Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Losing Power

Posted on September 6, 2022 by Howard Roark


You have to hand it to puppet Joe.  He delivered big time for the radical lefties who wrote the script for his poisonous attack on non-Democrat voters last week.  It was a performance that will live in infamy in the annals of U.S. politics.  Which is saying a lot, because Biden — and Democrats in general — have given the country a lot of infamous performances.

As is almost always the case when Biden steps in front of a microphone, virtually every word out of his mouth was a lie.  Worse, everything he accused Republicans and “MAGA Republicans” of doing was nothing more than a projection of what Democrats are guilty of doing day in and day out.

Even knowing that Joe was doing nothing more than trying his best to read the words fed into the teleprompter by his youthful, radical-left handlers, it still takes one’s breath away to hear a venomous old fool direct such hateful language at half the voters who employ him.

The Democrat game plan has not changed:  Blame everything on the orange bogeyman.  They are now into their eighth year of trying to destroy Donald Trump, and all they have to show for it is a lot of Beep, Beeps.  Understandably, the result is ever greater desperation.

Democrat desperation came through loud and clear in Biden’s hysterical buffet of hyperbolic words.  It was so bad that even some mainstream media folks stated their objections.  So bad that the kiddie core who wrote and directed Joe’s performance had him walk it back in less than 24 hours.

In doing so, Biden directly contradicted himself by saying, “I don’t consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country.”  This after screaming, on national television, that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Notwithstanding Biden’s quick about face, the one thing you can count on is that Democrats will continue to push the divide-and-conquer envelope.  They may, out of necessity, take a step back now and then when they deem it prudent to do so, but they won’t quit.  They play the long game and never take their eye off the ultimate goal:  totalitarianism.

Thus, as Democrats continue to drop in the polls, you can count on them to turn the gaslighting burners on high.  They will claim to be for sealing the border, even promising to build Trump’s wall.  They will swear they are, and always have been, for giving more funding to the police.  As a last resort, they might even promise to reopen the Keystone Pipeline.  You name it, they will promise it, because promises cost nothing.  The only consideration is whether or not they believe it will give them more power.

Even so, in free and fair elections, Republicans would still win the House and Senate in November, because too many independents, and even some Democrats, have caught on to the Democrats’ gaslighting tactics.  But rest assured that the upcoming elections will not be free and they will not be fair, so the challenge for Republicans is to find ways to keep Democrat cheating to a minimum.

If they can accomplish that, they will win a big majority in the House and probably a one-or-two seat majority in the Senate.  But a one-or-two seat majority is really a Democrat majority, because at least three Republicans — Romney, Collins, and Murkowski (assuming Murkowski wins in Alaska) — can be counted on to vote with Democrats on key issues.  In D.C. circles, they call it the McCain Factor, and it serves as the last line of defense for Democrats.

Never forget that Democrats are absolutely certain they are on the side of truth and justice, so they see it as their moral duty to achieve power over their unwashed neighbors.  The thought of losing power is something radical leftists cannot fathom.  Thus, they feel they have no choice but to pull out all stops in an effort to sabotage the almost-certain red wave coming in November.

With that goal in mind, Dems would like nothing more than to provoke MAGA voters into another January 6 scam, because if they were able to pull that off, it would be ballgame over and Democrats would probably be in power forever.  Everyone, including the mainstream media, knows that violent extremism does not come from the right.  It is, in fact, a hallmark of the left, so Republican voters should be careful not to give Dems the ammunition to project it onto Republicans as an excuse to ignite a civil war.