Impeaching Truth

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Moronic Al Green, Democrat representative from Texas’ 9th congressional district, handed President Trump a huge win when he openly and foolishly stated that he’s “concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected.”  Thanks, Al.  You just confirmed what I’ve been saying since Donald Trump took office, namely, that Democrats (and some Republicans!) realize that they can’t stop voters from reelecting Trump, so they’re hellbent on thwarting the will of the people by some other means.

It would be downright embarrassing were it not for the fact that Democrats are beyond embarrassment.  Think about it:  If you were a member of Congress, and if you sincerely believed it was your job to carry out the will of the people (lol), why would you want to impeach someone whom you yourself believe voters will reelect in thirteen months?

The reason, obviously, is that pro-impeachment cretins want to make a statement that they don’t give a damn what voters want.  After all, the sole purpose of an impeachment is to undo the results of a previous election.

The root cause of Democrats not caring about the will of the people stems from the fact that they honestly believe they are smarter and more virtuous than most voters and therefore morally obliged to overrule their bad decisions.  What does some toothless Walmart shopper in Abilene know about politics, anyway?  And how about those unwashed, unsophisticated folks in Omaha and Cheyenne and Chattanooga who are too dumb to vote for the right person?  It’s the moral obligation of virtuous Democrats to negate their votes for their own good.

Taking actions for people’s own good is not a new idea.  It’s been a staple of tyrants and their followers for thousands of years.  Morally superior folks like Mao, Stalin, and Castro have been employing force “for people’s own good” throughout recorded history.

The fact that they murdered tens of millions of their own citizens and used an iron fist to rule those who were luckily enough to escape death is irrelevant.  All that matters is that they were much smarter and much more righteous than those they exterminated or held in bondage.

From the Democrats’ point of view, it’s really quite simple:  When you know you have the moral high ground — and the Radical Left has had an unchallenged monopoly on the rhetoric of virtue for decades — you have no choice but to employ force if that’s what it takes to bring dissenters into line.

Best of all, when you’re morally superior to the masses, you’re incapable of doing anything wrong.  Thus, whatever means you use, no matter how egregious your tactics may be, they are justifiable because of your superior moral objectives.

How right Mao was when he said that political power grows from the barrel of a gun.  Because, in the end, the barrel of a gun is what makes it possible for leaders to overrule the wishes of their subjects.  Why do you think Democrats are so adamant about disarming the population?  If people won’t let you do what you know is best for them, you have no other choice but to use force to “help” them see the light.

Meanwhile, there is a growing frustration among everyday Americans over why overtly corrupt individuals like James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper, to name just a few of the more obvious lawbreakers, are allowed to lead carefree, cushy lives, courtesy of American taxpayers.  Worse, they’re so confident that they are beyond the reach of the law that they thumb their noses at both law enforcement and American voters.

Millions of Americans want to know why Barack Obama hasn’t been investigated, starting with his sealed college records.  They want to know why Hillary Clinton can get away with deleting 33,000 emails that were under subpoena.  They want to know why Andrew McCabe still hasn’t been indicted, even though the inspector general referred him for prosecution more than a year ago.  And a thousand and one other questions that remain unanswered.

The reason, of course, is that Democrats are still in control of the Washington leviathan, thanks to spineless Republicans who carry water for them and share their desire to do whatever it takes to keep the D.C. license-to-steal structure in place.  Isn’t it remarkable that Republicans don’t know how to open investigations or issue subpoenas?  Apparently, only Democrats are allowed to engage in such activities, and they do so with reckless abandon.

Keeping all this in mind, I’m still rooting for a Trump impeachment, because it would make his reelection a virtual certainty.  Obviously, Democrats and their despicable Republican allies don’t have anywhere near the number of votes needed to convict the president in the Senate, but just the fact that the House might be able to impeach a president without stating a specific crime he has committed shakes the very foundations of American democracy.

The one thing of which you can be certain is that if Trump is reelected and Republicans win back the House in 2020, Democrats will be terrified that they may never again be able to persuade voters to put them back in office.  The result is sure to be violent, out-of-control panic.

Democrats will ratchet up their hysteria to a much higher level and declare full-scale war — not on Donald Trump, but on Trump voters.  Remember, it is the voters who put him in office, so even if a Trump coup succeeded, they could vote in another hard-nosed disrupter to take his place.

Anyone who doesn’t support the Democrats anti-American, anti-liberty agenda will become a target for Radical Left violence.  If people won’t let you do what you know is best for them, you have no other choice but to use force to “help” them see the light.  If you doubt this, just ask Andy Ngo, Portland, Oregon conservative journalist who was beaten to a pulp by antifa fascists.  He certainly wasn’t the first, and he certainly won’t be the last.

On a macro level, the threatened impeachment of Donald Trump is not only an impeachment of the electorate, but an impeachment of the Constitution, the rule of law, free speech, Judeo-Christian ethics, individualism, and the American way of life.  Above all, it’s an impeachment of truth.  Democrats fear truth more than they fear Donald Trump, which is why those who believe in liberty cannot afford to let truth die.

Independents and anti-Trumpers should keep this in mind before they vote in 2020, because every vote for a Democratic presidential, Senate, or House candidate is a vote to bury truth.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.