Kid Zuckerberg’s Generosity with Your Money

Posted on June 3, 2017 by Robert Ringer


Wow! I can’t believe what a unique idea Mark Zuckerberg came up with last week: “universal basic income” for all. The thought of everyone sitting around all day and kibitzing about global warming, methods for shutting down free speech, and a world without borders is enough to make one quit his job and head for the nearest Starbucks.

But, alas, just when my excitement had reached a frenzied level, my modest cache of knowledge got in the way. When I say got in the way, I’m referring to the fact that knowledge is the number-one antidote to bullshit.

I fought it as hard as I could, but I simply couldn’t ignore the fact that “universal basic income” goes back to at least the mid-19th century and the world’s most famous drunk, Karl Marx. Except Marx called it communism, a word that didn’t attempt to hide its connection to one of the most dreaded words in the English language — commune or communal.

Even the Radical Left understands that you have to be careful about throwing around the word communism loosely, because virtually everyone — including the lowest-information people on the planet — realizes it’s a political system that has caused more suffering and death than all other political systems combined. Some people, like Cuban exiles, for example, have been known to become pretty ticked off when hearing elites talk about the wonders of communism.

Nevertheless, I forgive Zuckerberg for his childish idea, because — his $68 billion in net worth aside — he is, after all, just a kid. I know, I know … he’s built a giant company, but how philosophically deep can you expect someone to be if his entire adult life has been focused on an intellectually stimulating project like Facebook?

And even though he dropped out of Harvard, Zuckerberg was there long enough to become infected by the school’s radical-left views. So when he departed Harvard to expand his Facebook company, it was quite natural for him to choose the capital of billionaire Radical Leftists, Silicon Valley, as his new home.

Now, you might think, “But surely after putting in long, hard hours working seven days a week for years, he would appreciate capitalism and eschew communism in all its forms (socialism, progressivism, et al).” Unfortunately, your thinking would be wrong. Zuckerberg bought into the billionaire-communist mind-set like most everyone else in Silicon Valley.

Which leads to the question: Why do so many super wealthy people espouse transfer-of-wealth programs? When you think about it, it’s really not all that complicated. Remember, multibillionaires like Zuckerberg pay little or no taxes, so they don’t have to pay for the welfare programs they applaud. The whole issue is outside the cushy hi-tech bubble where they reside, because the bulk of transfer-of-wealth payments are made possible by middleclass men and women who pony up against their will.

The whole notion of a universal minimum income is based on the false premise that goes unchallenged by everyone on the left and, sadly, a majority of those on the right. I’m talking about the belief that income equality is a moral objective. And, as with the global-warming scam, if you’re against it, you’re evil.

The fact is that those who believe income equality is a good thing are merely stating their opinion, which is fine. But if they use their opinion as a premise, and their opinion is false, then it becomes a false premise. And it’s literally impossible to start with a false premise and arrive at an accurate conclusion.

Zuckerberg argues that if everyone knew they could rely on a guaranteed minimum income, they wouldn’t have to work at a job and could instead spend their time working on creative projects. Sounds great, but I’m not buying it.

Perhaps you remember an article I wrote a few years back titled “The Adventures of Surfer-Dude”. Do you really think a guy like Jason Greenslate (the beach bum who was the focus of that article) would spend his time on creative projects if he had a guaranteed minimum income? Let’s get real. The people who would be creative if they had a guaranteed minimum income would likely be the same folks who would be creative without a guaranteed minimum income.

One final note: Not surprisingly, Zuck’s comments reignited the cry for a guaranteed minimum income in the People’s Republic of California. Yep, financial wizard Jerry Brown is all in for doubling the state’s budget that is currently $180 billion. Hmm … now how does a state that is already $1.3 trillion in debt and boasts the highest income tax in the country pay for a new program that would be as large as its entire current budget?

Answer: You deplorables in El Paso and Des Moines and Tulsa would take care of it, just like you’re going to take care of California’s existing debt — whether or not you realize it. No time to think about it, though, because we have to concentrate on how to avoid the mass extinctions that are coming down the road as a result of the United States pulling out of the unenforceable transfer-of-wealth program known as the “Paris Climate Accord.”

I better stop there, because my blood pressure is a little high today.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

58 responses to “Kid Zuckerberg’s Generosity with Your Money”

  1. Rick H says:

    Curiously, it was a bumper sticker which inspired me to seek out and lead to the discovery of libertarians.

    On the rear bumper of a VW Microvan of late 60's vintage, it read, "Gas, grass or *ss, nobody rides for free."

  2. kauai_mike says:

    It's fun to laugh at the absurdity of it. Thanks.

  3. R Edward Jaynes says:

    I love the way you cut right through the bullsh*t! With the proliferation of recreational use marijuana laws going into effect these days it doesn't take much imagination to predict where that basic income will be spent!

    • Rick G says:

      Let's see, cigarettes, rillos, wraps, 5-hour energy shots, Monster energy drinks, beer, pot papers, lottery tickets, and other horseshit the deadbeats waste their money on.

      • Peter Guske says:

        Indeed they do. But its even worse than that. The continued increase in payments to the so-called poor, allows them to use more and more of their cash for "fun money". It is a sad reality that many of those on welfare have more disposable income than those who are providing the resources for the welfare.

  4. TheLookOut says:

    Thanks for the perspective RJR.
    When Zuck distributes about 95% of his vast wealth, then, and
    only then does his opinion contain any credibility.
    Yep, when ole Zuck ponies up Huge, let's talk.

  5. unique says:

    California has some very wealthy people living there.
    Gov. Jerry Brown needs to look at the wealthy like the
    people in Sothern California, and , the people in Northern
    California to pony up more money for Gov. Brown. We the
    people that do not live in California do not want to pay for
    those big spenders in the Sanctuary State that believe all
    freeloaders should have our money.

    • larajf says:

      The problem is they don't think of themselves as wealthy. They're so disconnected from reality that it's kind of scary.
      And I'm stuck here paying for their bull-oney.

    • Rick G says:

      Governor Moonbeam! Lmao!!!

  6. OPM is a nice idea if you have none of your own. And dull wits delight in getting something for nothing. Didn't those types have parents to teach them some basic Right Ideas? Sooner or later, I believe, everyone will learn about Reality. That the way of learning that which is of VALUE and using it to WORK and earn is the only way. In a word, Pragmatism. Or, that which works is true. Dewey et al. Actually, gaining self-esteem and a sense of worth is a wonderful feeling. Everyone NEEDS to try it. But, seems to me, that should be obvious even to the dullest of us.But, yes, no, that is NOT today's situation.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      Of course, in this case, Zuck has plenty of money, but what he proposes will not touch any of it. Silicon Valley and Hollywood, both enclaves totally detached from the real world of regular folks often espouse this nonsense, and due to their influencer status, they get far more credibility than they deserve. Like many who are very rich, very early in life, Zuck has NO IDEA of how free market capitalism works, so he descends into the realm of the academics, who have always promoted communism and its cousins as the best philosophy – despite its repeated failures. Maybe Zuck can be Bernie's VP candidate if he tries for the Dem nomination again.

  7. Reality Seeker says:

    There's already millions of people who get "basic income", also known as a welfare check, and how "creative" are they?

    Lazy dimwits will never be creative no matter how much money you give them.. And if FaceCrook Mark disagrees, then why doesn't he use a few billion of his own money and test run a pilot program to find out what happens when you handout welfare/ basic income payments?

    • John W Abbott says:

      So TRUE! Great comment! How can someone SO RICH be SO DUMB? LOL!

      • Gil Favor says:

        Zuck (Jacob Greenberg) is the grandson of the late David Rockefeller.

        Kinda get the gist now?

      • Jean says:

        If you read any of Zuckerberg's speech, you'd note that the first comment he made was that he, like the rest of the grads, "… slept through Econ 101." Does that answer your question about how he could be so dumb? He's also totally isolated from real people – I would bet anything that he, like MY sociology profs, never met a poor person in his life. So he has no clue how those people think or what their value system consists of. He's not just dumb, he's woefully ignorant and has led a very sheltered life.

        • Gonas says:

          Its been shown that more college education a person gets the lack of common sense they have more of. Always get a kick out of folks with degrees that are overweight and obese. How smart is that. Ya think would know better or know how to figure that one out. As, they order chineese food, drink diet coke and munch on chips all day, and munch on bread sticks. And download netflix parking but on the couch. Crazy! And would not be a bit surprised if they on crazy pills.

    • Nick says:

      Great point

    • Jean says:

      Those welfare recipients are plenty creative. They have figured out every way from Sunday how to game the system, increase their own standards of living without doing anything of value. Check out the number of EBT card holders sporting fancy cellphones and you'll get my drift.

    • Rick G says:

      Let Zuck use HIS own money to create the kind of dystopia he envisions. That would be OK by me. But noooooooo! They always want YOUR hard earned money to fulfill their pipedreams!

      By the way, I can't believe all the deadbeats who are lying around on these food stamps. People who drive snazy cars, dress fit to kill, and fatter than hell. They won't work while the landscape is filled with "Now Hiring" signs. Nearly all of them are more able bodied than you and I. I hope and pray to God that President Trump's budget throws their asses off food stamps soon!

    • Rick G says:

      They call it "creative laziness!"

  8. Blank Reg says:

    Zuck wants universal basic income, because he knows that most of the recipients will sit on their asses all day…doing what? Surfing Facebook, and generating click-bait ad revenue…for Zuck! So he will be one of the prime recipients of these UBI-BS dollars. He can’t wait!

    If he really cared, he would take about $20B of his wealth and personally subsidize creative people and budding entrepreneurs, and he’d still have $43B or so for a rainy day…

    • Jim Hallett says:

      My sentiments EXACTLY! It's a double win, as it will promote more FB use to increase his already burgeoning wealth, and of course, he will not be taxed to pay for it (nor should anyone be forced to have their income stolen by GOVT. transfer programs). Warren Buffett has also promoted a lot of this crap about the benevolence of govt. schemes, and I say to him and Zuckerberg, if you think it is so great, then finance it YOURSELF, and don't force others to pay, especially since they have other priorities that are much greater.

  9. Dave Squires says:

    The new face of welfare is SSD and SSI disability payments from Social Security. The SSI is UBI by another name and available to any legal resident of the US, even those who have no work record, that can get a doctor to certify their "disability". Just look up the charts showing the growth in both or check out the adverts from disability lawyers that have doctors in their network ready to help you "get your check". It doesn't take a tech unicorn to promote UBI. It's already here.

  10. Marte says:

    Well said. Once upon a time I thought that aside from those who inherited it, people who had a lot of money must be smart, because they figured out a way to make themselves valuable enough to earn it. (Jim Rhone – "Make yourself worth more.")

    Now I'm not so sure. Mr. Z certainly is stupid.

    Meanwhile – We deplorables in our little corner of N. Idaho are sure pleased with President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord. Did any of those people sputtering about it listen to the part about not even knowing where the $100 billion went? Did they check the science and learn that it's all a hoax? Heck no.

    • Rick G says:

      That Paris Climate crap is what it is, bullcrap! All these countries get together with starry-eyed enthusiasm to end pollution and global warming, only to go back home and keep pumping out more and more greenhouse gases. It is a complete hopeless waste that will accomplish nothing! Zero, zilch, nada!!! It is a well-known scientific fact that if all manmade pollution were to suddenly end right now at this moment, it would take over 20,000 years to get the earth back to normal. AND THAT'S THE FACT, JACK!!!

    • Bnik says:

      Can save just as much energy having 3 day weekends. 1 less day of energy use, about 20%. Close to what Paris accord thing was about. Now how to squeeze a 40 hour week into 4 days. Not so easy.

  11. Michael D says:

    Well written! Love the article! I'm often amazed how easily the Left deceives many millions to support terrible and destructive policies. l believe this originates in our inept government (public) schools where the brainwashing begins and doesn't end until common sense and critical thinking has been thoroughly scrubbed from thought.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      You are right in that the forced schooling establishment (along with the libtard media shills) have so brainwashed people into these schemes and destructive policies, that I am not sure we have already passed the "point of no return" (look at all the milllenials who voted for Bernie!), where free market capitalism will just be considered an anachronism from a time long ago. We have already digressed tremendously in the age of the "Progressive" movement with some of its worst actors, Wilson, both Roosevelts, and LBJ, so the original republic idea is just passé now.

      • Rd Lankes says:

        Ah … You didn't really did not mean "schooling." You meant "indoctrination." The Communists/Socialists captured the children when we weren't paying attention, and we are now paying the price. Of course those of us who actually might have cared were trying to make a living a multiple jobs at the time.

  12. iheartdagney says:

    Back in the 1970s an American tourist was visiting the Soviet Union. His tour guide explained how communism worked–everybody shared. The tourist was astonished. He asked his guide, "You mean if you had two houses, and I had none you'd give me one?"

    "Sure," the guide replied.

    The tourist asked, "And if you had two cars you'd give one to someone less fortunate?"


    "So if you had two shirts and I didn't have any clothes you'd give me one."

    "Ah, no."

    "What!? Why not."

    The guide replied. "I have two shirts."

    • patg2 says:

      Reminds me of a story I heard from an eyewitness. His wife was standing in line in Russia (WHICH line of millions?) and she was wearing a beautiful pair of shoes. A Russian woman admired the shoes, said how beautiful they are. The American said, I have five pairs of shoes. (That's a lot less than what I have by the way). The Russian said, "Five pairs of shoes? Five pairs of shoes? You're LYING!"

  13. Steve says:

    I think he should test run his plan by telling his employees they don't have to work or even show up and he'll still pay them. See how creative they are then.

    • Peter says:

      I was hoping he would test his plan by having a group of us go live for free on his walled compound in Hawaii. A 10 year test should give us enough data to know for sure whether it will work or not.

  14. Rick G says:

    Ahhhhh, the adventures of that creepy loser, Surfer-Dude. I thought I forgot about him. How is that nonhuman piece of dogshit doing? I wonder how that lowlife sorry excuse for a human being is doing right now. Probably still "working" on his "future"! Dumbass! Lols!

    I was expecting this article to be about the psychotic, Kathy Griffin. If I may. "He" is about the ugliest dude I have ever seen. You should check out youtube to see what is under all that facial makeup! Ugly beyond belief! I've seen much better looking bow-wows than "him"!.

  15. Rick G says:

    Universal basic income sounds like the retarded crap that Bernie Sanders had been pimping off to American voters! I'm feeling that awful bern already!

  16. BNik says:

    Zuckerbooger may not know this but he can give away 14k and not pay any gift tax nor have a cap on how much he can do that. See here 68 billion divided by 14,000. Sure would help out a lot of folks and I guess they would get equal amounts. Dont count on the millionaires and d bi

  17. Rocketman says:

    Let me give you a little heads up. Big Z is currently on a 50 state tour of America and it kind of looks like he may be a democrat candidate for President in 2020. Feel better now? I know I do. We, and by "we" I mean the real American people, are so, so screwed.

  18. patg2 says:

    Zuckerberg should put his money where his mouth is. He should donate all his wealth to poor people. ALL OF IT.

    Communes should be strictly voluntary. Think The Farm. Nobody should ever be forced into communal living. Ever.

  19. Judith says:

    Interesting how the movie The Body Snatchers was filmed in San Francisco! They're here! They have taken over the minds of people who's money has come too easy. As a California native I am disgusted with our political climate and politicians and celebrities and wealthy computer geeks, all of whom live in an alternate universe! Us Deplorables are on to them! Oh, how I love to read Robert Ringer! Governor Moonbeam needs to give up the grass…the brain is gone!

  20. Ivan says:

    For all the bigmouth, tight ass billionaires and millionaires that are guilt ridden about their wealth but only suggest other peoples money to pay for government programs, I suggest they spend 10% or more to a good qualified psychiatrist to alleviate the guilt of their high income or windfalls. They are probably actors, ball players, heirs and even businesspeople who don't understand the common work ethic of most of us. Also, they should stay out of politics until they clear their issues.

    • angedur says:

      After listening to that bullcrap psychiatrists would 20 of their own therapists to go to.

  21. Bryan Hefner says:

    Hey Zuck!
    Here's an idea: Why don't you send me a million dollars of your money. I and my family will live creatively on it and then return it to you in 20 years. I'll even keep a log of all the creative things we did and submit a report when I send the money back. Think of how valuable all that data will be! Don't miss this opportunity!

  22. Paul Herring says:

    I'm not buying into the point that all people who were offered guaranteed incomes would just sit around and while away the hours on worthless pursuits.

    When earning an income is essential for most families, there often isn't time to do anything else. So how can a person use his capacities under such circumstances? His family must come first. If he had a guaranteed income keeping the family afloat, he would then have the time to use and develop things close to his heart – those which might benefit the human family.

    It's true that many are layabouts, but not all are. So there's some merit in what Mark Zuckerberg says on this subject. Whether he'd financially back such an arrangement though is a moot point.

  23. Scott says:

    Have to point out how schools like Harvard and my own alma mater, Cornell University, have shown how they are bastions of pipe-dreaming elitist progressivists. They're no longer the elite western institutions they started out as, but have been infested by these leaching Democrat politicos. Having John Kerry and Joe Biden give the commencement speeches was truly pathetic IMO – at least Zuckerberg has some real-world success.

  24. Steve V. says:

    When I lived in California several decades ago, I developed an eye problem (since cured) which prevented me from looking at a printed page. Unable to perform any type of desk job, I applied for disability on a lark, since I didn't think I'd possibly be approved. However, to my surprise I ***was*** approved. I asked the bureaucrat-in-charge, "Are you sure about this? I can't read anymore but I ***can*** do other work. I'm not going to want to give the money back." I was assured that I was indeed eligible for a year of disability insurance because I couldn't do my "normal work," and received what at the time seemed like generous weekly payments. I survived quite well — with nothing to show for it, of course — but quite well for that year.

    My point is that if California had continued to make those payments indefinitely (and assuming real-world cost of living increases) — I would still be living there, receiving disability and never working. The idea of being paid to sleep late, read, ride a bike, bum around and do nothing of consequence at someone else's expense — essentially, total freedom — is seductive. Based on my own experience, I have to say that Mr. Ringer's premise is correct.

  25. Nasdaq7 says:

    C and S is a mental illness. It really surprises me this income inequality obsession some people have. We all have to earn the same income, your skills, abilities, initiative, hard work count for nothing. If we are all equal, we will all be happy, that's their reasoning and they are willing to burn cities down, forge insurgencies that overthrow countries to make it happen.

  26. June D. says:

    If everyone had enough basic income to support themselves and their family, who would build the houses many of us live in, who would do the maintenance on our cars, who would maintain the airplanes, would the janitor quit
    working, who would pick up the trash, deliver the meals Mr. Z orders at his favorite restaurants (assuming the chef would prepare the meal because he loves to creatively cook), who would fly him around the world to deliver his speeches, who would unclog the sewers, who would fix the potholes in the highways, who would repair the
    bridges, who would teach your children,etc. I suggest Mr. Z start his project with his own money (he seems to hang on to an awful lot of it).

  27. dkan99 says:

    When you focus on what is said and not on who said that, the impracticality of the statement is so obvious. Fully agree with RJR's view.

  28. userchatme says:

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