Choosing Division Over Democrat Unity

Posted on November 21, 2020 by Robert Ringer


How comforting it is to know that if the Democrats’ cheating holds up, we could soon have a uniter in the White House.  Okay, so Biden called the president of the United States a clown, told him to shut up, and fantasized about taking him behind the barn and punching him out.  But as senile old criminals go, Joe Biden isn’t nearly as bad as Whitey Bulger, Meyer Lansky, or El Chapo.  Creepier, to be sure, but all things considered, not as bad.

Of course, Hollywood legend Jon Voight might take issue with that assessment, given that he compared Biden to Satan and labeled Democrats evil.  Voight’s blunt words reminded me of a subject to which I’ve given a great deal of thought over the years.  Like millions of others, I’ve always had a big question mark next to the concept of evil.  Your gut tells you that evil exists, but intellectual honesty has a way of forcing people to admit that words such as immoral, dishonest, unethical, and evil are subjective, i.e., what one person views as an immoral act, another may think of as righteous, or even heroic.

I addressed this conundrum in my first book, Winning Through Intimidation, the central focus of which was to describe some of my most painful experiences as a real estate broker specializing in large apartment developments.  Early in my career, I accepted the reality that getting cheated out of one’s agreed-upon commission was a way of life for real estate agents, especially those who specialize in large commercial properties.

What I found to be most interesting, however, was that the more dishonest the seller of a property was, the more self-righteous he tended to be.  It was a fascinating, inversely proportional phenomenon that I knew I could always count on.  It never ceased to amaze me how someone who blatantly cheated me out of my commission could, with a straight face no less, not only rationalize his unscrupulous deed, but rub insult into injury by pontificating about his nonexistent honesty and integrity.

This happened so consistently that I came to wonder, and still do, if habitual wrongdoers actually believe their own moral sermons.  Did O.J. Simpson really believe he was innocent?  Does Peter Strzok really believe he’s a patriot?  Did Adolf Hitler really believe he was doing God’s work by ridding Germany of Jews, Catholics, gypsies, and homosexuals?

Which brings me to today’s political climate.  An oft-repeated quote from John Adams says, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  What we are seeing play out in America over the past four years is a relentless attempt on the part of the mainstream media (which, of course, includes most of Fox News), Democrat politicians, and Democrat voters to override the Constitution, destroy those who disagree with them, and achieve and maintain power by any means necessary.  Clearly, the Constitution is irrelevant to them.  In fact, they see it as an impediment to their agenda.

It is now apparent to all that the media’s partner in crime is Silicon Valley.  Google’s original motto (“Don’t Be Evil”) is excellent advice that everyone would agree is a worthwhile goal.  The problem, however, is that what Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, meant by this motto is that you should not be evil.  It does not apply to them, because in their minds they are part of a noble crusade to purify the human race and get everyone to agree with their vision of right and wrong.  Plain and simple, they are morally superior to everyday Americans, thus they see it as their moral imperative to destroy everyone and everything that challenges their pious goals.

Of course, to any serious person of goodwill the idea of hateful people claiming moral superiority is both ludicrous and repugnant.  Yet Democrats have made an artform of packaging self-righteousness with hatred.  Trying to get them to see their hypocrisy is a time-wasting endeavor.

To demonstrate this, we need go no further than the top of the Democrat pyramid.  We were once again reminded of just how foul Radical Leftists can be when the world’s angriest couple recently lashed out at everyday Americans once again in spite of the fact that they believed Democrats had won the presidency.  You’d think they would be overjoyed and anxious to demonstrate their moral superiority by “going high” in an effort to unite the country, but that would be wishful thinking.

Instead, Malevolent Michelle offered up this little love note to the 73 million (and counting) people who voted for President Trump:  “Let’s remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division. We’ve got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead and connect with them on what unites us.”

Michelle Obama is the only woman in the world who can make Christiane Amanpour seem saintly by comparison.  It is, of course, Democrats who traffic in lies, hate, chaos, and division.  It’s not hard to understand why the law partner who recruited Michelle Obama for her first job many years ago described her as “perennially dissatisfied.”  In a just world, she would be stocking shelves at Walmart, not living in a $15 million mansion and having her bloated torso adorning the covers of prestigious magazines.  Even so, she is still not satisfied.  But forget all that and just be grateful that she wants to reach out and help you repent for your sins.

Not to be outdone, Mrs. Obama’s angry, wussy husband continues to embellish his creds as the first ex-president to relentlessly, and hatefully, bash his successor.  In his new work of autobiographical fiction, he laments that Donald Trump “promised an elixir for the racial anxiety” of “millions of Americans spooked by a black man in the White House.”  Sorry, Barack, but people weren’t spooked by your light brown skin.  They were spooked by your congenital lying, your nasty divisiveness, your arrogance, and your stunning incompetency.

That said, before fair-weather Republicans even think about abandoning the populist liberty crusade and currying favor with the enemy, they would do well to recognize that when Democrats babble about the need for everyone to come together, what they really mean is, “Shut up and do what you’re told!”  Make no mistake about it, complete surrender by their perceived enemies is the Democrats’ definition of unity.

That being the case, if it’s a choice between Democrat unity and division, I opt for division.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

12 responses to “Choosing Division Over Democrat Unity”

  1. pokertiger says:

    Not sure if the cheating can be proved,and if it is will something be done about it?Even if Trump loses his residence on Pennsylvania Avenue,I believe his message showed up with a red wave in the house elections,and maybe a senate win as well with the Jan 4 runoffs in Georgia.A new coalition of black and hispanic voters to the GOP was also achieved. Obviously there was a ballot dump in Wayne county,Philadelphia,Milwaukee,and Atlanta early in the morning on November 4,while everyone was sleeping. Donald Trump had 9 million more votes than he did in 2016 and lost,while Barrack Obama had 5 million less and won in 2012?
    Even more scandolous than Trump's reported defeat is the loss of John James in the Michigan senate race.James would get basically all of Trumps vote and maybe 25 percent cross over(or more) from african american vote for Biden?No way he could lose in that senerio.It has been reported and witnessed that many of the dumped ballots contained Biden's name only-and not the other down races because the dems were so desperate to get the illegal ballots in.No way did Biden get 78 million legal votes.
    In many ways Trump won.He pointed out all the lies the typical American faces from a corrupt media,the deep state,and a very malicious political party.Could you imagine Trump in a Rush Limbough setting?

  2. KerrySr9 says:

    I was wondering where you are on this Mr. Ringer and this article didn't help. Will you please answer a few questions?

    1. Why are the Republicans silent? We know they don’t really want Trump, but they want their own jobs and with this kind of grand scale theft, they can lose themselves (or have lost in the past because of this cheating.) Thanks to Sidney Powell, they even found many of the traitor Romneys votes were switched to Obama from these machines. Are the Republicans silently going to get to the bottom of this dominion machine fiasco? If they don’t, their own futures are banking on a scam system.
    2. Starting with poll watchers not given access to what happened, to the Dominion machines software changed the night of the election, will the supreme court stand for this?
    3. If this is not resolved and stands, what is the point of anyone voting in the future?

  3. JF1017 says:

    The Dem's call for "unity" is the call for compliance. Those mask mandates are certainly part of the scheme to get people to comply with every nonsense call to action by their "superiors" in government! No, I don't deny that COVID exists. But CDC stats show that even in the highest risk group – those 70 and older – the survival rate is 97% for those who get it, and that is their WORST CASE scenario. The US got thru polio and TB without shutting down its economy or demanding federal action to "stop the spread." Biden and his leftist handlers, however, are planning a massive shutdown that will cripple the nation and destroy the middle class. Make no mistake – the blue collar and white collar middle class who have intact families are the enemy here, b/c they stand in the way of complete and total top-down control. I too stand on the side of division – it is the side of freedom.

  4. MomentofClarity says:

    I was a RE salesperson who was cheated by my own broker, first for $42,000 in promised back pay, and then for $100,000 in an investment gone wrong. Even though I was lied to and a contract was broken, I must accept responsibility for the $100K loss. I chose not to sue the bastard when I knew (but ignored) the fact that the entity was masked by multiple tiers all of which had no money to sue for. As far as the back pay goes, I complained to my state's AG, who explained that my pay could only be recovered when the a-hole filed taxes, and again, the coward hid behind multiple layers of empty entities, so I was S-O-L. In any case, the RE business is a slimy cut-throat business at best and I quit after I was screwed, blued and tattooed by this charlatan. He could not understand why I was harassing him with my AG complaint. He called me to say he was hurt because it happened on his birthday. Since then, he moved to another state and is still at it.

  5. JurassicRick says:

    I cannot believe all this is happening. I am completely beyond belief and lost for words. It is beyond my worst nightmare that such a completely corrupt fool and senile old buffoon would be declared a "winner", aka as "president elect", in a national election. This whole thing, the mail-in scheme, early voting, the use of Dominion voting machines with its Smartmatic software capabilities to manipulate and alter election results, is what done in the President. When you, Mr.Ringer, referred to the Democrats as "Dirty Dems", you certainly hit the nail directly on the head. And Dirty they most certainly are. They knew what they were doing and this devious plot to bring down the President in this manner was in the works for years. Here is what is going to happen. I strongly believe there will be no more Republican presidents, since future elections will continue to be manipulated in this way. Furthermore, they will abolish the Electoral College. Two more states, D.C. and Puerto Rico will be added. The Wall will torn down and a massive influx of immigrants will flood the country who will register as Democrats turning previous red states blue. So, you had better learn Spanish. The Supreme Court will be packed. Their strong, strangling grip on this country will be permanently damaging. And this is just the start of it all. May God help us all!

    Fox News is becoming a fake news outlet more and more like CNN. That's why I choose Newsmax. You should too.

    Just to show you how smug, arrogant, and emboldened the Dirty Dems have become, I, like many others in my neighborhood had Trump-Pence yard signs. About a week.after the election, we all received an anonymous letter in the mail. It read, "Dear MAGA Cult Member, LOL, Estatic Biden Supporter". This dumb*** is not smart enough to know that not only I will be hurt by all of what is to come, but he will be hurt too.

  6. Reality_Seeker says:

    Your “morality” is your morality and my morality is mine; however, when your morality abridges my freedom and steals my private property, then there’s going to be a problem. Moreover, there is a larger agenda afoot; a bigger contest. Giants of “evil” and malice are planning a “Great Reset” ( just look on the cover of Time for its featured article, “The Great Reset”). There are very powerful people who want to end what’s left of capitalism and liberty and totally replace it with repackaged and rebranded “MARXISM”!

    And if that’s not EVIL, then I don’t know what is….

    This whole COVID-1984 farce along with the crazy-ass lockdowns and the most corrupt election in American history remind me of the beginning of Bolshevik revolution ( another evil and duplicitous time in recent history) the rise of the Nazi and the turning point upon which JFK was assassinated by the Deep State.

    2020 was and still is a major turning point in the never ending war between good and evil, freedom and tyranny, private property and collectivism and life and death.

    Got guns? Got a reserve food supply? Extra medical supplies? Some gold and silver and cash? ….. Do you have a plan to survive a neo-Great Depression and a subsequent civil war during which the power grid and internet fails?

    Yeah, it could get that bad.

    • jdhjimbo says:

      You are exactly right, RS. Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset Crowd at WEF, along with other pukes like Soros, Gates, Rockefeller Foundation, etc are using the Covid Cult nonsense to push their Marxism on the whole world. America was the greatvstumbling block, but they have caved in large part like other sheeple. This is pure evil unfolding, and to think the Dems were so brazen as to use a company like Dominion that gave Chavez his rule in Venezuela, just shows they think Good people have no heart for the battle. We must be prepared- guns, food & water reserves, gold & silver, as the sons and daughters of Satan will not go meekly into the night. Yes, it will be division, since the Left no longer shares American values, hates free speech, and tramples on liberty continuously.

  7. patg2 says:

    In a way, I think you answered your own question. Just because an evil person virtue signals, doesn't make his acts virtuous. We would have no basis for judging anyone's actions if we had no concept of evil. Our flawed concept doesn't change the fact evil exists.

    I will give you an example to show you what I mean. There is a people group in Indonesia, I think it was, who believed that the best heroes were the ones who figured out the most elegant ways to betray their friends. Their legends were full of such stories. Needless to say, nobody trusted anyone else; everyone was the enemy. And they never accomplished anything but living in utter squalor.

    Look at the consequences of each world religion. Which religion inspires compassion toward those in need? Which ones say that your misfortune is your own fault, so I owe you no concern? My husband used to say the Ten Commandments are true because they work. They lead to maximum human happiness.

    Yes, evil is real. And you got a good start on defining a number of evil acts and attitudes. And yes, cheating you out of your commission is evil. A bargain is a bargain. And that is part of the reason Trump was so successful as a businessman before becoming President. He made promises, and he kept them. And still does.

    Our system is based on the basic honesty of accepting the will of the people as a whole, without tampering behind the scenes with their expression of their will. And in that lies the betrayal of the man who claims to be our next President. And that is evil.

  8. larajf says:

    Any time money and power are involved, morals go out the window. Look at when a loved one dies and the evil people reveal themselves? (oh sorry I'm speaking from recent experience…my father just passed and i'm seeing my stepmom's true colors….I've seen it before with others and it's just a darn shame…bottom line, yes, evil exists. I don't know if people are always evil. But when they get greedy, the evil comes out. And yes, they become louder and more self-righteous to convince themselves of their "moral high ground".)

  9. Mr Domain says:

    I think it will not be easy to prove fraud because if there is a fraudulent vote, the instigator also carefully measures to remove the traces. As we can see President Donald Trump accused of fraud in the state of Pennsylvania. Judge Matthew Brann on November 21 ruled that Trump's re-election campaign could not prove that there was a popular vote fraud in the presidential election on November 3.

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