Democrats and the Long Game

Posted on July 3, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Most pundits believe that when every Democratic candidate raised his/her hand when asked if they would support healthcare for illegal immigrants, it was the death knell for the Dirty Dems’ chances in 2020.  And they’re probably right.  Even so, from what we’ve witnessed to date, there are certain to be many more excellent reasons not to vote for a Democrat in 2020.

Time to celebrate?  Not so fast.  The sad irony is that the Democrats have already won the illegal immigration battle.  Sure, they’re virtually certain to lose big in 2020, but a foundational strategy of the Marxist movement is to play the long game.  To the Dirty Dems, losing today is nothing more than a speed bump along the way to long-term success.

It’s been nearly 175 years since Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto, but even after experiencing one socialist/communist failure after another, the Radical Left continues to move relentlessly forward.  How different the world might be if conservatives possessed such grit and determination.

The ongoing debate over illegal immigration is just one good example of how the Dirty Dems play the long game.  It begins with a false premise, namely, that Congressmen and women were elected to do everything possible to improve the lives of those who come to the United States illegally.  That’s right, to listen to the swamp creatures talk (yes, Republicans included), one would be led to believe that you and I want our representatives to focus not on making our lives better, but on making the lives of illegals better.

While there’s no question that the hateful Democratic presidential hopefuls truly believe this to be their mandate, it’s safe to say that at least 63 million voters do not.  In my October 26, 2018 article, “Fake Caravans and Decision Time for America,” I alluded to what I believe tens of millions of voters really do want, to wit:  Any undocumented person arriving at any border of the United States, regardless of age, sex, or country of origin, should be refused entry into the country, no questions asked.  No debate.  No court rulings.  End of discussion.

Plain and simple, the reason we call them illegals is because they are — Duh! — here illegally!   Meaning they are in violation of U.S. law.  It has nothing to do with age.  Whether someone is seventy or seven, whether they are labeled “DACA” or some other catchy acronym, it doesn’t change the fact that they are in the United States illegally.  If you buy into the argument that children who are here illegally should not be held responsible because it was their parents who brought them here, you are unthinkingly agreeing to open borders.

Think about it.  If you’re allowed to stay in the United States just because someone else brought you here, what it really does is assure an endless flow of illegal immigrants.  It gives too much of an incentive for parents to take whatever risks necessary to get their children onto U.S. soil.

The question that no open-borders advocate has ever answered is, How many illegals should be allowed into the United States?  100 million?  500 million?  One billion?  Where does it end?  When the United States finally becomes one of the most undesirable countries in the world to live in?

If Republicans were really serious about solving the border crisis, they would come up with legislation that would cut off 100 percent of government benefits to illegals, overturn the ridiculous asylum laws and the 72-hour release scam, and require that all — repeat, all — people who are here illegally be rounded up and deported.  No exceptions.

Republicans are giddy over the fact that so many Democrats — including those in the FNM — now admit there is a crisis at the border.  But it’s a mistake to be lulled into a false sense of security by their admission, because the crisis they are referring to is a “humanitarian crisis,” not an illegal-entry crisis.

To them, if fascist Donald Trump and Republican meanies would just allow everyone to come and live in the United States without applying for citizenship, there would be no humanitarian crisis.  That’s right, you, I, Donald Trump, and all his supporters are the real cause of the crisis — humanitarian crisis, that is.

Sure, it’s absurd, but the reality is that the Radical Left is getting away with it.  The so-called humanitarian crisis on our border is a manufactured crisis.  Democrats have created it not only by welcoming undocumented foreigners to cross our Southern border illegally, but by enticing them to do so by offering them ever-greater government benefits.

And guess who has bought into this manufactured crisis?  If you guessed unprincipled, weak-kneed Republicans, you’re right.  This is the long game Democrats play in order to get Republicans to give in to what they really want:  Divert attention from the real problem by getting Republicans to accept a false premise — that helping illegals to have better lives is a top priority for most Americans — then keep moving the goal posts.

The bottom line is that swamp creatures don’t care about the wants and needs of Americans.  For them, the big question is, What can we do to ease the pain of those flouting our immigration laws?  More bedding?  You got it.  Healthier food?  You got it.  More comfortable holding facilities?  You got it.

The need to treat illegals better than Americans, to give them more of everything, to apologize for America’s privilege, knows no bounds.  Because we are a flawed people, there is no limit to what we should be willing to do to atone for our sins.

Thus, the $4.5 billion emergency border-aid bill passed by the House is not intended to make your life better.  Nor is it to stop illegal immigration.  It is to ease the pain of those who are already here illegally and those who continue to come to the United States illegally every day.  It’s for mattresses, diapers, food — whatever our uninvited guests require.

In the meantime, more than a half-million people sleep in the streets of America every night and millions of other Americans are forced into bankruptcy because they cannot pay their medical bills.  And, of course, the United States is $22 trillion in debt and headed for bankruptcy — or, worse, runaway inflation.  But none of this matters to the Radical Left.  The only thing politicians are concerned about is tending to the needs of illegal immigrants.

Give Barack Obama credit for one thing, he actually succeeded in fundamentally transforming the United States of America.  After all, before 2008 no one could have imagined every Democratic candidate for president openly advocating for socialism … or open borders … or infanticide … or reparations … or sanctuary cities … or abolishing ICE … or cancellation of student debt … et al.  The fact that these anti-American, anti-liberty ideas are now being openly promoted is de facto proof that America has already been fundamentally transformed.

Fundamentally transformed, but not yet irreversibly transformed.  There is still time to go back to our roots.  But if the uninformed masses ever succeed in electing another Democratic president, there will be no turning back, no more United States of America as we once knew it.  The geography will be the same, but the culture will be savage rather than civilized.  The shining city on the hill will be no more.

A rational person might say that if voters are that ignorant, they deserve the government they get.  Which is true.  But what about the millions of Americans like you and me who believe in liberty and reject the politics of division and hate?  Do we deserve the government low-information voters elect?

That said, I’m not concerned about the buffoons on the Democratic debate stage.  I find it hard to believe that any of them can win the Democratic nomination anyway.  What I am concerned about is the millions of Americans who are so uninformed, or misinformed, that they wouldn’t be able to pass the LeBron Literacy Test even if they were allowed to cheat.

So long as millions of information-challenged men and women have the right to vote, we are going to move ever closer to that one election that will make America’s fundamental transformation permanent.  The only hope is to find a way to educate the walking dead among us.

If you have a solution to this problem, now is the time to step forward and present it.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

17 responses to “Democrats and the Long Game”

  1. JF1017 says:

    "When the United States finally becomes one of the most undesirable countries in the world to live in?" I believe illegal immigration + very generous welfare benefits have already fundamentally transformed places like Los Angeles and San Francisco into third-world s*hitholes. This is the left's vision for the rest of the country.

    As for the open borders advocates, I think this calls for reparations and they should be the first to be taxed for it. I've known too many legal immigrants who have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and had to jump innumerable hoops in order to comply with immigration laws. If anyone deserves reparations from the democrats, it is these people. Let Soros, AOC et al reimburse all of their expenses. That only seems "fair" if you're going to allow any flotsam and jetsam to cross the border and stay.

    • larajf says:

      It's so true. I had to go up to SF for a concert twice this spring. The first time, I saw needles scattered around a nice neighborhood. The second time I saw poo. I told my husband "look out for the dog poo" and he quipped "Are you sure it's from a dog?" It's so sad. I mean all you had to do is look at Detroit to know what happens when D's run everything.

  2. Michael J. Larkin says:

    “A Republic is never a permanent political reality, the average length of time is about 300 years, when the electorate discovers that they can vote themselves largesse from the Public Treasury, they will always vote for the candidate who promises the most free stuff.” Socialists buy their political offices with taxes from the wealthy and middle classes to gain the votes of the ignorant masses. AOC will be our first black female President in 2028.

  3. SteveV2000 says:

    "Any undocumented person arriving at any border of the United States, regardless of age, sex, or country of origin, should be refused entry into the country, no questions asked. No debate. No court rulings. End of discussion."

    Absolutely correct. The whole world can't come here, and they have no right. "Asylum! Asylum!" they shout. So we're supposed to house and feed everyone who claims they feel threatened in their home countries until their court dates? And how can we possibly vet people seeking "asylum"? Are we going to send government employees to Guatemala, Africa or other places all over the planet to check out their stories? It's absurd.

    If we're feeling magnanimous, we might allow asylum applications at three or four ports of entry, maybe one week in every thirteen. Applicants could file, then leave until a decision is rendered. Where they stay is not our problem. Of course, the small group of a**holes who rule us will never agree to this or any other sane policy when it comes to illegal aliens — or much else.

  4. kauai_mike says:

    Robert, I love you brother, but … anger, fear, & desperation are blinding your previously intact reasoning. Do not squander your precious resources attempting to 'educate' (i.e. change) others to save our dying country. Rather, recognize and accept what 'is', then react individually to best meet your needs. No?

  5. larajf says:

    In today's age of everything is on the internet, how can people NOT see and hear the hypocrisy? I think more people are waking up and walking away then they care to admit. Look what happened with Ravelry…they're imploding…and like a typical DD, they're doubling down with their self-righteousness. One knitter referred to them as Leftist Fascists. I just said they were the ones who ran the Salem Witch Trials.#IStandWithCoreyGiles

  6. JurassicRick says:

    With everybody from all over the world pouring into this country at a phenomenal rate, where and when are will all of this stop? And it has got to stop now! All I see and hear wherever I go are foreigners speaking in every language but English and wearing clothing not of this country. Personally, I am not only against illegal immigration, I am in favor of completely halting all immigration, including legal immigration. There are not only simply too many people everywhere who do not look American anymore, there are already too many people now in this country period. I would like to go out sometime and just see nobody, anywhere. People, people, people. If you are not looking at them, they are looking at you! And if you are out going anywhere or doing anything, there is always someone standing in your way. I sometimes feel like "Go away!" The United States is looking to become an irrecognizable foreign third world country.

    • MomentofClarity says:

      " There are not only simply too many people everywhere who do not look American anymore, there are already too many people now in this country period." – I was just wondering what "American" looks like, in your view.

      • JF1017 says:

        I would venture that "American" looks like the person who has embraced the underlying philosophy of the founding fathers and the country's culture. My best friend's mother emigrated from Iraq after the Islamofascists took her husband out of the house in the middle of the night and murdered him (they were Jewish), and then incarcerated her, beating her about the face and shoulders with the butt of a long gun for sport. She came to America because it promised her the freedom to practice her religion without fear and the rule of law to protect her right to exist. She learned to read, write and speak English. She worked for a living, returning any cost of resettlement to her sponsors with interest. She raised her five sons to love both Israel and the US. SHE "looked American."

        I contrast her to just about every Democrat living today. The crop of presidential contenders DON'T look or sound American in any way, shape, form or fashion. They were blessed to be born here rather than in one of the communist enclaves they regale (Spartacus, Heels-Up Harris and Messam would be shocked to find Cubans to be blatantly racist and that the Cuban government is a prime example of de facto "institutional racism"), yet they act as though they were living in 1861.

        In all honesty, I would be willing to start trading with the Mexican government – one home-grown leftist (starting with Congress) for one immigrant. I would bet the country would benefit as a whole.

  7. Ivan says:

    Saying that the U.S. is inhumane towards illegal children is certainly not a fair statement compared to the parents bringing them here. Exposing their children to all the dangers of an illegal border crossing, like kidnapping, human trafficking, and brutal conditions is certainly inhumane towards children. In the U.S. it is illegal to endanger children as they do. Remember, of course the drowning of a young girl and her father last week. In past years it was mostly and only the husband who took such an extreme risk at the border. When they get deported they should have to face charges of child endangerment by their government. In my opinion using their children is an excuse and an attempted loophole for them to enter the U.S.

  8. LogicWins says:

    Since it appears that no one in gov't has enough brain power to solve the illegal immigration problem, let me do it for them. It's simple – stop accepting all immigration applications at the US border. Accept applications only via the US consulate in any given foreign jurisdiction and only from legal residents of that jurisdiction.

    Anyone caught illegally entering the country or who is already in the country illegally is immediately deported on a first offense; no judge, no lawyers, open and shut case. A subsequent offense means 2 years of hard labor rebuilding US infrastructure without compensation and then being deported. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  9. Reality_Seeker says:

    It's over.

    As I so adroitly pointed out already: fact: for every 1 White person moving into Texas there are 9 Latinos. Most of the Latinos are Peronists, so it's over for White people and White culture. Learn some Spanish.

    I've been coming to Texas ever since the 1960s. I actually own property all over Texas. I live in Houston. I remember when Houston was full of White men wearing cowboy hats. White people were the super majority. They enjoyed the dominant culture, politics and economy. Nowadays you can visit downtown Houston and actually count on one hand the number of White people compared to a sea of brown and black people. Over the past ten years I've watched downtown Houston completely change color.

    The dimwitted White people are about to experience what the American Indians experienced when the White man took over —- only worse. At least the White man brought modern technology, scientific advancement and economic improvement when he displaced the Indian…

    …. The Brown Man brings Peronisim, lower IQ and shall ruin the quality of life as America is transmogrified into a Latin American Pest Hole.

    My step father is an American Indian in his 90s. He laughs at what the Whites are doing by allowing history to repeat…. Only this time around history isn't going to be nearly as nice of a repeat. White people might just become history.

    What can you do about it? Nothing. Teach your kids Spanish and try and move to a White enclave that hasn't yet been ruined by "diversity"…..

    • JurassicRick says:

      The country is going down in flames Red Baron ztyle. What a cryin' shame it is!

    • Stephan F says:

      @ R.S.

      It seems to me the “trend” is now hopelessly irreversible, unstoppable & absolutely dominate. We have allowed the progressives/socialists to get their foot in the door and now we’re helpless to stop what they have started years ago when it would have been a hell of a lot easier to reverse. Too bad, because now we’re going to get a good healthy dose of reverse discrimination aimed at the European ancestors that created this country & allowed it to prosper like no other for almost 200 years.

      Here’s to all those hard working freedom loving souls of the past that contributed to the American Dream. And to those who are still alive who contributed their share , I salute you. May you live out your remaining years sheltered from the upcoming chaos in peace & tranquility. You deserve it.