Robert??? Six weeks ago you were sure Trump and his goons were going to win in a landslide.. ha ha… then he ran his campaign right into the ground and it's all the medias fault.. like the SNL parody said, you guys made me look so bad by repeating the things I've said and done… good on ya…

    • Mr Ecks says:

      You better get that cheque cashed quick "David". Cos when Killy loses she is going to welsh on her deals with despair trolls like you and you won't get even one of your 30 pieces of silver.

    • June says:

      David, you could have saved a lot of time by writing just 5 words: I am voting for Hillary.

    • Kevin says:

      David are you laughing now? ???

  18. Jurgy says:

    I am sorry to say, as I have from the beginning of this American embarrassment of a political process, that nana cankles will win the oval, if not by the vote then under suspicious circumstances … and trump will "take look at it" and we will never ever hear the end … the election will not be finally decided on Nov 8. When she takes office, watch for appointments to omaba & lynch (Supreme Court nominees?) as well as to comey, podesta, maybe mills and kennedy, or other members of her clan. huma abedin who has links to radical islam will undoubtedly be appointed chief of staff … I fear our great American experiment is rapidly coming to an end, and a second revolution my be necessary and coming very soon …

  19. TN Ray says:

    A great article. Near 100% correct, untill the final conclusion. Then once again RJR reverts to wishful thinking as opposed to reality. Along the recent way, RJR believed that justice would prevail. That Comey was a straight shooter who would not be corrupted. It was all how RJR and so many of us wished things would be, but, once again reality is unbending, and in the end the result is what it is, not what we wish it to be. If Hillary wins, I doubt that that will facilitate draining the swamp. True, Hillary has incited a backlash against her overreach in the past, but, when she stacks the SCOTUS and continues Obama's manipulation of the justice system I don't see the return to a "nation of laws", or a return to liberty. I see only government control at every level and the continued use of government agencies and programs to solidify the corruption and power of the swamp masters.

  20. Dean Striker says:

    Great post, RJR. I will next republish this on my http://noruler.net as a means of helping promote you and your solid thinking.
    For me, it all began way back with your "Looking Out for Number One". It's good that you're here now!

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Robert J Ringer can be sure, I personally logged in about 10 times the past month to see if he hasn't made any comments or written any new articles on the election and debates. His opinion is highly valued and highly interesting.

      • Dean Striker says:

        I had just written him about having no "member" login, having to use facebook etc to login. I don't use "social sites", so commenting here is a bit of a nuisance. So I read often but rarely bother with commenting.

        • Nasdaq7 says:

          People are really interested in comments about the elections and these election topic websites are hugely popular. I love Youtube, I can't get enough of this election. Perhaps Robert J Ringer can create his own Youtube channel and then we can all comment?

        • Robert Ringer RJR says:

          You are doing something wrong. Please contact our webmaster.

          • Dean Striker says:

            In "Replying" to this, I see

            Enter text right here!

            "Reply as a Guest, or login:

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            Not displayed publicly."

            I have been a subscriber for quite some while. I want to Reply as MYSELF, but there is no login for us "subscribers". This is about the nuisance. I have no connection with your webmaster. Sorry, but passing the buck doesn't cure the issue. I had to again type in my name and email just to make this "Reply", and that's true every time on your website.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Thanks, Dean.

  21. Reality Seeker says:

    Welcome back! Tortouse! You've been missing the greatest show on earth.

    Alex Jones, James O'Keefe, Julian Assange, DC Leaks, Drudge, Breitbart, Anonymous, an army of Alt-right citizen reporters, even Putin, and last but not least the STAR of the SHOW, Donald J. TRUMP!, have all been working OVERTIME to put on an epic, political extravaganza the likes of which nobody has ever seen….. Really, the interesting participants in this one-in-a-lifetime race are numbered in the thousands….. sex, drugs, payoffs, murder and you name it and it is a part of this race!

    Tisk, tisk, tisk….. RJR, and here you are acting more like a nap-loving rabbit than a race loving tortouse!

    Well, we are in the homestretch, and ANYTHING is possible. All bets are off. DT is winning, oh yes, but the race is rigged and rigged but good against DT…. The polls are a fraud. The MSM chattering skulls are nothing more than presstitutes in bed with the Dirty Dems. Crooked is being pumped full of drugs to smooth out her facial wrinkles and keep her on her feet. The debate questions were all given to Crooked in advance. And on and on the rigging goes.

    And here's the big, inside story: the Washington elites want Trump to lose by a landslide, and they don't care what they have to do to rig the vote. This is supposed to serve as a lesson to anybody who dares pull back the curtain and point out the truth…. and this isn't just about the election anymore. They are out to destroy DT's family, his brand and his fortune.

    Will the conspiracy against Trump work? Whatever happens on November 8th, the war that Donald started ain't over….. Hillary could win by a landslide ( and I believe that's what the elite are rigging) but the Alt-right are not going to sit down and shut up—- not this time!

  22. Nasdaq7 says:

    Trump established a brilliant reputation before he ran to be president, during The Apprentice days and he was hugely popular based upon that reputation. He could have won this election easily, there was no need to make waves. He was there, he had the cat in the bag. He won at least 2 out of the 3 final debates. But his biggest mistake was not winning the cooperation of the other Republicans. He had everything going for him, acting skills, money, personality. If he continued to constantly win by building a good team, winning cooperation, he could have easily won. The civil war in the Republican party might cost him this election, his message, although focused is at this moment not strong enough to win the cooperation of more people. He repeats the same message everyone has heard – and people tune into politics. He can only blame himself, at this moment, because he needed / needs to acquire an innovative competent team and work with that team to win support. His overall message at this moment might be too narrow to win enough support. As in most things in life you need to win the cooperation of enough people, that is very important. He had three debates to outline his vision of the future and he didn't give enough details. He blew those three media opportunities.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      While I could have done without some of the foolish comments DT made during the campaign, his whole agenda/movement was a rebuke of the establishment, so he NEVER intended to seek their cooperation. He laid out his main points – strong borders, conservative SCOTUS justices, international diplomacy and not antagonism with giants such as Russia, and a rebuild of the American economy – completely destroyed by decades of progressive taxes, regulations, and other obstacles. They are for govt. control of EVERYTHING, and despise free markets, period. They want to brainwash the young through the forced schooling establishment and brainwash everyone with the lying presstitutes of their lamestream media shills. DT was no Ron Paul and he missed numerous opportunities to destroy the outright lies and ridiculous talking points of the Hildabeast campaign. It has ALL been stacked against him, and the "progressive" establishment is working overtime to rig whatever they can (financed by criminal goons like George Soros), but the polls are a fraud/ joke, and I still think America is in for a surprise on Nov. 8th. Even if Hildabeast manages to steal the election, the movement of those who supported Trump are not going away. That is a good thing in and of itself, and could NEVER have happened, if DT had just cow-towed to the Republican establishment. He may have won the election easily that way, but what would he have accomplished? It would just be more of the same establishment b.s. The Republicans are as infested with "progressive" filth as the Dirty Dems. In the end, change will NEVER come from govt., but from outside of it – whether it be a peaceful or violent revolution. Promote liberty, promote peace, and nullify in any way one can, the overtures of the corrupt "progressive" establishment/One-Worlders!

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        Trump can provide far more details in his speeches, he can listen to advisers. Hillary herself is weak on so many fronts. But Trump needs to raise a compelling vision. If only he used speech writers far more, some people, like myself like good prepared and presented speeches. His speeches eventually lack content and that surely becomes boring if the same message is repeated again and again. I just wish he wasn't such an individualist in everything he does, I'm sure many are put off by his constant repeating of "I have done this or that". It is so sad to see Hillary win the votes of so many women and it's an act. I'm disappointed in Trump's campaign organizing performance, the small core campaign teams will never work and win elections. Numbers and quality counts. The management has improved quite a lot, he should not have stuck with campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and he let him eventually go, but the damage was already done. The simple fact is you need a strong campaign team that can prove skills, education and ideas to win the election.

        Every speech is the same on Youtube, everywhere he visits. If he cannot understand that you need to build trust by being able to discuss issues in detail. In detail. Why didn't he build a hugely skilled team? Spend the money, time and effort. Advertisements is useless – Hillary is out-advertising him. But if he could win the trust of people by showing a far greater in-depth knowledge of issues, even if it's prepared speeches, he would win far more support. People trust Hillary more, because she has studied the issues and that is what worries me – he doesn't show enough detailed prepared content. Just promises and it is not enough.

        During the debates Trump was asked, how will you reform Obama Care and he gave a vague answer. Give details, show some skills, some acumen you achieved as a businessman! That is what really worries me. The in depth knowledge – that you would expect from a top class businessman, which any speech writer can help him with, just isn't there. Winning people's trust based upon your abilities is very important. So lets see what happens.

        Trump made simple mistakes which makes me worried, for example he repeatedly says: the economy grows at 7% GDP. Now anyone that has studied the economy or that is knowledgeable of some basic economic theory would know that it is actually 7% GDP growth per year. Doesn't his advisers help him out? If you want to compete with China, at least understand economics and take the time to understand the most basic concepts of economics.

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        I mean Trump has a huge knowledge about taxes, talk about it. Show intense knowledge on so many topics you would expect a business man to talk in detail – NAFTA, trade, the property market. In some speeches he did and I loved it, but the businessman is not coming out – he attacks Hillary and his opponents too much of his time. Serially. Can't his campaign team help him? Is there any cooperation? Just be the business man I know he is and can be if he really wants to be.

        • Jim Hallett says:

          You make some excellent points about his lack of preparation and lack of detail in his speeches or responses. I was trained as a public speaker, so I am well aware of the lost opportunities to impress when he just uses the same euphemisms over and over, or suggests "I can handle that, etc." He is a very competent businessman, and while I appreciate that he is not a typical politician, it does not excuse his lack of making simple detailed points that potential voters could easily understand, as opposed to complicated policy wonk statements like those Hildabeast offers. Just about everyone HATES ObummerCare, but he just said he would repeal it without suggesting the kind of free market resolution that would solve the high cost of medical care, as it is govt. intervention that is killing the whole system. I guess he just preferred to go with his gut, rather than prepare for the debates (preparing does not mean rehearsing canned statements, but you want to appear knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics, and not get caught in the stupid "Gotcha" questions of the lying libtard media). It is very hard to get your message across when the daily messengers in the corrupt, slanted media are distorting everything and only talking about what they want to talk about. Yet, Trump could have done more to help his own cause – you are right!

          • RealitySeeker says:

            Trump is a marketing genius, and he understands how crucial it is during this election cycle to project an outsider image. This means speaking in everyday language and understanding that repetition is the mother of retention…. Trump would have never come this far had he presented himself as anything other than the image he's marketed. Trump understands that this election is going to be won or lost by appealing to the Idiocracy.

            Remember the last Bush? How he projected himself? His level of discourse was even more simpleminded than Trump's, but he won over the more articulate and polished Gore.

            Mark Dice just released the following 3 minute video. It tells you everything you need to know about the mentality of millions upon millions of low intellect voters.

            These are millions of dogs who vote. And the reality is that Trump knows how to get them to speak, roll over and vote..

          • Nasdaq7 says:

            If i see how some people support Oprah Winfrey when she hands out presents like it's Christmas, I guess anything is possible in the US election.

          • Jim Hallett says:

            I do get the point, but this is San Diego, and all those folks (except a couple of my friends) are already voting for Hildabeast. His marketing campaign may indeed work, but I still feel he missed some opportunities to land zingers on the Evil One>

          • Reality Seeker says:

            Yes, Trump failed to run a perfect campaign , but he was the One in the arena — totally surrounded by GOP backstabbers and Democratic pit vipers. I don't really like Trump, but I have to admit all of those women coming out and accusing him right after the Pussy Tape was released would have brought down any other man but Trump…. He fought back like a Lionheart. The GOP really thought that attack would finish Trump, but no. Even Hillary getting the debate questions in advance wasn't enough. Trump just kept on swinging — like a lion.

            So, yeah, Trump should have closed the deal during the debates. And that failure just might cost him the election…. but like I said, this ain't over on November 8th. And I'm going to state right here and now that I hope Trump loses. Why? Because the corrupt system won't let Trump fix the economy even if he could, and he can't. So, let the system fail with the Bitch in charge. At this point the Supreme Court doesn't matter because the rule of law is too far gone….. …

            ……. what really matters is who gets the blame when the economy collapses and the bread and circus stops…. let Hillary take the blame and let Donald say, " I told you so!"

          • Nasdaq7 says:

            Trump could have won in a landslide if he was just a little more politically correct the entire campaign. I mean winning is what it is all about, at least for me. I fear the fact that he was not more compassionate with people is going to cost him. Hillary scores massive points on the compassionate characteristic.

          • Nasdaq7 says:

            I have no problem with his overall style, it is just I'd like to see a minimum of say 40% prepared 60% unprepared content, Trump sometimes drifts into the 20% category which is just foolish – he almost invites them to hit him on the stupid rumors, stupid video tapes and all tiny inconsequential jibes they so love to hit him with. They basically irritate him and frustrate him and often he could just avoid the situation by being prepared beforehand with some real compelling content. Some of his campaign advisers and speakers and colleagues and his friends and his sons are far better at bringing some new and interesting ideas to the table. See I can only laugh at the situation, for example he would say he is going to sue everyone that falsely accuses him. I mean really? The record shows he has never done it. So why say it? :)

      • Nasdaq7 says:

        Google search 25 October 2016:

        "But his candidacy has been a downright disaster for the hotels and resorts that bear his gilded surname. Bookings there are down 59 percent since 2015, according to the travel company Hipmunk."

        No, no, no! It just shows you how foolish it is to run an unstructured political campaign, just trying to make the headlines every day, you should plan ahead every speech and topic. I hope he wins, otherwise this might end up a huge loss for him.

        • Reality Seeker says:

          I think people fail to grasp the far reaching ramifications of Trump's Champaign…. This race has turned into a death match. Hillary is running not only to win the election, but to stay out of jail. Trump is running not only to win, but to save his brand, his family and his fortune.

          Whatever happens on November 8th, whoever wins the vote count, it doesn't matter anymore because the country is so fractured that there will be no coming together to support the new president. America is entering a new political phase. The day has finally arrived. And the political climate is so hostile now that one side or the other is going to totally reject the new administration. This means that Trump ( like the Founders) has laid it all on the line. Everything. His business, his family and his life of luxury. There will be no peace for Trump. None. Henceforth, this is a fight to the death…. maybe literally.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        Well put.

  23. Nasdaq7 says:

    Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton has really sucked / suckered the life out of the US economy. They have used the strength and popularity of the US dollar to increase debt to 20 trillion $, doubling or even tripling debt created during an Iraq / Afhganistan war – and there's no war at the moment. But isn't that what socialists always do? And when the global stock markets collapse, blame it all on the rich. Donald Trump and company. Now we just have to wait for them to run out of other people's money and hit rock bottom.

  24. Tom D says:

    My sad prediction, which may be about as good as RJR's was, is that Hillary wins and stays in power for 8 years to be succeeded by Michelle Obama for another 8. And then the continuation of the Clinton dynasty with Chelsea assuming the presidency. Pretty scary but with the media and the ignorant public believing the BS these people spew, nothing should surprise us

    • Rock Roach says:

      I don't think Hillary could win in 2020-unless we have something like 3 political parties by then.But there is no telling how many illegals and refugees will be able to vote by then.

    • John says:

      Funny, but possible. A return to the kings, queens, princes, dukes of the past, except now we call them presidents and vice presidents. How about a Hillary/Chelsea ticket in 2020? Or maybe Michelle and one of her daughters? Ya, awesome, because for sure by then we will all be peasants, toiling for the queeb who will dispense her largesse as she sees fit. Stalin couldn't have dreamed of this scenario and Mao is cursing because he's dead.

  25. smucko says:

    Once again, I have to stand up to point out to all of you that there is not one mention above about what you can do to stop the Road to Serfdom —- change the voting actions of YOUR Congressman! The American economist Milton Friedman told us back in 1974 that it was probably too late to replace the wrong people that we sent to Congress, so you have to find a way to make the Wrong People do what is right. We should try that before taking up arms. _Back in the eighties, I was trying to convince a friend that it was time to replace our big-spending Congressman with a conservative candidate, and his pragmatic answer was, "Why should we be martyrs and give up our guy when no else is?". When the rest of the country gets rid of their guy, then I'm in with you. Until that day comes, bring home the bacon!"._Well, Folks, it is past time to either change out your Congressman's shenanigans or change out your Congressman. Currently, he doesn't fear you because you really don't know how he is voting up there, he runs on Honesty, Integrity, and Family Values while smearing his opponent, and knows that in the end, you have nowhere to go since you will not cross over to the Other Party, and you will not vote for a 3rd Party. You, my friend, are trapped in a system that runs out of control.

    • Bill Thomas says:

      That may work in some places but in states like Maryland where I live, the sad truth is that three districts, Baltimore City, Prince George's County and Montgomery county decide the elections for the rest of us statewide. It is no coincidence that these three districts are heavily populates with minorities and in the case of Montgomery County, people who either work for the Government or make their money off of the teats of Washington. The politicians that "represent" these districts know that they are insulated from change, and it is almost impossible to unseat them.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Friedman was wrong. You cannot make the wrong people do the right things.

  26. Nasdaq7 says:

    Pres. Obama was the most dangerous socialist to arrive on the scene and now Republicans can see why they will struggle to win future elections: they just give illegal immigrants citizenship and do it in such a way that they will vote for the Democratic Party. Plus there's the political correctness factor, the race baiting and future corruption, Clinton leads all the way to others.

  27. Common Sense says:

    Whether in a rational or irrational country, Trump wouldn't win. He's too offensive. I predicted a win for Hilary way back in the spring, during the primaries. Way before recent revelations about his lewd talk about women.

    But, I'm still voting for Trump, based on the values he professes.

  28. Robby Bonfire says:

    I have distilled all this complexity into one simple maxim: The majority of U.S. voters these days votes for the candidate who will reward them with more goodies and freebies and entitlement benefits. Candidates, these days, who pledge to seal our borders, cut taxes across the board for corporations and individuals – effectively bringing back jobs, and stamp out the evil empire based on the other side of the world, etc. are hopelessly out of touch. These were winning debate points going back to Reagan and Nixon, but no more, starting with the fact that Trump would put people who don't want to work, back to work, cutting out their free ride on a government subsidy program, all the while.

    To me, the most significant indication of the shift of the people's priorities, was when, early in the current administration's tenure, an African-American woman gained national attention for being giddy over her new "free" cell phone which had been given her with "Obama Money," as she called it.

    You think millions of people with this "what's in it for me and screw the best interests of the country" mentality are going to vote for Donald Trump? Donald Trump scares the pants off disenfranchised people. Donald Trump's election would mean more individual responsibility and less government subsidy, and that is where Donald lost this election before he got his now enfeebled and outdated message out there that the party is over for lazy American spongers who need to roll up their sleeves and get to work. The party is not over, it is just gaining traction, in fact.

    The next four years are going to be brutal for productive Americans who will be drained ever more of the fruits of their labor and gainful investments to subsidize the consumptive class of people which produces nothing but which votes in every election for the candidate who panders to their every floating through life on a cloud fantasy.

    The social and political climate in this country is going to become ugly as the gap between rich and middle income working class people and the poor; white and black and Hispanic and Asian communities; Faith-based people and their Atheistic antagonists; White male heterosexuals and a media stoking up hostility against them as law enforcement targets them as its main source of over the top "victimless crime" booty; as well as unwelcome illegals and refugees taking hostage our formerly exclusively American cultural traditions in favor of replacing them with Sharia Law, just for starters. Not to mention the Mark Zuckerman "Gestapo Book" usurping of the last vestige of freedom – freedom of privacy, and personal information now directed straight to advertisers and government agencies for scrutiny and myriad files classification.

    Good luck America, sure wish there were a place in the world to where some of us could run and hide from the grotesque spiritual abyss engulfing our nation but, alas, there is no such sanctuary on the planet.

    • Junie says:

      I do like how you have written about the lazy-ass people who will not vote for Trump because he would find jobs for them – just exactly what they don't want. I don't like that it is so true. These have been my thoughts exactly!

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      The seduction of laziness and the welfare state. Just gimme, gimme, gimme, screw the prosperity of the country. It has taken over Europe completely, prominently Greece. You can't win an election any other way except to wait for the financial crisis.

    • Phil says:

      Excellent post. I see it similarly, barring a miracle (and they do happen) that extends our period of grace for a while longer.

  29. Rocketman says:

    I've done a lot of thinking about the "dirty cop" Comey and am starting to think that he might not be as "dirty" as they think he is. Do you remember the scene in the Godfather movies where a movie producer told the godfather no and woke up to find his horses head in the bed with him? Clinton might have done something similar with Comey. "Gee, that's a nice family you got…be a shame if something happened to them."

  30. Joseph says:

    Well, Robert, of course, nothing has changed, and I'm sure you're not surprised. I predicted from the beginning Trump would win the Republican nomination and I still hold to the possibility that he will still win the presidency. It's not over till it's over.

  31. JoeyBronx says:

    Nothing to worry about. I live in Florida, and Trump drew 18,000 in the "sticks" of Ocala, while Crooked Hillary, along with Al Bore, drew a pathetic 1,600 in the three-million metropolis of Miami. Plus, VP candidate Kane drew an enormous crowd of about THIRTY (not a typo!) in Florida this week. Also, I've seen hundreds of TRUMP signs in Sarasotta & Bradenton counties, and only ONE HILLARY sign! Plus, I voted early yesterday, and 90% of voters were wearing TRUMP shirts, and/or baseball hats. Polls are more dishonest than Hillary, Trump romps. Now roll over and go back to sleep.

    • Rock Roach says:

      I am seeing the same thing in Pensacola,but this Trump territory.I am trying to get all the "sometimes" voters out that I can.

  32. Rock Roach says:

    Speaking of so -called conservative media,why in the hell is Hillary supporter Megyn Kelly still allowed to work at Fox News ? I have longed since boycotted her show as well as the Clinton news network?
    The only thing refreshing about the Kelly File is when she is on vacation and Sandra Smith is doing Megyn's job
    a lot better than she ever could.
    I as well think Trump is still in it,but boy he is fighting more demons than Nicholas Cage in the Ghostrider.

    • Junie says:

      I'm with you Rock. I don't like her – I have never liked her – and now I don't like her twice as much as I never did before! Fox needs to oust her before we can't trust it anymore than we trust CNN and MSNBC.

  33. Serge says:

    BO demonstrated how to run a campaign and win at it. Hilary is now following in his footsteps. Remember acorn and campaigning at colleges literally dragging students from classes. Then there is targeting the low intellect, the poor, minorities and religious groups. Too bad BO and Hillary can't win at running a Country.

  34. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    You are absolutely right. Only an idiot would judge a person by the amount of melanin in his skin. Who would you rather have as neighbors, the Arkabillies, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden or Allen West, Ben Carson, and Niger Innis? Racism was dead in America before Obama came along and stirred the race-war embers.

  35. Phil says:

    I love RJR's stuff….agree with much of this post, but see the election more in the terms that you describe – if Hillary wins, we are definitely done. The Supreme Court alone would be a disaster. Millions of illegal immigrants granted amnesty will turn Texas Blue forever and never again will a conservative even stand a chance. Those are just two issues of maybe 10 huge ones. Like nationalized healthcare, where the govt. will have all the info it needs to blackmail potential dissidents.

  36. Nasdaq7 says:

    Check Megyn Kelly calling Donald Trump a sexual predator.

  37. Sheila says:

    You were totally wrong about Trump RR. This article is a classic case of "CYA". Let's face it, if the nominee had been Cruz, Rubio or Rand Paul the polls would have been reversed right now. Hillary is such a horrible candidate anyone can beat her. Just not Trump.

  38. Harley says:

    Yes Sheila, but the problem is, there are NO good, rational republicans. They're all SPINLESS RHINOS!

  39. zach says:

    If enough people are angry enough anything is possible. The same media that has Hilary already sworn in also had the Bundys locked up for the next ten years, but the jury said otherwise.
    Unfortunately Trump's own demeanor and political inexperience led to mistakes that have made it an uphill battle, at least with many voters who are not fond of Clinton and were open to alternatives.

  40. Jackson says:

    Hardly see any coverage about Syria and the mess made by Clinton, as SOS with their attempted regime change of Assad has to go, similar to Libya regime change. She has big time blood on her hands and the trillions of dollars of Libya is now sitting in the banks to big to fail. The banks that paid her big bucks to make speeches. The chutzpah of it all.

  41. Nasdaq7 says:

    The Trump campaign effort has improved substantially in the last 2 months and is running very efficiently, imagine he had been like that – organized from the start. He has lots of money and could have collected far more donations from rich donors. He could have won easily just by spending far more money than Hillary and by not hesitating to get a well function campaign team, tv advertising campaigns going.

  42. Nasdaq7 says:

    Wouldn't it be a sad thing to see Trump lose to Hillary, 274 to 264 electoral college votes with Florida just being a loss, and the downfall no thanks to Megyn Kelly injecting herself into the election and robbing Donald Trump of valuable energy, votes and time early in his campaign?

  43. Nasdaq7 says:

    Donald Trump's latest advertisement:

  44. Sheila says:

    With all the revelations coming out day after day with Hillary, Weiner, emails, and more violations last week, I can't believe anyone would vote for her. It would be a shame to see Trump win the popular vote and lose the electoral college. Two 1/2 days to go. Vote and Pray.

  45. Nasdaq7 says:

    Trump is doing well in Florida!

  46. Gary says:

    Its a damn shame that Hillary won the popular vote by 2 Million Voters and still did not win the election. It took, Trump working with Putin, the KGB, the FBI and 30 years of Faux News Lies against her to beat her and she still overwhelmingly won the POPULAR VOTE!!! Most of the people in this country do not want YOU or TRUMP in POWER. The People of this Country want HILLARY CLNTON to be their PRESIDENT!!! End of story.