America’s Fractured Culture

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Robert Ringer


Life is a dangerous experience.  It’s dangerous at birth and dangerous every step along the way of our journey to another dimension.  The Parkland, Florida school shooting is yet another reminder of the painful reality that there are some dangers we simply cannot eliminate.

Coming to grips with this fact is an insurmountable obstacle for many people.  In fact, it’s at the very heart of the mental disorder commonly referred to as “liberalism.”

Among other things, liberalism is a manifestation of immaturity.  The true liberal is someone who can never seem to accept the fact that he cannot control every situation … cannot end poverty … cannot prevent wars … cannot save the world … and certainly cannot get everyone to agree with and accept his views on morality.

Which brings me back to the recent school tragedy in Florida.  It’s almost as if the Dirty Dems look forward to the next school shooting as an excuse to pull out their gun-control talking points and pass moral judgment on those who dare challenge them.  It’s not so much a diversionary tactic as a delusion stemming from a childlike naiveté.

It goes without saying that any serious, halfway intelligent adult understands that school shootings have nothing to do with law-abiding citizens owning “too many guns.”  This is not only clearly supported by statistics, but, just as important, common sense.

The truth is that gun violence in schools — like gun violence anywhere — is just one of the many harsh consequences of America’s fractured culture.  More specifically, the societies of all Western countries have been decaying in a cesspool of relativism for decades.

With certitudes in short supply, every facet of life is now subjective, and an unstable mind overwhelmed by hatred has little difficulty extending this subjectivity to the taking of human life.  After all, relativists argue, in our age of “enlightenment” there is no rational reason to be bound by traditional norms.  In a relativist, subjective world, you can do anything you want to do and be anything you want to be.  There are no constraints or limitations.

In contrast to today’s toxic culture, I would submit that the apex of Western civilization was the 1950s, particularly the first half of that long-ago decade.  The world was much younger than today, and much more innocent.

Unfortunately, we’ve been in a downward spiral for the past 60 years.  It’s a spiral that has brought about all kinds of decadent consequences, among them the proliferation of murder rampages in our schools.  Now the question is, what can we do to stop these mass slayings — or at least reduce them in number?

For starters, there’s nothing to be gained by listening to those on the Radical Left, because, let’s be honest, they don’t even want to think about serious solutions to school shootings.  It’s much easier, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, to lash out at guns in the hands of everyday citizens as the cause of mass slayings.

A naïve person might be perplexed as to why Radical Leftists and their low-information, toady cheerleaders keep pounding away at gun proliferation as the cause of America’s violence, notwithstanding the fact that this conclusion has been conclusively proven to be false.  The answer, however, is quite simple:  It’s because their power agenda is far more important to them than reducing the number of homicides in schools — or elsewhere.

As a result, they submit to “willful blindness,” i.e., they purposely ignore the facts, wave aside common sense, and, as quickly as possible, fall back on their agenda-driven talking points.

To a rational observer, however, it’s self-evident that the underlying cause of violence in America is its toxic culture.  By toxic culture, I’m talking about such things as:

  • Violent video games and movies.
  • Entertainers openly advocating violence against the president of the United States.
  • NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.
  • Statues being torn down in cities across the country an effort to erase history.
  • More than a half million homeless people in the United States alone.
  • An obsession with giving the highest priority to the well-being of illegal immigrants rather than American citizens.
  • Abortion factories that taxpayers are forced to fund.
  • Violent protests in major cities that city officials allow to go virtually unchecked.
  • … to name but a handful of examples.

Everyone recognizes that the United States has serious problems, but the NRA is not one of them.  Neither are “bump stock” guns … or global warming … or allegations of sexual harassment that occurred 30 years ago … or special prosecutor investigations where there is no evidence of a crime … or the status of “Dreamers.”

Homelessness — and the human feces, drugs, and trash that come with it — is a serious problem.  Children born out of wedlock are a serious problem.  The opioid crisis is a serious problem.  Bullying is a serious problem (because it causes boys with mental issues to snap).  Sanctuary cities are a serious problem.  And, above all, gun-free zones are a serious problem.

The United States is, in fact, drowning in a sea of serious problems, and solving those problems is the most rational and effective way to go about repairing America’s fractured culture.

When it comes to mass murder, mental health is arguably the biggest problem of all, but to date no one has been able to figure out what to do about it.  Rigorous background checks for gun purchases is a good step in the right direction, but the sobering reality is that you can’t stop a mentally ill person from killing if that’s what he’s determined to do.

If you try to prevent a mentally disturbed person from purchasing a firearm, he will find another way to get his hands on one — through the black market, through theft, through borrowing … whatever it takes.  And if he can’t get a gun, he might just plow his pickup truck into a crowd of unsuspecting pedestrians.  Or — the most preferred murder method of all (statistically speaking) — he can resort to the O.J. weapon of choice.

Given that we have endless work to do on the problems that underlie America’s penchant for violence, we have no time for nonsense like making murder easier for mentally ill or malevolent people by turning the whole country into one big, gun-free zone.

That said, people (including President Trump) should stop using phrases like “… to make certain this never happens again.”  It will happen again, because it’s one of those things we can never totally control.  The wisest course of action is to implement serious countermeasures — not emotion-based non-solutions — in an effort to keep the tragedies to a minimum.

Let me make it clear that I am in favor of doing just about anything that will prevent as many mass shootings as possible.  By the same token, I am unequivocally opposed to doing anything that not only does not save lives but also strips people of their Constitutional and, more important, God-given rights in the process.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. James says:

    Another excellent article.

    • Hiram says:

      Let's train and arm volunteer teachers. Doing so has worked in many places, including Beersheba, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Ashkelon…

      • Jim Hallett says:

        That does make sense, so schools are NOT gun-free zones with unprotected potential victims. But, when you have scum like Broward Co. Sheriff Israel ordering the 4 armed deputies to "stand down" so he can promote his anti-gun Libtard agenda, and allow 17 people to perish, you must have REAL protection, not some hired by evil clowns like the Clintons, Wasserman-Schultz et al, who are more than willing to sacrifice innocent lives, so they can advance their "progressive" Big Govt. control of the country.

    • pam says:

      I agree. Robert really knows how to make sense of a nonsensical world.

  2. Rock Roach says:

    I believe that schools are going to have to become "gun" zoned and advertise that they are on campus of whatever university or high school.You have to have someone resposible of course,and someone who isn't afraid to take action to protect lives(probably like the football coach who gave up his,to save students).
    As far as culture,my wife and I just attended a concert by 84 year old phenom Frankie Valli-Who is still great and whose songs still contain words from the English dictionary and move people(even 80 year old fans believe it or not),and he joked about the music that was out there today.He wasn't very political,but he did comment on what kind of idiots would argue about putting an extra 2-3 thousand dollars in your pocket(tax reform),and that people should use common sense when voting etc.

  3. Richard Dennis says:

    Robert – I've been a big fan of yours since WTI first came out. And of all your stuff I've ever read, this article ranks near the top of the list. Thank you.

  4. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Yes, agreed! An excellent article! Born 1936, I am solidly of the 50s generation. I've watched, I've been part of what has been that has brought us to NOW. And suffered the consequences of certain stupidities such as THE UNEQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT that canned the idea of LET/MAY THE BEST PERSON WIN! Yes, OVER-CONTROL, or attempts, is one of the problems. What a ride it has been! And such rampant stupidities we are seeing. AND YET, I would not trade my present circumstances for what they were during the 50s. So, we all just keep on keepin' on. What else to do? I wonder what it will look like looking back from that "next dimension".

    • Jim Hallett says:

      You wouldn't trade it likely because you are enjoying the freedom of life in the Philippines (or any other desirable overseas destination), free from all the nauseating gibberish that dominates every day in 21st Century Amerika. I was too young to totally appreciate the 50s, but the cultural revolution of the 60s surely did usher in a real decline in the quality of life and the degradation of the moral code.

  5. Jon says:

    The term "gun violence" is a leftist term and misnomer. As you opine, low-info folks don't analyze propaganda, let alone even recognize it when it punches them in the nose. Another suggestion would be "why don't we just stop drugging little boys and let them be little boys?" It worked for us in the 1940s and 50s as you observed. Use of psychotropic drugs of all varieties have side effects. My limited research indicates the vast majority of these "troubled youth" are/have been on psychotropics. Oh, I forgot, that's far too much common sense for today's world to understand.

    • Scott theczech says:

      Thank you for this reminder. I've been trying to make this case for years, but it is as if people want to ignore the facts. I'm still trying to research credible evidence on this correlation with a statistically significant number though it is difficult to do so. Based upon what I've discovered so far the hypothesis is not a "vast majority [sic] are/have been on psychotropics," rather it is – nearly all have been!

      • Jim Hallett says:

        As you both said, this is the BIGGEST cause of these problems, but when you have Big Pharma controlling all the media with their ads, funding the medical schools, etc., it gets covered up or discarded immediately. Name me a mass shooting where some kind of psychotropic drug wasn't involved. But pinpointing a REAL cause does not allow the gun grabbers to promote their Big Govt. tyranny message, which is what they are really after. It worked for Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others, so why not promote the same garbage for the USA.

    • thebacksaver says:

      Although cultural degradation is the root cause, as a few other have intimated, the subject of psychotropic meds, SSRIs is well worth bringing up concerning this and other mass shootings. Allow me to recommend a primer book on this: "Medication Madness" by Breggin.

      • Angel Hanging Around says:

        It really is what RR mentions. People want control over others and instead of dealing with reality, someone else needs to be drugged up or they drug themselves up. Doubtful that folks go out of their way to be difficult to others. Of course plenty of peeps are thugs that choose to be edgy and pushy and will get the surpise of their life when you hold them accountable for their bull crap.

  6. Rick G. says:

    Western society's problems are caused by " permissiveness" of which Radical Liberalism is the root cause. The general mentality is "anything goes", "do your own thing", " be cool", "let it all hang out", and '"what can I get away with today?" And the sum result is all of the myriad of problems that we in Western society now have today. This didn't just suddenly occur overnight. It's been around in one form or another for a long time. It really took off in the sixties and has been a growing, worsening problem ever since.

  7. IHeartDagney says:

    At the top, Robert, you've described the left to a "T". They are mental children lead by EVIL perpetrators of the observation, "Never let a crisis go to waste" and if there is no crisis, make one. Ensure the crisis can be repeated endlessly. Hence we have "Repeal the 2nd Amendment" as a rallying cry for the left. This would ensure MORE murder and mayhem. We also have endless welfare payments to US and NON-US citizens, ensuring more poverty to cry over. Oh, and let's not forget "RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!" Another crisis that can never be cured (if it REALLY even exists anymore….Condoleeza Rice? Millionaire black actors and football players? I'm white, I don't have near THAT kind of money! Nor, such a prestigious job.) Yes, I'm sure it was RACISM! that caused them to have such high ranking jobs and well-paying careers in the spotlight.

    What's the answer? #1 – NEVER vote for a leftie. They are nothing but malcontented children and evil perpetrators of crimes seen and unseen. #2 – The government in power now MUST ensure that at the very least the TOP criminals of the last administration have VERY BIG show trials and are JAILED for their crimes. Time to be courageous and GROWN-UP. No deterrents exist to the left's crimes until SEVERE punishment is meted out to the worst of the worst in our society!

  8. John says:

    School shootings, car accidents, terrorist attack, all one and the same if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. What it shows is that the state is not capable of protecting you, nor should it be, only the individual has the capacity to protect themselves and by extension anybody else they choose to assist. That said, you may not always succeed and have to be prepared in case you don't. Small comfort to those who perished but that's the way it is.
    Therefore, totally useless to propose any law or control that pretends to offer this protection, it only makes those who offer the protection more powerful and those who supposedly get it pawns on the chessboard of power.
    Be alert, be aware, be prepared, use common sense and don't buy in to living in fear and you'll be fine.

  9. larajf says:

    I am so tired of people blaming the gun instead of the person. And in the case of Parkland, there were so many mistakes made by the FBI and law enforcement. It's sickening that people could have been saved but weren't.
    One teacher well trained with a gun could have changed the tide.

  10. Vladymir rogov says:

    "In contrast to today’s toxic culture, I would submit that the apex of Western civilization was the 1950s, particularly the first half of that long-ago decade. The world was much younger than today, and much more innocent."

    Only a few years after the Allies slaughtered and maimed hundreds of millions of men, women and children in Europe. Call those 'the good old days'?

    • Steven Lidkea says:

      Some letfist fool has been neglecting his history lessons again. Since, like, grade one. You have to be pretty crazy to argue that the Allies were the bad guys in WWII.

    • Angel Hamging Around says:

      Actually marxist genocides dwarf what the allies ever did. Leftist idealogy eerily very much one and the same as marxism.
      Political correctness was step one.
      Politcal identity groups step 2,
      of course prefaced with protected classes not being held accountable for their actions equals a shit storm of chaos and mayhem.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao – all Marxist ideologues regardless of their label – all slaughtered more people in the 20th Century than everybody else COMBINED!!! So much for Leftist "values".

  11. notpropagandized says:

    Sad truth is "we" are outnumbered, just like American Revolutionaries who actually fought were only 3% of the population. And "we" require guidance on how to respond to the ultimate power grab and takeover. Pray that there are wise people among us that will organize the righteous resistance.

  12. George Marine Viet-Vet says:

    The "Gun" issue has never been such a divisive issue as it is now. This is due to the vast misinformation most of which comes from shadow government elitists. Now that the shadow government is surfacing it will use any distraction it can from itself all of which causes real patriotic sane Americans to be untrusting of every agency of the government. All of these issues can not be resolved collectively a fact settled by history so it is up to the true individual to change his/her thinking, i.e., become one less violent humanoid on the planet. Guns, sex, drugs money will settle into its proper place once a change in thinking takes place.

  13. Lon Parsons says:

    As well put as possible, Mr. / logical it will not be grasped and understood by the millenials and leftists..

    Great article..

  14. Pitch says:

    You and I share many things in common. One of which is that we are almost the same exact age and have both lived through and experienced the same ebb and flow of our country.
    I totally agree that America reached its APEX as a cohesive society during the 50’s after which we have experienced an accelerating downward spiral into chaotic oblivion for the past 60 years or so.
    This morning as I compare the innocence of 50’s American nationalism to our fractured and broken shell of today’s society, there is no way I can envision a return to the innocence and greatness we once cherished with the “truth based on reality” as our guiding principle.
    As always, I look forward to your next bit of well written and insightful prose.

  15. The LookOut says:

    Robert, Thanks for another article that nails the beast to the wall
    (Liberalism). These Liberal mental defects will never ever offer
    a solution to any social problem you've outlined. They offer up
    only rants of hate, and name calling.
    Thanks again RJR.

  16. Avery Horton says:

    "Homelessness — and the human feces, drugs, and trash that come with it — is a serious problem." Robert, I rarely disagree with you. Homelessness is not a problem, it is a symptom of other problems. __

  17. Rick G. says:

    I cannot help being reminded over and over again about the prophetic eighties book Robert Ringer came out with, called How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilation. This article could nicely and smoothly fit in so well with an updated revised edition of it. As far as I know, this book is not currently in print, but Amazon still sells it as a hardcopy. I hope everyone here has read it or can get a copy of it to read. It is clearly a masterpiece. I own several copies. Everything in it has come true, and even moreso in some cases on a larger scale. Robert Ringer is right! We do live in a world gone mad!

  18. wjk says:

    Here in Alaska, we carry a side arm most of the time. We have commercials that tell bad guys that if they try to rob someone, chances are that they will be shot. The problem I see with the school shootings is that aren't enough guns in those "gun free zones" to protect the kids.

    We've always had bad guys. We've always had conflicts. We've always had mentally ill people. This is nothing new. But, the idea that you have to call in someone else to protect you, and wait for them to get there, is a new idea. Our Trooper station is 45 minutes away. In an emergency, I'd be dead before they even got onto the highway to head my way. I'll continue to carry my gun. I'll rely on myself and my husband, with his handy side arm, thank you.

  19. geneg says:

    Excellent article Robert! I do find it pathetic and a bit ironic that the media and the "Dirty Dems" are self-righteously and hypocritically blaming guns for the Florida school shooting. The toxic culture that America has descended into could not be more evident than in the behavior of these two camps of talking heads. It is not just a coincidence that violence has escalated along with the antagonistic and vitriolic words of these two sanctimonious and pompous groups of people. I remember a time when it was normal to have forensic debate and open dialog between two different ideological sides. Not so any longer, the hard left will not engage in any serious debate, but simply attacks, slanders and demonizes anyone who has the audacity to question or even disagree with their viewpoint on anything. This is on display on all the fake news networks, the late-night comedians and of course just about every Democratic politician. Celebrities openly call for the assassination of a sitting president. No dialog, no debate, no constructive criticism, just blind hatred. This is not lost on young impressionable minds who see their heroes and mentors acting like the spoiled little brats they are when they don't get there way. Kids are taught not to ever, ever deviate from the company line sent down from on high by the mainstream media and the entertainment industry. Where did the days of mutual respect and honest civil discourse go? Until we find out, expect more and even greater tragedies. It's not guns that are the problem but just like you said, a toxic and diseased culture. If Hollywood and the media really want to find someone to blame, they should just look in the mirror.

  20. Robby Bonfire says:

    I am sure others have raised this point before, but I am wondering if kids being raised on violent computer games is the crux of the wave of violence all over the world? Certainly this grotesque behavior is not the outgrowth of family values home discipline.

  21. Marte Cliff says:

    I agree that all the points you raised are contributing to the chaos. I also believe the LEGAL prescription drugs these kids are on are making them crazy and out of control. Add in no parental guidance, no discipline, no responsibilities, and schools that care more for their federal / state funding than they do for teaching children.

    As for mass murder in the schools – I just read that the worst in the US happened in, I think, 1930, when an electrician wired a school to blow up. Fortunately one of his timers was maladjusted so he "only" blew up part of the school – killing dozens of children and teachers. If his timers had worked, everyone would have been killed.

    Deranged people don't need guns to kill.

    Citizens do need them for protection.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      The most deadly school shooting in US history (5th worst in world history( occurred in 1927 in small Bath Twp., Michigan with 44 killed and 58 injured, so it is nonstop media liars that promote the falsehood that we have NEVER had carnage like we have now seen in the past year or so.

      • Rick G. says:

        Good to know. Bet the radic-libs don't want us to know that!

      • Robyn says:

        That wasn't a shooting. Those children and teachers were murdered with a bomb. Still, that proves a different point — if a madman wants to kill children, he has many ways to do so. Better to treat the illness than to merely try to second guess the method.

        • Jim Hallett says:

          You are right, and if the south end of the school bomb had detonated, it would have been worse, but the one under the north end of the school killed 41, and then Mr. Kehoe had his car rigged with dynamite or some similar "bomb-like" material, and it killed him, a policeman, and an innocent bystander to bring the total to 44. Someone in GA just used a knife to kill 2, so the weapon is not the issue, but the root cause of these actions ARE!!

  22. Leo Sopicki says:

    Excellent article. Just one thing should be clarified in the last paragraph. "Constitutional rights" — the Constitution is not the source of rights; the Consitution prohibts the government from violating God-given rights. "Congress shall make no law…". Otherwise, one of the best articles of your I have ever read.

  23. mgh says:

    The United States has a gun culture dear to its heart and guns deaths are the price the nation is willing pay to keep that culture. Last year, 15,593 Americans, a good many of them children, died of gunshots and over 31,000 were injured. That is 10.16 people killed per 100,000 population as compared to, say, Canada (1.97 gun deaths per 100,000), UK (0.23 gun death per 100,000), Sweden (1.47 gun deaths per 100,000), nations that somehow keep the lid on gun carnage.

    So over 46,000 Americans either died or were injured by guns in 2017. That is the population of a small city, killed or wounded and repeated every year. Though it is sad for the families, these casualties are seen as acceptable human sacrifices, chosen annually at random. To lament them is somewhat hypocritical in a country where guns are so deeply cherished. Perhaps more in order would be a compensation fund, created by gun companies, gun owners and the NRA, so that suitable sums could be awarded to bereaved families in recognition of their sacrifice in service to the nation in the cause of firearms.

    • Plastic says:

      Without Drug Prohibition, Drug Wars and Gangs those numbers would fall dramatically.

    • Angel Hanging Around says:

      Mgh, its a spiritual sickness in the heart and head that anyone would use a gun other than self defense against another person. Guns are inanimate objects, they can not tell you what to do.

      Thats a different problem altogether. Its more of a arrogance problem that if your values and beliefs are different than others, the other person needs to be taken care of.
      A bad case of buttinsky and not minding your own business. A very all too common human trait that causes 99 percent of all problems, thinking folks know whats best for others.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      The car culture is near and dear to the hearts of Americans, too, and over 100 people die EVERY SINGLE DAY in car accidents, but we don't hear any mention of this from gun grabbers, because they want to target guns and self-defense, in order to usher in the tyranny of the State. GOVT. is the BIGGEST CRIMINAL of all, and without guns in the hands of the people, tyranny is the result. One need only look at all the tyrants throughout history, as each of them was enabled by a populace without any worthy self-defense.

  24. Bruce Fraser says:

    Have to agree with Rick G. All these rights and freedoms people claim are justifications for doing what I please with no personal responsibility. Liberalism is a disease that has perverted american culture over the last 60 years. That poor deranged shooter was calling out for help and nobody did anything to stop him. Why — because our culture is too soft and will not do anything until after the fact. A failure of the system including FBI, parents, students and other who did not pursue extreme measures to stop the insanity and evil coming together to cause a tragic unnecessary loss. Security measures are in place but are too soft — nothing wrong with a pre-emptive strike to save lives but liberals will object in the guise of peoples rights — enough already!!

  25. Plastic says:

    Robert very good article.

    Emotion is always the tool of political charlatans.
    The very word "liberalism" that so many on the political left calls themselves is for the most part contradict their agenda.

    Not targeting and focusing on what causes a problem and expecting that it will go away is not rational. A logical person will focus on the cause not the tools a criminal will use. But the left never seem to do that..Actually it's the exact opposite and its almost as if it becomes an opportunity to promote their universal agenda.More Collectivism and "CONTROL" How liberal is that?

    This label "Liberal" attributed to them is an intellectual fraud.

    They favor costly and inefficient “Universal Solutions” that end up affecting millions of innocent people that will need to comply wile the Criminal elements (The real Targets) are not affected. Its like using a net to catch a Shark you may end up catching a million sardines and the shark will simply pass bye.

    What kind of result did the billions of dollars spent on such things as Drug War, Drug Enforcement Agency provided?
    Or the billions spent on Bank's clients requirements, compliance etc in order to prevent money laundering?
    Yes we all do comply and they now have every possible info on honest citizens but are we suppose to think that criminal do comply? Why not spend a lot less and "focus on only on the target?

    We can’t expect to suppress the .01% criminals or deranged members of a population by penalizing the other 99.99%,
    It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that if we don’t focus on the problem(s) we can never fix the problem(s).
    But what if this entire process is a calculated inversion so that when people do wake up they will realize that its To late and that during all those years it was the compliant 99% or so of the population that was the real target and "Progressively" the so called "Progressive" Changed the Constitution from its role of protecting individual freedom to protecting the system and If you don't protect the System you will be identify as non patriotic.
    Liberals are no longer liberals. Libertarian could use that name but unfortunately the label as been hijacked.

  26. Lana says:

    I believe that just because you have the ability to reproduce doesn't mean you should. Some people are not mean to be parents. The government mistakenly believes it can legislate parenthood. Children need parents, not "friends". As they grow with no direction and many chemical substances available to them, with no guidance they live with chemical imbalances. We need to stop closing mental facilities where these people can get help. Check around in your city…..generally the choice is jail or on the street, "homeless". Even if they are in a private home with parents (to whom they are disconnected), they are not given the help they need to deal with life as it is today. The problem isn't the laws, the problem is too many unwanted humans and humans with no regard for others. Intelligent people know that inanimate objects don't kill….people do.

  27. Paul Herring says:

    As a non-US citizen I’m not alone in wondering why there is such a gun-mentality in America. It seems to we onlookers that people living in the US feel that their ‘right to bear arms’ is intrinsic. So much so that it’s more sacrosanct than protecting the lives of its citizens.

    While it’s true that ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’, it’s also true that if guns weren’t available many people now dead may not have been. As shown in statistics supplied by a commentator in this post, other countries have far less homicides than the US does. This can’t be disputed by saying that access to a gun has no bearing on those statistics. Only those with a closed mind on the subject would say that. This is just one aspect of Robert’s post I’d like to comment on.

    As he said, Robert’s view is that the high-water mark “of Western civilization was the 1950s, particularly the first half of that long-ago decade. The world was much younger than today, and much more innocent.”

    It was a different world then, yes. Having grown up in that and the following decade the world was much safer then too. At least it was for us in a small town in Queensland, Australia. We would go out as a family and never shut our windows or lock our doors. We’d even leave money in the letter-box or a jar for the milkman. It was never touched. No so now. We’ve been broken into and robbed several times in the ensuing years. But we’re now in the city and it’s different from the country. Still, it too has changed with the advent of substance abuse – drugs.

    As a many-years Bible student, I’ve learnt the reason for this ‘downward spiral’ (RJR’s words). At 2 Timothy 3:1-5 it says basically what Robert has posted here today. But verse one of 2 Timothy 3 holds the key as to WHY it’s like that. Quoting it now: “But know this, that in the last days, critical times hard to deal with will be here.” (Italics mine). Then that chapter to verse six details exactly what we’re experiencing now, as never before at onetime across the world.

    So Robert’s words about America’s Fractured Culture are correct. But it’s not only America – the whole world’s culture is fractured.

    • Elisha says:

      Hi, I'd just add that If the schools were made a little more pleasant, perhaps that would be a good start. I've seen high schools that look exactly like prisons complete with no windows and dozens of security cameras around the perimeter elementary list

  28. James says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the Toxic Culture as the core problem with the country. It's essentially good vs. evil. Hmm… "Toxic Culture" would make a good book title. :)

    The question I'd like to see addressed is why are there so many shootings at SCHOOLS? The answer is right out in the open. For the most part, they are depressing and very similar to prisons. Children quickly go from an almost perfect playful childhood (up to about preschool) to one semi nice year in Kindergarten. Right around 1st grade the misery begins and doesn't stop for another 11 years. After around 11 years is when these kids snap. Violent video games could be a factor.

    I could be wrong here, but I invite anyone that disagrees to spend a day playing some of the typical "Call for Duty" type video games and visit your local public schools and see if you find a connection.

    If the schools were made a little more pleasant, perhaps that would be a good start. I've seen high schools that look exactly like prisons complete with no windows and dozens of security cameras around the perimeter.

    This prison-like conditions at schools is just another example of the Toxic Culture epidemic in the country.

    • Angel Hanging Around says:

      I agree, self study, and home schooling with maybe only a couple of days a week in a group setting of either public or parachial school, for most, is better than the current format.

  29. Rip Read says:

    Another of the enduring lessons learned, from 40 years back…as espoused by a guy named Ringer…still rings true today…maybe more than ever…beware the Absolute Moralist!

  30. Harry Hagan says:

    Excellent commentary, as usual, except for the absence of one glaring, indispensable factor: God. Christianity. Until ca. 1955, America was a Christian nation. Morality was one of its main by-products.Then, Rock and Roll happened. No one will agree with this assertion, I know, because unless you are older than 70, you can't recall a time when it wasn't present. You don't know the kinds of pop songs that preceded it. All the Things you are, In the Still of the Night, just to name a couple. RnR was about the first example of the simplification of life in America. Vatican II was another. Much more followed. RnR was the great leveler, though. Look how people dress, these days, compared to 1955, e.g.. How they mutilate their bodies. The whole culture is in shambles, and 95% of the people have no idea how, why, when, etc.

    • Paul Herring says:

      Agree with what you say here, Harry. Ninety-five percent of people don't know why things in our world are as they are.

      Yet the Bible tells us why. Sadly, too few people read it and even fewer believe what it says or don't understand it today. In this the churches have failed their members and they have gone along with the so-called new morality.

      Still, that doesn't change the message so it behoves us to study Bible prophecies. These tell us what will happen and what we can do to guarantee a better future.

  31. James says:

    One other thought I've had is you can take a look at the increase in Toxic Culture incidents and see that they rise in direct proportion to the planet's population and increase in technology, consumption of media, Internet, etc.

    If you could take the same technology we have today and bring it to society in 1950 via time machine, would the same amount of toxicity be present? In other words, is it a perception that the world has become worse or has it literally become worse as a side effect of some of the modern every day luxuries we have?

    • Angel Hanging Around says:

      Not really, the world has always had its fair share of jerks, idiots, chumps and buttholes willing to hassle others. Nothing new.
      There are more people with college degrees acting like thugs willing to mug, that honestly believe that wont ever be held accountable for their actions and double down on personal politics of the allegations of wrongdoing on the whistle-blower instead of admitting, yup, they indeed were toxic. Very strong swimmers in that river of de nile.

  32. Reality Seeker says:

    "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." – Thoreau

    The root cause of violence is not guns; it's not gun clubs in school; the problem has noting whatsoever to do with guns. American students used to ride the school bus to school with their rifles. Military grade rifles and handguns used to be stored in basement gun rangers in high schools all across America. When I attended high school in New York State there were nearly 100 gun clubs in the public schools statewide… My step-father was a WW2 Frogman and underwater demolition expert. He kept blasting caps and dynamite on his farm for use in his rock quarry. My uncle had a surplus armored personnel carrier that he gave us kids rides on during the 4th of July. The firepower that was in and around public schools back then was in a word: awesome….. Yet nobody loaded up the tank with sticks of dynamite and drove it on down to the school in some psychotic rampage….

    Just Google high school gun club. Take a good look at all of the firepower that was brought to school. My high school closed on the first day of deer season, so both student and teachers could hunt. There was a massive gun culture. The guns were the same back then as they are now. Guns have not changed one damn bit. They may look a little different, but they killed just the same then as they do now.

    Trump is a fool. And anybody who believes raising the age of gun purchases to 21 is a fool, too. I had my first rifle at age 10, and so did my sons. So did many men. My dad had his at 8. And he was expected to go out and bring back game for the table. And he joined the Navy at age 16. So all of this cock and bullshit about guns being the problem is not really "chopping at the root" of the problem…. I repeat: Trump is a fool. And gun-free zones are not the answer.

    I'm not going to bother writing out a detailed answer, but I shall point out the right direction:

    End the Department of Education and all federal funding of public schools. The public school system has evolved into nothing more than a Marxist brainwashing factory. Frankly, it's full of cowards. Most teachers would in fact shit their own pants if they had to even hold a gun in hand. Do you want the truth? Can America handle the truth? The truth is kids need teachers who provide a coward-free zone. The truth is a school is worthless without having at least some alpha male school teachers. This fact should be obvious.

    It seems to be OK with Lefties to teach a little boy about the gun between his legs in a sex education class. It's OK to teach little boys to pull their own triggers or how to do a girl. But it's not OK for children to learn about firearms and safety. Bullshit!

    What we really need in schools and in Congress and in the Whitehouse are asshole-free zones… But that's not what we are going to get. What we are going to get is more collectivism, abridgment and cowards….

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Well said, RS! Anyone can read some of the John Taylor Gatto works (a former award-winning teacher in NY) to learn what garbage the PUBLIC schools are, and of course the nefarious intentions of those who created them. The District of Criminals is getting even more assholes every year, so it is extremely rare to find even one intelligent voice (after all, it is only those whose desire is to steal and coerce that are drawn to what is euphemistically referred to as public "service", but is anything BUT service!! The only way to defend oneself against the tyranny of the State – the GREATEST evil menace of all history – is to be armed.

  33. Angel Hanging Around says:

    Every school needs to be fortified like airports, some government bulidings such sheriff office and police departments and court rooms.
    Then such things would be even more rare.

    But this has always been going on with human behavior. Ye olde saying, halt, who goes there, a very common phrase from the castle and moat days to determine if this is a friend or foe.

    Same principle applies with very tight security. Do you have a legiitmate reason to be here and if not, run along, sweep on you fat and greasy citizen.

    A half million guns a year are used in self defense from predatory people and are not the cause of school incidents.
    Leftits are delusional and dangerous.

  34. james says:

    Since the people of the USA have asked God to leave schools, it is not surprising that he has, leaving the field for Satan.

  35. Isabell says:

    The 2005 Army-Navy faculty football recreation.

  36. Robby Bonfire says:

    The first half of the 1950's is dear to my heart. Just look at the professional singers we had back then: Les Paul and Mary Ford, Patti Page, Rosemary Clooney, Tony Bennett, Al Martino, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Kitty Kallen, Jo Stafford, Joni James, The Four Lads, The Four Aces, Nat "King" Cole, Dinah Shore, Teresa Brewer, Vaughn Monroe, Johnny Ray, Kay Starr, et al.

    I am of the opinion that you can determine the caliber of a society by the content of its singers and its music. So what, by comparison, do we have today – Taylor Swift, who cannot sing a note, Katie Perry, who has some self-identification problems, plus a host of awfully confused sounding, tin vocal chords imposters. Seems to me like we have drifted downhill, culturally and socially.

    • Robby Bonfire says:

      Sorry I overlooked Eddie Fisher and Doris Day. My goodness, what good times those years were!

  37. jeniffer says:

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