Trump Head Fake or Con Job on His Supporters?

Posted on November 29, 2016 by Robert Ringer


Donald Trump’s supporters were feeling giddy with excitement right after his electrifying win over the Face of Evil, which well they should have.  After all, with their support, he succeeded in depriving Barack Obama of a third term via a Hillary presidency.

But in less than two weeks, Trump managed to raise the eyebrows of his most ardent backers with such gems as:

  • Referring to Barack Obama as “a very good man” and saying that he would seek his advice.
  • Backsliding on the global warming scam.
  • Considering Mitt Romney, who called him a phony, a fraud, and a con artist, for Secretary of State.
  • “Rethinking” the efficacy of waterboarding.
  • Softening on his signature issue, “the wall.”
  • Making Nicki Haley, who flipped him the bird during the primaries, ambassador to the UN.
  • And, most unsettling of all, saying he has no interest in prosecuting Crooked Hillary.

In my article “Be Careful, Donald … Be Very, Very Careful,” I expressed my concerns about whether Trump understands that the Radical Left’s unequivocal objective is to conquer freedom in the United States and punish those who would oppose its tyrannical policies.  (You do remember “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends,” don’t you?) Judging from Trump’s words and actions thus far, his base supporters have every reason to be concerned that he does not have a real-world understanding of the Radical Left.

A lot of this could be a warning sign that the “kingitis” I talked about in my November 10 article has already begun to set in.  If so, it’s going to be a rough four years watching America sink further into the Radical Left’s black hole of tyranny. The desire to be loved by everyone is 100 percent guaranteed to backfire, because the Darth Vader forces on the left see it as weakness and view the person afflicted with kingitis as being just another useful idiot.

Everyone understands that Trump is not a “conservative,” as that term is loosely tossed around by the likes of George Will, Bill Kristol, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, the Bushes, and others who make up their own rules of conservatism as they go along.  No problem with that.  I believe the hope for most of Trump’s followers is that he’s just your garden variety, pragmatic billionaire businessman who focuses on the endgame — winning — without regard to ideology.

In other words, he instinctually adapts to changing circumstances as he goes along, because his focus is on results rather than the petty little stuff that the media gets so twitterpated about.  With that in mind, perhaps he’s just humoring the Radical Left and all this is nothing more than an “Art of the Deal” head-fake strategy.  So, at least for now, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

With that caveat, as I’ve said before, keeping his campaign promises should start with the vigorous prosecution of the crooked little cackler at the center of the biggest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history.  Why?  Because you can’t drain the swamp without applying equal justice under the law.  In fact, without faith in law enforcement, you cannot expect to have a civilized society.

It is entirely possible that Trump is trying to pull the wool over Obama’s eyes and trying to relax him into not pardoning the wickedest lady on the planet.  Or perhaps he’s counting on the possibility that even if she is pardoned, Congress or any number of individual states might still be able to prosecute her.

The wild card here is that it’s a virtual certainty that Obama himself is in some way tied to Hillary’s criminal activities, which would be the determining factor in his decision to pardon the Face of Evil or do as Trump’s core supporters want:  “LOCK HER UP!”

A close second to not prosecuting Hillary would be for Trump to backslide on global warming.  I’m not going to make this an article about the global-warming hoax, as millions of words about it are readily available for you to read on the Internet.

All I will say here is that whether those who promote it have good or evil intentions, global warming is the biggest scam in the history of humankind and poses the world’s greatest threat to human freedom.  As any well-read person knows, the real purpose of the global-warming scare is to impose laws that would give government ever more control over people’s lives.

In addition, global-warming hysteria has the potential to finish off what’s left of the United States economy.  It’s fine with me if Trump humors the left by making what appear to be pro-global-warming statements, so long as his actions are to move forward with an all-of-the-above strategy with regard to energy production, dramatically cut EPA regulations, and eliminate government subsidies to “clean energy” companies.

Which brings me back to the Mitt Romney question.  Watching Romney appear out of nowhere and voluntarily destroy his decades-long, carefully crafted image as an upstanding, civic-minded gentleman shocked even me.  No one has ever been appointed to a cabinet position who called the incoming president a phony, a fraud, and a con artist.

Remember, this is the same wuss who said of Barack Obama (who is a phony, a fraud, and a con artist), in his timid 2012 campaign, “He’s a nice guy.”  I tell you, when he uttered those out-of-the-blue words, it warmed the cockles of my heart and no doubt had Uncle Saul smiling in his grave.

In any event, let’s hope that this, too, is just a head fake on DT’s part (“keep your friends close and enemies closer”), designed to appease so-called mainstream conservatives, because if it’s real, Trump will lose a major portion of his supporters — permanently.  I’d like to believe it’s not real, but who knows?

I’ll cut if off here, because I don’t want to jump the gun and make any final pronouncements until I see all of Trump’s cabinet picks and observe what the first hundred days of his presidency bring.  Perhaps I’m naïve, but with people like Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Michael Flynn, and Jeff Sessions surrounding him, it’s hard to imagine him straying too far off course.

That said — stay tuned.  We may even have the answer to the Mitt Romney puzzle by the time you read this article.  Hillary’s outcome, unfortunately, will take much longer.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

54 responses to “Trump Head Fake or Con Job on His Supporters?”

  1. Figmo says:

    Hillary expressed her gratitude to Trump for not seeking to indict her by joining the insignificant green party's motion for a recount. Remember, this is the democrat candidate who promised she would accept the result of the election. So does she have a perfect batting average of 1,000 with her lies? Remember all the heat Trump had to take for being truthful and saying he would wait for the outcome to decide? The grass never grows where that evil bitch spits.

    • Gary says:

      Trump could not indict her anyway. He's not a prosecutor or the Attorneys General; and she has been cleared of any wrong-doing from the FBI who was publically supporting Trump anyway (which is illegal).

  2. SteveR says:

    It has become common (and expected) for a candidate to make promises they never intended to keep. Since Mr. Trump is a businessman and not a politician, I have greater expectations from him.
    I hope he sticks with his promises, although much of what he promised is not in his control to change. Congress has the power to make and change laws, not the president. Even though the president may influence some activity, he cannot control it.

  3. Andy AJW says:

    RR, you and I are in complete agreement re: Trump's actions and words thus far. I almost swallowed my tongue, voluntarily, when I heard him proclaim that Obama is a nice guy. I was less concerned when he said that he would not prosecute Hillary. I'd rather see Trey Gowdy pursue this, and get both houses of Congress in alignment, which could force Trump's hand. As far as the flirtation with Romney goes, I can only hope that Trump is toying with him, and will continue to do so just long enough to make it appear to the GOP establishment that Trump was seriously considering MItten's candidacy before coming to his senses and appointing someone sharing the MAGA vision.
    Oh well, the inauguration is still 51 days away. I'll start paying much closer attention when Trump is actually President of the US, not just President elect.

    • Phil says:

      It's really easier than with many president elects as Trump has promised what he will pursue in the first 100 days. Keep the eyes open and we will learn quickly.

  4. Mike Broderick says:

    I respect your views but I'm confused as to the climate science that you state is a hoax. Can you direct me to a source that will set me straight because all I've heard is 99% of all climatologists agree that global warming is real.

    • Alriver says:

      There is no ambiguity: global warming is real. It is real now and it has been real over the geological history of our planet Earth. I can direct you to hundreds of very serious scientific sources describing cycles of warming and cooling, at least in the Quaternary, which is just one period (ca 2.3 M y) of the long history of the Earth evolution.
      What is a hoax is the claim that the warming is happening because of us humans; in other words, the warming is a consequence of us burning of fossil fuels. That claim is by far not sufficiently warranted regardless of what 99% of climatologist say; their claims are based on models of the climate and the links with CO2 emissions, the geological aspects are not considered. I’d call that a fraud, or a deception.

    • drbsci says:

      To catch up on "climate deniers", search "climategate" on Amazon and keep exploring from there, depending on which book seems to have answers to the questions you're exploring. Prominent pro-Hoax "climate scientists" who write books include Gavin Schmidt, Raymond Pierrehumbert and Naomi Oreskes. One particularly annoying trait of the pro-Hoax side is that they never acknowledged, much less tried to refute, skeptics' arguments until the embarrassment of climategate. Anti-Hoax websites include, and The main pro-Hoax website is It may take a while to explore both sides, of course.

    • Texas Wolfie says:

      Show me 3 scientists who propagate the lefts lies on GW and I will then produce 4 equally accredited scientists who call BS. In law school they taught us that would be a moot point with the outcome still undecided.

    • Donna Scott says:

      Sad situation, the climate is inevitable! Do you ever open the Holy Bible? What does God say about climate change? Do you not know that God created everything, including the changing of the seasons!

  5. Richard Van Der says:

    I'm hoping that Trump is "crazy like a fox", that knows very well what he is doing or setting up. As you suggest, time and experience will tell the story. And yes, so far I trust he WILL surround himself with the Right People who will keep him "on track". I like to think that it is part of a strategy that he seems to be backing off prosecuting Hillary, hopefully setting the stage for who he surrounds himself with to do the job, or try. Then he will not seem personally vindictive. Like, show a nice face while hiring the assassins. Yes, I certainly agree that we will know what's up after the first 100 days!

  6. sixxfingers says:

    I'm already starting to wonder if Trump is little more than a typical pol: full of campaign promises and empty of intent to keep them.

    I'm also concerned that he wants to play "nice" with liberals in general and the clintons in particular. Big mistake! Liberals don't understand "nice." They hate "nice." To them it is a weakness that should be exploited rather than respected. This is precisely why liberals adore tyrants like castro, chavez, et al. There's little, if any, difference in their beliefs and behavior.

    Trump had better not forget what got him elected. I'd hate to think we got scammed yet again.

  7. drbsci says:

    Slight quibble about The Hoax. Eugenics was AFAICT even more widely accepted. I would agree that global warming is the biggest lie since Dr. Goebbels was babbling.

  8. Lora P says:

    My feeling is that he is playing the nice card with the intent of holding the Trump card when things get out of line. If Hillary keeps things cool, he will be nice, but if not, he can turn the dogs loose. (Forgive me for mixing my metaphors.

  9. theczech says:

    Sound advice is to judge one's actions and not their words, esp. in politics. Thank you for reminding us to be ever vigilant.

  10. Pablo says:

    I held my nose & voted for Bush, McCain, Romney, and now Trump. The difference with Trump was that I actually gave him money, simply because Hillary was just too dangerous. Trump won because he took the advice of Kelly Ann, Rudy & Newt. If he abandons those people now, it will be very sad indeed.

  11. Dr. J. Gray says:

    RR, I've read you for several years ("Intimidation" and "Action" are my favorites). I've implemented much of your advice in my own life to great advantage, particularly "leapfrogging," which is one of the most powerful success tools around. That and "Synchronicity."

    The last 8 years have been tough, I agree, but this ongoing pessimism is making your column more and more difficult to read. You tell it straight. I expect and appreciate your no-bs commentary. But it is obvious that Donald Trump functions on another level. Everyone who has been wrong about him all year continues to put forward checkers-level analysis of a man playing chess.

    Romney is just an example of Trump's A/B testing, which gave us such as winning messages as "build the wall," "drain the swamp," "lyin Ted," and "Crooked Hillary." You don't know why he does what he does in the moment, but I don't care so much about strategy (though I study it for my own benefit). What I do care about is results. And no one gets results like Trump, I'm sorry.

    Who cares is he calls Barack Obama a nice guy in some setting one day if that strategy allows him to get the results he wants later?

    Who cares is he floats Romney, if the result of that action is either to A/B test the idea or perhaps to use him in a cabinet post to disable him politically and keep him out of our hair for 4 years. I don't know what Trump is thinking, but I'll tell you after all this time my inclination is to trust his judgement… not blindly, but his results speak for themselves.

    Who cares if he says he won't prosecute Hillary Clinton? Presidents don't prosecute anyone! There are at least 5 investigations into the Clinton Foundation going as we speak. AGs and the DOJ have that responsibility and will prosecute once they have their case… hopefully down the road. A politicized prosecution (even a legitimate one) will be a huge distraction right now. We have work to do!

    Donald Trump is the Uber of politics… a new, disruptive phenomenon. Political analysis can't catch up with him. This man has taken down some of the most entrenched and corrupt of our nation's institutions: the DNC, RNC, media elites, Hollywood, even the Clinton and Bush dynasties.

    Judge him by his results. And maybe we all can learn something in the process. Pop up some popcorn. It is going to be an exciting 4 years.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      I agree with most of what you've said here.

    • oldnikko says:

      I agree, watch what he does, not what he says. I think he'll do as he said… win, and win some more – until we're tired of winning – then win again anyway. No matter who he puts in as AG, they will take the Clintons down. If not Sessions, then Gowdy, or someone just as good. On Obama, there's no point making him mad… yet. I see it as a way for him to slow down the criticism coming from O'Blamer after he's in office – and doing a brain drain on him now to start finding the secrets they've been hiding. It's MUCH better to take the bullets out of Obama's gun before he can pull the trigger.

      My nickel's worth. <G>

  12. TheLookOut says:

    I believe that Trump is way too savvy to pickup snakes like Romney. IF he does
    choose an establishment puppet for anything important, I will have misjudged
    him completely. Give the Left an inch, and they will steal a mile.
    You can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t.

  13. Voice of Truth says:

    Hillary won't get pardoned by Obama because she hasn't been convicted of anything (yet) and she hasn't pleaded guilty to any crime (and never will). You can't get pardoned if you aren't guilty of anything. Also, the stigma of a pardon would haunt that woman for the rest of her days.

  14. larajf says:

    I thought you couldn't pardon someone unless they were charged or convicted. Perhaps they're waiting until after Trump takes the oath and then go after her? If Obama gave her a blanket pardon, that would certainly prove her guilt.

  15. Christopher Bowen says:

    Trump can placate, head fake, and keep the turmoil going. We will know soon the outcome. My wild guess: Gabbard Secy. of State: a fresh new look and someone everybody loves and DEM who pulls Bernie supporters to Trump. No more stale old guard politicians who got us into this mess. Romney Veterans Admin. A first move on restructuring the FED bureaucracy. He can move on to the other agencies after. Giuliani Homeland Security. A lawyer and hawk. Petreus is too fraught with email issues. Fun to speculate, but Gabbard is first prize. Anyone else will either overshadow Trump or try to.

  16. Michael says:

    Really? So your explanation of Ford pardoning Nixon goes thus:

  17. Eileen says:

    First of all, I don't think Trump backpedalled on Global Warming, considering his EPA pick. Although he hasn't repudiated Romney as SS, what bothers me more is Gen Petraeus. If he chooses that person, then why not choose Hillary Clinton? Both are guilty of the same thing – being careless of classified information. His last pick, for HHS is what bothers me the MOST and its not even mentioned. This nominee voted for the DARK act. Regarding Clinton in jail – not sure that this is really an issue. Perhaps Trump knows more now than he did during the debate about what he can and can't do. I think going after her Foundation is what will take her down, not her. Her foundation can be prosecuted under the RICO act and when they win a conviction, the government can bankrupt both her and the foundation.

    • Serge says:

      I agree she'll get nailed on something other than emails. Some of the biggest thugs got it on taxes. You name it drugs, inside trading prostitution, illegal business of any kind and foundations end up getting busted by the tax man.
      Wouldn't that be something, that the very thing she accused DT on during the debates.

  18. Stephan F says:

    The Donald’s seven faux pas you list Robert – which, unfortunately, are just the beginning of many to follow – show unmistakably that this man’s thinking, perception and judgment are clearly flawed. But the one that really boils my blood – as it should for any supporter – is the idea that Trump is apparently considering a position in his administration for that hemorrhoid of a human, the king of the flip-flops, none other than The Massachusetts Marxist; Mitt the Twitt. For those who need a refresher on some of the uncomplimentary things this lowlife said about the Donald during the campaign, see the following:

    What possible justification can Trump give to even consider Romney for anything but dog catcher? Why would any reasonable person want to reward his arch enemy, a guy who did everything possible to ensure a Clinton victory; a guy that vilified Trump for every idea or program he put forward; a guy who practically blamed Trump for being the cause of every political problem ever created? Is this the kind of guy you want working for you? Is this a guy you can trust with a high position of authority?

    Now you may be asking that perhaps he is the only person qualified for whatever position Trump is considering him for? Hardly. Or maybe he has some invaluable insights on how govt operates? Not a chance. On the other side of the coin, why would Romney even consider going to work in a Trump administration? Isn’t this just a bit hypocritical on his part? You think?

    That only leaves one possible explanation for Trump’s action: Quid Pro Quo… or any number of other nebulous reasons. This whole thing just stinks.

    Thanks a lot Donald, it was nice while it lasted.

    • Questor says:

      Trump wanted a full and groveling apology to give Romney the position, and he would have owned Romney after that…which is why Romney didn't apologize sufficiently, and Trump didn't choose him. Trump many not be a typical politician, but he knows how to work with people, and against them.

  19. Serge says:

    Donald could be wearing his big white hat, while fooling the left and will make changes gracefully in a good way as he said. When you think about how BO made changes on us for 8 years behind the scenes, I have confidence that DT will be a wise president and not rock the boat and do what he says he'll do . Besides, who cares about evil face, possibly DT said he would further investigate her just to get in office. It's exhilarating that the biggest water snake is drained out of the swamp.

  20. Jim Hallett says:

    We cannot jump to conclusions at this early stage, but then Americans are cautious because at least every politician from the beginning of the 20th Century onward (with possibly the exception of Calvin Coolidge, who actually shrunk govt. and minded his own business) has screwed us, taken away freedom, coerced us more, and stolen untold sums of money from us. Saving us from Hildabeast was a great accomplishment, and while I think the Donald will have some successes, he is unlikely to create the kind of freedom-loving republic that I (or RR and many others) would want. Picking Pompeo (a supporter of the DARK Act) was troubling indeed, and there are so many agencies in the govt. that need abolished, rather than new appointments. One man (Trump) cannot take on the Deep State or the heavily-infested "progressive" disease that has infected America, at least since the days of Teddy Roosevelt. The more he can get govt. out of things, reduce theft (taxes) and coercion, the better. Other than that, his greatest accomplishment is saving us from the wicked Hildabeast!!

  21. zach says:

    If I pay for an American flag it's mine to do with as I please. I wouldn't burn it, but wouldn't throw another person in jail who did either. Even Judge Scalia (who Trump admires) agreed that it was protected by the Constitution.

    • Questor says:

      True, but Trump's emotive content is what mattered, not what he actually said. We all KNOW we can't kick out every rascal that stomps on the flag, but we sure would like to. Trump unerringly said exactly that, although even he must know that he can't make pigs fly!

  22. Reality Seeker says:

    Currently, it's nice to read the comment section on this blog. I remember writing on RJR's blog eight years ago —- right after Obama beat McCain —- and people seemed to be asleep. Many were more than somnolent, they were dimwitted. Millions are finally waking up. I notice a big difference. Politics is at the forefront of people's minds.

    Eight years ago, I'd go out and protest with Alex Jones and barely a hundred people would show up. Ron Paul's end the Fed protests attracted more people, but not many more. Having a meaningful dialog with people on the subjects of politics and economics was nearly fruitless.

    Times have changed. This election was different than any other. I'm actually noticing more autodidacts who rightly don't trust the MSM, US government, the Federal Reserve or the usual experts. Millions are finally rejecting the system and turning to alternative sources….. I smell rebellion in the air and all across the globe against the globalists…

    I have confidence that President Trump will secure the Second Amendment and achieve, perhaps, twenty percent of his other campaign promises — if somebody doesn't assassinate him first. As far as Mittens Romney and the others, I'm not too concerned. Unlike the majority of Trump supporters, I supported President Trump knowing not to expect anything other than a man with grandiose dreams. President Trump is going to make deals with anybody who he thinks can successfully be controlled and used to help build what a call the Grandiosity Age. President Trump is already planning for a second term. And President DT knows that having insiders like Mittens Romney helping run the football is necessary.

    The bottom line is this: Trump's plans are so big that he doesn't want to waste any time on fighting with people like Mittens Romney. Trump doesn't even want to fight with Wood-chuck Schumer. Why? Because it doesn't achieve anything. When you are busy fighting, you're not busy building…. so don't be surprised by some of Trump's picks or his moves…. They are designed to avoid conflict and get something meaningful done.

    Personally, I don't believe Trump will achieve his dream.. And I don't think he'll get the cooperation he's seeking. I believe the American people have a date with the Second Amendment. And the best I hope for is President Trump postpones that historic date…

  23. Rick G says:

    And I remember oh so well Trmp telling us, "I am your voice", and "I will never let you down", and "I will never disappoint you". He said this campaign stop after campaign stop. As soon as he won, the minute he sat down with that Hussein Obama, and Hussein said he wanted to work with the President-elect, I knew he wanted to insure that his eight year legacy wouldn't be wiped out and we were in trouble. Right after that, Trump states there are two "good" things about Obamacare he wants to keep, and he only wants to "amend" it, which is the opposite of repealing and replacing it. Then the sudden change of attitude toward Crooked Hillary by saying he wouldn't prosecute. Actually, it is the Justice Department's decision on whether or not to prosecute. Trump says that she has suffered enough. Oh really? Crooked Hillary hasn't suffered a day in her life. And never will. Yes, I voted for the Trump-Pence ticket here in Kentucky. He is not even President yet, and I feel let down, disillusioned, and disappointed. Now, the only thing I like about him is that he drives the Radic-Libs crazy. I never once though thought that he was a true conservative at all. That is why I was very apprehensive about putting a yard sign up and a bumper sticker on my vehicle. I did though toward the end. But during the campaign, when he talked about spending one trillion on rebuilding the country's infrastructure and 100 billion poured into the black cities, I had recurring nightmares of the debacle that happened with LBJ's Great Society back in the sixties. Just like LBJ, it will not work for Trump.

    • Questor says:

      LBJ wanted government to rebuild the cities…and that never works. Trump wants business to invest in the outcome…very different.

  24. Rocketman says:

    I voted for Johnson not Trump. Trump is the best possible outcome of the two main party players. If Hillary had been elected the country would have IMMEDIATELY TANKED but Trump will keep the wolf from the door for a few more years. Moving to Paraguay as soon as my mother passes away. Amerika will shortly become unliveable for the average freedom loving person.

  25. Pitch Pitchford says:

    Look, the only way for any person to achieve positive results on an ongoing long term basis is to have more supporters than naysayers. Even RR has agreed this is an Axiom of a successful, rewarding life and Donald J. Trump is a past master at playing the middle from both sides of the isle as a successful private business man. There is no way in hell he can appoint cabinet members and other’s that will placate 100% of his supporters and in fact, for him to have the greatest success with his stated goals, it is imperative that he have a rather diverse group of individuals most whom will likely have some different views and positions, but who ALL have core values that are closely aligned with his own which are primarily America First and Winning. I wouldn’t worry one bit about his intimate dinners with the Mitt and his positive accolades he so charismatically bestows upon Chairman Barry. Donald J. Trump knows exactly who these world class frauds are. If after all the dust has settled and his first hundred days are not the most astoundingly Pro American we have ever witnessed in our history; then and only then will I begin to have reservations about the man I helped elect as our next President.

  26. He is in for personal enrichment, that of his family, that of his friends, that of his colleagues and accomplices…the remainder is Washington DC pragmatic compromises that will fill the Swamp even more.

    • Questor says:

      Actually, no. Money is nice, and lots of money is nicer, but applied power is more interesting than just money, and the influence you can buy with it. Instead, here Trump has the ultimate dream granted him…oodles of money, great success and popularity, and a chance to really shake things up. The bully pulpit, when used properly, is very effective, and Trump already shows how well he really understands what is going on by who he is choosing to play the round with.

  27. Jay Smith says:

    He doesn't have to make the world a wonderful place – just stop the stupid political correct corrosion.
    Gunning for Hillary may make her a martyr – better yet, keep her as an example of the rot.
    As McDonald's says, "Put your aces in their places".

  28. LENSOL says:

    With that in mind, perhaps he’s just humoring the Radical Left and all this is nothing more than an “Art of the Deal” head-fake strategy. So, at least for now, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt

  29. Sue says:

    More and more people are seeing it now that the emperor has on no clothes

  30. Neo says:

    Mr. Ringer – how can you have such great personal development advice but support a nut job like Trump? Sure Hillary was evil. But Trump??? That guy is a complete moron and has several screws loose in his head. Not a good combination. It just goes to show how many people will follow any idiot with enough confidence in himself in an emergency situation regardless of whether that idiot knows what they are doing or not.

  31. Neo says:

    Also, I can see that you have a lot of self-development to go when you put such anger, hatred, and out of control emotions in your political posts. Maybe you need to start listening to your own self-development advice – or better yet, seek out other self-develoment that can help you find peace and centeredness. Peace.

    • Sue says:

      Exactly! As I have told you before Mr Ringer, it is sad to see that you are so full of hatred and negativity. It is also contagious and thus not good for your readers.

  32. Delissa Kimmince says:

    According to UK Assignment help at authors The CIA recently affirmed that Russia was included in hacking and meddled with the 2016 American Presidential Election, since they needed Trump to win! Trump s supporters say that it s a lie, a made up story, finish manufacture, and BS, much the same as they deny the Global Warming! Is there any good reason why they won't trust it? That is to say, the CIA has nothing to pick up or lose from it!