A Toast to California’s Secession

Posted on February 6, 2017 by Robert Ringer


There’s been a lot of talk recently about California seceding from the union. It’s akin to Hollywood celebs vowing to move out of the country if a Republican wins the White House. Meaning that it’s all bluster. Those who extol the virtues of the People’s Republic of California love to make hollow threats, but they possess neither the courage nor the financial resources to back them up.

If California were ever on its own, within six months of its “independence” it would be unable to function at even a survival level. Though it boasts the sixth largest economy in the world (larger than that of both Brazil and France!), there’s no economy big enough to keep a Marxist country afloat. This has been demonstrated time and again in such failed nations as Cuba, the Soviet Union, Mozambique, and every other country that has experimented with socialism/communism in any of its hideous forms.

The majority of California’s adult population consists of adult-children whose brains have never developed beyond adolescence. They cling to a stunted Woodstock mentality that makes them incapable of rational thought, which, if not addressed professionally, has the potential to be fatal. They live in an Oz-like land of constant frustration, which causes them to resort to tantrums and violence as the combined solution to every perceived problem.

The bottom line to all this is that a majority of Californians are not able to function as self-sustaining adults in the real world, so they irrationally dedicate themselves to the impossible task of trying to remake our imperfect world into a perfect world they create in their soiled minds.

Such an immature and naïve mental state can have dire consequences not only for the individual who is saddled with it, but for rational people of goodwill who live in the same societal space as they do. It’s dangerous to everyone, because those who are part of the Radical Left, in particular, employ lies, slander, and violence day-in-and-day-out in an attempt to achieve their impossible goal of creating the perfect world they envision in their minds.

I lived in Southern California for about 20 years, and I loved it for about ten of those years. It was a period when seemingly everything that happened was wonderful — meeting and marrying the most beautiful, kindest, most caring woman in the world, enjoying my four children as they progressed through grade school, middle school, and high school, rising from oblivion to the pinnacle of the book-publishing world by writing and self-publishing two New York Times #1 bestsellers, and much, much more.

But as we rolled into the eighties, the glitzy lifestyle of Los Angeles began to lose its appeal for me. Being surrounded by millions of Hollywood types and, worse, wannabe Hollywood types, became a painful daily task. I grew tired of seeing people with no visible means of support driving Rolls-Royces and living in rented mansions.

Above all, the left-wing political craziness and political correctness began to wear me down. I got tired of debating low-information people — and, worse, no-information people — and increasingly found myself withdrawing from the outside world.

I slowly faced up to the reality that people in Southern California had a collective mental disorder that caused them to talk and act in ways that was completely foreign to how the rest of the nation thought or behaved.

I remember many years ago Paul Newman saying that “Los Angeles is like a beautiful lady dying of cancer.” Notwithstanding his liberal credentials, Newman nailed it. For sheer luxury and beauty, it’s hard to beat Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and Bel Air, but, with just a few exceptions, most of the rest of Los Angeles is a sewer.

I became convinced, and today am certain, that California cannot be saved. It long ago passed the tipping point, and is now a giant left-wing cauldron boiling over with hatred, intolerance, and violence. It’s gigantic GDP can’t save it, because when GDP in California increases, it always brings with it an increase in welfare benefits. The Sacramento beast has an insatiable appetite for vote-buying entitlements, regulations, and illegal schemes.

That said, given that the national debt can never be repaid — and, in fact, is going to increase dramatically in the coming years — I favor killing two birds with one stone and settling our debt with our largest creditor, China, by giving it title to the state of California outright — lock, stock, and illegal immigrants. Then, let Sacramento figure out how to deal with its new Asian rulers who don’t take kindly to liberal ideas like sanctuary cities, rioting, and welfare fraud.

As I’ve written about before, it’s inevitable that the United States will ultimately break into several nations, but right now just getting the People’s Republic of California out of our lives and out of our pocketbooks would be a real boost to the average American’s morale.

So, with that delicious thought in mind, I invite you to join me in a toast to California’s secession — voluntarily or forced, I’m not particular.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

67 responses to “A Toast to California’s Secession”

  1. Rocketman says:

    Nailed it Robert. I coined a term "Grocery Store Person" a number of years ago. What it meant was someone who may have a number of degrees behind their name but common sense wise was so stupid that if they were locked alone in a grocery store for a week they would starve to death.

  2. Scott McKinney says:

    Yes! I accept your invitation and toast my coffee mug.

  3. teddyp45 says:

    I always felt like Texas would be the 1st State to secede (for the right reasons) but I can always hope Cali would be the 1st to go.

    • Phil says:

      As a Texas, by conscious choice and not birth, I certainly hope that we beat California. By a wide margin. Just keep them the hell out of our state. Please.

      • texas wolfie says:

        They have already invaded Austin. Our governor is withholding state funds to Austin till they regain their senses.

        • Phil says:

          God willing. But they are not going to regain their senses voluntarily. Not any time within this century.

        • lerudefrog says:

          Those are not state funds those are taxpayer funds and this property should be returned to its rightful owners.

      • WeirdlyCOChick says:

        If only they'd get out of ours (CO which now stands for COnfusion), too!

  4. John Abbott says:

    Hi Robert.
    I think what u wrote is tongue in cheek. When u said: "it’s inevitable that the United States will ultimately break into several nations" I do NOT believe that. I THOUGHT that was why we had our Civil War, to prevent the break up. It is sad that California has become what it is. But I AM hopeful that it will CHANGE! God bless!

    • Eldon says:

      Although the history changing elite won't admit it, the first American Civil war was to force the individual States into submission of the Federal government, thus destroying States rights AND the right of the people. Under the Constitution, the States and the people of the several States are the ultimate law, NOT the Federal government. The only authority the Feds have is what the States gave it. Not many people understand this but it is true.

    • elmo033057 says:

      I believe it and have said it for decades. If you looked at a good historical timeline, you'd see that there have been very, very few democracies, and if there were anything like them they didn't last very long. Even Ben Franklin was skeptical with his answer to a woman that asked him what kind of government we'd have after the signing of our Constitution. He answered," A republic, if we can keep it."

    • ProgHunter says:

      Hi John, The second Civil War (the Revolutionary War was as much civil war as revolution) was illegally waged by Lincoln (a man whose actions require one to label him a far left fascist) against a group of foreign sovereign states because he quickly discovered that the enormous flow of tax monies (especially import export taxes) from the South (and primary used to benefit the North) was ending. He needed to continue this flow or face big problems from the big Northern states. Before being elected, Lincoln was in full agreement with the idea of secession – a basic right of every state in the "union of sovereign states" (we were not designed to be a "nation" – there was no concept of "US citizenship").

      So he illegally ordered the governors of the Northern states to form armies and send them to D.C. for federal generals to use in attacking the South. Lincoln ended up killing several hundred thousand soldiers and civilians in the South (deliberate long bombardments of cities) and near total destruction of all Southern infrastructure and plantations.

      The South was almost fully destroyed – so our current crop of "social justice blacks" who insist on reparations have no idea the South had to start over from scratch, and against a very malicious occupation by the carpet baggers and federal troops. One has only to read the letters of secession from teh Southern governors to learn the real reasons for the secession – something never taught in liberal infested schools.

  5. I tried living in San Diego a couple of times. Partly for the good weather. The first time to teach at a Junior College there, then to teach at a branch of San Diego State down in Calexico, then one other time to work my consulting business. None were successful, so I went back to Texas (Houston, Austin and San Antonio) where a person can live "happily ever after". The "Real Texans" are a good, right thinking people. I never did understand the odd feelings I had living in California.

    • Phil says:

      I live in Schertz, and thank God we made the decision to relocate here after moving away from Down Under (surely puts even CA to shame in terms of beauty and beaches, and probably has a brighter if still rather socialist future). My wife and I chose 5 states (i.e., Idaho, ND, IA, Utah, and TX), and then narrowed those down. Texas has the most amazing people. Friendly, down to earth, open, and understanding of what liberty means. I love being around people who have enjoyed such a great economy (relatively speaking, anyway) yet still remain "normal". But it might be hard to keep the Blue Cities from ruining even this great state. It truly is the last remaining electoral hope for this country.

  6. Paul Anthony says:

    I left California after 15 years, just before my son was to start school. CA is a great place to be single, but a terrible place to raise a family. The southern CA lifestyle is ideal for the immature, but some of us grow up. It is appropriate that the original Disneyland is located there.

  7. Robert Diamond says:

    Let them go if they want to go. They remind me of irresponsible teenagers in all ways. This would be the equivalent of running away from home. Let them go and let them pay for al the things they want to provide their citizens. They will be bankrupt in a short time and maybe come to their senses. Or maybe not, in which case we get rid of a large contingent of irresponsible, immature people. I wonder what the figures are – does California net contribute to our country or is it a net taker. Anyone know the figures?

  8. Steven says:

    The problem with California secession is, then we’d need to build a wall on that border too. Otherwise, in a few years (once California’s socialist experiment implodes) they would all start sneaking into the border states ( OR, NV, AZ )

  9. harley says:

    AMEN Robert, AMEN!! I've lived here in kalifornia all my life, and you are spot on.

  10. JREGSR says:

    Califonication is a lost cause to the right minded, that want a peaceful life. Let them go their own way!!!!

  11. Barbara Wells says:

    Extremely good post, Robert. Right on as usual.

  12. Serge says:

    With more Asians coming into SoCal. there seems to be changes that will help influence the state. Hopefully the melting pot will work out and get along. With DT's proposed tighter borders and hopefully less federal funding to the state they should control the deficit and entitlements. One powerful simple word to handouts is a 2 letter word NO. It's a lot easer to say NO than to secede. Other than that the weather, health style and opportunities for creativity is all there.

  13. Lora P says:

    My husband always calls California the land of the fruit and nuts. When I was doing substitute teaching I refused to teach kindergarten. They were always tattling, trying to get everyone to be fair. But what they couldn’t see was what was fair for them was unfair for someone else. That is how I see the liberals. If they just make enough rules and regulations and political correctness, they can make the world fair. For us grown-ups we have found that the world is not fair and we have learned to deal with it. We have tons of kindergartners trying to make the world fair, but what they see as fair, may not be fair to me.

    • Strider55 says:

      Make that "fruits, nuts and flakes." Hence my label for CA — the Granola State.

      Note to Robert: I think I have the perfect hashtag for your article — #GoodRiddanceCA. I am not on Twitter so I cannot start it; however, anyone who likes it is free to do so.

  14. Winslow Garnier says:

    I live in San Diego and couldn't agree more with your article. I would just like to modify it and give them the counties like LA, Sacramento and San Francisco that are at the heart of the problem. Most of these areas do not have an active military base nearby and there is about a third of us that oppose them. I would also like to wait and see the outcome of illegal voting in the State. But if it is for the good of the entire Country then I toast to your excellent suggestion of killing two birds with one stone!

  15. Steve says:

    I might offer a somewhat different message here. I've lived in Cali. all of my life. And yes-it has indeed changed for the (in my opinion) "not so better" in the last 35 years or so. First of all, the a number of homeless people here is STAGGERING. The immigrant population is HUGE. And whether people want to admit or not, the VAST amount of crime committed here is by immigrants, many of whom are first generation, illegals. The amount of crime here, compared to other parts of the country is HUGE. The Crime'Gang culture here is HUGE. It has become INSANELY expensive to live in the nicer parts of Cali. Hispanics and Chinese immigrants have taken over the construction trades, and the abuse of social services by these same folks is well known by those who have to deal with this reality on a regular basis. (Underline: REALITY) Yes-there is very much of "lefty" mindset in certain parts of Cali., but I can tell you-A LOT of Californians are SICK TO DEATH of it, and sick of seeing their once beautiful state, a one time a HOTBED of enthusiasm and entrepreneur-ism, becoming a 3rd world entity. And-MANY people here that I converse with are FED UP with the "liberal" mindset, and the something -for-nothing mentality.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      I agree the nut jobs in Sacto and their supporters are off their rocker, but MUCH of CA has a saner mindset. I lived there for 13 years (left in '88), and still have friends that live there and support a libertarian or conservative ideology. A third of the state (that voted) did vote for Trump, so I would not want to give away the entirety of one of the more beautiful places (not to mention BEST climate) to the Libtards. SD is still quite conservative, and in fact, a lot of the state – away from large swatches of LA (influenced by the Hollywood mindless set or on welfare of some sort) and the SF Bay Area do not support all this insanity, which is hurled toward the Golden State. It has always been a place of great experimentation, and attracted to leisurely pursuits, before the "progressive" Libtards turned it into the mess it now is. I think dividing it into 3 states or so, each with its own ideology makes sense on paper, but figuring out how to do it geographically is another trick. SD and SF have VERY LITTLE in common, and greater LA is a mixed bag. I think the Marxist State of the Bay Area would be a division that could attract all the commies, sanctuary city lovers, etc., and LA would have to be broken down into 2 parts (the 4 counties of LA comprise more population than all but 4 states as it is!), and then parts of Orange Co. and SD could stay free of all that garbage. Let them be self-supportive, and see how well the Communists do, once a majority of the productive set is in "another California" beyond the grasp of their thieving govt.

    • Serge says:

      Growing up here near LA I have seen changes for the not so better. Maybe I've gotten used to how bad it really is becoming. But now the homeless have grown along the Santa Ana river near Disneyland for the first time this year and it keeps growing. They just set up camp and make a mess. I don't know if this is a movement or they are truly homeless. In Orange county unemployment is only about 4-5%. My home is worth a fortune and I do enjoy the beaches, desert and mountains. When I get out of the house I have to run across all this because they seem to be weaved in with us. If I make a move is it really greener somewhere else?. Also, should I have to give up California to immigrants and lazy ones? Just like the US, should we throw in the towel in to immigrants, China, or liberals? It's ashamed these strange immigrants living in ideal weather in a area of beautiful beaches and deserts.

  16. larajf says:

    It can be saved, but you have to cut the cancer out.
    Split California into five or six states. That improves representation so two small geographic regions aren't dictating the large land mass.
    Right now, I'm in idiot land. It started in 1975 when they started caring more for self esteem then strong education. (Thanks, John Vasconcellos…may you rot in hell)
    I imagine WA and OR would also like to jettison their moronic parts as well. If they became their own nation, I'd supply the popcorn and the office pool as to how long it takes for them to blame everyone else for their failures.

  17. Blringer says:

    Robert, As usual you have it right.. I live in CA. I was born here. I feel like an unwelcome outsider much of the time. I like the weather and not much else. The traffic and the uber liberal attitudes are so hard to fathom and so hard to be around. I refuse to get drawn into political discussions and that is all that saves me from becoming a complete social pariah. Leftists have zero tolerance for any other viewpoint. You might wonder why I don't just leave the state. Well, I have no doubt that I will some day. But for now, for various reasons I elect to remain here. I do hope that you are wrong about an actual secession as that would be a complete disaster. I am simply astounded that there are so many examples of failed socialist countries and yet the Left still clings to the stubborn belief that we should all move farther along in that direction. On a humorous note, several of my very liberal acquaintances expressed their concerns that if DT became president he would immediately order Marshall law and there would be people shot in the streets. I don't ordinarily consider most of these folks to be normal or sane, but this seemed to me to reach a new level of madness on their part.

  18. Richard Head says:


    I am a bit confused.

    I recall reading in one of your books that you went bankrupt while living in California. If this is true, the chip you seem to be carrying on your shoulder regarding the Golden State makes more sense.

    Call my curious.

    D.I.C.K. http://www.politicalfolks.com/

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      You read wrong. And I have no chip on my shoulder, just sad that the Radical Left destroyed such a beautiful state.

      • Richard Head says:

        Hi Robert:

        I am referring to your book "Looking Out for No. 1" around p. 80 where you discuss what happened to you in Beverly Hills.



  19. Avery Horton says:

    Great article as usual. California could well be the birthplace of IDIOCRACY.

    Please revisit your article where you described how the Oakland Raiders were down but came back. The Patriots come from behind Super Bowl victory reminded me of that article. Wait until the Fat Lady is singing BEFORE you celebrate your victory. Thanks, Robert.

  20. Another reason why California will sink is because of it's public service pensions obligations. A 47 year old friend with 25 years as a CHP Officer makes over $100K. He can retire now and receive 90% of his salary for life. Or, he can continue to work at 100%. He said that it makes no sense to continue working. He is going to retire, draw his 90% and get another job. Which would essentially double his money!

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Those pensions are completely absurd. I recall hearing about teachers, as well as police officers, making 100K+ as retired civil "servants". It is completely unsustainable. I am not sure how younger people (outside of those tech wizards making gazillions in Silicon Valley) can even afford to live there. I lived in a good area of SF (Nob Hill) and my first apt. in 1974 was just $100/mo. The median rent now is $3500/mo., even in sketchier neighborhoods!

    • Phil says:

      Totally evil. Off the backs of the next generation. Nutso!

  21. Jana says:

    Couple of disagreement. Let northern (excepting San Fran area) California stay. And let Mexico have southern California. Make it quick though, so the fruits and nuts don't transfer themselves to other states.

  22. Milagro says:

    The best answer to this REQUEST is very simple.

    You do not ask for their wishes, but you make the decision for them.

    Return this State to Mexico.

    No longer do they have US dollars.

    They have Pesos.

    No longer do they have US passports.

    They have Mexican passports.

    End of the discussion, and end of problems.

    Also you make Mexico happy, as they have their territory back.

    • sam239 says:

      It was purchased from Mexico, Mexico is being a cheater by claiming it's their territory. How about: Mexico gets the Marxist strongholds of California in exchange for building a wall on the new borders?

  23. Penny says:

    I raise my chilled glass of Persecco to California. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

  24. Paul says:

    I moved to California in 1971 when I joined the Navy. Had a successful career there, raised my kids. Moved to Arizona in 2003 along with my business & work ethic. Many small business are fleeing much like I did. I wonder how long it will take before Jerry "Moonbeam" imposes an exit tax. Soon there will only be the super rich, government employees and the bottom rung (illegals & entry level) workers. Sad, because it is such a beautiful place.

  25. Raymond says:

    This great analysis crowns the financial analysis issued by Townhall.com on January 12th. See http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/201

  26. Willam Tarbox says:

    I thought California was supposed to fall into the ocean. It is a wonder it hasn't fallen yet, just from all the BS that's in it. I say good riddance it and don't even try to rejoin.

  27. Brother Dave says:

    With all the talk about secession, you're missing a great story: The State of Jefferson. The good people of 23 counties of northern California plus 7 southern counties in Oregon propose becoming the 51st state in the union. It is a state formation movement, not a secessionist movement. Supporting resolutions have already been adopted in 21 of the 23 CA counties, while still pending in Oregon. No need to leave the USA, just say good-bye to the rubes in Sacramento and Salem. For more see http://www.soj51.net/

  28. Mic says:

    I agree with your assessment that the U.S. will and honestly MUST break apart. We are simply too diverse as a nation to be ruled by one central government that keeps growing more and more oppressive by the year. They keep reaching deeper and deeper into our liberties, freedoms and personal lives. Each time the president is elected you basically have one half of the nation ready to go to war. That can't be sustainable. You have people in the liberal states that can't stand being "ruled" by us yocals in the center of the country and I sure as hell don't want what they are selling. Not even a little of it. I am ready for us to separate into smaller more manageable countries. I hope we can find a peaceful way to divide that won't involve war or bloodshed, but that is probably wishful thinking.

  29. Reality Seeker says:

    I actually hope the Cal-exit movement gains popularity. The leaders of the movement want to start a mass tax revolt against the federal government. And it's really good to see the Liberals turning on the federal government. Many are even buying guns and stocking up on survival supplies. It's nice to see them discover state's rights and the Second Amendment.

    The Liberals should have no problem with the Red States separating from the Blue. It can be done peacefully.

    Of course I don't really believe this shall end peacefully. Massive government bread and circuses maximus are the only thing holding the Union together… Take that away, and all hell breaks loose.

    "football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” — Orwell 1984.

    • texas wolfie says:

      Ditto as usual, did you ever notice that nearly all sports activities are going full blast the week before our November election? Coincident? I don't think so. Joe sixpack has just a brief few moments to hear the liberal soundbites coming from TMSM. Therefore hen be more easily manipulated.

  30. Robert Burke says:

    Declaration of Independence, Version 2.0 (Enjoy!)

  31. Rick G says:

    Here's a toast to you, Robert! Cheers!

    • Rick G says:

      An intersting note: I was recently looking at the voter makeup on a California map. I noticed that the west coast of the state is the brightest blue. I then switched a state map which shows the San Andreas fault. The fault seems to run roughly downward parallel to this blue glob of goop, just east of it. I thought, when the San Andreas fault goes, not if, but when, the whole western shelf will slide into the Pacific Ocean. Then, most of the state's Radic-Libs will drown and be no more! I call it Political Natural Selection!

      • Jim Hallett says:

        Unfortunately, I think the Radic-Libs, as you call them, would just move that western edge east to the "new" western edge of he state, if any calamity were to occur. It is policies that attract such fools, and with their increased numbers, allows them to have a stranglehold on any statewide dictums. If they truly believed in freedom (which they do NOT!), they would just pursue their own interests without trying to coerce everyone else and of course, steal from them, in order to fund their agendas.

  32. Mav says:

    > I got tired of debating low-information people — and, worse, no-information people

    Would you recommend not debating with these people at all? No matter how many facts you throw at them, no matter how much you expose their hypocrisy, they just don't get it.

  33. edda says:

    What a winner, Mr. Ringer. Bravo! Sad to articulate such a botched state of affairs for what was America's mantra at one time: Go West Young Man!

  34. Nasdaq7 says:

    And California has so much influence already …

  35. texas wolfie says:

    HE, may more easily manipulated. Stupid keyboard,lol

  36. Scotty says:

    I agree with this in theory, but, the USA needs the real estate and population for sacrificial protection from a hostile invasion from the west.

  37. Neo says:

    Gee wiz Mr. Ringer, you're such a bright ray of sunshine. At a point in time where we have to learn to talk to each other rather than yell at each other – voices like yours makes me realize things will get far far worse before we learn to actually communicate without grunting and beating each other with clubs. Grunt away Mr. Ringer, and have a drink on me.

  38. Grampa says:

    Despite California's liberal majority, we still have more freedom lovers than any other state. It would be a mistake to forsake us. Think about the difficulty you will have recruiting when you have the reputation of abandoning your frontline to the enemy.

  39. Neil Baker says:

    It is highly probable that this First Republic of the United States cannot survive the long-overdue Independent 9-11 Investigation. A growing preponderance of engineering and forensic evidence indicates that criminal forces within the government orchestrated the events of September 11, 2001. Our current Constitution failed to protect us. May GOD bless the Second Republic of the United States of America.

  40. Alan says:

    Does anyone know which of Robert Ringer's books named the biggest groups of liars? As I recall they were: Government, Lawyers, Liberals, Media. Thx.

  41. Jim says:

    KEEP CALIF. Otherwise we'd have to build a wall from Mexico to Oregon. You think that'd work?

  42. Bob says:

    I find it humors how the libs in LA-LA mouth off about how unjust our country is & how the rest of the country is brain dead if we don't agree with their views. Maybe once China is finished buying up the rest of Hollywood they'll realize they were the brain dead zombies but I doubt it.

  43. Jean says:

    The average Californian loves socialism – until he or she has to pay for it. I work with a large pizza chain, and when those fine Californicators voted in a $15 an hour minimum wage, the price of a medium pizza went from 9.99 to 14.99 and delivery charges went from 3.75 to 5.00. Customers started howling and I was cussed out in every language. I still took great delight in telling them that they voted for those price increases when the voted for a $15 minimum wage.

  44. Rob says:

    Please don't disparage the Woodstock idea by comparing California to it. Yes, there was a socialist attitude, but it only lasted three days. I agree totally, give California to China. It won't do wonders for our "friendship," and they do already have N Korea as a problem child. However, it would settle our debt and get so many snowflakes away from us. The only thing that I would want is for my friend John to move away, Then let the chips or flakes fall where they may.

  45. Douglas L Self says:

    Robert – not ALL of California is the morass of collective nitwittery that you so aptly described. A long-standing secession movement of Northern California counties (north of Sacramento, and some of the Southern Sierra counties like El Dorado, Amador, Calaveras, and Tuolomme want to join in) and Souther Oregon counties (or at least those not part of the likewise libtard mess known as "Portlandia" and the Willamette Valley cities (Salem, Corvallis, and Eugene) wanted to form a new state, which would be named "Jefferson". It's symbol features two "X" characters on a green field, reflecting that these counties feel they've been "Double-crossed" by both Sacramento and Salem alike.

    So let Cali(porn)ia go, but also let Jefferson counter-secede back to the Union, so there will still be 50 states…at least for awhile…and we'll charge SoCal a buck a gallon for the water they currently steal out of Lake Oroville for the "California" Aqueduct!