Another Chance for Timid Republicans

Posted on January 3, 2023 by Robert Ringer


Republicans felt they were cheated out of a red wave in November just because they forgot to explain to voters why they should vote for them.  Today, however, is a bright new beginning filled with eternal hope as Republicans settle in with their narrow House majority.

Now the big question is, does the GOP have any idea what the majority of Republican voters actually want them to do?  Worse, do they even care?  Or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and focus on showing Democrats they are still the docile, dignified party of token opposition?

Let’s face it, the chief objectives of today’s Republicans are to gain the approval of their Democrat colleagues, keep big-money donors happy, and suppress the voices of upstarts who demand that the party cater to its voter base.  For now, establishment leaders, led by Dem-loving Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, have managed to keep folks like Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Josh Hawley at bay, but with increasing difficulty.  This does not bode well for the weak majority Republicans now have in the House, because Democrats are masters at exploiting weakness.

Democrats have three big advantages over Republicans:  They stick together, they are ruthless, and they ignore the law with impunity.  Among other things, they threaten Supreme Court justices, carry out elaborate schemes to rig elections, censor their opponents’ speech, pass trillion-dollar spending bills without giving members of Congress time to read them, criminalize political opposition, and violate the Constitution by bringing millions of illegals into the country in an effort to change the demographics of the electorate.

The one thing Democrats fully understand is power, and they have no intention of relinquishing the monopoly they hold on that precious commodity.  The only way power can to be taken from them is for Republicans to use the Democrats’ own tactics against them, and the first step toward that end is to get rid of Dem lovers in their own ranks and back America First candidates with enthusiasm.

Republicans also need to rid themselves of their naiveté.  In serpent-like fashion, Democrats are already urging House Republicans to “work” with them and “not waste time on revenge.”  In other words, do as we say, not as we do.  Democrats clearly believe they are entitled to a monopoly on destroying political opposition.

The first order of business for the GOP House should be to shut down the January 6 “commission,” release all political prisoners from jail, issue them an official apology, and compensate them for lost earnings.  They should then establish a new commission to go after the perpetrators of the fraudulent January 6 hoax, beginning with Nancy Pelosi.

Second, begin impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Merrick Garland — for starters.  Never mind that they can’t be convicted by a Democrat Senate.  The process should be the punishment, just as it has been for Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and others.

Third, forget shiny objects like Title 42 and pass whatever legislation is necessary to enforce already-existing border laws and deport everyone — repeat, everyone — who is in the country illegally, regardless of how and when they got here.  In the same vein, do away with the anchor-baby rule, which was never intended to be used for any purpose other than to protect the progeny of former slaves.

Fourth, take whatever steps are necessary to shut down the FBI.  Sorry, Hannity, but 99.99 percent of rank-and-file FBI agents are not “hardworking, patriotic men and women.”  The entire agency is rotten to the core.  Absolute power corrupts even people who start out with good intentions, and the FBI has indeed accumulated absolute power.

FBI agents who participated in censorship on big tech platforms, covertly helped foment a fake insurrection on January 6, or helped suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story should not be slapped on the wrist or even fired.  They are guilty of serious crimes and should therefore be criminally prosecuted.

Fifth, everyone who participated in suppressing life-saving information about COVID should be questioned under oath and prosecuted for being accessories to murder.  Obviously, Tony Fauci should be first in line and should be confronted with clear statements by renowned medical experts like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, and Florida Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo, all of whom had their correct opinions labeled “misinformation” and were banned from social media platforms.

Above all, Republicans need to set aside the usual D.C. drama and focus on consequences.  Spare us the polite invitations to appear before Congress.  Instead, start issuing subpoenas by the carload and put Democrats under oath.  The American people are not interested in multi-year “hearings” or investigations, and are bored stiff by Washington theatrics.  What they are interested in is having criminals prosecuted and put behind bars.

America is running out of time.  It has become a lawless country on the verge of collapse, and nothing short of a revolution can turn things around.  The key is for feckless Republicans to get a backbone and focus on two things:  (1) ignore all Democrat proposals, demands, intimidation tactics, and hysteria, and (2) dish out harsh consequences for those who are engaged in illegal activities intended to destroy not only the rule of law, but also American culture.

Enough with the babble about holding wrongdoers “accountable,” which in real terms means giving them a pass.  The only thing criminals understand is harsh consequences in the form of prosecutions and long prison sentences.  Democrats are the evilest political force the world has ever known, and they must be dealt with accordingly.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

8 responses to “Another Chance for Timid Republicans”

  1. BioTox2 says:

    In an ideal world, this path forward for the GOP that you have described would not only be just (given the Dems activity over the past decades) but one of the few ways that just might turn this sinking ocean liner (aka USA) around before it's too late. In the light of the Biden's administration dismal record over the past 2 years, the Repubs barely got through the midterms – still didn't win the Senate and now (speaking of oceanliners) they are arguing about the furniture arrangement on the deck of the Titanic. None of this internal squabbling is going to do anything but empower the Dems. I do not hold any delusions that the GOP will be able to accomplish any of these items that you have listed. The GOP can't agree among its own members and too many want to appease the media and Dems by "reaching across the aisle." Such nonsense. When we reach we lose some of our conservative values. Notice it is never the other way around. We have indeed become a lawless country. Perhaps we will need a revolution if things don't change quickly. Unless the GOP plays the game the way the Dems do, we are toast – the Marxists win or we will have a full-blown revolution on our hands. 🙏

  2. ZenoElia says:

    How I wish the Repubs would follow your recommended course of action. I am pessimistic, however, because the bureaucracy aka as the Deep State is so entrenched and control most of the media.

  3. BigBadJohn1 says:

    IF only….that were the case! Unfortunately, that is NOT gonna happen! Actually, a much EASIER and more REALISTIC approach would be to have the Repubs IMMEDIATELY lower taxes and REMOVE ridiculous regulations. It CAN be done-Trump proved it! And he was only ONE man! The Repubs need to grow a set and be BOLD! Or else we will start a 3rd party!

    • larajf says:

      A friend and I would joke we were creating the Get Off My Lawn party. Fiscal conservative, social libertarian (NOT liberal) and follow the rule of law. Act out and get punished.

  4. larajf says:

    I wish they would kick out the fake Republicans … but first we need to take over the narrative. My late brother was convinced that Scalia was being blackmailed. That needs to change. It won't do us any good if we come out with hard line requirements if nothing is going to get done.

  5. pokertiger says:

    Well several positives.Kevin McCarthy is having trouble getting his votes.Maybe Steve Scalise(or Jim Jordan) ends up being the new House leader.And it's so obvious that dems are trying to change the electorate by allowing illegals in-I don't know how a legitimate independent can't recognize it.I just believe that we have so many low information voters and illegals casting ballots that it is very hard in the worst economic times and the worst political strategies of all time to even get good candidates like Lake,Laxalt,and Dr.Oz elected.They were all beaten by horrible candidates. I think Rona McDaniel(the chair) needs to be gone as well.Untill the repubs learn how to ballot harvest like the Dems-they will always find ways to win close elections.They should have been slaughtered according to the generic vote.

  6. JF1017 says:

    There are only two harsh consequences that would have any impact on the left – loss of power, and loss of all of the resources stolen from taxpaying public. Hillary and Joe Biden sharing a cell in Leavenworth is a nice thought, but Hillary and the Bidens stripped of their multiple million-dollar homes and "charitable foundations" (money laundering entities) as well as having their bank accounts frozen is much better.

  7. ringer1977 says:

    Hello people you are still pursuing the wrong path here. No party is going to fix what has been and already is. These parties are composed of conditioned, programmed, willfully ignorant, willfully stupid, and willfully deceived humans. You can't fix a damaged and corrupt system with damaged and corrupt individuals that caused the system to become this way. The entire system has to go in totally. Forget about the foundation, that too was flawed yet it had merit for a time. A new system with a new foundation must be created and that system needs to be built upon advanced tech that we have had for decades which has been suppressed. Obtain and release the tech and literally overnight this world is transformed into what it should have been allowed to be. You who deny this are as willfully stupid and deceived as the politicians you believe will fix the corrupt system. We exist in an age of tech that can eliminate most of our issues, the biggest being economics. Take down the economic structure and these willfully corrupt humans are no longer needed. Govt is reduced to what it was originally designed to be, a protection of freedom and extremely limited until govt itself is no longer necessary. This is not utopian thinking but created reality. Stop crying about political parties and presidents and get the tech released that will eliminate these idiots. How about this… A person so knowledgeable about the tech we have that is suppressed. taking control over the present govt surrounded by a contingency of highly elite, dedicated, vicious, like minded individuals that will stop at nothing to get the tech released. A temporary position of leadership until the tech is in place and the new system is built. Think that is impossible? No it is not. What is impossible is trying to fix what is with what we have and expecting a different result. That is known as insanity!!